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RT @austin360: If you stop by the side of the road in Texas to check out historical markers regularly, you likely read her words. How this…
This is America’s favorite ‘Star Wars’ character, list says atxne.ws/2IE358j https://t.co/bwgXICsmxi
Aguas frescas, creamy salsa, cecina-style jerky: Keep your eyes peeled for these products this summer atxne.ws/2GHGphh https://t.co/ienEDmw9vg
Austin’s own Kendra Scott offers advice to UT grads atxne.ws/2IFCB68 https://t.co/zKqBKtccVK
RT @austin360: If you stop by the side of the road in Texas to check out historical markers regularly, you likely read her words. How this…
Taco Tuesday: @odam goes to Trippy Tacos on Manchaca Road atxne.ws/2GGu1yi https://t.co/kcfYTrR36g
Avril Lavigne reportedly dating Phillip Sarofim, son of Texas billionaire atxne.ws/2KLcIyk https://t.co/m09zBk7uUo
Meet the youngest athlete in this weekend's triathlon: 8-year-old Kaleb Rosenberg atxne.ws/2IByic2 https://t.co/w18xhG9BYv
The movie review you've been waiting for: @joegross saw “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and found it "entertaining yet frustrating" atxne.ws/2GED56B https://t.co/sNDGw0wNFu
Want to see Balmorhea State Park restored? So does this Texas distillery, with your help atxne.ws/2GHouHH https://t.co/brx8UoPFSG
El Arroyo serving free margaritas to teachers on final day of school (May 30) atxne.ws/2IFddxu https://t.co/oLGREZj9vL
"First Reformed" opens this weekend. Here's what Ethan Hawke and Paul Schrader had to say about it: atxne.ws/2IHgqwE https://t.co/6VBiGtwOL3
Marc Summers returning to ‘Double Dare’ reboot in new role, Liza Koshy to host atxne.ws/2IF0drG https://t.co/WtXdv54qqt
Good news from the Hill Country: Fredericksburg peaches are ready and plentiful atxne.ws/2ICeWUc https://t.co/69qgC4yjQB
Nothing lasts forever. Here’s how long the ‘honeymoon period’ lasts for Texas couples atxne.ws/2KIj69O https://t.co/kWj1731Fpf
The Austin Under 40 Awards went down this weekend. Here's who won: atxne.ws/2IBFfKm
CDC warns pools, hot tubs, water parks are hotbed for disease outbreaks atxne.ws/2IC57pi
Rattlesnake slithers into Texas house through dog door atxne.ws/2GELCXv https://t.co/lX0e08dslx
You have a few more hours to enter our wildflower photo contest! Send us your photos and you could win a $100 gift card: atxne.ws/2IDvMCe https://t.co/TzvLEGEFtK
LUDAAA. Ludacris to play Rallycross event at Circuit of the Americas this fall atxne.ws/2IBoaAe https://t.co/gcnpmNPgz8
Ariana Grande reportedly dating ‘SNL’ comedian Pete Davidson atxne.ws/2IExKCc https://t.co/h6O3O2NZKL
Think all music creators should be paid for their work? So does Roseanne Cash: atxne.ws/2IClPVH
If you stop by the side of the road in Texas to check out historical markers regularly, you likely read her words. How this woman became the voice of Texas history: atxne.ws/2IEJmVG https://t.co/JwfqLCyoQq
RT @raisingaustin: What you should know about teen suicide @austinsid @dellchildrens @austin360 @statesman wp.me/p4XUB3-1rU
Monkey gets loose at San Antonio airport, according to reports atxne.ws/2IA1KPI https://t.co/eOpFn6yVc8
Looking for something ~cultured~ to go do? Try this play at Hyde Park Theatre. atxne.ws/2KLrxkn
Kitty Spencer stuns with resemblance to her aunt, Princess Diana, at royal wedding atxne.ws/2IAHFsH
RT @katedmonson: Thanks @austin360 I love these photos but more so I love the pics of all the people that came to the show! So fun. Thank…
A play with few words makes you feel as if you’re part of this spiritual retreat atxne.ws/2wZvboX https://t.co/AfMfDA7omV
Netflix says it has signed Barack and Michelle Obama atxne.ws/2x9QQLp https://t.co/B1ZTRAPxbJ
RT @Blackstock360: That’s not brisket, that’s Grizzly Bear: Brooklyn band to play at Stubb’s music.blog.austin360.com/2018/05/21/tha…
Austin Symphony roars through ‘Mighty Russians’ atxne.ws/2IzNUNe https://t.co/fqS5onssN4
