I play music. I write songs. I host a podcast. I'm a Libra.
Frontman for Austin pop-rock band, The Big Fix, Nathan Harlan returns to the show for episode 662! The Big Fix is releasing their debut e.p. on March 1st. Old friends talkin shop. Let's get down! #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic Johnny Goudie Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH662 https://t.co/1oRuatLa0f
RT @LalaG311: @nickgamboa @johnnygoudie Look what came up on my shuffle. #goudie #inevershuffle #goodtimes #greatmemories https://t.co/YtLc…
Double flats. I've lost count of how many flats I've had since May. Jeez. https://t.co/yz6dbdil8n
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RT @jojolemon: This date between @johnnygoudie and @BonnieWhitmore seems to be going quite well. @ The… instagram.com/p/BeHz1VlAgs9/
RT @jojolemon: #videoclip @BonnieWhitmore takes a turn singing #TomPetty! w/ @johnnygoudie at the… instagram.com/p/BeHyAMCARr0/
RT @jojolemon: #videoclip @johnnygoudie sings #TomPetty at the #continentalclubgallery. w/ @BonnieWhitmore @… instagram.com/p/BeHxJOWAdqI/
RT @jojolemon: #videoclip @johnnygoudie with his own @jaimeeharris co-write! #continentalclubgallery @ The… instagram.com/p/BeHoY6DAAK4/
RT @jojolemon: #videoclip @BonnieWhitmore with the title track to her new record! @johnnygoudieinstagram.com/p/BeHji8pAmHb/
RT @jojolemon: #videoclip @johnnygoudie is tonight's special guest at the @BonnieWhitmore variety show.… instagram.com/p/BeHjC_Jgzdg/
RT @FASTBALLTHEBAND: ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!!! We’re nominated for TWO Austin Music Awards! Please vote for us: BEST BAND and BEST SON…
RT @BonnieWhitmore: Stoked for tonight residency #inthegallery @contclubgallery. My friend @johnnygoudie will be… instagram.com/p/BeGTxy9lzuY/
Tonight I'll be joining my dear friend @BonnieWhitmore for her Continental Club Gallery residency! We start at 10:30 sharp right after @MonteWarden1 Come stay warm with us! https://t.co/18xVUQ4wBf
Austin's Loudest Psychedelic-Trio, @Dayeaterband are my guests for episode 661! Their ass-kicking debut album, "Voices Out Of Nowhere" is avaialble now! These fine lads and I have a great conversation. Listen to it here: bit.ly/HDIGH661 #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/FuN8msNsPS
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RT @msdaisyoconnor: The big show is Wednesday night at @cactuscafeatx! @ Cactus Cafe instagram.com/p/Bd-lCtmDOYb/
RT @BonnieWhitmore: Back this Thursday @contclubgallery #inthegallery w my good friend @johnnygoudie!!! Downbeat is… instagram.com/p/Bd-ntJXFDYE/
I'll be playing at @Contclubgallery this Thursday 1/18 with my dear friend, @BonnieWhitmore We'll be playing at 10:30pm after my pal, @MonteWarden1 and the Dangerous Few! Come join us! https://t.co/EQHzNUq0XY
RT @rhettmiller: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. -Martin Lu…
RT @nprmusic: "Jazz speaks for life." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hear 5 songs that sustained the Civil Rights Movement. https://t.co/Kldp…
I always thought Griselda would be more believable with a Welsh accent. twitter.com/mrmedina/statu…
"How Did I Get Here?" is now on Spotify! Follow us today! open.spotify.com/show/2mUMmEts7… #NowPlaying
Taylor starts to show his teeth when he thinks you should be making his breakfast. https://t.co/XWL8mMaL48
Great to see the brilliant @QueueQueueband yesterday at @endofanear https://t.co/51iibji8gX
Everyone's in bed and under blankets on this snuggly Saturday night. https://t.co/c3qzyFWSMs
Me and Papi. Judging by the hair, (mine not his) '88 or '89. https://t.co/276D0LBWVf
"How Did I Get Here?" is now available on Spotify Podcasts! Follow us now! #howdidigetherepod open.spotify.com/show/2mUMmEts7… #NowPlaying
You really don't hear much about Kung Fu anymore. It's all Tai Chi and "Mixed Martial Arts" nowadays.
