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South Texas newspaper helping sisters up for adoption find their forever home…
So far, Tesla’s Smart Summon feature is far from flawless…
It’s an interesting spot to fight for my rights as someone living by one of the largest camps AND for services for those experiencing homelessness. Believe it or not, you can do both.
After two months of nothing, we had a massive clean up under the 290/71 bridge today.
RT @EinsteinBros: Savor the moments when you celebrate with your family & friends. Our bagel boxes are the perfect fresh-baked crowd please…
Do Women-Only Networking Groups Help or Hurt Female Entrepreneurs?…
So many times we focus on what we don’t have, what we want. Take a minute to catalog what you DO have. What you’ve accomplished.
RT @RMHCCTX: We are so very thankful to SNH Capital Partners ❤️ Last week, they cooked dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, took a tour and…
Hey, @uhaul I used the app for the first time last night to return a car hauler. It was so easy!!!! Nice work. I love it.
RT @BreakthroughCTX: The Breakthrough Challenge will help double the number of college graduates from Central Texas' under-resourced commun…
How do we get more security presence at the Randall’s on Ben White in South Austin, @Safeway ? It’s gotten so scary there.
Last night someone attempted to break into our rented RV while my husband was filling it up with gas. It was so scary. I had been following the RV in our car and all I could do was drive toward the person and honk like a maniac. We are okay, but that was my cardio for the week 😢
RT @Inc: Work, sleep, family, fitness, or friends: pick three.
RT @EinsteinBros: Fresh-baked bagels taste even better with coffee. Come in today celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay with us! ☕️ #coffeeloversuni…
I pay almost $9,000 a year in property taxes in Austin, Texas for the luxury of living two blocks from this giant homeless camp under the 71 bridge. I’m fed up.
In less than 24 hours, Sprout Social set us up with our account. We have been contacted by two HUMANS to make sure we are having a great experience. When I log in, I see my rep’s photo and contact info. We feel loved and completely loyal ❤️
Some of you have asked about my Hootsuite debacle that started on Monday .... they did finally reach out to me. I was offered a plan downgrade and a 10% discount for my trouble. I said ‘no, thank you’.
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My recommendations on next steps to address homelessness in Austin:…
We desperately need help with trash clean up under the 71 bridge near Pack Saddle Pass. You and I walked together under that bridge 9 months ago and today, the situation is dire. We have more people camping than ever, but worse, they’re building unsafe makeshift shelters.
We don’t feel safe in our neighborhood. We can’t walk to businesses in our neighborhood. Law abiding, tax paying citizens are locked in their homes out of fear. The environment is exponentially more unsafe than it was a year ago for South Austin.
We travel to grocery stores in other neighborhoods because we don’t feel safe here. That harms the retailers along Ben White.
I encourage you to drive around the route we walked back in January. See for yourself.
There’s A Haunting Memorial In Turkey To Commemorate 440 Women Killed By Their Own Husbands Last Year | Bored Panda… via @boredpanda
Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and look at a photo that makes us smile ... here’s one for you: that’s my baby Kaiju on the right. Zoom in ... his face is going one way while his body goes the other way 😂
I’m about to take my first #RV trip ... what am I forgetting or what would I be surprised I need to know?
Nice ... customer service is about adapting to their preferred method of contact, not your personal preference…
Perfect customer service tip ❤️ simple and powerful:…
Social and customer service have to work hand-in-hand. When they don’t, it’s a disaster
I’m curious: what’s your favorite customer service tip?
As an agency owner, I’m constantly looking for “teaching moments” for our team members especially when it comes to client service
If I can’t get help with a simple billing question within 24 hours of my ask, what happens if I have a massive outtage or other issue? How customer service handles the simple stuff defines the whole relationship #badservice #hootsuite
I Spent Three Hours Getting Colonel Sanders to Fall in Love With Me on KFC’s New Dating Video Game… via @Eater
What’s the Difference Between Corned Beef and Pastrami?… via @Eater
For the record, @SproutSocial reached out to me faster than @hootsuite to help solve my problems. Now THAT is customer service. Thank you so much, Sprout Social. You all rock ❤️
RT @MayorAdler: Happy #HAAMDAY19 Austin! Thank you @myhaam for getting the day started with music from the Live Music Capital of the World!…
As a consumer and as a marketer, I can tell you with great confidence: Hootsuite has a lot of improving to do.
I upgraded to a bigger, fancier Hootsuite account earlier this month and I have to tell you: The two issues I've had have been handled HORRIBLY. I'm so disappointed. And I've been a customer for years.
Who is your favorite company for managing social media content and private messages?
Hi @Hootsuite_Help I’m frustrated again. I thought I signed up for $599/mo plan, but yesterday you charged my credit card for $7600. I filed a support ticket yesterday. It’s been 48 hours. Can I pretty please get some help? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
How Section 1202 Can Save You Millions In Taxes When You Sell Your Company…
I thought chats were supposed to be helpful!!! wahhh
Does @hootsuite use chat bots? I just had the most frustrating upgrade conversation.