There’s an Austin-themed restaurant in Sweden, and we want to go atxne.ws/2LfbEno https://t.co/CRK7ogZoyf
That hotel pool could make you sick this summer, CDC study finds atxne.ws/2IwgG18 https://t.co/Hq1leEbB4B
Think Austin’s food scene is thriving? At Food for Thought events, learn why the answer isn’t so clear atxne.ws/2wYmnQ2 https://t.co/uoXA2xu1cx
EXCLUSIVE: One of the Top 20 restaurants in Austin closes suddenly atxne.ws/2LiHeRt https://t.co/o4Cp8qyrJ0
A-LIST PHOTOS: 2nd Annual Austin Chicken Wing Festival on May 20 atxne.ws/2KGYsa0 https://t.co/IXhqCxfztG
Take a look inside the new Home Slice Pizza on North Loop atxne.ws/2LcS0IJ https://t.co/Cyam2NtMqz
This week’s music picks: Blues on the Green, Hot Luck Fest, Dave Matthews Band and more atxne.ws/2IxFy8Z https://t.co/Wdc91oC0b1
REVIEW: Emmylou Harris takes the long view of a storied career in first of two Paramount nights atxne.ws/2KGMxbY https://t.co/XvzMEUGfRh
Summer bummer: Folks are scalping Hamilton Pool reservations atxne.ws/2wXhWVB
Stay safe outside: Our guide to bugs, plants and other critters atxne.ws/2LjdKTc https://t.co/phQoEvmzwS
We pick the 13 Broadway masterpieces of Stephen Sondheim atxne.ws/2wSN9cQ https://t.co/9BeSwnwzeG
Jill Blackwood is an Austin star for all reasons atxne.ws/2Iy08pG https://t.co/WE5S3NypdT
PHOTOS: Texas baseball celebrates Big 12 conference title atxne.ws/2IwYXXA https://t.co/LLuVmflGNW
Kendrick is king, Sza is queen, but where were ‘All the Stars’? atxne.ws/2KGeBfL https://t.co/OuFa3WDwLT
What’s the best sunscreen? We put more than 20 to the test atxne.ws/2wWcOkH https://t.co/kPHz67RAqw
Six blockbusters that won’t tax your brain when you go to the movies this summer, including #Deadpool2 atxne.ws/2IyVp6U https://t.co/FsKwy6coMs
A West Texas paddle trip turns up canyons, rapids, gorgeous scenery — and leeches. Five days on the Pecos River: atxne.ws/2wTUJng https://t.co/0zpRWOsXnH
An artistic game of telephone draws together Austin creatives. Catch “Translating Frequencies,” a showcase Saturday that's part of the West Austin Studio Tour: atxne.ws/2KFsF9w https://t.co/guOxQNTXdO
You can get a free #Deadpool2 tattoo this weekend...but there’s a catch atxne.ws/2KE5exg
Where to watch the royal wedding in Austin (bright and early Saturday, btw) atxne.ws/2KCW9Vk #RoyalWedding https://t.co/wB1M4nN0nE
It’s Friday night, and that means it’s 🏓 tiiiiime. We did a live demo at Spin Austin, opening tonight. facebook.com/austin360/vide… https://t.co/oVpFDcF6dD
#13ReasonsWhy premiere canceled after #SantaFe, Texas, school shooting atxne.ws/2LdWTkJ
Why Texas has a ‘world-class’ cocktail scene, according to a celebratory new book atxne.ws/2Iqqeuy https://t.co/j4LyNYDV3M
Work your way through this list of great Austin date ideas this summer atxne.ws/2Iv0VYv https://t.co/ORLa6RwrgO
You don’t have to be a student to take these food science, cooking classes at UT this summer atxne.ws/2wTKT54 https://t.co/YxdQdxiWln
A guide to the best swimming holes in Central Texas atxne.ws/2x03Liy https://t.co/2J3Z3rJfLx
UPDATE: Empire owner, Sidewinder crew hope to reopen club atxne.ws/2KBeUZ7 https://t.co/ZjMj83EuAg
How to explain Santa Fe High School shooting to kids atxne.ws/2ItmCbr https://t.co/04pI133taz
On this week's @loveaustin360 podcast, brought to you by Lexus of Austin: Paige Davis on mindfulness and ‘Here We Grow’ atxne.ws/2Is5pik https://t.co/KRibVed3FJ
Austin’s High Brew Coffee lands $20 million to continue growth atxne.ws/2KBuLap https://t.co/IuQtF4aMg8
Plan your royal wedding brunch with scones, flapjacks and elderflower cupcakes atxne.ws/2LffFse https://t.co/etG8kH001w
‘It’s All True,’ aka the Fugazi between-song-banter opera, starts tonight at Stateside, you ice cream-eating (beep) atxne.ws/2wRXYeZ https://t.co/WvacOufSNi
Sidewinder closes; might reopen as a new club, Chronicle reports atxne.ws/2wPO91f https://t.co/4UIFhg8XAe
PHOTOS: Rainbow Kitten Surprise throws a dance party at Stubb’s atxne.ws/2KzEZb4 https://t.co/JiYJse1DRw
