An actual gay with a boyfriend named @shivvy, and a cat named #MissPaws, in a city that people want to live in named Austin. Recovering music blogger.
Skinny Repeal is ridiculous even by political standards. #slightlypregnant
RT @elkmating: Senate voting TONIGHT on future of health care. Poised to kick millions off insurance. Maybe hold off on Scaramucci bullshit…
Excited to see @mura_masa_ and @iamkucka tonight!
Dang, the cameos in the new @charli_xcx video are crazy! Can’t believe she got all those boys to take part.…
Can we please have a moratorium on “Hey Ivanka, tell your Dad ________”? She, like her father, husband and brothers, is a garbage human.
So just like fuck the Constitution I guess?…
If you’re not coming from a place of love, compassion and understanding, don’t call yourself a Christian.
The people going out of their way to oppress women, to oppress LGBTQIA people, to take away people’s healthcare are not acting Christ-like.
It’s not even fair of me to call these made-up wedge issues “Christian-centric” because I know reasonable Christians and Christ taught love.
How are any of these Christian-centric, made-up “issues” creating jobs? How is choosing where people pee & poop creating infrastructure?!
We don’t need bathroom bills, bills to restrict women’s access to abortion, etc. These are PERSONAL issues. Aren’t you the small gov party?!
Once again the GOP is wasting government time and resources to solve made-up problems for the purpose of appeasing religious extremists.
@acltv is streaming @AngelOlsen tonight! See the songs that get cut from the broadcast, live at 8pm CT TONIGHT.……
It feels like a lot of individuals and media outlets are very confused by Arcade Fire’s ClickHole-style marketing campaign.
RT @AliceOllstein: Good morning. Today's the day Republican senators vote to advance a health care bill they haven't seen.…
Remember when Trump said McCain wasn't a hero because he was a POW?
Jeff Sessions isn't worried about getting fired, he'll just go back to his old job.
The Service Merchandise business model was really ahead of the curve. It's too bad they didn't survive a bit longer.
Fuck all these website with autoplay videos that pop-up in the corner? Who asked for that!?
Me in 2012: OMG, who CARES about Lana Del Rey?! Me in 2017: WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT KWEEN LANA?!
RT @Whataburger: Whataburger and it's not close…
RT @merideth: I just turned 34 and am at Hot Topic. AMA.
RT @ColiseumSewage: Full transparency: this is actually obfuscation, and kinda the opposite of transparency…
RT @islandniles: That don't impress me much
"So many of the voices in my head are still talking about Hillary Clinton's emails for some reason."…
Hey @realDonaldTrump how's that border wall coming?
I can also watch snaps from complete strangers at the Olive Garden, which is nice. #tourofitaly
Snapchat's new Stories Around Me feature in search makes it super easy to see how crowded Barton Springs Pool is.
I also blame systemic misogyny and a propaganda campaign of misinformation…and the whole Electoral College
I still blame Mark Burnett for this whole Trump mess. Well, Mark Burnett and America’s terrible public education system.
Oh cool, POTUS still thinks he’s on The Apprentice……
“I’m gonna miss Sean Spicer.” - Comedians
RT @frenchielaboozi: i saw the worst minds of my generation verified on twitter
Fuck a Roseanne reboot. Bring back The Simple Life! @ParisHilton, @nicolerichie we need you now more than ever!
and/or plz add the original series to @hulu 🙏🏻
RT @dstfelix: the only alternative history worth a series is what if TLC decided to keep baby one more time so Britney didn't get it
RT @MeMeSyndrome_: Again, Dr. Seuss was moving weight
Sorry people without butts, there's nothing here for you.…
RT @Steph_I_Will: Opening the Twitter app at any time, on any day.
Happy Birthday to Zayn Malik’s future wife, Taron Egerton’s future mistress and my current bff, @merideth!!!
His appointment was never “appropriate” in the first place. Someone please show Jeff the door.…
Political Twitter is abusing the thread tweet.
