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@sehlinger3 has ice water in his bits. I mean, holy shit
INBOX: @GovAbbott sets runoff date for #HD28 #HD100 #HD148. 1/28/20. That’s … a while from now? #txlege
@TexasFootball defense: butter. @IowaStateU = hot knife #crappystart
We're sitting down with Democratic candidate for U.S Senate @cristinafortx for a discussion moderated by Tribune's own @evanasmith — Nov. 21 in #Studio919. RSVP: #ttevents
Happy belated birthday @DraperRobert #daylate #dollarshort #sorrybub
RT @PatrickSvitek: @RepDennisBonnen @poncho_nevarez Update: @RepDennisBonnen responds, saying he doesn't have the power to remove committee…
With my @TexasLyceum brothers @sanjayram2000 @UHDPresident and sister @TracyTheFirst in Houston. Seriously: becoming a Lyceum director was one of the best things I ever did #txlege
Join us at 2:15 p.m. as @evanasmith moderates a conversation about educating the next generation of Texans with @HTPresCPB, @SAISD_Supt, @ChancellorMay and Christina Mier. Watch live here:
Join us as @evanasmith moderates a conversation with @MayorAdler & @SylvesterTurner. Watch live here:
@telemundo poll of Hispanic voters in Texas: @joebiden 33, @ewarren 16, @SenSanders 11, @JulianCastro 6, @PeteButtigieg 3 @potus reelect 24 yes, 66 no… #tx2020
@woodruffbets @arawnsley: After dissing Ukraine ambassador, @PeteSessions was eyed as her replacement… #txlege #tx17 #tx2020
Happy fifth birthday @MarshallProj! All of us at @TexasTribune salute @susanchira @nsbarsky @billkeller2014 @MauriceChammah and other great friends there on the big milestone + amazing journalism 🎂🎉🎈
Starting at 6 p.m., join us as @evanasmith moderates a discussion with @CarolforTexas, @DiegoBernalTX, @TeamBettencourt, @SarahforHD134 and @CeliaIsrael on the state legislature's role in the development of Texas' largest cities. Watch live here:
RT @charlesornstein: Want to lead @propublica's new investigative office in Texas with @TexasTribune? Tomorrow (Friday) is the deadline to…
⁦@cassi_pollock:⁩ ⁦@TxDPS⁩ affidavit says Democratic state Rep. @poncho_nevarez⁩ caught on tape at airport dropping envelope containing cocaine #txlege…
RT @jeffzeleny: NEW: Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is telling friends and allies in phone calls today he has made a decision…
If impeachment hearings are the day’s main course, my conversation with #txsen candidate @roycewest is the appetizer. Livestream from 8 to 9 at
For sale on @JohnCornyn campaign website: “Trump-Cornyn” straws #tx2020
NEW: As part of our series of conversations with major Democratic candidates for #txsen, I’ll sit down with Purple Heart winner @mjhegar first thing in the morning on Wednesday 12/11. Join us at #Studio919… #tx2020 #txlege
RT @edokeefe: JUST IN: @MikeBloomberg is in Arkansas today filing paperwork to appear on the ballot for the state's March 3rd Democratic pr…
JUST POSTED: My @overheardpbs interview with Tim O’Brien, the author “The Things They Carried,” which airs on @austinpbs this week and around the country soon…
Hey @gslayen: Don’t forget to send that pic of us to @HamiltonCollege alumni mag!
Congrats @lmcgaughy on @dallasnews investigative team gig. More tridents in the air = good for Texas #txlege
This Thursday night at @uhdowntown, I’ll talk about the policy and political future of Texas’ big cities with @CarolforTexas @DiegoBernalTX @TeamBettencourt @SarahforHD134 @CeliaIsrael. Join us:… #txlege
@CeliaIsrael On Friday afternoon at @uhdowntown, I’ll talk with Houston’s @SylvesterTurner, Austin's @MayorAdler and Fort Worth’s @MayorBetsyPrice about the challenges of running a big city in Texas. Join us:… #txlege
Joan Baskin was one of the best people I met in Texas. Very sad… #RIP
Reminder: I’ll sit down with @SenRoyceWest this Wednesday 11/13 for the first of our public conversations with major Democratic candidates for #txsen. Join us at 8 a.m. (7:30 doors) in #Studio919… #ttevents #txlege #tx2020
This is a great opp to do swing-for-the-fences journalism in Texas — with the resources to support it — at a time when we need it the most. Join us + spread the word #txlege…
NEW: We’ve posted job descriptions for the reporting positions in the @TexasTribune @propublica investigative unit Data:… Engagement:… Investigative: Research:…
Come work for the @TexasTribune! We’re hiring an energy + economy reporter based in Houston. Public service journalism = more civic engagement = a better Texas… #txlege #jobs
that was sweeeet #hookem
this is going to be a long day
Happy birthday @KathyGrantTx!
