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RT @RonBrownstein: 26 of the 30 states Trump won rank in the bottom 30 for the immigrant share of their population. Most Republican Senator…
Watching @tedcruz in El Paso on-line at the Hole in the Wall, which is hosting Day 2 of Austin Punk Rock for Beto, but I am in the backroom amidst loud karaoke of Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood & watching Astros-Sox game on the TV over the bar. And yet, I feel something’s missing.
“Build the wall y’all.” Facebook commenter Faith M. Spitsbergen. Where’s that rhyme been hiding all this time?
@tedcruz: The Kavanaugh hearings were the Democratic rehearsals for the 2020 Iowa caucuses. “And by the way, for the record, I am not Spartacus.”
While @tedcruz boasts in El Paso that @realDonaldTrump moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Facebook commenter cuts to the chase: “Beto looks unkempt.”
@tedcruz in El Paso “How about the military. Do we support the military?”
RT @DraperRobert: BetoMania may prove to be a paper tiger and yes, yes, so much slobbery press. Still, the belching CW on display--he's not…
RT @RealKellyJones: TY Hollis. It is my civic duty and obligation to tweet, as I helped create Infowars which, 20 years ago, was profoundl…
The Awful Lot (attn: @evanasmith, a great band name that is, well, the band’s name) at Austin Punk Rock for @BetoORourke at Kick Butt Coffee where they are OK with going negative on @tedcruz.
All Opposed at Austin Punk Rock for Beto at Kick Butt Coffee.
Austin Punk Rock for Beto Day 1 tonight at Kick Butt Coffee. Day 2 at Hole in the Wall beginning at 3. "Ted Cruz is working for the Clampdown and we aren't about that anymore."
RT @JohnathanSilver: Hundreds of recently retired Texas teachers have not yet received their pension checks…
RT @davidSrauf: The police chief at @txst abruptly resigned in May — and university officials back then had no timeline for a perm replacem…
@tedcruz calls @BetoORourke "Comrade Beto" at Houston rally Friday, In Cruz's book, A Time for Truth, he describes how his father, Rafael, as a teenager enlisted in Fidel Castro's guerrilla underground, dedicated to acquiring weapons/sabotage, not knowing Castro was a communist.
RT @JinATX: The Nunes electoral strategy has implications for local newspapers all over the country. Great piece by @jazmineulloa https://t…
Taking the edge off yesterday's Quinnipiac University Poll showing him trailing @tedcruz by nine points for the second month in a row, @BetoORourke announces his campaign has raised an extraordinary $38.1 million in the third quarter of 2018.
Thanks to Patrick Pfingsten for having me on his podcast to talk about the Texas Senate race. Really enjoyed it. Come to Austin and we'll go get a beer in Pflugerville.…
Quinnipiac University Poll has @BetoORourke stalled at nine points behind @tedcruz 54-45, among likely voters. Quinnipiac's Peter Brown. "The election is far from over, but Sen. Cruz would have to suffer a major collapse for him to lose."
Clever Cruz. On Saturday, the same day @BetoORourke is having a rally with Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy in Corpus Christi, @tedcruz is holding a rally in El Paso with “Beto” the narc - Gilberto “Beto” Gonzalez, director of the Texas Narcotic Officers Assocation
Dolores Huerta at midday rally for survivors of sexual violence at the University of Texas Tuesday.
Dolores Huerta with Workers Defense Project at Pan American Park in Austin Tuesday before block walk on last day of voter registration in Texas.
Dolores Huerta, at UT protest, says Kavanaugh supporter Ted Cruz calls himself ‘Texas tough,’ but he is an exemplar of dated machismo that has got to. Urges students to make sure they’re registered to vote by today’s deadline. Beto may not be Latino but “has a big Latino heart.”
Chants at University of Texas protest include “Survivors united will never be divided,” “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Kavanaugh has got to go,” and the slightly more esoteric, “UT’s support is only performative!”
@BetoORourke arrives at UT. Says he is asked why he is spending precious time on college tour when students don’t vote. “This is where the action is. You are not the leaders of tomorrow. You are the leaders of today.”
