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Texas has seen massive population growth in the last 10 years, but state officials aren't spending money on (or making plans for) the #2020Census.
A new Trump administration rule says asylum-seekers who pass through a third country en route to the U.S. must first apply for refugee status in that country rather than at the U.S. border.
Three Republican congressmen from Texas are criticizing the president's series of racist tweets. | via @TexasTribune
Why does the top of Austin's tallest building have so many Austinites up in arms? | @mattlargey
RT @NewsHour: WATCH LIVE: Reps. Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Tlaib to discuss Trump's recent racist tweets…
RT @austintowers: editor @JamesRambin shows up in the latest edition of #ATXplained on @KUT, talking with @MattLarg…
RT @JamesRambin: many thanks to matt and @KUT for letting me turn my chair around like the "cool coach" and deliver a little straight talk…
@BetoORourke said on Sunday he and his wife are both descendants of slave owners. | via @AlexSamuelsx5
RT @SamuelKingNews: It's the last day of the traffic shift on I-35 in North Austin. And yes, there have been traffic delays.…
"Why not offer a window into that deeper level of learning?" @ebb663 on the merits of extra credit. But not all of academia agrees. And what about extra credit outside of school? Check out the latest @KUT #podcast Higher Ed w/ @jenstayton here:
Forecasters predict up to 25 inches of rain across much of southern Louisiana and southwest Mississippi, leading to dangerous, life threatening flooding. #HurricaneBarry
A PAC is calling for a referendum that would force a public vote on plans to expand the Austin Convention Center. | @England_Weber
🚧 Expect delays on I-35 this weekend – specifically, in North Austin 🚧 More here:
In light of the state's new hemp law, @TravisCountyTX DA Margaret Moore says law enforcement and prosecutors will balance public health and safety in future marijuana cases.
Congressional lawmakers are hearing testimony on the conditions at migrant detention facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Watch LIVE:
Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is stepping down after criticism of his role in Jeffrey Epstein's 2009 plea deal.
RT @NPR: BREAKING: U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta is stepping down.
The @NWSL has nine teams, including @HoustonDash.
Dash attendance has sagged this season, averaging less than 4,000 fans.
Houston will see if there is a World Cup boost Saturday against the Chicago Red Stars - the home club of Julie Ertz and goalie Alyssa Neaher.
So, #WomensWorldCup2019 turned you into a big soccer fan? Players hope you'll continue to support them the rest of the year.
President Trump said he would drop efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Instead, he'll sign an executive order directing U.S. agencies to provide @CommerceGov all data they have citizenship status.
RT @NWSSanAntonio: 4 PM Update (7/11): Tropical Storm Barry still forecast to stay well east of the region with little to no impacts from B…
Trump says he will issue an executive order directing all departments and agencies to turn over all data and records they have containing information on noncitizens.
Trump says he's not backing down on asking a citizenship question. WATCH LIVE:
WATCH LIVE: Trump is expected to make an announcement about putting a #CitizenshipQuestion on the 2020 census.
RT @hansilowang: THREAD: Ahead of 5 p.m. ET announcement at the White House, President Trump talked about the #CitizenshipQuestion at his "…
"Instead of flying, Caesar did something else. Caesar pooped on Jorge." – @MoseBuchele
@uscensusbureau is having a hard time hiring workers in Texas for the #2020Census, because the unemployment rate is so low.
Meet Caesar, a female red-tailed hawk being trained in South Austin. | @MoseBuchele
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Cindy Muñoz is an incoming freshman at @UTAustin. She's from Houston, the daughter of a single mom who works as a house…
Texas actor Rip Torn, who developed an unpredictable and stubborn reputation on screen and off, died Tuesday at 88.
The third Democratic presidential primary debate will be in Houston, @texasdemocrats announced yesterday. | via @TexasTribune
RT @DaLyahJ: .@GovAbbott says the state is monitoring health and safety issues regarding the homeless population in the state. This comes a…
RT @DaLyahJ: .@GovAbbott says that he’s requesting for a presidential disaster declaration to provide resources for the Rio Grande Valley a…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Looking for @UTAustin students/potential students/recent grads to talk about the news yesterday that UT is expanding fi…
Rip Torn, the famously temperamental actor and Temple native, died Tuesday at age 88.
