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We're feeling all the #welcoming vibes! ❤️ twitter.com/SouthwestYMCA/…
It's #WelcomingWednesday! Check out this snapshot from our most recent New Hire Orientation and get ready to see these friendly faces as Welcome Center staff, Personal Trainers, Afterschool staff and more! #BeCauseY https://t.co/alQNSaTnso
#WednesdayWisdom: Did you know the triangle within our logo symbolizes the foundational element's of our organization: mind, body and spirit? RT to pass the #YTrivia along! #ForABetterUs https://t.co/ol53iVcaeC
We can smell the fresh air and popcorn already. 🍿 Join us at YMCA Camp Moody THIS SATURDAY, Sep. 22 for our first-ever Family Camp Preview and Backyard Movie Night! More details: bit.ly/2Q545lM https://t.co/MprHhC9HtO
👬👭Friends don’t let friends work out alone. That’s why we’re bringing back Bring A Friend Fridays to all of our YMCA of Austin branches! Join us for the first one of the fall on September 28 #YBFF MORE: bit.ly/ymcabff https://t.co/xtooU7QxCR
Thanks for the shoutout, @YMCAProf! Learn more about our Swim ATX program for @AustinISD high school students here: bit.ly/2mdmVuE #SinkTheStats twitter.com/YMCAProf/statu…
🍳🥓#BetterBreakfastMonth is still going strong! Check out these wholesome breakfasts that come together in a snap for your busy mornings ahead. #HealthyLiving https://t.co/8hFCNWR3r1
RT @ymca: #WelcomingWeek is a chance for neighbors—both immigrants and U.S.-born residents—to get to know one another and celebrate what un…
We're hiring for a range of positions at branches across our association! Click below to browse open positions: ⚪️Afterschool Staff ⚪️Welcome Center Staff ⚪️Child Watch Staff 🔘MORE! Click the link to find a job that's right for you & apply today: bit.ly/1LaIS5D https://t.co/E4v0bbPY96
It's #WelcomingWeek at Ys across the nation! ❤️We know you call the #ATX home now, but we want to know where you're from! Tell us your hometown and what it's famous for by replying to this tweet! #Welcoming #ForABetterUs https://t.co/TTa35fWTEK
It's #WelcomingWeek at Ys across the nation! ❤️We know you call the #ATX home now, but we want to know where you're from! Tell us your hometown and what it's famous for by replying to this tweet! #Welcoming #ForABetterUs https://t.co/huUqWtntRt
😃☀️Good morning! Get ready for the #Emmys with this heartwarming story about kids from @KidsforPeace who brought love and light to the red carpet! How will you spread peace in your own community this week? #Caring #ForABetterUs #DoItForPeace goodnewsnetwork.org/kids-spread-pe… https://t.co/9IICdfa1zf
School daze already got you stressed out? Check out these quick stress-relieving workouts ideal for parents and guardians who may already be experiencing some BTS burnout on our blog now! #HealthyLiving READ: bit.ly/2Qufbki https://t.co/ebeoXMfYmF
🏃‍♀️🏃Ready, set, go! Join us and our friends @livestrong on Sunday, September 23 for the LIVESTRONG 5k-10k Honor Run. Use our code 'YMCA50' for 50% off registration fees by Sep. 19! Register: bit.ly/2OaV8pA https://t.co/yePvGFnsuy
📱We’re APP-solutely excited to announce our new YMCA of Austin mobile app! Download for free and start tracking your workouts, browsing tons of class schedules, joining fitness challenges and much more! MORE: bit.ly/2Na3QaF https://t.co/vazhTlsq5K
We can smell the fresh air and popcorn already. 🍿Join us at #YMCACampMoody on September 22 for our first-ever, FREE Backyard Movie Night! Learn more here: bit.ly/2Q545lM https://t.co/n1GRh24czo
The feeling is mutual @accdistrict! This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership to better serve and benefit the community we ❤️. #BetterTogether #ForABetterUs twitter.com/accdistrict/st…
📱Surprise! #YMCACampMoody is on @Instagram! Be sure to follow Camp Moody and join us in our journey of creating camp for all right in Austin’s backyard and learn how you can get involved in our efforts! #FollowMeToCampMoody Follow YMCA Camp Moody here: instagram.com/ymcacampmoody/ https://t.co/ikJSt1Xrxv
