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Inbox: Statement from @GovAbbott on Rep. Bonnen’s announcement that he has enough votes to be Speaker of the House #txlege https://t.co/F6tAznGf6Q
Bonnen says 109 Reps signed on to support his big and those names will be released later today. You’ll notice in the photo, both Republicans and Democrats stood with Bonnen today.
Adds the top priority is school finance and it is time for Texas to address school finance.
Rep. Bonnen says he will honor the tradition of the House of being a bi-partisan chamber
Rep. Bonnen “the Speaker’s race is over and the Texas House is ready to get to work” #txlege https://t.co/1Hqxt4VOyn
Inbox: Statement from @JohnsonForTexas on his withdrawal from running for Speaker of the Texas House & support of Rep. Dennis Bonnen #txlege https://t.co/bIXIFOhFkV
And so it begins...a look at all Captiol journalist as we wait for a news conference with Rep. Dennis Bonnen about his bid to become the next Speaker of the House. 8 reps filed to run, so far 5 have withdrawn, many of which are throwing their support to Bonnen. #txlege https://t.co/7QWKNw3iHW
RT @ABC: BREAKING: Stan Lee, former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics and the creator of beloved characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man,…
Four candidates for Tx Speaker of the House, including one Democrat, have dropped out of the race and are throwing their support behind Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton). Bonnen is having a news conference on the race today at 3.
Now more than ever there is a need for dedicated journalist, willing to share the stories of their communities. Tonight I’m grateful the community I serve is acknowledging me for that work with the title of Changemaker. Thank you to the @AAYHFoundation https://t.co/45FLZHBLS1
We've got you covered this #ElectionDay #VoteTexas https://t.co/SaO3yCjtk9
So many fought, marched and died so people like me could cast a ballot. Voting isn’t just a right, it’s your responsibility. If you haven’t voted yet, you still have time! #VoteTexas https://t.co/LGIuaAfYWT
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RT @AWMcKibbin: Since the Republican streak began in Texas U.S. Senate races in 1990: Smallest margin of victory: 10.84 points, Phil Gramm…
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RT @RoyCasagranda: My interview yesterday with the awesome Ashley Goudeau! President Trump talks immigration on Ted Cruz's campaign trail…
Every voice and every vote matters! Make yours heard and #VoteTexas kvue.com/article/news/l…
Personally, I’m an Election Day voter but I snagged this snazzy sticker in honor of the first day of early voting! #VoteTexas https://t.co/CRzuKAQJbh
According to @LCRA the Highland Lakes Watershed is experiencing historic flooding. There will be higher water levels in Lake Austin & Lady Bird Lake so if you live nearby, take precautions! twitter.com/kvue/status/10…
Inbox: @GovAbbott announces $5.8 million in grant funding released to the Border Prosecution Unit to address gangs and criminal organizations along the border. https://t.co/Tf5RvmuxOp
Q: tell us something you've done in the last year that has nothing to do w/ politics that will tell Texans something abt who you are as a person. @tedcruz discusses his role as a father. Last year he helped coach daughter's bball team. He made it to practices but only 1 game
spends what time he has off the campaign trail with his family; "rocking out" with his kids playing the drums and walking his son to school.
Q: what responsibility do you have to bring civility and respect to politics? @tedcruz says politicians do have a responsibility and that's why his attacks on O'Rourke are on his policies and not his character. #TexasDebate
discusses accomplishments and bi-partisan legislation he passed to help veterans.
Q: @BetoORourke you supported giving #Harvey victims initial relief but then voted against a bill to give additional tax relief. What do you say to those people? O’Rourke says he thought the tax relief offered in the bill wasn’t as much as what was given in other disasters
says he worked to pass 3 disaster relief bills to help #Harvey victims to provide immediate relief and O’Rourke votes against it.
Q: President Trump has said he could add more tariffs, is it time for the Senate to step in? .@tedcruz says he is against a trade war and is against tariffs. Adds he is in the position to work with the President to negotiate.
says if Cruz has a special relationship with Trump then it’s all talk because the tariffs are hurting Texas more than any other state. #TexasDebate
Q: to @BetoORourke to fund universal healthcare what do you want to cut from the budget or how much would you increase taxes? O’Rourke says for starters we can expand Medicaid in Texas. #TexasDebate
claims O’Rourke’s plan would triple taxes and universal healthcare would create wait lists for care.
@tedcruz and @BetoORourke talking over each other as they dispute the debate rules after Cruz tries to offer a rebuttal and is cut off my the moderator #TexasDebate
*going to address serious security concerns
Q: if we don’t need a border wall, what do we need? @BetoORourke: No wall is going to concern serious security concerns but smart policy will. #TexasDebate
@JasonWhitely pointing out @tedcruz previously said climate change isn’t real when asking about his thoughts today. @tedcruz today says the climate is changing and will continue to change. @BetoORourke uses this to take a shot, calling him “lying Ted” #TexasDebate
It’s time! Turn to @KVUE now for the #TexasDebate between @tedcruz and @BetoORourke
Tune into @KVUE at 8pm to watch the last scheduled debate between @tedcruz and @BetoORourke live. #TexasDebate twitter.com/lukekens5/stat…
ICYMI: @KVUE, @AustinChamber @smchamber & @googlefiber hosted a debate today between U.S. House of Representatives candidates @JosephKopser & @chiproytx. You can watch the full video here: kvue.com/article/news/l…
One debate down...one to go. Headed to our sister station @KENS5 in San Antonio is to cover #Cruz vs #ORourke #KVUE #DebateDay #VoteTexas #TexasDebate twitter.com/gonzaleskristi…
Tuesday is Debate Day at @KVUE . I'll moderate a debate between TX 21 Candidates @JosephKopser (D) & @chiproytx (R) at 12pm in #ATX then head to San Antonio to cover the last scheduled debate between @tedcruz & @BetoORourke at 8pm. Watch both on #KVUE #VoteTexas #TexasDebate https://t.co/eVS4zRagNX
I realize I’m supposed to be in full #honeymoon mode but I wanted to pause for a moment to remind Texans today is the LAST day register to vote!
