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About 100 miles northwest of Dallas, past pastures of crops and cattle, sits @NokonaBaseball, one of the last baseball glove factories in the United States. From @keranews:
@IndyCar's first black driver, @WillyRibbs, spoke with @maasdinero about the roadblocks he faced then and now.
Snakes will begin slithering out from underneath Texas homes as the weather warms up. But probably not anywhere near as many as the 45 rattlesnakes found under this West Texas home.
A bill from @RepMattKrause would allow the sale of lemonade on private property and in public parks. Krause said the legislation was spurred in part by a county sheriff shutting down a lemonade stand outside Tyler.
Irsi Castillo and her 3-year-old daughter are among the thousands of migrants crossing the border daily. Hearing from her relatives in the U.S. that it would be easier to enter if she brought a child, Castillo decided the bigger risk would be staying home.
As @IndyCar rolls into Austin, the first black driver reflects on roadblocks then and now. | @maasdinero
If someone who didn't know they couldn't vote tried to vote they would be subject to prosecution — even if the vote wasn't counted — under a wide-ranging voting bill in the Texas Senate. | @AshLopezRadio
RT @nprpolitics: #BREAKING: A senior Justice Department official says special counsel Robert Mueller is not recommending additional indictm…
Officials would not characterize the length of Mueller's report but said it is "comprehensive."
Mueller's office has negotiated a number of guilty pleas and brought criminal indictments involving both onetime Trump aides and a coterie of Russian operatives charged with attacking the election.
He also frequently referred to the investigation as a "witch hunt" begun by Democrats based on unproven claims.
President Trump has maintained that the notion his campaign had conspired with the Russians is a "hoax."
He may opt to uphold that pledge by releasing a redacted version of what Mueller has prepared, or write his own report to summarize the confidential findings.
Barr has committed generally to airing publicly what he gets from Mueller — as much as permitted by the law and regulations.
Attorney General William Barr told congressional leaders he is reviewing the report and anticipates being able to advise them of the special counsel's "principle conclusions as soon as this weekend."
Special counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his report on the Russian investigation to the attorney general.
RT @nprpolitics: #BREAKING: The Russian investigation is over. Special counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his final report to Attorney Ge…
One in nine women in the United States suffer from depression after childbirth. A new postpartum depression drug could be hard to access for moms who need it most.
A study from @NewAmericanEcon shows immigrants have an outsized impact on Austin’s economy. Immigrants' purchasing power and taxes paid were proportionally greater than communities in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. | @England_Weber
@austinanimals says its shelter is at critical capacity. The shelter is asking anyone who can adopt or foster a medium or large dog to visit its location at 7201 Levander Loop from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
At the current pace, almost 100,000 migrants will cross the border this month — far exceeding last month's total, @SecNielsen says. So why are migrants choosing to come now? @NPR found three possible factors:
Texas officials say it would cost $1B to cool prisons — but they've overestimated A/C costs before. 75 of Texas' 104 prisons and jails do not have A/C in most housing areas where temperatures often rise above 100° in the summer. From The @TexasTribune:
Immigrants in Austin pay more taxes and have more spending power than in other large Texas cities, a new study shows. | @England_Weber
Four school districts canceled all classes today for fear of a recurrence of Thursday's shelter-in-place alert in Deer Park, Texas.
"When our community was at its worst, under attack, law enforcement was at its best and demonstrating a level of cooperation that we have not seen prior to this," @Chief_Manley said at a memorial for the Austin bombing victims yesterday.
Community leaders gathered at City Hall today to honor the victims of the Austin bombings.
The @EPA says its air monitoring has not detected any "continuous" hazardous conditions following the #DeerParkFire. The agency is using a specially equipped bus and a small airplane to conduct air monitoring throughout Deer Park.
RT @KUT: Authorities stopped the Austin bomber a year ago this morning. Follow KUT's @DaLyahJ at City Hall, where @MayorAdler and @Chief_…
RT @CapMetroATX: Big congrats to @nadzhamz from @KUT for winning the Barbara Jordan Media Award for her coverage of our pedestrian beacon p…
What is benzene? And why is it a health concern? The @AP answers these questions following the #DeerParkFire:
During a podcast in Iowa, @BetoORourke said the U.S still has “a long way to go” when it comes to opportunities for women. He said he plans to do what he can to change that. | @AshLopezRadio
A shelter-in-place order for Deer Park, Texas residents has been lifted. Officials said several readings showed the air quality has improved.
Environmental groups say residents who live near the #DeerParkFire facility have experienced headaches, nausea and nose bleeds.
RT @DaLyahJ: .@Chief_Manley thanks all of the local and federal agencies. Before saying this he takes a moment to remember the bombing vict…
RT @DaLyahJ: .@MayorAdler says the video of law enforcement apprehending the bomber, who committed suicide by bombing, in his car show the…
RT @AshLopezRadio: Drew Calver - a public school teacher from Austin who was balanced billed after a heart attack - is testifying on a bill…
Authorities stopped the Austin bomber a year ago this morning. Follow KUT's @DaLyahJ at City Hall, where @MayorAdler and @Chief_Manley will speak at a memorial for the Austin bombing victims.
