Austin American-Statesman sports columnist Kirk Bohls. Co-host of On Second Thought podcast.
Beck said Texas is going to need both QBs all season.
Asked how many of 4 turnovers were QB Sam Ehlinger's fault, Beck said, "They're all his fault. We can't allow that to happen."
"We believe in the run game," Texas OC Tim Beck said. Added little-used RB Chris Warren "absolutely" is trusted by coaching staff.
Asked if Texas QB Shane Buechele would be ready to go if Iowa State game was this week, OC Tim Beck said, "Yeah I think so."
Todd Orlando said, "We're not in the second-place business."
Texas D.C. Todd Orlando said he shattered his headset when USC scored before half. "It was gut-wrenching."
Was hitting up @AAS_Cat for fantasy info on "On Second Thought" podcast. Pure coincidence I'm playing @AAS_Cat this week. Wink, wink.
AAS beat writer @BDavisAAS tells "On Second Thought" podcast Horns are 17-23 last 3-plus seasons, says bowl game prospects "unknown."
Our fantasy expert Cat Vasquez tells "On Second Thought" he likes all Panthers, Cardinals, Browns' passing game in this week's match ups.
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RT @dennisdoddcbs: Five cfb players have died so far this year playing/practicing the game. That equals the total since 2011.…
I love the ref in the restaurant commercial by GEICO.
Bohls: Iowa State should be considered a trap game, but for whom?…
RT @Brett_McMurphy: Watson threw for 420 yards & 3 TDs in title game. Maybe wrong person to ask…
First UT game I covered for AAS, sat on UT charter flight home next to RayClay after loss to BC. He was worried abo……
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Herman's annotated presser: @kbohls "I'm guessing the III in his name stands for the number of carries he'll get"
Bohls: Iowa State should be considered a trap game, but for whom?…
I'm thinking Sam's four turnovers may have influenced Herman's thinking.…
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Herman's annotated presser: @kbohls "I'm guessing the III in his name stands for the number of carries he'll get"……
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Bohls: Tom Herman has a lot to chew on after Longhorns’ near-upset of USC… via @bevobeat
Helluva tackle by Diggs.
Texas says WR Armanti Foreman has a sprained wrist but will return to practice next week.
RT @txredsox: @kbohls I want to see what that kid Derek Kerstetter brings to the table. Looked good in the All Star game. See if he can get…
Herman says gum-chewing is "a good way to unwind."
On gum-chewing, Herman: "Sugar free double bubble. Individually packaged ones. I put 7 in pocket start of each half."
"The football gods usually reward people who practice well," Herman said. "But there are no football gods. Really excited about him."
On WR Armanti Foreman, Herman: "He's practicing better. He was 3rd on depth chart because he was really bad practice player. Told him."
On USC score before halftime, Herman said, "we kind of knew the flukiness of that play. Didn't discourage any of our confidence level."
On lack of power run game, Herman: "I never said I was OK with (what's happened). You can't fix that problem in middle of a game."
Herman said "some primal screams, one in shower and one at home."
Herman said he didn't sleep on plane ride home from USC, watched TV on plane, MSU-LSU. "Played Angry Birds on plane, ate sandwich."
Jerrod Heard's package as backup QB "will decrease" going forward. Probably more practice at WR now.
RT @AnwarRichardson: Tom Herman said he is happy with Tim Beck's play-calling. Has to get better, but he doesn't have a problem with Beck
Herman said he doesn't set very many "big-picture goals."
"Satisfaction level with guys I hired nine months ago is very, very good," Herman said.
On WR Collin Johnson, Herman: "His ball skills are really, really good for a guy that size. Needs to do better job against press coverage."
On Reggie Hemphill-Mapps as PR, Herman: "His third college football game. I didn't see issue with one he caught at 6. Not what we coach."
Herman said he didn't like TE matchup against USC.
On Malik Jefferson, Herman: "He's been fun to watch last couple of weeks. He's playing lot more confident. He should continue to do that."
"We have a chance to win every game on our schedule" if Texas' defense plays like that every week, Herman says.
Herman said Texas played "big-boy defense."
Herman said, "we're tired."
