26th Annual Austin Film Festival & Conference | The Writers Festival | October 26 - 31, 2019 | #AFF25 #AFF2019
Did you enjoy the movies #Moana and #Ralphbreakstheinternet? Come join us at our live taping of A Conversation with Pamela Ribon, the writer of those great movies! #animation #screenwriting #do512 https://t.co/vGdb1XzeLz
#AFF2017 panelist Scott Frank has a new limited series coming out! Scott earned Emmy nominations for writing and directing his last limited series 'Godless' and we are excited to see what 'The Queen's Gambit' has in store for us. #queensgambit #godless #netflix
Do you live on the East Coast? Interested in the art of Audio Fiction Podcasts? Come to our New York Event and learn about why this exciting medium might be an untapped writing opportunity for you! Info here: austinfilmfestival.com/event/aff-in-n… #newyork #audiofiction #podcasts #aff2019 https://t.co/QcDl5f6NyU
This upcoming Monday, join AFF for a Free Advance Screening of 'The Hummingbird Project' starring Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgård! RSVP at the link below! bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/8frA3BvyMk
@ShawnRyanTV has created some of the best TV shows of our generation. From The Shield, The Unit, Mad Dogs, and SWAT - he has constantly shown some amazing creative chops. Come to our Q&A in LA and gain some insight from his creative journey! bit.ly/itwrswat https://t.co/KI0NmVOwfo
Sign up for our film pass notification list to get informed on when they'll be on sale next! Don't miss your opportunity! Info here: bit.ly/Aff19FP
RT @tubefilter: .@RoosterTeeth and the @austinfilmfest are looking to bolster emerging screenwriters. bit.ly/RTFellow
Anarchy, runaways, squatters… werewolves? Come to our live script reading of 'Rules for Werewolves' and enjoy some storytelling magic. Info: bit.ly/r4www
Our special guest for our On Story Premiere Party will be @pamelaribon. You might know her as the amazing writer behind #ralphbreakstheinternet and #moana. Tickets are going fast and this event is free with an RSVP, so what are you waiting for? bit.ly/oss9pp https://t.co/JK3Yi2rlEd
Join AFF and the Writers Guild of America, East in New York for a conversation on the emerging world of writing for audio fiction! Details here: austinfilmfestival.com/event/aff-in-n… #podcasts #storytelling #newyork #film https://t.co/lprbUPdTKM
2018 AFF Panelist Gabriel Urbina released a full online course on audio dramas, covering everything from how to start thinking about the medium and its unique features to how to structure and write an original audio fiction script! Visit them at Audiofiction101.com
Free screening of 'The Hummingbird Project!' Get your tickets now! In this modern epic, Director Kim Nguyen exposes the ruthless edge of our increasingly digital world! bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/wO9E9FiRyg
RSVP for our On Story Premiere Party soon! Keep an eye out for our special guest announcement in our newsletter tomorrow! You won't want to miss it if you're a fan of animation, comics, and story! #anticipation bit.ly/oss9pp
In just over a week is the early submission deadline for the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival! You ready to share your stories with the world? Submit today! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/HRb5ZZtohL
CSI: NY, Southland, Sleepy Hollow, The Get Down, and S.W.A.T.! @ARThomasTV has accomplished a lot in his career and is still going strong. Come to our Los Angeles Q&A for insight into his amazing successes! bit.ly/itwrswat https://t.co/SjcIW345K3
AFF & @RoosterTeeth have teamed up for a new fellowship award for stories that best fit Rooster Teeth’s voice by incorporating elements of comedy and genre filmmaking, accomplishing a low budget/high concept feel. Announcement here!: bit.ly/affandrt #rwby #redvsblue
With @WGAeast, AFF will be hosting a panel discussion about Writing for Audio Fiction in New York! Want to attend? Follow the link below! austinfilmfestival.com/event/aff-in-n… What are some of the pitfalls you've experienced making your own fiction podcasts? Let us know in the comments!
