Working in tech is a way of life. Find your professional purpose on 2020 Best Places to Work is live! #BuiltInBPTW
Building a company culture that fosters #innovation among employees is a vital part of staying competitive. Check out some tips for establishing that kind of culture presented by a panel of experts from @YEC
Welcome back to the grind! Here’s the news you may have missed.
#ICYMI: “We are a tech city. Tulsa is more of a manufacturing city. Whatever location [@Tesla] pick[s], it needs to be an attractive location to recruit people from all over the U.S.” — Angelos Angelou of @AngelouEcon
RT @buffer: "Something we do is “masterminds,” where we pair people up with someone else in a different department. And they can hold space…
Think proprietary software is better than #opensource alternatives? Think again, says our expert Edward Hearn. Read his thoughts here.
How did leaders at @USMoneyReserve, @epaypolicy and Adia future-proof their business?
RT @BuiltIn: As #COVD-19 disrupts every part of life, businesses must scramble to meet the new normal. Check out our expert @thisismattnigh…
As #COVD-19 disrupts every part of life, businesses must scramble to meet the new normal. Check out our expert @thisismattnigh on how low-code can help them do so.
Women from @FlatironSchool, @evernote and @SocialSolutions shared how they made successful career transitions.
RT @scalefactor: Our very own @kurtrathmann was featured in this @BuiltInAustin article. Check it out to hear how we're supporting our Aust…
Great #leadership is about incorporating lessons from all fields of study into your practice. Read about the insights our expert @federallamm has drawn from rewilding theory.
RT @BuiltInLA: #ICYMI: “As a company dedicated to improving the health and happiness of the world, we take our responsibility to help suppo…
#ICYMI: “We’re designing a whole new way to buy homes, which means designing the entire new transaction.” — @thehomewardway CEO @timheyl #nowhiring #funding
@Tesla has said the new plant will be larger than its facility in Fremont, Calif., which employs 10,000 workers. #hiring
Here’s the Austin #tech news you may have missed.
Informative piece on #AI #Machinelearning from @BuiltIn 🧠…
ICYMI: @kronologicAI just closed on a seed #funding round and plans to #hire for engineering, marketing and UX roles.
Why a nonprofit healthcare organization created its own in-house development studio.
@thehomewardway is planning for a hiring spree in 2020, recruiting for roles in engineering, marketing, product and operations. @timheyl #funding #nowhiring
Read our expert Vihar Kurama's introduction to #deeplearning and TensorFlow 2.0.
RT @Optimizely: When developing a product roadmap, engineers and designers must align expectations. @BuiltInAustin asks #Austin #tech profe…
How do you ensure your #remote teams are on the same page with headquarters, even if they're spread across the globe? Read our expert @drilbu's insights on cultivating an effective culture.
Engineering leaders @ExpediaGroup and @BrightpearlHQ share why they turn to React.
ALTR is used by online banking companies and digital medical services in order to protect customer data. #funding
The company’s AI can learn from people's ordering data and then upsell them based on what's popular. #funding
An emphasis on communication and actionable data is at the forefront of roadmapping sessions @Optimizely and @Volusion.
Austin, Denver and Chicago have emerged as the three tech hubs of the so-called “Mighty Middle” — all of them attracted more than $10 billion in venture funding over the last decade.
@kronologicAI estimates the average price of a meeting with a tech company is $1,000. #funding #hiring
This leader at @acloudguru has a number of strategies for maintaining mental health while tackling an increased workload.
RT @trustradius: @BuiltInAustin Thanks so much for supporting our #womenintech research! The #COVID19 update is now live, and the results a…
Here’s the news you may have missed.
Good design makes people want to use your products. Read our expert @101babich on mastering #DesignThinking to make your work stand out.
RT @bonusly: Don't overcomplicate things. @BuiltInAustin explains how @SquareRootATX and other Austin-based companies are supporting their…
“I think there are a lot of engineers out there who have a very limited runway on what’s left for their tech career if they don’t move into containers and cloud native.” - Sarah Zelechoski, VP of engineering at Fairwinds
@hypergiant CEO @federallamm: "People need to realize the impact COVID-19 has made on climate change is entirely temporary and not nearly significant enough to reverse the harm we’ve done to our Earth."
Ethos went from 35 to 120 employees in one year, and now it's adding another 100. #nowhiring
RT @BuiltIn: These five key growth metrics are highly interconnected. And they're not just for startups. #growth
A variety of opportunities across industries are still available to tech professionals looking to grow their careers. Case in point: @Iodine_Software, @Cloudflare and @MiroHQ.
The increasing availability of online courses and tools for #DataScience is not without some risks. Read our expert Rahul Agarwal on the problems democratizing the field can pose.
Congrats @BuiltIn for being named an @Inc Best Workplace of 2020! #BestWorkplaces #UnitedWeTech…
Technical architect @matt_landers sees React as a toolbox that allows him to take what he needs and leave what he doesn’t.
There are over 26 million Health Savings Accounts in the U.S., which account for about $61.7 billion in assets. #funding
@hypergiant uses #ai to let people see what happens if the economy immediately snaps back to pre-#coronavirus operations
Check out our expert Vihar Kurama as he walks you through logistic regression techniques with #TensorFlow2.0.
