aka Uncle Fred, mild-mannered TV reporter fcantu@cbsaustin.com and local icon in Austin, TX. Once nominated for a Grammy. True story. 📺🎙️
#TBT Hard to believe it’s been a year. #HurricaneMaria https://t.co/KOjqyJ5PsH
SHAME ON US-- Voter turnout in Texas is dead last in America. Register to vote by Oct 9. #TX2018 ow.ly/GPXF30lTNAg https://t.co/Giujlma8d9
The new Fairmont Hotel engaging stealth mode. https://t.co/3OSgsx3ssm
Republicans win special election for #SD19. An upset or district working the way it was mapped? ow.ly/8Au130lSFfq
A by-product of all the cord cutting. Nominees from streaming services have smaller audiences so you have fewer fans tuning in to see if their show wins. ow.ly/lhXS30lSEB6
#BREAKING— Air Force trainer jet crashes just north of San Antonio mall. twitter.com/randybeamer/st…
TECH ISSUES with Fabulous Fred FM provider. Click here for backup player. samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid…
KNOW SOMEONE who just turned 18? Suggest they register to vote. Deadline to register to vote in time for Nov elections is Oct 9.
OFF THEY GO! Texas Special Olympics golfers heading for back 9 at Balcones Country Club. https://t.co/0w46JqwfuQ
"Little-known legend???" Blaze Foley is pretty well known in these parts. ow.ly/x15230lQxME
I LOVE WHEN THE DALLAS #COWBOYS WIN. I couldn't care either way. But it seems to make so many people happy. https://t.co/eWEUQpGA7W
Thank you Nitro Swimming for hosting Special Olympics swim meet today. https://t.co/y8TDG8lT6R
The news doesn't get more real than this. #RealNews twitter.com/jeffglor/statu…
BBQ FUNDRAISER for daughter of PfPD Sgt who needs bone marrow transplant. 10AM-2PM at The Pfield in Pflugerville. twitter.com/PfChiefRobledo…
#BREAKING-- NHC Director Ken Graham is doing a Facebook Live broadcast ,with the latest information on "very dangerous situation" Tropical Storm Florence, ow.ly/zxee30lPMJD
AUSTIN'S MEXICAN CONSULATE offers their authentic Mexican Independence Day celebration tonight 6-9:30 at the Texas Capitol. Bring your rain gear just in case. https://t.co/4QG9FlaLSs
I was wondering about Austin's annual Diez y Seis celebration. #CANCELLED. https://t.co/2nRwnWAjTL
Tired of the characterization of the border as “lawless.” Data shows Texas border cities continue to be some of the safest in the entire country. twitter.com/ArtAcevedo/sta…
Micael Priest has died. You may not know the name, but you've seen his work. A true artist at creating concert posters. epaper.statesman.com/popovers/dynam…
We go from 1 in 4 Texas children living in poverty to 1 in 5. That is still A LOT of children. ow.ly/LU8V30lOR5q
WILLIE NELSON taking heat for playing Beto O'Rourke's rally. But will critics pass on a free Willie show? abc13.com/4227747/?sf197…
I thought this was a fashion shot until I saw the microphone. Some newsies wear their rain gear better. #HurricaneFlorence2018 https://t.co/v652ZVZDC8
@cbsaustin sister station in path of #HurricaneFlorence forced to evacuate. Be careful out there. ow.ly/Yweo30lOEXq
#BREAKING-- Gas explosions north of Boston ignite homes , force evacuations. ow.ly/zcA830lOvip
GO TO THE SOURCE: The Hurricane Maria "excess mortality" study is posted on line and explains their methodology, findings and recommendations. ow.ly/TuVK30lOuyO https://t.co/v9FmEm7gxH
GO TO THE SOURCE: The Hurricane Maria "excess mortality" study is posted on line and explains their methodology, findings and recommendations. due to the hurricane. ow.ly/TuVK30lOuyO https://t.co/6DnegJjxFo
Does it help you understand the story when newsies talk about trillions of gallons of rain? #HurricaneFlorence2018
#TBT— 10 Years since Hurricane Ike. I remember anchor our wall-to-wall coverage of the evacuees arriving in Austin. twitter.com/abc13houston/s…
“Category schmategory!” says National Hurricane Center. #Hurricane #Florence twitter.com/NHC_Atlantic/s…
I did the math. It would take 12,226 farts to lose 1 pound. twitter.com/WhatTheFFacts/…
Solving another 1st world problem. Sipping from the rim isn’t good enough? twitter.com/CNN/status/103…
5G WIRELESS IS HERE! for those who consider Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento here. ow.ly/rgVR30lMKL6 #GadgetGuy
