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RT @PaperCensus: .@GovLoop highlights our ongoing collaboration with @austintexasgov…
Ending our tour with @BHEEagles gym class and the great playground made possible by the AISD/PARD and @austintexasgov partnership. #AISDHome #AISDProud #SomosAISD #BackToSchool #AISDGot❤️ #AISDGotTalent
@austintexasgov tells @AKMcGlinchy that City Clerk Jannette Goodall has reversed her decision to challenge @conwayforatx's #atxcouncil bid.
NEW: @austintexasgov responds to state court putting #PaidSickLeave on hold, pending court case:
Imagine parks in place of parking spaces in #ATX for a day. #PARKingDayATX is Friday, Sept. 21! More info on Eventbrite:
The @_normansims Stars & Tigers students started off the #FirstDayOfSchool with a warm community welcome! #AISDHome @austintexasgov @Oraatx1 @DrTedGordonAISD @jefftravillion #AISDproud
#AISDProud of all our crossing guards helping our students and families get to school safely! #AISDHome #AllAreWelcome #SomosAISD #BackToSchool #AISDGotHeart #AISDGotTalent @austintexasgov
Today is #WorldMosquitoDay, a commemoration of the 1897 discovery that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans. Did you know that @AusPublicHealth helps individual property owners with eradicating mosquitoes on their property?… cc @austintexasgov
Summer is the time to have fun and be worry-free. Ensure the best summer possible by following @austinenergy’s safety tips:
#ICYMI: Here's a recap of our #ATXBudget facts and trivia from the past week. Lots of #TIL up in here. ⚡️ “Proposed FY19 Budget: We Tested Your Knowledge”…
Do we talk too much? Not enough? Are we interesting? Do you…like us? Tell us! We can take it – and use your feedback to do better. Communications survey closes 8/31: #manythanks #engage #atx
The answer to today’s #ATXBudget poll? “All of the above” – #ATXCouncil, the community & City staff all get to have their say on how the Budget money should be spent. Public hearings on the FY19 budget have been set for 8/22 & 8/30 at City Hall. Watch the video for more info:
Test your knowledge with this final City Budget poll! Who gets a say about how the #ATXBudget money is spent?
If you haven’t taken your #CityHallSelfie in #Austin yet, it’s not too late to share in our *moment ⚡️*. Use #CityHallSelfieATX and post a photo with City Hall today to get a spot in our recap tomorrow!
Has your criminal record prevented you from getting a job? Does your current employer not provide paid sick leave? Join the community training event for the Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance and Earned Sick Time Ordinance on Aug. 23 (5:30-7:30pm) at the Asian American Resource Center.
Today’s #ATXBudget poll answer: About 20% of a typical taxpayer’s property tax bill went to the City of Austin in FY2018. The estimates for FY2019 are still being developed. Check out the video for more info:
The Mayor now adjourns the meeting of #ATXCouncil.
With a 7-4 vote #ATXCouncil authorizes negotiation & execution of agreements with Precourt Sports Ventures for the construction, lease & occupancy of a sports stadium & related development at City-owned 10414 McKalla Place, with the goal of completion for the 2021 @MLS season.
Did you know your #Austin City Hall is an art gallery? Each year, we select new pieces by local artists to showcase throughout the building. Swing by today for a free tour, & snap a selfie with your favorite piece #CityHallSelfieATX
Today’s #ATXCouncil meeting is underway. The sole item for discussion today is the future of McKalla Place including the potential for a Major League Soccer Stadium on the site. Follow live on
Today’s Special Called Meeting of the #ATXCouncil will being momentarily. Today’s agenda focuses exclusively on the future of McKalla place and a possible MLS Statdium. Follow live on ATXN.TV.
Hey, #atx! Today is National #CityHallSelfie Day. So whether you're downtown for a bite or business, swing by 301 W. 2nd, snap a selfie, & be featured in our moment ⚡️ #CityHallSelfieATX
#ATXBudget Trivia: Day 3! What % of the FY2018 estimated, typical taxpayer’s property tax bill goes to the City of Austin? Choose the answer you think is correct:
Los Miembros del Cabildo de la Ciudad de Austin comenzaran a deliberar mañana el propuesto presupuesto para el año 2019. Haz un clic aquí para obtener el resumen
Thanks again for participating! We’ll have another #ATXBudget poll tomorrow before #ATXCouncil starts its 1st deliberations on the proposed FY19 budget. Tune in live at ATXN.TV & check out a snapshot of the proposed budget
We had more than 600 responses to our three #ATXBudget trivia polls, & 65% of the answers were correct. So, where does the City Budget money go? This video gives you the budget breakdown.
