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Kudos to our Spec Ops and Airport Rescue and Firefighting groups, who raised $1,549 for the @jlaustinorg Coats for Kids program! That $ goes to the purchase of 78 new coats that will be part of a larger 30,000+ distribution this Saturday! 📸 Courtney Duesing, Coats for Kids
It's been almost 12 months since little Own Coulter almost died from a virus that attacked his heart. Last night, he got to do something w/both his fire and home families that seemed impossible last year: light the @FairmontATX tree! 📸 BC Matt Cox, AFD
Commonly believed to be of Persian origin, the name “Jasper” means “Treasurer”…and you won’t find any greater treasure under the tree this year than our sweet #AFDMonthlyMascot from @austinhumane, Jasper! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
RT @KXAN_News: These firefighters had to work the holiday - so their families brought Thanksgiving to them.…
As you're counting your blessings today, we hope you'll include firefighters (and the rest of our public safety/first responder family) in that list. Many of them are on duty today, away from their families, so you can safely enjoy time with yours. #HappyThanksgiving!
“X” marks the spot…or in this case, the “not”. As in, how NOT to fry your turkey! Follow our simple safety rules and you'll be in good shape. Unlike the turkey. Thx to @HEB, who supports our demo every year. Learn more at 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
Congrats to all our award winners and honorees who were lauded at our quarterly ceremony yesterday, including 14-year-old Yahir Gomez, who saved a young boy from drowning in his apartment complex's pool earlier this summer. 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
#LetsGetRealATX! Unattended cooking is one of the top two causes of fires in #ATX every year. Until every home comes w/its own FF, you need to know what to do so you won't add to those stats. B/c we won't be in your kitchen to save your bacon. 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
An old Italian Proverb says, "Both water and fire need to be treated with respect." That's why we spend so much time training our cadets how to handle each. The hose and H2O from it are two of the most, if not THE most, important weapons in a FF's arsenal. 📸Chris Wilkinson, AFD
If 1 is good and 2 is great, then 3 must be exceptional! Our #AFDMonthlyMascots for Aug. (Gem), Sept. (Preston), and Nov. (Letty) are now FORMER residents of @austinhumane; they have all found their forever homes and been adopted! #exceptionalWednesday 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Three-year-old Brayden isn't quite sure what to make of his new firefighter friend in all that gear, but no matter; he still had a great time visiting Station 44's B-shift crew last week. And by the look on his face, we'd say he had a pretty good time! 📸 Capt. Tom Reiner, AFD
At the #VeteransDay parade on Monday, 8-year-old Corbin and members of his Cub Scout pack wrote and presented letters to veterans who marched in the parade. Corbin chose to present his to AFD AC Pablo Ruiz, who served four years in the United States Army. 📸Melanie Liner, AFD
It's #NationalTrafficIncidentResponseAwarenessWeek. Help us help you; pay attention to first responders working on the roadway and put down the phone! Our lives are in your hands!
By now, you've probably heard of James South, the WWII veteran in Watauga, Texas who, for his 100th birthday last month, wanted to receive 100 cards. But have you heard the rest of the story? #VeteransDay
We hope you’ve been enjoying our #LetsGetRealATX campaign; hopefully, we're reminding you how to help us deal with some of our most common fire- and life-safety issues. There’s more to come, but now that we have your attention…it’s time to get REALLY real. 📹 C. Wilkinson, AFD
How long does it take to turn a vacant tollhouse into a fire station? Two weeks (at least, that's how long it took us)! Thx to @KirkPWatson, @DGarzaforD2, @TxDOT, @AFA975, and our Facilities staff for the hard work and collaboration! 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
We got a chance to speak to some of this year's @AustinISD #AustinCorps participants yesterday, giving them some insight into the inner workings of AFD...and making a recruiting pitch to these rising stars as well! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Thanks to @AustinFit for this great piece on two of our members, and the importance of maintaining peak physical fitness both on and off the job. After all, someone's life may depend on it.…/red-truck-heroes/ 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
The Pet Protector strikes again! It was #apurrrfectrescue by Firefighter Alex Baumeister from Station 18 (C shift) two years ago...and 10 days ago! 📸 Lt. Geoff Mitchell, AFD; @Harris_AISD
Our last “Joe with Joel” of 2019 is underway at @SummermoonCB (2301 W. Anderson Ln.)!
