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Women continue to push the envelope by starting companies, launching their own initiatives and building their own tables, but money and resources are still primarily relegated toward white, male-led circles. @bossbabesatx on why you should shop local: bit.ly/2VwF3z8 https://t.co/QghBsKiZwC
Meet #WomantoWatch JaRika McGee. As a founder of Yök, she is committed to raising the bar and setting the standards for natural products. #AWPartner bit.ly/2o327t7
Postpartum depression affects about one in nine women in the U.S. Meet two Austin women fighting the stigma: bit.ly/2omhaye #WorldMentalHealthDay https://t.co/1kAVRovJdW
Women veterans are almost twice as likely to die by suicide as their civilian counterparts. Services like @TheSamaritanCen & @TexasVeterans are fighting to remove the stigma surrounding veterans and mental health. #WorldMentalHealthDay bit.ly/2RQ7arg
“For people of color, it gets more complex because having burnout is really a luxury." In our September issue, we talked to counselor Danielle Locklear and several other therapists on battling burnout in today's culture: bit.ly/2paxNN4 #WorldMentalHealthDay https://t.co/TTxvzr0hU3
You are not weak for needing to rest. You are not weak for asking for help. You are not weak for needing more time.❤️ #WorldMentalHealthDay via @morganhnichols https://t.co/QUkPfJf9OQ
RT @skylerday: Got to talk with @austinwoman about my #EmpoweredbyBizz mentorship with @KaceyMusgraves and what music means to me. 💕 https:…
We talked with @aatw1969's Katie Shore after the band kicked off @aclfest on Friday to talk representation in the music industry, fair pay and the band’s 50th anniversary: bit.ly/30WKDM9 https://t.co/mMa8KNIKBl
RT @LeanInATX: We love seeing all these amazing women at ACL! @austinwoman atxwoman.com/13-texas-women…
Meet #WomantoWatch Nicole DeAngelis. She founded Joey Ro with her pup, Alfie, to celebrate the special bond people have with their pets. 🐾 #AWPartner bit.ly/2odxLny
Meet #WomantoWatch @mandywhaley, senior director of developer experience for @CiscoDevNet, she takes her love for writing code to build Cisco’s developer strategy and community. bit.ly/2IkTBMH #AWPartner
It’s officially #ACLFest 🎉 Who are you excited to see this year? https://t.co/USyJDxNgPc
RT @CiscoDevNet: More reasons to celebrate our DevNet team this week! Congrats to our very own, Mandy Whaley @mandywhaley for being named o…
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RT @UrbaneIDesign: Austin Woman interviewed me about designing for pets. Check it out here! lnkd.in/dNVAW3J
Introducing our October cover woman...Frances Jonon 🎉 As the longtime CEO of @austinhumane, she is a fierce animal advocate, helming the city’s largest no-kill nonprofit shelter. Don't miss her story: bit.ly/2o9fBD1 https://t.co/N7guDuxyGa
Meet #WomantoWatch Christa Kleinhans Tuttle, CEO of @LaunchMktg that has grown exponentially since 2001. She has boasted more than 150 clients to date: bit.ly/2kYZh6Y
Meet #WomantoWatch Meg McElroy. As an advanced functional-medical expert, she guides patients to feel their best and understand the processes that create and perpetuate unwanted symptoms and diseases. bit.ly/2mFMRkL
