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RT @EaterAustin: Craving sushi at home? trib.al/OHroNrn
RT @austin360: ICYMI: Tyson Cole and Aaron Franklin’s Loro reopens dining room atxne.ws/3e8zajV
RT @Via313Pizza: Cover your face in Good Taste!™️®️ Head over to shop.via313.com to stock up on Via 313 Bandanas, Shirts, Hoodies,…
Austin! We’re here & continue to support businesses & keep the journalists in the know in this time of uncertainty. In the following days, we'll highlight local businesses to showcase what they’re offering in response to social distancing & the current mandate. Stay healthy! #atx https://t.co/iDkJw7faFj
Nothing more gratifying than seeing your client featured prominently in a target outlet! Thank you @Modern_Luxury Interiors Texas for showcasing this amazing project from long-time client @dc_architecture in your Winter issue. Their talent shines through! #interiordesign #atx https://t.co/GdnDQNShdo
Check out this great piece by @austin360 which features delicious health-conscious recipes and tips by Lucky Lime's head chef and owner, Rebecca Meeker: austin360.com/foodanddining/… #atxeats #Austin #foodies #atx
Ushering in 2020 with a new name & look! Follow us to stay up to date on the latest & greatest news regarding our clients: Uchi, Uchiko, Uchiba, Loro, Broken Barrel, FM Kitchen & Bar, W Austin, Simi Estiatorio, Meanwhile Brewing Co., & more. #atx #prlife #pragency #saymynamepr https://t.co/4NGTMJwpwZ
It's @GibsonStreetBar's Nightmare on Gibson Street on @weareaustin this morning. Thank you @taylok @trevorscottatx for featuring! #happyhalloween #atx #cheers https://t.co/ZJrC61uNWT
Happy Halloween! Big thanks to @Studio512tv @RosieNewberry for hosting DuMont's Down Low this morning to brew up spooky cocktails. Check out their "haunted bar" happening tonight! kxan.com/studio-512/get… https://t.co/7ZORhXc7rI
We're thrilled to see our client @UchiHouston featured in the @HoustonChron's Top 100 Houston Restaurant 2019 article! Congratulations guys! houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/…
Congratulations to our #Houston client Kau Ba Vietnamese on being named in @HoustonChron's Top 100 Houston Restaurant 2019 article! #htx #eats houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/…
“We ran. We sweat. We brunched.” 🏃‍♀️😅🥂🥞 Forever dreaming about the incredible bites, drinks and amazing company we enjoyed at the first @512kruntobrunch 😍 Can running always be accompanied by food and drinks this tasty?? 🤔 PC: @ATXSocial https://t.co/l2A4gUciEI
Could this possibly be the best week ever? A national holiday for cheeseburgers, queso AND pepperoni pizza... all in the same week!? #blessed Happy eating, friends 🍕 https://t.co/A2KqieUhwo
The countdown is ON 🙌🏽 We are a little over 2 weeks away until @TexasTribune - your destination for Texas politics and public policy. This three-day event brings big ideas and unparalleled experiences to downtown Austin September 26th-28th. 🤩 bit.ly/34NWQWU #TribFest19
Any day that includes a burger this beautiful is a win in our book. Check out @traceatx for Lunch On The Fly, an amazing lunch deal that includes an entree, a side, a cookie, and free valet parking for three (!!!) hours. Oh, and it's only $13. 🤗 #cultivatepr #traceatx https://t.co/kTdPFQ94Xm
No weekend is complete without a glass (or two) or @messina_hof wine! 🍷 #cultivatepr #messinahofwinery https://t.co/MnN82dVfF4
DID YOU KNOW? ✨ @runtobrunch is Austin's newest 5K/10K that includes an EPIC brunch with food from @linasianbar and other top Austin restaurants! Check out @runtobrunch to learn more! 🍜 #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/d9hCzODcfs