Kick off your week the right way and join us for a cup of coffee tomorrow morning at our last “Joe with Joel” event of 2019!
If you forgot to "fall back" last night, you've now got an extra hour to spend changing all those clocks you don't use anymore. However, they're a whole lot less important than checking/changing the smoke alarm batteries in your house, so do that NOW! You've got the time. 😉
Can we see a show of hands as to who's excited about getting an extra hour of sleep back this weekend?!? ✋✋✋✋✋ As we prepare to "fall back" at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 3, we want to remind you that it's also the perfect time to check/change those smoke alarm batteries.
The name “Letty” is derived from the Latin word, “Letitia”, meaning “joy and gladness”, and that perfectly describes our #AFDMonthlyMascot for November from @austinhumane! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Special thanks to @UTAustin and @UT_Utilities who hosted our Spec Ops' crews for three days last week as they did some Confined Space rescue training on the campus: 📸 Laura Stevens, @UT_Utilities
Some of the folks at our Headquarters office had a little fun today with our annual Halloween costume contest! 🎃 (Photo credit: Austin Fire Department)
#LetsGetRealATX on #NationalFirstResponderDay! Seconds count, whether you're at @F1 at @COTA in #ATX or on the way to an emergency. But in our case, it can mean the difference b/t life and death: #keepaustinweird #keepaustinsafe 📹 Chris Wilkinson, AFD
#LetsGetRealATX! Seconds count, whether you're at @F1 at @COTA in #ATX or on your way to an emergency. But in our case, it can literally mean the difference between life and death: #keepaustinweird #keepaustinsafe 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept
Thanks to @statesman for this great piece on Lieutenant Kevin Gell from our Prevention section (who'll retire in a couple of weeks with more than 34 years of service) and the others in his circle who joined the "family business". 📸 Lola Gomez, Statesman
Thanks to #ESD6 (Lake Travis FR), who provided lunch for our 911 dispatchers this week to show their appreciation for the work these special folks do. Because if there's no one to SEND help, help never arrives. 📸 Capt. Andrew Chelf, Austin Fire Dept.
#LetsGetRealATX! Weather-wise, things can change in #ATX as quickly as thinking you see FF Roger Davis (E15/C) in full gear on a rescue board in the middle of Lady Bird Lake to…well…this. #keepaustinweird #keepaustinsafe 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire
Eight members of our Honor Guard​ and three AFD members of @EspadaTX are off to San Antonio today for the funeral of @SATXFire member Greg Garza, who lost his life at an incident scene last week when he was struck by a vehicle. RIP, Greg; see you on the top floor. 📸 Austin Fire
PRESCRIBED BURN ALERT: Starting at 1:00 p.m. today, our @WildfireDiv will be conducting a prescribed burn near the @WildflowerCtr in southwest Austin. The area we'll be treating is ~38 acres and should take just a few hours to complete. #ATXgoodfire
We're just going to leave these right here... Say hi to Lola, who visited her dad, FF Jonathan Barnhill, during the B shift at Station 20 last week. This lovely Lab was excited to show that Dalmatians aren't the only dogs fit to sit in a fire truck! 📸 Lt. DJ Walker, AFD
C’mon, Earl, you know better; disabling your smoke alarm with a sledgehammer (or by any other means) is a no-no! We’ve got a better idea; call your local FD and they’ll come check it for you. B/c a working smoke alarm is the cheapest life insurance money can buy! @PicklesComic
Meet Cuddles...well, at least his paw. This playful pooch was super excited about his bath. Until this happened. So did we manage to free said paw from the drain monster's clutches? Well, not EXACTLY... 📸 AFD
It's the final installment for 2019 of our "Joe with Joel" series! This time, we'll be at @SummermoonCB on Anderson Lane on November 4; hope to see you there!