Before there was Buc-ee’s, there was Hruska’s Store & Bakery. The Czech bakery has stood the test of time, serving road-tripping Texans for more than a century: bit.ly/2mfxfEc https://t.co/EMweB6OarY
Meet #WomantoWatch Pamela Benson Owens, who started Edge of Your Seat Consulting to help manage perceptions and narratives about challenging and complex issues. bit.ly/2l8OoiI
#TribFest19 kicked off last night. As the editor-in-chief of @TexasTribune, @eramshaw is at the helm of one of the most successful newsrooms & political festivals in the nation. Revisit her August cover story: bit.ly/2YCQg5n https://t.co/BjkHMJVk5s
The founder of headwrap brand @FanmDjanm Paola Mathé gave us a peek inside her gorgeous living room: bit.ly/2kybyie https://t.co/ShEPrA0Zqq
The @dixiechicks are back! Plus, @KendraScott announces her new entrepreneurial institute and @CentralMarket celebrates 25 years. Here's your 512: bit.ly/2nI7WeX https://t.co/LZOAlZ7jZm
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Opened in 1938, Quality Seafood has a rich legacy of providing the freshest seafood possible to Austinites for 81 years. Here's how Carol Huntsberger has kept @QSMarket relevant in a changing Austin: bit.ly/2kX2qUO https://t.co/00cjIXTZwO
Meet #WomantoWatch Alexis Simón. She is dedicated to renewable energy, sustainability and more importantly ⁠— people, planet and profit. bit.ly/2kDVo74
Without any insurance coverage, therapy can cost a staggering $100,000 per year. Imagine A Way is funding the treatment for families that can’t afford it: bit.ly/2kUgVst https://t.co/jiw4L3ALOi
@KendraScott is trading in her signature yellow for burnt orange. Here's everything you need to know about her new leadership institute at @UTAustin: atxwoman.com/kendra-scott-w…
On top of the new programming, UT students will also have access to this GORGEOUS new student center 😍 The institute is set to open in spring 2020: bit.ly/2nhnsON https://t.co/3EdSy3dyLY
Meet #WomantoWatch Iffy Ibekwe. As the principal lawyer at Ibekwe Law, she believes every woman deserves a plan to legally protect herself and her loved ones. bit.ly/2kYZCXg
Meet #WomantoWatch Emily Ward and Raquel Skrobarczyk, ownership partners of Heather Scott Home & Design — a top-rated interior-design firm, winning national recognition and awards for their residential and commercial interiors. bit.ly/2kEo3c9
When there’s a surprise concert by @camcountry 😍 https://t.co/eK7E7p0WMN
@TheRachLindsay on her time on @BacheloretteABC: “[The show] taught me a lot...You’re supposed to be perfect. You are so uniquely made. Why not just be you? It’s a recipe for success.” 🙌
@BecauseImFreida: “Define your own success and stick to it.” 👏👏 https://t.co/ER2O2QYq52
RT @elisegonza: “The question isn’t who’s going to let me, it’s who’s going to stop me” @KendraScott loving the energy and empowering messa…
RT @austinwoman: .@KendraScott on mentorship: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/wCnZXbBJva
@TheRachLindsay on WEL: “I went to school here 12 years ago and I wished this existed!” She says the @BachelorABC opened her mind that she could be so much more than the mold she created for herself. https://t.co/KZeW4biVZv
@KendraScott on her own entrepreneurial journey & why she started WEL: “I’ve walked into a lot of board rooms where no one looked like me...and I wasn’t taken seriously.” She started this institute to change that.
