Official Twitter account of the City of Austin, Texas Fire Department. Emergencies: dial 911. Follow us on Facebook! Open records:
Around 4:30 a.m., multiple C-shift crews responded to a 2-alarm fire at The Woods apartments off Barton Skyway. Two people are dead, 9 residents are displaced, and $750K in damage was done. Cause is under investigation: 📸 Div. Chief Thayer Smith, AFD
UPDATE: @austinfiredept says one person was found dead in the fire…
This just in: we have deployed 7 more AFD members for TS/Hurricane Barry; they comprise an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team with Texas Task Force 1 and a FEMA swiftwater/flood search and rescue team. They’re on their way to Denham, LA, where they’ll most likely assist w/evacs.
As TS Barry barrels toward the LA coastline, 8 of our members made preparations early this morning for deployment to Beaumont as part of @txtf1. They may be gone two days or two weeks, so please keep them, their families, and those in LA in your thoughts. 📸 DC Palmer Buck, AFD
TS Barry may become the 1st hurricane of 2019 before it makes landfall along the Gulf Coast Friday or Saturday. Even if you're not in the path this time, what about the next? With 5 storms predicted for '19, prepare now! And register for local alerts at
When the Fire Chief comes to your @ChildDefender summer school program to read to you, you pay attention...even if that person is 6'6", a long way up from your vantage point down front! 📸 C. Wilkinson, Austin Fire
What goes up, must come down. But how? It takes hours of specialized preparation, something our Spec Ops' crews know very well... like this tower rescue class a couple of weeks ago: 📸 Capt. Josh Anderson, Austin Fire Department
It wouldn't be the 4th of July without AFD leading the neighborhood parade! This morning, the Engine 43 A-shift crew led the residents of Circle C through their area streets, just like MANY of our other units did in communities all over Austin. 📸Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept
C’mon, ATX... be like AFD Division Chief Palmer Buck and show us those veins!! We’re 1/2way through our annual #BattleoftheBadges blood drive with @WeAreBlood but there’s still time to donate to your favorite public safety agency and give a life-saving gift at the same time.
July 4th often finds people spending time together around a swimming pool. But the water itself isn’t the only potential danger. Do you know what else to look for? Our friends at @26WestATX helped us highlight those earlier today: 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD.
We're all about solving problems, but this past weekend was an really busy one for our C-shift crews in doing so,,,,with a duplex fire, a lost hiker we had to reach via a "Birds of Prey" exhibit, and an 18-wheeler that needed 1,000 cases of H20 offloaded!
Red, white…and black? Yep! On this first day of July, we’re thinking about those three colors—not the typical ones you associate with America’s birthday—in honor of Mabel, our #AFDMonthlyMascot from @austinhumane! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Who will come out on top in this year's #BattleofhteBadges blood drive, hosted by @WeAreBlood? That's all up to you! Learn how you can donate this life-saving gift in honor of your favorite first responder...and be OUR hero!
The longest line at @austintexasgov's "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" event today? The one to ride in a fire truck. No surprise there; who DOESN'T want to ride in a bright, shiny fire truck with lights and sirens?! 📸C. Wilkinson, AFD
Under a beautiful TX sunset sky, our E40 and Batt7 C-shift crews got in some Auto Aid training hosted by one of our partners, @PflugervilleTX Fire Dept. Anytime we can join events like these and work "side by side" w/other depts in the area, we take it! 📹 Lt. Lonnie Saul, AFD
Most days, the firefighters who work at their respective stations handle clean-up duties. But this week, the A, B, and C shift crews at Station 46 got a pass from @BethanyAustinTX's Compassion in Action kids; how lucky are we?!? 📸Chris Wilkinson, AFD
Fireworks went on sale yesterday and with the 4th of July holiday right around the corner, we want to remind everyone that FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN THE AUSTIN CITY LIMITS! For complaints, dial @ATX_311, not 911. #leavefireworkstotheprofessionals
This weekend, our pals at @austinmobility kindly shared one of the messages we put together re: 1st responder safety and the #MoveOverSlowDown law as part of our #SafetyStandDown2019. If you saw them, we hope it was catchy enough to "drive" the message home! 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
See anything special in this photo? We did! Taken last month in S. Austin at an apartment complex's public safety event, all of the kids in it are girls! 7+% of our uniform members are women, more than the national average, and we're always looking for more! 📸 Lt. Sjolseth, AFD
As we wrap up our #SafetyStandDown2019, we saved the worst for last: distracted driving, specifically related to cell phone usage. How can you #watchourbacksbywatchingtheroad if you're focused on your phone and not on what's happening around you?!?