San Antonio, see you tonight at @SamsBurgerJoint https://t.co/Jsjg5M1KQv
I totally forgot to give some props to my friend, @aaronblackerby from @MajorGrizzBand for connecting me and @gofeverband Thanks pal! twitter.com/johnnygoudie/s…
Piano under blankets. Photo by: Todd Crusham https://t.co/0swSkmVr2B
Royal weddings are like Star Wars movies for morning show people.
Austin Music Awards "Best New Band" nominees, @gofeverband are my guests for episode 660! Their brilliant self-titled, debut album (I call it and e.p. in the show. I don't know why and I'm sorry) came out last year. #howdidigetherepod listen here bit.ly/HDIGH660 https://t.co/LAKmWCs9Iu
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Drummer extraordinaire, Colossal Cable guy, Brian Mendes is my guest on the show for episode 659! Fantastic conversation with this talented and brilliant cat. Dig my terrible hair in this pic. Let's get down! #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic listen here- bit.ly/HDIGH659 https://t.co/rVZ6d4ajN9
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Luckily for the Blonde Espresso, if it fails at Starbucks, Fox News will hire it to report on Hillary’s emails while wea…
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RT @musicfirsthand: RT @johnnygoudie: Austin indie/folk band, @wheelwrightsatx are my guests for episode 657! New album "A Forest In Trees"…
RT @jojolemon: Great convo between @rayprim and @johnnygoudie. Recorded back in September. Go listen. (Yes, I'm… instagram.com/p/BddKSDnggfs/
RT @jojolemon: Finally listened to @johnnygoudie's chat with #MichaelRamos (brownreclusestudio) yesterday.… instagram.com/p/BdP_ZcCgm1b/
RT @jojolemon: Just listened to @johnnygoudie's #howdidigetherepod with colorcandybandy (plus a short chat with… instagram.com/p/BdnsMjnA8ZP/
I've been having a hard time finding the masturbation emoji.
RT @washingtonpost: Trump boasts he’s a ‘very stable genius’ amid questions over mental fitness prompted by release of tell-all book about…
These tweets are the very definition of "stable genius"! Right? twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
The incredibly talented and always entertaining @SkyeStrickler is my guest for episode 658! We have a great conversation about pop music, his collaborations around the world and much more! Listen here bit.ly/HDIGH658 #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/7xPpv2pr18
Just had a great chat with Benjamin and Acey from @gofeverband Thanks for the vinyl! I love this album! #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/h5IUgUNiIa
RT @threadgills: In mid-December, Proprietor Eddie Wilson and @Jesse_Sublett spoke with @johnnygoudie on #HowDidIGetHere? all about the mem…
RT @abeneubanks: More Tom Petty, less Jeff Sessions.
These kids are coming to the show today at noon. Looking forward to this chat! Got any questions for @gofeverband ? Tweet 'em at me! twitter.com/gofeverband/st…
RT @BrashTracks: Our covers album featuring 16 Austin bands releases Feb 2. First song premiere is @gofeverband’s version of @BillyIdol’s “…
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My friend @einarchy and I started a new podcast called "Does Anybody Remember Laughter?" About movies that are about musicians. Not documentaries, actual dramatic movies. Our first episode about the 2001 movie "Rock Star" drops soon... #musicmovies #doesanybodyrememberlaughter https://t.co/eian3WwZWS
He thinks that the size of the button makes a difference. That's not scary. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
Austin indie/folk band, @wheelwrightsatx are my guests for episode 657! New album "A Forest In Trees" available now! Great conversation. Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH657 #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/sE0P60XaX6
Thanks Joanna! I love @rayprim we always have a good chat. twitter.com/jojolemon/stat…
Happy new year everyone! I hope your 2018 is the best one yet!
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RT @jojolemon: Loved this convo between @johnnygoudie and @themrsband from August. I'd not heard of them… instagram.com/p/BdbtAoUAWve/
You know what Sean Hannity needs to do? Front a funk band. That's my dream for him. Seacrest out!
