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RT @stevesilberman: It is too soon for Trump's Secretary of State to cackle with the torturer and murderer of a @washingtonpost journalist,…
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Parametric 3D Form | Interactive Art & Computational Design, Spring 2015
📷 Basis for “The Thing from Another World”…
📷 You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you’ll crash the pizza.
RT @NewYorker: In his Presidential address, Donald Trump sought to portray the border wall as a solution to a humanitarian crisis, rather t…
Just a reminder that the State of the World convo continues through next Tuesday at…
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Question for @DLeonhardt re… - do you think the process you propose would have a result before 2020? I can't imagine any process for removing Trump that would succeed before the next election.
RT @BrianWilsonLive: So sad to hear about Daryl Dragon. Daryl was a great guy and a hell of a musician and keyboard player. I feel very bad…
RT @doctorow: Bugs Bunny and Gossamer “Hair Raising Hare” (1946)… 4/4
State of the World, 2019 edition:… - follow us over the next two weeks as we discuss "the new dark." Featuring @bruces, @jonl, @jamesbridle, @dunagan23, and Tiffany Lee Brown (
RT @brainpicker: "Kindness, kindness, kindness. I want to make a New Year’s prayer, not a resolution. I’m praying for courage." Famous re…
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RT @SteveHoffmanTV: "Snowflake is a word used by sociopaths in an attempt to discredit the notion of empathy." - John Cleese…
RT @gfriend: Finally! (Yes, @chucktodd!) Airing on West Coast in 15 minutes. RT @LarrySabato: Just watched #MeetThePress, whole hour on cli…
“How to Be Futuristic,” Bruce Sterling at Long Now… via @WIRED
RIP Fr. Thomas Keating, d. October 25th... "drawing one by one each listening soul to find, in silence, Presence."… via @TheEconomist
Trump says no end to shutdown until border barrier funded. Here's a perfect opportunity for Congress to do its job and flex its muscles. Pass the budget without the wall, and override the promised veto. @CNNPolitics
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I don't know that building The Wall is a vanity play for Trump, or a matter of keeping a campaign promise. I suspect he or his friends will have a piece of the action re construction contracts. Follow the money. #politics
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"If 40 percent of our fellow citizens are impervious to reason and fact-finding, we’ve got a real problem."… #political-literacy
Judge: Clinton's private emails are 'one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency' @CNNPolitics - Does this apply to Ivanka and all the other private email users in govt service? Or are is this because she's a Clinton?
Sundar Pichai had to explain to Congress why Googling “idiot” turns up pictures of Trump. But now when you Google "idiot," you get pix of Sundar.… via @Verge #irony
RT @mathowie: this best of tumblr thread is so very worth your time…
Alex Shahrestani speaking about @EFFaustin ‘s legislative work. #activism #cyberactivism
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Republican Stewart: it's no big deal to murder a journalist - journalists disappear all the time. The Trump world GOP evidently feels morality is a political constraint.… #politics #crass
Art Kleiner, a fellow Whole Earth alumnus, writes about the 50th Anniversary of the Whole Earth Catalog via @stratandbiz @ArtKleiner
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RT @RepAdamSchiff: What Trump says: If Democrats play tough I will declassify “devastating documents.” What he means: If Democrats do legi…
"Oceans are very small..." ~ Stable Genius Donald Trump.… #madkingdonald
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Trump is to climate change as Murray Hamilton (Mayor Vaughn) is to the Great White Shark in "Jaws."
Maybe impeachment is necessary after all, before Mad King Donald wrecks our American constitution and institutions beyond recovery.… #autocracy
Check out my conversation about #propaganda on this Shadow of the Valley podcast.…
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Trump’s latest conspiracy theory, that Dems change shirts and vote twice, tells us he's never voted.…? #politics
Really appreciating Dan Crenshaw. Opinion | SNL mocked my appearance. Here’s why I didn’t demand an apology.… #grace
A final no-prize for the late, great Stan Lee. Excelsior!… via @thr
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Fox News: We do 'not condone' our propagandists revealing their biases by participating in Trump campaign events.… #disinformation
Democrats have an "Internet Bill of Rights": transparency, privacy, control, notification, Net Neutrality, competition, accountability. Republicans have Ajit Pai, nemesis of net neutrality.… #internet #freedom
"... we need to defend the net: not because it is a parallel virtual place where we are free from surveillance and oppression, but because it is vital to creating real, physical places where we are free." by @doctorow… #internet #freedom
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VOTE tomorrow, if you haven't already. Vote like your life depended on it. #VOTE
“We’re not processing complicated arguments at all… we’re getting so much of our media as video, which engages entirely different parts of our brains - our emotional brains rather than our thinking brains.” ~ Nate Wilcox via Plutopia News.
