We are the City of Austin’s water and wastewater utility.
And don’t forget the 60th Anniversary Celebration next Saturday, 11/23! 📸: @jobefab #ATXH2O
Educate & Celebrate! Join @TravisAudubon tomorrow from 7:30-11am for a Birdwatching Fieldtrip at our Center for Environmental Research at Hornsby Bend. All levels of birders are welcome on this free, easy morning walking & learning tour. bit.ly/2pm8Sqx https://t.co/Kqi1GSql3h
Halloween may be over but the Grease Blob lives on! It feeds on FOG (fat, oil&grease) that is improperly poured down the drain. It clogs plumbing&surfaces in the form of a sewage overflow into your home or neighborhood! Learn how to Stop The Blob @ bit.ly/2QuvIHN #ATXH2O https://t.co/lXy3fvj1AJ
#NoWasteNovember: Wastewater averaging takes place during the late fall/winter months&determines a cap on the volume of wastewater you will be billed for each month for the year. Save $ by sending your water directly into the sewer vs outdoor watering! bit.ly/36VoGl7 https://t.co/y2m7z6S2b3
Temperatures are dropping rapidly; protect people, pets and pipes. #ATXWX twitter.com/AustinWater/st…
A reminder our office is closed on Veteran's Day. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, November 12. https://t.co/Qesr4AJj8U
The wildlands are not parks, but rather public lands held in trust. Learn more at austintexas.gov/department/wil… #ATXH2O #ATXD9
This morning #AustinWater dedicated the Mary Gay Maxwell Management Unit on our Water Quality Protection Lands for her strong, zealous and influential advocacy to protect #Austin’s unique environmental features & sensitive natural resources. https://t.co/NgJTwpCdBj
#AustinWater is thrilled to announce the completion of the Montopolis Reclaimed Water Reservoir! Special thanks to @AustinCityMgr, @CM_Renteria & @twdb_brooke for joining us today and supporting the delivery & reliability of #ATX’s reclaimed water systems. #ATXH2O #ATXD3 https://t.co/xBHggzk5nq
Don't fall for the call! The City of Austin Utilities Customer Contact Center does not call customers threatening to interrupt service, demand immediate payment, or request credit card or bank account information. Hang up & call Customer Care directly at 512-494-9400. #StopScams https://t.co/KYRVnvgnuS
Don’t fall for water scams either! Please call City of Austin Utilities, Customer Care, 512-494-9400 #StopScams twitter.com/austinenergy/s…
Starting Nov. 1, low-income residential customers who are enrolled in the @austintexasgov Customer Assistance Program (CAP) can expect additional discounts on their monthly water bill; an average of $48 per year. Learn more: bit.ly/2JNmRN3 #WaterForAll #ATXH2O https://t.co/1UbHsGQu0o
Coming soon 🎥 look for a video next week about the Nueces Wastewater Rehabilitation Project. #AustinWater is using technology to rehabilitate this and other wastewater lines more efficiently than traditional methods and at a lower cost. #ATXH2O #ATX #Austin https://t.co/koNBhWxIxY
Stay warm tonight, #Austin! While we aren't expected to touch 32, it'll be close. Be prepared; remember to protect people, pets and pipes with these cold weather tips: bit.ly/31ZLRqx #HappyHalloween #NoWaterNoHotChocolate #ATXWX #ATXH2O https://t.co/tSyzX2iARS
Teams from #AustinWater Tim Louviere & Webberville Service Centers raised a combined $2,440 towards @cityofaustintexas Combined Charities Campaign; giving to organizations serving causes near & dear to our hearts. ❤️ #WinningWednesday #ATXH2O #ATX #Austin #iLiveHereiGiveHere https://t.co/ot9aU7imH4
