#ServingGoodness by providing food, clothing & promoting dignity to our homeless brothers & sisters in need.
Come one, come all! Join us in celebrating the holiday season with our Community First! Village of Lights & Advent Market. mlf.org/lights https://t.co/7YLKmHF6Uw
Kick-off the weekend in the best way possible by catching a great movie, SPIDER MAN: Far From Home 2019 at 7pm! We're proud to announce that the world-renowned @FranklinBbq have donated brisket sandwiches to benefit Mobile Loaves & Fishes starting at 6:30pm! See you there! https://t.co/gMIRWiIZSp
Kick-off the weekend in the best way possible by catching a great movie, SPIDER MAN: Far From Home 2019 at 7pm! We're proud to announce that the world-renowned @FranklinBbq have donated brisket sandwiches to benefit Mobile Loaves & Fishes starting at 6:30pm! See you there! https://t.co/97Jg6dW3IN
Coming together as a community is one of the many aspects that makes Community First! Village so special. Neighbors, staff and volunteers far and wide come together to love and support one another through Mobile Loaves & Fishes. https://t.co/j7yBwSI9XP
"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton https://t.co/ypMN1WnMYO
The @ mobileloaves_communityforge is one of the many ways our neighbors can earn a dignified income at Community First! Village. From making art through blacksmithing and building important aspects of our community. mlf.org/community-work… https://t.co/P5h4D9lhNg
As the holiday season approaches, a weekend getaway might be exactly what you need! Book a few nights at our cozy Community Inn, located in Community First! Village. To book a stay at our Inn visit the link below! communityinn.mlf.org https://t.co/3T4OJTDeof
We can't believe we're almost halfway through November, but we're so excited for our upcoming 4th Annual Village of Lights on December 6 & 7 and December 13 & 14! RSVP to join us at one of the best holiday light shows in Texas! mlf.org/lights https://t.co/kslJW9ULRg
The Mobile Loaves Goodness Press is one of our micro-enterprise opportunities that offers screen printing on shirts in different colors, designs and sizes for local companies and organizations. Follow @ mobileloaves_goodnesspress on Instagram to learn more! https://t.co/dgnSNDaS6b
Round two of the newest rendition of The Lion King (2019). Come join us at the Mobile Loaves Cinema for one of our crowd favorites at 7pm! https://t.co/oPRU6I6pxE
One of the many incredible programs Community First! Village offers is the Crafts Fellowship Program through the Forge Program. This program allows for blacksmiths to learn, live and work in Community First! Village working alongside neighbors and fellows. mlf.org/crafts-fellows… https://t.co/qj7n7eKu02
Community First! Village continues to pick up growing attention across the country as an innovative approach to mitigate homelessness. Today, U.S. Representative Michael McCaul who wanted to see firsthand what 'loving our neighbor' looks like in action visited our community. https://t.co/Z5kbirBUSB
"The father. Someone who not only is forgiven, but forgives. The one welcomed home, but also who welcomes home. The one who receives compassion and offers it as well." -- Alan Graham, Welcome Homeless https://t.co/QeDa4arxeB
JUST ANNOUNCED! We're so excited to announce the dates for our 4th Annual Community First! Village of Lights on Dec 6 & 7 + Dec 13 & 14! Join us for an epic holiday light show at the most talked-about neighborhood in Texas! Learn more and RSVP: mlf.org/lights https://t.co/ZNw17iK9Ql
The holidays are just around the corner and our Community First! Village neighbors are hard at work in our Art House and Community Forge creating beautiful works of art to sell in our annual Advent Market! https://t.co/zNhQS1Clwl
Community First! Village is a place to gather for our neighbors and the surrounding community. As we've grown, we have enjoyed welcoming Austinites to the village to participate in our movie nights and volunteer programs. mlf.org https://t.co/gdokb9Wlhg
Community First! Village is a place to gather for our neighbors and the surrounding community. As we've grown, we have enjoyed welcoming Austinites to the village to participate in our movie nights and volunteer programs. https://t.co/uk38XJgvy4
