A hotel for friends from near and far in the heart of the South Congress neighborhood.
RT @AbortionFront: .@tinatunes gave "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" the creepy spin it DESERVES from our last show in #Minneapolis. She'll…
Breakfast al fresco. Not bad for a Friday or any day really. Opt to have your room service delivered to the Courtyard! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/qMSE6Rkkal
Ah yes, the sweet Courtyard King Suite: one of our favorite rooms of all time. 📷: @nicksimonite #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/vqOC7MDJG3
#SXSJ returns to our parking lot this Wednesday supporting public radio! 📻 Come out and support @wfuv and @KUTx starting at noon! Always and forever free to attend. Set times will be announced via our IG stories and on our #SXSJ FB page. #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/oYYuEUhjHJ
Adornments for your Valentine. ❤️ Our collection of Eny Lee Parker hand-made, ceramic earrings are sure to please. Available in our lobby shop or online store, open always. 📷: @minkmade #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels #shopbunkhouse https://t.co/9ZVBMhUpWp
Start the year with new rituals. Cozy up with our Hasami Tea set and feed your mind with one of our favorite books, In the Company of Women. Both available online or in our lobby shop. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose#bunkhousehotels #shopbunkhouse https://t.co/x9AhLdHVS3
Treat yourself or someone you love, like a lot. Today is the last day to place online orders for 12/24 delivery. Happy shopping! 📷: @dagnushka #hotelsanjose #shophotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels #shopbunkhouse https://t.co/RXkugFyIQl
Don’t miss our annual Holiday Market tomorrow in the lounge from Noon-5pm! Free to attend, we can’t wait to see you rain or shine! 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/q4ISAVPVZR
Our friends from @thesabahdealer are coming back to join us in the courtyard today-Sunday from noon-8pm! Tonight: special guest DJ's include Flying Turns starting at 5pm spinning tunes. See you there! 📷: @thesabahdealer #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/1LvIusrvjJ
Yes, it smells delicious in here! Swing by and pick up our new favorite Hiba Wood Atmosphere Incense made by @golda_life 📷: @alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/5RCD7L4Ne4
Book a suite through the end of November and receive up to 20% off your stay. This special rate is subject to blackout dates and availability. Book online and select givethanks. 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/YsO085wXp5
Ready to write your magnum opus or just need a place to jot down that certain something? Grab our custom @shinola notebook? 📷: @alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/nwRQfFSOmX
The beautiful common patio space of Room 53. One of our favorite spots on property! 🌵✨📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/aGx3ZCwWFZ
#Morningwalk through the courtyard with these cuties. 🌵🌵📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/QjW4ffvhw8
Just got to Austin? Don't worry, we'll guide you in the right direction. Pick up a copy of our favorite @wildsam Field Guide to Austin, or our highly coveted @wallpaperguides. Tap to purchase both! 📷: @minkmade #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/n7CWN9LjF8
Come on down to lounge town! Happy hour is from noon-5pm, and from 6 – 8pm we will be hosting Get Out The Vote where there will be kits from @activateus, polling station information, and more! 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels #activateus https://t.co/PjyrmEc19g
The only thing that we can think of that beats Room 40 in awesomeness could be our annual Halloween Party! We hope to see you there! It's (tomorrow) Saturday, October 27 from 8pm-on. 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/vyhjDH2Vxh
Celebrate Halloween with us on Saturday, October 27 from 8pm - Midnight! Come enjoy drink specials, music by DJ @gogogarcia, as well as our annual costume contest. See you there! 🎃 Art by @halliebrewer_ #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/GheKht2w72
Take us with you! Pick up our custom chopsticks in our lobby shop or online today. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/lcLfQ71L0M
Get in touch with your inner escape artist and leave work early: meet us in the lounge! Welcome to the San José. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #escapetothesanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/I9u9dTMhl3
Ya hear that? It’s the lounge calling to remind you that you should be here. #EscapeToTheSanJose today! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/wtfeGxaU5i
The perfect addition to any library: “How to be a Texan” is our top recommendation from our library! Swing through the lobby shop today. 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/WnEQPb3oAr
