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It's another glorious Sunday in quarantine! 🙄 BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER
Join us on CTTV at 8 CST for a exciting Saturday night! 😁
RT @SimoneGiertz: walking past people not wearing a mask
RT @nottjmiller: Hear me out: pizza on pineapple...
RT @protextorparty: I somehow weaseled my way into three separate shows tonight on @ColdTowne CTTV, so tune into at…
RT @justinmlinville: Very excited about this! Thanks to @paulfeig and @JennyBicks for letting me be a part of this! Looking forward to peop…
RT @justinmlinville: And thanks to @HBStudioNYC @The_Annoyance and @ColdTowne for everything they do. Their training helped me so much. The…
Thursday is a perfect day to do some reflection on the systematic racism in this country and how we can go about fixing it. It's also a good day to eat potatoes 🥔
RT @Jastroch: My friend who had a double lung transplant said "If I can go running in a mask you can fucking wear a mask." Wear a mask.
We are serious about lovng our community! 💕 ALSO, Arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor.
Victrola! Live Improv and Sketch Comedy
TONIGHT AT 8 CST! ON CTTV! Join the legendary cast of @VictrolaPod for another round of audio-phonic chaos as they present to you, a live podcast recording! Be amazed, vultures! 🕊
It's fucking Sunday. Yes, Black Lives still matter today. Now, go read a book or something!
Join us over on CTTV tonight at 8 CST for a hilariously fabulous time! 😁
RT @NAACP: "What to the slave is the #4thofJuly?" - #FredrickDouglas…
RT @AustinChronicle: Austinites call for schools to defund its police, too.…
Join us at 8 CST for a very special "Hey, How Are You?" with Devon Coleman Ft. the incredible Mary Vo! 😊
RT @masekerwick: Stay safe at home with us tonight! We're back with more gay giggles and pop culture breakdowns - join us for a new episode…
Wear a mask and don't be a racist. It's really not hard at all. 🤷🏿‍♀️
Hey! I just heard about this cool thing. It's called not being a fucking racist. Some of ya'll should really try it out. 🙂
New Episode of our sketch comedy podcast @victrolapod out now! It's a short one, but we're inching back to our regular release schedule!…
Fuck a Tuesday. Time is infinite and black lives matter.
Join us for our improv and sketch comedy podcast! Starting now! Full experience at ! We're taking suggestions!
RT @VictrolaPod: We're back tonight @ColdTowne ( - 8pm Central! Join us! PS - we're also back to releasing our re…
It's fucking Monday but it's also still Pride Month. There would be no pride without trans sex workers of color. 💗 So, yes... #BlackTransLivesMatter
Join us for CTTV tonight at 8 CST! It's gonna be a fantastic show! 😊
It's fucking Saturday. What a beautiful day to hold police officers accountable for their actions. 😃
RT @protextorparty: Spinning local rap tracks and chillin' out on the Twitch later at
Tonight at 9:45! On CTTV! We are chilling tf out with @protextorparty on Protextor's Playhouse! 😎
RT @Rainny_Daze: TONIGHT at 9 CST! I will be hosting "Rainny's Drag Storytime!" on ColdTowne TV! Luv you, @ColdTowne 😘 Tune in and give me…
Hunnicut on Holiday will be on CTTV Tonight at 8 CST! 💫
Wear a mask to buy essentials and stay out of bars! Also, uplift the black peoples in your life. 💕
ColdTowne TV is LIVE at 8 CST with the ColdTowne Throwback! To celebrate, here is a still from a Damn Gina scene! 🥰 Tune in!
ColdTowne Throwback! feat sets from Oh, Science, Kiss and Break Up, Kingz and more!
Allow us to tell you the secret to becoming a great comedian. It really starts with...convicting the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor. It also takes a bit of unlearning your own racial bias and demanding justice in the face of police brutality. 🤗
No show on CTTV tonight. We are going dark in solidarity with #Metoomovement on @Twitch ALSO It's fucking Wednesday, black lives still matter. Do something nice for your black friends and family today.💕
It's fucking Tuesday....Arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor.
Victrola Improv and Sketch Comedy Podcast! Going live soon!
Fuck a Monday. We're in the middle of a Revolution! ✊🏿🔥
Don't forget the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor still need to be charged. 👀's Father's Day!
Join us tonight at 8 CST on CTTV for a night of fun games and ASMR! Saturday nights are always a fantastic time! 😎
Damn, it's Saturday. That's crazy.
Catch Ryan Darbonne on a brand new installment of "Hey, How Are You?" with Devon Coleman! Only on CTTV! 💥 8 CST TONIGHT!
RT @masekerwick: HAPPY JUNETEENTH & HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Tonight we hand our mics over to guests hosts Blair Stokes and Jennifer Rosario for…
Happy Juneteenth, everyone! Read a book. 😉
Join us at for the full experience! w/ special guest Dylan Garsee.
Join our host @Jastroch as he brings on famous director, @dylangarsee, to talk about and watch an episode of their masterpiece, "Way Down In The Hole" Tonight at 8 CST! ON CTTV!
