25th Annual Austin Film Festival & Conference | The Writers Festival | October 25 - November 1, 2017 | #AFF25
David Wilson to direct Bloodshot adaptation, written by #AFF2017 Panelist Eric Heisserer deadline.com/2018/03/vin-di…
Netflix’s Film with #AFF2017 Panelist and Jake Gyllenhaal Sets Ensemble variety.com/2018/film/news…
Winning at AFF not only entails a cash prize, but also rewards you with a muscular five-pound bronze typewriter popularly known as "El Bronzo"! Submit today: bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/UqkupNOixb
#ICYMI - Writers featured at #FirstThreePagesLive include Alex Cope & Will Zech, Audrey Webb, Jason Futrell, Teresa Roberson, & Toby Schwartz! Find out more: bit.ly/1st3pgs https://t.co/J3gl2zghpU
Sony Moves Forward with Third Jumanji Movie, co-written by #AFF2018 Panelist Scott Rosenberg screenrant.com/karen-gillan-j…
Tomorrow is our event in LA. Come one come all: bit.ly/AFFLA18 https://t.co/3gCFEFdP3p
The Jury award winners of our Narrative Short, Documentary Short, and Animated Short all qualify for an Academy Award! Write among the past winners and become the all-star filmmaker you are! bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/ApYHs0jzr3
Other writers featured at #FirstThreePagesLive include Alex Cope & Will Zech, Audrey Webb, Jason Futrell, Teresa Roberson, & Toby Schwartz! Find out more: bit.ly/1st3pgs https://t.co/HJKYLVRJPM
We're also gonna hear from @angbriones & @KevinTalley at #FirstThreePagesLive! Find out more: bit.ly/1st3pgs https://t.co/F20KDuIcHs
Super excited to have the @HoldenBrosFilms joining us for #FirstThreePagesLive on 3/20! bit.ly/1st3pgs https://t.co/FUJRKnKThK
Here's the full lineup for First Three Pages Live! bit.ly/1st3pgs https://t.co/vj6r1vh783
RT @KevinTalley: This Tuesday 3/20, I'm joining @austinfilmfest for 'First Three Pages Live!' @ColdTowne. Come get a taste of 'Coked', my s…
This week, screenwriters Michael Green, Bryan Fuller, Ashley Edward Miller and Nicole Perlman discuss adapting novels and comic books for both film and television: bit.ly/2tOabQl dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
WOW! Nabil Rajo won Best Actor at @TheCdnAcademy for his role in Boost, which had its US Premiere at #AFF2017! Congrats to Nabil and writer/director Darren Curtis. Watch Nabil’s speech here: vimeo.com/259940896 https://t.co/2SmNdt9Wna
AFF judges include professional writers and representatives from major studios and production companies such as Sony Pictures Animation, Pixar, ABC Studios and more! bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/wLuLpojhA9
We've just announced the projects to be read at #FirstThreePages on 3/20! Meet the writers: bit.ly/1st3pgs https://t.co/5qmxyFx4f9
Free Advanced Screening tonight! RSVP -> bit.ly/2FEegeF #TheDeathOfStalin https://t.co/78l0M3u6G6
Free Advanced Screening of #TheLeisureSeeker on 3/19 at 7:30. RSVP: bit.ly/2DnSwyz https://t.co/j135SVHX9a
The art of good storytelling means plucking out the interesting meaty section of that infinite tale, breathing life into it, and giving it the power to blow the audience's mind. Share your story: bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/jgQnb1xYwp
Do you have a digital series? Submit to our competition here: bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/UPhccrLYv2
Come hear the work of your peers! It's a great way to learn & improve your own work for only $5: bit.ly/3pgsTix1 https://t.co/58PkNwlOpH
Free Advanced Screening of #TheDeathofStalin this Wedneday 3/14 at 7:30. RSVP -> bit.ly/2FEegeF https://t.co/AljuXRSEb2
Plays advancing to the final round are given the opportunity to conduct live readings during the conference, AND access to exclusive panels, workshops, and unique networking opportunities. Submit today and master the art and craft of storytelling! bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/jkWO4d4zd4
AFF in LA is only a few days away! New Panelists have been announced! Check 'em out: bit.ly/AFFLA18 https://t.co/Ouz36eLJhv
Trailer released for Season 2 of #AFF2017 Panelist Noah Hawley's 'Legion' ew.com/tv/2018/03/06/…
Looking for alternative ways to break in? Don’t forget that AFF has a Fiction Podcast Competition! bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/r922YLKmdN
Our weekend badge sale ends today! Don't miss this chance to see the Oscar contenders first! bit.ly/attendaff25 https://t.co/LBSimrBZpB
Now we can all buy James Ivory's Timothee Chalamet Oscar Shirt ew.com/awards/2018/03…
Amazon inks first-look deal with #AFF2017 Awardee Kenneth Lonergan hollywoodreporter.com/news/amazon-in…
This special @AFFOnStory episode features actresses Diane Lane, Margo Martindale and producer Suzanne de Passe discussing how their characters helped shape the classic western TV series, Lonesome Dove at a special cast and crew reunion in Fort Worth, Texas youtu.be/P86wOie3Dwk
Austin Film Festival takes newcomers from the isolation of their desk and ushers them into the bustling world of film and television. Don't let your best ideas just sit there: bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/708hL1OsdY