We clearly worship our custom kimonos, and you will too once you slip one on. Get to it! Tap to get yours today, you won't be sorry! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/HRVxpIK94d
What a cozy days to spend in Room 50. 🌿🌵📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends https://t.co/EypSaha0u0
We’ll take one of everything, please. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/UI4a2NjtbZ
Monday motivation. Meet us at Happy Hour, it’s until 5pm! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/EWIRSfgvz6
Our favorite little corner of the world. ✨📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/dB1l0CN4t2
Hotel San José essentials: don’t leave home without them. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/Q0TMrKrBkB
Paying homage to our roots. Have you all taken a listen to @thelizlambert on the @timferriss podcast? Tap the link in bio if not, you’re going to love it. 📷: @avose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/Qh6L4xZY7L
A hallmark of the #hotelsanjose decor, these Queen sized bed linens are ideal for nearly all circumstances. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/6lQ4kRmPkC
Welcome to the San José. Stay out late. Get a room. Order that frosé. Do your thing and book it with @onenightapp. It’s for when you’re ready to live on the edge, be spontaneous and get out of the house. Tap the link in bio to download! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose https://t.co/zVYnOf6vZ3
Room service al fresco?! We’re into it. ☕️ Take us with you by purchasing our signature wine glass set! Tap photo to get ‘em. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #shophotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/wS4UwehB7t
#Morningwalk to Room 45, admiring the design of @lakeflato everyday. ✨📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/DVgj1WeC49
Walking into the weekend. 🌵🌿 Meet ya there! 📷: @alisonmarlborough #escapetothesanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/sU9YhRDFiv
Spend your stay with us in our custom kimono robe and your favorite pup, then take it home with you! Tap to magically transport to our online shop. ✨📷: @minkmade #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/eWK52Jeocc
Need a view that’s new to you? Why don’t you try this one...you deserve it. ✨📷: @minkmade #escapetothesanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/FXKjX1hhud
It’s Friday, you know what to do. #EscapetotheSanJose, we will be waiting. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/kRPY54GmvM
The perfect companion to your day dreamin’ ...our custom pillowcases are in shop. “Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void, it is shining, it is shining.” - John Lennon 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/DgjjTA4bZx
#Morningwalk to Room 45, one of our favorite zen zones. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/9vkq4HdBu4
Squad goals.🌵📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/mylgk7wg6A
Our favorite little corner of the world. 🌿Tap to get shopping! 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/n4CWmi5gxY
#Morningwalk by Room 33. Simply the best! 🌿🌺📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/RIGiykgdmM
#EscapetotheSanJose this summer and get cozy in our custom kimono robes. Believe us, they’re to die for. 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/r0rsZP2lDl
Puppers always welcome. 🐾 Book your stay today and don’t forget to treat your best friend like the VIP they are! Let us know they’re coming and we will get them all set up in your room. 📷: @moderndoglbk #dogsofhotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/XGzQ980SBc
Breakfast in bed: aka the most amazing concept ever created. ☕️🥑🍳🥐🍓🥂 Room Service is available daily from 7-11am. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/GOH8M1K89t
Keep cool in our lighter than light @filthmart tees in the #HotelSanJose lobby shop! Shop one, shop all! Tap the photo to be magically transported to our online shop. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/U2g6e1YHMi
We will take one of everything, please. Happy hour starts at noon, 🍧 meet us there! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #escapetothesanjose #hotelsanjose #hjsrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/ZAlLZVesjD
Find us In The Company of Women all morning long sipping our tea from our favorite Hasami Tea Set. Tap the photo to get yours today! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #shophotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/WUxWLOof2r
Our custom kimono robe: bathrobe or summer outdoor clothing. You choose. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/eTLNYvItV0
Our #1 Dad package is here: tap to start shopping for your pops! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #shophsj #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/519bkgEFNS
Frosé, Frosé, Frosé. 🍧 Happy hour is until 5pm today, we will meet you there! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/cKPpbvSba0
