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Come and race it at the #INDYCARClassic! A few timeslots remain available at @COTAkarting for today and tomorrow. Book online or swing by COTA Karting just outside the Main Grandstand and show your friends how it's done. circuitoftheamericas.com/karting
RT @Abi8: On top of the world (zipline) here at @COTA !!! 😍😍 #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/dCUPbiyjk4
Aaaaand they're off! @IndyLights • #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/6y3D3VQA04
Let's go racing! We're ten minutes away from going green for the first @IndyLights race of the weekend. #INDYCARClassic
Where we're going, we don't need roads. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/jgoL1VBvnI
RT @OfficialAknight: Best place in the state of Texas! @COTA @IndyCar #bluebonnets #Texas https://t.co/XvS0u0zYzN
RT @IndyCar: Who's catching Rossi in qualifying? 🤔 P1: @AlexanderRossi (1:46.91) P2: @FRosenqvist (1:47.05) P3: @GrahamRahal (1:47.43) P4:…
They're ready. Are you? @GlobalMX5Cup qualifying is up next at the #INDYCARClassic. If you're at home, you can stream the action and their 3:30PM race at bit.ly/MX5COTAStream https://t.co/9bdBBA5M8u
Burnt rubber and bluebonnets. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/rvuADQDwlL
Deep in the heart of Texas. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/iRIRykHEr8
Practice makes perfect. @IndyCar is out for Practice 3. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/TxxVCU0Abv
Track activity begins today with an @IndyLights qualifying session... right now! We are green for Q2. #INDYCARClassic
Back to work. It’s qualifying day at the #INDYCARClassic. https://t.co/Z3KSuSoXc1
Prepare for hysteria. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/dDclfmvHpu
We're back at it tomorrow for a full day of @IndyCar qualifying and races from @IndyLights, @GlobalMX5Cup , the high-flying @SSuperTrucks, and @USAC25Series before the mighty @muse take the stage at @austin360Amp! Sorry about all those @'s. You in? circuitoftheamericas.com/indycar
We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The first day of the #INDYCARClassic is in the books, and boy, was it worth the wait. https://t.co/9LCO1ze4Fs
RT @IndyCar: Here at @COTA, we take a moment to honor the incredible legacy of our friend Charlie Whiting. The motorsports icon will not…
INDYCAR and COTA invite all our guests into the pits for a 5:30PM Pit Lane Walk! Enter from the Pit Out gate on the eastern side of the paddock next to the Medical Center and helipad, marked with a red star on this map. See you there! #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/F5whekFCC1
Keep on Stadium Super Truckin’. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/qwWODDmPx8
Hold on tight and let the Mayor of Hinchtown take you on a lap at the #INDYCARClassic. https://t.co/is7m0Ck6SD
Life is just the pits today. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/4DEx9w1rLF
Love is in the air at the #INDYCARClassic. 251 feet in the air, to be exact. 💕 https://t.co/rJciCtt0MZ
A whole new angle on @IndyCar from the most breathtaking view in motorsports. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/Fb8YO8Q6MW
The view’s better from here. Visit the @OfficialMauiJim booth in the Grand Plaza to try on a pair for yourself and experience patented PolarizedPlus2® technology. Mahalo! https://t.co/fpKrkpZScr
Alexa, play "Sandstorm" by Darude. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/dIHSWafSFU
RT @IndyCar: 👋 @Hinchtown: Nice Guy. Practice 2️⃣ is live! 📺 @NBCSportsGold: bit.ly/2CGIGdN 📻 @IndyCarRadio 📲 INDYCAR Mobile p…
Let's get it, @IndyLights. 💪 #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/KoZ8So2kyR
The COTA Sheriff has returned! #INDYCARClassic twitter.com/ChazKaz_CL16/s…
Green green green! The @IndyLights are headed out for qualifying at the #INDYCARClassic.
RT @marshallpruett: Respect to @IndyCar for honoring the late @F1 race director Charlie Whiting on all cars this weekend at @COTA, shown he…
All the way up with @SSuperTrucks. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/8Du2M6bzW9
The gang’s all here. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/UxFn7kZHPn
Time to meet your heroes. Head to the @IndyCar Fan Village located in the Grand Plaza at noon for an #INDYCARClassic Driver Autograph Session!
