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On The Record: KGSR Broadcasts, Gary Clark Jr., Sour Notes, more atxne.ws/2BesbTx
RT @Blackstock360: This week's @austin360 On The Record roundup spotlights the 25th annual @KGSR Broadcasts compilation, plus a @GaryClarkJ…
How much will you have to exercise to burn off that turkey dinner? atxne.ws/2BdYr9B https://t.co/JbheJgn8X6
Congrats to Sabre Commercial on cracking the top 10 Top Work Places! Discover how to join their growing team today:… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Of Cassidys, Partridges and Cowsills: An Austin tie to family tales atxne.ws/2BeZeH6 https://t.co/gmI5NaA7O1
10 tips on shipping packages during the holiday season atxne.ws/2jNP4sZ
With ‘Spineless,’ Austin author explores both her past and jellyfish atxne.ws/2BeFWSc https://t.co/WxRGybNkmW
Texas trooper who took photo with Snoop Dogg sues DPS officials again atxne.ws/2Be2HWE https://t.co/jPTEqzjuHG
RT @Blackstock360: My colleague @deborific put together this list of #atxmusic seasonal shows on the @austin360 website: https://t.co/IZGPn…
One more spot in Texas has now earned 'dark sky' status atxne.ws/2jPWqMF https://t.co/z0R4peLdNm
Here are the Austin theaters showing Pixar’s “Coco” dubbed into Spanish atxne.ws/2Be8VG3
The best employees create the best projects. Congrats to Sabre Commercial as a Top Work Place! Discover more here:… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter accused of rape by singer Melissa Schuman atxne.ws/2Be2jqU https://t.co/cwyHAJquU7
17 retail horror stories that show working Black Friday is the worst atxne.ws/2BdsVZm https://t.co/tWvi0o0X1Q
24 hours until Thanksgiving dinner: Better get on that brine atxne.ws/2jMFw1n https://t.co/PNK9p9RSvF
Readers share their very best Thanksgiving side dishes atxne.ws/2BeOKry https://t.co/N7i9ocrLpt
A charter school student from Austin will share his passion for dance in front of millions of viewers nationwide at… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
JUST IN: Teen idol David Cassidy, 'Partridge Family' star, dies at 67: atxne.ws/2jMahTS https://t.co/nBWDi5MstY
PHOTOS: Miracle pop-up bar’s Christmas-themed cocktails coming to Austin this week atxne.ws/2BbZNRY https://t.co/eIGUw0lIjg
Where to eat at @AUStinAirport on your way home for the holidays: atxne.ws/2jKEOBO https://t.co/HyTFkq3qPz
What's a @Via313Pizza on a @homeslicepizza crust? And vice versa? You can totally find out atxne.ws/2BbcHQi https://t.co/p50shmWKRT
MoPac lane striping on I-35.
Christmas-themed pop-up bar Miracle, set to keep Austin jolly, opens this week atxne.ws/2jK6vur [corrected] https://t.co/K0xynEiFjF
Where to eat on Thanksgiving so you don’t have to cook atxne.ws/2BdUqSy https://t.co/32RPqt2eZs
Weekend music picks: Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer, Eric Johnson and more atxne.ws/2Bbodes https://t.co/TS1jEKuSyf
Thanksgiving: To brine or not to brine? That’s not even a question for these experts atxne.ws/2jLiE2m https://t.co/eJCq1R8vDO
@FranklinBbq is back, and so is its waiting line: What people are saying atxne.ws/2jLq2KM https://t.co/1qZrCKSO4U
Paige founder: ‘Austin feels like our home away from home’ atxne.ws/2Bci5CM https://t.co/SKspIwkVGQ
Shawn Colvin brings it all back home for a memorable tour-ending concert atxne.ws/2jMoSih https://t.co/uPbSurbmgZ
The @FranklinBbq line is back, baby. Almost three months after a fire, Austin's No. 1 brisket joint reopened Tuesda… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
This Black Friday, #OptOutside instead of exercising your wallet atxne.ws/2jJA4wb https://t.co/JUHM5eYqbH
A-LIST PHOTOS: Shawn Colvin at the Paramount on Nov. 20 atxne.ws/2jLcYoS https://t.co/bUJdmkyjpb