Check in and cool off. Escape to the San José today! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/Z9cHxxfDd6
Scoop our summer favorites here! We’ve said it before and will say it again: it is perfectly acceptable to live in our custom kimono robes. Tap the photo to shop our faves. All of our favorite essentials are available in our lobby shop as well! 📷: @alisonmarlborough https://t.co/dbm94Ntkat
Stellar Monday lineup right here... we will meet you at happy hour! Noon - 5pm. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/cNZ6Vd8uyc
Yes, it’s 105 degrees outside, so we suggest you live in your kimono robe only. Grab yours from our lobby shop today! 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #shophotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/kTIAx5fOw0
Summer is here, we’re working on our pool gaze. 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hsjrecommends #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/iWAsYi6Kgm
🔮Tonight! Join us in the lounge with readings by @sistertemperancetarot! Sign-ups begin in the lounge at 5pm, and readings start at 8pm. A $20 minimum is required for all readings. See you there! #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/hiH9KcOh9d
Cute alert! Have you seen our new kiddie tees and onesies? Transport yourself to our online shop, or check it out in person in our lobby shop. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hsjrecommends #shophotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels #hotelsanjose https://t.co/6g4zJVVos0
Need to sock it to Monday already? Escape to the San José for our new favorite cocktail: Pinkberry Punch (muddled berries, grapefruit juice, and bubbles on ice). ✨📷: @jackieleeyoung #hsjrecommends #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/PzM6M3TVda
Yeah, we want to jump on the bed too. Friday on your mind? You’re in luck, it’s already here. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/MwicGvNwis
Our Mother’s Day gift guide is here! We certainly hope you’ll swing by our lobby shop or visit our site. Don’t forget our Annual May Pop-Up is happening May 12th from Noon - 5pm! Check out our insta-stories for more! 📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/ww4G9nyXPq
Our annual May Pop-Up is back! Bring your mom to the lounge this Saturday from 12-5pm for an early Mother’s Day celebration and get her (or yourself!) something. Check out our website to see a list of vendors. https://t.co/oREmR09cPo
Cinco De Mayo is upon us! Swing through the lounge this weekend, we will have frozen Sake Margaritas and Fairweather Tejano Cider on special along with Churro Popcorn (churro-spiced and drizzled with chocolate). 🌵📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/uvtBHyRwao
There is so much power in giving! So give yourself or your hunny one of our custom kimono robes. You’ll live in it, trust us. 🌵📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/NzGUqhab6k
Sunday in the lounge! Steady Rock Steady from 5-8pm. Swing by to listen to Deejay JLA Soul spin classic, deep rock steady, reggae and dub all on vinyl. 🎶 #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/vrlLDnS7QY
Pool days are upon us. ☀️☀️📷:@minkmade #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/ux4cmQ6i2q
Find your oasis. Spoiler alert: it’s here! 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hsjrecommends #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/beANcKd2r4
Custom kimono robe. ✔️ Custom Hotel San José Keychain. ✔️Now all you need to do is come and see us! Pick up both of these lobby shop favorites today. 📷:@minkmade #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/DvADSDe49J
Tonight in the lounge! @sistertemperancetarot will be doing short readings in exchange for a minimum of $20 donation. You must sign up onsite. Readings begin at 8pm, see you there! ✨#hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/fFO8LZ0dd0
Frosè at the San José today, y’all. Come through! ✨🍧📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/ri0ZdUkNby
Freshen up with @malinandgoetz. All sold here, check out our amazing apothecary selection in our lobby shop. 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hsjrecommends #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/GAiX9TmYQL
Get your mojo working, Austin! 🔮 We are hosting a three day Aura Portrait Pop-Up with @moodbymoss on April 13th, 14th + 15th in the lounge. Book your session ASAP through our website to get a pulse on your energetic state for 2018. See you there! 📷:@moodbymoss https://t.co/oa78Uksx07
Favorites from our library collection. 📚Grab one for yourself today! Swing by our lobby store or shop online (it’s always open!). 📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/aWoLBGBYhF
Have you tried our new spring cocktails? Meet The Guru (@healthade ginger lemon 🍋 kombucha, ginger, lemon juice, and bubbles on ice) + Pinkberry Punch (muddled berries, grapefruit juice, bubbles on ice). ✨ 📷:@alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/Ja8mELlSR5
