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If you’re just waking up, the #Llano River raging and rising. Neighbors living within a quarter of a mile ordered to evacuate. Be safe everyone!
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Now: @SheriffChody says they are working a murder after Jessie Vickers confessed to running over and killing Frederick John Goodrow. Sheriff says the 2 are related and got into a fight at a family gathering the night before at a home off Red Oak Ln in Leander. @KVUE
@austinanimals bringing my faves @JennOlohan and Tuba to @KVUE #weekenddaybreak. Tina’s needs a foster home before and after his knee surgery. He is one of the sweetest dogs to make an appearance here!
What’s up boo? @JasonM_KVUE says it’s going to be a rainy day if you plan on going to see @TexasFootball play against @BUFootball at 2:30 or going to @aclfestival. Your full forecast on @KVUE #weekenddaybreak from 7-9!
Just got my pumpkins from the @tumcaustin pumpkin 🎃 patch. #annualtradition #TarrytownUnitedMethodistChurch
@ATCEMS discovered deceased male in his 20’s on Colorado River near Rivercrest Dr just before 1pm. Missing person, Chris White, was last seen not far from that location. He is town from Minnesota for @aclfestival. @KVUE
County Court at Law 3 Judge, @JohnLipscombe, draped funeral bunting over his door and shut down his court today as a form of “silent protest.” He says he felt the need to something after Kavanaugh’s confirmation, calling it a big step backwards for the country. @KVUE
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Rain delayed gates from opening on time at @aclfestival on SATURDAY. Will that happen today? Join @JasonM_KVUE and me for @KVUE #weekenddaybreak for your all day forecast from 7-9.
Protesters are blocking the Lamar Bridge because of the Kavanaugh vote.
RT @_JuanRodriguez_: Protesters blocking Lamar Bridge in Austin are singing the star spangled banner ‘Act your rage’ says one of the poste…
Finally! @TexasFootball beats OU! Red River Rivalry ends 48-45 thanks to Cameron Dicker! #HookeEm
Aly Ehlinger celebrates @TexasFootball’s most recent to touchdown at @aclfestival. Sam Ehlinger is her cousin. #HookEm #txou #RedRiverRivalry #ACLFest2018 #bestofbothworlds @KVUE Pic courtesy of @johngusky
After a 50 minute weather delay, gates at @aclfestival are open. Picture courtesy @johngusky @KVUE
After a 50 minute weather delay, gates at @aclfestival are open now. @KVUE
Two male cutie pies on @KVUE #weekenddaybreak! I’m talking about @JasonM_KVUE and Jeremiah from @austinanimals! Join us from 7-9!
Had fun moderating a panel discussion at @AustinStartup week featuring @AlpacaMarket @towerfarms_ @juicesociety @texasfarmhouse. So interesting! @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Yeakel: Onyeri must also undergo a gambling treatment program, take a cognitive treatment program, pay more than $178,000 in restitution to various banks and IRS. @KVUE
#onyerisentencing Yeakel: Onyeri is dangerous and meant to kill Judge Julie Kocurek. An attack on a public servant is the most serious. This court must impose a sentence that would protect the public. Court sentences LIFE IN PRISON for Onyeri. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Judge Lee Yeakel: listened to a month’s worth of testimony. Both sides raised valid points. Declines to consider the 2 murders prosecutors brought up in court yesterday for purposes of sentencing. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Sentencing hearing for Chimene Onyeri about to start. Judge asked for additional time to consider punishment. Onyeri faces up to life in prison after a jury found him guilty of trying to kill State District Judge, Julie Kocurek, in April. @KVUE (old pic)
RT @ChiefCantu111: Tonight’s the big night, everyone come out to the City of Mustang Ridge National Night Out @TheHornATX @ErinHogan @Bucky…
#OnyeriSentencing No decision today. Judge taking the evening and recessing until tomorrow at 2pm to announce punishment. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Prosecution now presenting final argument. Asking for life in prison and that is the only fit punishment. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Defense attorney : Onyeri did not intend to kill Judge Julie Kocurek. He has a lot of admiration for what Judge Kocurek has gone through. He is asking for therapy for Onyeri. But if his client gets life, he won’t get therapy. He is asking for 30 years instead.
