26th Annual Austin Film Festival & Conference | The Writers Festival | October 24 - 31, 2019 | #AFF26
On this last batch of #MovieMonday shorts, we show you more of the amazing #stories that will grace the screen at #AFF26! Don't have your Film Pass yet? Time is running out! Grab your Pass or Badge and join us for some cinematic fun in Austin! austinfilmfestival.com/product-catego… https://t.co/huSVKgM4Ah
2nd batch of #MovieMonday Short Film announcements for #AFF26! Come support these filmmakers, enjoy some BBQ, and meet some great storytellers! https://t.co/6xEYckFzsN
We are just a little over a week from #AFF26, so on this #MovieMonday, enjoy more of the short films you can watch in Austin! https://t.co/dPeAepL8qt
Martha lives a solitary existence planting buried treasure and attempting to sell air conditioners until she takes in Sadie and her multiple personalities. Check out the trailer for #AFF26 film THE PLANTERS at the link here: vimeo.com/355211223
An anthology of noir short stories based on the works of acclaimed novelist George Pelecanos. Check out the trailer for #AFF26 film DC NOIR at the link below! youtu.be/LUIKSgPLWso https://t.co/kyRVbHoVTM
Join Sweet Chive at Austin Film Festival's Film & Food Party for some delicious homemade dumplings! Several of Austin's best restaurants will be serving food to help out the young filmmakers of Austin! Get tickets here! austinfilmfestival.com/festival-and-c… https://t.co/D6K42Ujzs2
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Looking for conference and festival volunteers! We have a variety of positions still available. Join AFF at the end of October, earn passes and badges, and help out a #storytelling non-profit organization! Find more info here: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/rdOdzJopJd
Mind palaces, hungry dragons, foxes and birds, and — of course — aliens! Check out this last batch of AFF short film announcements for today and join us at our annual Film Festival later this month! Film Pass info below: austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/TIinu2oqv6
Mice, cacti, and oatmeal monsters?! Must be another batch of #AFF26 shorts! https://t.co/aLLd2P2vcX
Villains, virtual friends, and bunnies vs. carrots in this batch of super #SaturdayShorts. More on the way! https://t.co/LJWBu3t5VK
Looking for conference and festival volunteers! We have a variety of positions still available. Join AFF at the end of October, earn passes and badges, and help out a #storytelling non-profit organization! Find more info here: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/MBpDOG9K6K
More #shortfilms for #aff26 coming your way! Film Passes are still available, so come enjoy these films and more in the heart of Central Texas! Get your pass here: austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/W1rS78tQAC
Another batch of shorts announcements for #AFF26! https://t.co/mlOknUOJGZ
#SUPERSHORTFILMSATURDAY! Today, we'll be showing you several of the amazing short films we have set for #AFF26! Keep your eyes peeled throughout the day for more #shortfilm announcements! #austin #austinfilmfestival #storytelling https://t.co/Vq80WVSc3H
RT @AFFOnStory: Filmmaker Interview: The Planters dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
A womanizing businessman carries an STD that causes his past lovers to spontaneously die, he embarks on a tour through past relationships to find the one who infected him. Watch NOT TO BE UNPLEASANT BUT WE NEED TO HAVE A SERIOUS TALK at #AFF26! Trailer: youtu.be/CZQxNEt1BZA
In 1967, two sisters are abandoned and raised by grandparents in the town of Fireside. Humor, heartbreak, and triumph are served with whipped cream and lots of local nuts in this heartwarming tale of family, friendship, and forgiveness. youtu.be/w5QYD4rYKCI #film #aff26
A mis-delivered package arrives in a man's post office box bearing a horrifying secret -- one that will set him on a collision course with his own dark past, a peodphile, and the predator's disillusioned daughter. Watch WADE IN THE WATER at #AFF26! youtu.be/LVb-g-aOHN0
Looking for conference and festival volunteers! We have a variety of positions still available. Join AFF at the end of October, earn passes and badges, and help out a #storytelling non-profit organization! Find more info here: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/nxdv12nhzz