👀Needless to say, lightning⚡is very powerful. Fun fact: Lightning can have 100 million to 1 billion volts, and contains billions of watts. twitter.com/FortWorthFire/…
Just like this tabby 🐱, be on the lookout for an obstructed meter. Make sure the area around your meter is clear of garbage cans, parked vehicles, plants and yard debris. For questions or additional info, call: 512-494-9400. #NationalCatDay #RightOfWay https://t.co/uZzAxWJeb7
Join us and @TravisAudubon for a week of celebrating birding at #AustinWater Center for Environmental Research at Hornsby Bend; a water treatment facility with an incredible variety of birdlife. In fact, more species have been found at Hornsby Bend than at any park in #Austin! https://t.co/FAC4yh7z0D
Missed us at Community Connections last week? Stop by Hopefest tomorrow at Northeast (Reagan) High School from 9:30am-3:00pm. #NoWipesInPipes #GreaseBlob #ATXH2O https://t.co/2xuaZ4yzva
Staff from our Engineering Team partnered with @UTAustin senior design class for an infrastructure field visit of wastewater pipes; a real-world look at the models they’ve worked on all semester. Learn about types of #WaterJobs & what we’re offering @ austincityjobs.org https://t.co/lRaSD6R4w2
Staff from our Engineering Team partnered with @UTAustin senior design class for an infrastructure field visit of wastewater pipes; a real-world look at the models they’ve worked on all semester. Learn about types of #WaterJobs & what we’re offering @ austcincityjobs.org https://t.co/PP1qj2x5ai
On this #ImagineADayWithoutWater we are constantly reminded of the world's most precious resource. It's a day to reflect on one's water impact and a reminder to #ValueWater so that it never gets taken for granted. #ATXH2O #OneWater https://t.co/rx81I5J5Ry
Our North Service Center hosted representatives from @RMHCCTX @SeedlingMentors @AustinISD Partners In Education & @HospiceAustin to learn about volunteer opportunities & how their donations support our #Austin family! 🤝❤️ #ATXH2O #MoreThanCustomers #COAVolunteers https://t.co/KEfZVKh65J
Crews responded to a water main break off Old Bee Caves Road & Mountain Shadow. The rupture has been shut off and excavation is underway to repair the break. Crews are working to make repairs and restore water service.
Old Bee Caves Road is closed between Bell Drive and HWY 71. Motorists are asked to observe detour signs and use precaution as they navigate the area.
Yesterday was #NationalReuseDay! You can guess our favorite thing to reuse 💧Sometimes referred to as water ♻️ systems, these make efficient & safe to use water that would otherwise be diverted to a treatment plant. Check out our customer guide: bit.ly/2qy6NYL #ATXH2O https://t.co/yLGTsf852V
Excited to implement #AustinWater’s #PowerOfPurpose as inspired by our Leadership Summit keynote speaker @royspence. AW is proud to be “a force for good for the greater good” aka the citizens of #Austin. #ATX #ATXH2O #DrinkLocal https://t.co/Fy9JHXHyZb
Change happens one step at a time. On this #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay, we want to know what step you’ve taken to conserve our precious water sources. For more tips, click here: bit.ly/2S5niIE https://t.co/xuOt7YJ0pg
Join #AustinWater staff from 6-8pm TONIGHT @ Waller Creek Center to learn more about proposed ordinance language included in the Land Development Code Revision draft related to #ATXWaterForward, #Austin’s 100-year water plan. #ATXH2O https://t.co/LRZjf02dfX
