Top ranked on the standup circuit for 33 years, Cap City offers shows nightly. Ticket & showtime info: Reservations recommended.
RT @leahantonice_: My mom always told me that I'm a winner! Unless I lost. Come see what she meant tomorrow night at @CapCityComedy present…
RT @ImTheeBrock: Sorry I’m late I sat on my bed in a towel for 45 minutes staring at the wall
Thanks for the 🔥🔥 weekend @John_POPS_Spoon, Justin Hicks & @SavandsomeRino! Thx for stopping by @darylchillmitch!
Thanks for the 🔥🔥 weekend @John_POPS_Spoon, Justin Hicks & @SavandsomeRino! Thx for stopping by @darylchillmitch!
RT @natashaleggero: I wish my baby wasn’t such a morning person.
RT @Pagingmsdiva: The Family’s here at Cap City Comedy Club to see Mr. Bang Bang Bang Bang! @CapCityComedy
RT @ColomboRoc: I’m ready #MrBangBangBang !!! @CapCityComedy
RT @MeTelegirl69: @CapCityComedy thrilled to be sitting front row and center for #johnwitherspoon !!!
RT @Condraband: About to see @John_POPS_Spoon at @CapCityComedy and I’m freaking out. This man has a direct line to my funny bone!
All @John_POPS_Spoon shows this weekend are SOLD OUT!! #nowaitlist
Congrats to the @UTAustin class of 2018! Have a safe & fun weekend! #gohorns #burntorangestage
RT @DougBenson: Austin, TX! You love movies, right? So love ‘em with me on June 2!
It’s a packed house for the hilarious @John_POPS_Spoon! Only a few 🎟🎟 left for his wknd shows! Get them now at
RT @courtesywave: Earlier on @TheHornATX, @BradKellner & I had the pleasure of chatting w/ John Witherspoon (@John_POPS_Spoon), including d…
Thanks again for the great backdrop @AriShaffir
Tickets for John Witherspoon this Thurs. - Saturday are going FAST! Get yours NOW at!
RT @Pink: I am of the mindset that it’s a blessing to grow old. That if your face has lines around your eyes and mouth it means you’ve laug…
Tickets are going fast for @_brysonbrown & friends tomorrow night! Get tix now at🎟🎟🎟🎟
Congrats Jon Mendoza- the 2018 Funniest Person in Austin!! 🥈 Chris Tellez 🥉Nick Saverino
Congrats Jon Mendoza - the 2018 Funniest Person in Austin!! 2nd place- Chris Tellez 3rd place- Nick Saverino…
After 6 weeks & 250+ contestants- we’re down to the final 12! The Finals are SOLD OUT and doors open early tonight for ticketholders at 6:30pm. 👑🎤🥇🥈🥉
RT @SalVulcano: Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mom.
We are closed today, but we’ll see you tomorrow for the SOLD OUT FPIA FINALS!
So excited for @dulcesloan 2nite & tmrw! 7:30pm/10pm Tickets available now at
RT @joshwolfcomedy: Can’t wait. I love performing at @CapCityComedy. (6/7-9)…
You mean this whole time.... @briangaar
Drum roll please.... the 12th finalist is Joe Tullar!
Get your tickets for @dulcesloan from @TeamCoco & @TheDailyShow this weekend!
The plot thickens! One of our finalists had to bow out- the call has been put out to the 3rd rd semi judges for their alternate to take the 12th spot in the FINALS. STAY TUNED!
RT @JohnHeffron: This week @TheIrvineImprov Next Month June 14-16 @HeliumComedy #philly 21-23 @CapCityComedy #austin 26-27 @ComedyMagic…
It’s official- The FPIA FINALS ARE SOLD-OUT! Doors open EARLY at 6:30pm, see you lucky ticketholders MONDAY MAY14TH!
We’re down to the last 20 tickets for the FPIA FINALS this Monday! They are available ONLINE ONLY at Grab em quick! There will not be a waitlist the night of the show. 🎤🥇🎤🥈🎤🥉
Less than 100 tix left for the FPIA FINALS this MONDAY MAY 14TH! Get yours before they disappear! 🎟🎟
RT @puddleychef: Austin friends! I'm headlining at @CapCityComedy... right now. At this moment. And, also, at 8PM tonight & tomorrow with @…
The one and only John Witherspoon is here May 17th-19th! Get tix NOW at
Tonight’s Finalists are Avery Moore, Chris Tellez, Christina Parrish and Devon Walker!
RT @EmilyMakesArt: My husband is still laughing at @clayblackstone 's Nixon joke. Great set and fun time as usual at @CapCityComedy - aweso…
RT @EKropfpoet: So excited that @dulcesloan will be at @CapCityComedy this week! Austin, let's make sure it is a sold out show!
RT @JasmineCEllis: Austin is a cool town with some very very funny people I'm happy I got to be a part of this years Semi Finals ❤️ good lu…
It's the last night of the FUNNIEST PERSON IN AUSTIN SEMI-FINALS, and it's a real doozy! Tickets are going fast, so get yours NOW at *DON'T FORGET, the FPIA FINALS are MONDAY MAY 14TH & they will sell-out. Grab your tickets early!*
Get your laugh on this weekend with the hilarious @dulcesloan from @TheDailyShow! Friday and Saturday/ 7:30pm & 10pm! Get tix now at
The Finalists tonight are Jon Mendoza, Nick Saverino, Tyler Groce and Elizabeth Spears!
