Snackbox PR principal specializing in food, beverage, CPG public relations & crisis mgmt. Animal lover. Mid-Century Modern collector. Undefeated drag racer.
RT @MaxHoberman: This is kinda cool - both the match composer and the controller fine tuning. Makes me nostalgic for some old skool Halo mp…
I'm thrilled to read about the interest in this November's election. VOTE! >>> Election Ticker: Travis Turning Out… via @AustinChronicle
RT @ndvh: "No one stays because they like it," says Hotline advocate Alex. She shares the #1Thing she wishes people knew about domestic vio…
RT @Shape_Magazine: Taking a Vacation Can Help You Live Longer—It's Science:
I think the most boring item you can purchase as an adult is a mattress. Agree or disagree?
Practicing Halloween with my boys ❤️
The point is: you don’t have to be the person everyone says you should be. Be you. Because you are amazing ❤️
16 years old. I was told that only boys can drive like that. So I became a drag racer and wiped the track with all the boys in my 1972 Corvette (with nitrous! )
12 years old. Told that strength is not ladylike. So I went on to become a competitive power lifter.
I had something really important to tell you ... but I forgot. Brb.
RT @womensmediacntr: "If you can’t see her, you can’t be her."—Sarah Barnett, @BBCAMERICA president. #NotEnough #SuperPowerGirls https://t.…
Change is hard! I get it. But change is what makes our lives better. With change, things evolve and people (theoretically) get smarter/happier/stronger. It isn't change that's the bad guy -- it's perspective. Have good perspective and you'll be a happier person.
RT @Restaurant_365: Catering is one booming sector restaurants would be wise to capitalize on. These thriving brands are getting it done: @…
Simple Tips to Streamline Your Morning Routine… via @BrownsvilleNews
Best limited-edition Halloween candies of 2018!!!… via @sheknows
Pantone Just Released its 2019 Color Trend Predictions #SOdomino #homedecor via @dominomag
RT @animalIife: Mountain pygmy possum
I’ve been getting a lot of ads for jumpsuits. A lot. And don’t get me wrong ... I love the way they look. But real talk! How do you get out of them to pee? What are the mechanics? Am I missing something??? #AskingForAfriend
The “San Diego” at Super Burrito is what’s up 🌯
I’m pretty quick at picking up tech, but zomg the Apple TV remote makes me cuss!
Totes easy to conduct business like this! #TGIF
RT @PMQpizzamag: Roses are red, pizza sauce is too. I ordered a large and none of it’s for you. #NationalPoetryDay
I have no words 🙄
Long Hours and Early Mornings Aren't the Key to Success… via @lifehacker
Deals and freebies for National Taco Day (Via KXAN News)…
Caribou Coffeehouses Now Opening Inside Houston Area Einstein Bros.
Housing Market Slows, as Rising Prices Outpace Wages - The New York Times…
RT @SnackboxPR: Client spotting! 👀 @EinsteinBros featured in @TeenVogue for #NationalCoffeeDay ☕️ Skip the rest and get your free cup of @c…
The Morning Show in Champaign, Ill. is getting ready to celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay with @einsteinbros…
Need-To-Know Coffee Facts This #nationalcoffeeday | Bored Panda… via @boredpanda
RT @Restaurant_365: Just a few of the perks of bringing menu engineering to the modern age:
RT @htmagazine: . #Restaurant CFO slashes #auditing time from 11 hours to 1 hour per week, thanks to @restaurant_365 solution. https://t.c…
New analysis tallies Austin's 5 most popular — and expensive — areas for renters… via @CultureMapATX
Austin Central Library’s Restaurant Celebrates Texas Cookbooks… via @EaterAustin
I’m declaring today to be a good day before it even really gets started. I’m going to be positive, gracious and kind. Anyone who wants to be a jerk, I’m going to save you for tomorrow, which has already been deemed ‘grumpy’ day.
RT @annatinsley: Need to register to vote? Today's your lucky day. Here's why.…
RT @Velocity: Now that's a dream machine 😎
RT @annatinsley: Need to register to vote? Tuesday is your lucky day. Here’s what you need to know.……
RT @bryanchaney: We're hiring for our teams in San Francisco. If you're looking for the next step in your career, apply now to join us #ins…
Baby Kaiju is now eight months old and weighs 120 lbs 😲 🏆
RT @RMHCCTX: Wake up and smell the cookies 🍪Are you interested in being a meal provider for #RMHCCTX? Visit our website for more informatio…
I’d love to see more entrepreneurs build challenging and educational internships ... we did and not only is it an excellent way to give back, it’s also my favorite recruiting tool. We find the best of the best through our internship program!
Einstein Bros. Bagels gives away free coffee for National Coffee Day…
Yes, I don’t want my business associate to refer to me as “honey”, but I also don’t want to embarrass him. So tactful education is in order. You gotta be kinda about it because most times, they don’t realize it’s annoying/offensive.
Part of our internship program is teaching young women how to deal with an older generation of men... “honey” and its equivalent doesn’t fly in today’s business world ... but you still need to be equipped to handle it tactfully.
RT @broylesa: Tomorrow is also the @atxfoodblogs Oodles of Noodles Cookoff at the Brew and Brew. I imagine they’ll have everything from ram…
Ladies, in business meetings when you’re called honey (or its equivalent), how do you handle it?