#OnyeriSentencing Defense attorney says there’s a reason murder charges were dropped against Onyeri. Evidence just not strong enough. His client does not deserve lengthy prison term for Houston crimes. Those crimes are not for this court to consider. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri is done. Defense is making final argument. Disputing evidence prosecution laid out earlier today. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri: “ I’m sorry once again.” Apologizing to Julie and Will Kocurek. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri: “I’m almost done.” @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri just cursed in court. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing During the guilt stage of the trial, attorneys stopped Onyeri when he rambled on. Will they stop him now? US District Judge Lee Yeakel said he wanted to hear from Onyeri before hearing from attorneys during this punishment phase. It has been about 22 minutes.
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri still addressing the court and still rambling. “I like to gamble.” @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri: “I’m 31 today....I don’t do drugs.” He didn’t like a lot of the information revealed today. Before he started, he asked the judge if there was enough time. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri: Denying criminal activity brought up in court today. He is also rambling and at times, not making sense. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Onyeri: It’s been a long process for myself and my family. I apologize to Kocurek and her family. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Will Kocurek: I’m a 15-yr-old kid. I can’t get in my car. I can’t take my eyes off the rear view mirror. I won’t ever forget the feeling when Onyeri shot my mom. I don’t hate Onyeri but I hate what he did to me and my family. I ask the court to give him the max.
#OnyeriSentencing State district judge Julie Kocurek: please send a strong message to those who want to attack judges. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing State district judge Julie Kocurek: cost of her medical treatment and medical health continue to grow as well as security cost. She never feels safe anymore. Onyeri’s crime is egregious. Must be able to make decisions w/o fear as a judge. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing State District Judge Julie Kocurek: Last week, a small piece of metal came out of her wrist. She is scared for her life. Her 15-year-old son, Will, underwent trauma therapy. Went through 30 surgeries. Her family has been deeply affected. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing State District Julie Kocurek now addressing Onyeri and court. Thanks God she is alive. Has “affected every part of my life.” After coming out of coma, had to learn to walk again. Simple things like wearing her wedding ring is a thing of a past. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Prosecution calls 4th witness @FBI lead agent, Daniel Brust. Testified that witnesses said Onyeri killed Jacobi Alexander. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing 15 minute recess.
#OnyeriSentencing @FBI special agent Chad Fitzgerald testified that during the 2 hours of the murder of Jacobi Alexander on 5/18/15, Onyeri’s cell phone was off and 19 calls went to vm. No other times did his phone get so many calls. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing 3rd prosecution witness @FBI Special Agent Chad Fitzgerald. Expert analyst of cell phone records.
#OnyeriSentencing 2nd prosecution witness @houstonpolice Sgt. Michael Dykens. Talking about 2nd murder case now. Victim is 29-yr-old Jacobi Alexander who died 5/18/15. This is the 2nd murder Onyeri was charged with and eventually also dismissed. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Defense resumes cross of @Austin_Police Det. David Hruzek and the evidence in the 2008 Houston murder of Kenneth Brooks. Onyeri was initially charged in that case but that charge was later dismissed. All this to determine Onyeri’s ultimate time in prison. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing recess until 2pm.
#OnyeriSentencing Defense attorney continues cross with @Austin_Police Det. David Hruzek. Defense got detective to admit there was never a wig found at crime scene despite witness testimony saying Onyeri wearing a blonde wig the night of murder. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Defense attorney is now cross examining @Austin_Police Cold Case Detective, David Hrusek, over the victim, 18-year-old, Kenneth Brooks. Starting with Brooks’ criminal history. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing @Austin_Police Cold Case Det Hruzek now saying during 2018 re-interviews with some witnesses, some didn’t recall names, two admitted to not being truthful, and some didn’t remember info. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing @Austin_Police Cold Case Det. Hruzek said Onyeri called @houstonpolice voluntarily and told them he was in Beaumont the night of the murder despite several witnesses putting him at the scene of the crime during Hruzek’s re-interviewing of witnesses. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing @Austin_Police Cold Case Det. lays out testimony from several witnesses that puts Onyeri at the scene of one of the Houston murders. Those witnesses say Onyeri asked to hide in their apt after a fatal shooting. One also picked him out of a line up. @KVUE
@Austin_Police Cold Case Det., David Hrusek, going into details about the two Houston murders which Onyeri was initially charged with but those charges were eventually dropped. We are seeing crime scene photos. @KVUE
#OnyeriSentencing Prosecutors called their first witness: @Austin_Police cold case detective, David Hruzek, who testified that during his investigation into 2 Houston cold cases, he discovered Onyeri was charged with murder in those 2 cases. @KVUE
Federal sentencing hearing for Chimene Onyeri is underway this morning. He was found guilty of trying to kill state district judge, Julie Kocurek, at her home in April. Prosecution is calling witnesses. We are not allowed to record video. @KVUE
It was great having @BartonHillFarms on @KVUE #weekenddaybreak. @JasonM_KVUE says he has never carved a pumpkin before! So guess what we are doing in a future segment?!