You know that #MoveOverSlowDown law? For the 4th day of our #SafetyStandDown2019, let's talk a little bit more about that. Just last week, our colleagues at @Austin_Police wrote 200+ warnings and citations; two of the worst offenders were going 90+ mph!
It's #watchourbacksbywatchingtheroad Wednesday! We're halfway through our #SafetyStandDown2019 and today's PSA is about those pesky fender-benders. If you can steer it, you can clear it! Doing so is safer for all involved and doesn't put 1st responders at unnecessary risk.
#RightisRight! That's the mantra for the second day of our #SafetyStandDown2019. Pulling to the right for emergency vehicles ensures we can get where we're going as quickly as possible. But we also need you to #watchourbacksbywatchingtheroad!
When 49% of people say getting hit is “just part of the risk” of 1st responders, there's a problem! It's #SafetyStandDown2019: 👀 for public safety and tow trucks working @TxDOT highways and local roadways, and #watchourbacksbywatchingtheroad. The life you save may be our own.
#HappyFathersDay to all you dads, including those men who have stepped up or stepped in to be a "father figure". We're a bit biased when it comes to FF fathers—like Capt Andre de la Reza and his twins, Rowan and Evelyn—but we think all dads are pretty special! 📸C. Wilkinson, AFD
When FFs Rikki Stankevitz and Meredith Garee joined AFD six years ago, they thought the greatest risk they‘d ever face would be some raging inferno they’d be called to put out. They were wrong: #SafetyStandDown #MoveOverSlowDown 📹 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Chief Baker and @HookEm (@UTAustin's costumed mascot repping @TexasLonghorns everywhere) grab a quick photo w/Division Chief Palmer Buck and Engine 21 b4 the #JuneteenthParade started this a.m. This event is always one of our faves! 📸AC Rob Vires, AFD
We're proud partners once again in the #SummerFanDrive2019 by @familyeldercare, now - 8/31. Imagine dealing w/a brutal Texas summer with no fan or AC! New fans can be dropped off at any of our fire stations: Learn more at
Meet Tiger. This little kitty with the big name managed to get himself wedged into the front dashboard of his new mom's car. But Engine 26's C-shift crew came to the rescue! 📸 Lt. Craig Stiles, AFD
Nine-year-old John Alexander has the only cast in Austin signed by the Fire Chief! This adorable moment was captured shortly after the conclusion of our quarterly awards ceremony last Friday. Read more about those who were honored: 📸 Austin Fire Dept.
Raise your hand if you're ready to #risetothechallenge and join our Pass the Torch program! Thirty-five participants graduated last weekend; could you be next? 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
Today, we honor those who took part 75 yrs ago in the largest joint military op ever: #DDay75. Set to occur on 6/5/44, "Operation Overlord" was scrapped b/c of storms; 24 hrs later, troops hit 5 stretches of the Normandy coastline to start the invasion.
