The official Twitter account of the @Setonfamily Austin Marathon presented by @UnderArmour®. Produced by @highfiveevents. Feb. 16, 2020. #RunAustin20
You + us + Instagram = 😍 📲… #AustinMarathon #AustinHalfMarathon
RT @3mhalfmarathon: You should join us, @austinmarathon, @cap10k, and all of the #Austin running for #GlobalRunningDay - Austin style - on…
It's Monday afternoon. You're on Twitter. Express how you're feeling in GIF form!
There are thousands of variables that go into a person’s ideal movement pattern. A person’s gait is as unique as their fingerprint! Learn more about the right way to run with @RunLabAustin's Dr. Davis.
When you look up the word "determination" in the 📕dictionary the below image of @lieberg_heather now appears. Can't wait to see what's next for the 2019 @setonfamily #AustinMarathon female champ (2:42:27)!
RT @runlikeagrrl: Ahem, you know who you are... 😜…
Benefit #2 of cross-training with @campGladiator this summer - increase and maintain strength in your upper body, lower body, and core. More benefits via @3mhalfmarathon
Still waking up? Click play and shake off the weekend cobwebs! #WeLiketheSoundofThat 🔊 Jungle by @TASHSULTANAA.…
🚨Registration opens on June 1st for the 29th annual @setonfamily #AustinMarathon presented by @UnderArmour🙌 👉Tag one out-of-town running friend who has yet to run Austin's streets with you and invite them to town!
“To give any less than your best is to sacrifice a gift.” – Steve Prefontaine #AustinMarathontraining #AustinHalfMarathontraining
It's a B-E-A-utiful day! What are your outdoor plans?
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger #AustinMarathontraining #AustinHalfMarathontraining
Benefit #4 of cross-training with @campGladiator this summer - improve posture and strength for your long races and those final miles. More benefits via @3mhalfmarathon
RT @XopherJoseph: The actual best day of the year #biketoworkday @ParamountAustin @austinmarathon……
Benefit #6 of cross-training with @campGladiator this summer - reduced chance of injury by training different muscles and foundational movement patterns. More benefits via @3mhalfmarathon
Some gnarly storms are headed this way. Stay informed with @KXAN_News and @JimSpencerKXAN! ⛈️ - #turnarounddontdrown
Add this easy-to-make Chicken Salad recipe to your weekly rotation! via @EvolvingTable
How many times did you hit the snooze before this morning's run?
Who's one person you plan to run with this weekend and how far will y'all go?
Need a ⚡️jolt this Friday to get you to the weekend? Click play below! #WeLiketheSoundofThat 🔊 Lightning Bolt by @JakeBugg.…
Shoes matter, but there isn’t a shoe in the world that can replace working on your biomechanics. Learn more about the right way to run with @RunLabAustin's Dr. Davis.
We're with our good friends @ParamountAustin celebrating #BiketoWorkDay! Stop by, refuel with a 🌮taco, grab some goodies, and see how you could win an entry to the #AustinMarathon5K!
RT @runnersworld: The @UnderArmour Hovr Velociti 2 combines the snap of a racing flat with the support of an everyday trainer.…
Happy #BiketoWorkDay! See y'all at the @paramountheatre. We'll be there until 9:00ish!
“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” – Heywood Broun #AustinMarathontraining #AustinHalfMarathontraining
5 Summertime #Running Tips to Beat the Heat
4 Reasons to Have a Training Partner 3) Push the boundaries - It’s easier to be complacent if you’re training alone. A training buddy will be there to push you. Nothing like some friendly competition!
Protect your skin! If your route is mostly ☀️sunny, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you begin your run. Even if it's 🌤️cloudy!
👋Hey Winnie! Winnie will be at #GlobalRunningDay on June 5th. Will you? Details coming soon!
We're partnering with our friends @paramountheatre for #BiketoWorkDay tomorrow, May 17th! Visit us at Paramount and refuel with tacos. You could also win 2 entries to the #AustinMarathon 5K before registration opens on June 1st!
Easy listening for this afternoon. Happy #WillieWednesday! 🔊Mendocino County Line by @WillieNelson and @leeannwomack.…
4 Reasons to Have a Training Partner 4) It's fun - #Running is better with friends. It really is that simple!
RT @LimonATX: @austinmarathon Texas TRUTH🤘🏽
If you're going to run on the trail, make sure you practice proper trail etiquette. Thanks to @TTFAustin for the reminder!…
Celebrate #BiketoWorkDay w/ us this Friday (May 17th)! We'll be with our friends at @paramountheatre and have tacos (until they last), goodies, and maybe a chance to win a couple #AustinMarathon5K entries! Thanks to @JacksGenericTri for the post.…
RT @kyle_j_kranz: The poster collection is coming along nicely. #longrun #trailrunners #veganstrong #brookingsmarathon #nomeatnoproblem #e…
Benefit #8 of cross-training with @campGladiator this summer - increased agility, balance, and coordination will help you move better and more efficiently. More benefits via @3mhalfmarathon
26.2 Reasons You’ll Love the #AustinMarathon #1 - Austin, Texas – need we say more? Here you go 👉 Don't forget: registration opens on June 1st!
Ladies and gentlemen - today’s winning Tweet. #DontForgettoBringaTowel…
Your gym bag should always have an extra towel and an extra set of clothes. Because Texas weather!
