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Opponents to I-35 expansion plans say the project would stymie the city's goals to reduce car traffic and fight climate change. | @MoseBuchele
"I know my class will make sure they pay this forward,” Austin billionaire Robert Smith said after pledging to pay off the student loan debt for the graduating class at Morehouse College. | @maasdinero
So far Democratic presidential candidates have largely shied away from the key issue of immigration in their campaigns. @JulianCastro hasn't, KUT's @AshLopezRadio reports.
The First Baptist Church community is lighting a beacon of hope in Sutherland Springs. From @TPRNews:
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Tonight @AustinISD 's school board will likely vote to keep moving forward with its school consolidation process. NO bi…
RT @AshLopezRadio: Immigration will likely be a key issue in 2020. But, so far, only one Democratic presidential candidate has an immigrati…
Austin billionaire Robert F. Smith's speech at @Morehouse College's graduation ceremony started like most. It took a turn when he pledged to pay off the graduates' student loan debt — a gift estimated to total $40 million. | @maasdinero
@MayorAdler says more lanes on I-35 won't solve Austin's traffic woes — but it's a start. | @MoseBuchele #ATXtraffic
“I do not believe that adding lanes to I-35 … is the answer to congestion,” Adler said. He believes that merely adding lanes will make traffic worse on the notoriously congested highway.
Mayor Adler was responding to criticism of his vote in support of the Capital Express Project, which would expand about 30 miles of I-35 between Round Rock and Buda and add up to four non-tolled “managed lanes” of traffic through Austin.
Opponents argue that the project goes against @austintexasgov's Strategic Mobility Plan, which aims to reduce the number of people driving alone to reduce both climate-warming CO2 emissions and traffic.
Adler, who voted in support of the Capital Express Project, says his position on the project has been misunderstood.
The problem is, the Capital Express Project specifically forbids that type of toll lane from being developed. In fact, @GovAbbott has declared a moratorium on the development of any toll lanes in the state. Adler hopes that could change.
Adler says by committing money early on to the project, he’s allowing Austin to stay in the running for state funding – if toll lanes become an option again.
Adler’s second reason to support the plan is more political. He says his main goal is to get a “high-capacity, rapid mass public transit system” for Austin. But, to do that, city leaders must also address roads.
All sides will have plenty of time to get their positions across. There’s currently no timeline or state money allocated for the project. If money becomes available, there will be more community outreach – and votes – to take before it's shovel-ready.
Billionaire investor and Austinite Robert Smith said during his commencement address Sunday he is eliminating student debt for the entire 2019 graduating class at Morehouse College.
Why is @JulianCastro the only Democratic presidential candidate with an immigration plan? | @AshLopezRadio
A memorial highway designation honoring WWII veteran Richard Overton would end about a mile away from his East Austin home, where he lived since 1945.
Colleges keep an eye on "town-gown" relations - their role in the communities that house their campuses. What about "globe-gown" relations? How schools balance the need for local & global connections on @KUT #podcast "Higher Ed" w/ @ebb663 & @jenstayton
Austin’s established narrative is that of a young, vibrant city for college students and new families. But, in recent years, the increased presence of retirees and seniors moving to the area challenges that popular assumption. #ATXplained
Some see a plan to expand I-35 as a betrayal of Austin's environmental values. | @MoseBuchele
A tornado watch is in effect for much of Central Texas until 8 p.m. tonight. More #atxwx #atxweather
RT @NWSSanAntonio: A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Texas until 8 PM CDT
A 3.1-magnitude earthquake struck about 45 miles east of San Antonio Tuesday morning, marking the third time a quake was recorded in the region in a week. | @nadzhamz
Do you love your local @AustinPublicLib branch? The Austin Library Foundation and KUT are looking for personal stories of how libraries transform Austinites and their families – and we'd like to hear your story.
Texas AG Ken Paxton characterized calls by two subcommittees of the U.S. House for documents as an attempt to assert "control over core state functions," arguing that it violated "constitutional principles of federalism." | @AshLopezRadio
Sarah Salazar nearly died in the Santa Fe High School shooting. Now she's just trying to live. "It's just been a year, but it doesn't feel like it, because the year's gone by so fast — I don't have time to process things," Salazar told @HoustonPubMedia.
@WillieNelson's title track in his new album, "Ride Me Back Home," is one of @KUTX's Best Songs Ever ... This Week.
On Monday, @AustinISD will move one step closer to shoring up its school consolidation plan. @ClaireMcInerny has a rundown on where we are in that process – and how we got here. #txed
Has the library changed your life? @LibFoundATX and KUT News want to hear your stories.
