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Miffed at being taken for granted, Texas AFL-CIO takes a pass on endorsing Beto O'Rourke for Senate. @BetoORourke (AFL-CIO lifetime voting score of 95) promises to make amends in time to win their backing against @tedcruz (AFL-CIO lifetime score of 12).…
The long and the short of a Democratic ticket: Tom Wakely, left, running for governor, with Michael Cooper for lieutenant governor. At Texas AFL-CIO Convention.
Andrew White: “I’m a common sense Democrat. I’m tired of Texas being run in a way that makes no sense.”
@randrewwhite says the 2018 election is most critical because of the retirement of @SpeakerStraus who has kept the safe state from more extreme Republican ideas, like the bathroom bill. Without him, more tree ordinances, more tax cuts.
Andrew White: "It's incredibly common-sensical that we should have a universal background check law in Texas. This is something that Democrats and Republicans, all Texans should get behind. It just makes too much sense.
@LupeValdez "Local areas have right to make their own decisions for what they see as their problems." For @GovAbbott, she says, it's, if you don't agree with me you're wrong.
RT @jamesrhenson: Actually, HRC received 3.87 million...and Donald Trump received 4.68 million.… #tx2018 https://t.…
Are you willing to call for repeal of SB 4? @LupeValdez "Oh my God. SB 4 should not be there. It has done nothing but create fear among a lot of people." Andrew White agrees. On @GovAbbott, "What is wrong with that man?"
Andrew White: @GovAbbott should be run out of town for special education caps. He should be run out of town.
Andrew White: We're spending $800 million on border security. That's the federal government's job. We don't need to be spending that.
Andrew White says he opposes vouchers that direct public monies to private schools.
Asked at AFL-CIO forum about charter schools, @LupeValdez says she is a product of public schools and charters sounds like taking money from 99 percent and giving it to the 1 percent.
Andrew White says his secret strategy is @realDonaldTrump is going to tweet for the next year. Also notes that.Hillary Clinton received 4 million votes in Texas and Greg Abbott got 2.8 million.
@LupeValdez notes that @GovAbbott's huge fundraising raises the question what the big donors are expecting in return.
Finding positive signs where you may. Andrew White, asked by AFL CIO President Rick Levy about Greg Abbott's fundraising advantage, notes that Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump two-to-one.
@LupeValdez and @randrewwhite both agree with AFL CIO priority to raise minimum wage. White says it's been stuck at $7.25 for ten years. Valdez says that, practically, might have to "stair-step" the increases to get to desired $15, but can be done.
@randrewwhite says @GovAbbott has eschewed Sam Houston's "Do right and risk the consequences," for "Do what's expedient and forget the rest."
@randrewwhite tells TX AFL-CIO because "I have the experience, I have the judgment and I have the fight to beat Greg Abbott this November, because he must go."
@randrewwhite tells TX AFL-CIO that one year of the @realDonaldTrump presidency has featured "twitter meltdowns, race riots - I thought we were done with race riots - a tax cut for the rich."
@LupeValdez says Texas Republicans engage in phantom issues. "Who doesn't remember Jade Helm when a common military exercise was turned into an attack on Texas. Come on folks."
@LupeValdez tells @TexasAFLCIO that, after 13 years as Dallas county sheriff, "I’m not done yet. I want a bigger challenge and a bigger goal and that is to serve as the governor of Texas."
Beleaguered Trump carries Jackson Nicquette at Austin impeachment march.
Girl Scout Victoria Kidde is doing a brisk business in impeachmints along route if impeachment march on Congress Ave in Austin.
Renee Lyon of Dripping Springs with sign her mother-in-law, Ann Simanton, made as art therapy while undergoing chemotherapy in Houston.
Austin City Hall impeachment rally.
Miles to go. Abby Escobar, UT freshman from San Antonio, at impeachment rally.
Austin artists, and husband and wife, Norman Bean and Diane MacGregor, at Austin impeachment rally.
This campaign is the handiwork of Progress Texas. This is executive director Ed Espinoza at Austin impeachment rally.
Morgan Butterfield and Mia Butterfield, 11, at Austin impeachment rally, Mia’s first demonstration.
