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Dr. John Hellerstedt, Commissioner of TX Dept of State Health Services, discusses public health concerns. They have no jurisdiction in federal immigration facilities but TX doctors have treated thousands. In some cases, agents get sick and have spread disease to their families
Rep @KyleBiedermann adds everyone has facts to back up their opinions but he wants to cut through all that.
Rep @KyleBiedermann says he understands why folks want to leave those countries, but wants to know why they go through Mexico, instead of staying there, and want to come to the U.S.
Rep @RafaelAnchia says he wants to give some facts as to why immigrants are leaving based on surveys: gangs, including MS-13, trafficking, gender-based violence (it’s the 2nd leading cause of death for women in Honduras), political unrest
Judge Owens adds it doesn’t help that Mexico allows immigrants at their south border to have a 30-day pass to get through their country to the U.S.
Rep @KyleBiedermann asks what’s causing the influx of immigrants to the U.S. Judge Owens says from what he’s heard from agents, immigrants fear the U.S. laws are going to change and they won’t be able to come here.
Judge Owens says while that funding has been passed, it’s just a bandaid. Adds that they’ve not seen any of those funds or has any other shelters opened in his community.
Rep @BriscoeCain says he has some concerns that this hearing is premature since there was a $4.6B spending bill passed by Congress to help at the border. He says that money should start flowing soon.
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RT @Katie_Statesman: My story opens with the story of Ronald Hall, 55, who kept falling against the wall of his cell. At one point, a corre…
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Rep @CesarJBlanco discusses his visit to immigrant detention facility in Clint and says border patrol agents there said they are being pulled off the lines. Asks Col. McCraw if that means we are less safe. McCraw says yes. Cartels are taking advantage and its leaving TX less safe
asks if TX has sued the federal government for not providing resources & the state having to foot the bill. @poncho_nevarez says there is not a lawsuit, but TX has sent a bill. Col. McCraw adds when he testifies in DC he tells lawmakers TX is doing more than them
urges his colleagues, @GregAbbott_TX and @KenPaxtonTX to get a lawsuit going. Says this is their job and they’re not doing it. TX spends billions a year on border security #TXLege
TX Military Dept. Brigadier General Thomas Suelzer now speaking. Says they have 1,270 members at the border helping.
Adds for most immigrants, their destination is not the border. They have people in other parts of TX and are just passing through to get to them.
Maverick County Judge David Saucedo says resources are becoming thin as more and more people come into their community. Both Maverick and Val Verde County don’t use their tax dollars to address the problems. Explain there are liability issues that don’t allow them to
RT @andreazelinski: Owens: “It just snowballs. There’s more and more and more going wrong,” he says after telling how they’ve been looking…
He says the dam with Mexico has been closed and that’s hurting trade. He says a lack of resources and help to care for these people is taking a toll on them. And there’s a public health concern with people coming in with rashes doctors haven’t seen.
He adds many people get frustrated with the process and just try to cross the river. Says just last week, a two year old drowned but they haven’t been able to find the body.
McCraw adds according to FBI stats, border communities are some of the safest in the country, but adds that’s because cartels are not staying in border communities. They are moving to other parts of TX and that’s causing an influx in gang activity & violence
Judge Lewis Owens testifying now. Once immigrants are released from detention centers, they come into his community. He says there has been a large influx of people coming in and it’s been hard to accommodate folks.
McCraw says there are fewer border patrol agents now than a few years ago. Adds he is not seeing criminal behavior by them and if anyone, particularly children, was being mistreated they would investigate it
Col. Steve McCraw of @TxDPS up next to testify. Says what they’re seeing at the border is mostly families coming from Central America. Adds the people aren’t really security risks and confirms what @CantuMayor said, that they seek out border agents so they can get in the system
Tense moments between Chair @poncho_nevarez and Rep @KyleBiedermann after Biedermann said most immigrants don’t show up to their court proceedings. Nevarez says that’s not true, asks for stats. @RafaelAnchia shares stat that 6/7 immigrants do show up to court. #TXLege
But he adds, there is so much desperation that some immigrants seek out border patrol agents and flag them down so they can be apprehended and get into the system. One major problem he says is there’s no more room in the holding facilities
He says many immigrants get frustrated with how long the official process takes and that’s why they are deciding to cross into the country illegally.
