Official Twitter account of the City of Austin, Texas Fire Department. Emergencies: dial 911. Follow us on Facebook! Open records:
So grateful for those who continue to take the time to thank our personnel for the work they are doing in this unprecedented time. We got two lovely notes this week from is a local 7th grader!
We’re here for you. Please #StayHomeWorkSafe for us, @Austin_Police, and @ATCEMS. For the latest info on COVID-19 in #ATX, visit
How about some good news to start off the week? Benji, our @austinhumane #AFDCrewandCompanion for this month, got adopted on Friday! His forever family sent us a sweet picture of him in his new home; looks like he's adjusting just fine!
Honoring 36-year-old Lt. Yancey Williams from the @CityofJacksonMS FD, who was carjacked and murdered Sunday. Due to COVID-19, his family couldn’t have a funeral with full honors, so 27’s B-shift crew did this small tribute during his final alarm tonight. 📹 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Honoring 36-year-old Lt. Yancey Williams from the @CityofJacksonMS FD, who was carjacked and murdered Sunday. Due to COVID-19, his family couldn’t have a funeral with full honors, so 27’s A-shift crew did this small tribute during his final alarm tonight. 📹 C. Wilkinson, AFD
This is Freyia. She had a nasty run-in w/a table leg last Friday night, but Station 44's A-shift crew came to the rescue. Yesterday, we got a thank you note from Mauricio, her owner, and it was a bright spot in our day; we hope it is in yours as well!
Want to make a COVID-19 "violating essential business order" report? Please direct those to @ATX_311, not AFD; @ATX_311 will get your complaint to the appropriate City department for response and enforcement...which may or may not be us.
Many thanks to Lisa from Austin, who sent us a lovely thank you note. We so appreciate this ray of sunshine in otherwise gloomy times...
DYK? Mobile drives are 50% of daily blood donated. But more 🚶 staying 🏠=less mobile drives=@WeAreBlood has much fewer donations. We need a safe/ adequate blood supply. No risk to donors/recipients. Healthy and can donate? Pls do! ✔️ or call 512-206-1266.
Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, our @WildfireDiv must cancel the 8th annual Wildfire Symposium, originally scheduled for April 17. We hope to be able to reschedule so if that happens, we'll be sure to let you know.
***UPDATE*** The @austinfiredept and Recreation Centers will not be able to scan for microchips, pls take a stray pet to a vet, emergency animal hospital or pet store to have the pet scanned for a microchip. If possible, pls call ahead to confirm their protocols and hrs.…
We look forward to re-activating our participation in this service once our operations return to normal.
From our big trucks to yours, thanks for keeping things rolling! 🚒 ❤️ 🚛…
Although we're disappointed, public safety must come first. We look forward to the reschedule of the @Austin_Police’s Police Activities League of Austin (PAL) "Battle of the Badges". When we get more details on a new date, we'll be sure and pass those along.
Preparing to respond to citizens in need during a pandemic necessitates slightly different PPE. In light of the contagious nature of COVID-19, we’ve added another layer of protection for our members when they respond to medical calls: 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Effective now, all AFD fire stations/locations will not receive visitors for non-emergencies due to COVID-19. ? (512) 974-0130 or If you have an actual emergency and no one answers the door, call 911. Protecting our people so they're ready to help you.
Happy to support @austinanimals efforts to keep as many strays as possible out of shelters as they deal w/COVID-19. We now have microchip scanners at all 50 fire stations. Most lost pets are found just a 1/4 mile from their homes. 📸 Austin Animal Center
As things evolve with COVID-19, we want to echo Gov. @GregAbbott_TX: remain calm. Panic is not productive; let’s take care of each other instead. And pls don’t stockpile food/supplies; per the Gov., “There will be plenty available.” We’re in this together! #TexansforTexans
With the rapidly changing nature of COVID-19, we want you to know we’re on top of things. We spent the last week figuring out the best ways to protect our members while providing the excellent service our citizens expect and deserve. As always, when you need help, we’ll be there.
Special thanks to our friends at @DelValleISD's Hillcrest Elementary, who invited Fire Chief Joel G. Baker and Division Chief Jeffrey Kennedy to participate in their Diverse Readers day as special "celebrity readers". 📸 Lt. Dana Dietrich, DC Jeffrey Kennedy, Austin Fire Dept.