At Austin City Hall impeachment rally. Adam Robinson says this refers to @realDonaldTrump presidency, not the world.
@LupeValdez says she has more governmental experience than Democratic rival Andrew White, and more experience of growing up poor and doing without.
RT @jamesrhenson: @evanasmith asks @LupeValdez about views of the polic at #ttevents. Police Favorability (February 2017 UT / @TexasTribun…
RT @PatrickSvitek: - Do you believe law enforcement in Texas is racist? - @LupeValdez: "No, I don’t believe that they’re racist. I believe…
@LupeValdez recalls resistance from her family, especially her father, when she entered law enforcement because of distrust. Today, extent of discrimination depends on the department.
@LupeValdez won’t get specific about what taxes she might raise. @evanasmith: “You’re leaving the door open.” Valdez: “We leave the door open to a lot of things. Come on in.”
Now that's funny. @lupevaldez talking about Dreamers who arrived as small children, asks @evanasmith if he remembers when he was 3. Smith, in his dark Texas Tribune interview suit: "I was doing this." Valdez: "Your nose is growing."
@evanasmith What about undocumented? @LupeValdez on Dreamers" "If this is not their country they don't have a country."
@LupeValdez says photos of border agents with machine guns is an example of "boys and their toys" vs. sensible border security.
@LupeValdez Even after SB 4, which she opposed, good officers are going to continue to do what they do. Rogue officers are going to continue to do what they do.
@LupeValdez "I still can't figure out what sanctuary cities are." @GovAbbott's approach did nothing but foment fear.
@evanasmith says @LupeValdez would be first gay TX gov, first Latina TX gov, first TX gov to work the fields. Valdez: "I love it." But, "first" headlines aside, she says she has a name.
@lupevaldez when asked by @evanasmith why she's running for governor. "The governor sets the tone for the state. Right now I don't particularly care for the tone"
Sounds like a job for Austin-bound Derek Alderman and his Rubric Cube.…
RT @VirtualCapitol: Herman: Sen. John Cornyn continues to tolerate President Trump
RT @JulieChang1: His son tried to kill him; now father tries to halt his execution…
@randrewwhite blames @GovAbbott for the fact that Pittsburgh, and not Texas, is hub for developing self-driving car technology.
@randrewwhite "I think we need more toll roads." But have to stop charging when they are paid off.
@randrewwhite recalling his experience on the water rescuing people from Hurricane Harvey flooding says we need to take climate change seriously.
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@randrewwhite on self-funding his campaign: “I absolutely will be supporting myself for sure, but I’m not in the Tony S…
@randrewwhite "I think people are going to vote for a change across the board."
@randrewwhite "We don't have a sanctuary cities problem in Texas. It's a solution in search of a problem."
@randrewwhite If that new speaker comes from the Trump school of government, we will have vouchers, bathroom bills, fresh gerrymandering. We are being led by extremists ... this is not normal ... I want to bring sanity and reason back to our government.
@randrewwhite "I trust women to make their own health-care decisions. Period. End of story." Says his personal pro-life beliefs would not effect his support for abortion rights and he would have vetoed laws coming out of Legislature to limit those rights.
@randrewwhite "Vouchers scare the heck out of me" and if @GovAbbott remains governor, and @SpeakerStraus is succeeded by someone in the mold of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, we will have them.
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@randrewwhite: "I have no interest in just winning the primary. We need to win in November." #ttevents #txgov
@randrewwhite The first way to spend much more on education is to stop spending $800 million on border security. "It's not Texas' responsibility to secure the United States border." That's DC's responsibility.
@randrewwhite quotes John Connally when asked whether he is a liberal or a conservative. "On what issue?"
@evanasmith By all conventional standards you are not qualified to be governor. @randrewwhite I am completely qualified to be governor because I have a heart for public service.
Asked about inequality, Lupe Valdez says she likes Ben and Jerry not allowing anyone in their company to earn too many times more than other employees. "I know a doctor is going to make more than me, but shouldn't make more than me in two days."
Dem gubernatorial candidate Tom Wakely. "Most Mexicans love us and we love them."