Ross Perot rose from celebrity to the presidential stage, shaking up the establishment and raising nostalgic hopes about making America great again. via @keranews
RT @NPR: NEW: The Department of Homeland Security says about 104,000 migrants were taken into custody after crossing the Southwest border i…
RT @beckyfogel: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Texas needs to make changes to its foster care system. But it's not as many changes…
@UTAustin President @gregfenves said the board chose to give free tuition to students in families that make up to $65,000 because the median household income in the state is about $60,000. | @ClaireMcInerny
RT @hansilowang: BREAKING: U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman of New York denies Trump administration request to change legal team for #Citiz…
RT @AshLopezRadio: UT Law Professor @NelsonForTexas was at the Fifth Circuit hearing today. He says "the court gave a lot of skepticism" to…
Texas is challenging the #AffordableCareAct in court. Last year @GregAbbott_TX said if the health care law dies, he'll offer an alternative. From @AshLopezRadio:
@UTAustin Board of Regents voted to offer full tuition assistance to in-state undergrads who come from families making up to $65K. | @ClaireMcInerny
A federal appeals court has ordered Texas to make significant changes to improve its foster care system. | @beckyfogel
Today is the last day to comment on a proposed @HUDgov rule that would deny housing benefits to certain households that include noncitizens. | @England_Weber
Those under 62 who are living in mixed-status homes who don’t have a citizen as the head of household could be evicted or their benefits dropped if the rule takes effect.
As many as 6,000 households in Texas could be affected.
The ACA could end up in front of the #SCOTUS right in the middle of the #2020Election.
Legal scholars — including those who oppose the ACA — consider the case dubious.
The Trump administration has taken several positions on the lawsuit.
State and federal Democrats are defending the health care law.
It was prompted by the tax bill Republicans passed in 2017.
A federal appeals court is hearing a Texas-based challenge to the #AffordableCareAct today. Here are 5 things to know about the case.
BREAKING: Texas billionaire and two-time presidential candidate H. Ross Perot has died:…
Tomorrow is the last day for public comment on a proposed @HUDgov rule change that could stop housing benefits from going to families that include noncitizens. | @England_Weber
RT @NWSSanAntonio: Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Austin TX, Hornsby Bend TX, Manor TX until 6:45 PM CDT
RT @hansilowang: UPDATE: @SpeakerPelosi says Democrats "will be moving forward in the whole House soon" on the resolution recommended by th…
@ICEgov has used facial recognition to sift through state driver's license records and "secretly find and deport" undocumented immigrants, researchers say.
RT @jenstayton: "It's a strange, dysfunctional marriage between Texas and the United States. Texas is at once the most super-American of st…
@Hacanet says if a new @HUDgov rule on housing assistance goes into effect, 130 households in the area that include noncitizens would have to either move or split up. | @England_Weber
Research suggests many doctors administering stem-cell treatments aren’t necessarily qualified. | @GOATCSPANFan
Dallas officials say 25 police officers who posted or shared objectionable material on Facebook face disciplinary measures.
@JulianCastro announces he has amassed 130,000 donors, one of the requirements to make the primary debate stage this fall. | via @PatrickSvitek
RT @GOATCSPANFan: Many clinicians using stem cell interventions in Texas, California and Florida may be treating conditions outside of thei…
RT @NWSSanAntonio: 2:08p - A few isolated thunderstorms have developed across Eastern Edwards County and in the Hill Country in Llano and B…
Austin is a "hot spot" for clinics that market stem-cell treatments. But there's limited research on the safety and efficacy of some of those treatments. | @GOATCSPANFan
RT @NPRnie: Elizabeth Warren @ewarren secures $19.1m fundraising haul, edging out @BernieSanders who also isn't holding high dollar fundrai…
A proposed @HUDgov rule could evict or separate thousands of families with mixed-citizenship status who receive housing assistance in Texas. | @England_Weber
@Lawrence_wright is joining the KUT Book Club at @BookPeople tonight at 7 for a discussion of his book "God Save Texas." All are welcome!