Godspeed to our longtime chaplain and 14-year AFD FF, Fred Daughtry, 78, who passed away Saturday after suffering a stroke. Fred will be honored tomorrow, 3/11, at 10 a.m. at the Cook-Walden Funeral Home in Pflugerville (14501 N. IH35). RIP Fred; we'll see you on the top floor.
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! What's it like to be the first female Captain in AFD? Becky Brooks knows! Check out this documentary, "Woman on Fire", by Rebecca Duke, an undergraduate media student at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi:
Get ready! We're "springing forward" for Daylight Saving Time overnight, so that means you need to check/change those smoke alarm batteries, too!
RT @jenniferonFOX7: . @MayorAdler says he has declared a local disaster in the city and issued an order cancelling #SXSW this year @fox7aus…
A ringing bell has never sounded so sweet!! Ten-year-old Samara Watson, daughter of FF Ryan Watson (E2/C), finally got to ring the bell at the Blood and Cancer Center at @dellchildrens signifying the end of her cancer treatment!! 📹 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
Take a look behind-the-scenes, as Benji from @austinhumane gets friendly with the A-shift crew from Engine 21 during his #AFDCrewandCompanion photo shoot yesterday! 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
When he first appeared in the 1974 movie of the same name, Benji became a worldwide sensation. This Benji, our March #AFDCrewandCompanion from @austinhumane, has all of that "other" dog’s lovable characteristics...and more! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
That one time when you got to ride in the bucket of an AFD ladder truck to sign your name on your (now very large) winning artwork! Congrats to @AustinISD @NortheastECHS 11th grader Biak Par, who got to do just that this morning: 📸 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
Why exactly is Fire Specialist Rudy Coronado wrapped in a homemade quilt? Because Ms. Donna Bell made him, and his fellow rescuers, each one and delivered them yesterday when she came by Station 44 to thank them for saving her life! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
The Dalmatians are coming, the Dalmatians are coming! Thx to @AustinJrForum for the plethora of puppies yesterday; they'll be used by our firefighters to comfort children after a traumatic event. This small cuddle buddy can make a huge difference! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
Early this a.m., our Arson Investigators arrested and booked Rodney Lynn Cook, 67, on a State Jail Felony charge of Criminal Mischief for setting the “Ganador” grackle statue at City Hall on fire yesterday. That charge carries a possible punishment of 180 days-2 years in jail.
"Ganador" grackle statue fire update: Person of interest in the video identified. No arrests or further information tonight. More to follow tomorrow.
"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book." --Dr. Seuss Happy 116th birthday to the famous author, who we celebrated by participating in #ReadAcrossAmericaDay! 📸 Division Chief Tony Haden, Austin Fire Dept.
It's been a difficult week for the public safety family. Today, our thoughts and prayers are with our partners at @Austin_Police, @CCTXOEM, and @ATCEMS as they lay to rest Carine Calhoun, a powerhouse of a public servant many of us were lucky to work with.
As we prepare to lay FS Chris Lafferre to rest tomorrow, THANK YOU for all the kind words and messages. We found this photo from our '06 Awards Ceremony, where he got his Medal of Valor for the Tom Miller Dam rescue of '05 from then Chief J.J. Adame. 📸AFD
We are so sad to share the passing of one of our own, 41-year-old Fire Specialist Chris Lafferre, who died this evening after suffering a cardiac event at his home. Please keep all those who knew and loved Chris in your thoughts and prayers. RIP Chris; see you on the top floor.
We are so sad to share the passing of one of our own, 47-year-old Fire Specialist Chris Lafferre, who died this evening after suffering a cardiac event at his home. Please keep all those who knew and loved Chris in your thoughts and prayers. RIP Chris; see you on the top floor.
Just this once, we'll let NYC have the "everything is bigger" bragging rights. 😉 Nicely done, @NSWRFS...nicely done.…
It's hard to believe it's been 10 yrs since the Echelon incident, when Andrew Joseph Stack deliberately flew a small plane into an office bldg in NW Austin. But how did the fire crews get on scene so fast? Luck (or divine intervention) perhaps... 📸 AFD
At our weekly design meeting for our newest fire stations (50 and 51), we got to take a virtual tour of the station design, courtesy of the contractor, @JEDunn. DC Tony Haden, who’s overseeing the construction from our side, was able to virtually walk through the entire station!