"There's a wideness in God's mercy. In order to experience this mercy and love, we need to accept that there is room for us in it. God loves us whole and entire." - Father Gregory Boyle, Founder of @homeboyindustries https://t.co/46ZyeR5Bup
Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days! We're so excited to partner with @Do512Family for our showing of The Lion King tonight at our @mobileloaves_cinema! Come kick back and relax under the stars at 7 pm! We can't wait to see you there! https://t.co/ktpUHmrWix
Some of our friends at @thecomnetwork volunteers rocking their shirts made by our newest Community Works program - @mobileloaves_goodnesspress. Thank you for your continued support! To learn more about our volunteer opportunities visit the link below. mlf.org/volunteer-comm… https://t.co/e2D9fqeZSM
#VolunteerShoutout! Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have impacted our community! Visit the link below to find out how you can become a volunteer too! mlf.org/volunteer-comm… https://t.co/y97BRuaeF8
We are so excited to partner with @Do512Family and @genserveatx for The Lion King (2019) this Friday night! Visit our Facebook pages to RSVP and we'll see you there. twitter.com/Do512Family/st…
Are you new here? How did you find us? We're so glad you're here! We truly believe that Community First! Village is where volunteers and neighbors become family, and we are so proud to empower communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. mlf.org https://t.co/vgFMBgoUp7
We’re honored to have hosted @HUDgov @SecretaryCarson today at Community First! Village to highlight the great work, innovation, and collaboration that’s happening in Austin’s most talked about neighborhood! https://t.co/Q9kQG0rFUq
So many aspects of Community First! Village offer valuable life skills to our neighbors. Our Car Care service is the perfect example! At Community First! Car Care, our neighbors working in the shop offer detailing, oil changes and state inspections! mlf.org/community-firs… https://t.co/lGWJQwH1of
WOW! We are continually amazed by the natural talent our neighbors exhibit. By expressing themselves through their artistic abilities, our community members are able to prosper while also earning a dignified income. https://t.co/bheFDIDaCo
#SaturdayReminders #Purpose #YouAreWorthy https://t.co/mgmxs39icS
Ghostly greetings to all movie fanatics! We cannot wait to share a fan favorite tonight at 7 pm, Hocus Pocus (1993)! Come join us for ghosts, witches and scares galore. @mobileloaves_communitycinema https://t.co/TOhTbfqdvQ
"God is light, love and life. You don't think about the sun rising each day; it just does. You don't know why you love someone; you just do. You don't think about each breath you take; your heart just keeps beating. This is how God is. He just is." -Alan Graham, Welcome Homeless https://t.co/C0Tc2K0rHZ
Our @mobileloaves_genesisgardens is a quiet and happy escape for many of our neighbors where they can embrace the outdoors, work with their hands and relax in the scenery that many of them worked to establish. https://t.co/WJS4ez69Jq
"Inclusion is a philosophy that embraces the idea that everyone has something of value to contribute and that everyone has a right to belong." - Lisa Friedman https://t.co/dQapQqUImF
Tune in to our recent video with stand-together.org and Freethink to learn more about how we are working together to enhance our community to attract more individuals in need of dignity and a loving community. facebook.com/CommunityFirst…
Look at those greens! The Community First! Village @mobileloaves_genesisgardens allows neighbors to experience the growing process from start to finish – truly something to be proud of! mlf.org/genesis-garden… https://t.co/5wijworZH9
We love when our friends at @homestreetmusic come out to Community First! Village. It's such an incredible outlet for our neighbors with musical talents to continue to do the things they love. https://t.co/YbGZtcuXV8
Halloween is right around the corner and we are kicking off this spooky season by airing The Monster Squad (1987) in our @mobileloaves_communitycinema tonight. RSVP at the link below and come join us! eventbrite.com/e/the-monster-… https://t.co/HrEkmkNBN9