Wise words from @trustradius and Jennifer Griffin #womenintech #unitedwetech…
How @NateraGenetics adapted its business to a COVID-19 world.
How do @acloudguru, @tweetadaction and other Austin companies maintain employee wellness for their remote workforce?
It's a new week! Here's the local tech news you may have missed.
RT @BSellers75: When it comes to good ideas, we move fast. Check out our feature on @BuiltInAustin to see how our team is churning out #pat…
Want to step up your email #marketing game? Read our expert Will Pearson on the email flows you need to go from starting out to dominating the market.
These five companies announced new #funding and led the way for Austin tech in April.
This quarter, the @pushnami team is working to perfect mobile push notifications to align with browser-based push.
When mission guides both product and employee decisions, you're doing it right.
Thanks @SquareRootATX for sharing how you're keeping your teams engaged while the company works remotely! Great insights💡 #unitedwetech…
Find out how @EZTexting and @csdisco strategized their sales approach in light of COVID-19.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, @ontic_ai’s clients have experienced a 300 percent increase in threat-related data. #funding #hiring
“Conversing with individuals who come from different backgrounds is an excellent way to broaden our horizons and thought processes.” -Apurva Devarajan, @AmherstHoldings
#Womenintech help make sure your voice is heard by answering this latest survey by @trustradius…
More patients have been embracing #telehealth as the COVID-19 pandemic has people taking their health seriously and shifting their lives online. #funding
RT @federallamm: "Our goal is not to create more infrastructure, our goal is to inculcate ethical reasoning across the entire company." Gre…
Are companies investing too much in #BigData? Read our expert Edward Hearn on why, when it comes to digital infrastructure, bigger isn't always better.
Here's the #startup news you may have missed.
RT @ChrisLee_RDC: The Strategies That Can Make or Break Your #Sales Prospecting | @BuiltInAustin…
Check out our expert Vihar Kurama's step-by-step guide to #LinearRegression with #TensorFlow2.0.
As a company distributed across five offices in four different time zones, @MiroHQ knows first-hand how useful online collaboration tools can be. #funding
RT @BuiltInChicago: Join the conversation about @Tatum_Hunter_'s story on Agile over at @HackerNews:…
RT @BuiltInChicago: join the conversation about this story over on @reddit :…
Second City is one of the most famous comedy theaters/training centers in the world. When COVID-19 threw a wrench in the works, they embraced their improv roots to make a quick #pivot to virtual offerings. Here's @KLsecondcity on how they did it.
Through Lend a Hand ATX, tech professionals can offer to help out local organizations by building a website, boosting social media usage or through other tech-related tasks. #UnitedWeTech
The site lists 500 open positions in the Austin area. Local tech companies like @salesforce and @Cloudflare have posted several open roles. #UnitedWeTech
RT @Zello: The Austin #tech community is working hard to #support local businesses, workers and those on the frontlines. Zello is proud to…
It’s a new week! Here’s the news you may have missed.
Building processes from scratch isn't easy, but @acloudguru says it's more rewarding.
" ...we implemented morale plans. The goal of a morale plan is to keep managers in tune with how their teams are coping and collectively understand if there are any trends so we can appropriately plan and support our employees." Via @adthena #COVID19…
Creating a designated workstation at home makes it easier to separate work time from "me time."
How a culture of compassion created @rapid7's cherished work environment — and is contributing to its success.
How did @alertmedia become the third fastest-growing tech company in Texas? Collaboration played a big role.
When mission guides both product and employee decisions, you're doing it right.
Turnover in Entry-Level Sales is High. Does This Company Have a Way to Slow It Down?
How do leaders @KendraScott, @MVFGlobal and other Austin tech companies inspire creativity in their teams?
Building processes from scratch isn't easy, but @acloudguru says it's more rewarding.
Learn the tactics engineering leaders at @RetailMeNot and @Medici_app use to manage their teams.
Find out why teams at @Optimizely, @literati and @shipwell depend on Python to power innovation.
How a culture of compassion created @rapid7's cherished work environment — and is contributing to its success.
The DevOps teams at @SailPoint and @Datical rely heavily on automation to make their operations more efficient.
Here's the news you may have missed.
We got the inside scoop on the company cultures of @BigCommerce, @Khoros, @flosports and many other Austin tech companies.
These Austin startups raised some big money last month.
What do Lady Gaga fans have in common with Russian hackers? According to @therealyonder, more than you'd think.…
Here's the news you may have missed.
Cross-team collaboration made @alertmedia the third fastest-growing tech company in Texas. Here's how.
Tech leaders at @evernote, @KendraScott, @Modernize and other Austin companies told us what traits they're looking for in new hires.
Turnover in Entry-Level Sales is High. Does This Company Have a Way to Slow It Down?
RT @pingboard: Our very own Director of Internal Operations, Jen Eanes was featured in @BuiltInAustin to share her best advice for managing…
RT @securelink: This role is the most attractive at our company — @BuiltInAustin shares why.
Check out how your salary stacks up.
Engineering leaders at @Volusion, @aceable and @CCCInfoServices share the “how” and “why” behind the structure of their software development life cycles.
Here’s the news you may have missed.
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