RT @DaLyahJ: Good morning ☺️ I’ll be following a memorial from @austintexasgov on the first anniversary of the Austin bombings, which kille…
RT @AshLopezRadio: The Texas Senate Committee on Business & Commerce is hearing a bill this morning tackling surprise medical bills in Texa…
National Guard troops have been called to Deer Park, Texas and residents are being told to stay inside after elevated levels of benzene were detected early this morning.
New Zealand will ban and buy back "military-style" semi-automatic weapons, Prime Minister @jacindaardern announced. The buy-back program could cost $100 million-$200 million, she estimated.
@BetoORourke is running among a field of candidates that includes 6 women and 5 people of color. His supporters — especially women — have complex feelings about the fact he's a white man. It's something he's trying to navigate, too. | @AshLopezRadio
Just because monarch butterflies are having the biggest spring migration in years doesn't mean they're out of the woods yet. Read @MoseBuchele's story on what you can do to help:
A West Texas homeowner who reported seeing "a few" snakes under his home actually had 45 rattlesnakes living beneath his house.
Advocates say a Texas Senate bill would make voting substantially harder "by spreading fear that people may be thrown in jail for honest mistakes." | @AshLopezRadio
The number of monarch butterflies could be up 144 percent this year, according to a @TAMU report. If you want to help out the butterflies, the time to plant milkweed — where many monarchs lay their eggs — is now. More from @MoseBuchele:
Big congrats to @nadzhamz from @KUT for winning the Barbara Jordan Media Award for her coverage of our pedestrian beacon pilot last year. Here’s the story:…
A West Texas homeowner, trying to fix his TV service, crawled under his home. He saw a few snakes and quickly crawled right back out. A snake removal company found 45 rattlesnakes. And there's video:
After an 8-year hiatus, Austin's Spamarama will return this July, leaving plenty of time to perfect your Spam recipes. Read @maasdinero's story on what happened to one of Austin's odder and more popular festivals:
A fire that broke out at a petrochemical facility over the weekend in the Houston suburb of Deer Park has been extinguished. From The @TexasTribune:
Kids' lemonade stands are illegal in Texas. Members of the #TxLege are taking a stand to change that. | @England_Weber
Voters who make mistakes could wind up in jail under a sweeping voting bill in the Texas Senate, advocates say. #TxLege More from @AshLopezRadio:
In a small North Texas town, you'll find the nation's only baseball glove maker in continuous operation for 85 years. | @keranews
Congress has required the federal government to meet with local officials to discuss design and alignment of the border barrier. Efrén Olivares with the @TXCivilRights Project is hopeful more residents now know their rights. From @TPRNews:
RT @AshLopezRadio: Voting groups sent a letter to the sponsor of Senate Bill 9 today. They warn the bill "would sharply escalate an ongoing…
Medical cannabis expansion has support in the #TxLege. But Lt. Gov. @DanPatrick might stand in the way. From The @TexasTribune:
RT @KUTX: We are loving this piece in @TexasMonthly by @KUT’s @DaLyahJ on @solangeknowles ‘When I Get Home.’ We think you'll love it too.…
After a drop in water pressure, the fire at a petrochemical facility outside Houston intensified overnight. Students have returned to classes but outside activities will be restricted as the fire continues to emit a huge plume of smoke.
A small town 100 miles northwest of Dallas is home to one of the last baseball glove factories in the U.S.: @NokonaBaseball. @keranews visited the factory still making gloves for @MLB players:
Nearly 434,000 dockless scooter rides were taken during #SXSW 2019 — or 12.3 percent of all rides since the scooters descended upon Austin last April. | @England_Weber
More than 570 landowners in two Rio Grande Valley counties have received right-of-entry letters asking to survey their land for possible border wall construction. The landowners say they plan to fight it. From @TPRNews:
State senators are considering a bill that would raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products in Texas from 18 to 21. @MDAndersonNews' @ErnestHawkMD told the #TxLege nearly every smoker starts using tobacco before turning 21.
Expectations for @BetoORourke's first-day campaign fundraising were high, especially after he shattered Senate campaign records and raised a total of $80M last year. He ended up beating every other candidate with a $6.1M haul. More from The @TexasTribune:
Meeting receptive, but undecided voters in Iowa, @BetoORourke acknowledged this past weekend he is learning along the way. | @AshLopezRadio
A 2018 poll commissioned by the @AmericanCancer Society found 2/3 of Texas voters favor raising the age for buying tobacco products to 21. Texas Sen. @joanhuffman is urging her colleagues to pass a bill that would do just that. #TxLege
The fire at a petrochemical facility outside Houston isn't impacting air quality, Harris County @JudgeHidalgo says. Emergency responders said the fire could take about two days to burn out. | @HoustonPubMedia
Dick Dale, the surf guitar legend who changed the sound of rock and roll in the early 1960s, died Saturday at the age of 81.
