Certified organic, paleo and gluten-free meals created using sustainable and ethical farming practices.
How about some yummy #zoodles and #meatballs for this wonderful #MeatballMonday? Thanks to #healthy_inreallife for the photo and the #dinner inspiration!! https://t.co/Zax3te4f0i
Celebrate #NationalPastaMonth the #glutenfree way! Our Organic Grass Fed Meatballs and zucchini spirals are the ultimate #pasta pair! Stock up on your favorite #meatballs here: shop.beetnikfoods.com https://t.co/D0oJ0deGjf
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Let's get up close and personal with our #Organic #GrassFed Beef Meatballs. Did you know that they're also #glutenfree? That's right! We use gluten free bread crumbs so that YOU can enjoy a delicious #meatball and zoodle #recipe, hold the gluten. Find them at @Walmart and enjoy! https://t.co/qJD00Q4dOM
Our friend Jessica (Instagram.com/devotedexisten…) paired our #organic Shepherd's Pie With Grass Fed Beef with green beans and cherry tomatoes 😍😋 Which nutritious #veggies do you like to pair with your favorite #Beetnik meal? 🌟 https://t.co/NtpLQ4qpOI
Mmmm it's a #meaty Meatball Monday here at #Beetnik. How are you going to dress up your favorite #organic go-to? Today, we're thinking organic rice and #arugula. 😋😊 https://t.co/gteuSudq6G
Meet Julie, one of the members of our Dietitian Advisory Board. Julie is a registered dietitian and chef, and her passion is to help you gain confidence in the kitchen to cook nourishing meals in your everyday life! Read Julie's story on Facebook today: facebook.com/BeetnikFoods https://t.co/wEIbcolASI
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Kick off a new week and a new month with your favorite #organic go-to meal. Our friend #skinnybearfitness pairs our meals with leafy green salad and dressing. Let's make this #OrganicOctober the best ever with delicious, frozen and authentically organic foods. https://t.co/2vTAVzjUiS
BeetnikChef: Wild caught sea bream with bok choy and a ginger flavored foam. instagram.com/p/BoRq5CTAqIw/…
It's a #meatball sub kinda day... and we're thinking our Organic Grass Fed Beef Meatballs will make your sandwich extra special. Check 'em out at @Walmart! beetnikfoods.com/organic-meat-p… https://t.co/JoAxCxljD5
Hmm... if September is #NationalRiceMonth, can there be any better way to celebrate than with our Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry? Our friend, #pleasantlypaleo thinks #Beetnik is the way to go! Let's chow down with our favorite #glutenfree alternative, #cauliflower rice! https://t.co/8PEVE7E4eQ
Our friend, #nutritionbymia knows how to make a #beautiful and DELICIOUS veggie, chickpea pasta, & organic, gluten-free grass fed meatball bowl using our #organic meatballs! Let's re-create this for lunch... What do ya say? https://t.co/iM4zhKSUqS
t's #Team Member #Tuesday!! 😆 Today, we're celebrating Hannah! Hannah has been with Beetnik for 11 months, and we are so grateful to have her on the Beetnik Team. Learn all about Hannah today at Instagram.com/BeetnikFoods! https://t.co/PTJHmRKkMC
We've definitely got the good #mojo on this lovely #MotivationMonday! How can we not when we've got a #delicious #lunch to look forward to? #ThinkPositive! https://t.co/7mGxQNU191
RT @SmittyHawk0: 2020 Augustus Gray Harrison 6’1 160 (Westlake HS - Austin, TX) shows easy effort sitting 86-88 with plane and life to both…
September is #OrganicHarvestMonth, and what better way to celebrate this amazing initiative than with Beetnik #organic meals? We partner with organic farmers to ensure that our meals truly are, farm to table. Learn more about our organic initiative: beetnikfoods.com https://t.co/5rSokkxzer
Check out this #delicious #regram from our friend, #boostjunki84. With just cauliflower rice, avocado and our Grass Fed Beef Meatballs, you'll have an organic, paleo and gluten free meal in 10 minutes! 😍 https://t.co/TtpFqUhvqZ
RT @gray_harrison2: Excited to announce that I have received an offer to play baseball at Texas State University. Thanks to @trouty16 and…
Celebrate how far the #organic industry has come with #OrganicHarvestMonth... We're going to celebrate by #eatingorganic! Well, we do that every month. #Beetnik is organic for life. 😊😍 Join us, won't you? https://t.co/kqaoJaOINe
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Wow! We wouldn't want #Charlotte to celebrate #NationalChickenMonth any other way than with our friend, #mariashay! Shay made Lettuce Wraps on @WBTV_News using our #paleo and #Organic Lemon Chicken With Cauliflower Rice 😍 Who is going to re-create this #delicious entree? 🙌 https://t.co/9hfpSGxF5v
Happy Labor Day from all of us here at Beetnik! https://t.co/0H62wdj03p
You don't have to make it 🌧 to eat a paleo friendly diet. ow.ly/zelK30lfbKW
Can we make Moroccan Seasoned Chicken Stew Monday a thing? 🤔 https://t.co/Sx8dQYVfaU
