Fusebox is a confluence of innovative new theater, film, dance, visual art and music from around the world. The festival takes place every April in Austin, TX
Austin Artists! Applications for local submissions for Fusebox Festival 2020 are officially open! We're seeking proposals for 1) Site-specific, outdoor projects & 2) projects for the Fusebox Hub! Apply, apply! DEADLINE: June 30th, 2019, at 11:59PM. bit.ly/2Lfra2C https://t.co/9eLYnAJ2JR
#TBT to Fusebox Festival 2019, y'all! Here's a selection of photos from this year's fest. Wasn't it a blast? bit.ly/2EeGn2b #fuseboxfestival
YES to this. Okwui Okpokwasili electrified Fusebox audiences with her performance Bronx Gothic in 2016, and continues to make important & enthralling work. bit.ly/2YACah3
Awesome news about the new digs for our pals @RudeMechs! Can't wait to see it (and all the wonderful things that'll happen there.) bit.ly/2HlWc9e
Congrats to all the awesome folks nominated for Critics Table Awards! Proud to be part of this community of makers. bit.ly/2Q5Njna
"Sun & Sea (Marina)," an opera performance on an artificial beach, in which swimsuited performers break from sunbathing to sing warnings of ecological disaster, won Lithuania the top prize at the Venice Art Biennale. nyti.ms/2Vxz54d https://t.co/WK7O0QdHdm
Today, don't miss Black Mountain Project members' Adrian Aguilera + Betelhem Makonnen + Tammie Rubin⁣ discussing their exhibition *constant escape * Moderated by Phillip A. Townsend of Neon Queen Collective at @CarverMuseumATX 1-3PM. bit.ly/2VeNn4F
One of our awesome interns, UT-Austin BFA Studio Art major Allison Kelly talks about her experience working on Fusebox Festival 2019. bit.ly/309juXh
RT @ArtinAmerica: Dark Eco-Comedy | Austin’s @FuseboxFestival by Sean J Patrick Carney (@SocMalpractice) bit.ly/2VQQ4xM https://t.…
This Friday @BigMedium is kicking of West Austin Studio Tours with Due WEST, a 90's celebration at the Highland Mall. Era-appropriate jams by DJ GirlFriend, slap bracelets, pizza, mood rings, and leopard print. Oh, & awesome art, open bar & great humans! ow.ly/LzqJ30oFgEF
Thanks to Sean J Patrick Carney and @ArtinAmerica for the terrific piece on Fusebox Festival 2019! bit.ly/302qB3L
Blessed to celebrate 15 years of live performance & the end to a wonderful 2019 festival. Huge thanks to the team from Louis Black Productions for putting together an INCREDIBLE party, @souppeddler for donating delicious soup, & Hannah Bakery for the cake! ow.ly/IOZR30oFku6
RT @GIFTfest: So many rich and inspiring conversations at yesterday’s #GIFTGOESGLOBAL Thanks to all who took part in the cinema at @balticm…
That's a wrap on FuseboxFestival2019! THANKS to our amazing artists, crew, volunteers, supporters & sponsors, community partners, & audience for making our 15th the best yet! & the fest may be over, but the conversations continue on our Fest Blog! Read on! bit.ly/2viJiC1
#DAY5 had Michael J Love tap dancing into our hearts, “The Sound of Science” led us into new dimensions, and Rolling Ryot made the rainforest spring out into the Austin air. Goodbye to our Hub our colorful home for the past week and we thank you all for celebrating with us! https://t.co/XcG0zzmOkf
RT @comboloca: Join me today at noon at @FuseboxFestival's Waffle Chats! I'm thrilled to be moderating the Serious Comedy chat with some am…
#DAY5 the final #fuseboxfestival day is here with a chance to experience the rainforest without leaving Austin! Today from 2-6pm drop in to the State Parking Garage A on 1401 San Jacinto Blvd and be transported to the Rainforest Reverb soundscape bit.ly/2UHyzAt
Last night's hub shenanigans captured by photographer Amanda Winkles! We have non-stop events at the festival hub today, including a salsa social, art-making activities, drag for all ages, dj sets, and more! #livesince05 #fuseboxfestival bit.ly/2PkP27p https://t.co/L6rZ5BKQ8k
RT @elizmcqueen: Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday & @JacKUTX brought me flowers as a present & it’s 4/20 and it’s Passover & it’s the weekend o…
Guest blogger Bridget Evarts' review of NEXT YEAR PEOPLE, a play that follows three people as they build a life together on an abandoned island in the Azores, gives the audience a first-look at the collaborative performance. bit.ly/2Uuq1aM #fuseboxfestival #livesince05 https://t.co/ODmPvMONG1