Did you know #MesotheliomaAwarenessDay is Sep. 26? Get prepared with this guest blog post about how to take care of the water you use this fall from our friends at @CancerAlliance! 🚰 #HealthyLiving READ: bit.ly/2p63nIS https://t.co/9rAAl7kQoj
📰BREAKING: Beginning January 2019, all @accdistrict students will be able to drop off their kiddos at ACC Highland Campus for up to 2 hours of safe, secure and fun child care! Learn more about the news in this @impactnews_cta story: bit.ly/2x85jUC #YouthDevelopment https://t.co/cOAWmz4Nrf
👬Do you have a bestie? We want to meet them! Bring a friend to the Y for FREE on Friday, September 28. See you there! #YBFF More info: bit.ly/ymcabff https://t.co/aDGoc9gFrT
💪#WednesdayWisdom: Did you know the YMCA of Austin offers @livestrong at the YMCA, a free program for cancer survivors and their families to achieve their health and wellness goals? Learn more about how to enroll in @livestrong at the YMCA here: bit.ly/1Y3yRsl https://t.co/g3OMxC5PXz
RT @AustinYC: Interested in learning more about @AustinYMCA Camp Moody? We're heading out there to learn more about opportunities to get in…
#MondayMotivation: ☕️Good morning, friends! Who says there's an age limit on being an amazing barista? Read about the first-ever @Starbucks that's entirely operated by seniors and start the week with a 😀! READ: bit.ly/2NYoBTA https://t.co/A5bdeSzWjG
Thx to @ATX_Family for sharing the Falcao Family's summer adventure of visiting 12 National Parks! Austin area families can spend time outdoors year-round at #YMCACampMoody! Fall's the best time for planning your family's own 'Encounters with Nature'! bit.ly/2QcYV7e https://t.co/g20pJeBDks
📱We’re APP-solutely excited to announce our new YMCA of Austin mobile app! Download for free and start tracking your workouts, browsing tons of class schedules, joining fitness challenges and much more! Click here to get started: bit.ly/2Na3QaF https://t.co/OYwCR3pcJu
TGIF, y'all! At the Y, we believe that being #determined is the one of the keys to achieving your dreams. Watch how this Fort Worth high school football team celebrates breaking a 77-game losing streak and catch the #FridayFeeling! ❤️🏈 bit.ly/2MUiJhW https://t.co/BQutWibsNe
📱It’s official! #YMCACampMoody is on @Instagram! Join us on our journey to bring our vision of nature immersion and camp for all to life right in Austin’s backyard. Follow Camp Moody to keep up with all the adventure that awaits! #FollowMeToCampMoody instagram.com/ymcacampmoody/ https://t.co/WDc5K1Et1b
💪This week's #ThankfulThursday post is dedicated to our #determined Personal Training Staff, like @YMCANorthAustin's Alcides, who help our members transform their lives through health and wellness every day. #HealthyLiving Learn more about PT here: bit.ly/1QXWHVw https://t.co/h3PQphWG6v
🍳🍞🍎Welcome to #BetterBreakfastMonth - here are some suggestions for kicking off this month, and each morning, the right way. #HealthyLiving ow.ly/lpTk50ihH4G https://t.co/OMNeVJDDsA
#WednesdayWisdom: You may have always referred to us by our iconic nickname, but did you know 'the Y' was officially recognized in 2010? RT this post to pass the #YTrivia along! https://t.co/nwUdA3hLIU
📱We’re APP-solutely excited to announce our new YMCA of Austin mobile app! Download for free and start tracking your workouts, browsing tons of class schedules, joining fitness challenges and much more! Click here to get started: bit.ly/2Na3QaF https://t.co/p74gOhAIzr
One of the greatest weekends of BBQ is upon us and we've got the scoop on what to eat! Check out these healthy alternatives for #LaborDay food and have an amazing weekend: ow.ly/LKMg50ijJFk 🍴🍔🌭 #HealthyLiving https://t.co/XGQWvymHK5