RT @KatieStone42: How evil do I have to be to be rich enough to shop sustainably
Woo-wee! We love a good roast! Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their night to cyber bully @laneingram for his birthday! 🥳
"Yeah, But Are You Happy?" podcast is on CTTV right now! 😊
RT @masekerwick: We're handing our mics over to the fab queer Black trio that is Ashlee Jordan Pryor-Pitluk, Blair Stokes and Jennifer Rosa…
It's Wednesday. Change is here. All lives can't matter until Black Lives Matter. Period.
This tweet was brought to you by @Rainny_Daze 😉
Victrola Improv and Sketch Comedy Live! tonight featuring special guest Jose Gonzales from the Torch Theatre in Phoenix! All ticket sales go to the Austin Justice
RT @VictrolaPod: We're back live tonight on at 8pm central featuring our favorite guest @TheTorchTheatre 's own @jo…
It's Monday and Black Lives still fully Matter. This fight isn't over.
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Black Lives Matter. Pickles rule also, but not as much as Black Lives. ✨
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TONIGHT! At 8 CST! On ColdTowne TV! It's The Talk Show! ✨
Hey...pssst. It's another glorious Saturday during the Revolution!
RT @ComedyWham: Thanks @ColdTowne for sharing our show on your Twitch channel tonight!!! We'd happy to "return the favor" tomorrow night!!…
ColdTowne TV is interrupting regularly scheduled programming to stream Isolation Comedy by Comedy Wham on tonight at 8. Featuring 10 Amazing comics (including comics from the UK and Australia!!!). Free to watch. Donations/sales made are for the comics.
ColdTowne Throwback is back tonight at - featuring clips from back when the back line bricks were red! 8CST. Pay what you want donations will be donated to the Austin Justice Coalition TONIGHT: Kiss and Break Up! Victrola! Chlane! Damn Gina! MORE!
"Yeah, But Are You Happy?" with @KatieStone42 & @laneingram is LIVE on CTTV at 8 CST! They have a special guest tonight! It's Devon Coleman! ✨
RT @chewsbaccas: thread of petitions that still haven’t reached their goals:
RT @bijanstephen: ok baby names dot com go off
RT @spearsarah: wait why in the fresh hell is the kkk not already a terrorist organization???
We’re dark this Sunday (6/7) on ColdTowne TV in support of the #justiceforthemALL rally in #ATX centering black voices, black stories and black solutions. If you can’t make it out today, consider making a donation to Austin Justice Coalition.…
"Yeah, But Are You Happy?" w/ @KatieStone42 and @laneingram is LIVE at 8 CST on CTTV! ✨
RT @Jastroch: Frank Mills Reunion Show going live right now! We're raising money for bail funds!……
TONIGHT! AT 8 CST! On ColdTowne TV! It's the Frank Mills Reunion special! ✨ Tune in!
RT @Jastroch: @ColdTowne is matching donations to… (or your preferred racial justice or police reform org) up to $1,…
Join ColdTowne TV for a night of joy and laughter! The show starts at 8 CST, folks! ✨
CTTV is LIVE with Loverboy Happy Hour, Anomaly, and Protextor's Playhouse! ✨
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RT @Jastroch: Here's a thing that's happening Sunday for the ten of you who remember that this was a thing.
Holy heck! We’re live with ColdTowne Throwback, featuring sets from Damn Gina, Dick Rambuck, Stool Pigeon, and Bad Boys! As well as another round of what’s that hipster tee-shirt say! Full experience at
Tonight at 8 CST! On CTTV! We have the COLDTOWNE THROWBACK! ✨ To celebrate, here is a clip of a set from Damn Gina! Circa 2015! Tune in to see the rest of the show at 8!
RT @Jastroch: ColdTowne Throwback tonight central: features a ton of talent who helped literally and figuratively…
TONIGHT at 8CST!! ON CTTV! It's "Yeah, But Are You Happy"? with @KatieStone42 and @laneingram ! This episode is about Combating Quarantine Fatigue!
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Hey! @VictrolaPod is still streaming on CTTV at 8 CST!
RT @nerdette: Rachel Madorsky, one of the founding faculty of @ColdTowne (where I’m a student) posted this and I am REALLY here for it. Ple…
TONIGHT AT 8 CST! On CTTV! It's Prayer Circle Comedy with a very special episode. Someone is pregnant, but it's not who you think it is! 😬 Blessed is the lamb who tunes in at 8 CST! 🙏✨
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RT @lisacfriedrich: Hey! Remember Austin? @Thrillist done put me on their website so I could gush over the places I miss most ( @CapCityCom…
Join us for the ColdTowne Throwback, our weekly clip show featuring content from our secure pandemic proof vaults! Head to for the full experience!
The ColdTowne Throwback starts at 8 CST on CTTV! ✨ To celebrate, here's a clip from a Friends For Now show!
2Nite! ColdTowne Throwback hosted by @jastroch w/ @victrolapod, Friends For Now, Kingz, Ladyboss, @PendulumSketch and more! Plus the LAST LIVE SHOW THAT HAPPENED AT COLDTOWNE. - 8pm Central
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"Yeah, But Are You Happy?" Is LIVE on ColdTowne TV at 8CST w/ @KatieStone42 & @laneingram
RT @VictrolaPod: Check this shit out:
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