I’m a fairly patient person ... but when you call me “honey” in a business setting, I flip the eff out. Would you call my male counterpart “honey”? Doubt it. So just don’t.
Be kind to each other. Just be nice. It’s not that hard.
Men Who Scream at Work Aren't 'Passionate.' They're Abusive.… via @glamourmag
How a French Prince Is Saving the World From Tasteless Tomatoes… via @voguemagazine
What’s the fastest way to get Oreos and milk delivered to my house?
A lamp should never be placed in front of a window.
This is the most wonderful light switch I’ve ever seen in a house.
RT @IsmailShameelah: This is about the two choices life gives every person; either you sit, sulk and dwell on how unfair life is to you, or…
It was a long day so I decided to end it on a healthy note: rosé and cheese-filled breadsticks 🏆
Why a three-day weekend may be better for your mental health than a longer vacation - NBC News…
You're Probably Making Your Bloody Mary Wrong - VinePair…
RT @RMHCCTX: Learn how #RMHCCTX impacted the Warnasch family when their baby girl, Blaze, was born six weeks early:
RT @TyInc: Have you ever seen so much sparkle?! Our trade show booth in Madrid, Spain is a head-turner. RT if you agree – this is what drea…
You all know how much I love cars ... I'm super stoked to check out @c10sinthepark in the park this weekend. Baby Kaiju will be there, too 🚘🐶🏞️
Colonel Handsome Mustard has the right idea for this dreary week!
Looking at my lunch and just wondered: Is this chicken or tofu? No matter the answer, not a good question to have to ask. Lol
Gourds Gone Wild: 9 Pumpkin Cocktails For This Fall - VinePair…
RT @freshbooks: Creatives: Are you a believer in any of these tax myths?
RT @KRLD: Truck driver repeatedly rams downtown Dallas TV studio…
From Florida to Idaho: 9 U.S. Destinations to Visit in 2018… via @voguemagazine
RT @CTXFoodBank: Kids can't be successful in school if they don't have the nutrition they need. For anyone who needs help, our Kids Cafe pr…
What’s your favorite Labor Day tradition?
RT @godovasquez: This is the absolute best!!! BRAVO @karenwarrenHC…
RT @RMHCCTX: Thankful for our Friends of the House! This group holds fundraisers, networking events and participates in events that bring c…
That moment when everything could’ve blown up, but it didn’t. #Cardio
RT @EinsteinBros: The time has come – Pumpkin has returned! Come in and get your pumpkin fix with our Pumpkin Walnut Crunch Bagel, Pumpkin…
I am not a #bossbabe ... I am a boss who happens to be a woman.
I haven’t been to the grocery in over a week... so tonight I pretended to be on #ironchef and made bruschetta. French bread Shredded mozzarella Bake 4 minutes at 375 Top with tomato……
Me: I’m buying you this cocktail smoking box Eric: I think that’s peak yuppy
Short version: Hey, y'all. I know it's a busy afternoon and all but I have a bit of news. I'll be leaving the @statesman soon, having accepted a buyout after 21 years here. Sad, excited, terrified, grateful. Long version:
We will miss you, Omar!
I’m so sad. Thank you for all of your great work and excited to see what’s next.
I’ve always enjoyed your work. Best wishes!
Is it ever a good idea to own a dry clean only blanket??
RT @WeRRestaurants: We're bacon out our best dance moves for #NationalBaconLoversDay🥓
RT @McMillanATX: Facebook’s birthday fundraisers raise more than $300 million the first year.…
OMG, Aldi Is Bringing Its Wine Advent Calendar to the US This Year — Mark Your Calendars!… via @POPSUGARFood
RT @abbvie: Breaking News: AbbVie donates $100 million to Ronald McDonald House Charities to help more families thrive. Learn more about th…
RT @SnackboxPR: Get you a sandwich shop that loves you back ❤️❤️❤️ @TCloudSubs
...That moment when you order something online and constantly refresh to see if it's been shipped yet ....
How to Make Even Your Most Basic Meal Taste Better… via @voguemagazine
10 fried foods move on up in State Fair of Texas Big Tex Choice Awards… via @CultureMapATX
RT @NatlRestShow: Food puns count on #NationalTellAJokeDay, right?
Change is hard. It takes commitment, passion and persistence. And a little bit of crazy 😉
The level of decisiveness at the neighborhood level is jaw dropping.
I have been working with the @austintexasgov planning and zoning department on making change for our neighborhood for more than a year now. This is has been the most frustrating, backwards experience. It’s a miracle anything gets accomplished.
RT @ItsFoodPorn: Pizza Waffle Fries.
Whoops... still drinking coffee. New Mexico, but still a great, positive idea!
Hi, ⁦@MayorAdler⁩ ... here is an inspiring story on homelessness in Az. Can our City take a look at doing something like this, too?…
Congratulations, to @SnackboxPR ! We closed the books on the summer apprenticeship and could not be more proud of our team's accomplishments. Fall apprenticeship positions have been filled ... if you're interested in applying for Spring, send your resume to:
Austin will suffer under Statesman's major staffing shake-up, experts say… via @CultureMapATX
If You Want to Get More Done, It's Time to Stop Multitasking… via @POPSUGARSmart
Tell me: where is the best place to visit in the U.S. in October and why?
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