Was just perusing my blog’s old YouTube channel. I only recorded performances for about a year so it’s like a museum to 2010ish “indie.”
Did I miss the part where Spicey was officially fired or is he still hiding in the bushes?…
RT @_morgannne8: It's my time to shine 🙂…
RT @merideth: "He always gets it right."
RT @neiltyson: The rise of flat-Earthers in society provides some of the best evidence for the failure of our educational system.
I think I need a @TuezGayz night tonight.
OK I wussed out. Don't judge me. 😞
Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they didn’t repeal the ACA (yet) but how are they SO ineffective at everything they attempt?!
Have we ever, in American history, had a more impotent and useless Congress?
Add repealing and replacing the ACA to the list of things our Congress didn’t do. All these stupid, obstructionist old fucks need to go.
Get a fucking job and earn your nuggets Carter!
Thanks to Carter, Wendy’s and those stupid chicken nuggets now I have all these stupid kids tweeting at all my brands asking for free shit.
RT @DylanPatel4: I'm a 96 year old photographer currently living in Waco. A quick 1 RT could help get my name out there. Thank you for the…
First Trump, now this. Can we just fast forward through 2017?…
tfw your co-workers are super excited about blink-182 but you’re 35
When you comment on a social media post with “WHO CARES?” You’ve already answered your own question.
Me: OMG I’m so overwhelmed with work! How am I going to get all of this done?! Also me:
I always liked Dua Lipa but I official Stan for her now.
RT @mrdaddymanphd: me: hi- cosmopolitan: stick a finger in his ass
Sites that make you turn off your ad blocker to view their content are always the sites with the most egregious screen-takeover ads.
RT @chrisgeidner: The shruggie emoji as president.…
RT @yarbro: The Constitution anticipates a President like this. It does not anticipate a Congress so indifferent to a President like this.
See JAY-Z in Austin two Fridays in a row!!!!…
I’m playing this on a loop today. Happy New Release Day @mura_masa_! See you soon! 🕺🏻
RT @elijahdaniel: this is my pokemon go. gotta catch em all.
RT @colbydroscher: Who would you trust more with your secrets?
RT @rolldiggity: When a witch says your tongue has to float in the middle of your mouth without touching anything or you'll die. https://t.…
RT @CoolShitATX: Love @mura_masa_ + @iamkucka? RT and Follow us to WIN 2 tickets. more info ➟…
Just realized I’ll be in New Orleans when @skylar__spence is in Austin. 😭 wyd this to me Oprah!?
RT @FelterSkelter: *has a heart attack* *gets to hospital* *pulls off oxygen mask to weakly say* "no... take me to... the other one... i…
$100 1-Day Tickets for #ACLFest go on sale FRIDAY!…
If you can find someone who loves you 25% as much as a casual Lana Del Rey fan loves her, you’re doing pretty good.
Oh man, HAIM’s “Bad Liar” cover is SO cringe.
RT @DanRather: We the American people deserve to know what in God's name is happening.…
Dems/libs/progressives are looking for a smoking gun that will remove Trump from office but Congress has to do SOMETHING and they’re useless
RT @grahamorama: Plans vs. reality. Something seems different
tbh I actually thought that History of Dance video was still the most viewed
I'm starting to think the Trumps literally don't understand the definition of collusion.…
RT @garzacommaapril: When Jay Z announces #444tour but you don't have to worry about a ticket bc you're already seeing him at @aclfestival
RT @palmdat: Cx: do u have X in stock? Me: no Cx: can u check the back? Me: sure! *goes to bathroom, checks phone, watches wall-e, drives t…
No threats to foreign nations or the US intelligence community yet?…
RT @AndyRichter: At some point he is going to blurt out "why would I try to stop someone who was helping me get elected?"
RT @SouthernHomo: Straight culture is exhausting…
Don't talk to me or my son ever again.
I love that HEB's sports drink is just called "Quench."
RT @KimSmythe2: @Reince45 @POTUS Yep...other world leaders couldn't get enough of Trump. Here he is shining so brightly. Bigly brightly.…
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