New director of @DefDist says the company continues to sell blueprints of 3-D printed guns. She said the company has received a lot of support from customers.
Paloma Heindorff, new director of @DefDist , says her people are resilent since Cody Wilson resigned. She says she proud of them. She is also not trying to replace his controversial persona.
New director of @DefDist says they have received 3,000 orders since Cody Wilson’s arrest.
New director of @DefDist is Paloma Heindorff. Cody Wilson resigned Friday. Not answering questions about Wilson.
This girl is amazeballs👍🎤7 Year-Old Crushes National Anthem, Zlatan Approves via @YouTube
Mugshot of Cody Wilson released. He walked out of the Harris County jail yesterday after posting bond. He had to surrender his passport, a condition set by a Travis County judge last week. He’s the owner of the 3-D printed gun company accused of paying a 16-yr-old girl for sex.
Judge accepts plea deal of 10 deferred adjudication for pastor Ruben Garcia. The plea deal includes Garcia pleading guilty to a lesser charge of enticing a child, no contact with children & $1500 fine. He avoids prison time after original charge of sex assault of child. @KVUE
Ruben Garcia, the white haired man in blue and one of the pastors at Betania Baptist Church in East Austin, awaits sentencing after a plea deal. He was charged with 2 counts of sexual assault of a child. One of his sons keeps blocking our photographer. @KVUE
Just in: Cody Wilson has been released from the Harris County Jail.
UPDATE: #HarrisCountySheriffsOffice says someone has posted bond for Cody Wilson but he remains in custody. It's unclear when he will be released bc they are so busy. He is charged w/sex assault & accused of paying a 16-yr-old $500 for sex. @KVUE
New: @USMarshalsGov says Cody Wilson was arrested at a hotel in Taipei Sept. 21 by Taiwan police and assisted by the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service. @KVUE
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Breaking: Cody Wilson, the Austin owner of Defense Distributed charged for paying a 16-year-old $500 for sex, is now back on US soil. @USMarshalsGov says Wilson is in Houston. @KVUE
Debris floating by on Brushy Creek at Chisholm Trail in Round Rock. @KVUE
All this rain causing problems in Williamson County, prompting water rescues. Flash flood warning effect for parts of viewing area. Keep watching @JasonM_KVUE and me on @KVUE #weekenddaybreak until 9!
Lots of water rescues. Another reminder: if you see water on the roadways, turn around!…
Emceeing the @caring4cambodia #15thanniversaryStayingBotheredLuncheon. Can you see me on stage? @JWMarriottATX
@Austin_Police Cmdr Troy Officer talking about warrant filed for Cody Wilson. He says Wilson was tipped off by a friend of the victim and was last known to be in Taiwan. International authorities are looking for him. @KVUE
BREAKING: Cody Wilson, owner of 3-D printed gun company, is now charged with sexual assault. Police say he had sex with an underage girl at a hotel and paid her $500. @KVUE
@Austin_Police need the public’s help identifying this man. He is a person of interest in 4 vandalism cases, 3 at a N. Austin mosque and 1 at a market. @KVUE
RT @KalynNorwood: Northwest Hills UMC is holding a benefit concert to support injured APD officer Tammy Barrett. Doctors told her she may n…
This is adorable. Happy Sunday everyone!…
Prayers for his wife and 2 children left behind.…
Perfect weather for some ramen at @RamenTatsu_ya. #ramenweather
New: The man involved in yesterday’s APD officer involved shooting has been identified as 51-year-old, Glenn Austin Miles. He’s charged with aggravated robbery w/deadly weapon. @KVUE
Flash flood warning for parts of our viewing area until 10:15am @KVUE
Thank you! Especially since my head is still filled with snot! 🤧…
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If you want to practice patience, come down to the Walgreen’s at 45th and Guadalupe where only one register works and the line looks like this. Meantime, I feel like 💀 and need my antibotics asap. #tuesdayproblems
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