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Looks like CVS and I are on the same page. https://t.co/ud5Hi8bEpa
All of the just-passed Senate bills just arrived at the #txlege House. Plenty of eyes are on what happens next.
Got some weather happening in downtown Austin. https://t.co/YHCvUfSB22
Texas Senate clears most Abbott priorities, shifting attention to House: #txlege statesman.com/news/senate-cl…
Senate adjourns until 10 am Friday. #txlege
Senate gives final passage to SB14 on city tree ordinances, 17-14, without discussion. #txlege
Senate gives final passage to SB13, 18-13. On to the House. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
There are third-reading amendments on SB 13, on city permitting. #txlege
If SB 15 passes, "we will see more crashes, more deaths and more injuries caused by distracted driving," @JudithZaffirini says. #txlege
Speaking against SB 15, @JudithZaffirini calls it "a giant step backward," making it harder to prevent distracted driving. #txlege
Senate gives final approval to SB 6, limiting city annexation powers, 19-12, no discussion. On to the House. #txlege
Senate gives final approval to SB 5, addressing mail-in ballot fraud, 21-10, no discussion. On to the House. #txlege
Senate gives final approval to SB 8, barring insurance plan coverage for abortions, 20-10, no discussion. On to the House. #txlege
Senate gives final approval to SB 4, banning state, local taxpayer money for abortion providers, 21-10. On to the House. #txlege
RT @VirtualCapitol: Texas maternal mortality bills marked by key difference atxne.ws/2uyy50L
Senate is back. #txlege
Vote on tree ordinance bill shows 3 GOP voting no - Huffman, Nelson, Larry Taylor. #txlege https://t.co/5umBVoTDH4
We have, of course, watched 15 minutes last for well over an hour. We live on Senate Time. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
Dan Patrick says senators will meet in private for 15 minutes before returning to give final approval to bills voted on today #txlege
Senate votes, 17-14, to approve SB 14, limiting city tree ordinances. #txlege
RT @VirtualCapitol: Texas Senate approves bill aimed to speed up building permits atxne.ws/2tEe1al
Senate on last bill of the day, SB 14, then go into short break, return for final passage on all remaining bills, Patrick says. #txlege
Senate now on SB 13. @PhilJankowski handling that one. #txlege twitter.com/bwear/status/8…
Long line of Planned Parenthood supporters are walking across the Senate gallery and taking seats. #txlege
RT @lmcgaughy: Byron Cook, who holds the fate of the bathroom bills in his hands, pens blog blasting them as a distraction. https://t.co/KG…
RT @bwear: Zaffirini: 45 texas cities that now have hands-free laws. None n Huffines district, she says. 22 senators represent cities w/ ha…
Senate now on SB 15, targeting city ordinances limiting cell phone use while driving. Our @bwear is handling this one. #txlege
Senate now on SB 15, targeting city tree ordinances. Our @bwear is handling this one. #rxlege
"Most wars around the world have been caused by countries annexing, if you will, other countries. It’s not cool the… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Sen. @DonnaCampbellTX on SB6: “Forced annexation is never right." #txlege
Senate now on SB6, annexation. @taygoldenstein will be handling this one. #txlege
Up now -- SB 5, mail-in ballot fraud. @JohnathanSilver is covering. #txlege
Amendments done, Senate give initial approval to SB8, barring abortion coverage in general insurance plans, 20-10. #txlege
Democratic amendments to add miscarriage, fertility treatment, contraceptive coverage to SB8 voted down too. #txlege
Senate votes this amendment down too on same vote as previous, 20-10. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
Says at least half of the 10 states that ban private general plans w/ abortion coverage have this exception. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
Senate votes down @JoseforTexas amendment to add SB8 exception for fatal fetal health abnormality. #txlege
Senate defeats @JoseforTexas amendment to add SB8 exception for "serious mental health impairment." #txlege
Amendment by @CarlosUresti to add exception for rape/incest, pay costs of rape kit collection, voted down on SB8. #txlege
On SB8, @Menendez4Texas says: "It seems like we are dictating whether women can or cannot afford to have this procedure." #txlege
SB 8 does not have abortion coverage exception for rape or incest. @SenatorSylvia will offer amendment to add. Will be opposed. #txlege
If there's demand, @SenatorSylvia says, shouldn't insurers be able to meet it w/o interference from the state via SB 8? #txkege
SB 8 allows insurance coverage for abortion to save woman's life, but not for severe fetal abnormality, @JoseforTexas says. #txlege
@SenCreighton estimates that supplemental abortion coverage would cost $12 to $80 a year. #txlege
RT @kherman: It's the summer of sessions: Special in Austin and Jeff in Washington. Which will be first to go sine die? #txlege
Sen. @KirkPWatson - Texas have similar actuarial ban for any other procedure? @SenCreighton says he knows of no oth… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
SB8 would ban insurers from calculating cost savings of abortion coverage in actuarial analysis. #txlege
“Do you believe the government should tell private businesses how they operate?" @KirkPWatson asks. Creighton: Depends on situation. #txlege
Sen. @KirkPWatson says Texas does not require people to buy extra coverage for other procedures, like vasectomies. #txlege
Creighton: 25 states ban abortion coverage under Affordable Care Act. 10 states ban private insurance coverage for… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
“Texas must take steps to prohibit taxpayer dollars from subsidizing abortionss that are not a medical emergency”… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Women who want coverage must purchase supplemental plan, author @SenCreighton says. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
Senate starting on SB 8, to ban general insurance plans from covering abortion. #txlege
Senate is off and running for another long day of action. #txlege
Hot-button items still on the agenda: Annexation, abortion, local laws on trees, cell phone use, limits on local go… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
8+ hours after adjourning, the #txlege Senate is off to a bit of a slow start. https://t.co/egINMVxhs6
Texas Senate approves ban on tax money for abortion providers in a vote taken at 1:50 a.m. #txlege statesman.com/news/senate-ap…
Senate adjourns until 10 a.m. Wednesday .. or about 8 hours from now. #txlege
Voting at 1:50 a.m., Texas Senate gives initial OK to SB 4, banning state, local tax money for abortion providers. #txlege
"I think we all understand the goal of this bill is to further restrict abortion access in Texas," @KirkPWatson says of SB 4.
