aka Uncle Fred, mild-mannered TV reporter fcantu@cbsaustin and local icon in Austin, TX. Once nominated for a Grammy. True story. 📺🎙️
Have you seen this? Northeast corner of Tx panhandle. twitter.com/Blaketyrel/sta…
It was open in the mid 80s (83-85) because I used to join in as Sammy Allred did live radio spots for The Stallion when we did mornings at KTXZ “All Star Rock & Roll.”
I'll add that to the record. Thanks
An impromptu gathering of Fred Fans on South Congress. #sxsw2018 https://t.co/kDakNbf0bI
AMBER ALERT that lit up your phone late last night is still active. Looking for two 3-year-olds out of San Antonio. Details here: ow.ly/mloz30iXzBg
One of the perks of living along the border: a Bi-National 10K. twitter.com/BrownsvilleRGV…
LET IT GO! LET IT GO!-- Drag "Elsa" from Frozen single-handedly pushes snowbound Boston Police vehicle back onto road and takes a bow to crowd who could have helped. facebook.com/ChrisBHaynes/v…
Do you know something about the recent #ATX pkg bombs that could help solve the crimes? twitter.com/chief_manley/s…
TEJANO LEGEND Joe Lopez from Grupo Mazz getting out of jail tomorrow after 11 years in prison for raping 13 year old niece. He'll be on "supervised parole" until Oct 2026. ow.ly/Ye3130iWBBX
ANTHONY STEPHAN HOUSE was at first suspected of building the #ATX package bomb that killed him Mar 2. But now that there have been others, maybe we should really pay our respects to this Texas State grad, husband and father. ow.ly/PNCc30iWCKq
DRIVE A FORD FUSION 2014-2018? They're recalling 1.4 million cars because steering wheel could come lose. That would be a bad thing. ow.ly/QOCT30iWAmL
WHAT'S WRONG WITH RICK SACCONE'S MUSTACHE? Unnamed GOP strategist blames Saccone's "porn stache" for his lackluster finish in #PA18 congressional race. ow.ly/WAm530iWigh https://t.co/xlQOMuYB1I
ICYMI-- Overnight Dem Conor Lamb claims victory with thin 600+ vote lead in Penn. congressional district Trump won by 20 pts. GOP not ready to concede. Mail-in ballots still to be counted and loser can request recount. ow.ly/zl0m30iWgkv
RIP: STEVEN HAWKING at age 76. Scientist had gained new audience in recent years with recurring role in TV's Big Bang Theory. twitter.com/CBSNews/status…
RT @SarahNavoyCBS: Here is the full story we put together on 17-year-old Draylen Mason. His martial arts instructor (who considers him a Go…
This somehow seems the right time to post this. Enhance your calm Austin, Texas. happyrobot.net/userfiles/redw…
Seeing lots of activity and resources at Galindo street explosive device incident but no panic. https://t.co/DgoZMdqwr7
BREAKING— APD Chief Manley says this morning’s blast appears similar to explosion Mar. 2 here in Austin.
Somebody didn’t get memo about location change. I sent them your way. https://t.co/6IOTw1HzA6
FBI Evidence Response Team arrives at Oldfort Hill Drive home where explosive device went off this morning. https://t.co/dPuy748fSr
Police going door to door beyond barricaded area following explosion at home on Oldfort Hill Dr. https://t.co/iQE8A5ujjG
Mexican prez says border wall is not a friendly gesture, but an internal political issue Americans and their gov't have to decide.. twitter.com/Notimex/status…
It may be later than you think. #DST https://t.co/1AQCuvnXbH
My high school started at 7:30 AM and look how well I turned out. ow.ly/3k5Q30iRW2g
7yr sentences. State asking they run consecutively. Judge leaning toward concurrently
SHANA ELLIOTT PUNISHMENT 7 years prison for each death. 10 yrs Comm service for injury
SHANA ELLIOTT jury asks if any community service requirement would start after confinement hinting they’re looking at some jail time. 6 hrs deliberating punishment so far
CONTINUING COVERAGE-- Heading back to San Marcos where jury will continue today to try to decide on punishment for woman who admitted to intoxication manslaughter killing 2. Shana Elliott seen here in her 2016 booking photo and how she appeared this week in court. https://t.co/D42IKTWY4T
Shana Elliott intoxication manslaughter punishment phase in San Marcos just went to the jury. https://t.co/GyISOPfxxV
Closing arguments after lunch in Shana Elliott intoxication manslaughter punishment phase in San Marcos. https://t.co/kJqOIX2VfC
SHANA ELLIOTT pleads jury for forgiveness “from bottom of my heart.”