We’ve got a BRAND NEW app! 📱Learn more about the new and free YMCA of Austin mobile app and download it from the @AppStore or @GooglePlay and check out all the new and improved features. Learn more: bit.ly/2Na3QaF https://t.co/6LGZCnBCjz
📱COMING SOON: Love the Y? There’s an app for that! Download our new YMCA of Austin mobile app on Saturday, Sep. 1 and track workouts, cheer on friends, register for classes and more! Get more info here: bit.ly/2Na3QaF https://t.co/SYeLmfOnlB
This week's #ThankfulThursday is dedicated to our #determined Afterschool Staff who are prepped and ready for an amazing semester! Help us send a big THANK YOU & good luck wishes to our staff in the comments below. 😀 Apply for our Afterschool Staff jobs: bit.ly/2HldOz6 https://t.co/ULIawaIqgZ
RT @BastropYMCA: 🏐Our Youth Volleyball is now open for fall registration! Young athletes can serve up some friendly competition and sharpen…
#WednesdayWisdom: At the Y, we believe you can never be too young or too mature to be the change you want to see in the world. The Y's founder, George Williams built the foundation of our global organization at the age of 22! RT to share the #YTrivia! #ForABetterUs #Determined https://t.co/Qp3n1E6j6E
RT @YMCAAustinEast: ICYMI: Have you seen our new parking signs? 👀 Thanks to helpful feedback, we learned there was a need for more parking…
#MondayMotivation: Good morning, friends! It's never too early or too late to start your health and wellness journey. Read about #determined Omaha, NE Y member Doris who joined at 90 and get inspired to get moving! 💪 omaha.com/livewellnebras… https://t.co/yWp2tnuO2t
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Family time is the best time! Check out these 5 creative and easy ways to get active and stay healthy with the whole family from our blog and get moving this weekend. READ: bit.ly/2MxBirN #HealthyLiving #ForABetterUs #LetsMoveOutside https://t.co/1U8042nU8w
☀️🌳Seeking a reprieve from the busy summer and start of the new school year? #YMCACampMoody is launching Open Camp Hours starting this Fall! We're kicking the first one off TOMORROW, 8/25 from 9am-1pm. Come join us at camp for a self-guided hike and explore Austin’s backyard. https://t.co/X3YNAwoCD6
Happy Friday! We're in the back-to-school spirit with this sweet story to share. Read about how @CrayonCollectio organized a world record donation of 1 million Crayons were donated to 700 teachers & catch the #FridayFeeling!🎨❤️ #Caring #ForABetterUs goodnewsnetwork.org/world-record-o… https://t.co/mzSzDKuSbp
✅YOU'RE HIRED! ✅ Join us for the Afterschool Youth Development Leaders Job Fair on Tuesday, Sep. 4 for employment opportunities to work with youth in E Austin, NW Austin, South Austin, Manor &. We'll be hiring for #Jobs ON-THE-SPOT! Click to learn more: bit.ly/2w5iMx0 https://t.co/ifTC6vwCP7
🍎🍒🥑Now that the kiddos are back in school, prepping healthy after-school snacks is helpful way to fuel homework time! Check out these affordable and easy ideas from our guest bloggers at @ATX_Family! #HealthyLiving #BackToSchool #ForABetterUs READ: bit.ly/2P1cZzr https://t.co/zoUAWvDyb5
🌳Seeking a reprieve from the busy summer and start of the new school year? #YMCACampMoody is launching FREE Open Camp Hours this Fall! We're kicking the first one off SATURDAY, 8/25 from 9am-1pm. Come join us for a self-guided hike & explore the nature in Austin’s backyard. https://t.co/8BNAHG2kBW
☀️🌳This week's #ThankfulThursday post is dedicated to our friends at #TheBudafulHiker who stopped by for a trek of our 85 acres last weekend! Thank you for coming to explore with us! Schedule a #YMCACampMoody tour here: bit.ly/2kAqjxE https://t.co/fFgQfLiynb
#WednesdayWisdom: Are you ready for some football?! Check out this little-known fact about where the @NFL got its start and RT to pass the #YTrivia along! 🏈 https://t.co/Vz9KIOWeaB