Dumont's Down Low has the ability to make ANYONE cool. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed. 😎 #cultivatepr #dumontsdownlow https://t.co/DJla2V0dlX
Living for those rare days when our hardest decision of the day is deciding what to eat at @fmkitchenandbar (final decision: avocado toast). 😍 #cultivatepr #fmkitchenandbar https://t.co/sWf2sWjgzt
You'll never think of cereal the same way after trying @uchikoaustin's Milk 'n Cereal. Made with fried milk, toasted milk ice cream and chocolate mousse, this delicious dessert is truly unforgettable! 🥣 #cultivatepr #uchikoaustin https://t.co/oR2UDGfbxm
There's only TWO WEEKS left until the first-ever 5.12K RUN TO BRUNCH (@runtobrunch)! Can you tell we're excited? 😜 #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/Iq77y2STz4
Imagine having the self-control to take multiple pictures of your food before eating it. What a concept. 🍔 by @fmkitchenandbar. #cultivatepr #fmkitchenandbar https://t.co/dlyTGyPEz8
Life is full of uncertainty. If there's one thing we're certain of, it's our love for @loroaustin. 🥣 Great food, great service, great space. Need we say more? 💁 #cultivatepr #loroaustin https://t.co/Q4XvHV842o
Food, fitness, friends, FUN. What could be better? @runtobrunch combines all of these elements with a run through DATX followed by an epic brunch with food from the best restaurants in Austin. Register today to join in on the fun! 🏃‍♀️ #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/kWRegYRGN9
Not gonna lie, the first day of September has us in our FEELS. 😫 S/o to @holyrolleratx for understanding the struggle. Oh, and thanks for making the best biscuits around. 🖤 #cultivatepr #holyrolleratx https://t.co/mOsdXl4jaa
There's no room for compromise when you live in a city this great. That's why we are beyond excited for @runtobrunch! As ATX's newest 5K/10K, the 5.12K Run To Brunch is the perfect combination of food & fitness. Check out @runtobrunch for more info! 🏃‍♀️ #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/gbccXlgEJg
Today we're speaking our truth. We firmly believe that staycations are underrated. Yup, we said it. 🤭 Take a staycation at @WHotelATX and then let us know what you think. You can thank us later. 🤗 #cultivatepr #whotelatx https://t.co/8gnvXExPF0
Breaking out a bottle of @messina_hof to #NationalRedWineDay, one of the most important days of the year! 🍷 One of our all-time favorite wines is @messina_hof's GSM, a rich red wine blended from Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre. So good. 🍇 #cultivatepr #messinahof https://t.co/ggem3s0zju
If you're looking to have a life-altering avocado toast experience, we'd recommend checking out Broken Barrel. Just make sure that you have tissues on-hand (yes, it will bring you to tears). 🥑 #cultivatepr #brokenbarrelwoodlands https://t.co/6zRDzDatVD
Not sure what to order at @uchibadallas? We have a recommendation for you- order it ALL. 🤗 #cultivatepr #uchibadallas https://t.co/28j7rfeB6H
Welcome to Austin, where summer is not just a season, but a lifestyle. That means summery cocktails year-round (s/o Stagger Lee), shorts for every season, & sitting poolside six months out of the year. What's not to love? ☀️ #cultivatepr #staggerleeaustin https://t.co/LAjsga0CE1
For many of us, this time of year can feel insanely hectic. 🤯 Whatever this time of year means for you, we're reminding you to take time for yourself. For us, this means a trip to @starbaraustin (feat. @schallerstube). What does it mean for you? ⭐ #cultivatepr #starbaraustin https://t.co/46mVnbEWo6