We'll take your specs! AFF has TV spec categories for our film competitions and our early deadline is March 29, so submit soon! austinfilmfestival.com/submit/screenp… twitter.com/mindykaling/st…
Come enjoy the story before it hits the screen! Tickets available for the live script reading of 'Rules for Werewolves!' Info here: bit.ly/r4www
With the rise of the digital streaming age, it's easy to forget just how useful filmmaker commentaries were and still are. They are an amazing utility to gain insight into the mind and process of a filmmaker. twitter.com/BarryJenkins/s…
Imagine being mentored by someone like Humanitas Board President Ali Leroi (creator of Everybody Hates Chris, Are We There Yet?). Don't miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime for up-and-coming writers! Applications due March 31st. bit.ly/2CM2ag7 https://t.co/2xkT67Vw8Y
Join AFF for an advance screening of 'The Hummingbird Project' at Regal Arbor! Get your seats while you still can! RSVP at the link below! #free #advancedscreening #jesseeisenberg bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/lHSpOgZQST
RT @HUMANITASPrize: “Every writer needs 3 full time jobs. And every job is your most important job: 1. To pay the bills 2. To be a part of…
It’s #AFFinLA day! A few things to know if you’re coming to our event today: -No food or drink will be allowed to be brought into the building. -You must enter through the back door off of the parking lot. Front door will be closed. See you there!
Today's the day! AFF is in LA! Join us and get some knowledge from some of the industry's best! Tickets are available at the door! #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/BIX0p3fnhk
Have you read this week's Tricks of the Trade yet?! This week's edition focuses on the great John Lee Hancock and his storytelling tips! austinfilmfestival.com/blog/2019/03/1… #screenwriting #writingwisdom Have a topic you want to see featured on #TOTD? Let us know in the comments!
Remember when you were a kid and had stories read to you by the local librarian? This is kind of like that, but much better. Come meet the filmmakers behind 'Rules for Werewolves' at our live script reading! Free to attend with an RSVP! bit.ly/r4www
Going to the West to bring the best of AFF! Tomorrow, is our full day of panels designed to help your filmmaking journey. Tickets available here! #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/xmppm8Q71F
Finish those stories up! Our early submission deadline, March 29, is fast approaching! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/qe89nnlynk
In 'The Hummingbird Project,' Anton is the brains, Vincent is the hustler, and together they push each other and everyone around them to the breaking point with their quixotic adventure! RSVP for this free advance screening at the link below! bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/mFokmBPw31
Interested in attending #AFF2019? Sign up for our Film Pass notification list and be the first to know when they next become available! Sign up here: austinfilmfestival.com/product/film-p… https://t.co/7CAHyAnfGx
Come to our FREE live script reading of 'Rules for Werewolves.' Seats are going fast, so don't delay your RSVP! #screenwriting #austin #do512 RSVP at the link here: bit.ly/r4www https://t.co/kizlso9W6a
AFF in Los Angeles tickets are still available. Don't miss out this upcoming weekend! austinfilmfestival.com/event/aff-la-t… https://t.co/rL1G2voXgw
Thinking of submitting your story to the Austin Film Festival this year? Turn it in before our early bird deadline of March 29 to save some cash! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/k6bNXekAFA
AFF's LA event features the best screenwriters, producers, and agents willing to share their knowledge with you. We hope that you will join us! #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/pILDMB8m9r
Based off of the book of the same name, 'Rules for Werewolves' is the story of a lost and desperate runaway who befriends a group of young, wild squatters, some of whom claim to be of the lycan variety. Come join us for a live script reading! bit.ly/r4www
Thank you to everybody who came out to our Hair of the Dog Brunch yesterday! We enjoyed having all of you there and hope to see you again next year. Thank you to our sponsors Star Bar, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Ranch 616, and E Flat Porch Band! https://t.co/C2Z8g6rz9k
Check out this awesome video by @DisneyPixar showing how the words you write on the page come to life on the big screen! youtube.com/watch?v=vgpBt5… #pixar #disney #coco #screenwriting #filmmaking
