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@LupeValdez on her humble fundraising: ‘This election will not be bought’ Valdez has $222,050 in cash on hand as of June 30. @GovAbbott has 130 times that and has already booked $16.1 m in TV time for the fall.…
RT @cassi_pollock: Some fundraising numbers in Texas #ltgov race, per @JTiloveTX: - @DanPatrick raised almost $4.5M between Feb. 25-June 3…
RT @PatrickSvitek: Your campaign finance system, folks — 55 days after the election, we learn who was funding a super PAC that assisted Mat…
For 25 years, @LupeValdez bought properties in Oak Cliff, fixed them up and rented them at below-market rates in an act of entrepreneurial social conscience and giving back - even if it meant not always paying her property taxes on time, even as a candidate for governor
RT @TXTylerNorris: As usual, @cd_hooks w/ an excellent piece on O’Rourke’s campaign. Few folks know how campaigns work, and even fewer repo…
First Reading. Run Hard: @BlueActionDems rally against `naysayers’ and `conventional wisdom’…
Ellicott City, Maryland’s Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail, surviving on NyQuil, cuts short a great set at Three Links in Dallas’ Deep Ellum (after playing bass for 2nd opener Bonny Doon). “Next time I’ll play four hours, if that’s even desirable.”
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@NelsonforTexas on “pub crawl to end gerrymandering,” hitting three bars in three congressional districts, all within a…
Willie's blessing. @BetoORourke was given the plum speaking time, leading into the fireworks, at Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic in Austin, and accompanied Nelson on guitar for the last four songs of the night.
From pot anthems to country anthems, @BetoORourke plays guitar with Willie Nelson as they close out Nelson's July Fourth Picnic in Austin with Will the Circle Be Unbroken and I'll Fly Away.
@BetoORourke plays guitar with Willie Nelson on Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die and All My Hopes Went up in Smoke at the conclusion of Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic in Austin.
@BetoORourke is presented at the Willie Nelson Fourth of July Picnic in Austin as "the next senator from Texas." O'Rourke: "I hope each of us will do what we can at this moment of truth." And then counts down from ten and the fireworks begin.
Abolish ICE? @BetoORourke If we are going to start treating people as human beings we have to go beyond ICE ... I want us to start treating human beings as human beings, whatever those agencies are called.
@BetoORourke This is totally possible and on us. And not to put too much pressure on you, but he future of the nation depends on it.
@BetoORourke At a time when our president and many of us would have us fear one another for the small differences that don't matter ... we should not be scared of one another. Instead, we should meet the smallness of this moment with kindness, strength and courage.
@BetoORourke In the most diverse country on the planet, we are the most diverse state. We cannot stop with letting Dreamers stay here. We must make them citizens. Even before we are Texans or Americans, we are human beings. Texas should lead. At Hotel Vegas, ATX.
@BetoORourke at rainy Fourth of July rally at Bandas Con Beto Rally at Hotel Vegas in Austin. "Happy Birthday America. 242 years. If we can keep her, at a time when it has never been a more open question."
City Council Member Greg Casar introducing @BetoORourke at Hotel Vegas. "I love Austin. Collective disbelief in our ability to change the world is our biggest enemy. People like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump thrive on that disbelief.That disbelief, I don't see very much in Austin."
First Reading: `Because we need a warm splinter of good news in these gun-riddled days.' The columns of Rob Hiaasen.…
RT @MannyGarciaTX: Big thanks to my State Rep @EddieforTexas, @texasdemocrats, and @SummerTimeTexas for this awesome gesture. Rocio & I are…
RT @madlinbmek: In a telephone town hall with supporters, @GregAbbott_TX says 2018 will be a tough election, in part because of #TxSen race…
RT @James_Barragan: There is no one covering #LGBTQ issues in Texas as closely as @lmcgaughy. Read this story on the anniversary of Lawrenc…
First Reading: `That’s how the light gets in.’ @KirkPWatson brings Leonard Cohen to the Texas Democratic Convention.…
RT @davidmcswane: Just confirmed it’s actually 98 new positions. 47 - nurses to check on patients (utilization review) 38 - contract overs…
Finally, courtesy @KirkPWatson, a convention speech entirely devoted to Leonard Cohen's Anthem (including intro and outro music) Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in. (Democrats ring bells.)