Since 1994, Austin Film Festival has had the pleasure of bringing together some of the most talented and influential women in the industry. This #InternationalWomensDay we want to honor all the amazing, hard-working women around the globe. Thanks for sharing your stories! https://t.co/RdhLR1sDgn
Whew! It was a close race but we've arrived at our 5 winners for this year's Oscars Prediction Contest! Congratulations to Pamela De Almeida, Justine Cantu, Sarah Mairs, Brandy Walker & Nathan Olson! Be on the lookout for our email on how you can receive your Lone Star Badges! https://t.co/N2yMWwVEne
Two short films that have played at Austin Film Festival were nominated for the Academy Awards ® this year! One of them even WON! Want this to be you? Toss your name into the hat: bit.ly/affsubmit https://t.co/bfcVWgOoqc
Tickets have been selling quickly so don’t wait too long to get yours if you’re still planning on attending. In partnership with the @TheAcademy we’re presenting a day full of seasoned advice from industry professionals all about REPRESENTATION | bit.ly/AFFLA18 https://t.co/6u1O0XNcTi
An exhilarating mix of dark comedy, white-knuckle action, and dramatic intrigue, #Gringo is a joyride into Mexico. FREE Advance Screening TONIGHT: bit.ly/AFFgringo https://t.co/21EA5jOf8h
In this special Women's Month episode of On Story, actress and producer America Ferrera and theatre film and television actress June Squibb discuss their work in film and on television: bit.ly/2Fn7Ih9 dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
Even though all of the Oscars have been handed out, you still have an opportunity to “thank the @TheAcademy” by entering in the #NichollFellowship Competitions. Their Early Bird Deadline is today! Also, our deadline is in 22 days ;) oscars.org/nicholl
@ColdTowne's company of talented performers will be doing a special reading of the 'First Three Pages' of selected screenplays! Come watch movie magic in the making: bit.ly/3pgsTix1 https://t.co/YENQ11OBYm
An AFF #FilmPass is the easiest way to see the #Oscar contenders FIRST! Sign up to be the first to know when the next batch will be released: bit.ly/FilmPass25 https://t.co/AqaNzPWvoJ
We've still got weekend badges for only $199 ($50 off)! Secure your seat to see next year's Awards Season contenders FIRST! bit.ly/affwkend25 https://t.co/5ZYDb7oDea
This year TWO short films that played AFF went on to be nominated for an #Oscar. One even WON! Expect more films of that caliber at tonight's screening -> bit.ly/AWshorts18 https://t.co/Xv77vFRwow
Do you have a scripted fiction podcast? Enter our competition and take advantage of this rising new medium: bit.ly/SubmitPodcast https://t.co/qs4nC0VVzG
If you're into seeing a FREE film before anyone else, #Thoroughbreds is playing tonight at 7 PM at Galaxy Highland -> bit.ly/2oxriRl https://t.co/rCbe7VqYwF
With a 2017 Weekend Badge you could've attended screenings of with Virgil Williams, Rob Morgan, Scott Frank, Dan Gilroy, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Robert Townsend, Greta Gerwig & MORE! Get yours today for $50 off promo code 'affoscars' | bit.ly/affwkend25 https://t.co/UMU7Ng7IEQ
Academy Award-winning Doc Short 'Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405' qualified for the #Oscars with its 2016 submission to AFF. The next Oscar winner could be YOU! Submit today: bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/UPB5WH3bEy
Join us tonight for an evening of Award-Winning Shorts at 7PM | Tickets-> bit.ly/AWshorts18 youtube.com/watch?v=9mMlAd…
RT @JordanPeele: This is exactly what it looked like watching my wife give birth. https://t.co/qDNm3jzZwh
Time to take the first step of your own journey to the #Oscars -- submitting! Submit your film, script, or play today for the lowest prices of the year: bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/j1DhejsPAy
Frank Stiefel submitted his short documentary to the 2016 Austin Film Festival, and just last night took home an #Oscar! You could be next! Share your story: bit.ly/AFFSubmit | Hurry, the early deadline is March 30th! https://t.co/LDr32g2LAH
We’re pleased to announce that @ENDERBYENT will be returning for another year! @RickDugdale and Dan Petrie Jr. will read the semifinalist scripts and determine finalists and winners for this feature add-on category! bit.ly/AFFSubmit https://t.co/2sLyKz0hcK
Big congrats to all the #AFF films who took home an #Oscar last night! Want to be part of that magic? Join us for our 25th Anniversary -> bit.ly/attendaff https://t.co/zdcywQM6Ri
Join us tonight for a FREE Advanced Screening of #Thoroughbreds! RSVP -> bit.ly/2oxriRl https://t.co/8ee2O64WKZ
Heaven is A Traffic Jam on the 405 wins Academy Award® after qualifying at AFF 2016! --> bit.ly/2HeavAff https://t.co/HfUxqote4z
FADE OUT. #AustinOscars
Congrats to all the nominees and winners tonight! Thank you for all the movie magic! #Oscars2018 #AustinOscars P.S. Still beyond excited about the doc short winner #HeavenIsATrafficJamOnthe405 could not be more proud to have qualified this film!!