Looking forward to seeing you at the Fusebox Hub for today’s #DAY4 Salsa Social. We need your help to make a Time Capsule for #fuseboxfestival’s 15th anniversary. Please bring your memories to share and any Fusebox memorabilia, photos, etc to be included in the capsule! https://t.co/bjO3SzwMtW
Another #fuseboxfestival day on the books! Hannah overwhelmed our senses, the Art Crawl infused our palates, Rude Mechs built us up #DAY3 might be winding down but the night is just taking flight over at our Hub come experience it with us #livesince05 https://t.co/lWb2UYeYvN
Loving #fuseboxfestival as much as we are? Commemorate your experience with some swag! Hats, shirts, and catalogs galore 💙 https://t.co/nqb911VUs1
Don't miss all the sensational live art we have going on at "the hub" tonight — our after-hours festival space on East 5th. Feat. Museum of Human Achievement's Puddin’s Student Government, Angela Goh's Body Loss and Kuniklo's SEZ ONO! bit.ly/2ZncxRZ #fuseboxfestival #atx
RT @agoodkhristian: this show I saw last night at @FuseboxFestival shook all of my branches. schedule.fuseboxfestival.com/blog/estado-ve…
"Manuela Infante’s work is a swarming push with hidden revelations and invitations." fresh from our fest blog, Khristián Aguirre's review of Estado Vegetal. Read it over your morning coffee. And get to your local theatre! #livesince05 #fuseboxfestival bit.ly/2ZpbmSi https://t.co/LY47BCqqgN
RT @SandieDonzica: I’m performing this evening as part of @FuseboxFestival! 6pm and 7:30pm at Robert B. Rowling Hall. Sound in Sculpture is…
RT @SaraEleta: Soundscaped, lightshaped, incredible immersive ambient show last night. @octopusproject always amazes. #ATX @FuseboxFestival
#DAY2 of #fuseboxfestival was out of this world. Waffles filled our bellies, Manuela Infante reached out and touched our hearts with her branches, and Botany's sounds are still reverberating through the Hub. Still much more artistic wonderment awaits us tomorrow! #livesince05 https://t.co/aVys9nx4k4
Still not quite sure what goes on during #fuseboxfestival? Head over to our festival blog and read Lindsey Sikes' recap of all the splendiferousness of #DAY1 that will have you raring to join us! bit.ly/2UOra2l https://t.co/FV6GqT7Apt
RT @octopusproject: TONIGHT!! Extremely excited to share LOOM II — an immersive, ambient surround sound & surround light performance/art in…
Read guest-blogger Molly Roy's interview with artist Michelle Ellsworth, whose performances THE REHEARSAL ARTIST & POST VERBAL SOCIAL NETWORK start at @GroundFloorATX today and run until Saturday. bit.ly/2Gmo8br #fuseboxfestival #livesince05 https://t.co/Sstlx0K5SJ
#DAY1 of Fusebox Festival 2019 was a wonderful start to this year's festivities!! Here are some of our favorite shots captured today. Please use our hashtags so you can share your photos with us! Photos By Giulio Sciorio. #fuseboxfestival #livesince05 #justgettinstarted https://t.co/FNhAGKCXDh
We’re off to an exciting start! Mason Rosenthal sat down to dinner with the creators and performers of Next Year People, read his interview here to prepare for their show that opens tonight at 7pm! bit.ly/2UqMpSC #fuseboxfestival #DAY1
RT @octopusproject: LOOM II performance/art installation tomorrow night at 11pm! Improvised ambient tunes w/ surround sound & lights!! Mi…
RT @RudeMechs: #NotEveryMountain opens tomorrow at @FuseboxFestival. Are you ready? https://t.co/IA4ajgoKnt
Join us tonight at The HUB for our Opening Party feat. @goldendawnARK performing a DJ set and acoustic activation, The Color Condition Sadie Hawkin's Dance Party with colorful costumes and vinyl cuts + more! #livesince05 #fuseboxfestival #DAY1 facebook.com/events/6093860…
Read this stellar interview w/ curator Kaila Schedeen & artist Justin Favela about his practice & his large-scale installation ¿Quihúbole? which will cover the front of the Fusebox Festival Hub this week. The most stunning piñata Austin's ever seen! bit.ly/2VL3Crj
RT @YouthRiseTexas: We are looking forward to seeing you next Saturday and share the work @YouthRiseTexas has been doing in collaboration w…
RT @octopusproject: Trippy lights for LOOM II!!! Ambient performance w/ surround sound & lights next Thursday (04/18) at the @FuseboxFesti…