Join #AustinWater staff from 6-8pm TONIGHT @ Waller Creek Center to learn more about proposed ordinance language included in the Land Development Code Revision draft related to #ATXWaterForward, #Austin’s 100-year water plan. #ATXH2O https://t.co/sXyYor3cxC
#AfterTheStorm reminder to check your irrigation controllers. Lightning strikes have been known to cause controllers to reset to the default factory settings which may result in high bills. #ATXH2O #TheMoreYouKNow #ATXWX https://t.co/NXDTa5i7ls
Join us & numerous other city departments at @austinenergy's Community Connections Resource Fair this Saturday, 10/19 at Navarro High (formerly Lanier HS) from 11:30am-4pm. It's a free, family-friendly event that connects you to resources in our community! bit.ly/2MHvwBq https://t.co/MoE4hom3ZL
Join #AustinWater staff this Wednesday from 9-11am @ For the City Center and @ Waller Creek Center from 6-8pm to learn more about proposed ordinance language included in the Land Development Code Revision draft related to #ATXWaterForward, #Austin's 100 year water plan. #ATXH2O https://t.co/IEDXCmCmEF
RT @texaswatertrade: Resilient #water solutions - such as on-site wastewater treatment - and lessons from @AustinWater @WFM_Journal @cyn…
100% That Hydrated. Don’t forget to bring along your #ATXH2O and enjoy the show! @aclfestival #ACL #ACL2019 #Lizzo https://t.co/6XX2f8wGEQ
Keep an eye out for #AustinWater swag at Jag Fest 2019 and support @NYOScharter students and programs! #ATXH2O #ILiveHereIGiveHere #ATX https://t.co/LjFpoTwcJA
#AustinWater’s Community Engagement Specialist was nominated as a finalist at the Civic Futures Awards; recognizing state & local governments who are shaping the future across Central Texas. 👏 #WinningWednesday #ATXH2O https://t.co/XBu8L0zvcp
A small recognition event for a HUGE effort of organization, support and execution of a job well done. We’re grateful to each of you! 👏 👏 👏 #ATXH2O #ATXWaterForward https://t.co/YFzqnIDRjp
We like to save green 💵almost as much as we like to save blue💧 Read how #AustinWater will be able to save millions in interest while improving affordability by making much needed upgrades & improvements for water & wastewater infrastructure! bit.ly/2Im39aA #ATXH2O https://t.co/7pMvkt0mEB
Thanks to organizers @friendsofbspool @bartonsprngs & @AustinCityParks for hosting us at the last pool cleaning of the season! 🏊‍♂️ Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other ways to volunteer; check their pages for more info. #ATXH2O #BartonSprings #OneWater https://t.co/EE2LvsTj7v
#AustinWater’s Executive Team spent #NationalPublicLands Day with Wildland Conservation staff learning about endangered species and restoration efforts on the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve! Click here to learn more: bit.ly/2mXVN5o #ATXH2O https://t.co/e71LK88UhQ
REMINDER: #AustinWater will begin work in Roy Guerrero Park on 10/2 to stabilize a 54-inch wastewater line that is exposed due to erosion during recent floods. Some parking spaces & a section of the trail will be closed north of Krieg Field 4. We apologize for the inconvenience. https://t.co/HvnfomdSlF
Did you get a spot of rain? Wanna make it last? We offer a Rainwater Harvesting Rebate to help buy equipment for Austin Water customers and others who qualify. Learn more here: bit.ly/2oKudcy #ATXH2O #ATXWX #ATX https://t.co/OiW0CcoPbk
Be sure to get your ‘fill’ of fun this weekend; and don’t forget your #ATXH2O! https://t.co/EvkFzJ12es
It's that time again! Have your students join over half a million others who've learned valuable lessons about water. Reserve a Dowser Dan Show for your school today: austintexas.gov/department/dow… #ATXH2O https://t.co/JCdXl8vOrP