SHANA ELLIOTT says decision to drive home after drinking was “worst decision ever.” 2 died
SHANA ELLIOTT now on stand in her intoxication manslaughter trial. Says she is guilty as charged.
REPORT: Amelia Earhart's bones found... in 1940. ow.ly/27vx30iPpku
That’s how politicians get rich: we’ll-timed moves. Then again It’s also why Martha Stewart went to prison. twitter.com/CBSNews/status…
UPDATE— Crash investigator in Shana Elliott intoxication manslaughter trial says Elliott was in opposite lanes going close to 70 mph and did not apply brakes before impact.
Day 2 of testimony in Shana Elliott intoxication manslaughter punishment phase. We’re hearing from witnesses who stopped to help after the crash and hearing the 911 call. https://t.co/MbhJf2h9ir
Having trouble picturing this year's Texas party primary voter turnout compared to the last midterm primary in 2014. This should help. https://t.co/k0tzWOY8gp
JUST WAKING UP?-- Officer involved shooting overnight. twitter.com/cbsaustin/stat…
Hey! Voting is becoming cool like Franklin’s. #LineWorthy twitter.com/jamesrhenson/s…
Shana Elliott trial in a break after crash victim broke down on the stand while testifying about losing her husband and unborn child. https://t.co/GzouEns0nq
I guess they never resolved the water quality problem at The Hays County Government Center. Still can’t use the water fountains. https://t.co/OPnDAaVfcD
To quote the little girl in Poltergeist II: "They're baaaack." twitter.com/MayorAdler/sta…
It's Primary Election Day in #Texas! Polls are open until 7 p.m. In Travis County you can vote at any polling location. BRING YOUR ID! https://t.co/s9hyLtVYo6
Who says you can't wear the same thing twice to the #Oscars. Just not right away. twitter.com/OneDayAtATime/…
It was touch and go for awhile because of wet weather Sunday AM, but the @abckitefest got off the ground. I'm happy for them. abckitefestival.org
Uncle Fred just saw his shadow. Oh! There it is again. Looks promising twitter.com/abckitefest/st…
ABC KITE FESTIVAL at Zilker Park is today. But schedule adjusted because of rain. Follow link for deets abckitefest.org/about-abc-kite…
foreign TV song contests... as Forrest Gump would say... are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Watching one from Iceland on the web. #GuiltyPleasure https://t.co/lp4PpOZnaH
Looking for a family freebie? Here’s a good one. It’s #ExploreUT Day. Might even get the kids fired up about going to college. twitter.com/LBJLibrary/sta…
CELEBRATE TEXAS INDEPENDENCE. Parade up Congress Av. at 9:30 AM. celebratetexas.org/events
WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Right to Work/Union-busting case before the Supreme Ct. On one hand he says paying dues supports views he doesn't believe. On the other hand he was attracted to a job offering wages & benefits the union negotiated. ow.ly/gxcG30iJrXn
Another interesting photo from this morning's @rodeoaustin Cowboy Breakfast. Something you don't see everyday: a Longhorn with the changing Austin city skyline. #LetsRodeo https://t.co/w0QEs87DLw
A beautiful morning at @rodeoaustin Cowboy Breakfast @cbsaustin #LetsRodeo https://t.co/WPpWTsM0tm
This is how they make biscuits at the @rodeoaustin cowboy breakfast. They’re serving 6-9 AM at The Long Center. #LetsRodeo https://t.co/cIen4xbC0m
HAPPY TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY! It’s today but most of the events are Saturday. austinmonthly.com/Blog/March-201… https://t.co/MSzr1wV1oZ
WHO DOESN'T STILL LOVE SELENA? This new FB POST-- just the post-- about @HEB selling limited edition Selena tote bags had already been viewed 847k times when I saw it. facebook.com/selenalaleyend…
DRUNK PARTIER in West Virginia calls it a night and has Uber take him home... to New Jersey. Wakes up to $1,600 fare. ow.ly/i9WJ30iGR7n https://t.co/URS2ESo7hH
NEW SABER RATTLING-- And it's not coming from "Little Rocket Man." Putin proclaims Russia now has nuclear weapons that can evade missile defenses and is planning nuclear-powered missiles that can reach any point on the globe. ow.ly/Oh1R30iGPde
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUPCAKE! If your birthday is in March your time has come to celebrate! Congrats on completing one more lap around the sun! https://t.co/zCu6HKulsg
WOUNDED DEPUTY JAY JOHNSON from Caldwell County is on the mend and back home. See my interview with him tonight at 10 @cbsaustin https://t.co/mPRjxGb6vH