Roy Hargrove, Grammy-Winning Jazz Trumpeter, Dies At 49 - #jazz
If you haven’t voted yet, what can I say or do to convince you to make voting Tuesday your biggest priority this week (and, for that matter, this year).
Tal Leeds interviewed me earlier this week for his podcast, Shadow of the Valley. We talked quite a bit about net.activism.… via @choosePippa
RT @TerribleMaps: US governors by eye color
RT @erik_davis: "Just as Goethe considered colors to be one of the adventures of light, we should consider intoxication [Rausch] as a trium…
"Abortion becomes unnecessary when women have so much support from within their community that the one violent choice never even becomes an option in their minds."…
My Xiaomi Mi electric scooter doesn’t have enough power going up hills. What’s the upgrade from here? @rogerbchen
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"...conspiracy theories and 'dog whistles' that resonate with anti-Semites and white supremacists are being circulated by establishment sources, including the president and members of Congress." #anti-semitism
RT @donaldmackenz30: Trump : "Nobody's ever done a better job than I'm doing as President" A group of political scientists rated past Pres…
Fox News Guest: Bombs Could’ve Been Sent by Liberal ‘Trying to Get the Democratic Vote Out.’ Right - and Republicans bombed the World Trade Center. We all love conspiracy theories. We should be careful not to believe them.… via @thedailybeast
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Yessss! I am now a proud patron of @hrheingold on @patreon, and you should be too: #NewPatron…
Werner Herzog is making a documentary about meteorites - via @pesco at… #space #culture
US scientists have laid out a plan to search for life in the universe via @qz
Republicans Are Outraged About the Deficit They Caused. The real goal was an excuse to cut entitlements.…
JosephKopser grew up a Reagan Republican, became a Democrat when Republican party became unrecognizable. #tx21
I believe in leading with facts and science. I believe in return of calm vs chaos. - @JosephKopser #tx21
Congress checks the president, says @chiproytx. (Editorial comment: that seems broken right now.) #tx21
Free trade is foundational, per @chiproytx But president should have latitude to negotiate in our behalf. #tx21
The president's tariff policy is reckless, we agreed 40 yrs ago this approach wasn't right. Need fair and free trade. - @JosephKopser #tx21
@JosephKopser - we need new blood in legislatures, to overcome bitter rivalries that prevent productive bipartisan work. #tx21
@chiproytx is advocating balanced budget, which is inconsistent with support for dramatic tax cuts. #tx21
@chiproytx admits that we're not preparing people for work, but not clear how we do that if we cut education funding dramatically. #tx21
@chiproytx supports jobs, but also supports tax cuts that could undermine government support for employability. #tx21
Make sure that all Americans can participate in American dream, not just those that benefited from prior spending. @JosephKopser #tx21
"Don't let misrepresentation get in the way of reality" re taxes and tax cuts. - @JosephKopser. "Tax wealth, not work." #tx21
"We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem" per @chiproytx. #tx21
@JosephKopser is a job creator himself, says tax cuts were excessive, adding 1.5 trillion to debt. #tx21
@chiproytx supports tax cuts, saying leaving money in hands of people will create jobs. #tx21
Toll lanes should be part of the mix in addressing substantial transportation issues in Texas, per @JosephKopser. #tx21
Kavanaugh debacle was a manifestation of tribalization of politics per @JosephKopser. #tx21
@JosephKopser is not against gun ownership, but believes in restrictions - no fly, no buy. #tx21
I just donated to @Wikipedia. Support free knowledge! Especially if you use and value Wikipedia! #iloveWikipedia…
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RT @SenSanders: On one hand, we see a worldwide movement toward authoritarianism, oligarchy, and kleptocracy. On the other hand, we see a m…
"Democrats should be smart, not fight dirty." #Politics
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