Think you knew the answer to Funding Trivia Q3 about the #ATXBudget? See for yourself: Airport. Stay tuned for a final tally of today's polls, plus a video with more about the City budget.
Answer to this morning’s #ATXBudget Funding Trivia Q2: Austin Animal Shelter. Y'all are crushing it! Q3 of our budget trivia closes in 30 minutes, so submit your answers now!
Here’s the answer to #ATXBudget Funding Trivia Q1: Street maintenance. Looks like most of you got it right #way2go. The other two polls are still going, so check them out and test your knowledge!
Funding Trivia Q3: Which of the following does the City of Austin fund? #ATXBudget
Funding Trivia Q2: Which of the following does the City of Austin fund? #ATXBudget
Try your hand at #ATXBudget Funding Trivia today! Q1: Which of the following does the City of Austin fund?
We delivered half of the supplies City staff donated to 7 local schools today for #COABAB2018. The rest go out Wednesday. Thanks, team! #COAproud #publicservants…
Learn about your rights to Fair Chance Hiring and Earned Sick Time at any of our three Know Your Rights! community events (Aug. 23rd, 25th, & 28th). Visit to learn more about locations and times.
We asked you roughly what % of the City’s annual revenue comes from property tax. The answer: About 15%. Watch the video to learn more. #ATXBudget
The St. John Branch Library, 7500 Blessing Ave., Northeast Austin, is closing for the rest of the day, Monday, August 13, due to lack of air conditioning. Apologies for the inconvenience. @AustinPublicLib
OK, Austin. Let’s see what you know about the #ATXBudget! Roughly what % of the City’s annual revenue comes from property tax?
Did you know? Only a portion of your property tax dollars go the City of Austin. In FY 2018, the City of Austin’s portion of the estimated typical tax bill was 20.6% #ATXBudget
Property taxes account for 47% of the General Fund’s (GF) budget. The GF funds critical services like police, fire, parks, and libraries. Join the #ATXBudget discussion. Public hearings are set for 8/22 & 8/30
⚡️ “Relive Austin City Council's 8/9/18 Meeting”…
Howdy, Austin! If you’re following us here, you hear from us all the time. We want to know what we can do to improve. Take a few minutes to fill out this survey to help us out #manythanks #engage #atx
Another #ATXBudget stat: In the City’s proposed FY19 Budget, the monthly tax bill to the City of Austin for a median-valued house would go up $5
#ATXCouncil approves item #113, ordering a general municipal election to be held on November 6, 2018, for Mayor and five Council Members, and ordering special elections for Bond authorization, Charter amendments and citizen-initiated ordinances. The meeting is adjourned.
Item #109 - Council discussion and possible action related to alternative plans for development at McKalla Place - will also be taken up again on Wednesday, alongside the MLS item. #ATXCouncil
Confirmed: #ATXCouncil postpones MLA/McKalla item. It will be taken up again at a special called meeting on Wednesday starting 9 a.m.
#ATXCouncil have checked their calendars, are back in session, and are discussing timetabling for a 3-hour Special Called meeting on Wednesday morning to take a decision on the MLA/McKalla proposal.
#ATXCouncil is taking a brief recess so Council Members can check their availability for coming back another day to deal with the 20-something amendments they have tabled on the MLS/McKalla item. No decision has been taken yet on whether a delay will happen.
Following completion of public comment on McKalla Place, Council begins their discussion on items #19 and #109.
Public comment on item #109 - Council discussion and possible action related to alternative plans for development at city-owned 10414 McKalla Place - is being heard at the same time. Agenda item: #ATXCouncil
Wat-er you doing on September 25? #ATXCouncil earlier proclaimed that date Barton Springs University Day, offering students & other residents free admission to Barton Springs Pool and outdoor learning on freshwater ecosystems and water policy for the Austin area. @AustinCityParks
Time Out: #ATXCouncil will now break for music and proclamations, before recessing until about 6:45p.m. Tune into ATXN.TV shortly to see Andrea Smith perform. More Council action will follow later with items on Major League Soccer and November elections.
Back from break, #ATXCouncil turns to item #19 - Major League Soccer at McKalla Place. Council will hear contributions from the public first. More info on this item here: Watch live on ATXN.TV at
CodeVEXED: #ATXCouncil approves a resolution finding that #CodeNEXT is no longer a suitable mechanism to achieve its stated goals, and directing the City Manager to develop and propose a new process leading to a Land Development Code that achieves goals set out in City plans.
Bug off! #ATXCouncil earlier approved contracts for economic and effective pest control services in and around more than 200 City of Austin facilities.
