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@SherylCole1 speaking to supporters about tonight’s win. She thanks @chitovela3 for bringing tough issues to the forefront so they could “battle it out like good democrats do” https://t.co/n1mkttqlnx
@TexasTribune just called the House District 46 race for @SherylCole1
As election results in the Texas Primary Runoff roll in @SpeakerStraus sends his congratulations to the candidates. https://t.co/yitpKzXvjo
RT @eramshaw: WHAT’S WRONG WITH VOTER TURNOUT IN TEXAS IN ONE ANECDOTE: Pizza delivery guy to @TexasTribune staff: “What’s going on, you al…
RT @JohnnieMo: Influential, but soon-to-be-retired Rep. Byron Cooks, R-Corsicana, says @GovAbbott should call a special session on gun safe…
RT @alexazura: Despite state resistance, federal judge on Friday gave Texas 45 days to implement online voter registration for those renewi…
This cannot be real...🤦🏽‍♀️ twitter.com/efindell/statu…
Most times @YvonneN_KVUE is helping me with Spanish pronunciations so I was happy to return the favor when she needed a few Creole sayings for #FoodieFriday Well done Lady! C’est Bon Cher!
RT @LandisImages: As he nears 112, the oldest man in America still smokes 12 cigars a day, drinks whiskey and loves Dr Pepper. His secret…
I get really excited by the little things...like the fact the @KVUE vending machine now has @PepperidgeFarm Milano cookies and according to the vending machine, they’re healthy 😉 https://t.co/cKg70yB0x9
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RT @c_casanova87: @KVUE that was hands down the best Verify segment I have ever seen. I love @AshleyG_KVUE 😂 @YvonneN_KVUE @BryanM_KVUE
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RT @WXontheGogo: Heads up: Severe thunderstorm warning for much of Austin. Storm moving in may bring 60 mph winds and penny size hail. #KVU…
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Tweeps! This is so funny!!! Best part is how he reacts to the coach trying to speed him up 😂 twitter.com/gma/status/991…
RT @JohnnieMo: Over the weekend @LupeValdez stumbled on why her sheriff office's complied with ICE detainers. May have cost her endorsement…
Coming up on @KVUE the creators of @tiffstreats join us for #MadeInAustinMonday https://t.co/wEd3OshVPI
RT @RebecaT_KVUE: Onyeri’s sentencing is August 17 at 9 a.m. @KVUE
RT @RebecaT_KVUE: #Breaking Onyeri is found guilty on all 17 counts, including attempted capital murder of Judge Julie Kocurek. @KVUE
This group is so much fun! #UnderTheSea with @DisneyOnIce at @HEBCenter https://t.co/N1CzQD0WsP
I tried to convince Elsa to let me borrow her blinged out dress...I settled for a picture with her and Anna lol #DisneyOnIce https://t.co/De7pLDJBvy
Some days my job is really, really cool! Tune into @KVUE now for a preview of @DisneyOnIce at @HEBCenter https://t.co/wM7y2uzKoA
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Totally having a #fangirl moment with @PamGrier aka #FoxyBrown in the studio to promote @DineOut4Life benefiting @asaustin https://t.co/MCvUw63TK3
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As #Southwest continues its accelerated engine inspections, 2 flights leaving from @AUStinAirport have been cancelled. https://t.co/4LI4nCG4pN
Camping or Glamping? Who are you siding with...me or @AlbertR_KVUE? https://t.co/LpLaM4WkqM
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Now: @Austin_Police about to give an update about a deadly shooting that happened this morning at the Willlow Brook Apartments on E. William Cannon Dr https://t.co/JAXr9opqkz
Tweeps! I’m over here in SHOCK watching the @GMA preview of the @GStephanopoulos interview with @Comey. I will be glued to @KVUE Sunday at 9pm!
It’s #NationalGrilledCheeseSandwichDay @cheesin4areason is here to show us how to make the perfect sandwich! https://t.co/jCCuxqgicS
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@AshleyG_KVUE 11 and 12 year olds ARE little kids. Just saying
I hear you. I just think middle schoolers are old enough to take care of books, throw their gum in trash cans and not tear up bulletin boards.
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@KVUEJayWallis YES!!! Loved that live shot...but I don’t think that hit impressed the @RRExpress team LOL Good thing you’re great at your day job 😉
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I’m so glad the members of @SoulTreeNation could join @JenniL_KVUE @JasonM_KVUE and I on Daybreak this morning. This talented group of young musicians will pay tribute to band member Draylen Mason who was killed in the #AustinBombings at the @UrbanMusicFest today. https://t.co/3WdX1iqDmX
Today @GonzalesKristie is treating the @KVUE team to ice cream from a legit ice cream truck! #MyBossIsCoolerThanYours lol https://t.co/L8Wbr55xry
The City Clerk is taking the signatures now and issuing a receipt https://t.co/druyjcDYYF
Now: Austin community leaders are preparing to file a petition with more than 32,000 signatures to put Code Next on the November ballot. https://t.co/597wOr60Ll
“My opinion is that he created terror in our community by his actions and he stole lives from our community.”