A shelter-in-place order for residents of Deer Park, Texas — about 15 miles SE of Houston — has been lifted, even as a fire at a petrochemical storage facility has spread to include eight tanks. From @HoustonPubMedia:
@BetoORourke raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign — beating out @BernieSanders' $5.9 million and all other 2020 contenders. From The @TexasTribune:
O'Rourke's $6.1M first-day haul is an "eye-popping" number, the Tribune's @AlexSamuelsx5 writes, considering @KamalaHarris raised $1.5M on her first day and @amyklobuchar raised $1M within her first 48 hours.
As KUT's @AshLopezRadio reported from Iowa this past weekend, @BetoORourke found voters to be receptive, but undecided this early in the race.
Who came up with Austin's popular "Live Music Capital of the World" slogan? That's what Austin Brown wanted to know when he asked our #ATXplained project in 2016. With new information coming to light, @MoseBuchele called Austin up with a correction.
What does learning feel like to you - more chore or joy? Find guidance and inspiration on life long learning from @ebb663 in episodes of the #podcast "Higher Ed" w/ @jenstayton here:
What goes into brands taking over Austin's bars and venues during #SXSW? @ClaireMcInerny explored one aspect of how the festival transforms the city.
A new #SXSW documentary tells the story of how Austin's @saxonpub — on the verge of being gobbled up by surrounding real estate — was saved by a guarantee it will be a music venue forever. | @maasdinero
For decades musicians have made their way to #SXSW in search of that elusive boost to their careers. As KUT's @treyshaar tells it in this 2016 story, his band's experience in '89 — when tickets were only $10 — didn't go exactly as planned.
RT @AshLopezRadio: I'm surprised at how many people came to see @BetoORourke this morning who weren't from Iowa. Talked to some ladies from…
For some, #SXSW means more than music, movies or tech, it means finding as much free food and drink as possible. But how far can you take it? Last year, @MoseBuchele tasked one local man to find out.
RT @KUTX: Hope to see y'all at Rock & Read with @SparetheRock and @livemom from 2-6! Its family friendly, and did we mention... FREE! @redy…
@AshLopezRadio is in Iowa today following @BetoORourke while he campaigns.…
Do you miss Austin's Spam-centered festival, Spamarama? The co-founder told @maasdinero he was recently approached by someone with a venue that's "perfect" for a revival.
@MoseBuchele tasked three volunteers to race through downtown Austin during #SXSW – one in a 🚗, one on a 🛴 and one on a 🚲. Listen to his story to find out who won. (Spoiler: It wasn't the car.)
These #SXSW first-timers found themselves a long way from Fuddruckers. @maasdinero got a pair of newbies last year to go through the festival gauntlet: his parents.
Texas has "significant shortages" of low-income rentals, a @NLIHC study shows. In Austin, only 21 affordable units were available for every 100 extremely low-income renters. Read more from @England_Weber:
"Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and I have the duty to veto it," President Trump said after using his veto pen for the first time.
RT @AP: BREAKING: President Donald Trump issues first veto, overrules Congress to protect his emergency declaration for border wall funding…
Children are skipping school around the world to push for action on climate change. Haven Coleman, 12, is a co-founder of the group that planned the first school strikes in the U.S.
A boil-water notice has been issued for Aqua Water Supply customers in parts of Bastrop County. A water-main break Thursday afternoon lowered water pressure in the system. | @DaLyahJ
In town for #SXSW and wondering what happened to downtown's Graffiti Park? It's planned to reopen near the Austin airport this year.
RT @England_Weber: Texas has "significant shortages" of affordable housing for low-income renters, according to a new @nlihc study. https:…
Left unchecked, FOMO can morph and be the "thief of joy," Central Texas life coaches @TheRockmans_ tell KUT's @jenstayton.
South by Swipe Left: Take a listen back to @AKMcGlinchy's 2018 story on how dating app behavior changes during #SXSW.
A new #SXSW documentary asks viewers to look at the human cost of Texas' economic growth. Listen to @nadzhamz's conversation with the director, who begins with the story of Roendy Granillo, a young construction worker who died of heat stroke in 2015.
New Zealand Police have asked all mosques across the country to "shut their doors" until further notice after 49 people were killed in a terrorist attack at 2 mosques.
Spam once served as the centerpiece of one of Austin's odder and more popular festivals, Spamarama. @maasdinero tells the story of how the festival met its end.
In a first, two Texas Democrats are seeking the presidential nomination at the same time. | @AshLopezRadio
Texas lawmakers want to fix state jails by focusing on rehabilitation. From @keranews:
RT @nprpolitics: Here's a guide to who's in, who still might be in, and who is taking a pass on the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination…
RT @nadzhamz: I had the opportunity to speak with Chelsea Hernandez about her film “Building the American Dream.” We talked about the ways…
The U.S. House voted almost unanimously for the public release of the Mueller report.
Congress has overturned President Trump's national emergency declaration to build the wall. 12 Republicans voted with all Senate Dems to approve the resolution, putting Congress on a path to its first veto confrontation with the president.
RT @nprpolitics: JUST IN: By a 59-41 vote, the Senate has approved a resolution to terminate President Trump's national emergency declarati…
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