✅NOW HIRING: Go with the flow in a fitness job that combines the water with wellness as the new TownLake YMCA Water Exercise Instructor! Click the link below to learn more and start your application today! Apply here: bit.ly/2OUxfm6 https://t.co/CJciitUM3y
Make Y time family time and save this school year! Join now through September 3 and we’ll waive your join fee. Start here: bit.ly/FallYMemberPro… https://t.co/FC1aXK3UWP
#MondayMotivation: Paying it forward can be as easy as getting your morning cup of ☕️ . Read this story about a random act of kindness at a @Starbucks and get inspired to help brighten a fellow human's week! bit.ly/2Pqj5un #Caring #ForABetterUs #RandomActsOfKindness https://t.co/HLiAoxxTck
🛶Check out the Canoe Race at #YMCACampMoody! Who do you think took home the winning title? #BobForABetterUs https://t.co/Hb39fORtD3
ICYMI: Bob and his birthday bunch took a refreshing dip w/ @BastropYMCA staff over at Bastrop State Park Pool! Help Bob make a splash on his birthday with a donation to his fundraiser benefitting our Annual Campaign! 🏊🏼 Click here to give you gift: bit.ly/2walssi https://t.co/qA6czyy1dA
Bob's got some moves! We're sweating it out to a Zumba sampler class at East Communities 🕺💃 pscp.tv/w/bkbl5jFvTlFs…
Check out Birthday Bob and the gang crushing this Aqua Body Strong workout @NorthwestYMCA!💦 Help Bob make a splash on his birthday with a donation to his fundraiser, which directly benefits the YMCA of Austin! Click the link to give: bit.ly/2walssi #BobForABetterUs https://t.co/PbAotTTYGc
🚴‍♂️We've wrapped a successful cycling session at @YMCANorthAustin ! Next stop: @NorthwestYMCA Meet us for a quick aquatics workout from 9:15am-10am! #WOAATBD2018 https://t.co/JNfIBOuXIR
Good morning, friends! Do you know what today is? It's our Metro Board Member Bob's Birthday! To celebrate, we're going on a workout tour of all the branches. First stop: a trail run at @TLYMCA. Follow along with us and drop in for a workout if you can! #WOAATBD2018 https://t.co/7mrzQoAar0
Back-to-school shoppers: TODAY is the last day to donate to the Y by rounding up in-store at @jcpenney. #AZYouGive, more teens will have access to Y programs! Thanks for your purchase! https://t.co/hp2dtU4Y8Y
#WednesdayWisdom: Did you know that during the summer months and the school semester, the YMCA of Austin in collaboration with @CTXFoodBank provides 16,000+ nutritious meals and snacks to children in our Summer Camp programs? 🍎🥑🍞 RT to pass this fun fact along! https://t.co/oqmtV4ycAy
Summer is ending, but our big dreams for #YMCACampMoody are just getting started. Contribute to this unique, all-abilities summer camp when you bring your family to @ChuckECheeses this Friday, 8/17 from 3-9pm. 20% of profits benefit the camp! facebook.com/events/2186014… https://t.co/vhuQTowTlk
RT @ATX_Family: 🍱 FINALLY a lunch that's easy to make and fun to eat! Thanks to @AustinYMCA for these great #bentolunch ideas for kids! #au…
#MondayMotivation: Good morning, friends! Get to know @TLYMCA's newest Personal Trainer, Alicia, and get inspired by her fitness journey! How will conquer your health and wellness goals in the days ahead?💪 #Determined #BeCauseY #ForABetterUs https://t.co/Ac9RSNN9nv
📰We spotted the @TLYMCA Splash Bash in the @austin360 Saturday events roundup! Join us TOMORROW, from 1-3 pm. This FREE event includes games, snacks, music & a bounce house. Learn about our future overnight campsite, #YMCACampMoody while you're there! atxne.ws/2MA0A4A https://t.co/ykZmd9PK7z
Weekend shoppers! Donate to the Y by rounding up in-store @jcpenney, now through 8/15! Or make a barcode donation at the register! PS Giving back looks good on you. #AZYouGive
RT @ymca: Hello, shoppers! Donate to the Y by rounding up in-store @JCPenney, now through 8/15! Or make a barcode donation at the register…
Happy Monday, everyone! Check out this viral video of a Baton Rouge, LA grocery store employee who connected with an autistic teen shopper and feel the ❤️! How will you show someone else kindness in the week to come? #Caring #ForABetterUs cnn.com/2018/07/31/hea… https://t.co/437qpFq5YN