BIG: ⁦@poncho_nevarez⁩ not running for reelection in 2020 #txlege…
i am much more english patient than voldemort
And ross is played by....Brad Pitt perhaps? #smartbutsnarky
“Ok Bloomberg” will be a meme in like one minute
RT @PatrickSvitek: New: @RepVeasey endorses @JoeBiden for president
Thank you to @RepMaryGonzalez @CesarJBlanco @moodyforelpaso @JoseforTexas @ArtFierro79 for welcoming @TexasTribune back to El Paso and talking #txlege at @EPCCNews #ttevents
One year ago tomorrow. As always, Texas ahead of the curve… #tbt #txlege #tx2020
Today I was on the receiving end of my first “ok, boomer” and I don’t know what the hell to think
bow before ⁦@cd_hooks⁩. the guy is good #txlege…
let me know when everyone grows fire blanket beards…
cannot overstate significance of this #txlege…
RT @AliyyaSwaby: Commissioner Mike Morath has officially notified Houston ISD he plans to replace its elected school board with an appointe…
RT @thehill: President Trump: "Sen. John Cornyn, I looked at your polls. Nobody's beating you, John. Nobody. And you don't have to worry ab…
UT//TT poll: 44% of Texans, including a majority of Ds and a plurality of indies, say increasing diversity in Texas is a cause for “optimism.” A plurality of Rs says it's a cause for “concern"… #txlege
UT/TT poll: 66% of Texans, including an overwhelming majority of Ds and indies and a plurality of Rs, say climate change is real… #txlege
Happy birthday ⁦@wileywiggins⁩!
Fire Stan Stanart #txlege
seriously, i should just get in line to vote in the presidential now. like camping overnight for grateful dead tickets
ffs voting should not take this long
Confirmed: @AmbassadorRice will tape an ep of @overheardpbs at 3:45 p.m. on November 20. Join us in the studio 👉…
1000% yes. we do not have a national election. we have fifty state elections. national polls are for entertainment purposes only…
UT/TT poll: 59% of Texans, including 35% of Rs, would ban the sale of assault weapons… #txlege
UT/TT poll: 68% of Texans, including a majority of Rs, support red flag laws… #txlege
UT/TT poll: 81% of Texans, including 74% of Rs and 73% of indies, support background checks for all gun purchases… #txlege
UT/TT poll: Slight majority of Texans — incl. 1 in 4 Rs — think gun laws should be more strict… #txlege
UT/TT poll: Slight majority of Texans — incl. 1 in 4 Rs — think gun laws should be more strict…
Bucket list — and a homecoming of sorts: @Andylanger interviewed me for @texasmonthly’s National Podcast of Texas about @TexasTribune’s tenth anniversary… #txlege
@TexasTribune milestone week math: If the more than 2 million people who read us for free each month gave us a one-time gift of $10 in celebration of our tenth birthday, we could produce a lot of great journalism #justsaying
@TexasTribune milestone week math: If the more than 2 million people who read us for free each month gave us a one-time gift of $10 in celebration of our tenth birthday, we could do produce a lot of great journalism #justsaying
New UT/TT poll: In Texas, Democratic voters like @joebiden best (23%), followed by @ewarren (18%), @betoorourke (14%) and @berniesanders (12%). Everyone else in single digits, including @juliancastro (2)… #tx2020
New UT/TT poll: 46% of Texans say they would definitely not vote today to reelect @realdonaldtrump. Another 6% say probably not. 62% of independents say def not/prob not… #tx2020
New UT/TT poll: In Texas, @realdonaldtrump beats every Democratic candidate we tested in a general election head-to-head… #tx2020
New UT/TT poll: @realdonaldtrump 46, @joebiden 39 @realdonaldtrump 46, @ewarren 39 @realdonaldtrump 45, @berniesanders 40 @realdonaldtrump 46, @juliancastro 33 and for nostalgia’s sake @realdonaldtrump 47, @BetoORourke 41… #tx2020
Happy birthday cousin @BuzzFeedBen!
Doc from Love Boat on Silicon Valley is a major smile
Truer words never spoken by @mmckinnon: “Let’s get the fuck out of Iowa” @SHO_TheCircus
I did not much like The Post, but when Meg Greenfield reads Justice Black’s opinion and gets teary, I do too. I mean, c’mon #softie
Just now watching ⁦@MeetThePress⁩. Why is ⁦@McCaulforTexas⁩ included in a graphic with people who’ve testified privately in the impeachment inquiry?