Best known for his work on @frasier, @thesimpsons and @schoolofrock, Jay Kogen was one of Humanitas' mentors. Winning NEW VOICES = mentorship from a VIP showrunner. All submissions due by March 31. bit.ly/2CM2ag7 https://t.co/Ai4wZ1x4LW
Thinking of submitting your story to the Austin Film Festival this year? Turn it in before our early bird deadline of March 29 to save some cash! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/2FlRbaejPp
Every year at our Annual Conference, AFF brings education and networking to talented writers and filmmakers. We're bringing that same spirit to LA and hope to see you there! #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/4HQn3gGynd
A free advanced screening of 'The Hummingbird Project?' Uh. Yes, please! RSVP today! bit.ly/2XpnrWl #jesseeisenberg #salmahayek https://t.co/hhM7itgBgQ
"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." - Terry Pratchett. Past a first draft and need some more 3rd party support? Submit your story to our competitions before our early bird deadline of March 29! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/BgMIhjXDDO
Come join AFF for a live script reading of Kirk Lynn's 'Rules for Werewolves!' Details below: bit.ly/r4www
Want to see 'The Hummingbird Project' before its wide release?! RSVP at the link below! bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/N4I5y35zEl
Julie Getz screened her documentary 'Care to Laugh' at #AFF2018 and it absolutely floored audiences. It won the 2018 Documentary Feature Audience Award and we're screening it again on May 21. Follow the link below for more info! bit.ly/c2ljuliegetz #womensday #filmmakers
Ann Lupo's 'In Reality' won our 2018 Comedy Vanguard Feature Audience Award and you can see it on April 23 as part of our Audience Award Series! More info here: bit.ly/aluporeal #womensday #femalefilmmakers
Today is International Women's Day and we are happy that #AFF2019 will feature powerhouse panelists like Megan Amram, Lindsey Beer, Christina Hodson, Jessica Julius, Rupinder Gill, and Erica Shelton Kodish! bit.ly/2019aff https://t.co/tVSITRSrsE
Our first round of panelists has been announced for our 26th Annual Austin Film Festival & Conference! Click on the link below to see who you can come hear speak in 2019! austinfilmfestival.com/festival-and-c… #aff2019 #screenwriters #filmmakers #austin https://t.co/l57SZbP54Z
Ever wonder how some of the best writers in the industry today adapt your favorite comic books into films? Check out this week's Tricks of the Trade! austinfilmfestival.com/blog/2019/03/0… #Marvel #DC #Comics
Come join AFF for a FREE live script reading of 'Rules for Werewolves!' Meet the writer and director of this future film as you enjoy the story that will one day grace the big screen. Click on the link below to find out more!: austinfilmfestival.com/event/script-r… https://t.co/tzses8mgay
Every screenwriter and filmmaker encounters obstacles. Find out how to overcome these hurdles from industry professionals at our LA event! #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/7XLCbW7v2O
This week, we'll hear from documentary storytellers Chapman and Maclain Way on their Emmy award winning Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country: bit.ly/2Hhxg2Z dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/t…
Shorts, Features, Screenplays, Fiction Podcasts -- we have competitions for all sorts of different stories. Gets yours in by our early bird dealine of March 29! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/TKqVUNxSVe
Want to see 'The Hummingbird Project' before its wide release?! RSVP at the link below! bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/ETndtsZhze
One of our panels at our LA event will cover Finding the Time to make sure you are making progress towards your writing goals. We hope to see you there! #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/rhopl9jq15
In 'The Hummingbird Project,' Salma Hayek plays a powerful, intoxicating, and manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to come between two cousins and beat them at their own game. bit.ly/2XpnrWl
Tickets still available! Join us tonight for An Evening of Award Winning Shorts! #shortfilm #alamo #austin bit.ly/AWshrts https://t.co/R6EJJ4kOxm
8-year-old Jack relives a traumatic incident through night terrors, which 10-year-old Ross misinterprets as Jack wanting to kill him. Watch 'Tiny Warriors' and more award-winning shorts March 5 at Alamo Drafthouse Village! Ticket info here: bit.ly/AWshrts https://t.co/aqmywR3PgE
Our competitions are great ways to get your writing out there into the world. Our early bird deadline is coming up at the end of this month, make sure to get your stories in soon! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/gAo2CMVmNc
