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We have the tea on tea. In our March issue, @TeaEmbassy Co-owner Amy Sims shares the health benefits of the coffee alternative: bit.ly/2HActZm https://t.co/4AXgGwIEdX
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#ATXGives: Since 2002, @austinwoman's mission has been to engage, celebrate, support and connect the women of #ATX. Last year, 900+ volunteer hours were contributed by AW staff, which helped raise money for charity and awareness for non-profit organizations. https://t.co/zSg9z1ayVA
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Meet @VikkiGoodwinTX in the latest installment of our #SheLeadsTexas series highlighting the women of the Texas Legislature: bit.ly/2Hx6d4G https://t.co/tkdlhD1W1T
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Leaving work and remembering the sun is now still up 🙌 https://t.co/Ztysz7VlCi
Intermittent fasting, interval eating: Call it what you want, but it amounts to the same thing, namely tweaking when meals are consumed. Voluntarily limiting when you eat might sound absurd, but intermittent fasting has benefits beyond weight loss: atxwoman.com/how-to-practic…
@chelseabancroft shares six ways to help keep your dog—and yourself—safe while riding in the car: bit.ly/2W5yiDs https://t.co/3rbyR42qbV
Need a weekend away? Here's our guide to a Salado getaway: bit.ly/2Y35VYq https://t.co/8eiSKRMOpP
The Wayback Cafe is our new favorite spot in town! Get the details on the West Lake newcomer in our March issue: bit.ly/2ufayAO https://t.co/S9OTXt23mw
Jenny Hoff shares how to make your money work for you in her March edition of "On The Money:" atxwoman.com/how-to-invest-…
You and your gals walking into #WomansWay2019 ready to meet other femme-preneurs, build your networks and grow you businesses 🙌 Get your early-bird ticket today: bit.ly/2OaWn9b https://t.co/xSzxv7ZCS5
“I don’t want us to be complacent. There’s a tendency to be like, ‘Oh, this is a great time to be a woman in comedy.’ I think what people want to hear is that it’s fixed. … It’s better than it was but there’s still a long way to go.” -@jennyhagel #sxsw atxwoman.com/female-comedia…
In 2018, 35% of films featured 10 or more female characters in speaking roles. Women only had 35% of overall speaking roles in films: atxwoman.com/female-comedia… #sxsw
From @BusyPhilipps dreaming up her own late-night talk show to Aidy Bryant playing a character on Shrill she never saw growing up, the dominant message of female comedians at #SXSW was one of resounding independence, determination and inclusivity: bit.ly/2T8jlP5 https://t.co/HeAtt9kn9l
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Waiting on the premiere of #BluebirdTheMovie #sxsw https://t.co/aiDFI3ta1v
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Our recap of #sxsw panel "Country’s Struggle to Define Women" with @bevkeel, @PriscillaRenea, @rawhidevelvet & @lorieliebig: bit.ly/2T8c8hY https://t.co/gCVgkvU3YQ
@LauraJaneGrace on writing 'Unconditional Love:' You can't rely on the acceptance of others instead of accepting yourself. #sxsw
@LauraJaneGrace on feeling like an outsider: "It gives you a hyper sense of awareness and existing in your own world in a way." #sxsw
@LauraJaneGrace on the early days: "[It was about] feeling you weren't going to be accepted and going ahead and rebelling even if you were going to be accepted." "You couldn't Google search what punk looked like so you had to make it up." #sxsw
"My very first concert ever was @GreenDay in 1994." -@LauraJaneGrace #sxsw
@kayleighqueue's interview with @LauraJaneGrace is kicking off. #sxsw
@justin_reis on influencers: Can we actually get customers in the room instead of influencers? Brands can think it’s more influential to get press + influencers but as the market is more saturated, an event will stand out more to customers who aren't going to events every day.
Yadira Harrison on advice for experiential marketers: "Don't be afraid to start small." She recommends always asking yourself the why behind an idea. Don't do something "just because this museum of this or that was amazing and we want one too." #sxsw
Markers of success for experiential marketing: @justin_reis w/@away: Are people coming and are they bringing friends? Are they talking to other people? @emmaholland w/@the_wing: How is this addictive in some way for members? #sxsw
@emmaholland_ on FOMO: "How can we bring this to as many people as possible? ...We’ve had people write in like ‘I feel like I’m at your events because of how you cover it on social.’" For @the_wing, the goal isn't to generate FOMO but to make people feel included via social.
"Experiential is the New Viral: Find Yours" is getting started with @away, @the_wing & Verb. #sxsw
Whether you agree or disagree with Ivins’ politics, it is difficult to ignore her vivacious personality, her enduring love for Texas and her mark on journalism. New documentary Raise Hell explores her life & legacy: bit.ly/2T638do #sxsw https://t.co/cq1TyFfMdM
Panelists on work/life balance: Kim Hanks: I like to cook every night and turn on whatever songs really empower me. I just sing and find my silliness. Lizzie Aguirre: Put my phone away. Put all the screens away & be by myself. Lindsey Sokol: It's something I'm working on.