@512kruntobrunch is in a little over a month and we could not be more EXCITED! 🤛 Check out runtobrunch.com to learn all about Austin's epic new 5K/10K! 🏃‍♀️ #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/tr2ae9IgJk
Finally. A photo that captures how we feel every time we get to eat at @uchidenver. The 'wows' are truly never-ending. 😂 #cultivatepr #uchidenver https://t.co/7uAMwZe8y0
We'll cheers to Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday, which means the weekend is ALMOST here. We'll be celebrating with drinks from Gibson Street Bar, it's an open thing so make sure to join us! 🥂 #cultivatepr #gibsonstreetbar https://t.co/o8BbSXTjpQ
This stretch of 100 degree heat we’ve been having gives us even more incentive to explore all of the best happy hours around Austin. 🔥 A few of our favorites include @WHotelATX, @holyrolleratx, @loroaustin & @UchiAustin 🥂 #happyhour bit.ly/1Rq5Pit
Today we're introducing our amazing new client, Lucky Lime! Lucky Lime specializes in making delicious, whole food that makes you feel healthy and happy. Oh, and did we mention the meals are delivered to your home or office? 🥗 #cultivatepr #luckylime https://t.co/FIRmYTDwAs
The city of Austin may be changing rapidly, but our love for brunch at @traceatx at @WHotelATX will always stay the same! 🍳 One of our all-time favorite meals in the 512 is the Lox Sando paired with @traceatx's signature jalapeño lemonade. So good! 🤤 #cultivatepr #traceatx https://t.co/RLDwWryABO
Who's ready for the first-ever 5.12K RUN TO BRUNCH?! Presented by Keep Austin Weird, the race through Downtown ATX will be followed by brunch from 15 of Austin's best restaurants w/ free swag, live music & more! Check out @runtobrunch for more info! 🏃‍♀️ #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/KWPgf7v92g
According to a recent study, drink sales can increase up to 500% when a given drink is presented in a manner that is deemed 'Instagrammable.' Sounds about right. (featuring @fmkitchenandbar's #TikiTime- it tastes even better than it looks!) 🤔 #cultivatepr #fmkitchenandbar https://t.co/9QflKsVzG6
If you're ever forced to decide between working out and wine, always pick wine...er, we mean workout. Well, if it's @messina_hof wine, then you obviously have to pick wine. But if it's not, well...👋 #cultivatepr #messinahof #messinahofwinery https://t.co/7AlEYk1OJz
We're huge fans of @uchibadallas, so naturally we're huge fans of their happy hour specials as well. From 5 to 6:30pm daily, you can choose from a long list of HH deals that are sure to catch your eye. 10/10 would recommend. 🥡 #cultivatepr #uchibadallas https://t.co/zjGruhnC8E
In honor of #NationalDogDay, we're sharing our favorite pet-friendly spot in Austin: @WHotelATX! 🐩 @WHotelATX's PAWS program ensures the best service for your pet- this includes grooming services, a special dog-friendly menu, and complimentary treats! 🐾 #cultivatepr #whotelatx https://t.co/OZVnin1jiO
People often say that visualizing success allows them to achieve their goals. Today we're trying it out. Our goal for the day is to get to @holyrolleratx before Happy Hour ends. So, we're visualizing our goal- us, sitting at the bar, a HH-priced drink in hand. ⭐ #cultivatepr https://t.co/ZZdSyPtY8M
DID YOU KNOW? @runtobrunch- Austin's newest 5K/10K- will feature an epic post-run brunch with food from 15 of Austin's best restaurants, including @loroaustin, @SnoozeAMEatery, @traceatx & more! Check out runtobrunch.com to for more info! 🤤 #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/2Q1PB8Avqx
We are all about balance. ⚖️ For example, we'll eat our greens (i.e. kale, scallions, and avocados- yes, avocados count as greens), and then we'll *balance* them out with a monster cookie from Henbit at @faregroundatx. 🥗 + 🍪 #cultivatepr #faregroundatx https://t.co/3DZ0fY6XjT