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BeetnikChef: Red snapper steamed whole served with Jerusalem artichoke purée, mussels,shrimp, zucchini cakes and a Nouilly Prat sauce. @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BmrqrjaBVmo/…
Stay healthy during the wild back to school scramble with these tips. ow.ly/I2MP30lfJ0U
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Our organic beef chili is the star of the show today! 🌟Happy National Chili Dog Day! https://t.co/DG6OKbt6lE
BeetnikChef: Cucumber cannelloni filled with crab on compressed watermelon with cantaloupe gazpacho. instagram.com/p/BlqdC5yhQzJ/…
BeetnikChef: Goat cheese and lemon ravioli with qual egg, mushrooms and veal jus. #eatorganic #summerfoods https://t.co/A6sND1xHBP
We love, love, love you too Romona! 😘 https://t.co/IMV1ZnugMc
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The newly proposed GMO rule from the USDA does not clearly require all genetically engineered ingredients be disclosed. Tell the USDA "no GMO loopholes"! Take action: bit.ly/2spb7H9 #JustLabelGMOs”
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We'll be attending @Specialty_Food's Fancy Food show in NYC June 30th to July 2nd. It looks to be a wonderful show this year, and we hope to see you there! Get all the details: ow.ly/idqC30kF1AD #FancyFoods
We'll be attending 's Fancy Food show in NYC June 30th to July 2nd. It looks to be a wonderful show this year, and we hope to see you there! Get all the details: ow.ly/idqC30kF1AD #FancyFoods
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We've done it again — for the second year in a row, Beetnik is a Women's Choice Award recipient! Thank you to @WomensAward for this honor, and thank you to all of our #female customers for continuing to choose us! Read more: ow.ly/XkDc30klFwO #womenschoiceaward https://t.co/FvSYay8gaF
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We had such a great time at Natural Products Expo West and met so many amazing people in our industry. Big thanks to Aaron for the writeup in The Appropriate Omnivore! ow.ly/Tdli30jgv9w https://t.co/5d8e90qf8c
Add Essential Nutrients to Your Dish with Herbs Here's a great idea: Add organic thyme to our Lemon Chicken with Cauliflower Rice for some added flair! ow.ly/N2Ty30jdIur
Indeed! An incredible year for organic research and The Organic Center ow.ly/x3f830jdHMtbee
ICYMI Kroger hosted an amazing summit for natural foods. We were in attendance are excited about how much the industry is growing! ow.ly/Rpe230jd02c
We had such a great time at Natural Products Expo West and met so many amazing people in our industry. Big thanks to Aaron for the writeup in The Appropriate Omnivore! ow.ly/6C3V30jdHv3
Download a coupon then find us in your local freezer. Who doesn't love eating healthy AND saving money? ow.ly/Q0dW30jdG2N https://t.co/qRONIkutE1
Hat tip to Wellness Magazing for the feature! Surprise yourself at the Benefits of Organic Frozen Foods! ow.ly/PFBd30jdFHP
RT @PaleoFoundation: @BeetnikFoods is uniquely focused on foods that pair the tradition of high quality ingredients with the convenience of…
Big thanks to King Soopers! You can now find Beetnik #Organic Frozen Foods in even more local freezers! https://t.co/rWafzb7A41
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Celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal reveals all about the harmful effects of pesticides on our health. ow.ly/qrqv30japcd
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RT @itastedit: #itastedit at #ExpoWest actually we had the #grassfed meatballs yum https://t.co/tDehj1qtS6
Hey #ExpoWest - come check out our booth #194 in the arena. We've got the #noms
This is amazing! Organic is the future! twitter.com/bookieboo/stat…
So excited to learn about #expowesttrends about the state of the natural industry! #ExpoWest @Mamavation
If you're at #ExpoWest we would love to see you at our booth #194 in the arena. We've got swag!
In case you've ever wondered, yes frozen "TV dinners" CAN be healthy! ow.ly/AGrN30ijv8x
The 9 Organic and Sustainable Food Trends Taking Over 2018 ow.ly/mgC130ijva3
We believe that producing good, healthy and organic food that anyone can enjoy can help change people’s overall perception of what organic food really is. ow.ly/UTIh30ijuRN
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Eat well. Travel often. Love always. #HappyValentinesDay https://t.co/o64iwXwLQG
New research suggests post menopausal overweight women who eat a paleolithic diet can maintain weight loss and decrease their risk of diabetes and heart disease. ow.ly/8J5k30ijuNh
Save a buck and hit your 2018 goals for eating better and living healthier. #organic #coupon ow.ly/Thni30ijuuY
It's a diagnosis, not a choice': What is celiac disease? #glutenfree ow.ly/kzYS30ijutl
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