"Women aren't just made. You have to make yourself. You have to advocate for yourself. You have to help others around you." -Kim Hanks 👏
@AguirreLizzie on the women who have mentored her: "There are so many powerful women in Austin. We’re so lucky to live here…I’m so grateful to know so many of those women." 🙌 https://t.co/pdU6jhLyHg
Lindsey Sokol on her job as the @aclfestival director: "Even though it may seem glamorous, it's not." The month before ACL, she's working from 7 a.m. until midnight.
RT @uthealthaustin: We have a lot of inspiring women in the #uthealthaustin house tonight talking about spreading joy to people through the…
"I think age is beautiful. Every year, I like myself more." -Kim Hanks 👏👏👏
@AguirreLizzie says at first she though social media was negative until she realized it could be a platform to help women and reach people around the world with her message of self-care and wellness.
Kim Hanks on taking care of herself: I know I'm not doing well if I'm overeating or if I'm having 4 glasses of champagne at night...if I see myself doing something impulsive, I stop myself to figure out what's wrong.
Kim Hanks of @WhimHospitality was our February cover woman. On somewhat of a whim and with a fierce bootstrapping mentality, she built her vast kingdom, coming to reign in the Wedding Capital of Texas: atxwoman.com/kim-hanks-texa…
Lindsey Sokol of @aclfestival is our March cover woman. As the festival director of ACL, she ensures this city’s most popular and successful live-music event is the experience of a lifetime – every time: atxwoman.com/lindsey-sokol-…
Lizzie Aguirre was our January cover woman. At her festivals, yoga classes and retreats, she breaks down barriers through music, movement and manifestation: atxwoman.com/lizzie-aguirre…
We’re kicking off our Q&A with our fabulous cover ladies from the January, February and March issues at our spring launch party! https://t.co/mq1K7SkZ2i
@bevkeel on how to support female musicians: Buy music, share music, buy concert tickets, don't attack them on social media. #SXSW
The panelists on some of their favorite women in country music right now: @thebrandy @guitarleena Hillary Lindsey Sonia Lee @KassiAshton @AshleyMcBryde #sxsw
In Dec. 2018, Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart did not feature any female artists in its Top 20, the first time since the chart was created in 1990. 0 women are in the top 10 so far in 2019. #sxsw
@PriscillaRenea on waiting for the gatekeepers to open the door to more female country singers: "We’re continuing to ask permission to go outside when there’s literally no door in the frame." She says women need to stop listening to the rules of gatekeepers. #sxsw
@bevkeel on the lack of women on country radio: What does it say to our kids when we listen to radio in the car and they're only hearing "songs about women, not by women?" #SXSW
"Country Music's Struggle to Define Women" is getting started with with @lorieliebig, @bevkeel, @PriscillaRenea & @rawhidevelvet. #SXSW https://t.co/Pji56Btdrv
TONIGHT is our spring launch party! Come celebrate our January, February and March issues and meet our cover women 🎉 RSVP: bit.ly/2GWUFr7 https://t.co/sk4pRsEYfB
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Experience super cars for a super cause! Ride shotgun in an exotic car on the world-renowned Circuit of The Americas track at Ride.Drive.Give. this Friday! Experiences start at $250 and benefit young victims of abuse who visit @Center4CP: bit.ly/2Ce8yNO https://t.co/xOesDb4dmM
@thelizlambert to aspiring female hoteliers: “Work in every part of a hotel, and understand the business as best you can...It’s really experience that allows you to rise in the hotel business. And you’ve got to be willing to make mistakes or you’ll never figure things out."
@thelizlambert on what makes a great hotel (1/2): “It’s not necessarily formulaic. I surround myself with a great team of people at Bunkhouse: We look at a place and listen to it and immerse ourselves in the community…” #WomenWhoTravel #sxsw
@thelizlambert on what makes a great hotel (2/2): “Once you develop a story around a place, looked at it historically and decided what you’re trying to create, it gives you the answer to everything. Most of our hotels have a distinct color, smell, and soundtrack.” #sxsw
@lizlambert on what makes a great hotel (1/2): “It’s not necessarily formulaic. I surround myself with a great team of people at Bunkhouse: We look at a place and listen to it and immerse ourselves in the community…” #WomenWhoTravel #sxsw
We loved sitting in on the live podcast of @cntraveller's #WomenWhoTravel with @thelizlambert this morning! #sxsw https://t.co/kWdwHQbPyU
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@ElizabethBanks in response to a 14-year-old's question about the future of women in the film and TV industry: "You're 14. You're the future. Keep doing it. Because you are going to be the one that makes it change." #SXSW
"I gave up comparing myself to other actresses a long time ago." -@ElizabethBanks 🙌 #sxsw
@ElizabethBanks on her self-care tips on set: "I started blasting Beyonce songs. And a lot of Rhianna." #sxsw https://t.co/TwtQqbpifY
Pitch Perfect 2 is the highest grossing musical comedy of all time. @ElizabethBanks says she was inspired to take on the series after watching acapella at her own college. "In comedy especially we’re always looking for the thing that’s under the larger culture." #sxsw
"I’m here for the revolution that is women making more content. I didn’t start it but I’m a big champion of it." -@ElizabethBanks 👏👏 #sxsw
@ElizabethBanks on working with male directors: I think I have 80 credits on IMBD and I’ve been directed by two women. These male directors want you to be quiet and show you and flirt a little and say your lines and not have ideas. #sxsw
Aidy Bryant and @ElizabethBanks kicking off their interview! #SXSW
Until April 28, you can shop the brand's most popular—and infamous—products on South Congress: bit.ly/2UxsRgi #SXSW https://t.co/p9bNRygoXO
@GwynethPaltrow on CEOs taking stances on political/cultural issues: “No one seems to be truly listening to each other. I’m more concerned with that. I really feel like to get on soapbox...you’re preaching to the converted. Who cares what I think or who I voted for?” #sxsw
@GwynethPaltrow says male reporters have asked her staff if there's secretly a man running @goop. Her response: "That is unsurprising and sad but illuminating." #SXSW
@GwynethPaltrow on struggling with imposter syndrome as a CEO and learning on the job: "I was really afraid to ask dumb questions in the beginning." "We need more vulnerable leaders in business."