We're excited to share our 2019 Annual Report: (best viewed via Chrome). Our "What Matters to You Matters to Us" interactive report is a more dynamic experience, and highlights accomplishments and exceptional customer service and/or heroism. Happy reading!
Special thanks to @MetroVideoSvcs for the great video of our C-shift crews hard at work at a 2-alarm apartment fire in southwest Austin just after midnight this morning:
Take a look behind-the-scenes, as Amigo from @austinhumane gets friendly with the C-shift crew from Engine 21 during his #AFDCrewandCompanion photo shoot yesterday! 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Even if you don’t speak Spanish, everyone knows that “amigo” means “friend”. And who couldn’t use more friends?!? Say hello to Amigo, our February #AFDCrewandCompanion feature from @austinhumane! He needs a best buddy…could it be you? 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Congrats to FF Justin Lapree (E1/B) who, along w/Lt. Chris Wood from @LakeTravisFR, will receive the Outstanding FF of the Year award from @100clubcentex at their banquet on 4/4! They were off duty when they rescued a pilot from his plane after it crashed in Lakeway last March.
At the @dellchildrens gala last Saturday, we did something we've never done before; we made someone an Honorary Firefighter! But not just any "someone"...little Owen Coulter! 📸 Kristin Coulter
Thanks to @FoxNewsAustin and @KoskionFOX7 for this nice piece on our folks' work on helping design more "clean cab" features for our new units, reducing our members' risk of exposure to carcinogenic particles. This is an important addition to our cancer-prevention protocol.…
As you can imagine, we've gotten lots of questions about @911LoneStar and how true to life (or not) it is to our actual department. Well, here's a summary provided by our A-shift crew at Station 34 to the @statesman that pretty much sums it up:…
Now here's something you don't see every day! Why in the world does FF Christy Harms (E13/A) have her head down this hole?!? Check out the "rest of the story" via a note sent to @austintexasgov @AustinCityMgr Spencer Cronk: 📸 Eddie Branch
The 🥊 are coming off! Join us for the Battle of the Badges, amateur boxing b/t AFD and @Austin_Police. This one-night only event benefits the Police Activities League of Austin, whose mission is preventing juvenile delinquency and violence. Tix:…
How can a fire truck help prevent cancer? Four of our members are in South Dakota this week at @Spartan_ER, helping design our 2020 units that will do just that. 📸 Battalion Chief Lance Zenkner, Austin Fire Dept.
Congrats to all of our quarterly award winners, retirees, and promotees—including Firefighter of the Year, Keith Brown, and Fire Officer of the Year, Captain Mathew Rush—who we lauded at a ceremony earlier today! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Grieving for the loss of Capt. McBeth, Ofc. Hudson, and Engr. DeMorgan, the 3 U.S. FFs and military vets who died 1/23 when the C-130 water-bombing plane they were on helping fight the Australian wildfires crashed. RIP, y'all; see you on the top floor. 💔
As a high school student in the #LBJFire Academy years ago, Melody Liao had an epiphany; 7 yrs later, now FS Liao (E18/C) is one of our rising stars. Read all about Melody and her journey on @austinwoman's blog:… 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Public safety dispatchers are truly the unsung heroes of our profession, but while they’re busy taking care of others, who’s taking care of them? Enter Texsi and K-9's On Call, who paid them a visit yesterday: 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Don't forget: our first "Joe with Joel" of the new decade is tomorrow morning at @360UNOPIZZA. Hope to see you there!
Come one, come all to the annual Austin Firefighters' Ball! Hosted by the @AAAFFA, proceeds benefit the Ed Bridges Scholarship Fund. Ed was a member of AFD for 23 years, as well as a veteran of the U.S. Army. Details and tickets at
It was a beautiful morning (albeit cold!) to honor Dr. King, as Assistant Chiefs Rob Vires, Aaron Woolverton, and Pablo Ruiz—alongside Division Chief Jeff Kennedy—took part in today’s march.
