CEO of @texastribune. Host of @overheardpbs. Former editor of @texasmonthly. Political junkie, passable tennis player, @wilco fanboy, future ex-vegetarian.
Join us March 6 in Austin for a conversation with Texas Education Commissioner @MikeMorath, moderated by Tribune CEO @evanasmith. RSVP: #ttevents #txed
NEW from @jsmccullou: Texas state crime labs won’t test suspected marijuana in low-level cases… #txlege
Again: @realDonaldTrump blames stock market sell-off on Democratic debate
Other than @BernieSanders — doesn’t anyone want to campaign in Austin? #tx2020…
I’m honored to be in this video hoisting the flag on behalf of local news — the need and the potential — alongside @thorntonaustin @stevenwaldman @eramshaw @elizwgreen and others
RT @NYTNational: Diana Taylor, the longtime partner of Michael Bloomberg, this week defended the presidential candidate’s use of nondisclos…
You had me at “delegate threshold.” Important story in the run-up to the Texas primary by @AlexSamuelsx5 @PatrickSvitek… #tx2020
Happy birthday @billkellytexas!
RT @thassafackjack: @TheRickWilson @overheardpbs @evanasmith Looking forward to this. Evan is an astute interviewer.
Coffee this morning with @eramshaw. Miss her terribly, respect her immensely, support her completely. Let’s all pull for @19thnews to be the biggest success ever — and give generously to enable their important work
@PatrickSvitek: How @SenatorLucio — @DanPatrick’s favorite Democratic senator — is fending off his primary challengers… #txlege
@nachoaguilar: Laredo and Webb County are coming face-to-face with the reality of a border wall… #txlege
This @emmaplatoff story about money buying justice in Texas — #noshit — is an absolute must-read and a nice piece of writing… #txlege
Just give Barry Blitt the Pulitzer already
Join us Feb. 28 in Austin at #Studio919 for a conversation with Dallas Mayor @Johnson4Dallas, moderated by Texas Tribune CEO @evanasmith. RSVP: #ttevents #txlege
@joebiden just now on @kasiedc: If you’re running for Senate in Texas, does @BernieSanders help you win? #ripmymentions
RT @PatrickSvitek: News: @MarWilliamson makes surprise appearance at @BernieSanders' Austin rally to endorse him
Happy birthday @PatrickSvitek!
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@HoustonChron editorial board endorses @RoyceWestTX in the #TXSEN Dem primary:…
NEW: @TexasTribune’s early vote tracker is live (great work, @MandiCai)… #tx2020
Happy birthday @regmack_!
Oh look — a piece about @dcpolitics2016’s race for @TXSBOE. This should go well on twitter-dot-com… #tx2020 #txlege
RT @maggieNYT: NEWS via pooler @katierogers, Trump told reporters he's considering nominating Doug Collins for permanent ODNI.
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@wendydavis outraises @chiproytx for a third consecutive period, $335K to $203K, per latest FEC filings (Jan. 1-Feb. 12…
Packed house at ⁦@UTEP⁩ for @TexasTribune’s daylong symposium on the future of the border ⁦@nachoaguilar⁩ ⁦@moodyforelpaso⁩ ⁦@CesarJBlanco⁩ ⁦@RepMaryGonzalez⁩ ⁦@JoseforTexas⁩ #txlege #ttevents
@elpasotimes editorial board endorses @mjhegar in Democratic primary for #txsen… #tx2020
@RalstonReports 🐐🐐🐐
Band Name: My Associates Here Album Name: A Joke I Told
NEW: @CarolLeonnig @PhilipRucker of @washingtonpost — authors of @nytimes #1 best-seller A Very Stable Genius — will tape an ep of @overheardpbs on 3/4 at 2:15 p.m. RSVP:…
today in texans endorsing presidential candidates #tx2020…
NEW UT/@TexasTribune poll: 38% of Texans, 15% of Texas Democrats, 28% of Texas independents and 62% of Texas Republicans think too many immigrants are admitted into the United States… #tx2020 #txlege
Major respect for @texasmonthly’s Boomtown podcast (the last episode of which is online now). It’s great — a real accomplishment…
@ap: @LaCongresista backing @joebiden for president… #tx2020