There is nothing better than fresh produce from a garden! Our neighbors get to experience gardening from planting the seed, harvest and, finally, enjoying their produce as a community.mlf.org/genesis-garden… https://t.co/f3Lotin0C5
A little mid week inspiration! Remember to fill your life with joy today and every day. https://t.co/pjV8y7f7wz
Community First! Car Care is your one-stop shop for car washes, detailing, oil changes and state inspections! Even better, you can help empower our neighbors to earn a dignified income through our Car Care operation. mlf.org/community-firs… https://t.co/2PIKj2TfmR
Can you believe that this house was 3D printed? Just another example of the high level of innovation happening in Community First! Village. We are so excited to have the first ever 3D printed home in Community First! Village. mlf.org/capital-campai… https://t.co/y9EQLMTz87
Have you heard about our newest micro-enterprise program at Community First! Village? The @mobileloaves_goodnesspress provides a place for our neighbors to learn how to screen-print clothing, accessories and more - an awesome way to earn dignified income! mlf.org/goodness-press… https://t.co/yQNdOw1TwR
You got a friend in us! 🎶 Come join us in viewing a fan favorite, TOY STORY 4 (2019) at our @mobileloaves_communitycinema. We're looking forward to seeing you there! mlf.org/community-cine… https://t.co/xmtHYCSXjw
Thank you for sharing this story! Check it out! twitter.com/businessinside…
The @mobileloaves_arthouse acts as a creative outlet for our neighbors to sculpt, paint, draw and create for a dignified income. Visit our link below to learn more. mlf.org/art-house/ https://t.co/NPJd8sJtBF
We're halfway to one of our favorite nights of the week - FRIDAY! Movie Night out at Community First! Village features crowd favorites such as Aladdin, Star Wars and The Sand Lot. mlf.org/community-cine… https://t.co/kZhLEYOlLA
All new Gospel Con Carne featuring a Community First! Village resident, Helen. Tune in as she spreads her love and faith with neighbors in the community and across the world. Available on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/f4xiuJ6THA
"The one true home we have is each other." - Robert Click the link below to read more about their story! give.mlf.org/campaign/rober… https://t.co/XccAInIavW
At Community First! Village, our volunteers become fast friends. Come join us in volunteering at one of our many programs from the Art House to the Forge to experience new skills and to meet new and exciting people! mlf.org/volunteer-comm… Photo: @trendlinei https://t.co/XPY2jidXoa
We love when you share your #volunteer photos with us! Thanks for sharing! ❤️👏 twitter.com/blopezwagner/s…
Did you know our catering team can create the most beautiful custom food and baked goods? Check out this gorgeous cake baked recently by our neighbor, Penny! Learn more about our catering program at the link below! mlf.org/community-work… https://t.co/iWXj8RjmI0
Stop by Community First! Village to see some of our incredible pieces designed by our neighbors. The Community Market is open Monday - Friday from 9a-3p and Saturday from 8:30a-1:30p! https://t.co/wMnRqyrQZS
#TBT to our new Community Works building groundbreaking ceremony on Phase II of Community First! Village with our generous friends at @plhfoundation! Learn more about Phase II and how you can be involved: mlf.org/capital-campai… https://t.co/mxRZ32HPCX
Run by our community and neighbors earning a dignified income for their work, Community First! Car Care is the auto shop with a heart. Book your car service now at the link below. mlf.org/community-firs… Image: @austinmomsblog https://t.co/zeFaB9dw90
When new neighbors move into Community First! Village, we aim to turn their houses into homes with an extra touch of love and essentials to help with their homemaking needs. Learn more about how you can participate in this process below! mlf.org/housewarming-g… https://t.co/nh81wDDBAd
Through @mobileloaves_genesisgardens, our neighbors are able to experience what it's like to grow and harvest their own food. Learn more about our Genesis Gardens in our link below! mlf.org/community-work… https://t.co/jfXGKG5i67