Imam and rabbi offering a prayer as Democratic State Convention gets underway. Imam begins with a joke, says he’s here to offer a prayer for Ted Cruz, and his future in basketball.
Lupe Valdez tells Democratic Hispanic Caucus that Republican say Hispanics should vote for them because they are the party of family values but, "hate is not a family, disrespect is not a family value."
@KimOlson4TxAg, seeking to unseat Sid Miller for Ag Commissioner, tells Texas Young Democrats, "This is not the prom. No one has to ask you to show up. You go to the polls and you bring somebody with you ... you have to be like gerbils on Red Bull."
@RepMaryGonzalez who represents Tornillo "where hundreds of kids are sleeping in tents," said she didn't want to leave her district to be at the convention, but needed to be here to let them know that Trump executive order does not by any means mean that victory has been won.
RT @James_Barragan: Spotted at the Texas Democratic Convention
Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Mike Collier gives Texas Young Democrats his quick rundown of political history: I was a child of the 60s. Things got better. We elected Barack Obama. Even better.
Gilberto Hinojosa tells Texas Young Democrats that they need to do all they can now, “so in 40 years, when your grandchildren ask, ‘What did you do when everything was falling apart?’”you can say you fought and you won.
Texas Dem Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said that in these perilous times, lawsuits are ok, but run into Republican judges. Marches are ok, but run into the indifference of Republican elected officials. The only place that can't be ignored is the ballot box.
Democratic Attorney General candidate Justin Nelson tells Tejano Democrats that “even after Trump has rescinded the policy, Ken Paxton still thinks it is OK to separate families. That is wrong.”
Lupe Valdez tells Tejano Democrats “We’ve heard about this Latino sleeping giant. Sometimes I think we have to get our people angry. We couldn’t be any angrier with what’s going on now.” Chants of “Lupe, Lupe, Lupe!”
TX Dem Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa to Tejano Democrats on separating families at the border: "These are our kids, You see these little children, they look like us. These are our family who they are treating like this and it should make you angrier than you have ever been."
Backpack. Texas Democratic State Convention. Fort Worth.
Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa, decrying children held in cages, tells Mexican-American Caucus, "This happened because we didn't go vote. There's more of us than there is of them, by mucho - you thought I was going to say the other word - (say it) por chingos..
At Texas Democratic Women’s Caucus meeting, women candidates for the state House pose for a group photo to Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT.
@wendydavis tells Texas Democratic Women's Caucus that when government starts "getting up in our lady parts ... sometimes we need to put on our tennis shoes, strap on a catheter bag and bring a whole lot of friends to the Capitol."
@LupeValdez tells Texas Democratic Women’s Caucus that electing more women is about bringing balance to government. “Gentlemen, I’m not going against you. We need the balance and the balance is going to come through the Democratic Party.”
Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa tells Texas Democratic Women’s Caucus that the blue wave Democrats are looking to is really a pink wave.
“This is our time ladies, this is our moment in history . We will fundamentally change this nation for the better.” @KimOlson4TxAg, to standing ovation from Texas Democratic Women’s Caucus meeting at Democratic State Convention in Fort Worth.
@wendydavis addressing TX Democratic Women’s Caucus: “No one nurtures, no one cares, no one loves like a woman and we want to create that kind of climate in this state ... and defeat the kind of patriarchy that has held us back for so long.”
On the opening night of the Democratic State Convention in Fort Worth, Wendy Davis hosts a party at The 4 Eleven commemorating the fifth anniversary of the filibuster of abortion restrictions that catapulted her to the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination.
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez says that in the crisis of family separation, @GregAbbott_TX revealed himself as “Trump’s puppet ....Did he not hear the crying of the children? Where is the Texan heart?”