A portrait of Georgia writer Flannery O'Connor, vividly detailed with the life experiences that provided inspiration for her iconic stories. Watch #FLANNERY at #AFF26! youtu.be/IT3n2hvAwNc #film #writers #screenwriting #cinema #filmfestival #Austin
A couple is forced to navigate the complexity of modern relationships when they discover they are the last two people left on Earth. Watch A ROOM FULL OF NOTHING at #AFF26! Check out the trailer here: youtu.be/dtZh86N3H5A #Austin #Film #Cinema #Storytelling
At #AFF26, watch MAKING APES: THE ARTISTS WHO CHANGED FILM, and learn how the iconic franchise got its iconic look and changed #film forever. Watch the trailer here!: youtu.be/R9esZQvdUjI #Austin #PlanetoftheApes #Cinema #Movies https://t.co/lrIa4sChn8
Thank you to everybody who participated in our #screenplay competitions this year! We just released our list of finalists yesterday, and were absolutely blown away by the caliber of storytelling we had the privilege of seeing this year. Read more: austinfilmfestival.com/submit/screenp…
This week on, On Story we take a closer look at some of the incredible films chosen to screen at the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival with Man Camp writer and actor, Daniel Cummings: bit.ly/33ma23p dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
Reminder: tonight at Dean's One Trick Pony at The LINE Hotel — Seinfeld Trivia Night! More info here: facebook.com/events/2410229… https://t.co/4FBhALNetP
JUST MERCY, written by AFF 2016 Screenwriter to Watch and UT Michener Grad Andrew Lanham, will be closing #AFF26! Check out the full press release below!: bit.ly/aff26justmercy https://t.co/jHNFWeuue4
Looking for conference and festival volunteers! We have a variety of positions still available. Join AFF at the end of October, earn passes and badges, and help out a #storytelling non-profit organization! Find more info here: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/6nEqsmQUXn
It may be a spooky time during #AFF26, but we're bringing the jolly as well! Come join David Berenbaum (writer of ELF), Karen Schaler (writer of A CHRISTMAS PRINCE), and Matt Lieberman (writer of THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES) as they chat x-mas storytelling! sched.co/Vfzs https://t.co/VeUHVvXz05
Our Film & Food Fundraising Party supports our Young Filmmakers Program, and will be taking place the day before our annual Festival & Conference kicks off. We'll have some amazing auction items up for grabs, so don't delay in getting your tickets! austinfilmfestival.com/festival-and-c… https://t.co/qxLGM0X2wf
Our pilot episode for Season 9 of On Story, featuring the amazing Larry Wilmore, was recently nominated for a regional Emmy®! To celebrate, check out the full episode at our YouTube channel below! youtu.be/Y_TxXbQINNw?t=… #screenwriting #filmmaking #larrywilmore
Tomorrow! Join AFF at Dean's One Trick Pony for a Seinfeld Trivia night! More info here: facebook.com/events/2410229…
Our last batch of #shortfilm announcements for today! Come join us at #aff26 and enjoy the latest short films from up-and-coming and established #filmmakers! https://t.co/fUeo3MRfDJ
Some more #shortfilms for you on this #MovieMonday! Check them out below! https://t.co/XHyiOpaOmy
On this #MovieMonday, we are again spotlighting some of the #shortfilms you can see at #aff26! Check them out below! https://t.co/DmhekTIWzG
#AFF26 panelists Guinevere Turner and Michael Werwie gave a preview of their panel in a Forbes article today! Check it out at the link below: forbes.com/sites/kristenl…
Today, our Marketing Director, Sam Levine, appeared on Fox 7 Austin to talk about our annual Festival! Check it out at the link below: fox7austin.com/video/612327
This Wednesday! Join us at Dean's One Trick Pony for a Seinfeld Trivia night! More info here: facebook.com/events/2410229… https://t.co/RKOLzEuByY
Looking for conference and festival volunteers! We have a variety of positions still available. Join AFF at the end of October, earn passes and badges, and help out a #storytelling non-profit organization! Find more info here: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/gzyfrGczOM
#meangirls #mermaids and #droughts in this series of #ShortsSaturday! Our short film programming has a story for everyone, and we hope that you can make it out to #AFF26 to help us support these filmmakers! Get your Film Passes at the link below! austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/MNwWbUm3Dd
