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RT @lmcgaughy: #BREAKING: AG Ken Paxton trial date for third-degree felony charge set for Dec 11. Jury selection on Dec 1. #txlege
RT @madlinbmek: House Public Health Committee passes 3 maternal mortality task force bills from Reps Burkett, Walle and Thierry. All 9-0 vo…
House is adjourned until tomorrow at 10am
House will still need to take one additional vote on the bill before it's sent to the Senate
House initially passes #HB13 with vote of 97-46 twitter.com/ashleyg_kvue/s…
Which of the following happens first... #atx #atxtraffic
Well I can tell you which will happen last...
Amendment by @RepMaryGonzalez removes doctor's names from reports. She notes some doctors who perform abortions have been targeted, killed
House passes amendment that gives doctors 3 business days instead of 72 hours to file report.
Rep @DonnaHowardTX says the point of #HB13 is to make it more complicated for doctors that perform abortions.
@RepMattSchaefer argues abortions are the only procedure that intentionally cause death and therefore need more oversight
Reps note complication rate for abortions is less than 1% but is 15% for vasectomies, but state doesn't require reporting for vasectomies
RT @EddieforTexas: Stakeholders agreed to provisions of #HB7 in 85(R). Compromise received bipartisan support in both houses. @GovAbbott ve…
Amndmt by @DonnaHowardTX gives doctors 30 days to complete reports instead of 72 hours. She says other procedures have more time to report
House now moving to last bill on the calendar #HB13 related to reporting requirements for certain abortion complications
House pauses to observe a moment of silence, honoring a Texas veteran who committed suicide outside of a VA clinic… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Rep @DadePhelan laying out #HB7 which creates a tree planting credit to offset tree mitigation fees. https://t.co/xEA2d8zCkb
The bill will impact about 50 cities. This is the same bill that passed out of the House during the regular session.
Opponents of the bill note @GovAbbott said this is the wrong tree bill
House initially passes #HB2 which ensures the agencies in the sunset legislation will be funded.
The House is getting started. On the agenda today is legislation related to the sunset bill, trees and abortion.… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Senate is in recess until Friday at 10am but I'm hearing two Senators said the full senate will not be back until next Thursday
RT @PatrickSvitek: “No Senate in history has ever passed 18 bills in seven days," @DanPatrick says, applauding senators for "no drama, tota…
Well...while I was going live, the Senate took third and final vote on several bills. Passing bills on 18 of the 20 issues on the call
Senate adjourned until 4:55
Senate now hearing 3 memorial resolutions. Will adjourn, have a short meeting, then start a new legislative day to take final votes
Sen @TxChuy to @SenBobHall : do you hate trees? Hall: I love trees, but I also love liberty
Senators now taking up #SB14 that will stop cities from telling property owners what they can do with trees on their property
Lt. Gov @DanPatrick says Senators will take up last bill of the day, adjourn for a short time, come back and take 3rd (final) votes on bills
Senate initially passes #SB13 on permitting
RT @lmcgaughy: #Breaking: In interview, Chairman Cook says bathroom bill is "unnecessary" & "potentially dangerous" dallasnews.com/news/texas-leg…
Senate initially passes #SB15 now on #SB13 related to permitting twitter.com/bwear/status/8…
RT @JohnnieMo: Planned Parenthood protests outside the offices of @GovAbbott regarding reproductive rights and women's health #txlege https…
Sen @JudithZaffirini says hands-free ordinances makes it easier to enforce texting bans. Presents amendment to make state law hands-free
RT @RebekahReports: Some good news 👇🏻 twitter.com/ap/status/8902…
Sen @JudithZaffirini says 22 senators represent districts w/ cities that have hands-free ordinances; reads each one of them
She adds these senators will have to go to their local elected officials and explain why they did… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
She notes Sen @DonHuffines won't have to do this.
Sen @DonHuffines argues cities can't license drivers, the state does that.
Sen @DonHuffines who is the author of #SB15 says he hasn't seen amendment by @JudithZaffirini but he is sure it won't be acceptable to him
He expects it will attempt to strengthen the state's new law.
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Senate now taking up #SB15 to preempt all city hands-free driving ordinances so that the only law will be the state's texting ban.
#SB6 the annexation bill passes on 19-12 vote
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Amendment by @DrSchwertner would change #SB6 so that cities in counties w/ population of 125k would get vote on annexation
Sen @Menendez4Texas points out under #SB6 small cities in counties w/ population of less than 500,000 can continue to annex w/o vote
He adds @DonnaCampbellTX is deciding which cities can grow and which can't.
Sen @Menendez4Texas up next w/ questions. The last time he questioned @DonnaCampbellTX annexation bill, it lead to filibuster that killed it
Sen @KirkPWatson questioning @DonnaCampbellTX on her bill. https://t.co/RVJl3caDTd
Watson notes this bill nullifies strategic partnership agreements
Asks if Campbell is willing to grandfather some agreements.