It is our hope that our neighbors find passion and value in their work while also establishing a dignified income for themselves, in jobs such as the community Forge. To learn more about @mobileloaves_communityforge check out our link below mlf.org/forge/ https://t.co/RXMVEsUPYU
"I realized who I am through discovering the unity between my head and my heart." Read more in our favorite book, "Welcome Homeless" by Alan Graham. mlf.org/welcome-homele… https://t.co/GPLJW03McV
We are thrilled for this week's episode of @AustinAfterHours featuring our founder, Alan Graham, and Community Cinema Director, @edtothetravis! Tune in September 27th at 12:35 am AND on September 29th at 11 pm on CBS Austin or on their livestream at CBSAustin.com! https://t.co/D6jMjs5YyN
RT @mcastimovies: 2 nights ago, I watched THE PLATFORM with a themed dinner at @MLFCinema in Austin, which is part of a community-centered…
Tune in for a new episode of Gospel Con Carne featuring Matt Freeman (a.k.a the Pastor Dude)! Tune in on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play or the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/rYR4Qv60J2
Everyone needs an artistic outlet! Our neighbors who live in Community First! Village use their artistic talents for healing and creative expression. Learn more about our Community Art House in our link below! @mobileloaves_arthouse mlf.org/art-house/ https://t.co/W4Wx6N78eJ
RT @TashaRobinson: But the best part was the venue, an outdoor theater at Community First!, a beautiful little planned village that support…
Are you new here? We would love to welcome you to learn about how our little Village began! Visit our website to learn more about our story! mlf.org/community-firs… https://t.co/GiuQSLAIfD
Volunteering is one of the best ways to form relationships here at Community First! Village. It gives you an opportunity to get to know the faces and the hearts that keep this community running. Hope to see you soon! mlf.org/volunteer/
Volunteering is one of the best ways to form relationships here at Community First! Village. It gives you an opportunity to get to know the faces and the hearts that keep this community running. Hope to see you soon! mlf.org/volunteer/
How did you first hear about @mobileloaves? Did you learn about us through volunteer opportunities? Through our food truck program? Through our bed & breakfast? Or through our symposia? However you decided to follow us, we're glad you're here! Share with us here! https://t.co/CWxqa8ByYJ
The holidays are just around the corner! Are you interested in commissioning a piece of art from one of our talented neighbors? Give a gift that gives back and contact our Art House team for more information: arthouse@mlf.org. https://t.co/GVzn86XbUV
Reaching for the weekend like: 🐐🙌 #mobileloaves #genesisgardens #weekend #texasliving #tinyhomelife #communityfirstvillage #communityfirst https://t.co/hiis9GFY4I
Some midweek wisdom to carry with you for the rest of the week. ❤️ https://t.co/EsNbhT36uj
Human dignity through metalwork - one of the best parts about having our Community Forge! Learn more: mlf.org/forge/ https://t.co/9GcWQmVtXo
The start of a new week and we're already ready for the weekend because we have a FREE DOUBLE FEATURE! Join us Friday for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Saturday for Rocketman! RSVP on our Facebook page! https://t.co/cXKOp7ETMf
Our partners are vital to empowering communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. Learn more about our current partners and how you can get involved today: mlf.org/us/partnership… https://t.co/uXFWJwszLj
It's a whole new Saturday at Community First! Village and we're delighted to be showing the new Aladdin tonight at Community First! Village! Free and open to the public - join us! https://t.co/bnTHTFRwLk
The new Aladdin movie just left theaters and we're so excited to share you can see this new film tomorrow night under the stars at Community First! Village! https://t.co/NxniSjFzgT
Partners and friends like @jppeacelovehap that help us support our community through art and entrepreneurship are integral to the purpose and growth of #CommunityFirstVillage! Learn more: mlf.org https://t.co/TFkzJCVsw5