First up is the Mayor is Eagle Pass, TX @CantuMayor. There is port of entry there. He says that entry can only process 15-20 ppl per day. Describes the emergency shelter that was put in place and situation when 1,800 immigrants crossed the border.
RT @james4texas: "We are not waiting for the federal government," Anchia says. We're acting on our Texas values now. #txlege
Rep @RafaelAnchia adds in the last 10 month, 7 children have died in custody and there have been reports of deplorable conditions. Adds federal government has made cuts to recreation and aid for these children #TXLege
Chair @RafaelAnchia says he hopes members can put parties aside and agree on Texas values, values that children shouldn’t be dying in federal custody, regardless of their citizenship status. And that they can all agree that the federal governments isn’t doing its job #TXLege https://t.co/Sc3vJbnA5i
Several Representatives who are not on either of the two committees are also here in the audience to watch the hearing. #TXLege
Hearing starting now. You can watch it live here: house.texas.gov/video-audio/ #TXLege https://t.co/OIF9mGlnCt
Here’s a look at the agenda for the joint #TXHouse Homeland Security & Public Safety and International Relations & Economic Development committees hearing on the situation at the border. Reps will only hear invited testimony #TXLege https://t.co/rBTeasDw9K
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Just In: Chairmen @poncho_nevarez (Homeland Security & Public Safety) and @RafaelAnchia (International Relations & Economic Development) will hold joint hearing on July 12th to get invited testimony on issues related to asylum-seeking migrant families at the border #TXLege
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O’Rourke running down a laundry list of things he would like changed from criminal justice reforms to paying teachers more to helping Americans with their student loan debt.
More on @BetoORourke’s plea for folks to meet him in Clint. twitter.com/betoorourke/st…
RT @JohnnieMo: A man who appeared to be drunk approached ⁦@BetoORourke⁩ on stage and was gently pushed back. “We got it, we got it,” Beto s…
@BetoORourke asks the crowd to join him in Clint, TX at 10am Sunday to protest the treatment of children in the detention center https://t.co/cvioOW3Qzo
But @BetoORourke says despite that, the midterm election had the highest turnout of young folks in TX history. Says it will take a movement like that to defeat President Trump.
speaking about the treatment of children in detention camps on the Texas-Mexico border. https://t.co/KNGfrKixAq
O’Rourke going in on the #TXLege for the gerrymandering of the district maps. Say maps were drawn@and bills passed to stop minorities and young folks from voting.
O’Rourke giving a few shoutouts to @MomsDemand, veterans and @GinaForAustin
@BetoORourke takes the stage. Encourages crowd to have a beer or two. Jokes “have anymore, walk home...don’t get on one of those scooters” https://t.co/wQ9TxjC3eW
Travis County Commissioner @jefftravillion introduces @BetoORourke https://t.co/cwa66nKcic
A look at the @ScholzGartenATX crowd waiting to hear from @BetoORourke https://t.co/vXafGbWNGf
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Former TX Speaker of House @SpeakerStraus announces launch of new PAC. twitter.com/speakerstraus/…
Austin @MayorAdler is responding to comments from @GregAbbott_TX about easing camping ordinances for the homeless. Hear from the Mayor on @KVUE tonight at 5 and 6. twitter.com/mayoradler/sta…
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“I have determined it is not the Lord’s will for me to seek re-election” @RepStickland twitter.com/repstickland/s…
I had the absolute pleasure of introducing best-selling author and educator @DrDennisKimbro at the Austin African American Book Festival. He dropped so many gems on #wealth and #wellness https://t.co/KVAVr5qmlb
RT @asherprice: "Every child not taken care of adequately at the border, Congress is an accomplice to any harm they may suffer," says @GovA…
Gov @GregAbbott_TX says the members of Congress are a bunch of “reprobates”
When asked if TX leaders are just enabling Congress by continuing to secure the border @RepDennisBonnen says TX leaders are charged with protecting Texans and they will continue to do so.
Gov @GregAbbott_TX says the immigrants are coming from 52 countries.