Austin Water will begin work in Roy Guerrero Park on Oct. 2 to stabilize a 54-inch wastewater line that is exposed due to erosion during recent floods. Some parking spaces and a section of the trail will be closed north of Krieg Field 4. We apologize for the inconvenience. https://t.co/9DWnf8stVf
#WinningWednesday S/O to @austintexasgov & @AustinWatershed reusing a/c & ground water for on site landscape irrigation! 👏 Tag us whenever you come across a #purplepipe ♻️💧 #ATXH2O https://t.co/USSABAfK51
#OneWaterSummit attendees: sparrow us the excuses for not attending the Energy, Ecology and Education tour of our Biosolids Management Plant and Bird Observatory🕊️Don't worry, we won't make it hawkward. Here's a link for more info on the space: bit.ly/2ltIJ73 #ATXH2O https://t.co/i4FJFChyNv
First day of fall yet almost 100 degree heat; that alone is a reminder we’re currently in Conservation Stage Water Use Restrictions: water only on your assigned day & times (if needed). Our friends at @nbutexas have got the right idea. More @ waterwiseaustin.org #ATXH2O https://t.co/GDqsDiHaCy
Did you miss our tweet along of an ‘Eco-District Walking Tour in the ♥️ of Downtown #Austin’? We hosted delegates & attendees of the @USWaterAlliance #OneWaterSummit & showcased Water Reuse, Placemaking & Resilience. #OneWater #ATXH2O https://t.co/OAdhPRSy1m
Thirsty, anyone? instagram.com/p/B2mFwWlnP3z/… @USWaterAlliance #OneWater #OneWaterSummit #ATXH2O
Work on the Nueces Wastewater Project will require closures on Nueces between 10th St and 8th St and on 9th St between Nueces and Rio Grande beginning Sept. 21. Please use caution. #atxtraffic https://t.co/mo2BaTX6Ym
#WinningWednesday S/O to Donald who responded to a citizen call w/a large leak. He was "prompt, professional&extremely helpful" as he took the time time to educate the resident on Right of Way Management. Need more info on ROW? Check out @austinmobility: bit.ly/2koG3Hv https://t.co/ryQliZHCEj
You asked for it, you got it, #Austin! Here's more info on the Right-Of-Way from our friends @austintexasgov Public Works. https://t.co/ggP1Z4htX1
Last 🛑: Sand Beach Biofilter. Collects stormwater runoff and filters it before it heads back to Lady Bird Lake. #ATXH2O #OneWater #OneWaterSummit https://t.co/JIFKolvjYm
Rainwater collection happens on the lawn of the Seaholm (former) Power Plant. It then irrigates the adjacent Sand Beach Park! #ATXH2O #OneWater #OneWaterSummit https://t.co/KO9k9887d1
*condensate for reuse.
We’re in the parking garage/basement ⬇️ of the @AustinPublicLib. Home to a 1500 gallon tank and a vortex filter that pretreats air conditioner condensate. You never know what’s underneath your feet. #ATXH2O #OneWater #OneWaterSummit https://t.co/0UgTb94lQk
🛑 #3: Seaholm Eco-District, @AustinPublicLib Rainwater Harvesting & Stormwater Overview. DYK 89% of the Central Library’s annual water demands are met from on-site alternative sources & reclaimed municipal treated water? 😮 #ATXH2O #OneWaterSummit #OneWater https://t.co/0AAL1oGfpM
First 🛑: Barbara Grygutis’ Water as Resource. DYK most of the downtown streets are named after rivers in #Texas? #OneWater #OneWaterSummit https://t.co/TSGs1SBb4m
Here we go! #OneWater #OneWaterSummit https://t.co/4JbSPnxHc4
Join our live tweet of an ‘Eco-District Walking Tour: Water Reuse, Placemaking, and Resilience in the Heart of Downtown Austin’ hosted by #AustinWater, @AustinWatershed, Office of Sustainability and the Cultural Arts Division. @USWaterAlliance #OneWaterSummit.
