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The Sweet 16 of Austin Inno’s Tech Madness has arrived. - bit.ly/2tTCJrD
This Austin startup has the potential to save you a lot of time in note taking - bit.ly/2peEF9A
5 Austin Startups to Launch at SXSW 2018: Strangeworks, ICON and More - bit.ly/2tRQS94
The Sweet 16: Austin Startups Square Off in Tech Madness Competition - bit.ly/2tTCJrD Keep those votes coming...
Another sunny #SXSW day. But, yeah, it does rain during SXSW pretty much every year. We checked the almanac a couple years back - bit.ly/2FKBP2b
Austin's @jog_ai manages audio recordings from conference calls - bit.ly/2peEF9A
A diverse tech scene needs funding for diverse startups. With that in mind, meet Charlie Jackson, chief happiness officer at Diversity Fund.
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Jog.ai Wants to Help You Take Notes and Learn From Conference Calls - bit.ly/2peEF9A
Ofo Plans To Launch Dockless Bikes In Austin | 5 Startups Launched at SXSW | Google Bans Crypto Ads & more - bit.ly/2paOjK6
Have you voted in Round 2 of #TechMadnessATX today? Vote now: bit.ly/2DuzF4V https://t.co/URw0lcuHzc
RT @CaseFoundation: What has @najihkelley's journey been capturing the stories of diverse founders with @blnded? He shared with us at #SXSW…
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5 New Austin Startups Born at SXSW 2018 - bit.ly/2tRQS94
Today's Beat: @ofo_bicycle Plans To Launch Dockless Bikes In Austin | 5 Austin Startups Launching at SXSW | and more... bit.ly/2paOjK6
3, 2, 1... 5 Startups to Launch at #SXSW - bit.ly/2tRQS94
Un-Stealthed: 5 Austin Startups That Launched at #SXSW 2018 - bit.ly/2tRQS94
Spendindie Launches to Help Independent Business Reach More Consumers - bit.ly/2FLxHlZ
RT @JHCJR_: “Don’t be afraid of this stuff,” he said. “This is not going to break encryption, it’s going to bring stronger encryption… comp…
Take a SXSW break and check out the Austin Inno Tech Madness Round 1 Winners -- and Vote in Round 2! bit.ly/2FSP4kC
Several Austin startups are launching at SXSW. Spendindie is one that hopes to tie together a bunch of indie businesses to balance out corporate domination - bit.ly/2FLxHlZ
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“Every single sign that you can find points to more and more interest and more and more resources coming to quantum computing.” - @whurley
“He is crazy. But crazy in a kind of good way.” — Hugh Forrest on whurley.
RT @CaseFoundation: We're excited to see the upcoming coverage! @AustinInno and @blnded are teaming up to spotlight diverse startups https:…
Short-term rentals create a lot of new business opportunities. TurnKey Vacation Rentals just raised $31M in new funding to help property owners rent their places more easily - bit.ly/2Hqbxmi
Startups from Houston, Dallas and Austin to check out at SXSW - bit.ly/2oYgbRT
You can check out #SXSW Convergence Keynote Nonny de la Peña live online now - sxsw.com/live/#schedule
"For some founders, there’s been a big gap between the friends and family stage and the VC funding stage. This is where crowdfunding makes a big impact." - @Acceleros - bit.ly/2oZ1G0f
ICYMI: Austin Inno is teaming up with BLNDED Media to tell more stories about diverse innovators in the 512. Learn more about the partnership - americaninno.com/austin/blnded-…
Austin housing startups are having a big SXSW this year. ICON debuted its 3D printed house. And Kasita has its tiny smart home on display at Palm Park next to the convention center - bit.ly/2FLaFeL
New Austin Startup: Spendindie Launches Independent Business Marketplace at #SXSW - bit.ly/2FLxHlZ https://t.co/ydDR71XRrh
The Big Upsets in Round One of Austin’s Tech Madness Competition - bit.ly/2FSP4kC #TechMadnessATX https://t.co/eEzJEKmxLh
Austin startup selling yoga pants, other activewear pulls in $34 million, via @MyABJ (subscription) - bit.ly/2FRMY4R
Out of stealth mode, Austin's @ICON3DTech debuts 3-D printed house @sxsw -- and won at the SXSW Accelerator Awards - bit.ly/2FLaFeL
Today's big funding news: TurnKey Vacation Rentals Raises Series D Led by Adams Street Partners - bit.ly/2Hqbxmi
Today's Beat: ICON's 3D Printed Home | Kasita Selling Hundreds of Smart Tiny Homes | TurnKey Vacation Rentals' Series D Funding | And More... bit.ly/2FLaFeL https://t.co/LA5kMLlidN
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RT @re3Dprinting: Join Samantha today at #SXSW where she'll be a guest on the new show #WeTalk during the #DellExperience with @onditimoner…
RT @MyABJ: In a surprise #SXSW appearance Sunday @elonmusk talked Mars, the dangers of AI & more bizj.us/1pj3ta https://t.co/wxFVL…
Just In: Austin's @TurnKeyVR Secures a $31M Series D to provide tech-enabled vacation rental property management - bit.ly/2Hqbxmi
"I believe many people from diverse communities are not being invited to contribute to the discussion." - @najihkelley - bit.ly/2oWcKLp