"And the award for best picture goes to… Bad Moms 2." -- Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, Oscars 2018. #bestpicture #oscars2018 #AustinOscars
Please someone make sure John Travolta is not televised trying to pronounce Saoirse! #adelenazeem #neverforget #bestleadingactress #AustinOscars
"Meryl Streep is celebrating her 21st nomination tonight! What a legend! #bestleadingactress #AustinOscars
Congrats Gary! Happy to have screened #DarkestHour at #AFF2017 #AustinOscars
We heard that if Timothée Chalamet wins, he'll donate 30 smoldering looks to charity! #BestActor #AustinOscars
We met #GretaGerwig at #AFF2017 Fingers crossed she takes it home!!! #bestdirector #AustinOscars
Rest in Peace to all of those in various roles that were part of the magic that is film. Thank you for sharing your stories. #AustinOscars
RT @thismaya: Nothing I’ve written has ever even been produced but I still hold my breath before they read the winners and still feel crush…
@JordanPeele October 25 - 28th. We can't wait to hear your story! twitter.com/austinfilmfest…
RT @kumailn: The Big Sick came in second!
BIG Congrats to Jordan Peele! #originalscreenplay Hope to see you at the Festival this year ;) #AustinOscars
Happy to have played #CallMeByYourName in 2017 and hosted #NeustaderandWeber of Disaster Artists in 2016 and #ScottFrank and #MichaelGreen in 2017 of Logan and #VirgilWiliams of #Mudbound in 2017 !
Shout out to our people! The #screenwriters!
Congrats to Greta Gerwig (directing), Lucy Sibbick (makeup and hairstyling), Tatiana S. Riegal (film editing), Dee Rees (adapted screenplay) for being the only women nominated in their respective categories! #austinoscars #womeninfilm
RT @nick_pants: Avengers: Infinity War (2018) https://t.co/doEbTnn6mE
Loving all these performances! Who's your pick to win #bestoriginalsong? #AustinOscars
GO FRANK!!!! We were so honored to play your film at #AFF2016 and even more honored to see you win today! #AustinOscars
Crossing our fingers for Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405, the documentary short we qualified at #AFF2016 #AustinOscars #GoFrankandMindy !
We're living in a real-life #OscarsInception right now! #AustinOscars
Wishing we were in TCL Chinese Theatre right about now! #AustinOscars
"It's wonderful how all the films nominated for #bestanimatedfeature all champion diverse stories, voices, and perspectives. #austinoscars #academyawards
Congrats to #NegativeSpace, an #AFF alum film on the nomination! #AustinOscars
Hey @TheAcademy, 10 million is my answer to Question 5 of the #OscarsPopQuiz. cards.twitter.com/cards/3b673s/5…
He may not be Captain America, but Steven Rogers is our hero... In that he wrote a wonderful part for Allison Janney in #ITonya !! We were so pleased to host him in October. #screenwriter #AustinOscars
Allison Janney and Laurie Metcalf should just share the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Right? Who do we contact to make this happen? Serious inquiry. #bestsupportingactress #oscars2018 #AustinOscars
The films nominated for #bestcinematography were so impressionable--- they all showed what it's like to skate along the edge of beauty and danger. #austinoscars #academyawards
Let there be Blige! What a performance! #bestoriginalsong #Mudbound played at #AFF2017 #AustinOscars
Great to see Greta on our screens tonight!! We were so happy to have hosted her for #AFF2017. #LadyBird was our opening night film!
Don't want to pick favorites, but we may be secretly rooting for #callmebyyourname #thedarkesthour #ladybird #itonya #mudbound #romanjisrael #threebillboard #austinoscars - films that all played at #AFF2017 #AustinOscars
"Great job Jacqueline Durran on getting two nominations for #bestcostumedesign ! #womeninfilm #austinoscars #AcademyAwards2018
Congrats to all of the Oscar nominees that were screened at #AFF last year! #callmebyyourname #darkesthour #ladybird #itonya #mudbound #romanjisrael #threebillboard #austinoscars
Congrats to #DarkestHour ! We were happy to play this film during #AFF2017
Guess not this time - congrats Sam! #AustinOscars
Will Willem Dafoe upset Sam Rockwell? #AustinOscars
We're going to be live tweeting the Oscars so stay tuned! #AustinOscars
Excited for the #Oscars? Be sure to check out our feed during the ceremony and enter our Prediction Contest here -> bit.ly/18AFFOscars https://t.co/YI47nnvU43
RT @AFFOnStory: On today's Oscars® Special we’ll year from Academy Award®nominated filmmaker Frank Stiefel. Stiefel’s short documentary Hea…
On today's Oscars® Special we’ll year from Academy Award®nominated filmmaker Frank Stiefel. Stiefel’s short documentary Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 is nominated for Best Documentary Short at the 2018 Academy Awards®: bit.ly/2tnvqIP dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
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