#ServingGoodness by providing food, clothing & promoting dignity to our homeless brothers & sisters in need.
How did you first hear about @mobileloaves? Did you learn about us through volunteer opportunities? Through our food truck program? Through our bed & breakfast? Or through our symposia? However you decided to follow us, we're glad you're here! Share with us here! https://t.co/CWxqa8ByYJ
The holidays are just around the corner! Are you interested in commissioning a piece of art from one of our talented neighbors? Give a gift that gives back and contact our Art House team for more information: arthouse@mlf.org. https://t.co/GVzn86XbUV
Reaching for the weekend like: 🐐🙌 #mobileloaves #genesisgardens #weekend #texasliving #tinyhomelife #communityfirstvillage #communityfirst https://t.co/hiis9GFY4I
Some midweek wisdom to carry with you for the rest of the week. ❤️ https://t.co/EsNbhT36uj
Human dignity through metalwork - one of the best parts about having our Community Forge! Learn more: mlf.org/forge/ https://t.co/9GcWQmVtXo
The start of a new week and we're already ready for the weekend because we have a FREE DOUBLE FEATURE! Join us Friday for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Saturday for Rocketman! RSVP on our Facebook page! https://t.co/cXKOp7ETMf
Our partners are vital to empowering communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. Learn more about our current partners and how you can get involved today: mlf.org/us/partnership… https://t.co/uXFWJwszLj
It's a whole new Saturday at Community First! Village and we're delighted to be showing the new Aladdin tonight at Community First! Village! Free and open to the public - join us! https://t.co/bnTHTFRwLk
The new Aladdin movie just left theaters and we're so excited to share you can see this new film tomorrow night under the stars at Community First! Village! https://t.co/NxniSjFzgT
Partners and friends like @jppeacelovehap that help us support our community through art and entrepreneurship are integral to the purpose and growth of #CommunityFirstVillage! Learn more: mlf.org https://t.co/TFkzJCVsw5
Hearing from our friend Larry Crawford about Community Car Care and how it’s restoring the lives of our neighbors. Thank you to @jppeacelovehap and Charles Maund Toyota for making this a reality! https://t.co/7JVHrWSlnD
It’s an exciting morning at #CommunityFirstVillage with @plhcharity - stay tuned for more! https://t.co/feh2wsFhR6
Meet our friend JR, the voice behind the blues. Tune into a new episode of Gospel Con Carne out now on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, SoundCloud or the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/o9bJscg2v2
Let us never forget all the lives forever impacted on this day 18 years ago. God Bless. #neverforget #honor911 https://t.co/jRcGwqGtaQ
RT @mariasusankim: “Decision-making is an earned right. One of our goals is to walk alongside and coach our employees to develop their crit…
RT @mariasusankim: “The voice of our neighbors drives everything that we do.” Amber Fogarty of @mobileloaves on the importance of leaning i…
RT @annhowardtx: “Even innovation can be fueled by love.” Thank you @AlanGraham and @JasonDBallard @ICON3DTech for believing in human digni…
Thanks for being a part of our mission! twitter.com/rsa_math/statu…
So excited! Thank you for sharing the news! twitter.com/gabrielavtv/st…
RT @GabrielaVtv: This is a 3D printed Welcome Center at the Community First! Village. It was built in less than 27 hours with 3D printing t…
We're so proud to be Texan too! Thanks for the note! twitter.com/b_mad_/status/…
It's a GOOD day at @mobileloaves! We're so excited to finally announce that we've partnered with @ICON3DTech! Check out their video below to learn more: twitter.com/ICON3DTech/sta…
Gather. Share. Love. . . . Some of our favorite moments at CFV are the ones we get to spend together with the neighbors we love. https://t.co/eLhIN1B3xH
Some shared wisdom for your Monday morning. https://t.co/mAzfjMg7Nq
"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them." - Thom Jones . . . We love our four-legged friends and the companionship they bring to our neighbors at Community First! Village. https://t.co/HmLzCS0dzc
RT @MLFCinema: Tonight at 7pm: GODZILLA on the big screen as he was meant to be seen. GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (2019)! RSVP: https://…
Because who you are is enough. #wordsofwisdom #newweek #MondayMotivation #repost @Pinterest https://t.co/Ugd7i0n0qN
Happy Friday, folks! We are so excited about our DOUBLE STAR WARS feature tonight & tomorrow night. TONIGHT: Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope (1977) - Community Cinema and Saturday: Star Wars: Episode VI Return Of The Jedi! https://t.co/whFy4mLKd1