Austin is a very casual town, but I always tell our Snackbox apprentices that you’ve got to dress the part. You don’t have to wear pantyhose to be taken seriously, but a good pair of heels doesn’t hurt.
My super-secret organizational go-to is the Bullet Journal. Don’t know what that is or curious about how to set one up? Here’s a tutorial: Do you use a Bullet Journal?
I’m most proud of our clients sticking with us. That client longevity tells us two things: 1) We’re great at client service. 2) We’re creative in our solutions, constantly working to find what’s going to benefit our client’s bottom line the most.
Leadership isn’t just telling people what to do. Great leaders have a natural curiosity, the ability to motivate and to think beyond an assignment. These traits help you, as a leader, focus on successes and see the bigger picture. #leadership
Happy people do great things. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you work on morale daily.
Thinking of moving to Austin? Here is a dose of reality... 80 degrees and it’s not even 7:00 a.m. yet
It’s not glamorous, but waking up at 4:30 a.m. to work is a big secret to success. It’s quiet. My email is caught up, I’m handing out assignments and planning my day.
Erika Zak, mom who inspired millions in her fight to get a liver, dies at 39…
It’s been a long two weeks. But I know I’m stronger because of it. Friday, let’s do this 🏋🏼‍♂️
These companies have hit it big, but they're just getting started. @LeighEBuchanan… via @Inc
UberEats is fueling a ‘ghost’ restaurant trend in the Tampa Bay area…
Frisco Bowl announces new title sponsor for 2019 season…
We had a fantastic time at Meredith Publishing in Des Moines, Iowa this week. Always fun to chat with the reporters and editors in person while enjoying an incredible chef prepared spread!
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Tropical Smoothie Café Raises $1.14M for Camp Sunshine… via @QSRmagazine
The Burb holds SO MANY PLANTS 🙀🏆🏋🏼‍♂️
Took the Burb to a nursery this weekend ...
My day has been filled with highs and lows ⬆️ new desktop scanner is amaze ⬇️ came home to French Mastiff diarrhea scene I think I need a hotel room for the night 😂
ICYMI: A friend's mom is battling stage 4 lung cancer and her sister is working to raise funds to help the family through this costly and emotional experience. Here's how you can help:…
Investing in Opportunity Zones: What Are They and How Do They Work?…
All ... this is important. One of our team members is watching her mother battle stage 4 lung cancer. Her sister is working to raise funds to help the family. Please donate if you can: Catch Me If You Can Musical for lung cancer…
The highlight of my day during our team outing to the Exotic Resort Zoo:
Today we closed the office and went out to Johnson City, Texas for so much fun!!
For those of you in the Plano, Texas area, this is a very important show to support. Students are doing amazing things to benefit a very sick (and loved) woman!…
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How Harland Sanders Became KFC’s Colonel Sanders… via @Eater
Investing in Opportunity Zones: What Are They and How Do They Work?…
Check out Jollibee Acquires Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for $350M… via @QSRmagazine
These House Wine & Cheez-It Boxes Are The Ultimate Happy Hour Pairing…
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Me: unlocks my car Man walking by: that’s a lot of car for a girl Me: not if she’s an undefeated drag racer 🐱
The bougiest delivery I’ve ever selected 😂 whoops
It feels good to be back in a Cadillac!
Customer service was so terrible at the Audi dealership, we ended up switching brands after seven years. It felt really good to take our keys off these things last night.
RT @EaterNY: NYPD shut down an AriZona Iced Tea sneaker pop-up after two people got assaulted in a chaotic line…
RT @Restaurant_365: We are hiring for a ton of positions at Restaurant365 in Irvine, CA and Austin, TX. We're especially looking for techn…
My whole perspective about car buying has changed since visiting @themarkmotors ... it has been an incredible experience #customerforlife
This is the time of year in Texas when I really don’t enjoy it. No need to look at the weather forecast. It’s always the same. HOT.
Never underestimate the power of word of mouth... people trust those who are in their circles more than anything.
Canned Cocktails Are Actually, Finally Good… via @Eater
You Should Definitely Eat Spaghetti in Japan… via @Eater
Avocados Are Too Pricey for Some Restaurants to Serve Right Now… via @Eater
South Austin Public Market’s Opening Is Delayed… via @EaterAustin
If you can get past your ego and listen to critique, your work is only going to get better.
Understanding where anger is coming from is the first step in both solving the problem but also potentially making positive changes in your business.
My bad experiences with our car dealership have been a good reminder on the importance of customer service, especially remembering to listen intently when someone is upset.
Guest traffic declines continue at Luby’s, Fuddrucker’s…
McDonald’s franchisee group outlines major menu failures…
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Car shopping, need you to help us make the final decision
Listen to this gorgeous sound ❤️
Sales rep says, “I’ll call you Monday”. How many days do I give them before I get mad?
Happy Monday! Visualizing a great start to the week, damnit.
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