Brenda Guillen of Denton at @BetoORourke rally at UT Austin.
@GinaForAustin at UT @BetoORourke rally “We now have a record number of students registered to vote here.” Oct. 9 the deadline. “Our job in Austin is to run up the score for Beto.”
Crowd about as big as it can get awaits @BetoORourke at UT.
Pre-rally patty-cakes at sitting-room-only @BetoORourke event at UT, part of dozen-campus college tour.
Got past the sniffing of the security dogs at the Ted Cruz/Donald Trump Jr. rally in Wichita Falls. Then I ran into Aaron Saunders of Burkburnett, Texas.
At ACC, @BetoORourke extols teacher who “changed my life” by introducing “tall, awkward, goofy kid” to unabridged Odyssey. It’s now taught abridged, because of all the testing, and the teacher is in a retirement system that hasn’t had a cost-of-living increase since 2005.
@BetoORourke “We can end this War on Drugs that has become a war on people.” Gaslight-Baker Theater in Lockhart.
Listening to @BetoORourke at the Gaslight-Baker Theater in Lockhart.
Judge Gisela Triana, Court of Appeals candidate, introduces @BetoORourke to a crackling, capacity crowd at the Gaslight-Baker Theater in Lockhart as not just a "wicked" good orator, but also a great listener.
@BetoORourke tells editor of the Lockhart paper his strategy for the homestretch.
@BetoORourke asked by editor of the Lockhart paper which county has the best barbecue. Beto: “Certainly the county we’re in now.”
@GovAbbott deflects Brian Kilmeade Q: “How much does the drunk-driving crash he was jailed on and the fact that he did or didn’t leave the scene of the accident after the accident matter?” Abbott: “I don’t think that’s going to matter all that much.” Says issues matter.
@GovAbbott on @BetoORourke “He’s been a cult-like, very popular figure, the way he’s running his campaign, but you don’t vote on cults when you go to the US Senate, you vote on the issues .” Texans “don’t want George Soros policies here in the state of Texas.”
@GovAbbott says @BetoORourke is this year’s @wendydavis who “was getting money and support from across the entire country only to lose by 20 points when it was revealed the positions she really stood for.”
@GovAbbott says @BetoORourke is this year’s @wendydavis who “was getting money and support from across the entire country only to lose by 20 points when it was revealed the positions she really stood for.”
RT @chiproytx: My daughter is 7 - and I’d be happy to have Mr. Kavanaugh coach her in basketball and have her join his 10 yo daughter in pr…
First Reading. The political rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones: On fake news and weaponized communications…
RT @jenmercieca: I'll be talking about Trump & Alex Jones and how they use #WeaponizedComunication tactics with @cwarzel & @JTiloveTX on Sa…
First Reading: For Ted Cruz, Bernie debate previewed `socialist’ strategy against Beto, and one peril lying in wait…
First Reading. Hubris: At the first Texas Senate debate with Beto O'Rourke, Ted Cruz plays the race card in the name of Lincoln and MLK…
RT @ebruenig: Now in print ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️…
The morning after. @BetoORourke on the road to a town hall in Del Rio with a couple of Castros.
@BetoORourke: Sen. Cruz has a tendency to mischaracterize. #TXSenateDebate
Somewhere in there is @BetoORourke offering post-debate soon - in English and Spanish.
Classic exchange. @tedcruz in saying what he likes about @BetoORourke says that like Bernie Sanders. who is devoted to what he believes in - socialism - so too are you. @BetoORourke "True to form."
Say something nice about your opponent. @BetoORourke working hard to serve his country at great sacrifice to your family and children. @tedcruz I agree. There are lot of tears in Cruz households, I'm sure there are lot of tears in the O'Rourke household.