😌Have you practiced #SelfCareSunday yet? Check out this article on why saunas are good for your health and sweat it out @YMCAAustinHays or @TLYMCA today! #HealthyLiving #ForABetterUs goodnewsnetwork.org/give-yourself-… https://t.co/SkoD31qAK3
🚒❤️This week's #ThankfulThursday is dedicated to our first responders and everyday heroes of @ATCEMS who dropped by @YMCAAustinEast's Mini Basketball Camp for a visit earlier this week. Like this tweet to thank them, too! #BetterTogether #BestSummerEver #Gratitude https://t.co/X2dSVigCLH
RT @ymca: Good news to all back-to-school shoppers! Donate to the Y by rounding up in-store @JCPenney, now through 8/15! You can also make…
Good news to all back-to-school shoppers! Donate to the Y by rounding up in-store @jcpenney, now through 8/15! You can also make a barcode donations at the register, too! Give teens across the nation access to Y programs #AZYouGive
#WednesdayWisdom: At the Y, we've made it our mission to ensure that every child can play, learn and grow regardless of their abilities through a variety of Special Needs Adaptive Programs (SNAP). Browse our SNAP offerings: bit.ly/1UG0GJ0 #YForAll #YouthDevelopment https://t.co/BWESWWvrWM
🎒📚🍎It's almost that time of year again! Help prepare your kids for another awesome school year with tips from our guest bloggers @ATX_Family! #NewBlogPost #YouthDevelopment #ForABetterUs Read: bit.ly/2ArZd6w https://t.co/qa0S1fcXJP
✅Now Hiring! Secure a new job just in time for the new semester as a Y Afterschool Counselor! Employees enjoy community perks and discounts while gaining key professional and leadership skills to use in all their future endeavors. #WorkForTheY Apply: bit.ly/2HldOz6 https://t.co/d1VQMpHGi3
💦🎉It's Splash Bash season! Join @TLYMCA for Splash Bash on Saturday, August 11! Click below for all the details about this free event and RSVP today. Details: business.facebook.com/events/3381220… https://t.co/P7JjUtFr0b
Wanna lifeguard? Hone the skills you’ll need to land a job with our FREE Water Development Course! During this drop-in program on Saturdays, students 10+ will develop key swim skills for the YMCA Lifeguard Course. #SinkTheStats Enroll here: bit.ly/2mL8ugt https://t.co/A95U0WfRQp
💡 #WednesdayWisdom: You may know that #basketball was invented by a Y pioneer, but did you know that the game of #racquetball also has Y roots? RT to pass the #YTrivia along! https://t.co/MTtX61rhCQ
#MondayMotivation: Good morning, y'all! Read this story about a British teen who left notes on a popular bridge to prevent those in despair from jumping and get inspired! How will you comfort a fellow human this week? #Caring #ForABetterUs Story: goodnewsnetwork.org/uk-teens-bridg… https://t.co/pnj72FUTr8
It’s not all competition at Olympic Day. Relaxation is just as important! Every participating team gets to cool off by taking a ride down our @hopnparty inflatable slide! #YOlympicDay https://t.co/jdOFZ3814y
The games have begun! 🥇🥈🥉Check out a few snapshots of events in action! #YOlympicDay https://t.co/cVi054LHxG
Good morning and welcome to the 2018 Summer Camp Olympic Day! Campers from across the Greater Austin area are coming together at the TX School for the Deaf to represent the world's nations and to enjoy some friendly competition. Stay tuned for all the fun to come! #YOlympicDay https://t.co/WmSAT3Z7Oi
Check out this story about race car driver and @SouthwestYMCA member Ryan Yard and get inspired! 🏎 twitter.com/ymca/status/10…
It's #WelcomeWednesday! Help us say hello to our newest staff members, all 45 of which just completed our New Hire Orientation last night. Get ready to see these smiling faces as Summer Camp Counselors, Lifeguards, Personal Trainers and more! #Welcoming #BeCauseY #ForABetterUs https://t.co/yLijJT0yvn