If it’s not clear, we’re talking about the Texas National Guard
Speaker @RepDennisBonnen points out the budget just passed by the #TXLege includes $800M for border security. Says members of Congress need to do the job they were elected to and secure the border. https://t.co/kj2EdIojDm
Lt. Gov @DanPatrick adds there are already 1,000 agents at the border and this effort doubles that. Adds this is a cost that no taxpayer, in any state. should have to bear. Calls on Congress to take action. https://t.co/XvGdlNGKbP
TX is also opening centers to hold adults. “All of this is necessary because Congress refuses to do its job” says @GregAbbott_TX
Gov @GregAbbott_TX says he will deploy 1,000 National Guard troops to the border to help. Says federal government will pay 100% of the cost. This starts today.
“We’re here today because there is an escalating crisis at the border” @GregAbbott_TX https://t.co/wBtXlIMlcF
says in the past 3 weeks, 4,500 ppl have been apprehended entering Texas illegally. Adds they are coming from various countries.
Headed to what is sure to be an interesting news conference with The Big 3. No hints on the subject matter given #TXLege https://t.co/XV0DOsAqWM
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Happy Juneteenth Tweeps! 154 years ago today, slaves on Galveston Island learned slavery had been abolished. #freeatlast #juneteenth2019 #blackindependenceday Photo Credit: Texas Historical Commission https://t.co/9bD1U4ySy1
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Breaking: @GovAbbott has extended the life of the State Board of Plumbing Examiners through executive order. The board was going to expire Sept 1st b/c lawmakers didn’t pass a bill extending it. That would have ended regulation of plumbers in TX. Now that won’t happen #TXLege
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Just In: @GovAbbott signed #SB1978 into law yesterday, the so-called “Save Chick Fil A” bill. #TXLege
RT @jamestalarico: The Governor just signed my first bill into law — HB 3471 will rename a portion of U.S. Highway 79 in Hutto after falle…
Inbox: @GovAbbott will sign #SB2 into law tomorrow morning. It reduces the amount cities and counties can increase property taxes without voter approval from 8-percent to 3.5-percent #TXLege
The bill is by Rep. @DonnaHowardTX and Sen. @KirkPWatson who say this is survivor centered legislation that will find solutions. https://t.co/uhVsggwVB4
@GovAbbott says this session was “prolific“ in making advances to fight sexual assault and human trafficking ahead of signing #HB1590 to create a task force to study the systematic problems survivors encounter when seeking justice. #TXLege https://t.co/PxZKhBthMA
Inbox: @GovAbbott plans to sign the school finance reform bill #HB3 by Rep @DanHuberty tomorrow morning at an elementary school in Austin #TXLege
He also signed #SB22 to prohibit cities and counties from giving/using taxpayer dollars to partner with abortion providers or their affiliates. Background: kvue.com/article/news/p…
Breaking: @GovAbbott has signed #SB21 by @joanhuffman to raise the age to buy and use all tobacco products from 18 to 21 #TXLege
Rep @JoaquinCastrotx says if @GovAbbott isn’t taking responsibility for Whitley’s actions, why did he turn around and hire him?
Reps @JoaquinCastrotx and @RepLloydDoggett want the U.S. House Oversight Committee to investigate. @KenPaxtonTX has already denied the committee’s requests for documents.
Rep @JoaquinCastrotx pledges to do all he can to find information on the true intent of the list and who played a roll in it.
calls TX “ground zero” for voter suppression. Says “the Governor’s buddy” attempted voter purge was riddled w/ errors. Points to @KenPaxtonTX’s “Voter Fraud Alert” tweet & Abbott’s statement promising action are evidence that an investigation into this is needed https://t.co/w8PQw3M83U
says the real issue in Texas is getting more people to vote not voter fraud
Rep @JoaquinCastrotx says Abbott’s action of hiring Whitley to his office, at a salary of more than $200,000/yr, sends the clear message that he supports him. Adds Abbott owes the people of TX an apology. https://t.co/e11GOjFDFa
Emails from DPS were made public this week, stating Gov. Abbott wanted the list created. Abbott’s office says that’s not true.
Now U.S. Reps @RepLloydDoggett, @JoaquinCastrotx and others speaking about the botched attempt to by former @TXsecofstate David Whitley to purge people from the voter roles. The influence of @GovAbbott in the creation of the list has come into question. https://t.co/pQ4suhr2Ey
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