Tonight at midnight, the next round of results from the latest @UTAustin @TexasTribune poll: whether Texans would reelect @realDonaldTrump, TX Democratic primary prefs and our first general election head-to-heads #tx2020
Important to note on @TexasTribune’s tenth birthday the unsung (or insufficiently sung) hero role played by our founder @thorntonaustin — the visionary who stepped up and said serious journalism needs a nonprofit business model and put a couple million where his mouth was #txlege
Without @thorntonaustin, none of us would be here — I certainly wouldn’t have locked hands with anyone else and driven off the cliff — and @TexasTribune would not exist. *He built this.* This, not his track record as a tech investor, will be the first line of his obit #txlege
And he’s not done changing the world. @thorntonaustin's selfless effort getting @journalismproj started — so our success and that of others can be replicated in communities across the country — is all the evidence needed of his exemplary public citizen status #txlege
Thank you, @thorntonaustin, for giving us hope, motivation, and the occasional kick in the ass. We owe you — all of us #txlege
okay, “ahead of warren” got my attention
THREAD 👇🎉🎂 This is the actual day: the tenth anniversary of @TexasTribune’s launch. On Nov. 3, 2009, we flipped the switch on, but more than a web site was born. We gave vitality to the idea that this stuff matters… #txlege
That searching for the truth and telling people what you find matters. That holding elected and appointed officials — regardless of party, partisanship or ideology — and taxpayer-funded institutions accountable matters… #txlege
That teeing up for people the things important enough for them to stop and pay attention to matters. That giving our fellow Texans the means to be more thoughtful and productive citizens matters. That civic engagement matters… #txlege
From the first day to today, we’ve been guided by our public-service mission. We’ve been committed to publishing news, making data widely accessible and producing dozens of on-the-record events, from one end of Texas to the other… #txlege
We’ve always believed that nonpartisan journalism is the antidote to life in the United States of Confirmation Bias. Facts, not spin. Fair, thorough and accurate. No endorsing candidates, no editorializing on issues, no thumbs on the scale… #txlege
Ten years in, we’re at about 80 employees full and part time, including the most journalists at a state capital anywhere in the country. A state as big as Texas deserves a statehouse news org as big as @TexasTribune… #txlege
Ten years in, we reach more than 2 million people per month across our various platforms with world-class public interest journalism. So proud to say we consistently win the biggest awards in competition with the best of our peers… #txlege
Ten years in, we still give away everything we create for free to anyone who wants to republish, re-air or repost it, and we we still consult at no cost with any social entrepreneurs who want advice on how to create an org like ours from scratch… #txlege
The success of any entity is shared, and that’s especially true at @TexasTribune. Our amazing team, present and past, is responsible for what we’ve accomplished. Staff members from top to bottom, board members, close friends… #txlege
That credit extends to you. If you’re seeing this, you’re probably one of those decent souls who reads, gives, attends, amplifies. You put your faith and trust in us to help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of Texas… #txlege
Everything we do is for you. We would not and could not have done it without you, and going forward we won’t and can’t do it without you. No amount of thanks is adequate. We are so honored to do this work… #txlege
So happy birthday to you. It’s been ten great years of an audacious experiment in reviving the idea of journalism as a public good — in strengthening our democracy. And happy birthday to us. Here’s to the next ten!… #txlege
Lots to say later today about @TexasTribune’s tenth anniversary — but don’t want to wait to share this vid featuring birthday wishes from @tedcruz, @PeteButtigieg, @KatyTurNBC, @willienelson and many more…
35 minutes until @TexasTribune's big birthday — but we’ve already unveiled our tenth anniversary logo (h/t Carla Delgado of Austin’s Page 33 Studio)
Ah, chyrons. I have literally never heard him called this. Not one time. Maybe his mom when she was pissed? @HurdOnTheHill
Solid @PatrickSvitek look at the abrupt end of @BetoORourke’s presidential campaign… #tx2020
NEW UT/TT POLL: 46% of Texans say congressional impeachment investigations of @POTUS @realdonaldtrump are justified — including 84% of Ds, 13% of Rs, 46% of indies. 42% say not justified… #txlege #tx2020
NEW UT/TT POLL: 43% of Texans say @POTUS @realdonaltrump’s actions merit early removal from office — including 79% of Ds, 12% of Rs, 34% of indies. 44% say don’t merit… #txlege #tx2020
NEW UT/TT POLL: 48% of Texans disapprove of @POTUS @realdonaldtrump job performance, 47% approve… #txlege #tx2020
In other news, I cannot believe I’m rooting for West Virginia
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