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Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Hawke will help judge the contest. atxne.ws/2N7aACP
Why yes, that's what we like about Texas, too. If we can't have a real fall ... let us have this. atxne.ws/2BDJTEe
Austinites came close to losing iconic Austin bar The Tavern last year. The co-owners of Esther's Follies purchased it, and they're celebrating its relaunch this weekend: atxne.ws/2w4ILEw
It's never too early to start planning for the holidays. atxne.ws/2w0UhRq
Ever raced up a mountain with a pack burro at your side? atxne.ws/2N45ruZ
RT @Blackstock360: We're gearing up for three nights of @JasonIsbell & the 400 Unit at UT's @bassconcerthall this weekend. We talked with J…
Wanna hang out with Matthew @McConaughey next month? atxne.ws/2w23tVA
'Let’s start with a bold, if debatable, assessment: Jason Isbell has made better music over the last few years than anyone on the planet.' atxne.ws/2OUOGmD
These are the films to be included in @austinfilm's 25th anniversary program: atxne.ws/2MFaKV4
It's almost the best (wurst) time of the year. Wurstfest! This year's dates for the sausage and beer festival have been announced: atxne.ws/2N6tHgb https://t.co/x9TNYIIJ0v
RT @austin360: These are the scheduling conflicts that await you at ACL: atxne.ws/2Pm6ZSG https://t.co/Ecx3Yx7YgS
The monologue, which many thought Madonna made about herself and not Franklin, was criticized by Twitter users atxne.ws/2w3cAp3
Sylvan Esso, the National, St. Vincent, Japanese Breakfast, Odesza, Jai Wolf and, yes, Lisa Loeb. Here are your #ACLFest late shows: atxne.ws/2OWO4Nx https://t.co/jLKUrSS2IE
It's Burt Reynolds! With a mullet! On VHS! atxne.ws/2MCOUBA
Asia Argento agreed to pay him $380,000 atxne.ws/2ORhdtc
Want to have the chance to print and bind your own book? atxne.ws/2MDxtRm
Happy first day of school, Austin! ✏🎒📷 Got a disgruntled seventh-grader? A pretty cute kindergartner? Send us your back-to-school photos, and we'll include them in a gallery: atxne.ws/2N3FonU https://t.co/GmUjdFku11
There is no better back to school pic https://t.co/zUr0SXuAnF
Downtown pizza joint to close after 20-plus years, report says atxne.ws/2MpxSYb https://t.co/7kBEZ2qd9G
Doctor's orders: Kids need to play, American Academy of Pediatrics says atxne.ws/2MCBvtg
Could this be the country music show of the year in Austin? atxne.ws/2BvMQa4
RT @ariauber: A West Texas spin on gin: A @UTAustin biologist cultivates native juniper berries that add key flavor to @DC_Distilling's gin…
Next adventure for Fit City? Paddle racing – and she started Saturday with Kanoe Klasika atxne.ws/2w0quZ1
The 5 things you need to know before heading to Hamilton Pool atxne.ws/2OLbfdi https://t.co/rXLyMF3w3w
Our restaurant critic considers these bánh mì the best in the city. And now they have a food truck atxne.ws/2wfEsWn https://t.co/LADFU1ilAS
The makers of what our food critic considers the best bánh mì in the city have a new food truck atxne.ws/2ONYvD2 https://t.co/oSUJ1Kqaqr
These are the scheduling conflicts that await you at ACL: atxne.ws/2Pm6ZSG https://t.co/Ecx3Yx7YgS
One place. One weekend. All your projects solved! The 23rd Annual Austin Fall Home & Garden Show is here! Meet the stars of HGTV’s Flip or Flop Vegas and find everything for your home and garden under one roof! 8/24-8/26 at the Austin Convention Center austinhomeandgardenshow.com/?utm_source=SN… #ad https://t.co/j4qavXm2Uw