All new Gospel Con Carne out now interviewing one of MLF's co-founders, Pat Patterson. Tune in on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play or the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/j74UrlQB0I
A little flower pressing to start August off on the right! Our gardens provide more than vegetables for our neighbors. @mobileloaves_genesisgardens is a source for artists, soapmakers, farming and more! Learn more at mlf.org/community-work… https://t.co/5zjXl7AEyS
Did you catch our neighbor Robin and her daughter Avery in @people's exclusive feature on Community First! Village in July? ... Read all about Robin and @mobileloaves at people.com/human-interest…! https://t.co/PzWcLECbF8
The end of summer is drawing near, and there's no time like the present to #volunteer in the @mobileloaves_genesisgardens! Shoutout to our friends at @purposeatpimco for helping us pick some of the best tomatoes we've ever seen for our neighbors and friends at CFV. https://t.co/1dx7dE5vs5
Have you checked out what we have in store for Phase II? See our plans and learn more: mlf.org/community-firs… https://t.co/opXZjlILaZ
Check out this amazing video created by ⁦@NationSwell⁩ about Community First! Village. Thank you, Nation Swell, for sharing our story! facebook.com/nationswell/vi…
It's finally Friday! @mobileloaves_cinema is showing Avengers: Endgame (2019) tonight and you don't want to miss it! We've got a full screen amphitheater with plenty of space for the whole gang! https://t.co/YuLDTbP8EP
Pro-tip: add a night at the @mobileloaves_cinema to your summer bucket list - it's the best way to enjoy a balmy night under the big Texas sky! https://t.co/2vxoqKW2Jk
“Alan Graham is just an extraordinarily tenacious man who had a vision and wasn’t going to stop until he saw it realized,” says Austin Mayor Steve Adler. Read more in our feature in people: people.com/human-interest… . . . #repost @people https://t.co/WYzgHHw7X6
Our Community Catering & Concessions program provides opportunities for Community First! residents to earn a dignified income while helping to prepare and deliver meals, treats and refreshments during privately-catered and Village-wide events. Learn more: mlf.org/community-work…. https://t.co/PBcLX61TLY
“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ― Maya Angelou . . . A couple of our Community First! neighbors enjoying an afternoon music session! https://t.co/1u8nOPRDGo
Community Works provides micro-enterprise opportunities that enable our friends who have experienced homelessness to earn a dignified income. Micro-enterprise opportunities available include gardening, art, blacksmithing, woodworking, concessions and milking goats! https://t.co/j72BCceMWR
Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community Cinema is showing Pixar's Up tonight at Community First! Village. Come on out with your friends and family to watch this heart-warming story! We're firing up the grille and concessions, so plan to eat under the stars with us. See you there! https://t.co/QHtZAniCY1
All new on Gospel Con Carne discussing love and loss with our neighbor, Penny. Listen in on Alan & Penny's conversation on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Spotify or visit the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/zC5cnmY7iT
Everyone needs a furry companion! We love this photo of our neighbor Penny with her four-legged pal. https://t.co/dKa1F7vjcg
"Our art is an express of who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives have changed." - unknown #repost @mobileloaves_arthouse https://t.co/ylRQzTpFbz
“Our desire is to draw out the beauty of men and women who are living on the streets—a beauty that most of us don’t see, or perhaps don’t want to see.” - Alan Graham https://t.co/zm9CdE1ijO
Thank you @CultureMapATX for sharing what's been going on over here at Community First! Village this past month! We are so grateful for everyone sharing our story. In case you missed it, the People article is linked in this piece below! austin.culturemap.com/news/entertain…
Join us tonight for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019) under the stars at Community First! Village. A perfect family outing or evening with your friends! See you there! https://t.co/YZs8LbNpnK
A little flower pressing to start August off on the right! Our gardens provide more than vegetables for our neighbors. @mobileloaves_genesisgardens is a source for artists, soapmakers, farming and more! Learn more at mlf.org/community-work… https://t.co/QmqyprwrX2
Are you new here? Welcome to the most talked about neighborhood in Austin, Texas! Community First! Village is a 51-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness. #repost @instagramtexas https://t.co/QxUM9uIrRy
@mobileloaves_genesisgardens is producing delicious tomatoes right now! We're thinking a fresh Caprese salad for dinner sounds great right about now! 🤤🤤🤤 https://t.co/OcOIi6Eafz
