I play music. I write songs. I host a podcast. I'm a Libra.
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RT @RepAdamSchiff: President Trump’s performance today was the most damaging and shameful surrender of American values and interests in mod…
RT @DarinMurphy: My first ever nomination as an actor, for 2017’s My Ranger @myrangerthefilm, in this year’s Fly Film Festival. Whee!! http…
Apparently this guy has never seen "Rocky IV". twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
RT @NASASun: It's #SunDay! ☀️ In just a few weeks, we're launching Parker #SolarProbe to get closer to the Sun than any spacecraft has ever…
You can always listen to How Did I Get Here? on @Spotify Do it! Episode 713: Rival Waves Return! open.spotify.com/episode/6p820J… #NowPlaying
See you tomorrow at Cenote - Windsor Park! https://t.co/yMT6LUQmQo
Joel De La Garza from @RivalWaves returns to the show for episode 713! Their new album, the full-tilt rocking, Transducer will be released on vinyl in the coming months. We have a great conversation about making Transducer and much more! Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH713 https://t.co/yvagMDk3Xr
RT @janapochop: onetwothreescream is a collaboration between me and Mark Addison...all my songs and our folk pop loving brains working toge…
RT @TrumpBabyUK: The Crooked Rigged System threw everything it could at Me. But I am the most successful baby at everything I do (unparalle…
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RT @janapochop: Go listen to Johnny and Mark chat about onetwothreescream and lots more! twitter.com/johnnygoudie/s…
My dear old friend, musician/producer/songwriter, Mark Addison is my guest for episode 712! His new collaboration with Jana Pochop, Onetwothreescream is dropping their debut EP this Friday. We have a great chat about all kinds of stuff. Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH712 https://t.co/gaOG9pIFRz
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Getting it done at @austinmusic foundation! https://t.co/UVFM38uMCT
RT @thenicholewagne: I ask myself, well #HowDidIGetHere? all the time. Luckily, @johnnygoudie has a podcast devoted to this question and he…
RT @ShoreFire: Here is @EmmyKinney talking about her new album 'Oh Jonathan' & more on @johnnygoudie's How Did I Get Here podcast @podbeanc…
Double-header for ep. 711. I have actress/musician, Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead). Emily's new album, "Oh Jonathan" comes out 8/24. Next up singer/songwriter, Nichole Wagner! Her album, "And The Sky Caught Fire" drops next Friday, July 13th. Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH711 https://t.co/KLUKZL86J6
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RT @NASASun: Media accreditation for the launch of Parker #SolarProbe is now open! go.nasa.gov/2KFmLZi Reminder: Non-U.S. media who wan…
RT @keivspare: New music coming from one of my top favorites! broadwayworld.com/bwwmusic/artic…
I had every intention of watching JAWS yesterday. I failed. I'm sorry Thomas Jefferson, I'm a bad American.
This whole "feels like" temperature is crap. If it feels like 160 degrees, we should legally be able to say "It IS 160 degrees AND it feels like it."
This whole "feels like" temperature is crap. If it feels 160 degrees, we should legally be able to say "It IS 160 degrees AND it feels like it."
If I played a sport where you wear a number, I would NEVER wear number 2. Phrases like, "There goes #2 running down the sidelines" sound really, really gross.
Taylor is hoping that his 4th of July fireworks bandana will keep him safe from fireworks tomorrow. Remember to protect your dogs tomorrow! https://t.co/MbjxE2r3bA
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Congratulations @stutteringjohnm for single-handedly brought back the crank call!
Doubleheader today. Blues guitarist, @JohnnyFuryMusic Johnny's latest album, "Johnny Fury II" is available now. Also, midwestern rocker, Mike Nicolai joins us! His latest release, "A Line Cook's Guide To New Satanic Empires" is available now. Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH709 https://t.co/DwsW84QwF5
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My guest for episode 708 is one-man funk band, @HenryInvisible His latest album, the summer-riffic, Beatz The Heat, is put now and he plays tonight at @ONE2ONEBAR Great conversation! Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH708 #howdidigetherepod https://t.co/kvTKeXG3gn
Reopening NASA? Dude, it wasn't closed.
