An actual gay with a boyfriend named @shivvy, and a cat named #MissPaws, in Austin. Regional potato chip fan. Venn diagram enthusiast. Recovering music blogger.
TIL- My boss sent this lip sync vid to @carlyraejepsen's agent, who then sent it to CRJ herself. I 👏🏻AM👏🏻SHOOK👏🏻
Drag Queens > Queens of the Stone Age
I need this in my life @Andy 🙏🏻😢…
I jokingly told a co-worker I was gonna AirBnB her desk but that’s low-key a good idea. I would totally use someone’s desk for an afternoon if I was on the road. #justsayin #sharktank #freeideas #makeithappenuniverse
Please endorse me on LinkedIn for text message copywriting.
Can we just give someone an award for sickest burn on the internet and just stop being total fucking assholes online?
I haven't even been back in Austin for five hours yet. Excited to see @st_vincent perform for @acltv! Watch it live on YouTube:…
Offering me the Aux is my kink
You can't judge a bar before 11/11:30pm. If it's still lame at midnight just add bourbon.
I understand that the old Taylor can’t come to the phone because she’s dead but why won’t the new Taylor take my calls?
RT @positiviTeee: How the world portrays Jesus vs how the Bible describes him. #MetGala
Tom Brady looks like he claps when the plane lands.
If we're gonna keep referring to Post Malone as a rapper, then we're gonna have to recognize that Kehlani is a superior rapper.
Love Lyft us up where we belong.
If I’m being honest with myself, petty brand Twitter is my fav Twitter.
Ate Italian Ice for work and met two dogs. Today is a good day.
In fact, 9 of the 21 beers in your "Craft" area are made by @abinbev.
Hey, @aclfestival. Having @karbachbrewing, who is owned by @abinbev, be your "Craft Beer Sponsor" intentionally misleads ticket buyers and you should feel bad about it.
I’m sure trying to shade them with a petty tweet is the way to their hearts. If you want your brand in-front of another brand’s audience bust out that wallet henny.
Not aiming to win hearts or self-promote; just shining light on false advertising. What may seem petty to you is an everyday battle for us.
"you should feel bad" isn't just shining a light, it's petty, it's a bad look and it's not strategic marketing. But you wave that integrity flag ABW.
Good morning to everyone who’s eaten Dj Khaled’s wife’s pussy!
This gay bar in Atlanta keeps playing Pale Waves and Charli. Am I southern?
When you reply to my email with “Thanks,” that’s just another fucking email I have to read. Your gratitude is assumed, let me get my inbox to zero for the love of Oprah!
Omg is every flight attendant on Southwest a failed improver?! I'm not on a plane to listen to your terrible bits.
That anxious feeling when there's an empty seat next to you on the plane but people are still boarding.
I'm at that age where I have to Google most celebs.
This New York package was better in print, but still a valuable primer. It helped me immensely:…
Haha I love that this exists.
Oh yeah she might be my fav lil badass
If Infowars is on your side, you're on the wrong side.…
RT @MatthewACherry: Man @VanLathan thank you for saying what you said to Kanye.
tfw people have a lot of opinions but not a lot of followers
So, Paul McCartney is def gonna at at Bouldin Creek right? #78704life…
Ok, Kanye’s twitter is definitely trolling us but I did not expect “Lift Yourself” to also be a troll. Is this what happens when you take too much DMT? #conjecture
RT @tomcolicchio: When has that happened…
RT @shivvy: Why in the world would @AtlanticRecords/@BadBoyEnt not AT LEAST have a #vinyl pre-order up for @JanelleMonae? Like TAKE MY FUCK…
Praise Janelle Monáe! “Dirty Computer” is exactly what I needed.
Alright, diving into this Post Malone album. See you in…an hour and four minutes *sigh*
RT @prisonculture: Good night everyone. May tomorrow bring us more justice and some peace.
RT @MadisynMahagoni: festival season 🙂🙃
So ready for this year’s #ACLFest Lineup!…
RT @bykowicz: Presto! Trump campaign now fundraising off the Kanye tweets. This text to supporters links to campaign MAGA hats for sale. ht…
RT @JillKrajewski: Janelle Monáe made “pansexual” the most-searched word on Merriam-Webster today, Q.U.E.E.N.…
RT @robmanuel: Good luck to future historians understanding our culture
RT @forrestfire: I love the quick reply options on the Email app.