Tonight’s Finalists are Michael Good, Allen Edwin Butt, Hunter Duncan and Arielle Norman!
FPIA Contestant numbers
#7, #11, #14 #kentuckyderby!
RT @Ron_White: I get recognized a lot as “that guy from TV” and also that guy “we said never come back to this bar.”
RT @TrafficSaarFOX7: I voted for him on #LastComicStanding and now he's here on Good Day Austin!! (Hes been other places in between.) Go se…
Congrats Lisa Friedrich, Elizabeth Spears & Adam Lucidi-see you at the semis! Official FPIA semifinal line-ups will be posted later today!
Congrats Lisa Friedrich, Elizabeth Spears & Adam Lucidi-see you at the semis!
Spend your Thursday with @joemachi from Last Comic Standing @ @CrashingHBO! Get tix at or at the door. 8pm/18+
RT @danielvankirk: Jason and Randy Sklar are the opposite of what I was warned about when I moved to LA. Everyone says that no one will eve…
Yay! @joemachi from @CrashingHBO & Last Comic Standing is here 2nite - Saturday. Showtime & ticket info:
Go to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ your favorite FPIA alternate’s video now until May 4th! Help send them to the semi-finals!
Liking F.P.I.A. Alternates begins in 13 minutes @CapCityComedyclub! #fpia #bestcomedycontest #fpiasemifinals
Welcome to the stage your F.P.I.A. 2018 Semi-Finalists! Next show time Sunday, May 6th at 8PM!…
Tonight’s Semi-Finalists are Pat Dean, Ky Krebs and Casey Stewart! The Alternate is Sonny Castillo!
RT @joemachi: Austin, TX! I'm @CapCityComedy tomorrow through Saturday!
Tonight’s Semi-Finalists are Avery Moore, Jake Rowe and Jon Mendoza and the Alternate is Robyn Reynolds!
RT @HemaMullur: So fun hanging out with my buddy @bradbooker while we judged the Funniest People in Austin at @CapCityComedy!…
Round 13’s Semi-Finalists are Robert Segovia, Eric Nimmer and Lennon Free! The Alternate is Jay Whitecotton!
RT @joemachi: I know Michelle Wolf personally and we disagree on some stuff but she’s a good person. People on every side of politics shou…
RT @MarthaKelly3: I'm hosting preliminary rounds of the Funniest Person in Austin contest @CapCityComedy tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday (4/…
Doors are now open for Andrew Dismukes from @nbcsnl! 2 shows at 7:30pm & 10pm - with special guests @internetdevon & @AlyDixonStuff ! Tix avail. at the door.
RT @ComedyWham: We sat down with @andrew_vinny to talk comedy and his first year writing for @nbcsnl , but don't wait for our interview...s…
RT @TraceySchulz: One more night to see Austin's own @andrew_vinny Andrew Dismukes at @CapCityComedy! Check @KOOPRadio's interview, talking…
Had to open up the vault (cabinet) for some of our faves for #OldHeadShotDay.
RT @fox7austin: Watch @andrew_vinny chat w/ @DaveFonFOX7 & then check him out at @CapCityComedy
Anyone have a VCR? #cleaningthesoundbooth
Check out @andrew_vinny from @nbcsnl tonight at 8pm! Get in free with 2 canned goods to benefit @CTXFoodBank.
RT @DudleyandBob: Excited to break in a new comic today! #warriors #listenhard
RT @DnBWarriors: Hey, #Warriors !! @andrew_vinny is in the @DudleyandBob studios right now!!! Go catch him @CapCityComedy all weekend!! ht…
FPIA alum returns home! #fpia #snl #creatingcajunculture andrewdismukes
RT @craniumslows: Funny Fries at @CapCityComedy looking good. #FPIA contest is super fun to watch too!…
Tonight’s Semi-Finalists are Joe Hafkey, Ralph Hardesty and Andrew Murphy! The Alternate is Glenn Rose!
Congrats to tonight’s semifinalists @briangaar, Allen Edwin Butt & Chris Tellez w/ alt. Michael Priest!
RT @ChickTechATX: Thank you @CapCityComedy for your donation to the Brains & Brews raffle! Tickets are still available…
Round 10 Semi-Finalists are Joe Tullar, Danny Goodwin and Clayton Blackstone! The Alternate is Ben Cholok!
RT @sgzales: Got to meet @NikkiGlaser at @CapCityComedy tonight. She was doing #MerkelFace here! @MoontowerComedy
RT @BriannaBanana25: Had a great time at @CapCityComedy watching @NikkiGlaser and @TomAThakkar !!! You two are hilarious! We’ll definitely…
RT @sgzales: About to check out @NikkiGlaser and @TomAThakkar at @CapCityComedy ! @MoontowerComedy
RT @TomAThakkar: Austin! Come see me, the “Queen of Mean” @NikkiGlaser, and @HiChrisTellez at one of my fave places in this disgusting worl…
RT @HiChrisTellez: Two last shows for @MoontowerComedy tonight at @CapCityComedy with dream team @TomAThakkar & @NikkiGlaser #moontower2018
It’s Preacher everybody! #moontowercomedyfestival
Just booked @dulcesloan from @TheDailyShow May 11-12! Come correspond with us!
Tickets are going FAST for tonight’s 7:30pm show with @PreacherLawson! Get yours NOW at @MoontowerComedy badge holders- call us at 512-467-2333 to reserve your spot!
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