RT @GlobalMX5Cup: THE #MX5Cup SEASON STARTS NOW! Follow T&S LIVE 👇 mx-5cup.com/results/live-t… #MX5COTA https://t.co/cERypYrhnx
Fearless competitors are showing us how it's done in Lot H. Catch the @USAC25Series all weekend long until 6PM each day. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/SYafedC6Vf
RT @IndyCar: Practice 1 is in the books! P1: @josefnewgarden (1:48.65) P2: @ColtonHerta (1:48.79) P3: @AlexanderRossi (1:49.04) P4: @RyanH…
And so it begins. @IndyCar heads out for its first practice session in fifteen minutes! #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/6o5ViPQPNM
Rise and shine. Here’s a Friday morning wake up call courtesy of @IndyLights. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/mbJHBvNr7L
Every legend has a beginning. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/PkYcsb2dje
RT @JeffBarker_: Tonight after March Madness: Team @cbsaustin hit the @COTA track for a few "quality control" laps ahead of @IndyCar's Aust…
Thank you, @IndyCaronNBC. We will now only refer to Sector 3 as "Twisty Bits". #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/vjbJqN1jJL
Thank you, @indyCaronNBC. We will now only refer to Sector 3 as "Twisty Bits". #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/vjbJqN1jJL
P-push it real good. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/L9POl0oRbR
If only tweets were scratch and sniff. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/miWR7cGMXa
Old friends, new friends, and one enormous check. Win the #INDYCARClassic from pole and you'll take home a cool hundred grand. No pressure, guys. 😉 https://t.co/MGSroPpSg5
RT @IndyCar: This just got interesting. Take the pole 1️⃣ Finish first🏆 Win an extra $100,000 💰 #INDYCARClassic // @COTA https://t.co/S…
This #weekend he'll be racing on the @COTA track, but today @IndyCar Driver @josefnewgarden made time to stop by WAA! @TaylorEllison & @TrevorScottATX learn more about what it's like driving 200mph (or more!) & challenge Josef to a game of "One's Gotta Go!"bit.ly/2HMaiS3
A full 3 days out at @COTA featuring the finest open-wheel racing championship, the @IndyCar Classic? AND a performance from @muse? You better believe it's coming up FAST. Enter to win a pair of 3-day GA wristbands and get to the track this weekend! bit.ly/2HbjD5n
A Lone Star state of mind. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/CAYo4NKv1f
RT @IndyCar: We're headed to Austin for the very first time. Get to know the field. 📆 Sun. March 24 🕰️ 1:30PM ET 📺 NBCSN 📻 @IndyCarRadio…
INDYCAR is moving in. Yes, we know it’s a little soon considering we just met in September, but when you know you know, you know? #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/lFpaecT1pC
RT @USAC25Series: Won’t be long now @COTA @IndyCar @CookOut...#INDYCARClassic #usac25 https://t.co/KE2iFSBuHT
Only two days to go! We're speeding right into the #INDYCARClassic like 🏎️💨https://t.co/scxsdDam2m
Hot off the presses, the digital version of your #INDYCARClassic program is live! Study up, y'all: bit.ly/IndyCarClassic… https://t.co/EgBvK2zA2Z
RT @Ericsson_Marcus: Ready 👊🏻 @COTA @SPMIndyCar @ArrowGlobal #ME7 #INDYCAR https://t.co/VSDqbnZmP9
Come and take it. 🏆 #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/8xR1XxDYWZ
We’re ready for our close up. #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/xwF4SYj13Q
Wish you were here, but juuust in case you can't be... #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/b6upOvVT6f
Looks like we’ve got company. The first transporters have arrived on COTA Blvd! #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/mGuGxHDPub
RT @austin360Amp: Coming soon to an @IndyCar race near you. #COTA https://t.co/dnNtwCSPtl
