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For nearly 500 years, Beijing's complex of palaces and temples was the power center of imperial China. Explore tonight on NOVA at 8pm. #klru
Feel the emotion as keepers and carers reunite with the wild animals that were once in their care. Animal Reunions from Nature is next at 7p
Live Cam May Show True Status of Atlantic Cod Fishery, via @novapbs.
Health Checks Every Woman Over 50 Should Have, via @NextAvenue.
Tillerson: ‘Heartbreaking’ reports of suffering in Myanmar, via @NewsHour.
Complicated Relationships: A Conversation With Nancy Meyers is coming up on On Story at 10:30pm. #klru
Homeless in Austin. A @DecibelAtx special, tonight at 10 @klru…
Decibel looks at homelessness in Austin and the unique ways the community is tackling the problem. Tonight at 10pm after #VietnamWarPBS.
The @StrangeTownShow team investigates the 170-year old @hauntedmagnolia in Seguin, hoping to encounter 1 of the 13 unsettled spirits at 9.
Defying American airpower, North Vietnamese troops and materiel stream down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Tonight on #VietnamWarPBS at 8pm. #klru
Actors Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen & William H. Macy trace their nonconformist ancestors through American conflicts. #FindingYourRoots @ 7p
ICYMI: Last night's @povdocs "Motherland" is now available to stream for a limited time:
RT @artsincontext: Artist @calderful exclusively uses recycled plastic bags as her palette. Watch the premiere of Plastic Planet on @klru t…
On 10/18, a stunning look at the high cost of the Iraqi army's victory over ISIS in “Mosul” comes to @frontlinepbs:……
It's noon. But how do we know that and who decided what time it is? Watch this NEW video from @okaytobesmart:
San Antonio truck driver pleads guilty in fatal human smuggling case, via @NewsHour.
Fitting in isn’t easy for two young outsiders in unfamiliar territory. Watch @FilmSchoolShort. Tonight at 10:30pm o……
Take an absorbingly intimate, verite look at a maternity hospital in the Philippines. Motherland from @povdocs is coming up at 9pm on #klru.
@RoadshowPBS continues with Hour 2 of Baton Rouge at 8pm where highlights include a Louisiana political poster, found in a pile of garbage.
Join @RoadshowPBS in Baton Rouge to learn about Campeche chairs, tonight at 7pm on #KLRU.
Can you solve the bottle riddle and the magnet riddle? NEW from @PhysicsGirl:
Join @OddSquadPBS for a special Halloween episode at 3:30pm on #klru.
Enter for a chance to be a part of our studio audience as we tape Chris Stapleton!…
Did you miss last night's premiere of The Durrells in Corfu? You can stream it now for a limited time:
What is a the difference between a random and a pseudorandom number? Watch the video from @PBSInfinite:
Two neuron stars collided, and scientists watched them rain gravitational waves across the cosmos. (via @NewsHour)
Feeling stressed? Maybe it's time to pick up meditation. Let these apps help guide you. (From @Rewire_dot_org)
Sarah goes to Sydney under the pretense of visiting her sick aunt, while Jack keeps an eye on Rene. Tonight on A Place To Call Home at 9:50p
Tune in at 8:50pm for Poldark: S3 Ep 2 before tomorrow's brand-new episode. #klru
When a body is discovered in a vineyard, Father Brown must search for the murderer. Coming up at 8pm on #klru.
Do you feel you are able to balance your job and kids fairly well? via @Rewire_dot_org
"I Am Here" tells the story of Yesenia Martinez, an immigrant teen raised in the US whose family is undocumented. Today at 5pm on #klru.
ICYMI: Watch the second episode of Poldark Season 3 before tomorrow's brand-new episode!
Today’s the day! Will you be watching on-air or online? Access exclusive BTS content by following #AmGrad on Twitte……
Today at noon on #CentralTexasGardener: Bring hummingbirds up close with native plants & visit a backyard native plant micro-prairie. #klru
Island getaways are fun, but the real heart of Greece is found in the Peloponnese Peninsula. Explore today on Rick Steves' Europe at 11:30am
@ThisOldHouse undertake a new project: A House For The Next Generation. Coming up at 11am on #klru.
Today at 10:30am on @AskTOH: Water Softener, App, Shadow Box. #klru
In Belton, Chet visits their heritage museum, eats some BBQ, & stops off at the oldest department store in Texas @ 10am on #TheDaytripper.
Relish an hour with best-selling pop sensation Ed Sheeran. The British singer/songwriter performs hits & songs from his latest album at 10pm
Tonight at 8pm on #KLRU: Great Performances presents a Grammy Salute To Music Legends 2017.
Tonight at 7:30pm @ThirdRailPBS asks: Is sexual harassment inevitable in the workplace? Vote: here #ThirdRailPBS……
Looking for kid-friendly Halloween fun? Tune into The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween at 6pm.
Tomorrow’s the big day! What’s one piece of advice you have for students working towards graduation?
It can be tough to be yourself at work. @RepKarenClark provides us with some inspiration. #LGBTQ via @Rewire_dot_org
ICYMI: Catch up on #TheCollectionPBS before Sunday's brand-new episode.
Travel to Bolivia with filmmaker Rick Tejada-Flores to unravel a complex family history: #MiHistoria
Midsomer Murders "Dance With The Dead" is coming up next at 9pm on #klru.
