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Cucumber or pickle? Let the debate begin. #cucumberredbud #picklebeer
RT @austinfilm: SLACKER was released by Orion Classics on this date in 1991. Hear about how Richard Linklater and Detour Filmproduction sel…
July 4th next weekend. Y'all ready to crush some Natives and blow sh*t up? 🧨 🍺 🧨 #independenceday #july4th #nativetexan #pilsner #indybrewing
This Father's Day weekend we're reopening the brewery's outdoor patio and releasing our new collab beer, a Paloma inspired grapefruit Redbud aged in Desert Door Sotol barrels. Order your bottle on our website starting Friday 6/19 at 12pm.
Save The Date! Beginning next Friday, June 19th we are reopening the taproom's outdoor patio to the public. We'll be sharing more details throughout the week. Stay tuned! Beer To-Go Hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 2pm - 10pm Patio Hours: Friday - Sunday: 4pm - 9pm
It's peach season here in the Hill Country and y'all have to try this pairing, it's 😙👌 #peachemoji #sourbeer #juicy #peach🍑 #smithtea
2020 has been a doozy. The only way we've gotten through this is with y'all's support. We're so grateful to everyone who has continued to purchase our beer at local stores and through our online beer-to-go system. We seriously can't thank you enough ❤️ #blessed #supportlocal
Like our spirit animal the grackle, Austin's original is bold, brazen, and travels in (6) packs. Smooth & Malty, 6% ABV, Classic Brewpub-style Amber Ale. CAW! 🦅 What's y'all's spirit animal? #austinamber #indybrewing #amberale #austin #austintexas #atxbeer
Open your third eye and behold the majesty 👁 12 cans of Stash in one box, each can transporting you to a higher dimension 🎆 Beware the 13th can—few have dared to journey, fewer still have returned to tell the tale 🌚 Ever had a "Stash" night? What about a 12-pack Stash night?
Enjoy a Whiskey Shivers live stream from the brewery to the comfort of your own home wherever that is. 5/22 7pm CST #livestream #austintexas…
Q: what happens when you age a berliner weisse and grapefruit juice in sotol barrels for 6 months? A: partner, you're about to find out real soon 🍾 #desertdoorsotol #redbud #berlinerweisse #barrelagedbeer #collaborationbeer #beerrelease #indybrewing #austinbeer #texasbeer
New pilot beers on deck!🏴‍☠️ Saison DuPom is a traditional farmhouse ale brewed with pomegranate juice and botanicals like lavender, rose hips, and juniper. Oscar's Red IPA is a heavy hitting west coast style Red IPA clocking in at 8.1% ABV. Crowlers available to-go now!
Here's the story of a lovely beer who was bringing up three very lovely flavors... Happy American Craft Beer Week! Any crowler of any Redbud only $7 at the taproom. Order ahead and pick up to-go!…
Here's to all you Momma Beers out there 🐻🍺 Y'all brewed us into this world and have cold stored us every day since. Thank you for making us the beers (and humans) we are today 🍻❤️
Sip or Sip Not, There is No Try. Today we're be celebrating with our Power & Light-saber, a forceful IPA that strikes the balance between the dark and light sides✨ ⚡️May The Fourth Beer With You⚡️ #maythe4thbewithyou #starwarsday
Thank god it’s Hawaiday. Since weekdays no longer exist, we’ve decided to create a new calendar Today we’re slamming our brand spanking new Hawaiian Highboy Double IPA—19.2 fluid ounces of tropical fruit, hops, and alcohol that’ll have you day drinking in someone’s kiddie pool 🥴
Our resident food truck, Killa Wasi, is now offering dishes to go from the brewery. Grab some beer + dinner, go home a hero.…
Quarantine life got you coach potatoing? 🥔 We got the 3-step cure 💉 Step 1. drink a can of our light and juicy peach tea sour 🍺 Step 2. put on pants (optional) 🍑 Step 3. bounce to our Peach Twerkout playlist on Spotify 🎵 #twerkout
Pick up some @pinkbootsbeer releases - including our Good as Hell - and support local breweries #texasbeerrun #texasforever…
Happy Earth Day y'all. Can't wait till we can lay eyes on those big West Texas skies again 🌅 It's nice to have ceilings and all, but the view just ain't same 🌌🔭 #earthday #earthday2020 #earthdayeveryday #westtexas #marfa