“My comments again were meant to summarize what I heard him say and not give credit to what he said, not to indicate that I believe what he said, just to try to educate this community on what he said (cont)
“...There is no way I would ever try to mitigate his actions and my heart is with the families in this community that lost lives or had lives forever changed as a result of his acts.”
I interviewed @chief_manley abt the backlash from some abt comments he made about the bomber during the #AustinBombings press conference, here’s what he told me: “In no way am I going to be sympathetic toward someone who murdered people in our community. What my comments (cont) https://t.co/UUigdz1FcC
“were were a reflection of what his comments were. They are not my belief. They are not my opinion. What I was trying to convey to the community was what I heard in his words...This man created terror in our community.”
@chief_manley says it has been an honor to serve as chief in his hometown, in the only department he’s ever worked in. But adds all members of @Austin_Police deserve the thanks for the resolution of the #AustinBombing https://t.co/yv1HcPQIDA
#ATXCouncil and people in the council chambers give @chief_manley a standing ovation for his work during the #AustinBombings https://t.co/YxNinJoavT
Want to make @MayorAdler blush? Announce tomorrow is his birthday and sing to him during the #ATXCouncil meeting. https://t.co/Hvt5Ky31Yo
Adler expresses his condolences to all of the victims and their families. And encourages Austinites to get to know their neighbors, admitting he also needs to do a better job of getting to know the people who live near him.
Now: @MayorAdler addressing the #AustinBombings at the #ATXCouncil meeting.
I was happy to moderate the first panel for #atxopengov2018 as we talked about transparency and open government. twitter.com/atxte/status/9…
Actions of @Austin_Police officers described as some running toward a vehicle that they knew had a bomb in it, true courage to help the Austin community. #AustinBombings
says the video of what happened last night is “harrowing” to watch, seeing his officers running toward danger to try and stop someone who was threatening the community. #AustinBombings
says in the bomber’s confession doesn’t include why he chose the targets he did.
Travis County DA says you can’t call this a happy ending but it’s a “damn good one” for the community.
RT @ATxTE: #atxopengov2018 is off to a good start at the new @AustinPublicLib location! @AshleyG_KVUE moderating the Intro to Open Gov. #AT…
Breaking: @chief_manley says the bombing suspect left a 25 minute recording detailing what he did, details of the bombs. But he did not leave a motive.
Manley says he did not mention terrorism or hate but rather some personal issues he was having. He talked about 7 explosive devices, all 7 have been recovered.
says in his years as Governor and as AG he has not seen better work by law enforcement than that done by @chief_manley and the men and women of the @Austin_Police
RT @QuitaC_KVUE: BREAKING NOW: Another reported explosion in Austin. #AustinBombing twitter.com/ATCEMS/status/…
RT @tplohetski: BREAKING: I’m told there is one confirmed incident in Oak Hill, not two.
This is my co-anchor, @AshleyG_KVUE, not having it after I generously offered her my lovely green glasses to wear for a St. Patrick's Day story. Do you see what I have to put up with?! #NoGoodDeadGoesUnpunished #WhatsWrongWithMyGreenGlasses #HappyStPatricksDay #EmeraldSnob https://t.co/CrPAARhyV7
But I appreciate the offer boo! 😘 LOL
Not sure how y’all wake up in the morning but on commercial breaks at @KVUE @BrandonJ_KVUE @erikalopezwx @AnavidReyesKVUE and our crew have a dance party! https://t.co/LQmgSkQU1F
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RT @ChiefElyReyes: I just told my kids they are no longer allowed to pick up packages when they get home from school or any other time. Thi…
FBI and ATF are assisting @Austin_Police in the explosion investigation. @chief_manley notes these explosives are powerful and have caused significant injuries and damage to property.
also says these explosions can go off by simply being moved which is why they ask ppl to not touch them.
Again, Chief Manley says if you see a package at your house that you did not expect, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Call police. It may take them a while to get to you but they will come.
says they do not have any victim ideology at this point so they do not have a motive. They are also unsure if the victims are who the packages were intended for.
says they do not believe any of the three packages were delivered by a postage company ie USPS, Fed Ex, etc.
says they are not ruling out any motive, including whether these are hate crimes. Victims in first two explosions were African American, third is Hispanic.
“We will leave no stone unturned because we will not allow this to go on in our community” @chief_manley
@chief_manley says in this latest explosion the victim, a 75-yr old Hispanic woman, saw a package on her front porch. When she picked it up, it exploded. He believes all three explosions are related.
“We are having innocent people getting hurt across our community and it is important that we come together to solve this” — @chief_manley
BREAKING: @GovAbbott announces his office is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the person responsible for the package explosions. https://t.co/zz1EFXqIKv
@Austin_Police set to hold a press conference at 2:40. You can watch it live on @KVUE as well as KVUE.com and our Facebook page. twitter.com/kvue/status/97…
RT @BryanM_KVUE: Three explosions in less than 2 weeks in #Austin. Here are locations. @KVUE twitter.com/timryanKVUE/st…
RT @ChristyM_KVUE: Rebecca is on the other side of the scene from where I am right now, she’s able to get a bit closer - here’s a look at t…
RT @ChristyM_KVUE: Several agencies trying to figure out what’s going on — people saying they’re scared since they order packages all the t…
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