PHOTOS: Blues legend Buddy Guy and guitar hero Jonny Lang rock ACL Live atxne.ws/2KDkcUi https://t.co/P7G8uuCmVn
PHOTOS: El Paso native @khalid Khalid brings ‘American Teen’ tour to Austin atxne.ws/2wVbEpE https://t.co/RCRNHZN0j1
Homey wine bar APT 115 opens with daily rotating wine menu in East Austin atxne.ws/2KwJ2EY https://t.co/i50BlOB1Op
There’s an Austin-themed restaurant in Sweden, and we want to go atxne.ws/2wQzZgh https://t.co/5vTbdF6nbW
RT @Blackstock360: Round two at @WaterlooRecords — Kelly Willis with the title track to her new album. #atxmusic https://t.co/Ek4FYwpJ7S
Do you know how to get a great night’s sleep? Check out these nightly rituals you can use to ensure you’re getting those crucial sleep hours, from Sleep School, #sponsored by @SleepExperts #SleepExpertsATX atxne.ws/2L6alal https://t.co/yB96TynPwl
This Schlitterbahn ad is more than 25 years old, but it will still make you want to go atxne.ws/2L9D7XL https://t.co/g1I1U9fRsn
Boozery (n.) — A place where alcoholic beverages are made. Find the one closest to you in or near Austin: atxne.ws/2rOoTDy https://t.co/7QwAnaRSLL
So, you're graduating. What now? Here's a guide to post-college life for new grads: atxne.ws/2L6q8G6 https://t.co/bJB2g49nlP
It's hot out. Stay indoors at one of these Austin bars where you can play games: atxne.ws/2rNPtN8 https://t.co/ikb0kEVo92
PHOTOS: Kenny Chesney brings summertime to Austin (and a couple gets engaged at the show!) atxne.ws/2rPjKeq https://t.co/oRqG7uWikx
Bike fest in Big Bend: Just canceled, but could it come back by 2019? atxne.ws/2L9jX48 https://t.co/dJm1mBUBKd
PHOTOS: 20 bars in Austin that are at least 20 years old ... atxne.ws/2rKk12n https://t.co/oXD8FtVW7a
When delivery isn’t fast enough: Plated meal kits now for sale at Randalls atxne.ws/2L8kK5D https://t.co/ZzdUr5FAUQ
Take a look inside the new Home Slice Pizza on North Loop atxne.ws/2rPquZX https://t.co/pq2ZfiLKtL
You know sleep is important – but do you know how you can help put your body and brain in sleep mode so you can get those crucial hours? Check out these tips from Sleep School, #sponsored by @SleepExperts #SleepExpertsATX atxne.ws/2wVTfc6 https://t.co/pOxhcaxKik
Odd Duck’s ambitious sibling cafe, bakery and bar opens in East Austin atxne.ws/2rQmB6Q https://t.co/02h3uivrUy
Texas’ favorite infomercial is giving us bad high school flashbacks atxne.ws/2KyATjE https://t.co/2BBKw4eAK2
You can get a free ‘Deadpool’ tattoo this weekend...but there’s a catch atxne.ws/2L7saWt https://t.co/8haAeD2D75
RT @Blackstock360: It’s Christy @hayshasaband live on @sunradiotx at @guerostacobar with a song from her new album “River Swimmer.” #atxmus…
Dell Medical School, Seton lessen amount of opioids given to women after childbirth atxne.ws/2L7l9oW https://t.co/OxqIBbRYtR
Parents, put off tackle football as long as possible, study suggests atxne.ws/2rM47Uk https://t.co/gPCwSLJypd
20 photos from Round Rock's Kalahari Resorts groundbreaking atxne.ws/2L2BZVH https://t.co/BvZ9EtLqkw
Jason Boland (@BolandStraggler) on the message of his band's new album: ‘There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel’ atxne.ws/2rIZieq https://t.co/8B93nBFRkm
Ever wondered how many music videos feature Austin? Here’s a running list atxne.ws/2L39N50 https://t.co/64YSqi8luM
Songwriters group to honor Texans Billy Gibbons, Christopher Cross, others atxne.ws/2L8iGui https://t.co/ukYwrpoAse
Think jeans shopping is the worst? An Austin woman can help – with AI atxne.ws/2L8esmq
Happy #NationalBBQDay! One man’s guide to hidden Texas road trip barbecue gems: atxne.ws/2rMrM73 https://t.co/HMfTLIxXie
PHOTOS: Archive Dive — Vintage tubing pics from the 1970s and 80s ... atxne.ws/2GpaZMK https://t.co/Klx23uZhN5
El Chipirón rolling out more substantial pinchos menu atxne.ws/2L4QN6h
Whole Foods spends more than $1 million to remodel Gateway store atxne.ws/2rN7z0S https://t.co/JntxbhptSx
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