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These Virginia crowd shots are something. K-State better lock and load for the second round.
Virginia has given up.
C’mon UMBC. You got this.
Texas notebook: 'Devastating' — Shaka Smart has difficult time going ‘beyond that word’…
Texas notebook: ‘Devastating’ — Shaka Smart has difficult time going ‘beyond that word,' via @BDavisAAS #Hookem
Nevada 87, Texas 83 (OT): Texas' NCAA run ends on a flat note against the Wolf Pack, via @BDavisAAS #Hookem
Nevada 87, Texas 83 (OT): Texas’ NCAA run ends on a flat note against Nevada…
Nevada 87, Texas 84 (OT): Texas' NCAA run ends on a flat note against the Wolf Pack, via @BDavisAAS #Hookem
Mo Bamba: "This was a game we should have won, even by double digits. But we fell flat. It’s a tough one."
Matt Coleman on his mindset once OT began: “Find a way to win. But that didn’t happen, We came up short.”
Texas coach Shaka Smart: "It's a devastating loss."
I'll take another year of Matt Coleman, please. Roach too. He'll test the NBA waters later this spring to see where he stands.
At the buzzer: Nevada 87, Texas 83 (OT). Kerwin Roach, Matt Coleman turn in career-breaking performances, but Horns lose in OT.…
ROACH. Texas back within two on a shot from the riverbanks, it looked like.
Roach and Coleman both have new career highs.
Nevada, one of the best 3-point shooting teams in Division I, is starting to get hot. But Coleman keeping the Horns in it.
Nevada goes up by one. This is bonkers.
Snoop also has a new career high with 23 points.
Kerwin Roach just set a new career high with his 5th made 3-pointer. Oh, and he was fouled. Big-time play by Snoop. Texas could go up by 4 here.
Coleman starts UT's eighth overtime game of the year with a 3. Remember, Bamba has fouled out.
Horns are given a major second chance after that disaster of a closing finish. All tied up 68-68.
Here we go... no good. Overtime in Nashville.
Dylan O, what are you doing? A terrible, half-hearted entry pass to Jericho Sims goes out of bounds. Nevada ball with 1.6 left.
And the second... good. All tied up.
Caroline to the FT line. He missed the first.
Wow. Bamba called for his fifth foul with 3.8 seconds left.
It's FT time. Roach to the line as Texas leads by 1 with 18.3 left.
Hey, Larry Bird is back!
Cody Martin's feet slipped out from underneath him, but Roach called for the foul. He hits one of two FTs. The second one was all over the place and missed. Texas by 1.
Big, big call there. Osetkowski battling for a rebound, and officials called a loose ball foul on Caroline. Dylan O to the FT line. 2:17 left.
Teams are due an official timeout, but Shaka calls one anyway. Young missed a 3, and Roach tracked it down. Horns lead 64-62. Hold on tight, Texas fans.
Bamba gets his 4th foul with 6 minutes left.
I'm gonna go out on this limb and say that was a horrible call on Bamba.
Two airballed 3-pointers. Now, Roach called for a foul on a made bucket. This is not trending well.
U8: Well, this is the Texas offense we've seen all season. Horns are going to have to finish this off with D. UT leads 56-50.
Bamba now with 3 fouls. Sims coming back into the game.
Absolutely no idea what Coleman was trying to do there. But Roach comes back with a dunk-eroo.
U12: Texas' 14-point lead was chopped down to four. Then, Bamba scores. Frankly, he may need to take over. Dylan O, the Horns need you. Texas leads 50-44.
Bamba just got a rebound without even jumping. Just used that 7-9 wingspan.
Business has picked up in Nashville.
That 14-point lead is now down to six.
Nevada gets two buckets, and Smart calls timeout. The assistants have been on him this season about doing that. Don't let the other team gain steam. Texas up 45-37.
Texas could use a Bamba-VCU dunk right about now.
Nevada coach Eric Musselman was triggered during that timeout. His team gets a 4-point play to get back within 10.
Coleman hits the deck and Roach hits a 3. Crazy sequence. Oh, and now a Coleman steal + layup. Timeout Nevada.
Second half has started here in Nashville.
Halftime in Nashville: Texas leads Nevada 35-26 in a game that's perfect for Horns' style. Roach 12. Coleman 10. Texas 53.8 on FGs. Nevada 3 of 12 from 3s.
Roach drills a 3, draws the foul. Possible four-point play coming for Snoop.
This just in... Wolf Pack's name is Alphie.
Texas' mascot just scored walk-over win over the Nevada mascot during the break. Hook Em did the splits and the Wolf Pack just clapped.
Both teams are gassed. We're due a timeout.
Roach just rocked Cody Martin's world. Refs looked at each other, waiting on the other to make the call. Eventually, a charge. Martin gets up a little woozy.
Back-to-back Coleman buckets. A driving floater and then an 18-footer. Texas up 23-18.
U8: Texas and Nevada are 0 for their last 8 combined. Horns lead 19-16, but the excitement... has... slowed... a... bit.
Well, as soon as I said something, Horns revert back to the mean. Texas now scoreless for 4+ minutes.
Bamba called for an alley-oop, he got up in the air and sort of got his legs cut out. No call.