Whataburger, meet Pluckers. This Twitter user’s suggestion made Texans miss something they never even had atxne.ws/2nRgNrx https://t.co/GdvutB9TV4
What’s for Dinner Tonight: A creamy chicken and pasta dish that’s perfect for back to school atxne.ws/2MG8Fbh
There’s only one place, for now, where people will be able to pick up a bottle atxne.ws/2nSAcbF
'Sorry to Bother You' director calls 'BlackKklansman' a ‘made up story’ atxne.ws/2N2iJID https://t.co/C6Doyqsyhp
'Trying to game the system and get around my kid’s bus, makes you a jerk' atxne.ws/2Pq9pjx
‘Crazy Rich Asians’ an uneven but vital milestone atxne.ws/2Brq0R3 https://t.co/iCGqVZDZbK
“My goal is to become the Tito’s of gin.” atxne.ws/2BnL4HW
A ferocious Friday night at Austin360 Amp atxne.ws/2OLgN7H
Noon Mediterranean, formerly Verts, files for bankruptcy: atxne.ws/2PjVJGA https://t.co/7X4OwgNbd4
Want to stay in and watch a movie this weekend? Here's what's new on VOD and streaming atxne.ws/2BnvBaY
"So, is it better to start mid-week or on a Monday? "That’s like asking: do you rip off the bandage in one jerky move or do you peel it away millimeter by millimeter." atxne.ws/2MvW36y
-water -water -did we mention water? atxne.ws/2MkfLmD
If you go to a restaurant and you didn't 'gram it, did it really happen? atxne.ws/2nLJciw
7 of Austin's locations will remain open atxne.ws/2PfeNWB
@ArianaGrande's new album came out today, but she used her Tonight Show appearance last night to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin atxne.ws/2nLm17W
"A lot of people call me the future Selena." atxne.ws/2PgbnTj
WATCH NOW! @deadlyapples are playing #live for us in the #Austin360StudioSessions presented by @budlight. Tune in at bit.ly/2nN9xwU https://t.co/1nR63RjIkL
Less than two months until #ACLFest, and you can start making your daily schedule now: atxne.ws/2nHTVKS
Today at noon! Tune in for a #Live concert with @deadlyapples in the #Austin360StudioSessions, presented by @BudLight! Watch on facebook at facebook.com/austin360?utm_… or at austin360.com/studiosessions… https://t.co/ZWnvkYgxbE
What do you mean Austin is not the sweatiest city in Texas? atxne.ws/2MXSCCN https://t.co/sJtehz6UhL
Here's what teachers suggest to ensure that you and your kids have a great school year: atxne.ws/2MX9GZk https://t.co/Sksy9mCtQ1
RT @Ariana_noGrande: Now that “Crazy Rich Asians” has officially hit theaters, be sure to read my story on what castmembers had to say abou…
Celebrate bats, beasts and mutant turtles this weekend with the family atxne.ws/2BgheF6 https://t.co/7TwmuKiKrA
Among other kind words, Willie called Aretha "the greatest gift and the voice of a generation." atxne.ws/2MVXV5H
MOVIE REVIEW: The Ethan Hawke-directed Blaze Foley biopic "Blaze" is "an ode to the artist-as-emotional-outlaw, with all the good, bad and ugly that implies" atxne.ws/2PaKMqG
If your kids haven't started school yet, you'll need this list: atxne.ws/2MPUHk4
Yes, "Hamilton" is coming to Austin soon -- but don't throw away your shot at seeing these other great shows atxne.ws/2waexzk
Austin Restaurant Weeks start today! Here's how you can get affordable meals at Austin's best restaurants -- all while supporting the community atxne.ws/2OCuQwr
Tune in! We’ve got a #live concert with @thepaulmcdonald for you in the #Austin360StudioSessions, presented by @BudLight today at 12pm CST! Watch on Facebook at facebook.com/austin360?utm_… or at austin360.com/studiosessions… https://t.co/NHTWABtps6
From the archives: Aretha Franklin performances in Austin atxne.ws/2OE98bi https://t.co/gNbXCTaES9
