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UT graduate among 14 killed in Kenya terror attack… via @KVUE
Protect yourself from fake dating profiles. New study identifies red flags for fake dating profiles… via @KVUE
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Austin remembers Richard Overton (Via KVUE NEWS)…
ICYMI....’Beauty is within before it's without' | New art exhibit features models with disabilities (Via KVUE NEWS)…
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Bring Old Hollywood Glamour to Golden Globes
If old Hollywood means death, you are spot on.
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Congrats @TexasFootball! Texas beats Georgia 28 to 21 in #SugarBowl!
Hook em! Longhorns lead the Bulldogs 28 to 7. #SugarBowl #hookem
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! #MerryChirstmas #HappyBirthdayJesus
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A puzzle-solving Austin dog has a shot at winning Facebook's 'Most Amazing Dog' contest -- and $100K… via @KVUE
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Abandoned vehicles are a huge problem in Austin and @Austin_Police only has 2 officers to handle them.…
My beautiful Austin. #viewfromtheferriswheel #trailoflights #atx
As I was driving to see the Trail of Lights...…
Press conference with :Travis County District Attorney, Margaret Moore; John Brown (Harrison’s brother;) Lori Brown (Harrison Brown’s mother;) Stuart Bayliss (stabbing survivor;) Bayliss’ mother and Jonathan Han, stabbing survivor. Hear what they had to say @KVUE
Kendrex White defense attorney: not sure how long his client will stay at the forensic state hospital in Vernon but it is unlikely he will be released anytime soon. He will be evaluated from time to time. She says White is remorseful and understands what happened.@KVUE
State closing arguments: Kendrex White was insane. Defense closing arguments: Hoped Lori Brown and loved ones got closure bc Kendrex White is not a monster. Judge Needles: White in custody. @KVUE
Kendrex White’s mother now on the stand. “I’m extremely sorry to all the families. I don’t know how you feel. My son is the sweetest person. This is not him.” Some Harrison Brown loved ones shaking their heads. @KVUE
Harrison Brown’s grandmother could not sit through defense testimony, telling the media that it was hard to hear, esp the discussion about the possibility that Kendrex White could get better, be released and become a doctor. Deanna Irwin says that was too much. @KVUE
State rests. Defense calls first witness. Sara Russell, friend of Kendrex White. Met in high school. Noticed change at UT. Noticed bizarre behavior like calling himself Jesus. Suggested White go see a counselor and White agreed. After he got a DWI, she said he changed. @KVUE
Dr. Burrows: less than 1 % of trials end in insanity pleas. It’s very rare. While White will not go to prison, the forensic hospital and living with schizoaffective disorder are not pleasant. No cure for this disorder. @KVUE
Dr Burrows: Kendrex White did not know what he was doing at the time of the stabbing attack was wrong because of his severe mental illness. @KVUE
Dr. Burrows testimony continues: White didn’t try to hide his crime, didn’t hide his weapon, didn’t try to flee the scene, doesn’t remember committing the crime, says if he committed the crimes, he should burn in hell for it. Signs of pyschosis. @KVUE
Back from break: Doctor who evaluated Kendrex White says he has a mental defect. Believes he is Jesus Christ. Has hallucinations, hearing voices of multiple people of negative people. These people tell him to die. Symptoms not drug induced. @KVUE
Judge Tamera Needles finds Kendrex White not guilty by reason of insanity. He is sentenced to maximum security at a state hospital. @KVUE
Lori Brown: Husband died a month later after Harrison. Several people in the courtroom now crying. Lori describing Harrison as someone who loved life, music, someone who had so many plans for the future, voice was so beautiful, a good person, faith in God was so strong. @KVUE
Lori Brown: “ I fell to the floor screaming. I wanted to see Harrison but because it was a murder I couldn’t see him until the next day.” @KVUE
Lori Brown, Harrison’s mom, now on the stand. An emotional mother described the phone call she got when Harrison was stabbed. She said she had no idea how bad the whole thing was. She flew to Austin not knowing her son was already dead. @KVUE
State witness #1 : UT officer who described White as cold after the stabbing attack. Witness #2: UT student, Jonathan Han, who described being stabbed after getting food from Chi’lantro food truck. Witness #3: Another UT student pulled blade from his own body. @KVUE
No cameras allowed in Kendrex White’s trial, who is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. He’s accused of stabbing Harrison Brown to death and injuring 3 others in May 2017.