Today marks the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and is a national day of service. To find a project, visit And we'd love for you to join us at the march this morning; "step off" is at 9 am at the MLK Statue on the UT campus. #MLKDay
There was nothing left of this vacant construction trailer in the River Place neighborhood after it caught fire last week and subsequently collapsed. The cause is undetermined b/c of damage. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no other structures were in danger. 📸 BC Tanzola, AFD
As Australia continues battling massive wildfires, @vicemergency shared an incredible video of just some of the destruction that's occurred. It's not an exaggeration to say that it looks like Hell has come to the surface: #PrayForAustralia
Numerous C-shift crews were called to the Menlo at Mueller Apartments last Friday night fora two-alarm blaze that displaced 18 people. This screenshot from our RED Team's drone gives a real feel for the size and scope of the fire; you can see more at
Happy new year! Come kick off 2020 with us at our first "Joe with Joel" for the decade! This time, we'll be at @360UNOPIZZA; hope to see you there!
Even though this was drawn during the ‘19 fires in Australia, it remains a poignant representation of the tragic blazes currently decimating the continent. Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering from these fires, and w/those working to contain them. Art:@melinamcgough
Eleven seconds and 700 lbs. of explosives later, the University Towers in West Campus was reduced to a 25-foot tall pile of rubble yesterday morning. Construction will now begin on a new, 15-story, 281 unit student housing project: The Mark at Austin. 📹Austin Fire Department
What's it like to do a photo shoot with a crew of firefighters and one of the adoptable animals from @austinhumane? Well, here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Buttercup's #AFDCrewAndCompanion session yesterday! 📹Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
It's inconceivable that our Princess Bride, 6-year-old Buttercup from @austinhumane—who's kicking off our 2020 #AFDCrewAndCompanion campaign—has yet to find her forever family. Nonsense! 📸Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
This right here is exactly why we say you should leave fireworks to the professionals. This 2-alarm blaze last night started by these fireworks did $450K in damage, and left 16 people and a dog homeless. So please, heed our warning; we give it for a reason. 📹 Leydy Carreño
RT @taylorpsykes: A Merry Christmas to #station31 @austinfiredept for returning my @lululemon package found on the side of the road on 2222…
We're taking some time off to spend with family and friends and enjoy the season, so we'll see you in the new year. Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!
#LetsGetRealATX! A special guest joins this edition and trust us, you don’t want to be on his naughty list! He’s got a few safety tips for the season, so listen up. B/c having uninvited guests this holiday (read: us!) is a gift we’d rather not have to give. 📹C. Wilkinson, AFD
One year ago, Owen Coulter—the 5-year-old son of FS Darin Coulter—was transported to @dellchildrens after a virus attacked his ❤️. That day, ER staff did CPR on him for 60+ minutes. Today, we served those who helped save Owen's life: 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Assistant Chief Richard Davis was ready to do his part and help serve the 650 guests we hosted at our 17th annual holiday luncheon last week, with 600 POUNDS of meat and all the traditional a heaping helping of love! 📸 Austin Fire Dept
$50K later, this is all that's left of a dock on Lake Austin that was destroyed by a fire last week. A fire started by embers from a nearby ILLEGAL fireworks display. 😡 Leave fireworks to the professionals, y'all! 📸 FF Joe Johnson, Austin Fire Dept.