Democratic candidate for Lt. Gov. Mike Collier says Dan Patrick’s long silence on family separations is unTexan. “Dan Patrick is not one of us. He is not fit to lead.”
First Reading: `I did win, right?’ George P. Bush on being booed at the Republican Convention…
RT @lmcgaughy: NEW: The @TexasGOP no longer condemns people simply for being gay. Here's how it happened.… #txlege #…
First Reading: Did Jimmy Kimmel set the shot clock for Ted Cruz to act on family separations at the border?…
First Reading: On Hawaiian family vacation, Alex Jones proves he is always Alex Jones…
First Reading: Asche is to ashes, but is James Dickey a man the Texas GOP can trust?…
After the brawl. If chairs could talk. #RPTCon2018
After bitter finale, James Dickey defeats Cindy Asche, 65.37 to 34.63 percent. to win full term as Texas Republican Party chairman. Dickey takes the podium to offer thanks and urge the party to "come together" to beat the Democrats.
In stunningly bitter conclusion of race for Texas GOP chair, challenger Cindy Asche cites resignation Friday of party's accounting director saying James Dickey is "not trustworthy." Dickey, who appeared on verge of easy victory, said he has been victim of lies of a bitter faction
RT @DanielSurman: Hold crud. Terry Holcomb of SD-3 speaks against the minority report manouver by Cindy Asche's camp with a roasting pun. "…
@SpeakerStraus response to @DanPatrick saying that even though no bathroom bill passed, his side won.“If ‘victory’ on the bathroom bill means that it’s not coming back and there will be more focus on fixing school finance and promoting private-sector growth, that’s great news.”
“You noted the boos, right?” Republican delegate tells reporter about reception for @JohnCornyn, who escaped a censure from Tarrant County making it to the floor, where everyone’s necks were bearing credential laniards inscribed with his name.
Land Commissioner George P. Bush greeted with chorus of boos when he tells GOP Convention about great job he is doing with the Alamo. Gets a little better reception with complaint about fake news media that he says hasn’t been telling the truth about his exceptional job at Alamo.
There are close to 10,000 delegates and alternates at the Republican State Convention, but most of them aren’t in the Hall for the speechifying by the statewide ticket.
They think alike, they vote alike, sometimes they even dress alike. State Reps. Jeff Leach and Matt Krause at the Texas Republican Convention looking like they stepped out of the pages of the Freedom Caucus Freedomwear Catalogue.
RT @MattMackowiak: Official State Nominations Committee Report: SDs won by Dickey: 22 SDs won by Asche: 9 The unofficial raw vote margin…
@DanPatrick "A Republican on his worst day is better than a Democrat on their best day."
@DanPatrick leads the GOP convention in saying, "Happy Birthday Mr. President." @realDonaldTrump's birthday was yesterday. Says he told Trump he is like the Babe Ruth of presidents, "You knock it out of the park every time."
@DanPatrick said there is no civil war in the Texas Republican Party, just a few folks who haven't got the message that it's over.
In TX GOP convention speech, @DanPatrick bids adieux to @SpeakerStraus "I wish him well in retirement and thank him for his service, but the winds of change are coming to the House."
Attn: @MikePenceVP, @DanPatrick says he is the only lt. gov. in the country with real power. The rest, he said, are all like vice president.
@DanPatrick says he can't imagine Lupe Valdez as governor instead of Greg Abbott, or "Robert Francis O'Rourke," in the Senate instead of @tedcruz "If we had two Californias and noTexas, this country sinks."
@DanPatrick "There are those in our state who would kill our prosperity ... and those on the left who even mock our faith in God. We call these people Democrats. Their party is made up of socialists, liberals and progressives."
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@GregAbbott_TX doing greatest hits so far in @TexasGOP convention speech, telling delegates: The Texas economy is large…
He might have said no Democrats have been elected since she was born. Will have to check the wording.…
From crude to mohair. @GovAbbott "Because of Texas, the United States is now energy independent. Because of Texas, we will never depend on foreign oil cartels ..., We are number one for sheep and goats. Texas is even number one for wool and mohair."