PBS starting new conservative talk show. "In Prinicple" may remind people of the late William F. Buckley's "Firing Line. ow.ly/OLWw30iFLMy "
DRIVERLESS PIZZA DELIVERY is coming but. I just don't see going out to the curb to get your pizza as being a selling point. Do you? ow.ly/v3OO30iFCE4
TEXAS 36TH BEST STATE in @usnews ranking. Texas buoyed by economy but weighed down by education, health care, opportunity and quality of life. Thoughts? ow.ly/OGGS30iFpno
BREAKING-- Dick's Sporting Goods says it will no longer sell "assault-style" guns. CEO says system in place now will not stop sales to dangerous people. ow.ly/ctXP30iFovj
COWBOY BREAKFAST THIS FRIDAY marks coming of @rodeoaustin season. Free breakfast 6-9am at The Long Center. Always a fun time. See you there. https://t.co/31ArtT4KNx
This library could be named after you. Wouldn’t your your friends be envious? https://t.co/XoeiADspst
Come say hi to our local Shriners at your neighborhood @IHOP and learn all about their good work. It’s free pancake day! https://t.co/qcRRwH8oaL
Speaking of the NRA’s clout in Congress... twitter.com/washingtonpost…
TEACHERS RETURNED FRIDAY, STUDENTS WILL RETURN WEDNESDAY to Florida school where shooter killed 17 people. #GiveThemStrength #MSDstrong ow.ly/hnXN30iCd27
LONG LIVE THE HEADPHONE JACK! I use mine everyday to plug in the cassette adapter in my car. Hey if it ain't broke... twitter.com/TechCrunch/sta…
Pay attention to time stamps before you retweet. This was 10:30 this morning. #atxtraffic twitter.com/sheriffchody/s…
My granddaughter Emily and her art piece at the @AustinISD Youth Art Exhibition at AISD performing art center. Aren’t they both beautiful? https://t.co/Cv5Bda6jEO
Not a big deal when you think of all the kids in portables across Texas. twitter.com/TALK1370/statu…
Geyser along South I-35 near Southpark Meadows. Video on my Facebook page. Look for Fred Cantu TV. https://t.co/CAd0Qbd0F7
It’s nice to know a good deed still earns thanks from a grateful nation. #WellDone ow.ly/3Ppp30iAYZN
TOO BUSY TO VOTE EARLY? The polls are open TODAY and SUNDAY. ow.ly/JwPa30iATPh
What is there to decide? Evidence was presented and the jury has spoken. twitter.com/pfikac/status/…
Students at Anderson High School pretty direct in their message. https://t.co/3hCQeHOUC2
6:40 AM-- RAIN'S RIGHT ON TOP OF US. Messy #ATXtraffic. Stay with @cbsaustin https://t.co/T9wywK1Tmx
Its happening everywhere. Charter school network co-founder booted over sexual misconduct allegations. ow.ly/T02S30iz63m
UTPD responds to finding students’ “lost” handguns in campus restrooms. twitter.com/UTAustinPolice…
Big crowd at Palmer Event Center for Austin Energy’s annual Science Festival. Exhibits on public display tonight until 9:30. Free parking, too. https://t.co/N4nqUihltW
Confirming what we always knew... money talks. twitter.com/HarvardAsh/sta…
YOU HAVE JUST ONE CHANCE to see the entries in this year's Austin Energy Regional Science Festival. These science fair projects will be on display 4:30-9:30 today at Palmer Events Center. Spread the word. sciencefest.org
UT System Chancellor Bill McRaven says we can learn a lot from Florida students rocked by tragedy. Follow the link for his full message. ow.ly/ovSa30iybWu https://t.co/cEy8mtVKAv
SUSPICIOUS, but no confirmed problems with small number of mail-in ballot requests in Dallas. Best thing we can do to minimize impact of any voter fraud is increase voter turnout. GO VOTE. ow.ly/VLyi30iya2V
#BREAKING-- Billy Graham has died at age 99. twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/s…
#BREAKING-- NBC reporting Billy Graham has died. twitter.com/NBCNews/status…
Wilco authorities looking for 1999 Ford Explorer that took off during a traffic stop overnight. twitter.com/SheriffChody/s…
RAINY ROAD TRIP. Almost got rear-ended. Be careful and allow extra stopping distance. https://t.co/SUlfuaA6W4
HUTTO is "safest" city in Central Texas in alarm installers trade group ranking of Texas cities. alarms.org/safest-cities-…
Great minds think alike. At @cbsaustin we traveled to La Grange to see how Mennonites are still helping the flood survivors 6 months later. twitter.com/EmilyBaucum/st…
ICYMI-- Here's Fergie's spin on the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. Judging by the crowd shots, it spoke to some people but others didn't want to hear it. ow.ly/6DMc30iu01J
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