t's the end of an era, but our loss is @TheTownshipTX's gain! Congratulations to AFD Division Chief Palmer Buck, who has been named the new Fire Chief of The Woodlands Township, Texas, effective December 2, 2019. 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
#ATX, are you ready? Then #letsgetreal! Thanks to Gilbert Hernandez/Vylette Ward for the support of our new #LetsGetRealATX public awareness campaign!… #keepaustinweird #keepaustinsafe
#ATX, are you ready? Then #letsgetreal! Thanks to @WeldonHenson and @brokenspoke1964 for their support of our new #LetsGetRealATX public awareness campaign!… #keepaustinweird #keepaustinsafe
Two years ago, this sweet @austinfiredept family wasn't sure they'd ever take a family vacation together again. Cancer will do that. But tomorrow, they leave for @WaltDisneyWorld, thanks to some very special organizations: 📸 DC Tony Haden, Austin Fire
Yesterday's #FirePreventionWeek message focused on the importance of having an escape plan (and working smoking alarms!) in the event of a fire in your home. Today’s messages are actually numbers…specifically, 900 and 3.
While our Honor Guard was in Maryland last weekend for the @NFFF_News Memorial Service, the names of the 119 fallen were added to the Memorial Wall...including our brother, Cadet Devon Coney, who passed away on 6/26/18. And yes, the coins have meaning:
You may have just 2 minutes (or less) to escape your house if a fire breaks out...and that assumes your smoke alarms are working! Today's #FirePreventionWeek message: make a plan, practice it, and check your smoke alarms! (Need some? Call 512-974-0299. We install for free!)
@austinfiredept FF Roger Davis gets ready to present one of 119 flags that were given to friends and family of the fallen at yesterday's @NFFF_News Memorial Service, a somber remembrance to the start of #FirePreventionWeek: 📸 FS D. Countouriotis, AFD
RT @CapMetroATX: #ACL is finally here, and so is #NationalTacoDay🌮@CapMetroCEO Randy Clark, Chief of @Austin_Police Brian Manley, and Chief…
Today, AFD Chaplain Andrew Fox did the #BlessingoftheAnimals for our two Accelerant Detection Canines (ADCs), Rae and Smokey, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi Day, October 4. 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
PRESCRIBED BURN ALERT: Starting at noon today, our @WildfireDiv will be conducting a prescribed burn at the south end of the Decker Peninsula. The area we'll be treating is ~120 acres and should take four hours to complete. #ATXgoodfire
Listen up, Sheryl; it's #FirePreventionMonth! This shed fire was caused by spontaneous combustion from oily rags and did $15K in damage. So as you’re staining ur new chichier she-shed, be sure you lay those out to dry and then store them in a metal container. #thatswonderfulnews…
Yesterday, @EspadaTX members from across ctrl TX—with several from AFD—traveled to Houston to honor @HCSOTexas Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal, who was shot and killed last week during a traffic stop: #HonoringDhaliwal 📸 Capt. de la Reza, AFD; @HCSOTexas
Congrats to AC Richard Davis and our Robotics Emergency Deployment (RED) Team, nominated for the “Unlocking Human Potential” category of the inaugural Civic Futures Awards, which is recognizing teams and individuals who are making an impact on transforming the future of cntrl TX.
Glad we could help ensure the kitty had a “purr-fect” rescue from his perch!…
She may not be an official part of #NationalFirePupDay, but we’d be happy to make our #AFDMonthlyMascot for October, sweet Sadie from @austinhumane, an honorary member! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Hello hoomans! It #NationalFirePupDay. We good bois and girl at @austinfiredept. We frens, yesh? So treats please! Wat u meen noo moor?!? (L to R: Rae, Gunny, and Smokey, from our Investigations section!) 📸 Captain Andy Reardon, Austin Fire Department
Yesterday, our Fire Chief (and proud Marine) Joel G. Baker honored his USMC brother-in-arms Travis Manion by joining the hundreds of others at Camp Mabry in central Austin to remember the fallen as part of the @ATX_TMF #911HeroesRun. 📸 Capt. Jim Ryan, AFD
RT @JennFizz: Big thanks to @austinfiredept for installing visual smoke alarms for the benefit of my hard of hearing son. The A crew from s…
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Congrats to @BRWArchitecture on their award-winning design for the latest addition to the @austintexasgov public safety family: AFD Station 49/@ATCEMS Station 20. 📸 BRW Architects
On 4/27/15, @STAR_Flight_TC nurse Kristin McLain fell 100’ to her death while rescuing a woman in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. This week, we helped install a memorial marker so all who passed by would remember Kristin and her sacrifice to save another.