More Budgeting: #ATXCouncil sets public hearings on the proposed tax rate that it will ultimately adopt for fiscal year 2019 for August 22 at 1:00 p.m. and August 30 at 4:00 p.m., both at Austin City Hall.
Budgeting: #ATXCouncil adopts a MAXIMUM proposed property tax rate of 44.2 cents per $100 of taxable value for Financial Year 2019. That is 6% above the effective operations & maintenance tax rate. The ACTUAL tax rate will be adopted next month. #ATXBudget
Back from closed session, #ATXCouncil is now discussing zoning items. View today's full agenda at, follow Council actions at and watch live on ATXN.TV at
If you build it, they will build it: #ATXCouncil backs deal with Austin Regional Manufacturers Association to provide workforce development opportunities for low-income Austinites, focusing on training, certification, intern & apprentice opportunities in the manufacturing sector.
Can’t Stop the Music: #ATXCouncil has approved a contract with @austinmusic to help local musicians build sustainable music careers & incomes. The contract is expected to provide online support and education to up to 4,000 musicians across the city.
Watt a great deal! #ATXCouncil has approved the purchase and installation of 330 charging stations to power up City-owned electric vehicles – important steps towards de-carbonizing the fleet and achieving community-wide net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. @austinenergy
Bookish: #ATXCouncil has approved a contract for a subscription service to give @AustinPublicLib users access to information sources like physical and digitized historic materials, eJournal indexing & searching, articles, and more.
#ATXCouncil begins hearing Citizen Communications and will later break for lunch and move into closed session to discuss legal issues related to a number of items.
Paw-sitive news: #ATXCouncil approves a contract with Emancipet to provide heartworm disease treatment to Austin shelter dogs after they’ve been adopted, helping more than 300 heartworm positive dogs to find permanent homes through adoption each year.
Items pulled for discussion by #ATXCouncil are 13, 14, 15, 19, 32, 42, 48, 61, 67, 108, 109, 111, 112 and 113. Item 12 is withdrawn and items 20, 39, and 101 postponed. The remaining items on the consent agenda - 1-68 and 110 - are approved. Full agenda:
#ATXCouncil's Regular Meeting is about to begin. View the 113 items on the agenda here:, follow Council actions at and watch live on ATXN.TV at
Got thoughts on dockless bikes & scooters in Austin? We want to hear from you! Take our survey and share it widely:…
For the next few days, we’ll be sharing stats about the proposed FY2019 #ATXBudget. Pay attention & get excited: A trivia game is coming! To start, here’s a breakdown of the City’s total proposed FY2019 budget by all six Strategic Outcomes
Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk yesterday thanked the more-than-1,000 Austin residents who have taken part in the #ATXBudget process, pointing to the overlap between #ATXCouncil and community priorities. Watch his full Proposed Budget presentation at
#ICYMI: Check out the highlights from City Manager Spencer Cronk’s #ATXBudget presentation to #atxcouncil yesterday…
Thanks for following along! #ICYMI: Cronk’s full presentation on the proposed FY19 #atxbudget to #atxcouncil will be on ATXN.TV & Facebook.Com/AustinTexasGov
And if you want more bite-sized detail & figures about the proposed FY19 #atxbudget, check out this 2-page snapshot:…
We have posted the full proposed FY19 #atxbudget online. Warning: It’s a big file…
That’s it for Cronk’s presentation. Next steps: Thursday #atxcouncil sets maximum tax rate. Series of #atxbudget meetings in August. Public hearings 8/22 & 8/30. Council set to approve FY19 budget in September.
Cronk on figures for the proposed FY19 #atxbudget: Small increase to transportation user fee, but all other fees for basic services remain flat or decrease (water). Taxrate 4.9% above effective rate. Council asked for ~6%. Taxbill for median-valued house will increase $5/month
Cronk: The foundation of Government That Works For All is ensuring our taxpayers continue to get the best value for their investment in city services #atxbudget #atxcouncil
Cronk about halfway through with his presentation on the proposed FY19 #atxbudget. If you’re just tuning in, turn your TVs to Channel 6 or pull up the presentation live on ATXN.TV or Facebook… #atxcouncil
Cronk: Public safety is largest the component of general fund budget. Almost $1B in Safety outcome in proposed FY19 #ATXBudget, including 33 new Austin Police officers & 16 new Austin Fire positions #atxcouncil
Cronk: Ensuring our resilience to #climatechange, Proposed FY19 #ATXBudget includes additional $300K to help protect our urban forest #ATXCouncil
Cronk: For the 1st time, every employee of the City of Austin will earn a living wage of at least $15/hour. #ATXBudget #ATXCouncil
Cronk: proposed FY19 #ATXBudget includes full funding for the housing trust fund #ATXCouncil
Anna Maciel, @ESBMACC advisory board chair, provided the welcome. Described MACC as a destination of creativity and home for our artists. Served over 1,500 artists & over 5,000 kids since 2007 open #ATXBudget
called the meeting to order. City Manager Spencer Cronk is up now with his presentation on the proposed FY2019 #ATXBudget. “This is truly a transformational moment for our city.”