While this may come as a shock to some, #InternationalBeerDay is not a holiday that takes place every day. In fact, today is the 'official' holiday. Do what you wish with this information, just don't forget to celebrate the day with a stop at Dumont's Down Low.🍺 #cultivatepr https://t.co/2FHTHB5aEk
The first day of August is here and we're desperately trying to soak up every last bit of summer. ☀️ For us this means starting out the month with a trip to @WHotelATX- the WET deck never fails to deliver! 🌊 #cultivatepr #whotelatx https://t.co/gRwXdCWL22
Hopefully Mercury is still in retrograde because we are desperately looking for an excuse for our inability to process the fact that tomorrow is August. If you need us we’ll be “celebrating” the startling passage of time with drinks from @dumontsdownlow. 🥃 #cultivatepr https://t.co/YAkwwZ2WUp
ATX's newest 5K/10K race @runtobrunch perfectly encapsulates ATX culture by combining food & fitness! The race through downtown will be followed by an epic brunch w/ live music, free swag & more! Check out runtobrunch.com to secure your spot! 🏃‍♀️ #cultivatepr #runtobrunch https://t.co/x0CUwKRxwo
A national holiday dedicated to lasagna? Dreams really do come true. ⭐ And this @italicatx lasagna from @faregroundatx sure is dreamy 😍 #nationallasagnaday #lasagna #pasta #cheese #italian #foodie #austin #atx #austintexas #yum #faregroundatx #fareground #italicatx #italic https://t.co/32qtAzw9Pi
If you need us anytime between 5 and 6:30pm, we’ll be at @uchikoaustin’s Sake Social Hour. 🍣 Come join us! 👏🏼 #cultivatepr #uchiko #haihospitality https://t.co/jy9uhe4wXd
Today is #NationalTequilaDay and no one can bring us down. 🤟🏻 Celebrate with your tequila-infused drink of choice at @LavacaStreet (they have Palomas ON TAP)! 📸: @atxpartygirl 🍹 #cultivatepr #lavacastreetbar https://t.co/vHaOrJso8r
Sometimes you have to take a step back and remind yourself of everything you’re grateful for. 🙌🏼 Today we’re grateful for Spicy Boys Chicken. 🍗 Thank you for always surpassing our (very high) expectations. Don’t know where we’d be without you. 🥰 #cultivatepr #spicyboyschicken https://t.co/w7jEH0BDyQ
Summer is in full swing and things are heating up with @LeRoyandLewis's HEAT WEEK! 🔥 From Wednesday, July 24th through Sunday, July 28th, @LeRoyandLewis will be putting on its Heat Week with plenty of hot eats and and a spicy food challenge! 🌶️ #cultivatepr #leroyandlewis https://t.co/FlmKJCPS56
Looking to make some mid-week plans to push you through the first half of the week? We’d recommending visiting @faregroundatx’s Ellis bar- it won’t disappoint! 🍸 #MeetMeAtEllis https://t.co/oLyU8GyOda
Brunch. A hybrid of breakfast and lunch. Loved by many, especially those who faithfully adhere to the “phone eats first” mentality. Thank you to all who take beautiful pictures of their brunch before consuming it- we admire your strength. Brunch by @FMkitchenandbar 🍽#cultivatepr https://t.co/0vmzumZasY
Summertime in Texas isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – in fact, it’s usually something along the lines of blistering heat and sweaty feet. 😷 We rely on icy drinks like this one from @kaubasaigon to cool us down and keep us coasting through the summer heat! 🌬 #cultivatepr https://t.co/8TcSOS9wX8
Never believed in love at first sight until we saw these beauties from @schallerstube at @starbaraustin. 🌭 Now imagine this paired with a #hailmary Bloody Mary. Wow. @eating_atx #cultivatepr #starbaraustin https://t.co/JHiG7YDaaK