Context: @GovAbbott tells @realDonaldTrump administration Texas won't participate in refugee resettlement… #tx2020 #txlege…
NEW UT/@TexasTribune poll: A slight majority of Texans say the state should accept refugees from other countries who’ve gone through a security clearance process… #tx2020 #txlege
#RIP Willona #badtimes
as i told you in the part of the phone call you selectively haven’t replayed here, we made the decision because you missed three federal campaign finance filing deadlines…
RT @MSTODAYnews: Mike Bloomberg, a billionaire with virtually unlimited capital to spend, has hired 24 staffers in Mississippi, giving his…
Jeebus, who’s not thinking about running? #SD14 #txlege
RT @chitovela3: Thank you @KirkPWatson for your years of service to Austin and Texas. I am considering a run for #SD14 and am discussing it…
Early voting starts today in Texas — two weeks from Super Tuesday. The ballot:… A voter’s guide:… The hottest races:… A Democratic #txsen primary compare and contrast… #tx2020
NEWS via @PatrickSvitek: @JoaquinCastrotx endorses @cristinafortx in Democratic primary for #txsen… #tx2020
NEW University of Texas/@TexasTribune poll: @mjhegar opens up double-digit lead in Democratic primary race for #txsen… #tx2020
RT @ClaraJeffery: “Donations to the public station KMUW in Wichita, Kan. — a city in the congressional district once represented by Mr. Pom…
NEW: My @overheardpbs interview with former U.S. Senator and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley is now online…
@BmtEnterprise editorial board endorses @AmandaForTexas in Democratic primary for #txsen… #tx2020
@ExpressNews editorial board: "After much consideration, Publisher Michael Sacks has chosen not to make a presidential recommendation”… #tx2020
At 12:01 a.m. we’ll post a second batch of results from the new University of Texas/@TexasTribune poll — who’s leading in the Democratic primary race for #txsen, job approval for @GovAbbott @DanPatrick @RepDennisBonnen and how Texans feel about the biggest issues of last #txlege
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@MikeBloomberg picks up a Texas newspaper endorsement: @BmtEnterprise…
@startelegram editorial board endorses @SenRoyceWest in Democratic primary for #txsen… #tx2020
@timdunntexas takes to the pages of @mwtnews to oppose @realDonaldTrump endorsement of @AugustPfluger in #TX11… #tx2020
@dallasnews editorial board declines to endorse a candidate for president — not just in the primary, but at all in 2020. Break with tradition… #tx2020
@HoustonChron editorial board endorses @amyklobuchar for president… #tx2020
Happy birthday @jeffeller!
Happy birthday @AliyyaSwaby!
Can someone please explain why is @TexasMBB so bad?
RT @cassi_pollock: A Republican candidate in the race for @dwayne_bohac’s seat says @GovAbbott, who uses a wheelchair, has “the spine of ov…
Greatly respect @Sulliview but the idea that gov't should prop up or save legacy newspaper business is a big fat no. Downsides of state-funded far outweigh benefits. As @TexasTribune and others prove, **there are better answers**…
WOW — Claytie Willams died last night. We were just talking about the handshake snub in @TexasTribune newsroom. Lots of our folks hadn’t heard of him or it 🤷‍♂️… #txlege
“I’m here to call you a liar today” is what passed for a sick burn in 1990… #txlege
Last of @TexasTribune's profiles of major Democratic #txsen candidates in the run-up to early voting: @mjhegar by @PatrickSvitek… #tx2020
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@statesman editorial board endorses @mjhegar in #TXSEN primary:…
OVERNIGHT, in case you missed: new University of Texas/@TexasTribune poll has @BernieSanders as the first choice of Texas Democrats in the run-up to Super Tuesday. @joebiden close 2nd, @ewarren distant 3rd, then @MikeBloomberg @PeteButtigieg… #tx2020