#snoring #submarines #thieves in this second batch of shorts announcements for #AFF26! https://t.co/suFWD8rO0I
Want to know about more of the shorts you can see at #AFF26? Of course you do! Check out this batch of #ShortsSaturday films! https://t.co/7aFZ62eNpw
#AFF26 Film THE PLANTERS won Film of the Festival at @Raindance! Congratulations to their entire team! We are excited to have their film at our festival this month! Read more here: screendaily.com/news/the-plant…
FUN FACT! The puppet in #aff26 short film SAGUARO was fabricated by Ron Cole, an animator on the film #SinbadTheFifthVoyage! Each spine of the puppet was individually punched and is made of human hair! Whose hair? You'll have to come to AFF to find out! @MindfruitStudio https://t.co/1tj706rCGm
Check out the trailer for #AFF26 film RED ROVER! Fun fact: Cara Gee, who stars in the film, was a TIFF Rising Star and a Whistler Film Festival Star to Watch. Lots of talent on screen in this one! vimeo.com/294847271 #film #austin #filmpassesstillavailable
"I keep telling everybody — I'm NOT a refugee!" Feel the beat drop in #AFF26 Comedy Vanguard film SAWAH! A daring escape from...Luxembourg? Check out the trailer here: vimeo.com/299665189 @SawahMovie
RT @TheJulieBenson: Although @shawnabenson has attended before, I've never been to Austin Film Fest so I'm assuming Panelist Of The Day mea…
Meet our #PanelistOTD duo @TheJulieBenson and @ShawnaBenson, writers of #WuAssassins, @cwthe100, and the upcoming animated #StarTrek series! Join the @benson_sisters at #AFF26 for a look at their career #writing for TV! https://t.co/KgYy9NEDvF
#Reenactment #Symbolism and #Adolescence in this final round of short film announcements for #FilmFriday! Our Short Films Screenings are some of our most popular screenings every year and are guaranteed to have something for everyone. Check them out at #AFF26! https://t.co/4JmVVdvUbf
#Stories of #Journey in this batch of #FilmFriday shorts! Come watch them at #AFF26! austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/5ThMFbSl6E
#tourists #halloween and #photos? All in this round of #FilmFriday Shorts Announcements! Come watch them at #aff26! https://t.co/T41Wj1BauA
If you haven't checked out our full schedule of amazing #premieres, #documentaries, #shortfilms, and more — check them out at the link below: austinfilmfestival.com/2019-films/ Remember to grab your Badges or Passes soon!
Check out our interview with writer/director Van Ditthavong on his #AFF26 Feature Film SLEEPING IN PLASTIC! Listen here: bit.ly/2ow1Uyk #filmmaking #screenwriting #austin #texas https://t.co/claaNeinsi
"I know exactly what happens when a man loves a woman, and it sure as hell better not be happening outside the bounds of holy matrimony!" Want some laughs? Come to #AFF26 and watch Comedy Vanguard feature MAN CAMP! Check out the trailer here: vimeo.com/300782942
Check out our Q&A with filmmaker Hubert Charuel of #AFF26 #film COWS WITH NO NAME. "I started shooting in my parents’ farm in order to keep a trace of the world I grew up in and which was bound to disappear." Read more here bit.ly/namelesscows
"You're never gonna find her... should've left when you had the chance." #AFF26 Narrative Feature THE BYGONE by Graham Phillips and Parker Phillips will keep your heart pumping with every frame. Watch the thrilling trailer below! vimeo.com/333905253
Our #PanelistOTD is @Taylor_M_Allen, writer/executive producer of Chappaquiddick and editor of beloved animated family @TheSimpsons! Grab your Badge and join him at #AFF26: austinfilmfestival.com/shop/badges-an… https://t.co/JdEG8KH6AF
RT @Stage32: Another Stage 32 Partnership Announcement - Joining Forces With the Austin Film Festival @austinfilmfest! Read all about it…
Like #Seinfeld? Think you're a #superfan? PROVE IT! AFF and the Get It Gals will be at Dean's One Trick Pony in The Line Hotel for a free-to-play trivia night on October 9! Find more info here: facebook.com/events/2410229… https://t.co/ruz7XKCqAZ
Listen to our podcast with Chance Muehleck, who speaks about his experience with Austin Film Festival and how it helped him engage more with the #writing community. Listen here: bit.ly/2n1kazj https://t.co/PgrOrETtcF