Not the happiest of holidays. Tent city for unaccompanied minor migrants to expand, remain open through the end of the year cbsn.ws/2ObgW4y https://t.co/5BwR9hdVH7
Pharma head calls quadrupling the price of an essential medicine a "moral requirement." Others call it "price gouging." ow.ly/f16D30lMJTc
NEVER FORGET--- 7:30 a.m.: Annual AFD memorial service to remember those firefighters who lost their lives on September 11. WHERE: Buford Fire Tower on Lady Bird Lake (Cesar Chavez and Colorado, across from City Hall) https://t.co/a5rNgQlpoD
George W had a rough start, too, losing a congressional race to Kent Hance. Who? twitter.com/ABC/status/103…
AT WHOLE FOODS DOWNTOWN for HAAM Day supporting health care for local musicians. Live music all across Austin starts at 6:00 AM. myhaam.org/HAAM-Day https://t.co/A6X7o8v4k9
HAAM Day Help keep Austin musicians healthy Live music all day All over Austin myhaam.org/HAAM-Day
When I was in radio we would poke fun of lotteries and say send us a dollar and Monday we’ll tell you you didn’t win. Apparently it worked that way in Oregon. ow.ly/ZzWk30lKTdM
My wife and I were loyal viewers. Were you? twitter.com/TODAYshow/stat…
TEN YEARS AGO— Lehman Bros brought the country to near economic collapse. The banks are now doing quite nicely again. How about you? ow.ly/kxRT30lKU15
Did you promise yourself months ago that you would vote in November? Time to find out if your voter registration is current. ow.ly/gf8q30lKHLr https://t.co/c4Yl26hWBJ
#BREAKING— Pittsburg CBS station rolling on a gas line explosion in nearby town. Really lighting up the sky. twitter.com/meghankdka/sta…
THIS IS THE SPOT where Gov. Bush was jogging and nearly got hit hit by a dump truck back in 1999. He’ll be glad to know we got right on putting up a guardrail there. twitter.com/cbsaustin/stat…
SO DISAPPOINTED that in the Carolinas my granddaughter is being taught these two objects are pronounced the same. https://t.co/utWaeRpeG6
YMCA of Austin hosting Special Olympics swimmers at their Dripping Springs pool.#THANKS https://t.co/GjkrT3d1ze
REAL TRAFFIC ADVISORY for US 59 thru Fort Bend County. “Expect heavy traffic and vulgar language” twitter.com/FBCSO/status/1…
ICYMI-- Burnet Middle School students' efforts to keep their school safe "Start with Hello." My story last night @cbsaustin ow.ly/VBbR30lIUzU
#TBT— Came across the old transmitter site for KHLB-AM in Burnet today. The tall grass around the tower tells me it hasn’t been on the air in awhile. https://t.co/fijQQ2zvfO
The wear and tear on the pylons suggests drivers are not respecting the double white line along the @EvilMopacATX toll lane. twitter.com/statesman/stat…
KGSR becoming Austin City Limits Radio. By my count the 10th name it’s had in its lifetime. Not sure about the order but it’s been quite a ride. https://t.co/s0eKttAQWa
#BREAKING. Judge: “It was not even a close call.” ow.ly/YYf330lHuke
Might as well dig up the old fountain pen and refill the inkwell to do this right. Good old-fashioned Cursive is making a comeback. RU a fan? ow.ly/uKdB30lHf5J
Oh yeah? @cbsaustin meteorologist @averytomascowx says I visited his school. twitter.com/ABC/status/103…
Please donate your Nike gear if you don’t want it any more. twitter.com/washingtonpost…
@StephenAtHome is back from vacay! Tonight at 10:35 after @cbsaustin News. Spread the word. #lssc https://t.co/MluyclDYsA
We’re at #backtoschool night. Ask your child about theirs. Lots of important info. https://t.co/lEWi1Oopio
The drought is over. Stephen Colbert is back from vacation tonight kicking off months of original episodes. #LSSC https://t.co/1tXyPLYZ9y
TODAY IS SEPT 3– Which means Colbert returns tomorrow with new episodes. I wonder if he’s considered guest hosts instead of reruns. https://t.co/FsIvdZev6c
YOU SLEPT IN? You missed @courtcbs and me on CBS Austin This Morning. Enjoy your Labor Day! twitter.com/courtcbs/statu…
DON'T WASTE AWAY YOUR LABOR DAY-- @CourtCBS & I will be anchoring CBS Austin This Morning on Monday. We're on 4:30-7:00 AM. Join us if you can. https://t.co/e5tz1NmE75
A mini car show at our hotel in the Valley. #ClassisCool https://t.co/QXYQnWpOtq
Affordable parking program adds 2,000 spaces for downtown Austin workers communityimpact.com/austin/central…
If the construction workers could be bused in and out of downtown it would free up a lot of street parking.