@PeteButtigieg New UT/@TexasTribune poll also finds a majority of Texans — 52% — would "definitely not” or "probably not” vote to re-elect @POTUS @realDonaldTrump… #tx2020
@PeteButtigieg @POTUS @realDonaldTrump AND — in head-to-heads — new UT/@TexasTribune poll finds @realDonaldTrump leading @BernieSanders in Texas by only 2 points, @ewarren by 3 points, @joebiden by 4, and @MikeBloomberg @PeteButtigieg @amyklobuchar by 5… #tx2020
@PeteButtigieg @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @amyklobuchar Context: In 2016, @realDonaldTrump beat @HillaryClinton in Texas by 9. In 2012, @MittRomney beat @BarackObama by 16. In 2008, @SenJohnMcCain beat @BarackObama by 12… #tx2020
NEW UT/@TexasTribune poll: In Texas, @realdonaldtrump leads @berniesanders by 2 and all other top Dems by narrow margins in general election head-to-heads… #tx2020
NEW University of Texas/@TexasTribune poll: 52% of Texans would definitely not or probably not vote to re-elect @POTUS @realdonaldtrump… #tx2020
NEW University of Texas/@TexasTribune poll: @berniesanders is now the top choice of Texas Democrats with 24% — up from 12% in October — followed by @JoeBiden (22), @ewarren (15), @MikeBloomberg (10), and @PeteButtigieg (7)… #tx2020
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@ExpressNews editorial board endorses @AmandaForTexas in #TXSEN primary:…
Along with our diversity report, this morning we published @TexasTribune’s 2019 annual report — everything you could ever want to know about our nonprofit, nonpartisan news org in year ten. (Spoiler: In nearly every way, we had our best year ever)…
NEW from @corriemac: @TexasTribune’s 2019 staff diversity report. In the spirit of transparency — and holding ourselves accountable — here’s the progress we’ve made over the last year at working to make our news org look more like Texas… #txlege
The fourth of our Democratic #txsen profiles this week: @SenRoyceWest by @emmaplatoff… #tx2020
RT @AlexSamuelsx5: Some #tx2020 news: @PeteButtigieg’s campaign is ramping up campaign activity in Texas. Starting Monday, it will have 24…
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@SylvesterTurner endorsing @MikeBloomberg, per @CBSNews:…
We’re excited to finally announce the dates for the 2020 @TexasTribune Festival: 9/24-26. #TribFest20 will be our tenth annual ideas weekend — and bigger + better than ever. **Mark your calendars**…
NEW: Heading into #SuperTuesday, here’s where the major Democratic candidates for #txsen — @RoyceWestTX @cristinafortx @mjhegar @BellForSenate @AmandaForTexas — stand on the issues… #tx2020
Our #txsen profiles this week: Today = @BellForSenate by @cassi_pollock… Yesterday = @AmandaForTexas by @samisparber… Monday = @cristinafortx by @AlexSamuelsx5… @SenRoyceWest, @mjhegar coming soon #tx2020
Happy birthday @SteveEngelberg!
Okay: Klobmentum. Going to bed.
@AlexSamuelsx5: How @AlecBaldwin is working to get @cristinafortx elected to the U.S. Senate… #txsen
Intake Process is a bad band name
I am happy to see Eminem but this is the worst Grammys show ever
I feel like we’re already in hour four of the #Oscars #zzzzz
Logan Roy narrating a McDonald’s commercial is worse than the cruise ship story
DeAndre Arnold, Texan at center of CROWN Act story, at Oscars tonight as guest of “Hair Love” filmmakers…
Jeff Bezos thinks Marriage Story is a comedy = worth the entire Oscars show
RT @AmyKinLA: Spike Lee is wearing a custom @gucci suit in honor of Kobe Bryant. #Oscars
@expressnews editorial board picks @@votexochil over @RolandForTexas in #SD19 Democratic primary… #tx2020
Sgt. Gutierrez was from San Antonio #RIP…
@wsj says @realDonaldTrump proposing budget with big cuts to social safety net, including Medicare and Medicaid… #tx2020
@dallasnews editorial board endiorses @SenRoyceWest and @AmandaForTexas for #txsen… #tx2020
jfc they cannot make a shot
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