“Indecent assault” is such a strange euphemism.…
Should I try to eat at Todd and Kandi’s restaurant while I’m in Atlanta next month?
RT @modernistwitch: just saw a facebook thread where someone said this was a throbbing gristle album cover and i just wanted to pass that a…
RT @ziwe: me convincing my inner mid-2000s self to forget kanye
Basically the entire internet to Kanye right now:
OMG is Fox News going to start staning for Kanye now?!
Y’all, maybe Kanye is just getting closer to Trump to get closer to Jeff Sessions so he can free all the weed prisoners? Give Ye time!
Pharrell should open a Phở shop. I mean the puns truly write themselves.
Is 10:53am too early to bounce for lunch?
I was hesitant to pull the trigger on Tickets to see DIIV at Empire...and now it’s sold out so, happy for them but also, I blew it.
RT @guadalahari: Y’all I was really out here looking for a new eyeliner and look at this review lmfaooo She deadass took a picture in her…
This @QuitaC_KVUE cameo just made my day.…
RT @nevona: i joined a facebook group
Pitchfork have the new J. Cole a 6.3...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
tfw you realize you’re gonna get to see @KaceyMusgraves 3 nights in a row!
RT @kanyewest: to be great is to be misunderstood
RT @markyatx: Can't vibe with ppl who don't stan Ariana Grande. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I just can’t with 2018. The only thing that brings me solace is the thought that we all died in Y2k and I’m just living in a sentient android’s dream.…
Really want my boss to leave early so I can leave early. Seriously #overit today.
Cracking-up over all of these people supposedly outraged over YETI cutting-ties with the NRA. Conservatives love to extol the virtues of the free-market economy until a company makes a move they perceive to be liberal.
Cognitive dissonance seems to be the theme of the Trump years.
RT @mynameisjro: *gays after hearing Shania Twain is a Trump supporter* ○ く|)へ 〉  ̄ ̄┗┓     ┗┓  ヾ○シ    ┗┓…
Don’t trust anyone over 30.
RT @owillis: Oh so they caught him alive huh.
RT @lcmoser: Texas is not a red state: it’s a non-voting state.…
RT @markpopham: happy 4/20, decriminalize marijuana, release everyone jailed for marijuana offenses and clear the records of anyone convict…
Wish everyone in my work pod would leave so I could blast Zedd without my headphones.
RT @greenfannypack: Vote for @therecordcomp…
I’ve really enjoyed curating this #Lolla Chill Spotify Playlist. Like, comment, subscribe. Thx.…
Believe me, I recognize that this problem is NOT unique to Coachella or music festivals/concerts etc. Just taking a moment to recognize/check my male privilege and appreciate that Vera Papisova took the time to write this piece.
This story legit has me crying at my desk. It’s so upsetting what women have to endure just to live their fucking lives. Toxic masculinity is an epidemic that we as a society can and MUST work to end.…
What a revelation! Do you think the paella in Spain tastes better than the paella in the US?!…
Me: I’m gonna discover some music and listen to a few new releases. Also me: Presses Play on @KaceyMusgraves’ "Golden Hour” for the 300th time.
RT @AlissaNutting: My daughter started crying at the dentist office bc the dentist “is a boy” and the dentist said “sorry, there are no gir…
RT @ParkerMolloy: I love @Reductress so much 😂…
I'm ready for Beyoncé on Broadway. Give Bey a Tony!
Seriously if you imagine the last scene in Big with a gender reverse it's SUPER creepy.
I was thinking 13 Going on 30 is essentially Big with a gender swap but then I realized 13 Going on 30 is a time travel love story while Big is an accidental pedophilia love story.
It looks like Andre Agassi in peak 90's form is THE look for #Coachella this year.
Australians are like if British people were Canadian.
For all the latest news about Tool’s record not being done, check out Loudwire!
At the risk of sounding like a Tumblr teen, I really need to see @porterrobinson while he’s touring his @virtual_self project. I seriously can’t get enough of this EP.
Raise your hand if you would feel safe in a car that Senator Bill Nelson was driving.
I’m watching Zuck get questioned via a CSPAN stream on Facebook Live.… #Inception #ZuckDoesDC
Do we think Zuck checked-in at the Capitol on Facebook? #ZuckDoesDC
Those chose to route this tour to Austin instead of San Antonio?! Mmmmmmk.…
Alec Baldwin's Trump impression is terrible!
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