Personalizing Republican hegemony in Texas, @GovAbbott notes that his 21-year-old daughter Audrey has never lived in a Texas with a Democrat in statewide office.
@GovAbbott "It is great to be at a convention that believes in God Almighty and would never take a knee for our national anthem."
Audrey Abbott, Texas first daughter introducing her father at Texas GOP Convention,, says she went to USC to college to double California's Democratic population.
everything pushed back until about now because some Senate District caucuses hadn't ended.…
RT @MattMackowiak: Today’s @TexasGOP Convention Schedule (times CT): 10:15a @GregAbbott_TX 10:40a @DanPatrick 11:05a @Glenn_Hegar 11…
RT @MattMackowiak: With 23 SDs reporting, @jamesdickey has won 19 and @CindyCAsche has won 4. There are 31 SDs. Nominees need to win 3 SDs…
First Reading: TX GOP Legislative Priorities Committee recommendations: Abolish abortion, property taxes, taxpayer-funded lobbying and gun licensing requirements and protect the privacy and safety of women and children in multi-use facilities (bathrooms.)…
RT @TXTylerNorris: Delegate count for #RPTcon18 chair currently at 2061 for Dickey, 1189 for Asche. Asche can bring the vote to the floor i…
Texas Tribune secret work space at GOP Convention.
Spectral presence. Cruz Cruzer on empty Texas GOP Convention floor in San Antonio
First Reading. Getting interesting late: GOP Platform Committee restores Cook censure, doubles down against homosexuality…
Ok, I'm a crank. I complained when the Democrats held their state convention at the Alamodome b/c that place is a FOOD DESERT! Now I'm at the Republican State Convention at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center sitting on the hard floor to be near an outlet, sans reliable wifi.
James Dickey: As President Trump says, "I'm not tired of winning yet."
James Dickey, former Travis County Republican chairman, seeking re-election as Texas GOP chair, "Beating Democrats in Travis County is no small feat. But that's what we did in Travis County."
In her campaign speech for Texas GOP Chair, Cindy Asche torches the red meat thermometer - Christian conservative, kneels in prayer, stands for anthem, gun-packing marksman, enemy of socialism, Trump, Trump, Trump.
Cindy Asche, promoting her quicker fidelity to @realDonaldTrump than incumbent James Dickey's. Of Trump, who she backed from the moment he became the presumptive nominee, she says, "it's promises made, promises kept." And, of @HillaryClinton it's "bless her crooked little heart."
Cindy Asche, in pitching her candidacy for chair of the Texas Republican Party, describes her role in the Texas Federation of Republican Women, which she describes as "one of the most well-armed militias in the United States."
Texas GOP Legislative Priorities Committee language on privacy legislation.
Texas GOP Legislative Priorities Committee proposed language on property taxes.
Texas GOP Convention Legislative Priority Committee language on abortion.
Here’s the language approved for the GOP plank on homosexual behavior, at least until tomorrow night when the permanent Platform Committee can take another crack at it.
See-saw battle over plank on homosexual behavior continues into the night, with Platform Committee refusing to strike the line, “Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental truths that have been ordained by God in the Bible.”
Here’s how the Texas Republican Convention Legislative Priorities are shaping up around now. It will be passed off to the permanent Legislative Priorities Committee tomorrow, and then winnowed to 5 by the full Convention.
I took a break to go over to Legislative Priorities. My unerring new judgment erred. Thank you.…
That was then. The Platform and Resolutions Committee has reversed itself and is now recommending the censure of Rep. Byron Cook. Of course, this is the temporary committee to be replaced tomorrow by the permanent committee, which may be very much one and the same. Stay tuned.…
State Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, candidate for House speaker, thanks Platform Committee for plank calling for House GOP caucus to pre-select choice for speaker to avoid election of another @SpeakerStraus who was censured by the State Republican Executive Committee in January.
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, accompanied by @BriscoeCain with hat and gun, says his great regret was not ending abortion. Urges TX GOP to lead way on heartbeat bill to end Roe v. Wade.
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