U11: Nevada gets a bucket and draws a foul. But Horns had a 10-0 run followed by a 9-0 run. They're 8 for 15 FG so far. All systems go at this point.
Horns playing very under control, good ball movement. Young scores again and Texas now up 17-10.
Wow, here comes Sims back into the game. I'd call this an interesting gamble by Shaka.
Sims already with 2 fouls. He's off to the bench. 15+ minutes left in 1st half.
U16: Horns get going with a 10-0 run fueled by two Roach buckets, Bamba being Bamba and a Coleman 3. Terrific start. UT up 10-7.
Refs just tell Dylan O after that turnover, "You can't fist the ball."
Para bailar MO FREAKIN BAMBA. Wow
Horns open with a Febres 3. They've tried that in several games. Bevos cannot afford a slow start.
Live from Nashville: Texas-Nevada about to get started at Bridgestone Arena. Game on TBS. Horns looking for 1st tourney win since 2014. Bamba fully healthy.
Fair warning to all: I will get this confused for the next two hours.…
Jericho Sims just threw the ball off the glass, caught it in mid-air and slammed it home. He looks ready.
Texas-Nevada tip time is 3:27 p.m.
While we wait, read up on Texas freshman Mo Bamba.“There’s nothing like college basketball. This time during March is very exciting.”…
No surprise in the Texas starting lineup. Coleman, Roach, Febres, Dylan O and Bamba.
Horns hit the floor in Nashville.
Final in Nashville: No. 2 seed Cincinnati holds off Georgia State 68-53. GSU radio guys are predictably bummed now. Texas-Nevada coming up next.
RT @TexasMBB: The Horns have arrived #HookEm #MarchMadness
Cincinnati's Gary Clark rips a 3. Georgia State's Jeff Thomas comes down the court smiling, tongue sticking out. Dudes are loving this back and forth.
U12: Georgia State radio guys are getting more amped up. Cincinnati has a slim 44-43 lead. GSU shooting 50 pct in 2nd half. I'm putting your bracket on alert.
RT @DP5hookem: I’ve been so impressed with the #TexasFight shown by @TexasMBB in the face of adversity this season. Go get ‘em, Horns. Can’…
Halftime in Nashville: Cincinnati with a 35-30 lead over Georgia State. The amount of trash talk that'll go down in the 2nd half will be awesome.
Meanwhile, Georgia State's D'Marcus Simonds literally just walked all over Nashville (walked the line?) and was not called for traveling. He's got 16.
This could be an interesting day. I'm next to the Georgia State radio crew. My man is already pumping his fist on made 3s.
Cincinnati-Georgia State is underway in Nashville. The winner gets Texas-Nevada.
Here in Nashville, there are oodles of Cincinnati and Xavier fans clogging Broadway as I walked over from the hotel. Did not see much burnt orange at all.
Wishing for Mo time: Longhorns ready for Mo Bamba’s big finish in the NCAA Tournament, via @BDavisAAS #Longhorns #HookEm
One veteran Longhorn’s advice to a young squad: ‘Be excited to be here.’ Also, AD Chris Del Conte praises Shaka Smart.…
Happy to hear the news today about @keithcampbell48 at the DMN. See, riding herd over people like me actually paid off! Congrats.
Texas women's team announces that Rellah Boothe will not play in the postseason due to personal reasons. No other details given.
Wishing for Mo time: Longhorns ready for Mo Bamba’s big finish in the NCAA Tournament…
Genius line from Mo Bamba in the NCAA presser: "I'm not taking any questions from Nevada natives, sorry."
The Horns FaceTimed with Andrew Jones this morning from the team hotel. Roach: "He wanted to be here so bad. He wished us luck, wanted us to go out there and win the game for him."
Senior walk-on Joe Schwartz's advice? "Be happy. You should never not have a smile on your face while you’re here. We’re one of the 64 teams left. It’s a dream. It's what every college basketball player wants to do in March — play in the Big Dance."
More Del Conte: "Shaka's doing it differently, but he's a great coach. His team believes in him. ... If they didn't, they would have popped the tent and we wouldn't be here right now."
Texas AD Chris Del Conte on Shaka: "He's a hell of a coach. He's a hell of a person. ... There's an individual who's so more than a coach. He had a crazy hand this year."
Mo Bamba attracted a crowd, as one might expect.
Augie news dwarfs everything else today, as it should. But Texas men just wrapped up practice here in Nashville. Various tweets coming.
By the way, I still have no issues with Augie and crew blowing off that runner-up ceremony. NCAA could’ve mailed the trophy.
I'll never forget how proud Augie was sitting on the CWS podium in 2002. "I present to you the national championship." He wanted so badly to win for Texas.
RT @HustonStreet: Pressure is a choice The world treats winners different than losers Time is the ultimate game Passion will persuade re…
Shaka on Augie: "Augie was a mentor of mine, and I'm heartbroken about that. I don't know what to say. I loved Augie. He taught me so much in the time we were together."
Team meetings usually spell trouble, but Texas’ cleared the air, path to the NCAAs via @BDavisAAS
Team meetings usually spell trouble, but Texas’ cleared the air, path to the NCAAs via @BDavisAAS
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