Specializing Maru-Dori (whole chicken) ramen. Simple and authentic. Rotating flavor of soft serve is also must-try item!!
This summer, we’ve added Vegan Tomatillo to our specials! Fruit and veggie broth with seitan, avocado, corn, pickled radish, and cilantro! Perfect on a hot summer day ☀️ #atxvegan #tomatillo #austineats https://t.co/XyC3kN3f4u
Another month, another softo flavor! Come on down and try a Cherry Li-May-de. Perfect for after your Tomatillo Ramen! #atxeats #cherrylimeade #softserve https://t.co/5yc3OXZW2I
In case you didn’t see it last week, Tomatillo Ramen is back for the summer! Shredded chicken, corn, cotija, pickled radish, cilantro, avocado, jalapeño oil, and aji-tama come together for this Central Texas inspired ramen! Yeehaw! #tomatilloramen #summerishere #oishii https://t.co/tVFv4p29Sg
Levitation Fest is in our back yard this year! Come on by for a bowl of ramen between shows! https://t.co/8qfuwaoKjO
It’s raining, it’s pouring, Veggie Miso Ramen is calling! https://t.co/ay2vZWghCM
Naoto and Danger had a great time at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar! Check out Ramen Heads if you haven’t seen it yet, bring in your ticket stub for a free appetizer with ramen purchase! https://t.co/R27Jg7oido
Ramen Heads premieres tomorrow! Join us, @peachedtortilla, and @miakhalifa for the Q&A afterward. Bring in your Ramen Heads ticket stub for a free appetizer with ramen purchase! https://t.co/VQqtlzrj6H
Daruma 5 year anniversary is today! Dinner starts at 5:30! $2 off ramen and $3 Sapporo all day. 5 Year Anniversary koozies until supplies last! https://t.co/POodIWgzB0
It’s national ramen day! Happy hour all night!! https://t.co/oSEAnh1Dgb
April softo is Matcha Man-go Randy Savage! Get ittttt! https://t.co/XgClGbW3iy
February special is here! Chicken broth with lemongrass butter tare, colossal shrimp, spinach, ajitama, and crispy scallions. It's a short month, get it while it's hot! https://t.co/UmBJOAeJPO
Closed all day today to ensure the safety of our employees and customers! Stay safe out there! https://t.co/SSCET2jIab
If you feel like braving the storm or are fortunate enough to live close to primo ramen joints like @RamenTatsu_ya or @daruma_ramen - get you some! They're open today, and the noodles will keep you WARM. bit.ly/1eGLY1G
Hi @Do512, thanks for the shout out but we're actually not open today!
Roasted pineapple softo, made with real pineapples!! Now at Daruma!! https://t.co/0N4WoMCprC
Miso Ramen, right in the heart of downtown Austin! Get you some! https://t.co/CePirjEEAa
It's cold out! Warm up with Shoyu Ramen!! #ramentime #chillyday #slurp https://t.co/TkZ5ZitGOq
You can now add seitan to any of our ramens! Add it to veggie ramen (seen here) for a protein boost! https://t.co/0CuKAzUET4
Daruma wings are back for a limited time!! Get them while they're hot!! https://t.co/T7UBqx9ACf
Happy Thanksgiving! We are closed today so our staff can spend the holiday with family and friends. Skip the leftov… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
RT @JacksonGalaxy: Tonight I had amazing #vegan ramen at @daruma_ramen - tomorrow maybe some guitar shopping? And… instagram.com/p/BbgZ0ANBjwG/
Fresh chicken broth made every day here in our kitchen!! Get you some!! #ramen #chickensoup #yumyum https://t.co/Yrn5kEHFmA
New special item! Vegan gyoza stuffed with tofu and veggies, served with curry shumai sauce! Oishi!! https://t.co/FkAT9fFYQ9
New softo flavor: Spooky Kabocha!! Eat it before it eats you!! https://t.co/S7rtz9zSQx
New special, Hokkaido Shoyu Ramen! Curry base with chicken and fish broth, chicken katsu and a variety of veggies!… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
We will be closed tomorrow for routine maintenance! We reopen Monday regular hours. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Just so y'all know WE ARE OPEN ON LABOR DAY! Lunch and dinner service. (and happy hour 5:30-7!)
We are closed today, July 4th. Come to our sister restaurant @komeAustin for your sushi/ ramen ( lunch only) crave!
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