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Cruz says he shares that sentiment and adds O’Rourke fights for what he believes in, but also takes a political shot saying O’Rourke wants to expand government, raise taxes and likens him to Bernie Sanders. O’Rourke comments back “true to form.”
Interesting last question, candidates are asked to say what they admire about their opponent. O’Rourke answers first, saying Cruz works hard and spends has to spend time away from his family. So he admires his dedication.
RT @JohnnieMo: The exchanges are sharp and heated. Cruz is more on the attack, while O'Rourke is counter-punching more than launching the f…
More heated arguments between Cruz and O’Rourke about guns. Cruz saying O’Rourke wants judges who will chip away at 2nd Amendment, O’Rourke fighting back saying that’s simply not true and he supports the 2nd Amendment.
Heated moments in the Cruz/O’Rourke debate as O’Rourke essentially tells Cruz he’s putting words in his mouth. Adds that’s why people are tired with Washington.
Watching the @BetoORourke @tedcruz debate on KVUE.com. Tune in now. https://t.co/no5PvdJXlt
Had the pleasure of hosting the @YWCAaustin 2nd Annual Fabulous People Party 2018. Congratulations to all the honorees and thank you for the work you’re doing in our community! smplbth.co/FGPJKHq #FabulousPeopleParty2018
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Lt. Governor @DanPatrick issuing a debate against @GeraldoRivera after declining to debate his opponent @CollierForTexas twitter.com/danpatrick/sta…
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RT @madlinbmek: Just in: @BetoORourke campaign responds to @tedcruz’s latest debate letter. “It’s not in our fellow Texans’ interests to…
RT @chief_manley: Please help me in congratulating Assistant Chief Troy Gay on his being selected as the Chief of Staff for APD. He is a 28…
BREAKING: #ATXCouncil approves building a major league soccer stadium at McKalla Place in a seal that would relocate the #ColumbusCrew to #ATX twitter.com/rebecat_kvue/s…
Will #ATX get a major league soccer team & new stadium in North Austin? The #ATXCouncil is meeting about it now. Follow @RebecaT_KVUE for updates!
RT @lmcgaughy: UPDATED: Just got a comment from @DanPatrick’s spokesman that said his previous statements - declining any offers to debate…
RT @ABC: NEW: "There has been no change in the NFL’s policy regarding the national anthem," the NFL says, adding that it has delayed enforc…
Thank goodness @chucklindell is staying put! We need great journalists like him! twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
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Traffic now backed up to 290 heading southbound on I-35 and also to 290/71 in the northbound lanes.
It’s really hard to take our fearless newsroom leader @timryanKVUE seriously when he’s wearing a Flamingo/Mizzou shirt. 😂 https://t.co/vkFtdgRfIV
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In a statement released today @DanPatrick says the TX Senate will propose a matching fund program next session for any school that wants to install metal detectors or use wands for inspection. https://t.co/WVvLbp6X7S
Breaking: a judge has rules the #ATXCouncil must put an item on the November ballot, letting voters decide if they want to vote on Code Next.
We had a short newscast today due to the special report but you can learn more about these sweet pups at luckylabrescue.com https://t.co/ujon2FlCGP
RT @ABC: NEW: Deputy AG Rosenstein: "When we confront foreign interference in American elections, it's important for us to avoid thinking p…
12 Russian security leaders charged with hacking DNC and the Clinton campaign.
Now: @POTUS is meeting the Queen as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to announce indictments against Russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 election. It comes the day before President Trump is set to meet with Putin. https://t.co/26raWire64
BREAKING: @POTUS nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the #SCOTUS
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No decision from the judge today but because of the impending deadline to put an item on the ballot, she said she will make a judgement ASAP.
2/2 those suing the city argue Code Next repeals & replaces current zoning so it’s like starting from scratch. So the question before the court is when should a decision be made on whether the subject matter (zoning) is valid, before or after the election.
1/2 We are on a brief break. The big question here is whether the zoning in Code Next disqualifies the issue from being on the ballot since Texas law states specific zoning can’t be decided by elections. The city’s attorneys say it can’t be on a ballot b/c of the state law while
The first hearing in the lawsuit against the #CityofAustin aiming to put an item related to Code Next on the November ballot happens this morning. No cameras or phones are allowed in the courtroom but I will update you as soon as I can. https://t.co/VZky8dxgNi
At the #ATXCouncil meeting @MayorAdler paused conversations on Item 27 (the bond) to let the children who came out to support an MLS team speak (so they’re not there all night). He also said it looks like items 60 and 130 will both pass. https://t.co/RZTBi03ypZ
@MayorAdler suggests the #atxcouncil will vote on the soccer items in 3-4 hours.
Lots of soccer fans are starting to fill Austin City Hall as the #ATXCouncil prepares to take up two items related to brining a #MLS team to Austin. @MollyAndAMic is taking over for me so follow her for updates! https://t.co/8jNGgEZxTJ
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