Before starting @goop, @GwynethPaltrow had a crisis about her identity as an actress. She started asking questions like: "Am I worth anything if I'm not famous?"
@GwynethPaltrow on her current season of life: "This incredible freedom comes with being a woman in her mid-40s and really understanding this is who I am. I’ve stopped worrying so much about what people think about me." 👏
@GwynethPaltrow is starting her keynote conversation with @PoppyHarlowCNN on all things @goop. #SXSW https://t.co/RRqdGtM63q
We sat down with @JaclynRJohnson at her @createcultivate #sxsw conference to talk building a successful brand, her advice for millennials in the workplace and her favorite spots in Austin: bit.ly/2J5i5fZ https://t.co/w8ZRbYBBW6
#liveinit with @PaigeDenim at #CreateCultivateATX 💋🎉 https://t.co/nlnPDpsWLp
Top takeaways from @tanfrance at #CreateCultivateATX: Just because you’re spending a lot of money on fashion doesn’t mean you look good. Do what works for you. Use clothes to highlight who you are. As a boss/founder, don’t be above any work. https://t.co/uFEgRjZJBh
RT @createcultivate: When you’re starting new things, you’ll always need your tribe of women with you. @mrsadriennebosh #CreateCultivateAtx
Top takeaways from #CreateCultivateATX panel on marketing: You need a why in everything you do. Don’t get caught up in “cool points” & forget about the work. How can you market to all of America if all of America isn’t in the room? Know your stuff & own your voice.
Don't want to leave your pup behind? Here's our dog-friendly guide to #sxsw: atxwoman.com/dog-friendly-g…
We heard from some women doing BIG things today: @mindykaling, @AOC, @BusyPhilipps, @jennyhagel, @ambermruffin, @retta, @abarrica, @itslaurentracy, @gretamc & Alex Williamson with @bumble 🙌 Can't wait for more girl power at #sxsw https://t.co/DJAeAiXKnF
@AOC was in Austin today to talk the state of politics. Here's the SparkNotes version of her conversation: “I don’t think that our government is irredeemable. If I did, I wouldn’t have run for office.” #AOCIntercept #sxsw
On how to talk to people with different beliefs: “Don’t try to convince them of anything. Stop trying to win people over…We’ve lost the art of conversation.” #AOCIntercept
On advice for women of color looking to get into politics: “Stop trying to navigate systems of power and start building your own power.” #AOCIntercept
@BillNye to AOC: “I think the problem on both sides is fear. What is your plan to work w/people in Congress that are afraid?” AOC: “One key to dismantling fear is dismantling zero sum mentality, rejecting the logic that says that someone else’s gain necessitates my loss.”
AOC to Bill Nye: “We can give without take. We’re viewing progress as a cost and not as an investment. The contrast of fear is courage… Courage begets courage… Be the first person in the room that says ‘That’s not right.’” #AOCIntercept
“We have a responsibility to find and really fight for [a candidate] we believe in.” #AOCIntercept
@mindykaling on how to include more diversity and representation in the film and TV industries: "You really have no power until you're an employer." #SXSW
@mindykaling says she's always willing to answer questions and mentor younger writers because she sees it as part of the job description and wants to give back. When she needs mentoring, she emails @shondarhimes 🙌 #SXSW https://t.co/SWeYNcyveL
RT @courtney_t_runn: .@mindykaling: Real confidence is stepping behind the scenes to empower and champion others. 👏👏👏 #sxsw
"I'm a leader and I need to use that opportunitiy by hiring people." -@mindykaling 🙌#sxsw https://t.co/PSlUpSL6aN
Time to caffeinate before day two of #SXSW2019 https://t.co/snqeO07N1L
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