RT @PamCraftBeerATX: Brewing this beer 🍺 was the last time I saw most of these lovely ladies. Get out this weekend and buy a @pinkbootsbeer…
Looks like a good reason to grab a six-pack of Stash IPA rolling papers while supplies last #stashipa #yearof420 Order online for beer-to-go at the brewery…
Remember that time we got our friends from @4DWNProject to set up a half pipe at the brewery? Let’s do that again someday! #stashipa #halfpipe #stashpipe
Amy, Kate, Julie, Lucy and Shelby had a hell of a time brewing up a Session IPA with Austin Pink Boots #GoodasHell Available to-go. Pre-order online…
Hey Indy fans, we're hoping y'all can help us raise money and awareness for this awesome cause that our friends @garrisonbros have organized. Here's the link to donate -
Inspired by our H-town hero @lizzo we dubbed our newest beer “Good as Hell.” Brewed by the badass ladies of Independence Brewing and@pinkbootssociety, we encourage you to post something that makes you feel as #goodashell and tag a friend. Let’s get some good energy flowing. 🙌
Need to stock up on the essentials while picking up your to-go order? We got you covered. Our custom beer soaps from @kuhdoo combine our beers with natural ingredients like avocado oil 🥑 and Texas raw honey Order ahead and pick-up at the taproom on your next beer run
Meet our taproom manager and beer-to-go maven Dave Gray! When he's not slinging pints and delivering beer-to-go orders, Dave aka Mr Skeenut 🎩 can be found skee-balling with Team Skeesou and slaying dragons with his trusty D20 🐉⚔️ Give him a holler the next time you stop by!
Want to win an Indy belt buckle? There's still time! Head over to our Instagram to see how you can get your hips on this one-of-a-kind buckle 🤠Giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm!
It's about to be hot town summer in the city here in Texas which means it's time to seek out some shade and a Passionfruit Guava Redbud Enjoy our tart and refreshing Berliner with a tropical fruity twist during your next neighborhood happy hour 🏝🦜🍹 Stay safe y'all
Announcing our new seasonal 🍑Peach Emoji 🍑 a sour ale with fresh peaches and a Ceylon and Assam black tea from our friends @Smithteamakers
We're so grateful right now for all of our retail and distributor partners who are working day and night to keep store shelves stocked with beer. Without their hard work none of us would be able to crack open a cold one at a time when we all need it the most 🍻
Needed to hear this again. Thank you @WillieNelson ❤️…
Want to skip the long lines? Support our local business and Indy staff by picking up your favorite brews directly from the taproom! More details on our Instagram and Facebook pages ✨
RT @TDubonNothing: #TaylordFrequency signal still strong. We'll be partying Saturday starting at 5 at @indybrewing
Repost from Salty Sullivan 😉 Alexa, play "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg.
Redbud - the perfect beer to sip on as the Texas weather warms up. Did we mention this tart & refreshing brew is available on draft and in cans all year round? 😉 📸 by Midwest Beer Explorer
Native Texan all around for all you cowboys 'n cowgirls! Dallas folks - all Indy beers will be on discount for the entire month of March. Head out to your nearest Whole Foods or Central Market and pick up a 6-pack (or two) 😉 📸 by @PairrExperience
RT @CraftBeerATX: The W Hotel’s TRACE restaurant is hosting a beer pairing dinner with @indybrewing this Friday, get your tickets now! http…
Happy Texas Independence Day, y'all! Head to our Instagram to see how you can win this ~exclusive~ Indy belt and buckle 🤠Giveaway ends March 31!
Bill Murray drinking a Native Texan. That's it...that's the tweet.
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Blow that whistle #AustinTexas the #AustinAmber is iced. #TexasBBQ and #TexasBeer in the #ATX #TGiF @indybrewing
Looking good...I can imagine that smoky goodness
We're partnering with Smith Teamaker for an upcoming peachy release and let's just say things are getting hot and steamy 🍑...
Felt cute, might delete later 😉 📸 by Foodstagrahams
Golden hour at the taproom✨ Join us for a rocking Saturday night...featuring RATS RATS RATS, Blue Tongue, The Big Fix, and 2069! No cover + all ages from 7-10 pm!