What do you get Mayor Pro Tem @DGarzaforD2 for her bday? A shovel and hard hat so she can "turn some dirt" on the @austintexasgov newest Fire/@ATCEMS station that will serve her district when it opens next summer! 🎉 📹Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
What do you get Mayor Pro Tem @DeliaGarzaD2 for her bday? A shovel and hard hat so she can "turn some dirt" on the @austintexasgov newest Fire/@ATCEMS station that will serve her district when it opens next summer! 🎉 📹Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
It’s a terrific Tuesday when we can tell you that our June #AFDMonthlyMascot from @austinhumane, Lunita, got adopted over the weekend, shortly after her picture appeared across our social media platforms! #dogdaysofsummer 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
No sooner did hurricane season start last Sat., 6/1 and look what we have here: possibly the 1st official tropical storm. Not to be outdone, wildfire season is chomping at the heels of Mother Nature, too. So these beg the question: ARE YOU READY? 📸@NOAA
It’s the first day of June and time for a treat! This sweet “little moon”? You two need to meet! Lunita, our #AFDMonthlyMascot from @austinhumane, is ready to kick off summer with her new forever family. Could that be you? 📸 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
Whether you believe in coincidence or divine intervention (or neither), the story of how AFD FF Justin LaPree (E01/B), @LTfirefighters Lt. Chris Wood, and pilot Scott Nelson came to be united as brothers in arms is nothing short of miraculous. 📹Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Attaboy, ATX! During April's Fill the Boot, you gave ~$35K to @MDAAustin! All of the $$ raised here stays here, helping our fellow citizens (and their families). No matter the size of your gift, it made an impressive total. We couldn't have done it w/o YOU! 📸 FF J. LaPree, AFD
Join us next Wed., June 5 at 1:00 p.m. (7014 Elroy Road) as we "turn some dirt" on the newest Fire/@ATCEMS station, which will serve the Del Valle/Moore's Crossing area once completed. 📸Yes Moon, Austin Fire Department
Join us next Wed., June 5 at 1:00 p.m. as we "turn some dirt" on the newest Fire/EMS station, which will serve the Del Valle/Moore's Crossing area once completed. 📸Yes Moon, Austin Fire Department
#Allthefeels from this pic Natasha Hunt shared of her 5-year-old son, Brantley, when her hubby, FS Matthew Hunt (E28/C), returned home from his 5-day deployment to N.TX; he was there to assist w/search and rescue after storms decimated the area earlier this month.
As we helped raise the flag yesterday—and worked alongside many others to lay hundreds of flags—at graves at the Texas State Cemetery, the reverence with which we should honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice was not lost: 📸 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
Have you forgotten what Memorial Day is really about? The Horrigan family, along with many others who participated in @CarryTheLoad on Monday, would like to remind you as we head into this three-day weekend. Because freedom isn’t free. 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
When @MayorAdler stops and offers to help you fold your gigantic display flag (used for a very special event we’ll tell you about tomorrow), you take him up on it!! 📸 Firefighter Robert Busby, Austin Fire Department
Height difference notwithstanding, "Momma" Rose and Chief Baker were two peas in a pod this morning at our quarterly #joewithJoel event, held at the legendary @JoesBakeryATX in East Austin: 📸 Regina Estrada
“My mother is still alive because of the work of first responders, hospital staff, and doctors. The world has real-life ‘Avengers’ who are saving lives!” -The 13YO daughter of Christine Warner, who finally met the team who saved her life: 📸CWilkinson, AFD
Over the weekend, we sent 12 people to N. TX due to numerous tornadoes there, and the forecast of severe weather across the state for the next few days. They'll be gone through Wed., maybe longer. Please keep them in your thoughts as they're out serving their fellow Texans.
It’s a bad day when a natural gas line is damaged during construction. The best way to stop a natural gas leak? Do so BEFORE one starts. Our Spec Ops' personnel, @texas811, and @TexasGasService taught 💯s how to do that yesterday: 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
The Fire Chief has extended the current waterway ban to 5:00 p.m. today. This will allow all of the gates at Tom Miller Dam to be closed before the ban is lifted.
If you're in the Lakeway area today, the procession and funeral for @WestlakeFD Lt. Chris Askew will take place this afternoon. Services: 2:00 p.m. at Emmaus Catholic Parish (1718 Lohmans Crossing Road). Procession: Begins at 1:00 p.m. RIP Chris; we'll see you on the top floor.
You think the photo we shared earlier was something? Wait until you see this: drone footage of the swiftwater training this week at Tom Miller Dam, shot by our Robotics Emergency Deployment (RED) Team! 📹 Firefighter Preston Culver, Austin Fire Department
Not for the faint of ❤️! AFD Spec Ops' crews, @ATCEMS, and @SATXFire out this week for training at Tom Miller Dam. But one missed current and things can go bad quickly. And Mother Nature doesn't care that it's *just* a training exercise. 📸 BC Nations, AFD
GOOD NEWS! The Fire Chief has lifted all restrictions except Tom Miller Dam to Redbud Trail, closed til noon 5/17. Red Bud Isle and Lady Bird Lake b/t Red Bud Isle and Tom Miller Dam, and Barton Springs Pool, remain closed. All other areas are open! #happyboatingkayakingcanoeing
Effective immediately, the Fire Chief has issued a Waterway Ban for the following areas: • Lady Bird Lake • Mansfield Dam downstream to Commons Ford Park • Walsh Boat Landing to Tom Miller Dam This ban is in effect until Friday, May 17 at noon when it will be re-evaluated.