Come on out to #CommunityFirstVillage for a FREE movie night this Saturday, 8/3 to see @StarringAustin. It will be a fun evening -- more details below! twitter.com/FilmATX/status…
Check out this write-up from @TheMarinaTimes thank you so much for sharing our story! twitter.com/TheMarinaTimes…
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it right back to you when you have forgotten the words." - C.S. Lewis #austin #mobileloaves #community #friendship #atxlove #cslewis #quoteoftheday
Get in the Christmas 🎄spirit early this year and help our neighbors celebrate the holidays at home this year! Visit the link below to donate to spread Christmas cheer❤ give.mlf.org/campaign/chris… https://t.co/zy10tMfToN
Grab your chairs and blankets, and bring your family and friends to enjoy this special screening of Little, in partnership with @capitalcityblackfilmfestival. Burgers, french fries, snacks, and drinks will be available for purchase -- come hungry! https://t.co/ZU6Ene5EdF
RT @people: This Developer Built a Community of Tiny Homes for Austin's Homeless: 'It's a Magical Place' peoplem.ag/N5WgBYu
All new Gospel Con Carne out now - Live Big, Love Bigger with Kathryn Whitaker. Available on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and linked here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/Y5rN0dpmQn
It's 6-months till Christmas Eve! Let's start celebrating now by donating to make Christmas wishes come true this year. Visit the link below to learn more about Christmas in July and click to donate! give.mlf.org/campaign/chris…
Just in case you haven't picked up a print copy, you can read the spread in @people Magazine here! people.com/human-interest…
Growth is defined as the process of developing physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally; the process of increasing in amount, value, or importance. How are you allowing space for growth this month? https://t.co/tHX6pxVjZA
Check out our Community Market to see what's been going on in the @mobileloaves_arthouse! Our neighbors are so creative and use art to tell pieces of their stories. Swing by to look for gifts or art for your home. We're open Monday-Friday 9-3 pm & Saturday 8:30-1:30 pm. https://t.co/cCdYBd5Z3n
WOW is all we can say! We are blown away by this 4-page spread in the newest issue of @people magazine! Thank you from the deepest parts of our hearts for sharing this story. Go pick up a copy! https://t.co/HEUTAm1x7A
Don’t you know Santa and his elves work all year long? Help us get started as we prep for the holidays at Community First! Village by making Christmas wishes come true! give.mlf.org/JulyChristmas https://t.co/Z1dGBRIZC1
Hey! We're inviting you to spend your evening with us at Community First! Village for a FREE movie under the stars! We show movies every Friday night in our outdoor amphitheater and we've got plenty of room for your family and friends! #repost @college_ascc https://t.co/z9fSZ493e3
Does your car need a deep clean or a state car inspection? Our Car Care team will do an exquisite job! Offering full details, oil changes, state car inspections and more, the Car Care team will make sure you leave in better shape than when you arrived. mlf.org/community-firs…
Every Friday night we host a FREE movie night at Community First! Village in our outdoor movie theatre. It's the perfect ending to a full week! @MLFCinema is showing Aquaman tonight! Grab a lawn chair and some friends to come enjoy an evening under the stars! https://t.co/P9cuelBfTh
All new on Gospel Con Carne today with Alan Graham and his dear friend, Larry Cottrell. Tune in on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Spotify. mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/sfZyAbAJAQ
RT @StDavidsFDN: We're excited to announce we've added a new location to the sites our dental team visits during the summer months to provi…
Sunlight | Attention | Gentleness | Care = GOODNESS.#repost @morganharpernichols https://t.co/cyhNSlhoYD
See the official COMMUNITY FIRST documentary where the film was made! Filmmaker Layton Blaylock & guests will host a Q&A Sat. 6/29 @ 8pm. https://t.co/EUQSnljtyS
Visiting Austin or hosting friends this summer in ATX? Come stay with us at Community First! Village in our Community Inn! You'll get cozy accommodations and a first-hand experience to life at the village. https://t.co/16oUpZRlZ2
In case you missed it, see our segment on @weareaustin with @TrevorScottATX and our @MLFCinema Director, Ed Travis, sharing all about our FREE movie night every week and exciting showing coming up this weekend! keyetv.com/features/we-ar… https://t.co/l7ddSb8dUf