A wise man once said "don't speak to me until I've had my coffee." Around here we take our coffee with milk, sugar, and a pastry from @EasyTigerATX. We're not here to argue, but we think our way is the best. ☕ + 🥐 #cultivatepr #easytigeratx https://t.co/270vbD6IXo
"Sashimi Trio" (2019), @UchiAustin 🎨 In all seriousness, this dish from @UchiAustin is a true masterpiece. We'll take ten please. 😍 #cultivatepr #uchiaustin #haihospitality https://t.co/UunYrlXXl4
Living in Austin has its perks… like being home to a ridiculous amount of incredible restaurants. 💯 But when it comes to picking the best of the best, restaurants like @UchiAustin @soursop_austin and @leroyandlewis have our heart 💛 bit.ly/2K34VfK
Looking for a socially-acceptable way to fit ice cream into every meal you eat on #NationalIceCreamDay? Start your day off at @holyrolleratx for some pancakes with a side of SOFT SERVE. Or just skip the pancakes and get some soft serve...maybe a milkshake too. 🍦 #cultivatepr https://t.co/6i4KF1lrNu
Thought we'd leave this here. Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday! Lips courtesy of @EasyTigerATX. 💋 #cultivatepr #easytigeratx https://t.co/UIrpnzm41r
Today might just be our favorite holiday. If you weren't aware, it's #NationalFrenchFryDay! 🍟 We'll be celebrating with a never-ending bowl of these beautiful fries from @traceatx. 🤗 With a side of aioli of course. #cultivatepr #traceatx https://t.co/fWMnjqg87A
Can we make #FrozenDrinkFriday a thing? ❄️ This frozen margarita from @starbaraustin is so good that we almost forgot how hot it is outside (key word: 'almost'). 🍹 #cultivatepr #starbaraustin https://t.co/BixF7sBBlB
We have some BIG news today and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Drum roll please...🥁 We are beyond thrilled to be working with @ForefrontAtx on the 5.12K Run to Brunch (@runtobrunch) and the Austin Trail of Lights (@ATXLights) 🎉 bit.ly/30Cx9Wp
Did someone say #WineWednesday? 🍷 Oh yeah, we did. 🙋 There's no better way to spend your summer Wednesdays (or any other day ending in 'y' for that matter) than with a glass of @messina_hof wine. Our summer favorite is the Mama Rosa rosé! 🌹 #cultivatepr #messinahof https://t.co/d4SSeGElyJ
While @uchibadallas may not be considered traditional 'soul food,' it definitely feeds our souls. 🖤 This spicy chicken ramen is one of many breathtaking dishes from Uchibā's #uncommonramen series. 🍜 #cultivatepr #uchibadallas https://t.co/mlROTrAANh
S/o to @easteraustin for sharing our taste in frozen drinks 🤤 @eateraustin's "Where to Drink Frozen Cocktails Right Now in Austin" featured some of our favorite drinks from @loroaustin, Gibson Street Bar & Holy Roller! 🍹 Check out the full list here: austin.eater.com/maps/best-froz… https://t.co/Jt2601nnqi
#NationalChickenDay + @spicyboyschicken = a match made in food heaven. 🐓 If you haven't tried Spicy Boys yet, today is your day. #nationalchickenday #chicken #spicyboys #spicyboyschicken #austin #austintx #atx #austintexas #eatingatx #austinfoodies #foodie #austinlife #atxlife https://t.co/2dYAoBiZDn
As the temperatures keep rising, we turn to our favorite remedy - frozen cocktails 🤩 Cool off with oh-so-cold alcoholic relief from a few of our favorites @holyrolleratx @loroaustin @gibsonstbar 🔥 bit.ly/2XNyBHn
Looking for something to kick you back into gear after celebrating the Fourth? We'd recommend checking out Henbit at @faregroundatx. Made with healthy, high-quality ingredients, Henbit's food is just as delicious as it is nutritious. 😉 #cultivatepr #faregroundatx https://t.co/JUMl8FvB1b
What's more American than Texas BBQ? Spoiler alert- the answer is nothing. @leroyandlewis, we love you. 🤤 Happy Independence Day from the Cultivate team! Here's to a great one! 🇺🇸 #cultivatepr #leroyandlewis #independenceday https://t.co/6SEiZju8hx