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Austin rock band, @TheChillRussell Are my guests on the show today! Their self-titled LP is available now. Plus @BrianPounds and his lovely daughter stop by for a chat. Great conversations! Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH707 #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/mvveLa0YMu
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RT @toknobbit: Ok, the acoustic duo is now a trio: Cory Glaeser Gray Parsons and Paul English are CoaCoa (cover of a cover of a...) and pla…
I'm excited to be playing with these fine folks tomorrow night ( Wed. June 20th) at @ONE2ONEBAR at 7 pm. We'd love to see your beautiful faces! https://t.co/CliN4dSCln
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Check out my latest #podcast podbean.com/media/share/pb… on #Podbean
See you Wednesday at @ONE2ONEBAR for a set of songs old and new... I'm super excited to be playing with the folks that played on my new ep. Come out and hear the jamz! https://t.co/0etJdlTK8D
RT @ATXHeath: .@BarbieDeFacto appeared on How Did I get Here? With @johnnygoudie check it out! #howdidigetherepod howdidigethere.podbean.com/e/episode-705-…
From growing up with oarents in a Christian-metal band to seeking pop stardom in Arizona, today's guest, Barbie De Facto has found her true musical voice and you can hear it on her debut EP out next Saturday 6/23! Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH705 #howdidigetherepod https://t.co/sQIiTrTSmj
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RT @512Radio: Last nights 512 Radio is now on demand with @jellyellington & Josh Ross in Studio playing lots of great local music w/ @Black…
Hey gang! How about that "Dudes With Super-freaky Hair" summit? I am incredibly relieved that that short dude is gonna denuclearize his hair.
I had a blast moderating the Artist Management panel for @austinmusic tonight! https://t.co/jSitVbVWfq
RT @howardkaylan: In the end, we all live on through our music Asia Argento Quotes Breakup Song by Singer Who Died of Suicide as Anthony…
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Rudy Giuliani married his cousin then divorced her and married his second wife who he cheated on with his third wife who…
Gotti: The Vinnie Barbarino Story.
It looks like Destiny Pictures picks up where Cannon Pictures ends.
It seems like if you were really great at something like negotiating, you wouldn't have to spend so much telling people how great you are at negotiating. I think people would know.
RT @drewphish: You know what you need to do right this second? You need to watch an 8-year-old girl rip the living shit out of Good Times,…
RT @austinmusic: Thanks for the panel shoutout @johnnygoudie! We also love your new haircut 💇‍♂️ Listen to the full episode here! #HowDidIG…
RT @realchristaylor: Austin... as if I need to tell you... go to this show! twitter.com/johnnygoudie/s…
Next Wednesday, June 20th, I'll be playing at @ONE2ONEBAR at 7pm! It's my first full-band show in over a year. Come out! Johnny Goudie Photo by: Chelle Ann https://t.co/nPL0H9sxQn
RT @TravisAllen02: BREAKING: President Trump and Kim Jong Un take part in the traditional Hair Swap during their historical Summit in Singa…
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What exactly is this "special place in hell" that everyone's talking about?
I'll be moderating this Austin Music Foundation panel on artist management at Empire Control Room THIS Wednesday 6/13 7 pm. Great panelists! Come learn stuff. https://t.co/YUH8IMb4Bw
RT @TheRichardLewis: My heart breaks for his young child and the love of his life. His loss is both staggeringly shocking and quite the cau…
RT @BarackObama: “Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.” This is how I’ll remember Tony. He taught us about food…
RT @jojolemon: @msdaisyoconnor I was so happy to hear your new Crazy song. @johnnygoudie I was so sad you did not play your basting-the-chi…
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TBT: 2008 - Opening Bell Coffee Dallas, TX. I'll be playing at @openingbell TONIGHT w/ special guest Scott Collins. Show starts at 8. See you there! https://t.co/J7jkmxMu5r
Dallas! @SCollinsProject and I are looking forward to playing for you tomorrow at @openingbell 8pm. See you there! https://t.co/fwy8WOJw2K
Did you guys hear that P.F. Changs is changing their name to B.F Changs?