RT @fundteatroamil: #EstadoVegetal de Manuela Infante parte de gira a USA. 5 ciudades y 13 funciones 👏👏 Primera parada TEXAS @FuseboxFesti…
RT @AustinChronicle: Tickets to some shows have been snapped up, but there's still plenty of electric @FuseboxFestival action available. ht…
RT @LandmarksUT: Sound in Sculpture is coming up this Friday at 6pm. This event, as part of @FuseboxFestival, asks student composers to cre…
RT @octopusproject: #moseybackmonday to our SXSW Day Party at @mohawkaustin last month!! Next show is an ambient, surround sound & lights…
RT @salvagevanguard: It's @FuseboxFestival week! That means odd performance art offerings all over town until the 21st! Follow them for det…
Works underway transforming this lil gem of a warehouse into a gorgeous Fusebox Festival Hub! Art installations, Waffle Chats, awesome performances every night, craft cocktails inside & out, food trucks. & ADMISSION'S FREE. Need we say more? ow.ly/92y230oqcxQ
Hoy en Written & Spoken: "El teatro es una forma de hacer filosofía musicalmente". Entrevista con Manuela Infante sobre su método para crear y cómo surgió Estado Vegetal. Entrevista por siri gurudev. #fuseboxfestival #writtenandspoken bit.ly/2IhlEOU
There is plenty to see at Fusebox 2019 without a ticket! Thanks to Robert Faires of @AustinChronicle for the great article! T-minus 5 more days 'til #fuseboxfestival! bit.ly/2UtI45Y
Introducing our 2019 Digital Marketing Interns! These awesome folks'll be keepin' you informed! Watch this space for their daily reports & mini reviews on all the exciting performances, events, and happenings at Fusebox Festival 2019. ow.ly/iN6C30op6D6 #fuseboxfestival
RT @fundteatroamil: #EstadoVegetal de Manuela Infante parte de gira a USA. 5 ciudades y 13 funciones 👏👏 Primera parada TEXAS @FuseboxFesti…
The Fusebox 2019 Catalogue is here! It's a festival in book form! Contributors include Maggie Nelson, Carre Adams, Giovanni Aloi, and much more. Pick yours up at any of our venues at the festival or get one at bit.ly/2EuQT6Gl! T-minus 6 days 'tl #fuseboxfestival
IDon't miss MoHA Presents: Puddin’s Student Government, the rollicking and participatory art event featuring performances by Kuniklo, and other special guests on Friday April 19 at our Fusebox Festival Hub. It’s medicine for our current psychic state. bit.ly/2I21PuC
We're so stoked about this new festival, This Time Tmrw. started by our friends at @CincyCAC. Congrats to Drew Klein and all involved. We also love this article's shout out to our Waffle Chats. Can't wait to try the Cincinnati version! bit.ly/2P0Yj4t
RT @YouthRiseTexas: “People are beautiful and we should all be nice and accepting of each other whether we know each other or not.” -Valer…
Check out Austin-based artist & composer Matt Steinke's conversation w/ Oslo-based collective @verdensteatret_ about their fascinating approach to making work & their most recent project, HANNAH, which'll be part of #fuseboxfestival #writtenandspoken bit.ly/2Gc8qAN
We can't believe the 4th annual Fusebox Eve 2019 is NEXT WEEK! You have just *four days* left to purchase your golden ticket for this spectacular evening of culinary and artistic delights. Your contribution keeps Fusebox free for all! bit.ly/2ROR683
Sun April 21st from 2-6pm enter State Capitol Garage A & experience the many sounds of the rainforest brought to you by Austin-based sound collective @rollingryot. Read about it in @sightlinesmag1 10 days 'til #fuseboxfestival bit.ly/2YXIQ9O
Starting at 9PM each night, the movement and energy of Fusebox Festival becomes concentrated in one place: our hub. No tix required, just an appetite for free live performance, music, art installations & more. Don't miss a night at the hub, April 17-21. ow.ly/fctc30olhG2
A ticket to Fusebox Eve 2019 includes a multi-course meal by Austin's top chefs, craft cocktails, & an evening chock-full of entertainment for the low price of $175. Did we mention it's for a good cause? Ticket prices goes up tmrw so don't hesitate! bit.ly/2ROR683
We're thrilled to be partnering with the @CarverMuseumATX to present @TajaLindley 's BAG LADY MANIFESTA, as part of #fuseboxfestival. T-minus 13 days. Read this excellent interview with Taja about this powerful, immersive performance. bit.ly/2I0UhIz