Check out these knowledgeable graduates 🎓 from today’s #BartonSpringsUniversity! From dye-testing demonstrations, intro to zebra mussels & #AustinWater’s 100 year water plan; there’s now more #WaterWise Austinites than before! #ATXH2O #ATXWaterForward https://t.co/CGLjkqbhFe
Here's a first look at the beautiful river landscape painting to be completed in celebration of 60 years of birding at the #AustinWater Center for Environmental Research at Hornsby Bend. This painting that will be printed on all of the Hornsby Bend Celebration merchandise. https://t.co/K7OmTWB2f0
#MotherEarthDayFest was a success! Thanks to @SaveBartonCreek for squeezing us in on the fun! #ATXH2O https://t.co/37DfQCuFYg
It’s a great day to save water! 💦 https://t.co/EtIcJm9NBE
Thanks to our friends @ATX_311 who braved the heat 🥵 with us to find cool ❄️ ways to save water & money on your utility bills! Need some ideas or don’t know your watering day? Give them a call & they’ll help you out! ☎️ twitter.com/atx_311/status…
Literally & figuratively opening doors at the @WaterEnvAssnTX Leadership Summit. They’re live streaming on their Facebook page: bit.ly/2AkYoMq Thanks to @nbutexas for hosting! #ATXH2O https://t.co/Gy30noIHSU
Congrats 👏to #AustinWater team members Jo Ann, Charles and George! They won 1st place in the @austintexasgov Olympics Team Obstacle Course! Together they tackled flipping tires, throwing spears and jumping over an imposing 11-foot warped wall. 💪🏆 #WinningWednesday #ATXH2O https://t.co/UfMzt3hQiY
#ATXCouncil voted to keep residential&commercial water rates at their current reduced level into fiscal year 2019/2020 on the recommendation of #AustinWater. The reduced rate was introduced in 2018, saving customers $26.7 million on their 💧bills annually. bit.ly/2kFsVOg https://t.co/TdTJjZpIM5
Temps may feel 'mild' to some but we're still in Conservation Stage 1 for outdoor irrigation. Aside from following your watering schedule we've teamed up w/@ATX_311 to find creative ways to save 💧. Share your ideas & see what other Austinites do to save! bit.ly/2kAFFpl https://t.co/TsC2OltjiF
Mountain Lakes are absolutely ‘gorges.’ Happy Friday y’all! Remember to take #ATXH2O wherever you go. https://t.co/wiVUd8jkKC
Repairs to the water line break on W 35th Street have been completed. Water service has been restored and the road is open to traffic. Thank you for your patience. #atxtraffic
Crews are working to repair a water line break near 2701 W 35TH St. While the repairs are being completed, lanes of W. 35th St are closed and water service to some customers will be turned off. Customers can contact Austin Water Dispatch at 512-972-1000 for updates. #atxtraffic
We’re excited to meet w/other water environment professionals, operations specialists&those interested in exchanging ideas @ next week’s @WaterEnvAssnTX Leadership Summit in New Braunfels. This event is free&open to both members non-members; register now: bit.ly/2ZBslU7 https://t.co/TBFZ9YdUVS
Cheers to our Conservation + Fermentation Event hosts, @AustinBeerworks. The event raised over $1,100 for @WellAwareWorld & will supply water to 117 people in Africa. Thanks to all who stopped by to see us & @watercache for this week’s #TwinningWednesday 😉 #ATXH2O #DrinkLocal https://t.co/fbTWcgef8J
DYK Tannehill Branch Creek winds through Givens Park? We spent the morning picking up litter & pet waste to help protect the water quality for the wildlife within it and for our neighbors downstream. Remember to do your part to keep #Austin's waterways safe. #LeaveNoTrace #ATXH2O https://t.co/IG2HpaY5eT
Happy Labor Day from #AustinWater! #ATXH2O https://t.co/i1qLBdqBuY
A reminder our office is closed on Labor Day. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, September 3. https://t.co/dSIJ9TEugx
Combining efforts to honor, preserve & enhance #BartonSprings through volunteer opportunities available w/@bartonsprngs 🤝 Learn how #AustinWater plays a role in conserving & restoring the #EdwardsAquifer & how YOU can get involved @bartonspringsconservancy.org #ATXH2O #ATX https://t.co/8rMTYcuzrB