Let's finish that Thanksgiving menu for you. 5 potluck-ready sides: atxne.ws/2Bbo9eH https://t.co/zttxGfNCjZ
These are the holiday-related theater and music shows to see in Austin atxne.ws/2jJC7jZ https://t.co/GHG5XjL8Fo
Christmas-themed pop-up bar Miracle, set to keep Austin jolly, is open today atxne.ws/2BaNV2U https://t.co/WS9NoHtxVU
Now streaming: Find laughs and familiar scenery in Austin-shot ‘Infinity Baby’ atxne.ws/2jIe0lt https://t.co/6VSzABOOFE
ICYMI: Franklin Barbecue is back open today! Are you waiting in line? atxne.ws/2B88Nrs https://t.co/Y7i4gNongk
Weekend music picks: Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer, Eric Johnson and more atxne.ws/2jJ4oXV https://t.co/RDzbFuQfSY
This Austin teen almost missed out on the chance to dance for millions on Thanksgiving Day. His teachers wouldn't l… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Kevin Hart announces the birth of his son, Kenzo atxne.ws/2jIL5xS https://t.co/gnPWSZhJ2V
✅ Mexene-rubbed roasted turkey ✅ El Milagro chip-stuffed stuffing ✅ Adams Extract-spiced pumpkin pie… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
These Austin restaurants are selling Thanksgiving meals to-go atxne.ws/2B8upUq https://t.co/EXW6Ewt2VB
Pets of the week: Williamson County Animal Shelter honors two very special friends atxne.ws/2B7EpgO https://t.co/V5keJuxReU
TURKEY GOT LIT: Leander Fire shows how not to fry your bird on Thanksgiving atxne.ws/2jJy8DZ https://t.co/8jaFlvqpXX
Pixar celebrates Day of the Dead, family ties with captivating ‘Coco’ atxne.ws/2B8SZVA https://t.co/WVSJOjyZmA
In a hurry this week? Here’s a pumpkin-spiced French toast to slow you down atxne.ws/2B7GCZR https://t.co/Kdzd8PeF3T
In the mood for a rom-com? ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ still charms atxne.ws/2jJ7JWB https://t.co/gtf2gzkC2m
Della Reese, of TV's "Touched by an Angel," has died at 86 atxne.ws/2B7gC0s
She took a midnight train to the Paramount Theater -- and we're glad she did. Check out photos from Gladys Knight's… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
WATCH! @DREAMERSjoinus are playing live in the #Austin360StudioSessions presented by @BudLight + @TicketCity… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Coming up TODAY at noon CT! We'l got alt pop trio @DREAMERSjoinus playing live for us in the… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
RT @shivvy: My review of @pixarcoco is up now at the @statesman. Go see it over the holidays, it's absolutely lovely! https://t.co/QWkzLfea…
WATCH LIVE: Are you brining your turkey this year? Relish Austin’s @broylesa has tips atxne.ws/2jHJS9O https://t.co/QIoZOMxgWX
There’s a new whiskey tasting room opening in the Texas Hill Country atxne.ws/2B7hiD6 https://t.co/zZ56WTWTj2
Need a pre-feast calorie burn? Do a turkey trot! atxne.ws/2jF0bUR https://t.co/5dPQxkLEgD
Harrison Ford goes into good Samaritan mode, helps victims of California car crash atxne.ws/2jHWptZ https://t.co/8XZK03EiEp
Get a taste of Austin’s history with these Thanksgiving recipes atxne.ws/2jJD0Jn https://t.co/namNa2IuSp
Lena Dunham backtracks defense of 'Girls' producer accused of raping teen atxne.ws/2jDA7cK https://t.co/2r4PVMqi7M
A-LIST PHOTOS: 2nd Annual Austin Mac & Cheese Festival in Austin atxne.ws/2jJ5z9O https://t.co/MFh6WL5o6V
‘Transparent’ actress Trace Lysette accuses Jeffrey Tambor of sexual harassment atxne.ws/2jFkl0Y https://t.co/pfIgRupaSk
Bill Murray resurrects 'Caddyshack' character in Facebook series about baseball atxne.ws/2jF4WxE https://t.co/JvgwrqygLB
You don’t have to be a pro to handle these mountain bike trails atxne.ws/2B38bn8 https://t.co/JRQJ8tedWh