Could you grab $69 a second in free stuff? That's exactly what our Fire Chief, Joel G. Baker, and @Austin_Police @Chief_Manley did today in the @RetailMeNot shopping spree hosted by @Costco benefiting @austinpoliceobs! In just two minutes, they got $8,300 worth of items! 📸 APD
Lt. Loren May (E7/C) and several of our engine companies practiced their hose-handling skills on Mon., ensuring they can get to the base of a fire fast. Thx to lead instructor FF Ryan Endicott, who came in on his off time to provide advanced instruction. 📸 Capt. Anderson, AFD
Looks like Chief Baker made Santa's "nice" list...what about you? Supporting @austinpoliceobs might just do the trick.. 💙🚓❤️🚒 #publicsafetyfamily…
Kudos to our Spec Ops and Airport Rescue and Firefighting groups, who raised $1,549 for the @jlaustinorg Coats for Kids program! That $ goes to the purchase of 78 new coats that will be part of a larger 30,000+ distribution this Saturday! 📸 Courtney Duesing, Coats for Kids
It's been almost 12 months since little Own Coulter almost died from a virus that attacked his heart. Last night, he got to do something w/both his fire and home families that seemed impossible last year: light the @FairmontATX tree! 📸 BC Matt Cox, AFD
Commonly believed to be of Persian origin, the name “Jasper” means “Treasurer”…and you won’t find any greater treasure under the tree this year than our sweet #AFDMonthlyMascot from @austinhumane, Jasper! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
RT @KXAN_News: These firefighters had to work the holiday - so their families brought Thanksgiving to them.…
As you're counting your blessings today, we hope you'll include firefighters (and the rest of our public safety/first responder family) in that list. Many of them are on duty today, away from their families, so you can safely enjoy time with yours. #HappyThanksgiving!
“X” marks the spot…or in this case, the “not”. As in, how NOT to fry your turkey! Follow our simple safety rules and you'll be in good shape. Unlike the turkey. Thx to @HEB, who supports our demo every year. Learn more at 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
Congrats to all our award winners and honorees who were lauded at our quarterly ceremony yesterday, including 14-year-old Yahir Gomez, who saved a young boy from drowning in his apartment complex's pool earlier this summer. 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
#LetsGetRealATX! Unattended cooking is one of the top two causes of fires in #ATX every year. Until every home comes w/its own FF, you need to know what to do so you won't add to those stats. B/c we won't be in your kitchen to save your bacon. 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
An old Italian Proverb says, "Both water and fire need to be treated with respect." That's why we spend so much time training our cadets how to handle each. The hose and H2O from it are two of the most, if not THE most, important weapons in a FF's arsenal. 📸Chris Wilkinson, AFD
If 1 is good and 2 is great, then 3 must be exceptional! Our #AFDMonthlyMascots for Aug. (Gem), Sept. (Preston), and Nov. (Letty) are now FORMER residents of @austinhumane; they have all found their forever homes and been adopted! #exceptionalWednesday 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Three-year-old Brayden isn't quite sure what to make of his new firefighter friend in all that gear, but no matter; he still had a great time visiting Station 44's B-shift crew last week. And by the look on his face, we'd say he had a pretty good time! 📸 Capt. Tom Reiner, AFD
At the #VeteransDay parade on Monday, 8-year-old Corbin and members of his Cub Scout pack wrote and presented letters to veterans who marched in the parade. Corbin chose to present his to AFD AC Pablo Ruiz, who served four years in the United States Army. 📸Melanie Liner, AFD
It's #NationalTrafficIncidentResponseAwarenessWeek. Help us help you; pay attention to first responders working on the roadway and put down the phone! Our lives are in your hands!
By now, you've probably heard of James South, the WWII veteran in Watauga, Texas who, for his 100th birthday last month, wanted to receive 100 cards. But have you heard the rest of the story? #VeteransDay
We hope you’ve been enjoying our #LetsGetRealATX campaign; hopefully, we're reminding you how to help us deal with some of our most common fire- and life-safety issues. There’s more to come, but now that we have your attention…it’s time to get REALLY real. 📹 C. Wilkinson, AFD
How long does it take to turn a vacant tollhouse into a fire station? Two weeks (at least, that's how long it took us)! Thx to @KirkPWatson, @DGarzaforD2, @TxDOT, @AFA975, and our Facilities staff for the hard work and collaboration! 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
We got a chance to speak to some of this year's @AustinISD #AustinCorps participants yesterday, giving them some insight into the inner workings of AFD...and making a recruiting pitch to these rising stars as well! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Thanks to @AustinFit for this great piece on two of our members, and the importance of maintaining peak physical fitness both on and off the job. After all, someone's life may depend on it.…/red-truck-heroes/ 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
The Pet Protector strikes again! It was #apurrrfectrescue by Firefighter Alex Baumeister from Station 18 (C shift) two years ago...and 10 days ago! 📸 Lt. Geoff Mitchell, AFD; @Harris_AISD
Our last “Joe with Joel” of 2019 is underway at @SummermoonCB (2301 W. Anderson Ln.)!
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