@tedcruz When @BetoORourke was on the El Paso City Council he voted three times for raising taxes, including a rain tax. I'm not even sure what a rain tax is. I guess it's a tax on rain. If @BetoORourke is elected he will raise your taxes.#TXSenateDebate
@BetoORourke says he has been to all 254 counties in Texas and @tedcruz doesn't so how would he know what Texas values are. But he did visit every Iowa county. @tedcruz Representing Texas doesn't mean doing a photo opp in every county with reporters in tow. #TXSenateDebate
@tedcruz You're right we have a real race in the state of Texas. The hard left is filled with hatred for the president. Money pouring into the state of Texas for @BetoORourke because of his extreme positions. Open to abolishing ICE, favors of impeachment.
@tedcruz Over and over I've worked on policy wins for the people of Texas with the President. As far as I know Congressman O'Rourke has never talked to the president and now he is the only Senate candidate supporting his impeachment. @BetoORourke I'll talk to anyone.
@tedcruz This issue is personal to me. My older sister Miriam died of a drug overdose. We have an opioid crisis and it's not helpful to talk about debating legalizing narcotics. #TXSenateDebate
@tedcruz declines to comment on @BetoORourke's DWI, but says that O"Rourke introduced legislation to enable those with drug convictions to get drivers licenses and has suggested possibility of legalizing narcotics. Beto: I agree with you. I don't want to legalize heroin ...
@BetoORourke denies that he tried to leave the scene of DWI accident when he was 26 as reported by witness in police report.
@BetoORourke says Texas needs a senator who can stand up to @realDonaldTrump " 242 years into this audacious experiment we are still a nation of laws and not a nation of men."
@gromerjeffers recounts some of the insults traded between @tedcruz and @realDonaldTrump in 2016 and says he doesn't have the time to recount them all. Now you're pals. Have you sacrificed your dignity? @tedcruz says he has put what's good for Texas ahead of his personal pique.
On guns violence in schools.@BetoORourke "Thoughts and prayers are not going to cut it any more." @tedcruz More armed guards are not thoughts and prayers. And I will pray. #txsenatedebate
@tedcruz quotes Santa Fe students saying gun control isn't the answer. More armed guards is.
@tedcruz: O'Rourke only supports judges that would write the Second Amendment out of the Constitution. @BetoORourke "That's not true." But that doesn't mean you can't have background checks or ban AR-15s and other weapons of war which don't belong in our concerts, schools ...
@BetoORourke Judge Kavanaugh hs troubling history on voting rights and abortion rights, disqualifying him for state like Texas with the lowest voter turnout and highest maternal mortality in the nation.
In LBJ's homestate which LBJ predicted would turn Republican with the rest of the South because of his civil rights legislation, @tedcruz says he's proud to be a Republican because it's the party of Lincoln and civil rights. #TXSenateDebate
@BetoORourke This is what people don't like Washington, D.C. You just said I said something I didn't say. This is your trick in the trade. @tedcruz: "What didn't you say?" O'Rourke says he is not going to play Cruz's game and repeat the lie.
@tedcruz says of @BetoORourke "It is offensive to call police officers `modern day Jim Crow.'" @BetoORourke `That's not true. I didn't call police officers `modern day Jim Crow." But talks about uneven application of justice. Cruz says his rhetoric inflames anti-police action.
.@BetoORourke says @tedcruz wants to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. "Imagine the cost and imagine the stain on our country." #TXSenateDebate
@tedcruz Beto O'Rourke's focus is on fighting for illegal immigrants. Americans are Dreamers too.
Asked to defend his support for citizenship for Dreamers, @BetoORourke tells the story of folks in Booker, in deep red Texas, mourning the deportation of their salutatorian. "Sen. Cruz has promised to deport each and every Dreamer. @tedcruz "Legal, good. Illegal, bad."
Reporters at the Cruz-O’Rourke debate watch the debate on a big-screen TV. Just like being there, plus commercials. #TXSenDebate
More reporters here than the staff at some mid-sized dailies. #txsenatedebate
Chris Evans, at left, who travels with Beto, does all his constant Facebook live streaming, and is the spokesman for the campaign, has his game face on. He's 24, or maybe 25.…
First Reading: Cruz says Kerry colludes. Kerry says Cruz deceives.…
On an issue with resonance in the Texas Senate race, the Quinnipiac University poll finds that Texans, 54-42 percent, disapprove of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, but by 63 to 34 percent, believe it is their right to protest in that fashion.