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Before she ran the #AustinHalfMarathon earlier this year, @spease31 sat down with @FloTrack to chat about returning to #Austin, workouts, and what her future holds.…
Is your #nonprofit interested in being involved with #AustinGivesMiles? 👇Learn more.…
RT @3mhalfmarathon: The @austinmarathon recently asked Twitter “What’s one thing you always do/have/eat/drink before, during, or after your…
Begin your day with this song and you greatly increase your chances of having an excellent week.🤘 #WeLiketheSoundofThat 🔊 Readymade by @ChiliPeppers.…
Less than 4 hours until the second-to-last #GameofThrones episode. What do you expect will happen?
5 Summertime Running Tips to Beat the Heat #2 - Protect yourself ☀️ apply sweat-proof sunscreen before your run 🤠 wear a hat/visor 👕 wear lighter colored clothes with sweat-wicking material 😎 rock the shades…
Enjoy your day, moms. Hope you wake up to breakfast in bed! #HappyMothersDay
Registration for the 2020 @setonfamily #AustinMarathon opens in THREE WEEKS and... we're so excited and we just can't hide it!
What's currently your favorite TV show?
Apparently there are 147 days until #NationalTacoDay on Oct. 4th. But let's be real, if you know us every day is National Taco Day!
What are your weekend training plans?
Sparkle all day when you begin your day with this song! 🔊Shine On You Crazy Diamond by @pinkfloyd.…
☀️Summer isn't here just yet, but you can plan your training adjustments now with tips and advice from the @highfiveevents May Running Newsletter!
Register for the 26th annual @3mhalfmarathon today and take advantage of their Early Bird pricing! #DownhilltoDowntown - Jan. 19, 2020
Do you ever really need an excuse to make 🥑guacamole? The answer is no. Now excuse us while we make some guac using the @EvolvingTable recipe!…
Adjust your route on the trail accordingly!…
RT @3mhalfmarathon: If you're running this week, make sure you check the radar before you leave the house! More storms are predicted this…
24 days until 2020 @setonfamily #AustinMarathon registration opens on June 1st!
Click below to view the slideshow of our favorite Austin 🎨murals along the #AustinMarathon course! Pro tip: use the Google 🗺️Map ( we created to visit them all!…
Howdy - greeting term used by Texans. Howdy is a shortened form of 'How do ye? even though it's more of a statement and not a question.
How many miles are on this week's training agenda?
FYI - 286 days until the 2020 @setonfamily Austin Marathon. 🗣️Registration opens on June 1st!
Do you meal prep for the upcoming week? If so, what did you make this weekend?
🗣️Follow us on Instagram to see who we feature on #MedalMonday! 📲 We want to feature you + your Austin Marathon/Half Marathon/5K medal on Instagram! Email ( the original image + your handle to be featured.
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I ran ___ miles today.
What's your favorite emoji? *Yes, you must pick only one!
5 Summertime Running Tips to Beat the Heat #5 - Hit the Trails - running with nature gets you away from the asphalt (absorbs heat), away from cars + their exhaust, and closer to the trees (that provide shade) + creeks (where you can cool off if needed).…
What do you have lined up for the first weekend of May?
RT @Ascensionorg: A program created in Ascension Texas to honor the service of veterans has spread to Ascension Indiana. @StVincentIN @seto…
Happy #NationalMontanaDay to Montanan @lieberg_heather, the 2019 @setonfamily Austin Marathon female champ!
Besides the day of the #AustinMarathon, what's your favorite holiday?
5 Summertime Running Tips to Beat the Heat
Is There Really a Right Way to Run?
Find your calendar and circle Saturday, June 1st. That's when registration will open for the 2020 @setonfamily Austin Marathon!
Add some rock & roll to your #running playlist. The Raconteurs' Blue Veins will get you pumped up!…
Have you worn your #AustinHalfMarathon finisher medal lately?
You're in the zone at work wrapping up a project. What are you listening to? A) music B) podcast C) silence D) co-worker talking about their heartburn from last night's TexMex
Why Your Nonprofit Should Join Austin Gives Miles
Looking for a tune-up run before the 2020 #AustinMarathon? Look no further than the 2020 @3mhalfmarathon! Registration is open and you get a sweet 🎁gift when you register today (May 1st)!
Our #DiscoverYourAustin campaign was quite popular, so we built a Google map for you! Explore some of our favorite places along the #AustinMarathon course. What's your favorite?…
Willie Nelson turned 86 on April 29th and has no plans for slowing down! Happy #WillieWednesday! 🔊Still Not Dead by @WillieNelson.…
Including today, how many running miles did you log in April?
🗣️Don't forget: registration opens ‼️TOMORROW‼️ for the 2020 @3mhalfmarathon - Can't wait to see the design of their spinning finisher medal!
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When training or competing, tie your shoelaces in a double knot. This will keep them from coming untied so you can keep your pace steady!
4 Reasons to Have a Training Partner 2. Positive reinforcement - during training, there are a lot of smaller goals to meet before you reach the start line. Celebrate those achievements with your partner! 3 more reasons⬇️…
Happy birthday to the king and the reason for our #WillieWednesday Tweets: @WillieNelson
Happy Monday! How many miles do you plan to run this week?
How many miles did you log this weekend?
⏱️The start for @lancearmstrong, our 2019 Charity Chaser, who finished the #AustinMarathon in 3:02:13. 🙌He helped us reach our $1 million fundraising goal for #AustinGivesMiles!
🗣️We want to feature you and your #AustinMarathon or #AustinHalfMarathon medal on our Instagram! 📲 Email ( the original image and your Instagram handle for a chance to be featured.
RT @Msnazzzy: black coffee before, water during, and beer after.…
Family and/or friends are visiting from outside Austin. What's the first "Austin thing" y'all do?
RT @sportsaustin: Congrats to our friends at @setonfamily for being named the Official Medical Provider of the @JacksGenericTri! More deta…
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