If you're looking to kick off your Fourth of July celebrations a little bit early, check out @loroaustin's happy hour! Happy hour deals include half-priced select beers and wine, half-priced boozy slushies + a special HH menu! Weekdays from 2 to 5pm! 🍹 #cultivatepr #loroaustin https://t.co/3MozN8D40X
We've decided to start an @EasyTigerATX fan club. 🥨 Comment if you're interested in applying to join. Anticipating a VERY competitive applicant pool. 🤛 #cultivatepr #easytigeratx https://t.co/evEU3aeBtV
Nothing says summer like a good glass of @messina_hof rosé (or two)! 🍷 Hoping your Saturday is filled with sunshine, AC, and lots of rosé (Messina Hof if you're lucky)! 🌹 #cultivatepr #messinahof #roseallday https://t.co/NZHmbJylWS
This spread from @traceatx's Secret Garden is a summer dream come-true! 🌷 Head to @traceatx at @WHotelATX every Summer friday in June and July for whimsical drinks and bites from a special menu. Come experience this beauty in real life- it won't disappoint! 🌿 #cultivatepr https://t.co/fDLpsBYB0g
Celebrating victories big and small with @GLVontherocks 🥂 Made with Texas artesian spring water, Goodnight Loving Vodka sets itself apart from the rest. From its retro imaging to its smooth taste, GLV is a total-package liquor that never fails to deliver. 🙌 #cultivatepr https://t.co/G5rj9A6pnW
This burger crafted by @holyrolleratx was created in collaboration with @beardfoundation's Blended Burger Project! The movement aims to provide burgers that are better for customers & the environment by incorporating mushroom into burger recipes! 🍔 #cultivatepr #holyrolleratx https://t.co/7wdlIHrli5
Whoever said you can't drink before 5pm needs to leave. We will not tolerate that kind of negative energy. 👋 Now who's up for drinks? This beauty from Broken Barrel is everything we need and more! 📸: @culturemaphou #cultivatepr #brokenbarrelwoodlands https://t.co/vEDYHze0sY
This may not be the only way to honor the #AustinIceCreamFestival, but it sure is the best way! @holyrolleratx's choco taco has our hearts today and every day! 🍦 #austinicecreamfestival #austin #atx #atxeats #icecream #holyrolleratx #chocotaco #bestofaustin #foodiesofaustin https://t.co/x1VwUZtQQV
Hi, @soursop_austin. You're amazing. Please don't ever change. 🍲 #cultivatepr #soursopatx #austintexas #atxeats https://t.co/s1qordxukg
Need something to get you through that mid-week slump? We'd recommend checking out @dumontsdownlow. Made with Plantation Rum, Xicaru, Peychauds, angostura, lime & honey, the Charlotte is our go-to cocktail. It tastes even better than it looks! 🤤 #cultivatepr #dumontsdownlow https://t.co/pknujiVUO1
How to Celebrate #InternationalSushiDay: 1. Dine at @UchiAustin, @UchiHouston, @UchiDallas, and/or @UchiDenver 🍣 2. Repeat 🔁 #sushi #sashimi #austin #atx #dallas #houston #denver #foodie #uchi #uchiaustin #uchidallas #uchihouston #uchidenver #haihospitality https://t.co/ftZAS16f6I
Wishing you a very happy Father's Day featuring some of our very own dads! Featured on the left is Steve, dad to our account director Lindsey! And Flynn- dad to operations manager Jason- is featured on the right! Regardless of what today means for you, we hope it's a good one! https://t.co/3FaaAnzBiq
Rule #1 for surviving Austin summers: NEVER miss Thursday nights at @WHotelAustin's WET Deck. Every Thursday night after 5pm the hotel's WET Deck and rooftop pool is open to the public for FREE. Even better, you can swim while listening to some of Austin's best local bands. 🎸 https://t.co/trlAUQBGfT