In late votes, transgender bathroom bill, 10 others sent to Texas House. #txlege statesman.com/news/late-vote…
“There seems to be a myth out there that this Texas Legislature is anti-woman or anti-women’s health,” @DonHuffines says. #txlege
Planned Parenthood seems to be a political pinata. It gets beat up and beat up and beat up every session" @SenatorSylvia says on SB4 #txlege
Actually, this was SB 7, not 11. Hey, it's late. twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
SB 4 provides people of Texas w/ assurance that no tax dollars will go to abortion providers or affiliates,… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Senate on final bill for night - first vote on SB 4, banning taxpayer money, local or state, for abortion providers. #txlege
Sen. @JudithZaffirini says bill targets unions that advocate for issues Republicans oppose. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
"How many times have we stood up here, with a gallery full of teachers, to thank them?" Menendez asks. "This bill i… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Final vote coming on SB 11, union dues bill. Sen. @Menendez4Texas speaking against. #txlege
SB 11, DNR bill, gets final approval, 21-10 #txlege
SB 9, caps government spending to population growth times inflation, given final passage, 20-11. #txlege
SB 19, bonus for teachers, TRS benefits boost, given final passage on 28-3 vote. #txlege
SB 3, the transgender bathroom bill, sent to the House after final approval on a 21-10 vote. #txlege
"This bill will end up harming children" who are "vulnerable to being bullied, ostracized, having embarrassing acci… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Senate on final vote for SB 3, the transgender bathroom bill. #txlege
SB 1 is now headed to the House after a 19-12 vote. #txlege
SB 1, limiting local governments' ability to raise property taxes, has 3 third-reading amendments. First is technical correction. #txlege
SB 16, creating commission to study, recommend improvements to public school finance, given final approval, 31-0. #txlege
SB 73, stricter reporting of abortions for minors, given final passage, 22-9. #txlege
SB 10 given final passage, 22-9. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
On SB10, stricter reporting of abortion complications @SenatorSylvia calls it bureaucratic bullying, says no threat to health/safety #txlege
Final approval for SB 2, school finance, money for private school tuition for students with disabilities, 19-12. #txlege
Senate going to do final approvals on bills -- first is SB 17 studying high rate of pregnancy-related deaths, 31-0. #txlege
Got a little #txlege story up on the just completed vote: twitter.com/statesman/stat…
It was ... drum roll ... Sen. Nichols with the GOP no vote on SB 7. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
RT @SethSAISD: @chucklindell Nichols voted No in Committee
Senate adjourns for 10 minutes to come back and give final passage to bills that got initial approval. #txlege
Senate approves SB 7 union dues bill 19-12. Looks like one Republican crossed over. Checking to see who that was. #txlege
After talking about it for 2 solid hours first... #txlege twitter.com/scottbraddock/…
When this passes, and it will with strong GOP support, worth noting that 2 previous Senate-approved bills went nowh… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Head of the correctional officers union has a few things to say about SB 7: #txlege https://t.co/4Pf1fbG1Td
Discussion on union dues bill still going strong after 90 minutes. No word yet on whether there are amendments.… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Patrick also says Senate could go till 4 a.m. tonight if that's what it takes to finish. #txlege twitter.com/chucklindell/s…
As @SenRoyceWest spars with @SenBryanHughes, Dan Patrick says Senate has 2 more bills to pass, 3rd reading to take care of. #txlege
Senators who voted against SB 19, teacher pay raise, TRS: Van Taylor, R Sylvia Garcia, D Jose Rodriguez, D #txlege
Sen. @whitmire_john says the goal of bill supporters is to reduce size of unions, hamper union ability to get involved in politics. #txlege
Gov. Abbott said he would veto SB 7 if first police, fire, EMS are included, @SenBryanHughes says. #txlege
Follow @chucklindell for updates on today's #bathroombill debate in this #specialsession of the #txlege. Read more:… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
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