Congratulations to #AFF 2018 alum David Rabinowitz on @BlacKkKlansman's Oscar Award for Best Adapted Screenplay! Rabinowitz co-wrote the film with Charlie Wachtel, Kevin Willmott, and director Spike Lee. oscar.go.com/news/oscar-new… https://t.co/LLx1xEq6jv
Congratulations to #AFF 2018 alum @neulander_tx on wrapping principal shooting on his first feature as director, FUGITIVE DREAMS! Jason spoke to @AustinChronicle about the film here: austinchronicle.com/screens/2019-0… https://t.co/W5BonVQzPV
In this On Story episode, Nicole Perlman (Guardian of the Galaxy) and Angela Kang (The Walking Dead) explore navigating a male-dominated industry as female genre writers. #GOTG #WalkingDead #Zombies #MarvelComics youtu.be/6EwjZUXNMyw
Learn from professional screenwriters, producers, and filmmakers! Join AFF at our LA event. #Film #networking #Screenwriting bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/Lrimnp2pl4
Depictions of the afterlife are everywhere on TV right now, from @nbcthegoodplace to @RussianDoll to @blackmirror. Longtime #AFF moderator @Greg1Garrett spoke to @annaesilman about TV's current obsession with what happens when we die: thecut.com/2019/02/why-is… https://t.co/XZKEmmI7Ja
Writing that next great screenplay? A little bit stuck? Not sure where to go next? Learn from five master comedy screenwriters on this week's "Tricks of the Trade!" austinfilmfestival.com/blog/2019/02/2… https://t.co/iShmL5Dfkl
In search of a new mattress, David and Sara receive some unexpected wisdom from a mattress shop's owner. Catch 'Everything Mattress' and more short films on March 5! Ticket information below! bit.ly/AWshrts https://t.co/Lq84fylmAq
Our Early Bird deadline for submissions is coming up at the end of this month on March 29! Make sure to submit your stories soon! bit.ly/compopen https://t.co/eZMmcVxKwc
Last year, with our Weekend Badge, you could have seen David Rabinowitz, writer of Blackkklansman speak! Use code AFFOSCARS for $50 off for our 2019 Festival! Supplies limited, sale ends tonight! More info here: bit.ly/2l8i89G https://t.co/wMHhZhgbhC
Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård) are players in high-stakes High-Frequency Trading. Their dream? A straight fiber-optic cable line between Kansas and New Jersey. RSVP for a Free Advance Screening of 'The Hummingbird Project' bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/bP7P5nDX66
Our LA Event features seasoned professionals willing to help guide your screenwriting journey. It is definitely not to be missed if you are in the area! Find more info here: bit.ly/AFF-LA https://t.co/m93YDxUXjl
Shorts filmmakers often go on to direct your favorite feature films. Come watch some of our favorite short films from last year next Tuesday! Info here: bit.ly/awdshrts https://t.co/omJ41U1JyS
Until the end of tomorrow, use code AFFOscars for $50 off a Weekend Badge to the 2019 Austin Film Festival! Use code AFFOSCARS for $50 off! Get your badge here!: bit.ly/2l8i89G
Award-winning short films from the 2018 Austin Film Festival captivated the audience last year. Come watch their encore presentation and find your own inspiration to submit your stories to our 2019 Austin Film Festival! Details below: bit.ly/awdshrts
Join AFF for a Free Advance Screening of 'The Hummingbird Project' starring Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgård! RSVP at the link below! bit.ly/2XpnrWl https://t.co/CWFIVZMtWy
Humanitas' New Voices Grant program pairs new writers with mentors and potential grants. If you are interested in the program, check out their video at the link below: vimeo.com/319971054
Congratulations to 'Bullitt County!' After their world premiere at AFF, they found a distribution deal with @GravitasVOD who released the film on DVD and streaming sites this week! Check out their Hiscox Filmmaker Q&A at the link below! austinfilmfestival.com/blog/hiscox-fi…
Ever wanted to learn how a film festival works? Want to get a foot in the film industry and build connections that can help get you to the next level? Our internship program is a great way to get involved! More info: austinfilmfestival.com/about/get-invo… https://t.co/AMKTpfpITC
Our Houston Roundtable event is sold out! We're excited to see you all tonight! #eurekaheights #swamp #aff https://t.co/9Ryp9gT7VZ
For all the young filmmakers out there, it is never too late to get started! More info here: bit.ly/AFFcamp https://t.co/7kuuYefRXM
Have a great story lying around and wondering how to get it out there into the world? Consider submitting to AFF's 2019 Competitions! We are now accepting films, screenplays, teleplays, and fiction podcasts! More info here: bit.ly/compopen