RT @James_Barragan: NEW: 15 people arrested in immigration protests in Austin dallasnews.com/news/immigrati… #SB4 #DACA #immigration #txlege
Senate now taking up #SB6 to require an election before an area is annexed
RT @JohnathanSilver: @JoseforTexas @KHancock4TX Hancock: voter+ballot, wherever they are, constitutes polling spot. They deserve same priva…
RT @JohnathanSilver: @JoseforTexas @KHancock4TX Rodriguez to Hancock: what if friends are playing bridge and one says I just got my ballot,…
They say a picture is worth a thousand words...Would love to know what @loiskolkhorst was thinking/feeling in this… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
RT @Jmalewitz: Sen. West says he can't support a bill that would criminalize family members discussing a mail-in ballot (if already request…
RT @Jmalewitz: Texas Senate now taking up SB5, which seeks to crack down on mail-in ballot fraud. Context: texastribune.org/2017/07/23/tex… #txlege
@RepThierry146 presents the mother who's daughter died 2 weeks after giving birth with a flag and memorial certifi… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
@RepThierry146 notes her bill differs frm Sen @loiskolkhorst b/c Thierry's version doesn't instruct task force to look at ways to cut costs
Rep @helengiddings says this is an issue that has been ignored long enough. https://t.co/ludEhf3C1L
Rep @ronereynolds says as a husband & father it sickens him to see disparities in maternal mortality & the fact tha… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Her daughter went to the ER 22 times with issues
Mother who's daughter died after giving birth to twins 6 months early says this bill must pass https://t.co/Vh2ulj0ZDc
@RepThierry146 reads each of their names and dedicates her bill to each of them. https://t.co/wdLcdkx37j
@RepThierry146 holds up picture of mothers who died during and after giving birth. https://t.co/99imrixy3S
@RepThierry146 wants a bottom-up approach; having task force look at women who are dying the most first b/c that i… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Meanwhile in the Senate, lawmakers are taking up amendments to #SB8 twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
@RepThierry146 says her bill doesn't just extend the life of the task force, but have real impact on the issue. https://t.co/SRAtOml5Cy
Her bill will instruct the task force to focus on Black women, who are 3 times more likely to die du… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
It will also instruct the task force to look at the socioeconomic status of the mothers
@RepThierry146 wrote #HB11 and is coining it the Texas Moms Matter bill. https://t.co/hyHV1wzqa6
While Black women have 11% of the babies born in Texas, they make up 29% of the maternal deaths.
Happening Now: @TheAfiyaCtr holding a news conference in conjunction with @RepThierry146 on #HB11 to address matern… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
RT @James_Barragan: Arrested protesters to be transferred to Travis Co Sheriff's office where organizers say they know undoc immigrants not…
Sen @Menendez4Texas questions what happens in cases when a woman has a miscarriage and the fetus has to be removed but it's not an emergency
@SenCreighton says if the fetus dies it is a different situation and could be covered.
Adds it is no longer an abortion.
RT @ChristyM_KVUE: Group blocking intersection at Congress and 15th -- law enforcement stepping in @KVUE https://t.co/2EVHzRY3E4
@SenCreighton says under his bill abortion coverage could be offered in a supplemental insurance plan. https://t.co/iejaGmSyXl
First bill of the day is #SB8 to ban general insurance policies from covering elective abortions
After a late night, Senators are back and in for another long day. https://t.co/o3bbfMCej7
ICYMI: Just after 12:15 am, the Senate took the final vote, approving #SB3 the bathroom bill.
RT @JulieChang1: She said that has to be taken care of in the next budget cycle 2020-2021 #txlege #txed twitter.com/JulieChang1/st…
Senate now moving to #SB19 to increase teacher pay
All republican senators and democrat @SenatorLucio vote in favor of bill
#SB3 initially passes with a vote of 21-10
As #SB3 vote is taken, woman is removed from gallery for yelling "Y'all means all" and displaying a banner.
Sen @whitmire_john says he would challenge all the members who he's heard say being transgender is a choice.
Sen @whitmire_john says listening to this debate he's wondering how our state is making it without having this bill on the books.
Adding lawmakers are talking as if they need to keep women and children near them.
Sen @whitmire_john tells @SenatorLucio this body will always stand for him to represent his district.
"Transgender Texans are our neighbors and this bill harms them" - Sen. @JudithZaffirini
Sen @JudithZaffirini running down the difficulties with changing identity. Says it can cost adults more than $19,000
Sen @JudithZaffirini starts her comments saying she wishes the Senate spent more time on school finance, distracted driving than bathrooms
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