RT @jaimeeharris: Two of my favorite dudes. @johnnygoudie + @JeffPlankenhorn twitter.com/jeffplankenhor…
My über driver is playing some smooth jazz that sounds like a Cialis commercial.
Dallas, I'll see you THIS Thursday @openingbell with my special guest @SCollinsProject https://t.co/Vq0MPJydxm
RT @jojolemon: Listening to @JeffPlankenhorn's most recent visit to @johnnygoudie's podcast. Good stuff. Follow the link and listen! #howdi…
RT @Houstorian: Today in 1980, Urban Cowboy premieres in Houston and Gilley’s hosts the party. https://t.co/0ljM3f0kOX
Musician's musician and songwriter's songwriter, @JeffPlankenhorn returns to the show for episode 702! Jeff's latest album, "Sleeping Dogs" just came out last month. Great conversation! Let's get down! Listen here:  bit.ly/HDIGH702 #howdidigetherepod #austinmusic https://t.co/XS8vRrEMhU
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Don't you guys think "Trump Underoos" is a great idea? Trump Underoos look just like his suits with a hood in the shape, look and feel of his hair. #TrumpUnderoos
Hey gang! I'm playing at @openingbell in Dallas THIS Thursday, June, 7th! Scott Collins opens! Come out and hear some jams!!!!! https://t.co/3Na3Wu5dL0
The incredibly soulful @SueFoleyMusic is my guest for ep 701! Sue just released her first solo album in a decade, "The Ice Queen" and it is stunning. She just started a European tour and will be there through most of June. Great convo Listen Here: bit.ly/HDIGH701 https://t.co/tRxazOimXE
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This is priceless. Someday we're going to miss this insane improv troupe that has taken over our government. twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s…
Ep 700 recorded live @ONE2ONEBAR w/ Einar Pedersen, Aj Vallejo, Aaron Blackerby (Major Grizz), Sara Houser (Löwin), Taylor Wilkins (Otis The Destroyer) This is a fun, loose and slightly offensive conversation. Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH700 #howdidigetherepod #AustinMusic https://t.co/JTycASy7y3
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RT @natashaleggero: If a movie poster has more then 5 men on it I probably won’t go.
RT @DarinMurphy: When you're guilty and you know it, write a tweet; When your lawyers all have blown it, write a tweet; When your nose begi…
Hey gang! There's an expanded, 45 song @Spotify playlist to along with episode 699 with music from @Kathy_Valentine @ajvallejo @conradkeely @OtisDestroyer @BlastfamousUSA @theposies and more! Listen here: spoti.fi/2IJQsV0 https://t.co/aZtmHgwCID
Hello friends! Welcome to episode 699 where I get to play D.J. and play some songs that I got turned on to by guests over the last hundred episodes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it. Listen here: bit.ly/HDIGH699 #howdidigetherepod https://t.co/K4rwI8s7Ou
San Antonio, we'll see you TONIGHT! https://t.co/5Qzh31LHmP
My podcast, "How Did I Get Here?" is available on @Spotify along with thousands of podcasts! If you're a Spotify subscriber, make sure you follow us and you'll get a new show every Tuesday and Friday! Check us out here: open.spotify.com/show/2mUMmEts7… https://t.co/g3Ja6QCanM
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When I hear the song "Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger, all I hear is an old man screaming "I refuse to try new things!"
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Gang, tonight's the night!!! Episode 700 live podcast recording at @ONE2ONEBAR 6pm. No cover! My guests are Taylor Wilkins @OtisDestroyer @einarchy Sara Houser @LowinATX Aaron Blackerby from @MajorGrizzBand and @ajvallejo Come celebrate with us! https://t.co/pSkSGMeUiG
RT @TheBoxThatRoxx: #Skyrocket is back at #Fitzgeralds tonight! Who's in? #ThisGirl @skyrocketing @johnnygoudie @FitzgeraldsLive
RT @jojolemon: Listened to @johnnygoudie talk to @jessedayton… instagram.com/p/Bi8dEzfBWKF/…
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