RT @BunkerLabsATX: Just a few military #veteran #milspouse tickets left for our VIP happy hour @CapitalFactory Monday from 5-7pm Register n…
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Blockchain panels today and through the rest of #SXSW - bit.ly/2oXKIPF
"Diversity and inclusion affects us all and the sooner we acknowledge that fact, the better." - @najihkelley - americaninno.com/austin/blnded-…
whurley Launches Strangeworks. Learn more in 'Making Moves' of The Beat - bit.ly/2oXG5VM
A Look at Austin Inno Tech Madness 2018 and How to Vote - bit.ly/2oBKVIi
As blockchain booms at SXSW, Multicoin Capital announces plans to close a $250M cryptofund with investors like Marc Andreessen - bit.ly/2HjLZHp
Were you at #TechMadnessATX @WeWorkATX? Find yourself in one of these photos from the event - bit.ly/2Hezgpy
It's Day 3 of SXSW Interactive. Here's Our Guide to The top official SXSW events in 2018 - bit.ly/2oOGj1o
Dig into this awesome blockchain programming at SXSW this year - bit.ly/2oXKIPF
ICYMI: Out-of-Town Startups to See at the SXSW Accelerator 2018 - bit.ly/2H88KOI
@FloSports CEO departs; @bigcommerce promotes chief dev officer; and more in The Top Tech Hires and Departures in Austin (February 2018) - bit.ly/2tmlJtM
Coming up #SXSW2018 -- This Might Be SXSW’s Most Star-Studded Startup Event - bit.ly/2oMy9qi
Check out these photos from 2018 Austin Inno Tech Madness - bit.ly/2Hezgpy
Happening this afternoon: Matthew McConaughey, Ashton Kutcher to Judge #SXSW Pitch Competition - bit.ly/2oMy9qi
Ready or not… "Ready Player One” will debut at the Paramount Theater on Sunday at 9:30 pm. #SXSW
Whurley Launches Strangeworks at #SXSW | Multicoin Capital Attracts Well-Known Investors | Amazon's Austin HQ2 Tour | and more - bit.ly/2oXG5VM
RT @joinMio: Excited to be part of this group representing Texas startups at #SXSW! twitter.com/tarapohlmeyer/…
ICYMI: Funding Inclusive Startups: Meet Diversity Fund's Charlie Jackson - bit.ly/2oZ1G0f
RT @re3Dprinting: Thanks @AustinInno for the shout-out! We're also at @WeWork Congress all day today and tomorrow with #GigabotX, our new p…
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A Few of the Top Texas Startups to Watch at SXSW 2018 - bit.ly/2oYgbRT
It's #SXSW Day 2. Here are our picks for the best official panels to check out today and the rest of the festival - bit.ly/2oOGj1o
Your #SXSW guide to the best #blockchain events - bit.ly/2oXKIPF
This is shaping up to be Austin's biggest cryptofund - bit.ly/2HjLZHp
Investors at Craft Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz are backing an Austin cryptofund - bit.ly/2HjLZHp
ICYMI: Multicoin Capital is Raising a $250M Fund with Marc Andreessen and Other Big Name investors - bit.ly/2HjLZHp
Startup Crawl has grown so much so fast by positioning with SXSW. https://t.co/HfIc2riKSN
Partying down with the good people @CapitalFactory #atxstartupcrawl https://t.co/DakW3HTK5Q
We just met Pony Trap, a musician who is mixing industrial robotic drumming with classical violin. He even played a Ministry song. He’s a musician - not a technician. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” he said. https://t.co/lrj6FuoTPK
Just In: Texas Startups to Watch at #SXSW 2018 - bit.ly/2oYgbRT https://t.co/rpXCetBvnG
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A Look at Some of the Top Out-of-Town Startups at the SXSW Accelerator this year - bit.ly/2H88KOI
@pmarca, @DavidSacks and @AdamZeplain are among investors in on @multicoincap's planned $250M cryptofund. americaninno.com/austin/funding…
BLNDED Media and Austin Inno Join Forces to Cover Diversity in Tech - bit.ly/2Hhk5vR
Just In: Big Name Investors Flock to Multicoin Capital’s Planned $250M Fund - bit.ly/2HjLZHp
RT @ashley_doyal: Wow, this was super needed and I can't think of a better company to pair with than @blnded. Congrats @najihkelley! I see…
Here's Our 'Blockchain Enthusiast’s Guide to #SXSW' - bit.ly/2oXKIPF
Good morning. And happy Day 1 of @sxsw. Here's Our Official Interactive Guide to Find the Best Panels and Events - bit.ly/2oOGj1o
Funding Inclusive Startups: Meet Diversity Fund's Charlie Jackson - bit.ly/2oZ1G0f
Star power + startups -- Matthew McConaughey, Ashton Kutchner to Judge SXSW Pitch Competition - bit.ly/2oMy9qi
Picking your #SXSW panels? Check our guide for startup-oriented events -- and other stuff we think looks cool - bit.ly/2oOGj1o
A Blockchain Enthusiast’s Guide to SXSW - bit.ly/2oXKIPF #SXSW #Blockchain #Bitcoin #crypto
We're excited to share some Inno news today -- We're teaming up with BLNDED Media to provide even more coverage of Austin's diverse startup scene - bit.ly/2oWcKLp
Looking for a new Austin tech job? Check our Careers Directory - bit.ly/2z35FOF
Check out this @blnded Q&A with Diversity Fund’s Charlie Jackson - bit.ly/2oZ1G0f
Austin Inno Partners with BLNDED Media to Cover Diverse Startups - bit.ly/2oWcKLp
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