First Reading: Yes he did! Retired game warden Pete Flores poaches Democratic Senate seat! They didn’t chant, "Sí, se puede." That would have been overkill, gloating, rubbing it in. But exultant Republicans last night did spontaneously chant "Yes we can."…
First Reading: Yes he did! Retired game warden Pete Flores poaches Democratic Senate seat! They didn’t chant, Sí, se puede. That would have been overkill, gloating, rubbing it in. But exultant Republicans did spontaneously chant the English version of the UFW-cum-Obama motto.
First Reading: In claiming Beto would ban BBQ, Ted Cruz battles a straw man made of tofu…
Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke will participate in three mutually agreed upon debates leading up to the 2018 U.S. Senate election in Texas. in Dallas on Sept. 21, Houston on Sept. 30 and San Antonio on Oct. 16. Each will be 60 minutes long.
First Reading. The risks of cool: Is Beto skating on thin ice with his old DWI?…
RT @VirtualCapitol: Former GOP Land Commissioner endorses Democrat over George P. Bush…
First Reading: Remember the Alamo's `heroic defenders.' But also recall Texas as what Ulysses S. Grant called, from inception to consummation, `a conspiracy to acquire territory out of which slave states might be formed.'…
RT @jmartNYT: WITH CONTROL OF THE HOUSE IN PLAY … DEMOCRATIC TEXAS REP. HENRY CUELLAR invited supporters to a breakfast fundraiser for REPU…
First Reading. Political designs: How Beto’s basic black and white and Ocasio-Cortez’s revolutionary look defined their candidacies…
RT @JulieChang1: Study: Most pregnancy-related deaths in Texas could have been avoided #txlege #icymi…
@BetoORourke listens as Veronica Escobar, his likely successor in Congress from El Paso, describes him to big Brownsville block-walk crowd as “the greatest candidate of our generation,” and “he’s skinny. He’s literally working his ass off.”
@BetoORourke with pre-block walk skate in Brownsville, Texas.
Beto O’Rourke, in Brownsville, explains how he admired a young man’s skateboard on the way to blockwalking in Laredo Saturday morning, jumped on it and said, “I’d love to move around on this during the campaign, and he said, ‘Keep it.’”
Beto bounce. Outside Tex-Mex Nightclub. Brownsville, Texas.
Veronica Escobar, @BetoORourke likely successor in Congress, introduces El Paso crew who traveled to Laredo and Brownsville to block-walk for Beto, to crowd at Tex-Mex Nightclub in Brownsville. Escobar says 15 percent surge in turnout in border counties could deliver victory.
One of consistent biggest applause lines is @BetoORourke saying he outraised @tedcruz without taking PAC money while Cruz raises money “the same old cynical way” to pay for “same old cynical ads.” Here at Tex-Mex Nightclub in Brownsville.
@BetoORourke has been introduced to packed houses in Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville border tour by Latina comedienne Cristela Alonzo who grew up in San Juan, TX. “His last name is O’Rourke but he’s a Tejano.”
@BetoORourke cheered by ecstatic crowd at Cine El Rey in McAllen. Then heads two doors down to greet overflow crowd at Suerte Bar & Grill.
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@JulianCastro on @DMRegister soapbox earlier this afternoon at Iowa State Fair:…
RT @James_Barragan: @davidmcswane Thanks for the shoutout, Dave.
At Rock Box San Antonio @BetoORourke says he is “guy who grew up with an El Paso sized chip on his shoulder” who fell in love with his hometown and future wife, Amy, when he saw El Paso through the eyes of Amy, an out-of-towner, on first date across the border to Ciudad Juarez
Correcting. That’s Superfónicos Li siento!…
The many moods of @BetoORourke. Are you kidding?/Holy Cow!
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