Jeffrey Payne calls for ten cents a gallon increase in gas tax to fund infrastructure, and to stop building toll roads - "highways for the rich." (suggested slogan: "No Payne, no gain.")
Dem. gubernatorial candidate James Jolly Clark wants to built seven desalinization plants in the Gulf and tax excessive water use. "We don't need the greenest grass in the world."
Andrew White: "@exxonmobil believes in climate change, but @GovAbbott doesn't." But, "fracking is important to our economy," and needs to be properly regulated.
Lupe Valdez decries political "charades" - bathroom bills, voter fraud bills, Jade Helm, all intended to foment hate.
Joe Mumbach says that running for governor was "never on my bucket list." Calls for return to "unconditional love," like we saw with Harvey response. Says Republicans are pro-birth but not pro-life. "We've got to take care of one another."
Democratic gubernatorial candidate - the "Berniecrat in a Panama hat" - says only purpose of open carry is to intimidate government. Calls for getting rid of it and legalizing marijuana.
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeffrey Payne, who came to Texas from New Orleans because of Katrina, predicts a "blue tsunami" is going to hit Texas in 2018.
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeffrey Payne thanks Tom Green Democrats for Facebooking candidate forum "because it's the only time my husband gets to see me." Said he will be away campaigning on their first anniversary, but will get him a nice gift.
James Jolly Clark, Austin businessman and one of ten Democratic gubernatorial candidates at San Angelo event, riffs rapidly about "radical, fanatical, jackass" Republicans who run Texas, led by what sounds like Killer Rabbit but, he explains, is actually Killer Abbott.
Andrew White at Democratic gubernatorial debate in San Angelo. "We're living in Trump's prison and I'm going to break Texas out."
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RT @JinATX: I’ve never had more veterans call/email to offer info than after this story.
RT @CMOliver: My mom just sent me a pic where she is handfeeding my son french fries in the bathtub. These are NOT the people who raised me.
RT @BeschlossDC: Four Presidents at Speaker Sam Rayburn’s funeral, Bonham, Texas, today 1961:
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RT @EricEyre: Another ground-breaking story via @LennyMBernstein @ScottHigham1 uncovering (after FOIA suit) how opiod-shipper Cardinal Heal…
RT @PatrickSvitek: Abbott adviser: Va. Dem wins should be 'wakeup call' for Texas GOP… via @houstonchron
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Mild is Pence’s milieu. This is man who won’t eat alone with a woman not his wife, a policy that in this moment se……
@mike_pence With your help, with Rep. governors, with Republican leadership in Congress and with President Donald……
@mike_pence began by asking for a standing ovation for NJ Gov. Chris Christie, once early front-runner for the GOP……
@mike_pence said the tax code is way thicker than the Bible - "with none of the Good News."
@mike_pence "We are going to repeal the individual mandate that is at the heart of Obamacre." And that, he said,"w……
@mike_pence "Optimism is sweeping America ... more Americans are working than ever before ... stock market setting……
@mike_pence in Austin lauds fortitude and compassion of Texans amid trials of Harvey and Sutherland Springs, and……
@MikePenceVP brings greetings from "great believer" in state-based reform - @realDonaldTrump
Gov. Scott Walker introduces Vice President Mike Pence at Republican Governors Association annual meeting in Austin……
Reading from left to right, it's Gov. Scott Walker, chairman of the Republican Governors Association.
Gov. Scott Walker: The result in Virginia governor's race was, based on electoral history, entirely predictable, bu……
Both Govs. Scott Walker and Rick Scott support CHIP and think Congress should act quickly.
Gov. Rick Scott: When Gov. Dan Malloy raises taxes in Connecticut, I gain residents in Florida.
Gov. Rick Scott won't say whether @realDonaldTrump would be asset or not campaigning for GOP gubernatorial candidat……
On Roy Moore: Gov. Scott Walker: "He should get out." Gov. Rick Scott: It's not about politics, but about what's ri……
@georgepbush tells @MQSullivan Alamo "Cenotaph will always stand on my watch ... if i had a magic wand" it would……
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