Wed April 17th, we're kicking off #fuseboxfestival w/ a cosmic DJ set from @goldendawnARK that'll get you moving & then vinyl cuts & a colorful dance experience c/o @ColorCondition No tix required. T-minus 14 days 'til #fuseboxfestival. bit.ly/2UqftOd
Get lost in the visual, spatial, & aural composition that is the performance HANNAH. Created by @verdensteatret_ the piece translates a voyage to the Mekong Delta into an abstract, scrolling landscape onstage. T-minus 15 days 'til #fuseboxfestival bit.ly/2Uq8wfP
Second Wave of Fusebox 2019 Tickets Officially Released! FULL LIST OF SHOWS/TIMES BELOW. Get 'em now before they are snapped up! schedule.fuseboxfestival.com
We ain't foolin'! Today at 3pm CST we're releasing a whole stack of Fusebox Festival tickets. Be ready and they can be yours! We'll be posting the specific show list here so stay tuned! schedule.fuseboxfestival.com
Happy Friday, everyone! On Monday at 3:00pm CST we're going to be releasing a second wave of Fusebox Festival tickets for select shows. Set your clocks and stay tuned! P.S. This is not an April Fools joke. This is for reals.
Are you a brilliant bookkeeper in Austin and interested in a short-term contract with an arts org? Fusebox is hiring a part-time BOOKKEEPER for our upcoming festival (April 17-21st), and beyond! Deadline is fast approaching on April 8. Apply now! fuseboxfestival.com/jobs
We're grateful to Austin's Yellow Bike Project who are donating bikes to help our festival artists get around town. 💛 YBP is a vital org that is a bike shop, teaches bike mechanics, & maintenance, & acts as a local bike advocacy group. Consider donating! austinyellowbike.org
Check out our podcast with Shawn Sides, Thomas Graves, and Peter Stopchinski of the @RudeMechs about the process of creating the incredible show "Not Every Mountain," which'll premier at Fusebox Festival 2019. bit.ly/2HJMrmE #writtenandspoken #fuseboxfestival
Fusebox is hiring a part-time BOOKKEEPER for our upcoming festival (April 17-21st), and beyond! Please share with your awesome keeper's of books! Deadline is April 8th. Apply now! fuseboxfestival.com/jobs
You’re invited! Join us April 16 for Fusebox Eve 2019 our annual fundraiser feat. incredible performances, large-scale art installations, and a multi-course feast. We've sold out the past three years, get your tickets now! bit.ly/2ROR683
We're thrilled to be launching the 2nd edition of the Fusebox Festival Catalogue, feat. commissioned essays and interviews, original artworks, and profiles of all featured works — it’s a festival in book form. Pre-order now or buy one at the fest. bit.ly/2OlIPYm
We've spent the past year getting to know the incredible teens that participate in @YouthRiseTexas, collaborating with them to envision what a festival can be. We're thrilled to present their performance "Tunnel Vision" in Fusebox 2019. #fuseboxfestival bit.ly/2TMupqe
RT @GoldenHornetATX: The multimedia performance feat. works by @paolaprestini, Foday Musa Suso, @YukaCHonda, @majaratkje, @fperezsantiago,…
Our friends at @AustinOpera are presenting "Soldier Songs" April 5 + 6@paramountheatre Adapted from recorded interviews with veterans of five wars, this unique performance explores changing perceptions of war in our society and by those who experience it. bit.ly/2VTeAKW
Today on Written & Spoken: What does it mean to do wake work? Jaamil O. Kosoko talks to us about Séancers, his powerful auto-ethnographic meditation on loss and resurrection. Carre Adams from @CarverMuseumATX joins in. @jaamilkosoko Check it out! ow.ly/OllD30o5LqI
Big thanks to Jeanne Claire van Ryzin and @ArtsCultureTX for the great article on our 15th anniversary and the exciting festival line-up for 2019! We're less than a month away, y'all! #fuseboxfestival bit.ly/2FdzZrB
Do you love writing about live performance? Do you have a knack for the digital sphere? We're looking for a Digital Marketing Intern for this year's fest, April 17-21st. Great experience & honorarium provided. Apply here! bit.ly/2t5kYlP
Congratulations, Kristy Edmunds! Such great ethos behind this new prize dedicated to arts administrators. nyti.ms/2T79Z6i