This week's staff pick! Screenplay Assistant Sally Seitz talks about #AFF26 documentary COWS WITH NO NAME. Read her thoughts here: austinfilmfestival.com/news/staff-pic… https://t.co/IdF4wvLgMq
"Yep, your neighbors are creepy as f—" If you like #horror films, then you have to catch THE WRETCHED by writers/directors Brett and Drew Pierce at #AFF26! Check out the trailer below! youtu.be/dGQidrBQ-gs #film #austin #halloween #thewretched @PierceBrett
And for our #AFF26Pitch competition, we have an honorable mention! In third place, @wawparker ! Thank you to everyone for participating this year! We can't wait to see you at #AFF26! twitter.com/wawparker/stat…
In second place for the #aff26pitch competition... @eldavidquirozjr! Congratulations! twitter.com/ElDavidQuirozJ…
The #aff26pitch competition is over! The twitter pitcher with the most votes is— @WriteChrisWrite ! Check out his pitch below! twitter.com/WriteChrisWrit…
Semi-Finalist Stories is a new series that highlights past Script Competition Semi-Finalists and their experiences attending the Festival & Conference. This week, we hear from two-time semi-finalist Chance Muehleck: bit.ly/2n1kazj dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
"There's lots of people who can come in and really bring down the house...we'll just have to wait and see." AFF is proud to present the amazing #FeatureDocumentary PipeDreams at #AFF26! Trailer: vimeo.com/305843777 #pipedreams @PipeDreamsDoc #documentary #film #organist
On this special presentation of On Story, we’re taking a closer look at some of the incredible films chosen to screen at the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival. This week, writer/director Van Ditthavong discusses his feature film Sleeping in Plastic: dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
"Is it weird that I think I made a new friend recently?" A PATIENT MAN by writer/director Kevin Ward will be playing at #AFF26! Watch the trailer here! vimeo.com/282416489 @patientmanmovie #apatientmanmovie
Get involved with a #storytelling organization! #AFF26 is still seeking volunteers to help with our Festival taking place October 24-31! Have fun, make friends, and earn badges! austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/tsBqHv65IJ
Chinonye Chukwu's CLEMENCY will be gracing #AFF26! Years of carrying out death row executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams (Alfre Woodard). As she prepares for another execution, Bernadine confronts the demons her job creates. youtu.be/HzUhz2XkFfE
#WORLDPREMIERE at #AFF26 Daniel Myrick, best known for popularizing the #foundfootage film with #TheBlairWitchProject will be bringing his latest film SKYMAN to Austin. Don't raid Area 51, instead, come enjoy this story in the comfort of a theater seat! austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/tWYplOIIet
Check out this video of the late great Robin Williams talking about #WhatDreamsMayCome by #AFF26 Awardee Ronald Bass. youtu.be/85jON1lc4ig We are so excited to be having Ronald at our retrospective screening this year! Make sure to get your Pass or Badge soon to join us!
Have you seen the trailer of #AFF26 Marquee Feature THE KILL TEAM yet? This suspenseful real-life story from writer/director Dan Krauss and @A24 explores morality, corruption, and justice in a time of war. It is not to be missed! youtu.be/0mab6h2sE5g #filmmaking #story
Meet our #PanelistOTD @annheppermann, #podcast goddess and founder of @thesarahawards, at #AFF26! Grab your Badge and check out our fiction podcast track at this year’s #Writers Conference! https://t.co/XdW1aHSIO1
#Injustices #Triumphs and #Animation all in this final batch of #MovieMonday short film announcements for #AFF26! Come watch them all with a Film Pass! More info at the link below: austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/mLT00Yea8d
Want some more #MovieMonday #shortfilms? Well, you got them! https://t.co/xlpiBej9ey
On this edition of #MovieMonday, more #shortfilms from #aff26 to reveal new worlds, ways of life, and different realities that exist within our own! Check them out below: https://t.co/u5bYlI6TEy
It's international #podcast day! Feels like a good day to mention that we have amazing #fictionpodcast panelists coming through to #AFF26, one of whom is the amazing Sarah Rhea Werner who graced us with this video on How to Write a Killer Podcast Script!: youtu.be/M0Y1JKXaUUs