Hearing from our friend Larry Crawford about Community Car Care and how it’s restoring the lives of our neighbors. Thank you to @jppeacelovehap and Charles Maund Toyota for making this a reality! https://t.co/7JVHrWSlnD
It’s an exciting morning at #CommunityFirstVillage with @plhcharity - stay tuned for more! https://t.co/feh2wsFhR6
Meet our friend JR, the voice behind the blues. Tune into a new episode of Gospel Con Carne out now on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, SoundCloud or the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/o9bJscg2v2
Let us never forget all the lives forever impacted on this day 18 years ago. God Bless. #neverforget #honor911 https://t.co/jRcGwqGtaQ
RT @mariasusankim: “Decision-making is an earned right. One of our goals is to walk alongside and coach our employees to develop their crit…
RT @mariasusankim: “The voice of our neighbors drives everything that we do.” Amber Fogarty of @mobileloaves on the importance of leaning i…
RT @annhowardtx: “Even innovation can be fueled by love.” Thank you @AlanGraham and @JasonDBallard @ICON3DTech for believing in human digni…
Thanks for being a part of our mission! twitter.com/rsa_math/statu…
So excited! Thank you for sharing the news! twitter.com/gabrielavtv/st…
RT @GabrielaVtv: This is a 3D printed Welcome Center at the Community First! Village. It was built in less than 27 hours with 3D printing t…
We're so proud to be Texan too! Thanks for the note! twitter.com/b_mad_/status/…
It's a GOOD day at @mobileloaves! We're so excited to finally announce that we've partnered with @ICON3DTech! Check out their video below to learn more: twitter.com/ICON3DTech/sta…
Gather. Share. Love. . . . Some of our favorite moments at CFV are the ones we get to spend together with the neighbors we love. https://t.co/eLhIN1B3xH
Some shared wisdom for your Monday morning. https://t.co/mAzfjMg7Nq
"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them." - Thom Jones . . . We love our four-legged friends and the companionship they bring to our neighbors at Community First! Village. https://t.co/HmLzCS0dzc
RT @MLFCinema: Tonight at 7pm: GODZILLA on the big screen as he was meant to be seen. GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (2019)! RSVP: https://…
Because who you are is enough. #wordsofwisdom #newweek #MondayMotivation #repost @Pinterest https://t.co/Ugd7i0n0qN
Happy Friday, folks! We are so excited about our DOUBLE STAR WARS feature tonight & tomorrow night. TONIGHT: Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope (1977) - Community Cinema and Saturday: Star Wars: Episode VI Return Of The Jedi! https://t.co/whFy4mLKd1
All new Gospel Con Carne out now interviewing one of MLF's co-founders, Pat Patterson. Tune in on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play or the link here: mlf.org/gospel-con-car… https://t.co/j74UrlQB0I
A little flower pressing to start August off on the right! Our gardens provide more than vegetables for our neighbors. @mobileloaves_genesisgardens is a source for artists, soapmakers, farming and more! Learn more at mlf.org/community-work… https://t.co/5zjXl7AEyS
Did you catch our neighbor Robin and her daughter Avery in @people's exclusive feature on Community First! Village in July? ... Read all about Robin and @mobileloaves at people.com/human-interest…! https://t.co/PzWcLECbF8
The end of summer is drawing near, and there's no time like the present to #volunteer in the @mobileloaves_genesisgardens! Shoutout to our friends at @purposeatpimco for helping us pick some of the best tomatoes we've ever seen for our neighbors and friends at CFV. https://t.co/1dx7dE5vs5
Have you checked out what we have in store for Phase II? See our plans and learn more: mlf.org/community-firs… https://t.co/opXZjlILaZ
Check out this amazing video created by ⁦@NationSwell⁩ about Community First! Village. Thank you, Nation Swell, for sharing our story! facebook.com/nationswell/vi…
It's finally Friday! @mobileloaves_cinema is showing Avengers: Endgame (2019) tonight and you don't want to miss it! We've got a full screen amphitheater with plenty of space for the whole gang! https://t.co/YuLDTbP8EP
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