Herman likes the open date. "We're tried. It is very welcome and gives us a little extra time to give younger OL crash courses in offense."
"There's no room for get up, get down," Herman said. "A lot of 'em were in Lawrence, Kan. We need to recruit smarter plays if (complacent(.
Herman said of Iowa State game. "I think some of guys have PTSD."
Herman said "for future of this program, our two Ls might be doe huge lessons. I really do believe our kids had a huge wakeup call after Md"
Herman said he hopes to get two more OL guys up to speed before Iowa State game in 10 days. "We have 5 we feel good about putting in game."
Herman said "Desperation level is at an all-time high (with OL). Connor Williams' timetable we'll know after surgery. We have 5 guys now."
Herman said of two QB draws vs. Warren up middle. "Sam made 9 yards. We didn't have a RB make over 5 yards to that point."
On absence of Chris Warren, Herman again mentioned 3.8 yards per carry. "We got to find a way to get him more yards."
Herman said "Maryland was a lesson in how not to play. This was a lesson in how to play."
Herman said "if we play like we did each and every week, we're going to be OK."
Herman said "We got to figure out what we're doing on offense. Zero offensive points in first half last two games."
Tom Herman said, "Anybody who has been watching Texas FB last few years I hope you guys saw much improved, enthusiasm."
Tom Herman thanks Texas fans who traveled and showed up en masse with 6K tickets to USC game. "Almost had a bowl game feel to it."
Great speech by Nicole Kidman about the need to pay more attention to domestic violence issue in America.
Ran into the peerless Ben Barnes in LAX, but I refrained from gigging him about not being A1 on Southwest.
Texas LB Malik Jefferson said USC RB Ronald Jones told him he wasn't throwing down the Horns last week. He appreciated it.
I voted Clemson No. 1.
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LAX is HOT. Hasn't LA discovered air conditioning
Bohls: Texas defense shows championship fiber… via @bevobeat
This was about the best I've seen a Texas team play in a loss in a long, long time. Maybe the loss to TT in 2008, but different type game.
Texas S DeShon Elliott: "We played loose. Just run and hit."
Texas CB Holton Hill bragging on DeShon Elliott and his 2 picks: "To the public, it might be his coming-out party. We see it all the time."
What'd the Horns show in defeat? "Heart," linebacker Malik Jefferson said.
DeShon Elliott is just balling tonight. He's on fire.
Elliott picks off Sam Darnold, returns it to the USC 25. Texas' pressure has really gotten to Darnold.
Not sure why Texas' coaches put Reggie Hemphill-Mapps back in as punt returner after his first near-gaffe.
Finally a good call by Mr. Beck.
Texas has found its defense. But has no idea where its offense is.
Who says lightning can't strike twice. Uh, Reggie, that is a no-no.
Looked like a mystery hold wipes out fake punt gain for first down by Michael Dickson.
So which Wednesday do we get to ask him? What if it's a leap year?…
USC has taken over the ball inside the Texas 38 three times in the game and has one TD out of it.
But can Texas run the ball at all? Has ignored Chris Warren (3 carries for 10 yards).
Terrific stop by Holton Hill on a 4th-and-3 to take over the ball on downs. Hill playing a whale of a game.
We're told there was an official time stoppage by the refs for a review that was inadvertently listed as a USC time……
And Rowland gets his first field goal as a Longhorn.
Texas QB Shane Buechele is available to play.
If tackle Tristan Nickelson hits clearing block on that play, Armanti Foreman might have scored.
What a back-breaker. Texas wasn't expecting a Hail Ronald.
Wow. Just wow. Darnold avoids 3-man rush, finds Ronald Jones for 56-yard TD as he outruns Elliott into the end zone. Wow. USC 14-7 at half.
Texas rep tells me former Horns coach John Mackovic is in the stands watching the Horns with his grandkids.
I guess USC may call another offensive snap before half. Guess Pete Carroll called in the play. Could be best option for Texas.
Texas gets its fifth non-offensive TD of the year, five more than last year's team. Defense is rocking.
Elliott joins Holton Hill Scoring Club.
Helluva play by Texas' DeShon Elliott with shoelaces interception and runback.
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