PRESCRIBED BURN ALERT: The @WildflowerCtr will conduct a prescribed burn of ~35 acres today b/t 1-5: p.m., done in cooperation with our @WildfireDiv personnel, as well as others from @AustinWater, @nature_tx, and @TCParks. #ATXGoodfire 📸 AFD
RT @CourtneyABC13: So glad to hear y’all are home safe! Winnie appreciates you!!! #abc13…
Good news! As of late last night, all those we deployed in response to TS Imelda are home. But we did get to check in on a few of them while they were gone. Check out this video by @CourtneyABC13, who was in Winnie covering the storm when a familiar truck and boat passed by...
It's always a pleasure when we get to meet those we help save under happier circumstances! That's exactly what happened this past Sunday when our A-shift crew from Engine 43, and the M31 and DC4 folks from our partners at @ATCEMS, got to visit with 88-year-old Bruno Boelstler.…
Hey, we know that guy! It's Lieutenant Matt Avery, from our Engine 6, C-shift crew, performing this helicopter hoist rescue of a stranded Texan after Imelda caused dangerous flood conditions. Way to go, Matt! 📸 @USNationalGuard
Today is Austin Museum Day in #ATX; you can visit many of them for FREE, including ours! Come check out some of our great artifacts. We're downtown at 401 E. 5th St., right next door to Fire Station #1, and are open from noon - 3:00 p.m. #ATXMuseumDay2019
What do we always say? Working smoke alarms are the cheapest life insurance money can buy. Yesterday's 3-alarm fire on Bannister Lane shows just how right this statement is; 26 people lost their homes. But no one lost their life. Call 512-974-0299 for yours. 📹 C. Wilkinson, AFD
A 3-alarm fire early this a.m. decimated an apt complex in south #ATX. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but the damage is still being totaled: 📸Capt. Reardon + Chris Wilkinson, AFD (Thx to the construction co., Motivado Group, for letting us share.)
Early this morning, we deployed 6 members of AFD (a Swift Water Rescue Boat Team) to Huntsville as part of @txtf1; they join 2 of our members who were deployed earlier this week. They’ll be dealing w/TS Imelda; she’s stalled out and up to 20" of additional rainfall is expected.
Kudos are in order for our B-shift crews from Engine 6 and Rescue 31, along with their partners from @ATCEMS Medic 1, for this inventive and unconventional method to get an individual's spouse down a spiral staircase for transport to the hospital:
Happy #DiezySeis to all our friends from Mexico! On this day in 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla led revolutionary forces against Spain. But did you know Mexico's flag was adopted just 51 years ago? Mexican flag history really goes back 600+ years:
As we lay our brother, FF Michael White, to rest today, we ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for our dept., his colleagues and friends, and most of all, his family. On behalf of all who knew Michael, thank you for the kind words, from the bottom of our broken hearts.
As we lay our brother, Firefighter Michael White, to rest today, we ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for our department, his colleagues and friends, and most of all, his family. Our heartfelt gratitude for all of the kind condolence messages we received from you.
Our new @AustinFC soccer stadium has barely broken ground and we've got wannabes trying to get in on the action! Take this young buck, who had to be rescued from a soccer goal yesterday by the A-shift crew from Engine 29! #GOOOOALLLLL 📸DC Palmer Buck, AFD
"Paws" well that ends well for these five fuzzy felines after the B-shift crew from Engine 28 rescued them from a storm drain yesterday: #newusefor5inchhose 📹 Division Chief Palmer Buck, Austin Fire Dept.
Welcome the newest member of the AFD family, Ladder 22! 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
Eighteen years ago, the unimaginable happened; we spent today saluting those who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. Thanks to all who joined us in remembering and honoring our fallen brethren. #neverforget 📸 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Dept.
RT @AustinFireInfo: Quint 01 prepares for ceremony at Buford Tower.