RT @IndyCar: This Spotter Guide is an instant classic. 📆 Sun. March 24 🕰️ 1:30PM ET 📺 @NBCSN 📻 @IndyCarRadio 📲 INDYCAR Mobile powered by…
Why should the @IndyCar drivers have all the fun? Bookings are now open for @COTAkarting at the #INDYCARClassic. Come and race it this weekend. circuitoftheamericas.com/karting
RT @IndyCar: Imagine this field in Turn 1 at @COTA 😳👀 📆 Sun. March 24 🕰️ 1:30PM ET 📺 NBCSN 📻 @IndyCarRadio 📲 INDYCAR Mobile powered by NT…
Horns up! Washington QB and University of Texas legend Colt McCoy is your IndyCar Classic Grand Marshal: bit.ly/2Y6A5Kk https://t.co/Jgfem50424
Before INDYCAR takes over, it's your turn to hit the track. Our second Bike Night of the season is coming your way tomorrow night. circuitoftheamericas.com/bike
RT @IndyCar: #MondayMotivation // #INDYCARClassic https://t.co/54dNL7u2x9
Knowledge is power. Presenting everything you need to know to make the most of the @IndyCar Classic. circuitoftheamericas.com/indycar/faq
RT @IndyCar: It’s Race Week. 📍 @COTA 📆 Sun. March 24 🕰️ 1:30PM ET 📺 @NBCSN 📲 INDYCAR Mobile powered by NTT DATA #INDYCARClassic https:…
One. More. Week. Let's get this show on the road. 🎟️: bit.ly/IndyCarClassic #INDYCAR https://t.co/BModUAVu3V
One. More Week. Let's get this show on the road. 🎟️: bit.ly/IndyCarClassic #INDYCAR https://t.co/XmCDz6d98y
Aaand one more of the Senna because we just can’t help ourselves. #RideDriveGiveATX https://t.co/sZBjYn914M
Supercars for a super cause. #RideDriveGiveATX https://t.co/BJ6wlNBPO5
RT @austin360Amp: It's getting CrazySexyCool around here. Tickets to see @Nelly_Mo, @OfficialTLC, & @official_flo on August 22 are now on s…
ʞɔɐqsᴉƖℲ# Ԁפsn∀# ˙ǝuɹnoqlǝW uᴉ ƃuᴉɔɐɹ ɹoɟ ʎɐp lnɟᴉʇnɐǝq ɐ ʇsnſ https://t.co/XNdjsShgKK
One of our favorite days of the year is almost upon us. Join @Center4CP and COTA tomorrow for a day full of supercars for a super cause. https://t.co/E8LHiQd4RN
What is that a microscope or something? twitter.com/DiMartinezac/s…
INDYCAR ✔️ Muse ✔️ Indy Lights ✔️ Global MX-5 Cup ✔️ Stadium Super Trucks ✔️ A lineup big enough for Texas. circuitoftheamericas.com/indycar
RT @MarcoAndretti: . @COTA Next 👊🏽🏁 https://t.co/orox3KHdp6
Charlie Whiting was gracious enough to sit down and chat with us when he visited for a track inspection in 2015, and he was an absolute joy to work with. His good humor and expertise were a gift to the motorsport community. youtube.com/watch?v=y_GsSG…
We're shocked and saddened to learn of Charlie Whiting's sudden passing. He was a titan of the sport, and he'll always hold a place in our hearts as the man who first deemed our track race-ready. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. https://t.co/QOnlzRIpqS
You're speaking our language, kid. 🥑 https://t.co/2FvuXI9DVE
RT @GlobalMX5Cup: LIVE STREAMING at @COTA. Mark the times below for live streaming start times. https://t.co/O1xFTGcRsv
RT @FollowAndretti: 🚨APPEARANCE ALERT 🚨 Hey @AlexanderRossi fans in the Austin area, head out to College Station Auto Parts (@NAPAKnowHow)…
This party just keeps getting bigger. We've added Indy Lights and Global MX-5 Cup autograph sessions, Lone Star Stage set times, and USAC .25 to the @IndyCar Classic schedule. circuitoftheamericas.com/indycar/schedu…
This party just keeps getting bigger. We've added Indy Lights and Global MX-5 Cup autograph sessions, Lone Star Stage set times, and USAC .25 to the #INDYCAR Classic schedule. circuitoftheamericas.com/indycar/schedu…
RT @Do512Family: The Indycar Classic is coming up FAST. This spring, North America's premier open-wheel racing championship is headed to @C…
Think you're smarter than the average team principal? Prove it. Join the COTA @FantasyGP League and you could win tickets to the 2020 USGP: bit.ly/FantasyGPCOTA https://t.co/kwaAQZKcWo
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