'He really cared about everyone' | Vista Ridge High School student remembered after fatal crash (Via KVUE NEWS)…
A moment of silence at @VistaRidgeHS for Junior, Myles Hutchenson, who passed away after a car accident Monday. Friends say the 17-year-old was full of joy and always wanted to make others happy. More on @KVUE at 5 & 6
Need your nuts cracked? @AustinCityParks has a program run by the #LamarSeniorActivityCenter that will get it done. You even get your own parking. Story at 5.
All this Austin family wanted was to win a decorating contest. Instead, it scared a passerby into calling the police!…
There is nothing wrong with this. Hookem!…
Me: Longhorns made a New Year's Six Sugar Bowl against #5 Georgia. ..this is awsome!!!! Also me:
Remembering #Bush41 on @KVUE #WeekendDaybreak from 7-9 this morning.…
I have gotten so many comments but it's not too late to send me your thoughts!…
Crime scene tape gone as @TravisCountyTX medical examiner talk to loved ones of Martin Gutierrez, the man last seen alive on 11/19/18. The body discovered in Lady Bird Lake this morning has not been identified. @KVUE
The @TravisCountyTX Medical Examiner’s office just arrived to take the body. This office will identify the body discovered in Lady Bird Lake this morning. Martin Gutierrez’s family remains on the scene. @KVUE
The family of Martin Gutierrez says @Austin_Police called them to come to the scene but they are not telling them anything, including whether or not if the body found in Lady Bird Lake is Martin. The 25-yr-old was last seen Nov 19 leaving Rainey St. Police remain at the scene.
This is related to the body found in Lady Bird Lake just now.…
Time to take a spin underneath! Did you do it like I told you @KalynNorwood ?…
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I am grateful for kind coworkers, like @KalynNorwood and @KonnerBarrick, and awesome organizations, like @_MealsOnWheels, that take care of our community on #Thanksgiving and everyday! What are you grateful for? @KVUE…
New ride share app, @BubblDallas, launching soon in the Austin area. It features all retired and current law enforcement officers as drivers and it focuses on driving kids 8 and up. Right now, they are serving the special needs community. I'll have all the details on @KVUE at 5.
My hubby sent this picture to me. While cute, the headphones don’t even cover the boxer’s little itty bitty ears on TOP of his big meaty head. Look at his desperate 👀 look for help. #getthesethingsoff #dogproblems #helpmomma #whyamilisteningtoadultcontemporary
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It’s #WorldKindnessDay and we want to know, what are you doing to spread the love? Do you know someone doing something extraordinary? Join me on FB live and let me know today at noon. @KVUE
@ManorISD issues correction: 15 students & 3 adults reported feeling ill. All have been released from St. David’s. Cause of odor was floor sealant. Normal school day tomorrow. @KVUE…
@ManorISD Communication Director, Scott Thomas :18 students and 3 adults from Decker Elementary were taken to hospital after reporting feeling nauseous & dizziness. Total of 432 students from Decker Elementary evacuated to Decker Middle school as a result. @KVUE
Update: Decker Elementary students and staff are being evacuated to Decker Middle School as a precaution after several other students and staff got sick from an odor. @KVUE
BREAKING: 14 students and adults are being transported to the hospital after getting sick from an odor at #deckerelementaryschool according to @ATCEMS. Waiting for @ManorISD to respond to questions. @KVUE
On this #veteransday, there are many resources available for those who served our country. This interview reveals an event aimed to help them.…
We just featured this on @KVUE #Weekenddaybreak. Great job @SheriffChody!…
That’s targeting! Whatever! Is Sam ok? @TexasFootball At least #Texas is up 10-7 against @TexasTechFB #badcall Who’s with me?
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Anyone else finish #HouseOfCardsSeason6? Need to discuss immediately. #nothappy
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No line at the early polling site at the Ben Hur Shrine Center located at 7811 Rockwood Lane when I was there! Early voting ends this Friday. Get all the info about candidates and props on @KVUE
@TexasGasService crews are investigating and digging holes after a house exploded on Bendridge Trail. Part of the street is shut down. @KVUE
Breaking: @AustinWater lifts boil water notice. @KVUE
No surprise here. Texas did not play like a top 10 team.…
RT @AustinFireInfo: Currently firefighters are working to mitigate gas line fire that was caused as a result of explosion. Initial cause is…
In response to Pittsburg shooting, @RepLloydDoggett writes“All of us have a responsibility to seek less violence and violent rhetoric in... country. Gun violence continues to take lives in our places of worship, schools, and streets, and prejudice causes too many divisions."
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