We are about to get started on the Proposed FY2019 #atxbudget presentation from City Manager Cronk. Tune in now on Channel 6, ATXN.TV or Facebook:…
Getting all set up for City Manager Cronk’s #ATXBudget presentation @ESBMACC. Starts at 3:30. Make sure to tune in on ATXN.TV, Channel 6 or our main Facebook account!
To help ease congestion, please plan ahead and take alternative routes, or take a sustainable mode such as transit, carpooling, or bicycling. The event will take place in the Sam Z. Coronado Gallery, on the second floor of the MACC. #ATXBudget
#ATXBudget proposal parking notice: Rainey St. will be closed between River St. and Davis St. for construction activity with a detour to the I-35 frontage road. Northbound traffic on Rainey St. will be able to turn onto River St. to access the MACC.
Happening today! Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk will deliver his budget message + submit a proposed FY2019 budget to Council at a special called meeting at 3:30 p.m. Tune in live on Channel 6, ATXN.TV, & Facebook live:
#ICYMI: Last week, we tagged along with Charles Porter while he walked the streets of Austin reading water meters for the City. It was a harrowing journey, complete with cockroaches. Check it out #everymetereverymonth…
#ATXCouncil concludes today’s session. The future of McKalla place will be discussed again during a Special Called meeting at City Hall next Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.
Public input complete. Conversation moves back to #ATXCouncil.
Conversation concludes and #ATXCouncil now invites public comment on the PSV/McKalla Place proposal.
Staff presentation is complete and we now move back to the #ATXCouncil for questions and comments.
#ATXCouncil returns from recess and will now receive a staff briefing on the McKalla place proposal.
Speakers have now spoken and #ATXCouncil moves into closed session, returning at about 3 p.m. for a staff presentation about the potential agreements with Precourt Sports Ventures.
The "term sheet" setting out details of the potential agreements negotiated by the City with Precourt Sports Ventures for a Major League Soccer stadium - currently under discussion at #ATXCouncil - can be viewed here:…
Today’s special called #ATXCouncil meeting will run until 6:30 p.m to give the community a chance to comment on proposals for a soccer stadium at McKalla Place. Those unable to attend will have another chance to have their say at the next regular Council meeting on Aug. 9.
A special called meeting of #ATXCouncil to discuss potential agreements for a Major League Soccer stadium at 10414 McKalla Place has begun. Public comment will start shortly, followed by a presentation from City staff at 3 p.m. Watch live at…
LAST CHANCE, West Campus! From 8AM-NOON TODAY you can drop off gently used items at 2102 Pearl St. We’ll get it to someone who needs it. More at #moveoutatx #westcampus #westcampushero
Make the right move, keep stuff out of the landfill + score free stuff for participating! Bring gently used furniture, household goods and more to a West Campus drop-off station. Only TWO DAYS LEFT! Find locations & times at #moveoutatx #westcampus
Build-a-Backpack 2018 was a huge success this year with more than 1,400 backpacks filled with supplies collected for Austin kids. Thanks to City staff and the help and generosity of #OperationBlueSanta, @AustinPartners, & @tasbo
It's now or next year! Applications to join CityWorks are due TODAY! Academy lasts from Sept to the 2nd week of December. Classes are limited, & participants are selected based on their application. Participation is free & includes a light dinner! More at
Check out the highlights from this year's Build-a-Backpack. City staff donated more than 1,400 backpacks! #COABAB2018 ⚡️ “Build-a-Backpack 2018”…
El mantenimiento ha concluido. Si sufre algún problema después de esta ventana de tiempo, por favor contacte la administración de comunicaciones y tecnología: CTM 512-974-4357. De nuevo, gracias por su cooperación.
Maintenance has concluded. Should you experience any issue after the maintenance window, please contact: CTM Help Desk 512-974-4357. Again, thank you for your cooperation.
Moving out may suck the life out of you, but there may still be life in your stuff! Bring gently used items to a West Campus drop-off station NOW thru 8/1. We’ll find your stuff a home #moveoutatx #westcampus #westcampushero
Reminder: Web services will be intermittent or down TOMORROW from 6:00 AM to 2 PM.
#COABAB2018 is wrapping up. We will have an official count next week, but as of right now, City staff donated 1,164 backpacks to local students! #civilservants #goteam #back2school
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