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Great question! Everyday we place a new dueling duo from this bracket on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then customers vote b/w the 2 in the comments. We'll announce the winner the next day, and wind up with one grand champion!…
Today kicks off 2018’s #LiteraryMarchMadness. Our first battle pits Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty against @mariasemple’s Where’d You Go Bernadette. Which one will advance to round two? Vote for your favorite in the comments! #WomensMarchMadness
#LiteraryMarchMadness is here! Check out our bracket for all of the titles that are battling it out in this year’s #WomensMarchMadness!
RT @ATXMusicOffice: ThrowbackThursday: Last week Austin Public Library took a look at their local film and music collection. You can check…
RT @txbooklover: AUSTIN takes 2nd place in @LoneStarLit's 4th annual #TOP10 #TEXAS BOOKISH DESTINATIONS!… w/@bookwom…
Community news: "Garden City Mega City" exhibit at #NewCentralLibrary through April 15. Check out this sustainable vision for 21st century urban design #MoreThanBooks…
RT @APLFF: Don't forget! Our Mayor's Book Club youth event is SAT 3/24 at @AustinPublicLib. Kids ages 8 to 12 are invited to read & discuss…
If you are in town for SXSW and overwhelmed: 1) Visit the new Ellsworth Kelly building & exhibit at @blantonmuseum, it's free today 2) Visit our new glorious @AustinPublicLib, which is free every day Both less than 30 minute walk from the convention center.
RT @annmarie8: Yummy and real sweet/ I like pie and you should too/ Eat pie everyday #pieku #austinpubliclibrary #APLambassador #piday http…
RT @SuzanNyfeler: #pieku Polka Band and pie - Library Science and Pi - let’s do this next year
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Central Library’s #pieku contest for #piday !
Pie is nutritious ~ When filled with fruit or berries ~ So eat some every day! (Brandi R) #pieku
I love intergers ~ with my yummy cherry pie ~ Best pi day today. (Jane M) #pieku
To eat or not to eat ~ Pie is the best good desert ~ I think I will eat it. (Elizabeth B) #pieku
Yum pie is yummy ~ I like pie a lot yum ~ in my tummy. (Kirori) #pieku
Pie is so very good ~ I can eat it all day long ~ God bless Texas Y'all! (Chronley G) #pieku
Polka band or pie? I think I’d have to choose both. Ugh! I can’t decide. #pieku by Morgan L
Time to stuff my face / but what flavor should I choose it’s so hard to pick #pieku by Morgan L
Pi is very long ~ There are infinite numbers ~ I'm hungry, let's eat! (Camilla H) #pieku
It’s almost as fun to bake the delicious pie as it is to eat #pieku by Morgan L
I love pie so much / can I please have some more mom / it’s so delicious #pieku by Morgan L
Ugh I can't decide ~ There is just way too much pie ~ I think I'll have 2! (Morgan L) #pieku
Cherry berry pie / I want you in my tummy / it’s time to go bake #pieku by Morgan L
Would you like some pie? ~ I have one all to myself ~ Don't you wish I'd share? (Camilla H) #pieku
Hard to understand / unless it’s very yummy / when it’s in my tummy / #pikeu by Matilda S
Pie is the greatest ~ You never have to doubt it ~ always trust pie. (Amalia) #pieku
Baking is complex / but mathematics is too / on pie they agree #pieku by Delia R
Today is pi day ~ My favorite part is pie ~ Apple or key lime? (Camilla H) #pieku
Numbers oh numbers / that is what pi means today / celebrate pi yay #pieku by Amalia
All of the flavors ~ There are millions of pies ~ Which one do I like? (Elizabeth B) #pieku
My day is pie day / but I don’t really like pie / birthday paradox #pieku by Carmen
I really like pi ~ But know what I like better? ~ Sour cherry pie. (Camilla H) #pieku
I was born today / 15 years ago without pie / pie is no bueno #pieku by Carmen
It is sweet or tart ~ Either way, it warms my heart ~ eat it for desert. (Delia R) #pieku
We all love pie / wish the world was good like pie / more blue than the sky #pieku by Maayan
Apple pi is real ~ No matter what they tell me ~ I will eat away. (Camilla H) #pieku
Make me good pie / I can’t wait to eat it up / pie is th bestest #pieku by Kirani
I like to eat pie ~ In the afternoon and night ~ Pie is the greatest! (Vivian C) #pieku
Pie is delicious / math isn’t / I think I’ll pick pie #pieku by Morgan L
I cannot decide ~ Pie! Pie! Pie! ~ Apple or cherry? (Morgan L) #pieku
Pumpkin and Cherry / chocolate too / pie! Pie! I’ll eat two #pieku by Morgan L
Pie is a yummy treat ~ And it's controversial ~ Apple or Pumpkin? (Camilla H) #pieku
Pie is infinite / pumpkin and other flavors / can’t memorize the digits #pikeu by Jose P
Christmas eve, Pie Town ~ New Mexico, inside we ~ wait for cherry pie. (Tracy F) #pieku
Pie is very good / I would make it if I could / but i can’t bake well #pieku by anon
Blue-Black-berry pie ~ I want to eat you always ~ Put some cream on top. (Kimberly) #pieku
Soon the time is nigh to consume some pie but for now goodbye. #pieku by Delia R
Nom, nom, I eat you ~ Num, number pi is unique ~ I like you the same. (Delia R) #pieku
Pie is good gourmet / whether a snack of a meal / it makes life better #pieku by Allan
Three point one four five / getting all the greatest jives / I have wasted lives #pieku by Ian H
Who doesn't love pie? ~ I love it ~ My favorite desert! (Morgan L) #pieku
Please give me apple pie / pie ad infinitum genius / pie makes me sing loud #pieku by Lucy k
I wish real pie was ~ infinite ~ but then I'd be fat. (Morgan L) #pieku
Such a great number / wow I love the number pi / infinite number by anon. #pieku
Pie is amazing / pie is better than all ever / pie is the best ever #pieku by Everitt
Yummy and real sweet ~ I like pie and you should too ~ Eat pie every day. (Melendrez Family) #pieku
Lasagne Pizza / ice cream lobster chocolate wine / I would still choose pie #pieku by Diane G
Pie is like a star ~ Ever so high in the bleu sky ~ apple is the best. (Alexi & Ari & Lucy) #pieku
Pie is so awesome / I just love that juicy taste / it just makes me scream #pieku by Alex Ari and Lucy
Lemon merengue pie / daffodils warmth and sunshine / spring in every bite #pieku by Melissa S
It's Pi Day today ~ the lady is making pie ~ We are so hungry... (Emily D) #pieku
Flaky golden crust / sweet clouds of tender, soft fruit / much better than tau #pieku by Campbell C.