Early voters, come into the taproom and show us your "I Voted" sticker and your first Freak Power is on us. Technically, you don't have to have a sticker - but it'd be a lot cooler if you did 😉
Our newest cocktail inspired beer dubbed "Saladwater" is taproom-only. However, thanks to the beer-to-go bill, you can take a crowler of it home to enjoy! What are you waiting for? Taproom's open until 10 pm tonight 🤠
Beer + barbeque = a match made in culinary heaven 🤤 Have lunch plans tomorrow? Now you do, Black's BBQ. 📸 by: @blacksbbqaustin
It's Texas Independence Day next month, March 2nd to be exact, and we're celebrating early -- giveaway style 🤠 Head to our Instagram for more details on how to enter!
Introducing Bluebonic Chronic...the newest addition to our Highboy series 🤤
Tonight’s the night, y’all! Head out to the taproom for our one-stop-shop Valentine’s Day event! FREE and open to the public 💖
Valentine's Day is Friday...and we know you haven't made plans yet 😉 Grab your sweetie and head out to the taproom for FREE two-step lessons, bourbon samples, and a two-for-one beer special. More details at
Peep the bag of coffee beans that brought you Up and Down 👀
In partnership with @garrisonbros, we took a batch of our robust & heady oatmeal stout and aged it for over six months in the same 20 barrels that yielded their 2019 Balmorhea expression. Dying to try it? Come out for the official bottle release on Valentine's Day 🤠
In partnership with @garrisonbros, we took a batch of our robust & heady oatmeal stout and aged it for over six month in the same 20 barrels that yielded their 2019 Balmorhea expression. Dying to try it? Come out for the official bottle relase on Valentine's Day 🤠
“Native Texan: I turned 30, I climbed a mountain, and I lived freely.” Doesn’t get better than that 🙌 📸 by @jbeerdedlady
Got aroma like whoa, and a tang like damn, outside orange looking like a Crush can 🕺 Introducing Passionfruit Guava - your new favorite Redbud.
Our latest release of Passion Fruit Guava Redbud is striving in Houston stores. Check it out!…
Peep our brand spankin' new Stash armadillo shirt -- available at the taproom now. Get yours while they're hot!⁣
RT @Specs_Beer_Dept: New on shelves: @indybrewing Passion Fruit Redbud
Meet our Head Brewer Brannon Radicke! Fun fact: Not only does he create some extremely tasty brews, but he also makes a mean beef jerky -- keeping the recipe simple with just salt, pepper, garlic, and oak wood smoke 🤤
Everbody knows that Saturdays are for the boys 🤠 Who's joining us for a shotgun?!
It's National Beer Can Appreciation Day...and if we must say so ourselves, our beer cans are pretty badass 😉 Shoutout to Lauren Dickens, Drew Lakin, and Keith Davis Young for the awesome designs!
Space Case Highboy: triple the hops, triple the lip-smacking bitterness that keeps you coming back for more 😉
Patios, pups, and pints. Yup, our taproom is open from noon - 7pm today. 📸 by Cody the Half Blood Aussie
Power and Light: the only beer that's guaranteed to make you feel like more of a badass.⁣
Attention folks: Passionfruit Guava Redbud has returned and is hitting dry mouths like a 'cane hits land 🤤 Try this fierce & tropical brew before it's gone!
We traveled ~up and down~ the world's largest coffee producing region - Minas Gerai, Brazil - in search of the right beans for our first coffee ale. See what all the hype is about by picking up a six pack of Up and Down today 😉⁣
Smooth, laid-back, and lawn chair ready 😎 Austin Amber: a true OG inspired by its hometown.
RT @BrewerMagazine: Nitro Widget Tech Tips from @indybrewing: The logistics of canning the widget cans compared to a normal canning day is…
Our brewer Mikey Hale says to skate on in to the taproom for Geeks Who Drink from 7p to 9p tonight 🏄 Sounds like a plan if you ask us!
The Chronic of IPAs, the enlightening hop trip you'll wish would never end -- Stash's simple malt bill is the blank canvas for a kaleidoscopic array of hop profiles 🤤 Cheers! ⁣
Native Texan 🤝 tacos - the only way to start your Sunday! ⠀ 📸 by @Jaguti7
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee 🐝 Power and Light is brewed like a light pale and hopped like an IPA, with the perfect burst of citrus-forward hops to have you wanting "just one more."
