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#ATXHeat Alert: @NWSSanAntonio issued Special Weather statement until 7pm CDT. Heat index values will reach 103-10……
FINAL 18011 Fm 969 Rd-Medics have obtained 2nd pronouncement DOS on approx. 60 yo male. No other pts. Avoid area for investigation.
UPDATE 18011 Fm 969 Rd=Medics have obtained DOS pronouncement on 1 approx 35 yo male. MTF
Medics Resp to Veh resQ near 18011 Fm 969 Rd (20:39) 2 veh reported. Lane closures both directions. MTF
FINAL 200 W Wild Senna Dr- Veh ResQ, 2 vehicles 2 persons. 1 ad. fem (approx. 20yo) to RRMC w/pot serious inj. Other driver refused txpt.
UPDATE 200 W Wild Senna Dr-Medics have txpt'd 1 adult fem. to RRMC w/potentially serious injuries. MTF
Medics on scene near 200 W Wild Senna Dr (18:31) for vehicle resQ. 1 Pt reported, trauma alert declared. Avoid area for 1st responders MTF
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#ATXTraffic Reminder: @laketravisisd heads #BackToSchool tomorrow. Slow down, Stay alert & Obey all traffic laws.……
#ATXTraffic Fatality: Auto v Building w/ejection @ Justin Ln/N Lamar Blvd (05:31); #ATCEMSMedics obtained DOS pronouncement of ~20's M
FINAL: Cliff Fall incident @ 105 Yacht Club Cv; @STAR_Flight_TC txpt'd ~20's M to DSMC w/serious, potentially life threatening injuries.
UPDATE: Cliff Fall incident @ 105 Yacht Club Cv; #ATCEMSMedics have declared pt a Trauma Alert & requested @STAR_Flight_TC to the scene. MTF
UPDATE: Cliff Fall incident @ 105 Yacht Club Cv; Patient contact has been made, assessment on-going. MTF
Multi assets responding to 105 Yacht Club Cv (17:54); report of pt w/~20-30' fall from cliff into H2O. Pt being txpt'd by boat to marina MTF
FINAL: #ATCEMSMedics txpt'd ~30's male to DSMC w/serious, potentially life-threatening injuries from stabbing @ Zaragosa Park (20:17)
FINAL: MC collision @ FM1431 Rd/Cow Creek Rd; 70's M transported to RRMC w/serious potentially life-threatening injuries.
#ATCEMSMedics onscene of single MC collision @ FM1431 Rd/Cow Creek Rd (11:50); pt declared Trauma Alert for confirmed ejection from MC. MTF
FINAL land ResQ ~14000 Flat Top Ranch: ~50s female extricated from greenbelt via big-wheel c/o non life threat heat related issue, txpt TBD
UPDATE land ResQ: Patient is loaded on big wheel & being extricated by @LTfirefighters to #ATCEMS ambulance arriving onscene, MTF
Multiple assets responding to land ResQ ~14000blk Flat Top Ranch Rd (1318) reported ~50s female w/heat related issue on the greenbelt, MTF
FINAL ~2000 N I35 SB: #ATCEMSMedics transported ~20s female trauma alert, unconscious, DSMC with critical life threatening injuries
#ATCEMSMedics @austinfiredept& @Austin_Police onscene ~2000 N I35 SB(1139) Vehicle ResQ w/entrapped pt now extricated, packaging for txpt
FINAL ResQ Condition: #ATCEMSMedics have obtained DOS pronouncement ~30s male. #ATCEMS clearing, @austinfiredept & @Austin_Police onscene.
#ATCEMSMedics/@austinfiredept onscene Wickersham/Cromwell Cir ResQ Condition patient trapped under concrete slabs, attempting to access pt
FINAL Davis/Beckett: 2 vehicle MVC, 4 pts; 1 entrapped ~50sM; 2nd ambulance txpt'd 2 pts (~50sM & ~80sF) ALL txpt'd SAMC w/pot serious injs,
UPDATE Davis/Beckett: entrapped pt extricated transported SAMC w/pot serious injuries; additional patients being evaluated onscene, MTF
Mult assets responding & onscene Davis Ln / Beckett Rd (1722) veh ResQ w/4 ttl pts (1 entrapped trauma alert), AFD requesting 2nd ambulance
FINAL H2O ResQ 800blk W 11th: 2 victims stuck on "island" in creek, ext via ladder from bridge, AFD clearing, #ATCEMS eval pts, txpt TBD
UPDATE3 H2O ResQ: Rescuers have patient contact w/pts & extrication via ladder is beginning (1 pt up), EMS standing by to evaluate pts, MTF
UPDATE2 H2O ResQ: #ATCEMS ResQ Medics & AFD rescuers planning to use a ladder from the bridge to access the victims stuck on "island" in H2O
UPDATE H2O ResQ: @austinfiredept hasty team has located 2 patients in the H20, attempting to get life jackets to the victims, MTF
Mult ResQ assets responding to H2O ResQ 800blk W 11TH (0625) reported male stuck on rock in swiftwater @austinfiredept just arriving onscene
Current #ATXWx Radar image. Storm system moving into Travis County. Stay weather aware as this t-storm moves thru t……
#ATCEMSMedics & @austinfiredept onscene vehicle ResQ ~6600 Elm Creek Dr (2306) 2 vehicle MVC with fire, 1 possible DOS, MTF
RT @NBBarrios: @ATCEMS When did this incident occur? Earlier today?
