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Whys of Texas: Tom Herman isn’t going anywhere, but big decisions loom about 2020…
Howard Stern doing a pretty awesome segment on Coach O this morning.
Mailbag time. If you've got thoughts about Texas, put them in this thread. Answers Thursday. But be warned, some fans' best Qs/venting came via email, literally from all over the world.
Texas’ Tom Herman to angry Longhorns fans: ‘They have every right to be’…
And to make today more awesome, I caught an Uber from the stadium to the Travis County courthouse. Jury duty awaits.
LISTEN: Texas coach Tom Herman on being ‘outcoached,’ picking up the pieces for Baylor…
Herman on getting the Horns motivated for Baylor: “If you can’t get motivated for that, you’re probably playing the wrong sport.”
Herman on yet another slow start: “I thought the mentality was great. Obviously, the ball gets kicked off and it wasn’t.”
Herman on Duvernay being left off the Biletnikoff semifinalist list: “The guy’s leading the country in third-down receptions. You’re telling me he’s not one of the 20 best wideouts in the country? That’s a shame.”
Herman on UT's three-and-out drive late: “To use the clock was the prudent thing to do, because, again, three straight incomplete passes would’ve been a disaster at that point.”
Herman: "If you’re a fan of us, you probably have very similar expectations. We haven’t met those expectations thus far."
Herman on the Texas offensive struggles vs. Iowa State: "I think you saw a unit offensively that couldn’t get out of its own way with a bunch of self-inflicted wounds."
Herman makes point of addressing my question from post-game about being outcoached: "I had taken that to be were we fooled or tricked, duped or whatever it is. When you lose a game, any game, you’re outcoached."
Herman: "Pretty somber around the facility yesterday, as it should be. After we watched the film and got coached up, we had a pretty on-point practice yesterday."
Texas coach Tom Herman begins his weekly presser for Baylor week. "Obviously extremely disappointed in the outcome of Saturday."
On last 3-and-out vs. ISU, Herman says 1st down “didn’t block it properly.” On 2nd down, there was “a miscommunication.” On 3rd down, Duvernay dropped the pass. “We have to run the ball to end the game and we didn’t do it.”
Texas basketball didn't get a single vote in the AP Top 25 preseason poll. Now after a 4-0 start, the Horns are ranked 22nd overall heading to NYC.
The Texas football regular-season finale against Texas Tech will be at 11 a.m. on Nov. 29. at DKR-TMS. Honestly, I can't remember if that was already out there.
Shaka on Jericho Sims: "I think the biggest thing with Jericho is that he’s playing with a better motor and more violence."
Shaka's club has a major test this week vs. G'Town, then either Cal or Duke at MSG. "We're shooting over 40% in the second half of our first 4 games, but we’ve certainly had some cold spells in the first half, particularly at home."
In sobering analysis, Texas looks inward as ‘Iowa State might’ve been the better team’…
Heading into the last two games of Tom Herman’s third season, Texas is not ranked. Horns fell out of AP poll today.
Back in Austin. Let’s finish this wild weekend right.
Texas spent an entire offseason thinking about a Big 12 title. How this program performs the next two games will speak volumes about its leadership and where Horns are headed.
Iowa State 23, No. 19 Texas 21: On balance, the Cyclones were just better, and it was a painful lesson for Tom Herman’s Longhorns.…
Texas-Iowa State notebook: Longhorns find little running room in Ames, per @aasdanny.…
Golden: Texas’ lackluster performance in loss to Iowa State starts with Herman…
Texas-Baylor likely to be at 2:30 p.m. next Saturday in Waco.
Texas is 14-3, not the other way around.
Iowa State 23, No. 19 Texas 21: Longhorns spit, sputter, see their Big 12 title hopes slip away…
Texas QB Sam Ehlinger on why the offense could struggle for so long, then turn it on in a flash. He thinks about it for several seconds. “It’s a great question. If I knew the answer, I would fix it and play that way every drive.”
Herman on if he was outcoached: "I’d never say we got outcoached. I think we continued to make adjustments. They had a couple wrinkles that we adjusted to, and I felt like we were putting our guys in a good position."
Texas coach Tom Herman: "Really, really poor performance by our offense for the first few quarters. We’ve got to really examine our game plan in the run game and our execution."
The scene here at Jack Trice Stadium.
Iowa State now 14-3 in all-time series vs. Texas. Funny thing is all the UT losses fall into the embarrassing category.
Final in Ames: Iowa State 23, Texas 21. Horns more or less eliminated from Big 12 title contention. Cyclones earned this one, win on last-second FG.
Looked to me like 3-4 players jumped.
Horns jump offside on the FG. First down Cyclones.
Jalen Green. An outstanding PBU.
Play of the game upcoming. Third-and-5. Cyclones looking for game-winning FG. Horns need a stop but need to leave enough time on the clock.
Now we’ve moved into chess match territory. Herman calls timeout in case ISU gets a FG. 2:22 left.
Naggar gets a hellacious roll. That’s a 67-yarder. ISU starts at its own 18.
Duvernay drops it on third-and-10. Texas will have to punt. A lot of time left. 3:12.
Down on the field now. Mood down here is nervous excitement. This whole place has changed.