At @UTAustin to celebrate @KendraScott’s announcement of the Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute 👏👏👏 https://t.co/CJTeQrV1ca
RT @theskimm: Welcome to National Voter Registration Day. Let this be your not-so-gentle reminder to register to vote. Register, or check t…
Happy #VoterRegistrationDay 🎉 Check @VoteTexas to see if you're already registered or if you need to update your information: bit.ly/2Djqfdc https://t.co/x09RbZK7uD
Image via @RiflePaperCo ✨
In honor of celebrating #HispanicHeritageMonth, TK Tunchez shares how she taps into her artistic side by creating bold, vibrant flower crowns. 🌸🌻🌹 Read more on how her culture and passion has made an impact in her work: bit.ly/2lcsTxM https://t.co/dkPR7iFboi
Don't forget to check in with yourself today 👇 via @heyamberrae https://t.co/3a8hQiPgyx
Austin is ranked the 5th best city for women's pay plus Jimmy Fallon brings @FallonTonight to UT and Austinites go on #ClimateStrike. Here's your 512: bit.ly/2kWYMKj https://t.co/7GNEWGIARQ
How has mentorship changed your career? Tag the women who have paved the way for you and share your mentoring stories with #AustinWomenMentor ✨ https://t.co/YqAAkWOyEw
Ending our day of mentorship thoughts with this quote from Kim Hanks with @WhimHospitality ✨ Read more from Kim and 12 other Austin women on how and why #AustinWomenMentor: bit.ly/2m1gXyE https://t.co/zW122ADNSp
Sometimes mentorship relationships just don't work out. And that's OK. Read what else @kathleeno has to say on mentorship: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/l8RQXVa4Bs
Ready to break up with your mentor or mentee but not sure how to break it to them? Melinda Patel with @Dell shared her email breakup template with us: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/wTyohfmMCY
👏👏👏 Read what else @BreedloveSteph has to say on mentorship: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/aCGbe1IucI
Like in all relationships, sometimes you need to break up. If it’s not working out with your mentor or mentee or you keep getting rejected, here are four things to consider: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/fgk9VUmXMa
@KendraScott on mentorship: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/wCnZXbBJva
Nervous to ask someone to be your mentor? Be direct, be thoughtful, stay in touch and don’t be weird. Here’s what else our experts had to say about popping the question: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/fL9PpEznph
Before you meet your mentor for the first time, @phylprez says there are three things you should ask yourself. Here’s what else you need to prep before your first meeting: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/r74qm8ZICo
Have a social-media crush on someone in your industry? Don’t be afraid to reach out! #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/PISl1fY5RQ
So you know you need a mentor but you don’t know where to find one. Enter Ceresa, @Bumble Bizz and @Girls_EN. Each of these organizations can help you find a mentor and get the help you need to take that next step in your career: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/McBUyYfzGD
What qualities do you care most about in a mentorship relationship? We asked women across industries what you should look for in a mentor: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/z7RnWykxzq
Are you currently being mentored or mentoring someone else? #AustinWomenMentor
Are you ready to mentor someone? Before you jump in, it’s important to make sure you have the time and emotional energy to invest in others. Here’s what our experts think you should consider before saying yes: bit.ly/2m1gXyE #AustinWomenMentor https://t.co/RDFT1OXTNt
We’ll be sharing tips about finding a mentor or mentoring someone else all day and we want to hear YOUR mentorship stories! Share your success stories, breakup stories and your advice for other women with #AustinWomenMentor ✨
Mentorship matters. You know that and we know that but how do you actually find a mentor? We talked to 13 Austin women in a variety of industries to clear things up. From finding a mentor to breaking up with one, here’s how and why #AustinWomenMentor: bit.ly/2m1gXyE https://t.co/IQKbPiK4pH
"Part of the magic is actually making a plan, taking time away, carving out space and then executing your plan with accountability of people.” Ten years into @maydesigns, Mica May’s latest project is the #TrailblazerRetreat for entrepreneurs: bit.ly/2ko5uJ8 https://t.co/FKQ3JXpRFw
Thank you to everyone who celebrated 17 YEARS with us at #AustinWoman17 last Friday! It was an amazing day celebrating Austin women and we can't wait for the next 17 🎉 https://t.co/PjrW4W6fGd
RT @rebeccahmac: I’m here today celebrating @austinwoman’s 17th anniversary! Such a fantastic and inspiring panel of women 🤩✨ #austinwoman1…
#AustinWoman17 panelists on the words guiding and inspiring them: Mica May: Magic. Kelly Wynne Ferguson: Faith. Gigi Edwards Bryant: Grit and passion. @mellieprice: Soulful leadership.