We'll give you three guesses as to what the favorite activity was when Girl Scout Troop 5454 came to visit the B-shift crew from Engine 26 last week! FF Steven Medina made sure everyone (even the parents!) got a turn at the nozzle. 📸 Lt. Kevin Rowe, Austin Fire Department
As we prepare to mark the 18th anniversary of 9/11 next week and remember those we lost, we hope you’ll join us to honor their memories. #neverforget
Yesterday marked 9 years since the most destructive wildfire in Texas history struck our state: the Bastrop County Complex Fire. As we continue w/100+ degree temps and dry fuels here, are you ready when (not if) the next wildfire starts? 📸 Tim Patterson
We begin today w/extremely heavy hearts. FF Michael White, a 12-year veteran of AFD, passed away last night at home. Our thoughts and prayers are w/his family, crew members, and all of his brothers and sisters throughout AFD. RIP, Michael; you will be missed. 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
We're 2 days late w/our #AFDMonthlyMascot for Sept., but our 4-legged friends deserve some time off for Labor Day; they’re working so hard to find their forever families! But we’re back…and so is Preston, our feature from @austinhumane! 📸 Wilkinson, AFD
Ahead of Dorian’s expected "dangerously" close swipe of Florida's east coast either late today or early tomorrow, we’ve deployed and/or stood up a total of six AFD members @txtf1 to assist those along the East Coast in dealing with Dorian’s aftermath.
If you’ve got a little free time this long holiday weekend, this would be a great way to spend it!…
RT @NHTSAgov: Officers and first responders put their lives at risk every time they set foot on the side of the road. Make it safer for the…
Every 5 days an Austinite is killed in a crash. We can do better, y'all. Put your phone away and watch for others on the road, especially our first responders. Zero deaths, zero excuses. That’s #VisionZeroATX. 📹 Chris Wilkinson, Austin Fire Department
Why is our Fire Marshal talking about his , "close encounter with a Pop-Tart..."? It might just be the quote of the week, but this humorous comment leads to a serious topic: off-campus fire safety.
With the 8th anniv of the 2011 TX wildfires coming, we and @TXForestService mobilized portable tanker base equipment at @AUStinAirport last week; some of the largest ✈️ made pit stops to load up w/3K - 9K+ gallons of retardant: 📸 Phillps/Rudloff, AFD
Congrats to our Honorary Fire Chiefs! We esp ❤️ this touching moment last night b/t FS Jason Bryant (Eng 8/A shift) pinning the badge on his grandfather, retired FS Charles E. Bryant, Jr., the oldest living member of our department. 📸 C. Wilkinson, AFD
Kudos from @CommerceGov to three of our members for their participation in the @usnistgov Public Safety Communications Research Program as SMEs for Public Safety UAS operations. As the first metro fire dept to receive a Certificate of Authorization from the FAA, we're honored!
It’s the 1st day of school for the majority of kids around here. Please pay extra attention to 🚌 and their passengers; watch for children who may be crossing the street to get to school or get on or off the bus. And remember, no texting and driving! Here’s to an amazing year!
Join us at @austintexasgov City Hall this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. as we name five "Honorary Fire Chiefs", trailblazers from the Austin Fire Department's history:
REMINDER: Until further notice, DO NOT swim in, or drink Lady Bird Lake water! For more information, visit:
When your Peer Support Team decides to "clown" around for a good cause, there's smiles for miles! 📸 Lieutenant Dana Dietrich, Austin Fire Department
It's the hottest month of the year, y'all. Now imagine fighting a fire in this heat wearing 100+ lbs of gear. As our friends at @KVUEnews reported last week, that's what our FFs deal with every day:
We GET cookies all the time from folks, but how often do you see firefighters GIVING cookies? When the B-shift crew at Station 17 wants to thank @CTVSEH for saving two kittens they rescued, that’s exactly what they did! 📸 Torrey Pond, CTVSEH
Many years ago, we became the first City of Austin public safety agency to participate in the @AustinPride parade. We’ve continued our involvement every year since, including tonight. Thanks for having us! (Photo credit: Jeanie Garrett)
Many years ago, we became the first City of Austin public safety agency to participate in the Austin Pride parade. We’ve continued our involvement every year since, including tonight. Thanks for having us! (Photo credit: Jeanie Garrett)
Many years ago, we became the first City of Austin public safety agency to participate in the @AustinPride parade. We’ve continued that tradition every year since, including tonight. Thanks for having us! (Photo credit: Jeanie Garrett)
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