ICYMI: #WhatDreamsMayCome will be screened at #AFF26, presented by screenwriter and 2019 awardee Ronald Bass! One Robin Williams classic deserves another — check out our On Story episode on #DEADPOETSSOCIETY at the link below: youtu.be/UmdsLv7Zx6g youtube.com/watch?v=UmdsLv…
RT @WorkinMoms: Big congrats to @reitcatou! 👏🏾Get it queen mother👊🏼 twitter.com/reitcatou/stat…
Got your Film & Food Tickets yet? Come support our Young Filmmakers Program by chowing down on gourmet grub from restaurants like Z'Tejas, meeting creatives, and enjoying the atmosphere and ambience of AFF before festivities kick off the next day! austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-a… https://t.co/hU9mkzzthT
Happy #InternationalPodcastDay! #AFF26 features a Fiction Podcast track because we strongly believe in the storytelling power of the medium and we have a strong line-up of accomplished auditory storytellers coming through! Check them out!: austinfilmfestival.com/podcast-progra… https://t.co/CyC2KQIllz
Excited about our Seinfeld retrospective screening this year at #AFF26? Us too. Join us at Dean's One Trick Pony for a Trivia night on October 9! facebook.com/events/2410229… https://t.co/GhKbBlRGrT
Support a non-profit that supports #storytellers! We're still looking for more volunteers for the 26th Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference. If you're interested in attending, this is a great way to earn badges and passes! More info here: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/H8W6xswTKG
Have a Weekend Badge or higher to #AFF26? Can't participate in our Pitch Competition because it's sold out? Pitch us your story on Twitter with #AFF26Pitch before 11:59PM PST tonight! The two best pitches will win slots at our annual Pitch Competition at the Conference! https://t.co/dWtS7SrSSZ
Want more #shortfilm announcements for #aff26? You got them! Check out our last batch of #FilmFriday shorts for today https://t.co/ni939YZFJN
Our #PanelistOTD is @BernieSu, creator/executive producer/showrunner of @ArtificialNext, @emmaApproved, and @thelbdofficial! Join the recent #Emmy winner at #AFF26 and hear about his career writing for the #digital medium! #newmedia https://t.co/hBDoI2JMsD
#FilmFriday continued! More shorts coming your way at #AFF26! https://t.co/zRsx4sn8q0
On this #FilmFriday, more #AFF26 #ShortFilm announcements! Check them out below! #storytelling #filmmaking #austin https://t.co/HYfkd4PUD8
Pin your writing for the 3-count because at #AFF26, we'll have a panel ON WRITING GLOW with Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, co-creators of @GlowNetflix. Colorful characters, costume changes, and an ensemble cast of female wrestlers? That's some #story. austinfilmfestival.com/festival-and-c… https://t.co/XrtGtT3v1j
Are you a first time attendee to AFF? Attend our panel on How to Work the Conference featuring #AustinFilmFest veterans Marissa Tandon, Alison James, and Zac Kish! Learn how to get the best out of your #AFF26 experience! austinfilmfestival.com/festival-and-c… https://t.co/4tfaItHhOW
Join @nytimes for comedy and conversation live in Austin tomorrow night! Save 25% with code NYTFRIEND here: bit.ly/2kqiL48 #TimesEvents https://t.co/p1wCLW8vfB
#WORLDPREMIERE at #AFF26 Even if you're accomplished filmmakers like Lawrence & Meg Kasdan, you, like everyone else, have those establishments that develop countless memories over a series of visits. So, what happens when your spots disappear? austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… #memory https://t.co/oIPaWdT7P3
RT @keatonwooden: Honored to be a co-producer on this film having its world premiere at @austinfilmfest - working directly with family memb…
RT @frantrianni: Excited to share that Paradise Without People, @TIME's latest film, will be screening at @austinfilmfest this October! For…
RT @breagrant: Heya Austin! APARTMENT 413 is playing @austinfilmfest! I'll be there on Tuesday Oct 29th -tickets here ---> https://t.co/LNG…
RT @Screenplayed: Rigor Mortis (2019) - Written and Directed by the @KinnaneBrothers. We're excited to announce our short comedy will be pr…
#WORLDPREMIERE at #AFF26 THE KILLING OF KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN #truelife #historicalfiction #film austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/cbqgj2B5dz
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