Check it out!! Our very own @MLFCinema Director, Ed Travis, live on @weareaustin this morning with @TrevorScottATX !! Chatting all things Cinema and sharing exciting news about this weekend showing of our documentary. https://t.co/iEvkmyh623
Tune in to @weareaustin with @TrevorScottATX and our Community Cinema Director, Ed Travis at 9:25am! https://t.co/74EX4QVnDM
"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously." -Sophia Bush https://t.co/8L3yubt5YN
"This is the greatest show!" Come sing along to The Greatest Showman tonight at Community First! Village. Movie starts at dusk. See you there! https://t.co/cR0P29flRt
TGIF! We're showing "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" at the outdoor Community Cinema tonight! We've got plenty of space, so invite your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors and we'll see you there for a fun, sing-along-worthy night! https://t.co/QPcz7BTUdF
Our Thursday nugget. Share this with others today and spread the goodness that comes from true vulnerability, friends! #repost @BreneBrown https://t.co/PKhT3zPmY9
Did you know that Community First! Village has a concessions and catering operation? All purchases made through our Community Concessions & Catering program help support Community First! Village neighbors by enabling them to earn a dignified income. https://t.co/OEbPnmvwSL
How about some baked goodness to serve your patriotic appetite this July 4th holiday? Now taking orders for two delicious dishes - bourbon caramel apple pie, and brisket mac & cheese - whipped together by our very own Community Concessions & Catering team. mlf.org/july-fourth/ https://t.co/OhpghNq4kk
We would be lost without all of our volunteers who show up with a big smile, willing attitude and contagious spirit that inspires us every day. Thank you for showing up and committing your time to the goodness at @mobileloaves and Community First! Village!
Our Community Concessions & Catering Team have been up to something exciting! We'll soon open up ordering for two delectable dishes just in time for your Fourth of July holiday get together. Sign up here: eepurl.com/gtJ2YP
Have a Dad that shows up, gives his best and keeps life interesting? Our Community Market is stocking up with grill tools, cutting boards, pine, and rosemary scented soaps, and more gifts. https://t.co/OEn2U3O4UR
"People don't grow where they are planted, they grow where they are loved." - Bob Goff https://t.co/8Uknwi1cV9
If you’re curious about how Restorative Practices can help our community thrive, please check out this upcoming event from our friends @ED311News, @ELifeAnew & @SaulPaul, BE THE CHANGE. buff.ly/2CuFIrF https://t.co/CmSpowKKe3
All new Gospel Con Carne out today! Tune in with Alan Graham as he interviews his dear friend, Ellis Johnston. Available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Google Play! Direct link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/kbMvULVwO2
One of our goals is to connect human to human, heart to heart through the fellowship of food and hospitality. Take some time today to intentionally connect with someone else around you! https://t.co/dUzTuq3z2K
Thank you, @CharlesSchwab for sharing our story! Check out the video below! twitter.com/CharlesSchwab/…
Join us for our 2nd annual Volunteer Fun Fest Saturday, June 1st from 11AM-2PM! The event will feature live music, complimentary lunch, and a fun-filled kid’s area with games, crafts, face-painting, balloon animals and more. Please RSVP here: mlf.org/funfest/ https://t.co/yVZb1mkpqb
RT @MattLargen: One of the founding principles @mobileloaves is to transform the paradigm of how people view the homeless...no one dreams o…
RT @MattLargen: This is the inside of a tiny house @mobileloaves that someone who formally experienced homelessness now calls home and gene…
RT @Fly_Nashville: Day One of @nashchamber Leadership Study Mission in Austin, TX: Visit to Community First! Village by @mobileloaves, a re…
RT @nashchamber: Such an honor to hear Alan Graham, Founder and CEO of @mobileloaves and Community First! Villages, speak on his collaborat…
RT @VictoriaCSPayne: Delegates were definitely blown away by the amazing work of @mobileloaves Community First! Village and what they've cr…
RT @ericskadson: A special shoutout to the kind people @mobileloaves for their service in Austin. While I was walking downtown on 6th Stree…
Thanks for the mention @katmandelstein! twitter.com/katmandelstein…
RT @GrlFrmThCountry: #Summer #ATX internship working with baby goats, gardens, and farmer's market. Unpaid, but great opportunity. @mobile…
RT @csgazette: Is Austin's tiny house community an answer to homelessness in Colorado Springs? (story via...@JakobRodgers) https://t.co/4…
RT @cainrealtygroup: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” -Mahatma Gandhi Thank you to @mobileloav…
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