π, Pie, stuff your face, ~ Pie, π, Random yes or no? ~ Pie is still very good. (Ira S) #pieku
RT @ShepleyBulfinch: Hey #SXSW goers, be sure to visit the new @AustinPublicLib - No. 5 on @TexasHighways Top 18 Places to Visit in TX - an…
Do you like circles? ~ Infinitely many points ~ Made out of goodness. (Emily D) #pieku
Pi, infinity... ~ it drones on forever. ~ who cares, I have pie. (Daniel L) #pieku
My pie just sits here ~ On the day of my birthday ~ A.K.A. Pi Day. (Carmen) #pieku
Pi day is for pie ~ Carmen's birthday is today ~ Happy birthday Carmen! (Casey) #pieku
Circle of yummy ~ This is what I really want ~ Pie in my tummy. (Eduard D) #pieku
Pie is so lovely ~ And yummy in my tummy ~ Nom nom nom nom nom... (Lynn Z) #pieku
I made a pie once ~ It was made out of cuties ~ It was pi-tastic. (Emily D) #pieku
Buttery, creamy ~ Delicious, sweet, and crunchy ~ Yummy, yummy Pie! (Frances) #pieku
A pie at grandma's ~ Sweet smells wafting in air ~ Pie in the belly. (Aravind R) #pieku
A special number ~ Helps wheels continue to turn ~ Around all of us. (Victor G) #pieku
The mighty rhubarb ~ Taste encrusted in gold ~ Sweet slice of summer.~ (Doge The Man) #pieku
I love tasty pie ~ It is also a number ~ Pie is so awesome. (Elizabeth B) #pieku
Pi is infinite ~ But real pie is sadly not ~ Thought I wish it was. (Delia Rune) #pieku
Pie is so yummy ~ flakey buttery tender ~ morsels of delight. @kathoulhu #pieku
RIP Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and literal embodiment of mind over matter…
RT @APLFF: atCentral is our new cultural series at @AustinPublicLib's Central branch. We're bringing you intriguing performances, conversat…
RT @Chicon_St_Poets: Chicon Street Poets Present Aural Literature Wednesday 03.28.18, 7:30 pm at Terrazas branch of @AustinPublicLib 1105 E…
RT @ATXTacoProject: You know how no one really teaches you how to be an adult? Now you can attend a monthly series on #Adulting 101 at the…
It’s almost time, next Friday, March 16, starts our fourth annual #LiteraryMarchMadness. This year we’re honoring Women’s History Month and hosting a #WomensMarchMadness! 16 books written by women, two weeks, one ultimate champion.
RT @bangerton: The new @AustinPublicLib is an M.C. Escher work come to life <3
RT @Leahruns100: As I listen to #SXSW discussions on everything from #NetNeutrality, #DigitalDivide & 1st Amendment issues, I believe even…
RT @NHasnatSenzai: Honored to be part of the Mayor's Book Club by reading & discussing @NHasnatSenzai's Escape from Aleppo. @TXLA #TXLA18…
RT @wedgeofspite: Just more awesomeness from @AustinPublicLib ...
RT @janetll69: A friend informed me a new book store has opened here in Austin. I let her know that I'm in a committed relationship with @A…
RT @ChasesCalendar: RT @AustinPublicLib: #SXSW 2018 starts today! The Library is #MoreThanBooks. Get a live look at music CDs by artists pl…
RT @juliehn: "Books are your stories on a shelf" - #aplambassador #austinpubliclibrary #zuckerberg #gates #SXSWConvergence…
RT @N42PA: Great times playing #Texas42 @AustinPublicLib with @Austin42club #BoardWithBooks Come join us for the next meet up scheduled for…
#SXSW 2018 starts today! The Library is #MoreThanBooks. Get a live look at music CDs by artists playing during the fest this year, and get your library card ready to check them out. Full video with links:…
In this rather innocuous photo of the #NewCentralLibrary hides a treasure left by a stranger. Who is this mysterious love bandit? #ATX #LibraryLove
RT @p3d40: If you are in Austin next week, I'll be talking about pi for #PiDay at @AustinPublicLib And there will be pie! #math #mathchat #…
City solution to solve parking challenges at Austin Central Library begins March 12 #NewCentralLibrary #ATX…
Follow-up question: If you go to the #NewCentralLibrary and don't tag @AustinPublicLib in your post, how will we know that you care?! Be an #APLambassador folks, and show the love:……
RT @AustinPublicLib: @connmcc @McConaughey We second that! We already see the Matthew McConaughey "McConaissance" at the Austin Public Libr…
RT @connmcc: @AustinPublicLib Now if we could just get @McConaughey to come to @AustinPublicLib and be our ambassador for a day! It would l…
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