Paitently awaiting @GoodnightLovingVodka's San Antonio launch...only ONE MORE WEEK! 🍹 GLV's San Antonio launch will take place on Wednesday, June 19th- get ready for a good time! 🔥 #cultivatepr #goodnightlovingvodka #goodnightloving #vodka #satx #atx #sanantonio https://t.co/IJFY81QTOe
Cultivate is #hiring! We are currently interviewing candidates for an Account Executive position with at least 2 years of experience in the public relations field. Please send you resume to info@cultivatepr.com along with writing samples or your portfolio. https://t.co/MsQaoBHmpF
ALERT: @StarBarAustin's legendary Hail Mary is coming back! 🔥 Voted one of the top ten Bloody Marys in America, the Hail Mary will be made in collaboration with @SchallersStube & will be available the third Sunday of every month starting this Sunday (6/16)! 👏 #cultivatepr https://t.co/tTVHfcr6Zn
💥 Now that's something to cheers to! The iconic Austin festival's eighth season will feature @grownish, @greysabc, @veronicamars, @vicenews, @drunkhistory, @nbcthegoodplace, @feartwd + more! We can't wait! 📽️ #atxfestival #atxtelevisionfestival #atx #grownish #yarashahidi https://t.co/5hwTNlDAij
It's funny how frosé always seems to make everything better, especially when it's 100° outside. 😅 At @StarBarAustin, @GibsonStBar, Stagger Lee + @LavacaStreetBar, frozen drinks will be $3 whenever the weather hits triple digits! From 6/1 through 8/1! 🍹 #FreezeForThree https://t.co/tgtxMzxcnb
If you need us we'll be celebrating #NationalCheeseDay at @faregroundatx. Oh, and we will be saying yes to seconds and thirds on this burrata from @italicatx. So good! 😍 #nationalcheeseday #cultivatepr #austin #austintexas #texas #atx #faregroundatx https://t.co/rQ9sG1CyK0
#NationalEggDay done right! 🍳 Some like their eggs scrambled, some like them poached or fried...we don't care how they're prepared as long as they're from @holyrolleratx. ☠️ #nationaleggday #eggs #austin #austintexas #austintx #atx #atxeats #holyroller #holyrolleratx https://t.co/AprM3ZgIiv
@KauBaSaigon's Sunday Supper series starts TOMORROW and we cannot contain our excitement! 💥 @ChefNikkyTran's monthly dinner series will feature authentic homestyle dishes from Saigon, priced at $70 for two with four to five courses served family style. #cultivatepr #kaubasaigon https://t.co/J8vuppTzVk
Happy to see that @houstonchron loves @uchihouston just as much as we do! 💥 @houstonchron just featured @uchihouston in their roundup of must-try Asian restaurants in the Houston area. #cultivatepr #austin #atx #uchi #uchihouston #houstonchronicle #houston #htx https://t.co/33BJEn33h9
Name a better way to celebrate National Hamburger Day AND National Brisket Day than with Loro's Cheeseburger available during Happy Hour on weekdays from 2-5 🍔 It's topped with red onion-brisket jam, muenster cheese and lettuce ... How can you pass that up 🤷‍♀️📸 by @shelby ... https://t.co/nu10OIbnXC
If you’re planning on barbecuing this #MemorialDay, check out Dan Gentile’s latest piece for @Thrillist, featuring five of the nation’s best pitmasters like Evan of @LeRoyandLewis. 🔥 Happy #grilling 🎉 bit.ly/2JC6hRO
In honor of @hotluckfest we want to celebrate all of the incredible women chefs participating in the festival this year. 👩🏽‍🍳 Take a peak at @AustinChronicle latest piece, featuring @calliespeer from @holyrolleratx 🔥 bit.ly/2JCsHSK
As head pastry chef of @HaiHospitality and executive pastry chef of @uchikoaustin, @UchiAustin and @Uchidenver, this week’s @DishnDames feature, Ariana Quant, is elevating the pastry game with her masterful originality 👩🏽‍🍳 #dishndames bit.ly/2VHPT3y https://t.co/nh18mmHcu0
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