Chet kicks off a new season throwing a dart at a map, proving that no matter where it lands in Texas there's always something to do. At 8:30
Coming up at 8pm on #TheDaytripper: Chet heads to the Marble Falls to explore its art, adventure, and cuisine. #klru
A play about the love between an Asian-American woman & an African-American man, @artsincontext spotlights A Girl N……
Coming up at 7pm on @overheardpbs: Tune in for a one-on-one with U.S. Senator Al Franken.
Do men abuse their power or are cases like #HarveyWeinstein the exception? This week’s #ThirdRailPBS debate is gend……
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Yellowstone Supervolcano May Erupt Sooner Than Anticipated, via @novapbs.
RT @artsincontext: TONIGHT AT 7:30PM!!! A Girl Named Sue makes its broadcast premiere at 7:30pm on @klru!
Craving some sweet and savory fried chicken goodness? You don't even need to get out the fryer. (via @PBSFood)
Octopuses might not be as solitary as we once thought. (From @novapbs)
Havana Time Machine will take you on a musical journey through time. What music takes you back? Tag @PBS #MiHistoria
When helping others after a natural disaster, these 6 principles can guide you. (via @NextAvenue)
Relish an hour with best-selling pop sensation Ed Sheeran. Tonight at 10pm on #klru.
How did Scott Pruitt go from fighting the EPA to running it? @frontlinepbs investigates in "War on the EPA" TONIGHT……
New clues about Stonehenge and the culture that built it, tonight on NOVA. Coming up at 8pm on #klru.……
Intelligent, resilient and bold, the red fox can change its behavior to thrive in new environments. Nature is coming up at 7pm on #klru.
Local artist Hakeem Adewumi has been a creator for a long time, but he started out as another viewer like you.
Where does your love of culture take you? Break out your travel pics! Tag @PBS #MiHistoria
Join us and Color Arc Productions for a screening event of @artsincontext's A Girl Named Sue tonight at 7pm. Info:
Tune in at 1 pm to see Jet's first Halloween on @ReadyJetGoPBS.
LIVE NOW: Tune in for Facebook Live with Ben & Judy as they talk about the voting process with a special guest.
We’re three days away from American Graduate Day! Can you name three people who were mentors to you?
Get an inside look at the ascent of the anti-environmental regulation movement in @frontlinepbs's “War on the EPA."……
On Story continues with Deconstructing Billy Wilder at 10:30pm on #klru.
@StrangeTownShow visits Galveston Island to investigate stories of lost souls & orphans at the majestic Hotel Galvez at 9:30pm #onlyonKLRUQ
Coming up on #klru is On Story with Creed: A New Legend at 10pm.
@StrangeTownShow uncovers the secrets of the Tremont House in Galveston, which acted as a makeshift morgue in 1900, at 9pm #onlyonKLRUQ.
With South Vietnam in chaos, Hanoi accelerates the insurgency, sending combat troops to the South. Tonight at 8pm on #VietnamWarPBS. #klru
Coming up at 7pm on KLRU is #FindingYourRootsPBS from Henry Louis Gates Jr. #klru
Wildfires are sweeping through California. Here’s what you need to know, via @NewsHour.
Get a 1st look at the upcoming adaptation of #LittleWomenPBS, coming to MASTERPIECE @PBS! Who’s your fave March sis……
Not even carrot-haters can say no to this dish. (via @PBSFood)
First lady Melania Trump to visit infant opioid treatment center in West Virginia, via @NewsHour.
This kabocha salad is irresistibly colorful and full of flavor. (From @PBSFood)
Bats use echolocation to find prey in the dark, but to many of the moths they eat, it's as loud as a jet engine.
Texas Tech student accused in fatal shooting of campus police officer, via @NewsHour.
Join the country’s highest tribute to Latinos by Latinos: The Hispanic Heritage Awards! Tag a friend! Stream now:
Celebrate #EarthScienceWeek w/ this collection of #NGSS-aligned educational resources highlighting Earth's systems!
Keep it creepy with a new episode of @FilmSchoolShort. Tonight at 10pm on #klru.
Tonight at 9pm on @POV: On the isolated Faroe Islands, the longtime whale-hunting practices of the Faroese are threatened.
Antiques Roadshow continues in Detroit, tonight at 8pm on #klru.
@RoadshowPBS is revving up in Detroit at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum to explore model cars. Tonight at 7pm on #klru.
Watch the preview of this week's @artsincontext episode.…
Did Christopher Columbus invent the idea of cannibals? (From @PBSDS)
ICYMI: The second episode of Poldark Season 3 is available to stream now!
RT @theARFoundation: .@AustinISD’s Lanier High School NewsHour Reporting Lab recently shot a spot with Andy Roddick for @klru:…
Russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads across Google products. Read more from @NewsHour.
Did you miss last night's premiere of #TheCollectionPBS? It is now available to stream online.
Trump ties border wall, green card overhaul to ‘dreamer’ protection, via @NewsHour.
We’re Living Longer, But Will We Be Working Longer? (from @NextAvenue)
How many cops to robbers? Watch the video from @PBSInfinite:
RT @ciscentraltx: Check out the videos created by students from Lanier HS & Plugerville HS for #AMGRAD day Sat. 10/14:…
Coming up at 10:35pm on #KLRU: When a body is discovered in a vineyard, Father Brown must search for the murderer.
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