Hope you can join us on Wednesday, May 22 for our next installment of "Joe with Joel at Joe's"!
Thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sisters at @WestlakeFD; 15-year veteran Lt. Chris Askew lost his short battle with cancer on Mother's Day. He leaves behind his wife, Jennifer, and children Lauren and Luke:
New Waterway Ban for: • Lady Bird Lake; • Mansfield Dam downstream to Commons Ford Park; and • Walsh Boat Landing to Tom Miller Dam. Only 40+ ft. commercial motorized 🛥️ allowed on Lake Austin b/t Walsh Boat Landing and the Loop 360 bridge. Ban re-evaluated at noon, 5/15.
#HappyMothersDay to all the moms out there—but especially to those who serve their communities as firefighters, too—like AFD Lt. Aimee Beasley-Spadoni, pictured here with her son, Nate. 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
RT @LCRA: Two floodgates are now open at Mansfield Dam. For more information, visit the Flood Operations Report.
See Yauncey. See Yauncey run. See Yauncey chase a squirrel up a tree. See Yauncey get stuck. See the B-shift crew from Engine 8 rescue Yauncey. 📸 Fire Specialist Bryan Daugherty, Austin Fire Department
HAPPENING NOW: The Fire Chief has issued a waterway ban thru noon 5/15 for (a) Lady Bird Lake from Red Bud Trail upstream to Tom Miller Dam and (b) Lake Austin from Oyster Landing downstream to Tom Miller Dam. Per @AustinCityParks, Barton Creek and the BC greenbelt remain closed.
Shortly before storms began pummeling our area after the lunch hour today, Captain Lyzz Donelson captured them rolling in across our Training Academy.
Our boat squad members were redeployed last night after 14" of rain were reported in Fort Bend Cty and more than 7 in Sugar Land. And, the @NWSSanAntonio has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch til 1:00 p.m. CST for Travis and many surrounding counties:
When a Midrise structure fire alarm becomes an Auto Fire...because we have no call type for a fire under a helipad that sits on top of a parking garage! 📸 Battalion Chief Josh Portie, Austin Fire Department
It was a tumultuous start to this past weekend! In the 24 hours from noon 5/3-noon 5/4, AFD responded to 30 Flood Assist calls, 10 Water Rescues, six structure fires, and 14 Wires Down/Wires Arcing calls. There's another round of heavy storms coming so #turnarounddontdrown!
The Fire Chief has extended the ban on the following waterway: • Red Bud Trail upstream to Tom Miller Dam All other affected waterways previously noted as closed are now open.
Did you know that FFs are 2x as likely to be diagnosed w/bladder cancer than the general population? It's also the 6th most common type of cancer in the U.S. May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month so everyone—FFs and civilians alike—should get screened! Learn more from @B_C_A_N.
Planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo today with some adult beverages? Figure out how you’ll get home BEFORE you go out; designate a driver, or book your taxi or rideshare IN ADVANCE!
📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
Due to the heavy rains last night, the Fire Chief has closed the following waterways effective immediately until noon Monday, May 6, when they will be re-evaluated: * Lake Austin from Mansfield Dam to Tom Miller Dam * Lady Bird Lake * Colorado River downstream of Longhorn Dam
Mealtime in south ATX was a busy time for several of our B-shift crews this past Tuesday, with a fire at Denny's during breakfast and a car ablaze just outside of @WhollyCowATX and @kerbeylanecafe during lunch: 📸 BC Sheedy, AFD; @Bdubst3p
When there's an 80% chance of 🌧️, it's hard to think about the ☀️ days ahead...and the wildfire risk that comes w/them. But that's exactly what our @WildfireDiv did today, hosting the 7th annual Community Wildfire Preparedness Symposium: 📸C. Wilkinson,AFD
This is what our crew in N. TX saw yesterday as they moved into Brownwood in case of flooding in the Hill Country. These storms mean we're now officially into flash-flood season..and we'll be at #ProjectWeather on 5/4 to help you prepare! 📸 FS Carter, AFD
Congrats to @Chief_Manley of @Austin_Police, who was named one of the 50 "World's Greatest Leaders" by @FortuneMagazine! Chosen for his focus on community, ATX's low crime rate, and leadership w/the ATX bombings, this is well deserved. Honored to serve alongside you, Chief!