What's your New Year's Resolution? Ours is to drink more beer in 2020. Gonna be a tough one, but it seems doable. 😉
By us, for ALL y'all... because that's what being a real Texan is all about. 🌵🤠 ⠀
Highboys with your good boy part 2 🍻🐶⁣ 📸 by The Beer Enthusiast
Happy Holidays from the entire crew at Independence Brewing Co.! 🎄Wishing you joy, peace, and plenty of Indy beer in the year to come!
8 more days to try this year's special End Credits -- a dry-hopped "brownie" ale! Visit the closest @alamodrafthouse before it's gone! 🎬🍿⠀
The Sunday Classic: a mouthwatering slice from @homeslicepizza and an ice cold can of Native Texan. 🍻
Head to… to see why @ariauber thinks Up and Down might be one of our best beers yet 😉 ⁣ ⁣ Huge thanks to @austin360 for telling the story of our newest seasonal release with @LittleCityATX !⁣
Still in search of the perfect holiday gift for the Native Texan in your life? We’ve got you covered! Head to our website to check out the Native Texan gift package for only $40 🤠⁣
Delight your inner stoner with this year's End Credits 😉 Available at all 21 @alamodrafthouse locations in Central Texas! Try it before it's gone, folks!
The best reward after a session of acroyoga? A tall, frosty glass of ale. Join us for Acro & Ales at the taproom tomorrow -- more details on our website! 📸 by Elizabeth Jameson
Austin and Denton folks - lookin' for some Friday night plans? Join us tomorrow night for the release of our ~ super exclusive ~ @garrisonbros Bourbon Barrel-aged Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout at The Far Out Lounge and @eastsidedenton from 6-8 pm 😎 More details on our FB page!
RT @TDubonKUTX: Dance party, punk, and comedy all in one. The last Taylor'd Frequency of 2019 is THIS SATURDAY at 5 at @indybrewing. https:…
It's National Lager Day, but Native Texans know that the best beer is deep in the heart of Texas 😉⁣
The table is being set...The 2019 Annual #12DaysOfSmokedMeat is upon us. Rest well my friends. Full menu lineup link In profile. #OhWhatFun #TexasBBQ #StilesSwitchBBQ #Austin #BBQ #ATX #Barbecue #HolidayFood
A most wonderful time of the year! We’re looking forward to sampling some Convict Hill Stout with the pulled pork torta 🔥🍻
Paws off the Stash, Forrest -- this treat's reserved for grown-ups only 😘
It's here, y'all! Peep our brand spankin' new Up and Down Nitro Coffee Blonde Ale, an ultra flavorful brew that we made with our pals over at @LittleCityATX.
Drinking beer? Great. Drinking beer with the people you love? Even better.
Our newest "Hop Brownie" End Credits is about to be your favorite movie buddy. Park yourself in the nearest @alamodrafthouse theater seat and prepare for liftoff. 🚀
@TexasTribune news got me nostalgic: Once Upon a Time, there was a website called Austinist. Everyone wrote for free & for love of the city. Its roster of alumni is an embarrassment of riches. Small sampling: @EricaGrieder @rgibbs @austinkleon @dansolomon @fluxistrad @benbrown
@fluxistrad @benbrown @elmundodemando I seem to recall some early taco jounalism here, right?
@dansolomon @fluxistrad @benbrown @elmundodemando After my time, but I believe you are correct. I also remember a strong @indybrewing presence at our early parties (2005?). I’m sure @mattwright__ does, as well.
@fluxistrad @benbrown @elmundodemando @mattwright__ That’s a possibility since we started in 2004. The Austinist definitely has supported Austin’s beer scene over the years. 🍻
Happy Cyber Monday, folks! 🤠 We've got the perfect holiday gift for the Native Texan in your life -- the Native Texan gift package! Receive up to $60 worth of Indy merch for only $40 by ⁣heading to the "Gift Packages" tab at
Looking for a top-notch haircut and killer customer service? Pay our friends at @birdsbarbershop a visit and sip on some tasty beer, on us!⁣⁣
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