Texas leads 21-20 with 5:37 left. Huge call by Herman. Huge execution by Ehlinger and the offense. Now, defense needs to hang in there.
Touchdown Texas. Holy moly. Epps hauls it in. Sam the magician does it damn deal.
Somehow, Ehlinger escaped a sure-fire sack. He got it away, but now Eagles is called for offensive pass interference. That's a 15-yarder. Second-and-35 coming.
Duvernay, gang. A beast. First-and-goal.
Second-and-35? Eagles for 30.
Roschon, how bout those hands, huh?
Texas ball. The Horns are 89 yards from taking the lead. 12:20 remaining.
Massive third-and-13 upcoming.
Solid clock awareness here by Ehlinger. Watch the Iowa State LB let Ingram slip right past him. Sam hasn't been great with touch passes, but this was.
Touchdown Texas. Ehlinger demands the snap as the play clock hits :00, he lofts it to Ingram over the middle for the 22-yard score. Huge, huge moment. Texas within 6.
Here during the break, they're showing Iowa State fans on the big screen, all flashing the Horns Down.
End of 3Q: Horns finally have something going, reached Cyclones 22. They'll have the wind for the 4Q. Iowa State leads 20-7.
I mean, this is still just a two-possession game. That's with 2:40 left in 3Q.
Texas now has seven three-and-outs.
John Burt drops a catchable deep ball. That would've been huge. Alas, nothing.
Oh my. Cyclones lined up in punt formation, got into gimmick mode, tried a pass play that went incomplete. Texas will take over.
If the offense doesn't get moving, this may turn ugly.
This is not trending in the right direction. Iowa State knocks home a 48-yard FG and goes up 20-7.
Texas CB Anthony Cook (knee) is out for the remainder of today’s game, per UT.
In case you weren't paying attention to the start of the 3Q.
Touchdown Iowa State. After escaping a blitz, Purdy just fires it up into no-man's-land. But Jones slips behind the Texas defense, caught it like a center fielder for a 75-yard score.
Look at Eagles here. Excellent shot, Nick.…
Halftime in Ames: The forward pass makes quite the difference for Texas. Horns going nowhere before that 75-play drive in 30 seconds. Iowa State still leads 10-7.
Touchdown Texas. Eagles with just a sensational circus catch, gets a foot down. Just amazing. Horns now trail 10-7. 17 seconds left in 2Q.
Big 12 official decides... touchdown.
This might be a catch at the 1-inch line. But the ball didn't cross the plane. First-and-goal coming here?
Whoa. Fly Eagles fly with a circus catch at the Iowa State 1.
I'm really going to enjoy watching Devin Duvernay on Sundays next season.
Well how bout this? Duvernay with an 17-yard grab. Eagles with a 33-yard catch. Texas at the Iowa State 25.
Iowa State gets a 36-yard FG and goes up 10-0 just before halftime. This comes after Kobe Boyce with a pretty good PBU in the end zone.
Before you go crazy, the Texas defense has played pretty well this half. This is on the offense. 1:17 left before half.
Coburn with an excellent push on that second-down incompletion.
A rather quick three-and-out for the Horns. Duvernay for 4, Ingram 2, Johnson 1. Sigh. Defense back to work.
These refs are not calling kick-catch interference on either team? OK. That will become an issue at some point today.
Couple things. I do like that decision to go for it. No problem there. Dicker would've have the wind at his back, though. Defense was ready for Sam all... the... way.
Binder time. Ehlinger just flat-out stuffed on fourth-and-2. Cyclones ball. That play was going nowhere from the snap.
This is pretty good focus by D'Shawn Jamison for the INT. It's his third INT of the year.
Interception Texas. D'Shawn Jamison with a nice snag on a ball that was going to Pettway. Bad throw by Purdy there.
Ossai with a big-time blitz on Purdy, who has a bad overthrow on fourth-and-3. Texas ball. Roschon Johnson in at RB.
Herman last Monday when asked by @BobBallouSports about Texas' slow starts: "I didn't even realize. It's not something we talked about. "
End of 1Q: Iowa State 7, Texas 0. Cyclones with 116 total yards, Horns 30. Crossing routes, a drag, hit the TE. This is rather basic stuff Iowa State is doing.
Texas DB B.J. Foster, who has incredible toughness and keeps coming back for more, is down.
Well, it's been interesting. Cyclones clearly trying to mix up their looks, hoping to confuse Ehlinger. Horns with 30 yards on three drives. ISU leads 7-0. 3:41 in 1Q.
Horns go three-and-out again. Coverage sack on third-and-5.
Touchdown Iowa State: Purdy with an easy throw to Kolar for a 2 yard score. Not much resistance from the Horns thus far. Cyclones go up 7-0.
It's one of these Texas starts today.
Horns start three-and-out, so-so-punt by Naggar and Cyclones will get their first crack at its own 42.
Live in Ames: We're just about set to go here at Jack Trice Stadium. Iowa State wins the toss, defers. Texas, Ehlinger up first.
Texas RB Jordan Whittington is going through team warm-ups with the backups. But it's still anybody's guess as to whether he'll play or how much.
Defee looks extra thick today.
RT @RandyPete: In 16 games against Texas, today is the first time Vegas predicts ISU to win -- by 7 on a 40-degree day with a smidge of win…
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