The excellent exhibition "constant escape," on view at @CarverMuseumATX feat. the work of Betelhem Makonnen, Adrian Aguilera, and Tammie Rubin, and just made it to @Glasstire's Top 5 in Texas! #fuseboxfestival2019 bit.ly/2Ck2Rhb
Satellite Art Show, Austin Edition, will feature 20 interactive and immersive exhibitions presented by galleries, curators, artist-run spaces and non-profits from across the United States. Opening tonight and running this thru this weekend at MoHA. ow.ly/nAQN30o1Zqg
See y'all tomorrow at 10:00AM at House of Scandinavia (111 Congress Ave.) for a conversation on sustainable urban spaces in Austin! #sxsw @orangefeeling ow.ly/ofA530o0pId
Did you catch this great piece on @GoldenHornetATX 's "Sound of Science" in @sightlinesmag1 ? Don't miss this visionary project conceived by composer Graham Reynolds & co-curated by cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, at Fusebox 2019! bit.ly/2VQPEUl
This Sunday afternoon the George Washington Carver Museum join us for the third edition of Technologies and Theologies of Liberation, a monthly reading and discussion group co-presented by The Carve Museum & Fusebox. ow.ly/HDZL30nSknx @CarverMuseumATX
We've teamed up with the awesome folks at Roskilde Festival @orangefeeling to present the panel "Sustainable Urban Spaces in Austin" on March 12th from 10:00am-12:00pm. Please join us! ow.ly/TkOw30nWxuS
We've teamed up with the awesome folks at Roskilde Festival to present the panel "Sustainable Urban Spaces in Austin" on March 12th from 10:00am-12:00pm. Please join us! ow.ly/f19x30nWxsf
Fusebox Festival is entirely free to attend. When you donate, you help ensure it's financially accessible to thousands of people & you're also supporting artists. Amplify Austin lasts until 6:00 PM today. Please consider donating. Every little bit helps! ow.ly/fvxq30nTd4i
Our festival is entirely free to attend. When you support Fusebox, you're helping keep it accessible to thousands of people & directly supporting artists. We hope you'll consider donating during Amplify Austin which starts today & runs 24 hours. ow.ly/ZTsX30nS8hT
"We'll try to bring joy, positivity, beauty, drag, culture to whatever this is," Lestrange said, pointing to the section of the border fence directly behind her." Yessss! n.pr/2IBjxGF
RT @pspace: Check out the @FuseboxFestival artist announcement featuring local face Angela Goh who will be presenting her work Body Loss. T…
RT @theprojecto: + ART + Ecstatic to be part of this year's @FuseboxFestival !!! Tanks to @BigMedium for your support, blasto__ & ernestowa…
RT @arab_amp: @FuseboxFestival 2019 announcements are up! So excited @arab_amp is part of this festival ~ #best #radical #art #austin #FUS…
RT @jaamilkosoko: So excited to present #Séancers in #Austin as part of @FuseboxFestival in April. #theséancersarecoming @ Austin, Texas ht…
RT @mrs_truscott: @FuseboxFestival I'm so psyched to be a part of this amazing #free arts festival in the sweet, sweet city of #Austin, TX!…
Worried about your tickets to Fusebox Festival 2019? Never fear! We'll be releasing a second wave of tickets for our shows in the coming weeks & every show will have walk-up tickets. & we've got plenty of performances happening that aren't ticketed at all! Stay tuned, y'all! <3
Annnnnnnddd we're live, folks! Check out our awesome Fusebox Festival 2019 teaser and don't forget to visit bit.ly/fusebox2019 to view the 2019 Festival line-up and make your reservations! vimeo.com/318227608
Tune into our line-up announcement and 15 year anniversary party via Facebook Live! facebook.com/FuseboxFestiva…
T-minus one hour 'til our Fusebox Festival 2019 Line-up Party! at Austin Central Library! If you're on the couch, tune in to the festivities on Facebook Live at 7pm CST! <3 ow.ly/x5ew30nL9gY
🎉See you at the Central Library tonight for the Fusebox Festival 2019 Line-up Party!🎉 And if you can't join IRL, we'll be streamin' on Facebook live 😎 ow.ly/2EJe30nKXjn
Tmrw eve our 2019 Festival line-up goes live & tix become available! If you're in ATX, join us at the Central Library@AustinPublicLib from 7-8:30pm for our announcement party! & if you aren't in town, don't worry: we'll be live-streaming via Facebook Live! ow.ly/THi430nJqXZ
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