RT @jenstayton: "Texas has always had a burlesque side to its politics." Come discuss Texas, its politics and its identity with @lawrence_w…
"God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State" is "essential reading for everyone — even non-Texans," NPR's Michael Schaub wrote last year. Join author @lawrence_wright at the KUT Book Club Monday night at 7 for a discussion of his book.
RT @jenstayton: "Subtlety is a quality rarely invoked for anything to do with Texas." @lawrence_wright in "God Save Texas: A Journey Into t…
Texas is leading a multistate challenge to the health care law.
Today's the deadline for Texas to turn in legal briefs ahead of a hearing next week on the state’s effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act. #obamacare
Spamarama is coming back to Austin tomorrow following an 8-year hiatus. Listen to @maasdinero's story from March on the history of the festival of Spam.
RT @hansilowang: NEW: President Trump says he's "thinking about" issuing an executive order to get a #CitizenshipQuestion on #2020Census. "…
RT @Greg1Garrett: Loved this interview with @KUT's @jenstayton, which aired this am. She's one of the great conversationalists, so our focu…
@AustinSymphony's July Fourth concert and fireworks show starts at 8:30 tonight. Here's what you need to know to get there in one piece.
RT @KUTX: Happy 4th of July! Tune into 98.9 to hear music by American Artists all day. Light a sparkler and dance all day and night! https:…
#StrangerThings3 is out today. The runaway success of the series and its music catapulted Austin band Survive into the limelight. Listen to this 2016 story from @KUTnathan:
Here’s how you can protect your dog from fireworks this July Fourth holiday, from The @ConversationEDU:
Going to see the fireworks tonight? @CapMetroATX is offering free rides for all of its services after 5 p.m.
RT @anxious_maria: Hey, @UTNABJ, @uoftx_nahj, @ut_aaja & @ut_nlgja! Are you an @npr nerd like me or love podcasts? Apply for #NextGenRad…
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Heads up! All our streaming services will be down briefly around 9 p.m. We promise to come back!
@lawrence_wright is joining the KUT Book Club at @BookPeople this month for a discussion of his book, “God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State.” See you Monday night at 7.
Planning to go downtown tomorrow for the July Fourth firework show? Free parking and @CapMetroATX rides are available in the evening.
Meteorologists say the rain we've been having may help us keep off the worst of the summer heat a little while longer. | @MoseBuchele
@Undies4Everyone plans to give 56,700 pairs of underwear to schools and students in Austin to make sure schools have underwear to spare. | @ClaireMcInerny
A judge is giving the Trump administration until Friday to decide whether it will enter into a written agreement confirming it will no longer pursue including a citizenship question on census forms.
RT @TravisCOSW: Wednesday eve/night: once the scattered showers/storms end, we’ll be mostly cloudy and humid. Lows in the mid 70s. https://…
District attorneys in four Texas counties say that due to the state's new hemp law, they will stop accepting misdemeanor marijuana cases.
Every dog has its day, but it's not the Fourth of July. That’s because dogs, like humans, are hardwired to be afraid of sudden, loud noises. From @ConversationEDU:
U.S. Border Patrol agents and Mexican law enforcement are searching for a 2-year-old girl who went missing in the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas.
How to celebrate July Fourth in downtown Austin with "100,000 of your closest friends."
Join us for the next KUT Book Club on Monday at 7 p.m. with @lawrence_wright at @BookPeople. We'll be discussing his book, “God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State.” All are welcome.
A U.S. district judge ruled on Tuesday it is unconstitutional to indefinitely detain migrants who fled to the U.S. seeking asylum protections. The decision reverses an April directive from the U.S. attorney general, NPR's @vanromo reports.
Amy Weiss started @Undies4Everyone to help schools that face this situation every day: A student has an accident and is sent to the nurse to change their underwear, but they don't have a spare pair. | @ClaireMcInerny
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