RT @wendyhowell711: @mellieprice is the epitome of #badass #rockstar #strength! Thank you for your honesty, vulnerability & words of wisdom…
@mellieprice on how crisis led her to community and the power of moving forward: I have a blank canvas and have been blessed to share my story and be vulnerable. We’re all the same at the end of the day. 🙌
RT @MaramMPH: Thank you for sharing your heart. ❤️Yes, you are perfect the way you are. #austinwoman17 💖 https://t.co/sV0Bs5YLHk
Gigi Edwards Bryant on moving past people who told her she couldn’t accomplish anything: Do not let people tell you how to give up. The things you never give up on become closer and closer to who you are. 👏 #AustinWoman17
RT @nicolekConley: Fantastic and inspiring panel of women. Happy 17 @austinwoman #Austinwoman17 “Make sure you’re not the only tide that r…
Kelly Wynne Ferguson on struggling with her identity & postpartum depression after giving birth: It’s so important to surround yourself with balcony people who are going to cheer you on. Know you’re not alone. #AustinWoman17
Advice for entrepreneurs: @mellieprice: Go for it. The initial leap is the hardest. Gigi Edwards Bryant: Give people permission to help you. Mica May: Be a learner and don’t be afraid to fail. Kelly Wynne Ferguson: It’s better to try and fail than fail to try.
Kelly Wynne Ferguson on her motto for success: “We were not built for the mountain tops.” The little successes matter along the way too. #AustinWoman17
Gigi Edwards Bryant on success: Success is personal and it changes depending on where you are in your journey. For some days successs for me was just getting out of bed. Other days it was lobbying in the legislature. #AustinWoman17
Our #AustinWoman17 luncheon panel is getting started! 🎉 https://t.co/c8D9oyFauz
RT @WomenatAustin: “Scaling is hard. You have to be really humble and ask your employees important questions about culture. If you’re scali…
RT @lilliandgray: @austinwoman 17th Anniversary off to a great start with a fabulous panel on D&I featuring Sharon Brogdon @retailmenot, As…
@glossier is coming to Austin ✨ Plus, El Patio reopens and Community First Village launches 3D-printing partnership in this week's 512: bit.ly/2kiv8Py https://t.co/hUs1Io6MnP
17 years 🗓 205 cover women 💁‍♀️ 30 cups of coffee every day ☕️ 1 big party tomorrow to celebrate 🎉 Austin Woman through the years: bit.ly/2lMitok https://t.co/InAOSpzDXE
RT @austinpetsalive: Lucy digs up the details about why we celebrate Austin as the largest no-kill city in the U.S. @austinwoman https://…
RT @CDETweets: This article from @austinwoman explores how Austin area businesses are seeing the value of workplace diversity that includes…
RT @LisaMitchL: I’m hoping to see you at the @austinwoman panel on Friday 9/13 at 10AM. RSVP for the session at the link below and let me k…
RT @TheMentorMethod: This Friday I will be with @austinwoman to celebrate their 17th anniversary and to speak on a panel about growing your…
From resume tweaking to networking advice, these experts will give you the tools and resources to stand out from the crowd and help you take your career into your own hands. It’s your time. RSVP today for #AustinWoman17 before tickets CLOSE at midnight: atxtickets.com https://t.co/8R9UmyC1qo
When you purchase tickets, choose your breakout sessions at checkout! Space is limited and tickets are closing soon. RSVP this morning to save your spot at the Navigating Your Career panel: atxtickets.com https://t.co/EVlzsN6zoA
Have you been procrastinating getting your #AustinWoman17 tickets? Today is your LAST CHANCE. Whether you're expanding your business, just thinking about opening one or need some new friends in Austin, this is the event for you. RSVP today: atxtickets.com https://t.co/Pu8Bo2BnNk
Catch us at Deep Eddy allll day long https://t.co/kgDjZQzX68
A gender, ethnic and cultural diversity lens is critically important in today’s workplace. This #AustinWoman17 panel will provide real examples and solutions to creating a more inclusive workplace. Get your tickets today: atxtickets.com 👈 https://t.co/c7aRZLN1HP
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