📰In the News: Did you know we offer a unique archery summer camp for children ages 8-13 at #YMCACampMoody?🏹 Click below to learn more about Aim High Archery Camp in the @KXAN_News story below! #YouthDevelopment #GetOutside STORY: kxan.com/news/local/aus… https://t.co/pJgGOhmgGN
#WednesdayWisdom: Did you know Summer Camp has been a Y programmatic pillar since 1885? RT this post to pass the #YTrivia along! Learn more about our newest site, YMCA Camp Moody here: bit.ly/2O1kuH0 https://t.co/5JwNX8AzPH
It's #PrimeDay and the shopping is on! Fill your cart with deals and purchase through @amazonsmile to directly benefit the YMCA of Austin's Annual Giving Campaign. Learn more about Amazon Smile by clicking below! #ForABetterUs https://t.co/gbiPCCNsYk
#MondayMotivation: Check out this @goodnewsnetwork story about at 95-year-old veteran encouraging a young boy to master the diving board and start the week feeling inspired! What are you plunging into fearlessly in the days ahead? #ForABetterUs #Courage goodnewsnetwork.org/watch-95-year-… https://t.co/LU49fpWCOt
PT FTW!💪 Personal Training offerings are coming to Bastrop YMCA 🔜. Click below to get more details and stay tuned for the program to launch. #HealthyLiving Learn more: bit.ly/2Jl2jZd https://t.co/LDRvW98dMW
😁TGIF, y'all! Check out this fun photo of our Swimming Summer Campers who have had a splashing good week and catch the #FridayFeeling! See more photos of these Kinder and Theme Camp kiddos over on our @PS_AustinYMCA Facebook Page! #ReadySetSummer #SinkTheStats https://t.co/MV7jsw5Xub
BIG NEWS! Seniors 65+ can now join the Y without paying the join fee year-round! Become part of a community that offers senior-focused programming, social events and a support system while saving $48. Visit your local branch to join & save! 👍 Learn more: bit.ly/2KtpE08 https://t.co/XvGg6U8qgr
RT @YMCAAustinEast: Hey Parents! You deserve some downtime and we're here to help. Your kiddos are invited to July's Parent's Night Out on…
📈Are you a professional with a passion for crunching numbers and sharing the impact of stewardship? We're looking for a Database Coordinator to join our Metro team. Learn more and start your application now! APPLY: bit.ly/2uer1pA https://t.co/pjcS87ZjjB
Don't let your kiddos get caught in the 'summer slide'! Read these 4 tips from @ATX_Family on how to help your child avoid educational lulls during the summer season by clicking below. #YouthDevelopment #ReadySetSummer bit.ly/2KNa2op https://t.co/4LApo6GgKg
RT @AustinISD: Free backpacks, school supplies, health screenings, booster seats & more! Join us for the 13th Annual Back to School Bash an…
#WednesdayWisdom: Did you know our spaces, programs and communities impact 9 million youth every year? The Y Family may be a big one, but each and every person within it makes us #BetterTogether. RT to pass the #YTrivia along! https://t.co/dHDpkHsBrx
We’re Hiring! Become a Water Guardian and apply to Lifeguard and Swim Instructor jobs across the Austin area. APPLY: bit.ly/2H3iFo2 https://t.co/1jeBYQcvNH
Are you a people person with a passion for customer service? We're looking for dedicated professionals to join our Welcome Center Staff @YMCAAustinNW, @SpringsFamilyY and @YMCAAustinHays! Browse our openings and start your application! 👍 APPLY: bit.ly/1LaIS5D https://t.co/8EhZZG5B7m
Happy #FriYAY, friends! Start your weekend off with some joy courtesy of this sweet little 4-year-old warrior with cerebral palsy who took her first steps in a viral video and catch the #FridayFeeling. Also, excuse us while we grab a @Kleenex. ❤️ cnn.com/videos/health/… https://t.co/oerzcURanC
This week's #ThankfulThursday is dedicated to our dynamic and determined @texasyg young leaders who are practicing democracy, social responsibility and representing the Great State of Texas🤠at #YMCACONA2018 ! Visit the #TXYG Facebook to see more updates! #YGYall https://t.co/CMI2hR7Iql
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