LATE FINAL 80blk Rainey (1719) Auto vs Pedestrian: #ATCEMSMedics transported ~20s female trauma alert to DSMC w/potentially serious injuries
FINAL Veh ResQ: 2 veh, 4 trauma alert pts, 50s M&F, teen F txpt SAMC w/pot serious injs; 1 pediatric male txpt'd DCMC w/pot serious injuries
UPDATE Veh ResQ: #ATCEMS has 3 ambulances & commander onscene, 2 vehicle MVC, 3 adults to be transported to SAMC; pediatric pts to DCMC, MTF
#ATCEMSMedics & @austinfiredept onscene Veh ResQ Thaxton/Mc Kinney Falls Pkwy (1713) #ATCEMS Command reports 3 adults & 1 pedi trauma alerts
FINAL #ATXTraffic Fatality ~8300 N I35 NB: #ATCEMSMedics obtained DOS pronouncement ~30sF auto vs ped collision; Expect closures/Avoid area
#ATCEMSMedics responding to auto vs pedestrian collision ~8300blk N I35 NB (2128) reported possible female patient #ATXTraffic Fatality, MTF
FINAL 12214 N Lamar: Veh ResQ, 2 vehicles, 2 patients; ~40sM w/critical life threat injs; ~30sM w/pot serious injs; both transported DSMC
Mult assets onscene veh ResQ (2031) 12214 N Lamar; 2 veh; 2 patients both trauma alerts; entrapped or extricated, MTF
FINAL H2O ResQ Lake Travis: teen female injury on H2O involving jetski, taken by boat to EMS, transported RRMC w/non life threat injuries
UPDATE2 H2O ResQ Lake Travis: #ATCEMSMedics have patient contact and are beginning evaluation near 16100blk Wharf Cove, MTF
UPDATE H2O ResQ Lake Travis: Patient is on a boat now enroute to VIP Marina for delivery to #ATCEMSMedics for eval/treatment/transport, MTF
Multiple assets responding to Lake Travis near Starnes Island for H2O ResQ involving a teen female with an injury involving a jetski, MTF
FINAL land ResQ Daffan Ln/Decker Ln, adult male injured from bike crash on trail; extricated to ambulance; transport still to be determined
UPDATE2 land ResQ: patient is being extricated at this time, multiple non-life-threatening traumatic injuries, MTF
UPDATE land ResQ: ESD12 personnel has made patient contact and is assessing patient condition, MTF
Multiple assets onscene/responding Daffan Ln/Decker Ln land ResQ, adult male with injury from a bike crash on the trail, MTF
FINAL 1200blk E Parmer Ln: #ATCEMSMedics transported ~40sM from single motorcycle collision RRMC with CPR in progress critical life threat
#ATCEMSMedics onscene 1200blk E Parmer Ln (1819) single motorcycle MCC with CPR in progress -40s male, MTF
FINAL S FM 620/Lakeway Blvd: 2 veh MVC w/rollover; #ATCEMSMedics transported ~70s female trauma alert w/potentially serious injuries
#ATCEMSMedics & @LTfirefighters onscene S FM 620 Rd/Lakeway Blvd rollover MVC with trauma alert ~70s female, MTF
(2 of 2) #ATCEMSMedics obtained DOS pronouncement ~20s male. No other updates planned. Refer further questions to @TravisCoSheriff
(1 of 2)Critical Incident 4400blk Aqua Verde Dr: #ATCEMSMedics transported ~20s female SAMC w/serious potentially life threatening injuries
FINAL Walnut Creek ResQ (1845) #ATCEMSMedics transported ~40s female to NAMC with non life threat lower extremity injury from a fall
FINAL Tuscany Wy/E US 290 Svrd WB(1352) 2 pedi trauma alerts (1 ejection) txpt DCMC; 2 adult trauma alerts txpt DSMC; 5th pt being evaluated
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FINAL: Stabbing @ Fairfield/N Lamar; #ATCEMSMedics txpt’ing 30’s M to DSMC w/serious not expected to be life-threatening injuries
#ATCEMSMedics onscene of reported stabbing @ Fairfield/N Lamar (07:39); ~20’s M declared Trauma Alert MTF
FINAL 5700 Hudson-5 pedi/1 adult pt txpt'd to area hospitals. 2 veh involved, 2 refusals. None expected to be life threatening. Avoid area.
UPDATE2 5711 Hudson St-5 pedi pts txpt'd DCMC w/pot. serious inj. not expected to be life threatening. 1 refusal obtained on scene. MTF
UPDATE 5700 Hudson St- Trauma alerts declared for pedi pts. 1 teen male txpt'd to DSMC w/ pot ser. injuries. Not exp. to be life threat. MTF
Medics and 1st resp working multi pt rollover near 5700 Hudson St (18:58) Reports of 8 pts, many are pediatric pts. 2 vehs. MTF
FINAL 2800 Barton Skwy-Pt treated for pain and moved to the Gus Fruh trailhead. Pt to be txpt'd to SAMC w/pot serious, non life threat. inj.