Los empleados de #AustinWater realizan pruebas adicionales en todo el sistema de agua en vehículos marcados con identificaciones de @austintexasgov. Haga clic aquí para ver nuestro Informe de calidad del agua: bit.ly/30IHJeS
#AustinWater no contrata vendedores para recolectar muestras de agua en el hogar. El muestreo de agua se toma durante y después del proceso de tratamiento en las propias plantas de agua para garantizar que el agua potable sea segura y cumpla con todos los estándares. https://t.co/wTeOPuQG2W
#AustinWater does not contract vendors to collect in-home water samples. Water sampling is taken during and after the treatment process at the water plants themselves to ensure that the drinking water is safe and meets all standards. https://t.co/O0IxjEW03g
Additional testing is conducted throughout the water system by #AustinWater employees in marked vehicles w/@austintexasgov ID’s. Click here for our Water Quality Report: bit.ly/30IHJeS
Tune into @KOOPradio at 2pm. We’ll be discussing #ATXWaterForward, #AustinWater’s 100 year water plan with @austinmonitor. #ATXH2O https://t.co/J2WZj3llDP
Tune into @KOOPradio at 2pm. We’ll be discussing #ATXWaterForward with @austinmonitor. #ATXH2O https://t.co/QEPqB5BGUJ
We shared some tips on saving water and @austinenergy @Studio512tv this morning 💧🔌💰 Thanks for having us! https://t.co/yt6XJ5O7cs
(life)Save the Date for #BartonSprings University on Tuesday, 9/17. The event is free & features lectures, hands-on activities & a community fair! More info @ BartonSpringsUniversity.Org. #ATXH2O #ATX https://t.co/4y8fLgnYNz
Happy #InterationalDogDay! We know #Austin pups deserve nothing but the best; thankfully we provide high quality, affordable and great tasting #ATXH2O 🐶💦 https://t.co/dFBR5Ldhrm
Be the talk of the neighborhood with an @AustinBeerworks wrapped rain barrel! 🌧 Stop by the brewery tomorrow from 1-5 to register for your chance to win & talk to us about rebates available to #AustinWater customers! #Repost @watercache #ATXH2O #DrinkLocal https://t.co/KwZGXRSOU1
Congratulations to the former #WallerCreekConservancy now, officially the @WaterlooGW - the belt of parks along Waller Creek. We were excited to celebrate with you and look forward to the future! ☀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🌳 🌸 🚴🏽 https://t.co/Wn0Sh2KT4q
Man, it's a(nother) hot one. It might be hard to forget about it, but do remember to set your irrigation system to the correct Conservation Stage watering schedule and smooth on over to WaterWiseAustin.org for more water-saving tips. #ATXH2O #ATXWX https://t.co/WRfnLKdAgo
We're proud to announce the #ATXWaterForward team as Grand Prize recipients of the @AAEESdotORG 2019 Excellence in Environmental Engineering&Science Award! #AustinWater thanks its partner @CDMSmith&the collaborative support of the public. #WinningWednesday bit.ly/2zeEaks https://t.co/Oei8xxTBgH
Thankful to our 16th Annual @EPAregion6 Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance Workshop sponsors and guest speakers for providing invaluable information on effective monitoring initiatives. 💧🚽🚰🚿🛁 https://t.co/UZVUAPGjXr
@AustinISD is #BackToSchool tomorrow & more than 50 teachers & science educators will be bragging about having spent their #SummerVacation at the #AustinWater sponsored #GroundwaterToGulf summer institute. We wish them a great year ahead! ✏️🍎📚 #ATXH2O https://t.co/dGxbOwMxCR
Tomorrow @AustinISD is #BackToSchool & more than 50 teachers & science educators will be bragging about having spent their #SummerVacation at the #AustinWater sponsored #GroundwaterToGulf summer institute. We wish them a great year ahead! ✏️🍎📚 #ATXH2O https://t.co/8PVd9oC5QA
Special thanks to @SpecNewsATX @CarlosReports highlighting the #AustinWater Biosolids Management Plant at Hornsby Bend which doubles as a 1,200 acre Bird Observatory. Join @TravisAudubon there tomorrow from 7:30-11am for a FREE Birdwatching Field Trip! 🐦bit.ly/2KCxYJl
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