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RT @HamillHimself: No one's ever really gone... #AlwaysWithUs #CarrieOnForever https://t.co/zsfuKHRSub
Looking forward to playing the "Tom & Us" show tonight @ONE2ONEBAR ! We'll be celebrating the music of Tom Petty and raising money for the rainforest. @WGrahamMusic @giuliamillanta @TheBelleSounds and more! Get hip here... bit.ly/TomUs
RT @astros: Congrats to @JoseAltuve27 on being named the AP Male Athlete of the Year! 👏 👏 👏 twitter.com/ap_sports/stat…
RT @Nakia: Help #TurnRedRiverBlue on Tuesday when @BluesGrifters @thebluebonnets @PetersonBros @JeffPlankenhorn play @EmpireATX Garage for…
RT @MajorGrizzBand: Retweeting myself like a fucking professional twitter.com/majorgrizzband…
RT @MajorGrizzBand: Went on my buddy @johnnygoudie podcast called "how did I get here?" It's pretty much an hour and… https://t.co/L8uAERWe…
RT @MajorGrizzBand: If you wanna hear me sit down for an interview with @johnnygoudie here's a link itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how… it's basically…
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RT @skyrocketing: It's ON, Austin! Skyrocket celebrates the END OF 2017. Don't hold back -- let it all out! Come to Austin and join... http…
RT @skyrocketing: DANCE INTO 2018 WITH SKYROCKET AT LAKE TRAVIS! Join us on the lake this New Year's Eve and ring in the new year... https:…
RT @skyrocketing: Happy holidays friends! We'll be ending 2017 with a string of shows... Friday - 12/29 at Fitzgerald's, Houston,... https:…
Songwriter and guitar aficionado Andy Macintyre is On The show today! The single, "Meloman" drops in Jan. Plus, @BioIntegrityYes & @giuliamillanta stop by to talk about the "Tom & Us" event next Thursday, 12/28 @ONE2ONEBAR #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic bit.ly/HDIGH654 https://t.co/GNXUgGyPom
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My friend Aaron from the band, @MajorGrizzBand came by for a podcast this evening. After we recorded the show, Aaron talked to me about his life and I accompanied his story on piano. Here's a photo he snapped. Look for that to come out next Tues. 12/26 #howdidigetherepod https://t.co/W18JLgiZIO
RT @MajorGrizzBand: Talked to @johnnygoudie about life, love and the pursuit of happiness! The podcast drops on the… instagram.com/p/Bc8mVYtHw1N/
RT @jenleduc: @johnnygoudie @thepons They’re some of my favorite people :)
Mark Cuban and CEOs React to Trump’s ”Art of the Deal” video.vanityfair.com/watch/mark-cub… via @VanityFair
RT @moonpolysoft: The trump robot looked like they started with a Hillary bot and were forced to make do https://t.co/DkhoojJHiG
Austin art rock band, @thepons are my guests for episode 653! Their brilliant new ep, "Everything Must Go" is out now. Great conversation. Get hip here- bit.ly/HDIGH653 Let's get down! #howdidigetherepod "#austinmusic https://t.co/sGfClWuszc
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RT @toknobbit: So Rudolf was once famous, the most famous reindeer of all, but at the time the song was written, had faded from public memo…
Eddie Wilson and Jesse Sublett are my guests for episode 652! Their new book "Armadillo World Headquarters: A Memoir" is a must for any Austin Music fan. We have a great/educational conversation. Listen here bit.ly/HDIGH652 #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/MNX8AfEhUa
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RT @austinmusic: Kalu of @thelectricjoint & @johnnygoudie had a great talk about making music, becoming a U.S. citizen & more on #HowDidIGe…
You know how when you play a card game with a four year old and every time they lose they say, "I WIN!"? twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
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Great time playing ACL Moody Theater on Saturday night! https://t.co/sJf6Tdex68
RT @jojolemon: Enjoyed the heck out of this conversation between @jackievenson and @johnnygoudie on his… instagram.com/p/BcjHMzzgXmX/
RT @jackievenson: @jojolemon @johnnygoudie That was a fun one 💖💖😀
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TBT: Sept 1999, with ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and producer Mike McCarthy. Trail of Dead co-founder, Conrad Keely is my guest on the show tomorrow! #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/NSlz3YeJlg
RT @kavidserve: @mileszuniga @johnnygoudie @FASTBALLTHEBAND The Kinks without a doubt.
RT @mileszuniga: Do you prefer Van Halen's cover of "You Really Got Me" over the original by the Kinks? This and other really important thi…
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