Just about the nicest thing you can tell someone is, “You made me a better person.” twitter.com/CBSNews/status…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUPCAKE! If your birthday is in September make some room. I'm sharing it with you. Have a great birthday! https://t.co/f1pftXbdOB
Humans have judgment and self-control. It's what separates us from the animals... and Philippine presidents. twitter.com/washingtonpost…
RT @SheriffChody: WCSO needs your help in identifying the suspects from yesterday’s aggravated robbery. In the video, you see two of the th…
ADD THIS to your long Labor Day weekend plans. @StephenAtHome returns to The Late Show on Tuesday. Enough with the reruns! #LSSC https://t.co/X8PsF93Ll8
TIME CHANGE ANYONE??? Europe is thinking of scrapping this twice a year shock to the system. Do we need it here? ow.ly/xbXt30lDhwr
ARETHA FRANKLIN FUNERAL IS FRIDAY 9A-2P Austin time. This is a link to a Detroit station that claims it will stream the whole thing. ow.ly/wrAT30lCZrL
BACK UP THE CLOCK 25 YEARS and this is what you get. O M G. #TBT https://t.co/AgEKiegOJB
ONLY ARETHA FRANKLIN would have a pre-funeral concert. Now streaming. God bless the Queen of Soul. ow.ly/vLct30lCUUV
Roadtrippin representing the @cbsaustin This Morning team making our Smokey Mo’s prize delivery to Leslie at Curl’s RV in Lockhart. https://t.co/36NbpI8PcB
BIRTHERS ARE BACK-- This time they're questioning citizens born with the help of midwives, a common practice among poor families decades ago. ow.ly/PxGn30lBX9D
ARETHA FRANKLIN’s SERVICES Saturday is the FIVE HOUR funeral you don’t want to miss. Here’s the schedule: ow.ly/V8BC30lBTNe
Tired of the reruns? Me too. Colbert returns from vacation the day after Labor Day. Let the countdown begin. #LSSC https://t.co/lm9twyuBgD
H-E-B MARKS 80 YRS IN AUSTIN-- Celebrating today 10:30am-12:30pm outside The Long Center. Fun fact: HEB was still H.E. Butt Groceries when it bought out the Piggly Wiggly stores in #ATX in 1938. https://t.co/diVSyLpue9
A new public safety campaign names names as it shows you steps you can take to keep your neighbors safe in Cedar Park. It's my story at 6:30 on CBS Austin. HeadsUpCedarPark.com
DO YOU KNOW JAYDEN & JORDYN-- A new public safety campaign in Cedar Park will introduce you to them and show you how to keep them safe. ow.ly/hUrj30lAQ78 HeadsUpCedarPark.com
#HBO dropping the last of their late night adult fare. Where will people go to find such content? ow.ly/yzdL30lAD7G
#GOODNEWS for #ATX teacher with $109k surprise medical bill. My story at 6 on @cbsaustin https://t.co/pRpgKVyHw0
I don’t know either the editor or publisher of the @statesman personally but I would like to thank them for keeping the flame of true journalism alive in #atx this long. ow.ly/obOA30lzK9F
This is what newsmaker “availabilities” have become lately: no questions and nothing off topic. twitter.com/markknoller/st…
NOT QUITE HARVEY LEVELS-- Hawaii's Big Island only got 50 inches of rain from Hurricane Lane. Nederland near Beaumont got 60. ow.ly/yZj530lz2R7
It's hotter in August. I wonder if that ever came up when the school districts discussed starting the school year earlier. ow.ly/hWsP30lz2Fe
I’ve never known my grandson to say he’s going to turn off a #Cowboys game. Is it really that bad? https://t.co/dGOJ62MlDR
Not today. The nation is mourning the loss of a hero and statesman. Plenty of time for this later. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
Time to replace the cabin air filter in my ‘07, ya think? Another DIY Sunday. https://t.co/qj8aNLUDse
#TAYLORSWIFT-- Brought the house down before a crowd of 50,000 in Nashville Saturday night when she sang "Tim McGraw" to his face. ow.ly/A5iz30lyDIt
How McCain's death is playing back home: twitter.com/mgsquires/stat…
Those of us who grow up in border towns don't need trade agreements to improve OUR relationship with Mexico. We're already friends, partners, family. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
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