Lena Dunham slammed for defending 'Girls' producer accused of rape atxne.ws/2B1uSrD https://t.co/zpDAFxOEqn
Watch: Chance The Rapper spoofs NHL in ‘SNL’ skit atxne.ws/2jDsDXo https://t.co/H93TCoEsWL
Country music Hall of Famer Mel Tillis dead at 85 atxne.ws/2B0QEM2 https://t.co/D6EeVCZjKn
6 things to know about Thanksgiving travel through Austin’s airport atxne.ws/2jBlCpQ https://t.co/W4gNSgLeK5
'SNL' slams former cast member Al Franken on 'Weekend Update' atxne.ws/2B3xzcb
TMZ: David Cassidy reported to be in critical condition atxne.ws/2jHXAtC https://t.co/Vt7THUe30N
PHOTOS: Annual Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Parade on Congress Ave. Saturday morning atxne.ws/2AXXXEt https://t.co/Z7gaZqCZnb
Thanksgiving sides that would be welcome on any potluck table atxne.ws/2AZM6Wb
MOVIE REVIEW: #JusticeLeague is less than heroic, @joegross writes atxne.ws/2B0rdui https://t.co/YQhXdA5V0n
Stolen Van Halen guitar returned to Hard Rock Cafe in Texas atxne.ws/2jDMNR5 https://t.co/9KHNYEgyFp
Photos: Tori Amos at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, Nov. 17, 2017 atxne.ws/2AZuWrZ https://t.co/L6G4jfL73W
What better way to celebrate your big day than with a party? Check out photos from Ray Wylie Hubbard's birthday ba… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
ICYMI: HOPE Outdoor Gallery set to relocate in 2018 atxne.ws/2B08wqs https://t.co/WbMFx2ERI8
Tori Amos filled ACL Live with a mixture of angelic and haunting sounds atxne.ws/2AZZ2M2 https://t.co/CHFeGqXnjH
ICYMI: The Chuy's Christmas parade is today. ⛄atxne.ws/2AYmFof
TEXAS HOLIDAY FESTIVAL GUIDE: From twinkling lights to creamy hot cocoa, there’s fun to be had across the state… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Get ready to host guests for the holidays with our checklist atxne.ws/2AXe8BP
RT @ariauber: PSA: @theabgb is releasing its 10th @austinpetsalive pale ale tomorrow to raise even more money for the nonprofit. Drink for…
Texas country singer Neal McCoy’s latest song takes aim at national anthem kneeling debate atxne.ws/2AVmpX3 https://t.co/r2bzOqCCw0
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Here's your yearly reminder to start thawing that Thanksgiving turkey soon atxne.ws/2AWcWi2 https://t.co/FAHnIvks0L
What’s up with this lemon-lime colored bike?atxne.ws/2AWELXL https://t.co/BrdcDwFJ40
Singer’s impromptu performance at famous San Antonio restaurant goes viral atxne.ws/2jAzvEG https://t.co/fLzkYIL7da
'Diva of the drive-thru' sings menu to customers atxne.ws/2jAkJxK https://t.co/PG4mzURrYS
Anthony Bourdain says you’re doing Thanksgiving wrong. Here's why: atxne.ws/2jBaYQ7 https://t.co/iIlWLfIWGY
Friday music break! WE'RE LIVE with @thorharris666 & Friends in the @austin360 studio: atxne.ws/2jBqs6p https://t.co/RnPckUttn7
On this week's @loveaustin360: Your Thanksgiving feast could use a few pointers from Angela Shelf Medearis… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Georgetown retailer and bar named ‘Best Downtown Business’ in Texas atxne.ws/2AVRKZs https://t.co/B8BYBHNVF7
Wanna get fit and have some fun? We have your Fit City picks for the weekend: atxne.ws/2jzzbGo https://t.co/PvtTwDty3N
A-LIST PHOTOS: Did our photographer catch you at the Alt-J concert? atxne.ws/2AYHxLV https://t.co/FwpvaHoLbY
15 Thanksgiving side dishes, definitively ranked by @webbeditor atxne.ws/2AWPH7G https://t.co/stPI1ZeJac
EXCLUSIVE: Austin-based jeweler @KendraScott opening first overseas store atxne.ws/2AWA7sH https://t.co/UmV3lqh8tk
Does your living room need a holiday refresh? The simple addition of well thought our shelves can change your space… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
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