Take us home with you! Our favorite Crisa glasses are available for purchase in our lobby shop. Bonus: they come in a custom @kkdwco #HotelSanJose branded box. Swing by and grab yours today! 📷: @alisonmarlborough #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/3ZOxdSQRSk
Cure your Monday blues with our famous Michelada. Swing by for happy hour until 5pm! 🍻📷:@minkmade #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/EljZB0n9D3
Breakfast in bed: a sure sign the weekend is here. Order room service each day from 7-11am. 📷:@jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/8uUtGvo1IQ
It’s okay if you want one of everything, we do too. Swing by our lobby shop and take us home with you! ✨📷: @alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/V0Zd8TLPzA
@tankandthebangas will be performing tonight at #SXSJ! Come by early to see all of the other amazing acts we’ve got lined up. 💥 📷: Gus Bennett #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/5ozY8xyHl5
Are you as excited as we are about seeing @alberthammondjr today? Come by #SXSJ early to see him and many more amazing artists. Always and forever free. See you there! 🎶📷: Steven Ward #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/bYsYJZyM1y
Austin’s own Genital Panic starts off #SXSJ today at 1pm! What’s the best way to start your day? Watching a Feminist punk band of course. See you out there! 📷:@alisonnarro #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/rptEKjwXT1
Music starts tomorrow at noon! Always and forever free, no wristbands or RSVP’s required. We historically hit capacity early so come early to make sure you see your favorite band. See you there! 📷:@firstthreesongs #SXSJ #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/yC5CcEaMTm
We can’t wait to see you at #SXSJ 2018! Starting on Wednesday, always and forever free. We will be releasing set times daily here and on facebook and twitter (follow us on Twitter at @SanJoseHotel). Music starts at noon daily- see you there! 📷: @firstthreesongs https://t.co/ahnD6n4GkJ
Did someone say “treat yourself?” Oh wait, that was us. Room service? Yes please! ✨📷: @jackieleeyoung #hsjrecommends #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/DpuvBiVGfu
Step into our lobby shop, there’s something for everyone. 💥 📷:@alisonmarlborough #shophotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/MkltLuISuX
We are excited to bring back live DJ sets tonight from our friends Waikikileaks! Join us in the lounge from 7-10pm for sounds from around the globe. ✨ #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/xFfySSwmv4
#EscapeToTheSanJose today after you donate to @amplifyatx! This is the one day every year that our community comes together to support the local non-profits. Our pal and DJ @soundsandpressure will be in our lounge today from 5-7pm so be sure to see us! 📷:@alisonmarlborough https://t.co/Z5XCFtQ5ZA
Treat yourself (and your best friend) like the VIP that you are! 📷: @minkmade #dogsofhotelsanjose #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends https://t.co/WsiEiTqQb8
We’ve grown up so fast! Join us in celebrating our 18th birthday 🍰 this Sunday, March 4th! We will have DJ Jake Garcia, sweet treats from @SugarMamasbakeshopatx, a keg from @hisignbrewing, and tunes from @altamesamusic! Let’s party like we’re 18 from 2-5pm! 📷:@jackieleeyoung https://t.co/7vRXfiuQXj
We are excited to announce this year’s stellar lineup for #SXSJ! 🔥 It all starts March 14th! Pop over to our website for a full list of bands, vendors and more! Set times will be announced daily during #SXSJ (but never before) . ALWAYS AND FOREVER FREE! https://t.co/Xz0lkqrDHf
Cozy up with us...it’s Friday! 📷:@alisonmarlborough #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/FvWqRVLXP0
South Congress oasis. 🌵🌿 Swing on by. 📷:@dawnfran #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/4u7sGViQil
New to Austin? Pick up one of our favorite @wildsam field guides or @wallpapermag guides to Austin today! Shop our lobby store today or swing by our online shop...link in bio! 📷:@minkmade #shophotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/4NNTrUhOxf
Stellar lineup. ✨ Come get cozy with us. 📷:@minkmade #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/5rIswU5S6g
A toast to toast! We love our new room service breakfast. Have you tried it? ✨📷: @jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/Ho8eZzIu94
Destination: weekend. Come and see us in the lounge! Frosé awaits you. 🍧 📷:@jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjrecommends #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/eFadeXwUwI
Our signature look. 🌵🍶 Come and see us! 📷:@jackieleeyoung #hotelsanjose #hsjreccomends #mexicomeetsjapan #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/geCwSIacYi
Sharing the view we love the most. Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! 💘📷: @minkmade #hotelsanjose #bunkhousehotels https://t.co/yhTJGoECRe
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