On March 5, join us for a special encore-screening of 5 award-winning short films from our 2018 Film Festival. Get your popcorn ready! bit.ly/awdshrts #shortfilm #austin #drafthouse https://t.co/5zJMJN5FVw
Our film pass sales are currently closed, but if you sign up for our notification list, you will be first in line to snag one when sales re-open! Sign up here: bit.ly/Aff19FP https://t.co/ndQuuqUe5Y
During the Oscars last night, you may have seen the teaser trailer for #TheIrishman! Congratulations to #AFF 2009 Distinguished Screenwriter Award Recipient, Steven Zaillian, who wrote the movie. It's great to see @netflix putting screenwriters and their work front and center! https://t.co/RENs1jneYM
Our Houston Roundtable event for tomorrow night at Eureka Heights Brewing Company has sold out! We are looking forward to seeing you all there. Coming? Bring all your questions for our panelists to answer and gain some knowledge over a couple brews. https://t.co/sIcnl5zaHQ
Would the young filmmaker in your life be interested in competing with their high school in a short film contest with the Better Business Bureau? Click here to apply!: bit.ly/bbbshortfilm youtu.be/347har5oNpo
AFF is headed west to deliver great panels to help you on your filmmaking journey! More info here: bit.ly/AFF-LA #aff #losangeles #film https://t.co/pJhH70CU8Y
And 'Green Book' takes Best Picture at the Oscars after screening at AFF last year! With that, I am also out! Thank you for joining me for this Academy Awards! Hope to see you this year at the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival! - Joe Choe Community Outreach Coordinator https://t.co/uYlZx3BrYm
Best Director to Alfonso Cuarón! Huge wins for 'Roma' tonight. It is so fitting that Guillermo Del Toro was his presenter. This is truly an amazing generation of Mexican filmmakers. #Oscars #Cuaron #mexicanfilm
Okay guys, commercial break = serious business! The show only has a few awards left which means your opportunity to get a discounted Lone Star Badge to the 2019 Austin Film Festival is coming to a close soon. Use code AFFOscars19 for $25 off! austinfilmfestival.com/product/lone-s… https://t.co/VuNHrCe69G
Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to Olivia Colman! First nomination and first win! 'The Favourite' screened at AFF2018 and we are so proud of Olivia for winning the Oscar. It is very well-deserved and we can't wait to see her next project! https://t.co/POWA3u7QoZ
A very special congrats to @d_rabinowitz and his writing team for winning Best Adapted Screenplay for 'Blackkklansman!' David came to AFF last year and we really enjoyed having him. Your win is well deserved! https://t.co/n7227W6hXH
Best Actor in a Leading Role goes to @ItsRamiMalek!!! Rami once provided motion-capture and acting for a character in the videogame 'Until Dawn' when he was a much lesser known actor. Goes to show you that many mediums and many stories can get you to the top. Congrats Rami! https://t.co/ba1hEMN0wm
An interesting article of Best Original Score Winner 'Black Panther.' Ludwig Goransson scored a 4-hour cut of the film, using "a collection of about 500 instruments that don't really exist anymore." Never discount the power of effort in filmmaking! hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/bl…
RT @theblcklst: "This is hard work; I worked hard for a long time. It's not about winning, it's about not giving up. If you have a dream, f…
The in-memoriam section of the Oscars always has me feeling some type of way. However, regardless of the sadness we may feel losing great storytellers, we can take solace in the fact that a piece of them will always live on within the stories and worlds they created. #immortals https://t.co/JV5cZRAEFM
@ladygaga and her team just won Oscars for Best Original Song. "Shallow" is quite an amazing work of art and I'm glad the song won. "If you have a dream, fight for it" - Lady Gaga There is a very short list of people who have Grammy's and Oscar's. Congrats Gaga! 👏👏
Best Score goes to 'Black Panther.' The score for that film was absolutely incredible. Well-deserved for sure! https://t.co/SiJ10ugPwB
Regardless of the type of film you want to create, you can find inspiration in all genres. A cute animated BAO being inspired by Wong Kar-wai may seem odd to many, but many storytellers love different types of stories and it's not wrong to expand the scope of your vision. twitter.com/theblcklst/sta…
Spike Lee with the passionate speech for 'Blackkklansman' winning Best Adapted Screenplay. Ends his speech with "Do the right thing!" Goes to show you two things: 1. Being passionate about your stories isn't wrong. 2. Value all of your completed stories, even the first ones. https://t.co/N1LrpvB12A
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