UPDATE3 2800 Barton Skwy-Pt is adult injured while running on trails. Injury will req. crews to move pt to amb. Non life threat. MTF
UPDATE22800 Barton Skwy- Adult fem with isolated injuries from a fall. Pt to be treated for pain and prepped for movement. MTF
UPDATE 2800 Barton Skwy-Crews have made pt contact and begun assess./treatment. EVAC planning underway. MTF
Land ResQ near 2800 Barton Skwy-Medics and resq crews searching for adult female reported to have been injured from a fall. MTF
FINAL 9401 N I35 Svrd NB: CORRECTION teen male, stabbing, transported DSMC w/potentially serious injuries, not expected life threatening
#ATCEMSMedics onscene 9401 N I35 Svrd NB (0639) trauma alert for an adult male that has been stabbed, transport will be DSMC, MTF
#ATCEMS ran 10 heat related incidents yesterday! @NWSSanAntonio issued #ATXHeat Advisory 1-8pm CDT Take actions to……
FINAL Loyola/Colony Park: 2 vehicle MVC; 2 patients evaluated by AFD have refused transport to an emergency room. Be safe out there tonight!
UPDATE veh ResQ Loyola/Colony Park: @austinfiredept cancelling ResQ portion of call, no pinin, evaluating 2 pts, EMS continuing response MTF
Multiple assets responding to reported vehicle ResQ Loyola Ln / Colony Park Dr (2242) 2 vehicle MVC, @austinfiredept arriving onscene, MTF
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FINAL: Critical incident @ 8001 S IH35 Svrd NB; Per onscene @ATCEMS Command nothing found, @Austin_Police has cancelled all assets.
UPDATE: Critical incident @ 8001 S IH35 Svrd NB; EMS & Fire assets staged for entry, Reports that this may be a false call. MTF
Multiple @ATCEMS @Austin_Police @austinfiredept assets responding to a critical incident @ 8001 S IH35 Svrd NB (14:26); NOI yet. MTF
FINAL: GSW @ 2200blk E Cesar Chavez St; #ATCEMSMedics transporting ~40's male to DSMC w/critical life threatening injuries.
#ATCEMSMedics onscene of reported GSW @ 2200blk E Cesar Chavez St (21:34); 1 adult male declared Trauma Alert. MTF
FINAL: GSW @ 6700blk Guadalupe; #ATCEMSMedics obtained DOS pronouncement of adult M & 1 adult F txpt'd to DSMC w/critical life-threat inj's
UPDATE: GSW @ 6700blk Guadalupe St; Onscene #ATCEMSMedics reporting 2 Trauma Alert patients, 1 w/CPR in progress. Prepping for txpt. MTF
Multiple @ATCEMS @Austin_Police @austinfiredept assets responding to report of GSW w/poss. multiple pt's @ 6700blk Guadalupe St (19:48) MTF
FINAL: MCC @ ~9500blk of Southwest Pkwy; 40's male Trauma Alert txpt'd to SAMC w/critical life threat inj's Be safe & expect delays in area!
#ATCEMSMedics onscene of single MCC @ ~9500blk of Southwest Pkwy (16:12); Adult unconscious patient being prepped for transport. MTF
#ATCEMSMedics remind you "If you Hear it Roar - Don't Ignore!"…
#ATXWX Alert: @NWSSanAntonio has issued a Severe T-Storm Warning for NW TravisCo & SW Wilco til 4pm. Be safe &……
#ATXHeat Alert: @NWSSanAntonio issued a Special Weather Statement for this week - Avoid a heat emergency! See graph……
#ATXWX Alert: @NWSSanAntonio has issued a Significant Weather Advisory for SW Wilco & NW TravisCo til 3:30pm. Be sa……
RT @Helmshines: Day 266 #gratitude: Learned a lot: #SafeBabyAcademy-free class from @ATCEMS . Safety, #infantCPR, choking, & free #carseat…
FINAL: H2O ResQ @ 8714 Lime Creek Rd; Submerged vehicle is reportedly empty via bystanders on scene. No other updates unless info changes
@ATCEMS @TravisCountyES @STAR_Flight_TC assets responding to H2O ResQ @ 8714 Lime Creek Rd (21:49) Report of car fully submerged in H2O MTF
FINAL: H2O ResQ @ 5973 Hi Line Rd; 60's Male transported to DSMC by @STAR_Flight_TC w/serious, not expected to be life threatening injuries
UPDATE 2: H2O ResQ @ 5973 Hi Line Rd; @LTfirefighters boat has made pt contact & will be transferring pt to awaiting #ATCEMSMedics. MTF
UPDATE: ResQ assets responding to H2O ResQ @ 5973 Hi Line Rd; @STAR_Flight_TC also responding to incident; report that pt still in H2O, MTF
Multi @ATCEMS & @LTfirefighters ResQ assets responding to H2O ResQ @ 5973 Hi Line Rd (19:33); Report of JetSki related injury MTF
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