BREAKING: 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin has died atxne.ws/2PexYzy https://t.co/0izSPeFOtJ
Like cats? Get paid to live on a Greek island ... (seriously, you must REALLY like cats): atxne.ws/2w9FSld https://t.co/icPUq0mLzy
Nants ingonyama bagithi baba Sithi uhm ingonyama atxne.ws/2Mv1h2u
‘BlacKkKlansman’ takes place in Colorado, but most of Ron Stallworth's youth was spent in Texas. atxne.ws/2BekBN1
Just after $10M price tag made public, George Strait home 'off market': atxne.ws/2nI2Goo https://t.co/WHRb7usCbm
How this group of volunteers turned one 🌳 into 2.8 million 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 in the Austin-area atxne.ws/2MO223k https://t.co/3HrQORZRjW
Know the best foods to try at Austin’s favorite spots 🍔🌮🍟. Subscribe to our free newsletter: atxne.ws/2uLRqKM?utm_so…
🍣 New 🦐 Downtown 🦑 Sushi 🍥 Restaurant 🍣 atxne.ws/2OzYXEC https://t.co/kyl0FXR7pm
Stevie Wonder, Jesse Jackson visit ailing Aretha Franklin atxne.ws/2Mu0cb9 https://t.co/4Wy38Uz4XN
This new spiced cider from Austin Eastciders will make it feel like fall in Texas atxne.ws/2Mrvtv7 https://t.co/m0bQd8DgTL
The U.S. military tried to use bats as WWII bombers. Yes, those bats. It got weird. atxne.ws/2MN0k2k https://t.co/vn6lsAQ1On
What does the school nurse want to know about your child? A lot atxne.ws/2OySBFK https://t.co/AMCxt9FH9k
New tropical-themed cocktail bar, Last Straw, opens in prime East Austin space atxne.ws/2BcgsJv https://t.co/u7i1gKCMB0
Play about professor with cancer is a moving look at death and how we live atxne.ws/2MMkOZb https://t.co/EJruSeUW3D
We finally have some more information on what it's like to use Alamo @drafthouse's "Season Pass" beta. The service is the Austin theater chain's answer to MoviePass. atxne.ws/2KUWL8J
Do you like Beyoncé? You are legally obligated to pay fealty to our nation’s monarch, yes. atxne.ws/2nD1anh
The music you're going to want to listen to this week? We found it for you: atxne.ws/2KTbVv8 https://t.co/yJjV2C7M1Q
The year was 1955, and Longhorns fans were hungry for a spot at the Cotton Bowl. From the archives, the origin of the Hook 'em Horns sign: bit.ly/2w6PZqL https://t.co/DUKAkpaaZs
Ethan Hawke, Ben Dickey to celebrate ‘Blaze’ at Waterloo Records atxne.ws/2MLVoLf https://t.co/JFtNCGnnXS
RT @ariauber: My beloved little boozery guide (atxne.ws/2MrRJFp) got a shout-out! twitter.com/webbeditor/sta…
Texas summer isn't done with you yet. atxne.ws/2nCInsf
Austin’s Art of the Gala adds Mack, Jack & McConaughey producer and expands networking reach atxne.ws/2nJTBLT https://t.co/9sFzKI8B33
BARBECUE NEWS: Freedmen’s near UT is closing atxne.ws/2Md1oAl https://t.co/JXtxLR4rZL
“Dirty Dancing” and a Watermelon Mint Fizz. It just makes sense, really. Here are 21 movie and drink pairings, inspired by 21 years of Alamo @drafthouse. atxne.ws/2KReIF7 https://t.co/tSz8N0zS4b
When in South Austin, stay awhile. atxne.ws/2udjtCo
Where’s the best state to have a baby? (Hint: Not the one we live in) atxne.ws/2Msd6q3 https://t.co/zSMESzH4Rx
Austin restaurant lands on Food & Wine’s 40 Most Important Restaurants of the Past 40 Years atxne.ws/2KR8tku https://t.co/N3QqGbfAmK
50 restaurants where you can take your dog in Austin atxne.ws/2nGHVcN https://t.co/wVfn52FjKd
How to take a great first day of school photo atxne.ws/2KO5FEX https://t.co/nNlnleeyPr
ACL Fest: Another single-day sell out for the massive fall festival atxne.ws/2MFNG4Z https://t.co/rMs8YsFxLZ
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