Due to the storms in North Texas, we've deployed a boat squad of 6 AFD members, along w/2 swiftwater boats and 2 support vehicles at the request of @teextweet to assist with any search and rescue efforts there. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers while they're on duty.
Thanks for the kind words and the important reminder. It doesn’t have to be a scorching summer day for the heat inside your car to rise to a deadly temp in just minutes. Remember to take your kids and your pets inside with you or leave them at home!…
Our #AFDMonthlyMascot for May—a fun-loving, 5-year-old Bulldog/American Staffordshire Mix from @austinhumane known as Frodo—never goes anywhere without his “ring”, so he’s always ready for a game of toss or tug! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Know someone between the ages of 14-20 who's interested in serving their community and learning about the fire service as a possible career? Then they need to join our Fire Explorer Post 370! 📸 FF Robert McCray, Austin Fire Dept.
Congrats to FF Derick Zwerneman from our Dispatch section, who was hand-picked to give one of seven prayers at the annual Texas Prayer Breakfast—held yesterday in advance of the National Day of Prayer (May 2)—and hosted by Gov. Abbott: 📸 FF Zwerneman,AFD
Every day, 7 people die in house fires across the U.S. So today, we will #SoundtheAlarm with our partners from @RedCrossCenTex and install 1,000 smoke alarms in southeast Austin. Because 7 should always be thought of as a lucky number…not an unlucky one.
The accolades are rolling in for our @WildfireDiv!
Our Accelerant Detection Canines (ADCs) don't spend all their time sniffing out the potential use of accelerants at fires. Sometimes, they spend their time sniffing out future arson investigators! 📸 Captain Andy Reardon, Austin Fire Dept.
Happy #EarthDay! One of the ways we’re working to improve Mother Earth is through the use of environmentally friendly firefighting foam:
Happy #EarthDay! Forty-nine years ago today, the first Earth Day was observed and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day...…
To all of our Christian friends who are celebrating Easter today, we wish you a joyous holiday!
To all of our Jewish friends who will observe Passover starting at sundown this evening, we wish you a joyous holiday!
RT @ChristyM_TX: Great information from @bswhealth @Austin_Police @austinfiredept @ATCEMS @CATRAC_TX @PreparingWilCo @AISDPolice to give @A…
That time when @Austin_Police Chief @Chief_Manley challenged our Fire Chief, Joel G. Baker, to an ice cream cone-making contest at the @100clubcentex annual Good Friday fundraiser at McDonald's. #AFDforthewin #firefightersknowathingortwoabouticecream 📸 AFD, APD
That one time when Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley challenged our Fire Chief, Joel G. Baker, to an ice cream cone-making contest at the The 100 Club of Central Texas’ annual Good Friday fundraiser at...…
May will serve as the inaugural #StoptheBleed month. We’re kicking things off a little early, tho; this a.m., we’ll be alongside other first responders to teach 100+ staff at @McCallumHS how to do just that:
Need an excuse to eat the best fast-food french fries around? Join us tomorrow, April 19, at a Central Texas area McDonald's to support @100clubcentex annual Good Friday fundraiser. A portion of all $ goes to families of first responders injured or killed in the line of duty.
With his only two means of escape cut off and his apartment building engulfed in flames, Johnny Atchinson had no way out. Last week, he got to meet the A-shift crew from Quint 3 who pulled him from that inferno and saved his life: 📸 Capt. Jim Ryan, AFD
“The plane is full of fuel and on fire.” Thankfully, that statement was only part of a drill for our ARFF crews at @AUStinAirport last night...but what if it was real? Our Chris Wilkinson was there to capture the whole thing...
"Fire Department. What is the address of your emergency?" As we mark the midpoint of #NationalPublicSafetyTelecommunicatorsWeek, we salute those who are the literal lifeline. B/C if there's no one to SEND help, help never arrives: 📸 Capt. A. Chelf, AFD
April is National Safe Digging Month, so be sure you heed the advice of @TexasGasService and dial 811 before you tackle any landscape projects this spring! #callbeforeyoudig Safety first, y’all!
Squirrel: 1 Sheba: 0 📸 Firefighter Preston Curtis, Austin Fire Department
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