Texas Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX is refusing to cooperate with two separate congressional investigations, arguing Congress lacks the authority to investigate the state. | @AshLopezRadio
It’s a move that constitutional law experts say is both unprecedented and is likely inspired by President Trump’s recent refusals to comply with congressional investigations.
Two U.S. House subcommittees are investigating concerns over discrimination against same-sex couples in Texas and child welfare funding.
Last month, Paxton also refused to hand over documents related to Texas’ effort earlier this year to remove noncitizens from its voter rolls.
@UTexasLaw's @steve_vladeck says Trump’s clashes with Congress have created "a new era" for congressional investigations, unless the U.S. Supreme Court steps in.
And @LoyolaLawSchool's @LevinsonJessica said it is not uncommon for entities under congressional investigation to fight back and eventually compromise, but it’s uncommon to see states "essentially flout" congressional oversight.
@LevinsonJessica Because this is all new legal territory, Professor Levinson said, it’s unclear what will happen next. She said, ultimately, Congress has the power to hold the Texas attorney general in contempt – or take the issue to court.
RT @AshLopezRadio: A Texas House elections committee just passed Senate Bill 9, a sweeping voting bill that groups say increases criminal p…
RT @England_Weber: Legal experts tell @AshLopezRadio that @KenPaxtonTX's taking cues from Trump by refusing to cooperate with two separate…
This teen nearly died in the Santa Fe High School shooting. Now she's just trying to live. From @HoustonPubMedia:
Legal experts say Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is following President Trump's lead by shutting out congressional investigations. | @AshLopezRadio
Not only is Austin's population diversifying in terms of its racial and ethnic makeup, it's also diversifying in terms of age, the city's demographer said. A quarter of Austin’s population is projected to be 65 or older in the next 15 years.
See @nprmusic's 2019 #TinyDeskContest winner in Austin on June 19 at @3TENaustin. Quinn Christopherson's entry astounded the panel of judges from start to finish, @BobBoilen said.
The boy is the fourth Guatemalan minor to die after crossing the border and being apprehended by the border patrol since December.
Yes, people are coming to Austin from California. But it turns out tons of people are also coming here from Florida. The Sunshine State sends the second-highest number of people to Austin after California. #ATXplained
Texas Monthly's @mimiswartz says the latest STAAR test study shows the reading test is just too hard for most kids. | @jenstayton
A Guatemalan toddler died in a hospital Tuesday night, just over a month after he and his mother crossed the border in El Paso and were apprehended.
Watch Live: President Trump is unveiling an immigration plan that would vastly change who's allowed into the United States.
Quinn Christopherson has won @nprmusic's #TinyDeskContest. "His powerful song 'Erase Me' is a nuanced take on his experience as a transgender man coming to terms with the power of his voice," @BobBoilen wrote.
Christopherson will go on tour with NPR Music and @KUTX to play alongside others artists who entered the Tiny Desk Contest this year. Tickets for the Austin show at @acllive go on sale May 24.
A change to Texas' voting bill could limit voting centers in minority areas, opponents say. | @AshLopezRadio #TxLege
If Senate Bill 9 is passed, counties would look solely at the number registered voters in a given area, which could favor whiter neighborhoods with historically higher registration numbers. #SB9
For example, a populous area with a lower rate of voter registration could lose a voting center, while an area with more registered voters and fewer people overall could gain a center.
In a letter sent to House members on Tuesday, county judges from Bexar, Dallas, El Paso, Harris, and Travis counties – which represent nearly 40 percent of the entire Texas population – called #SB9 “a sharp attack on the voting rights of our citizens.”
People keep moving to Austin, but where are they coming from? #ATXplained
RT @England_Weber: #txlege repealed the Driver Responsibility Program with #hb2048, but @ejulorg says debt-based license-suspensions will s…
Questions about STAAR testing are lingering as the school year (and legislative session) wind down. KUT's @jenstayton talked with @TexasMonthly's @mimiswartz about research suggesting the reading test may be too hard for students.
A bill that dedicates part of Airport Boulevard to World War II veteran Richard Overton is on the governor's desk. "I am proud to do what I can to honor this local legend," said state Rep. @SherylCole1, one of the bill's authors.
A @USGS geophysicist said there's a strong possibility Tuesday morning's earthquake was induced by injections of fracking fluids into the ground, but further study would be needed to know for sure. | @nadzhamz
A tweak in #SB9 bill changes the rules for where voting centers could go. Opponents say that may disenfranchise minority communities. | via @AshLopezRadio: #txlege
From @KUTX: The five Austin-based music festivals that best represent the city's increasingly diverse music scene.
How DJ Southpaw bridged a gap in Austin's hip-hop scene. | @DaLyahJ
Conservative states have passed laws that have chipped away at the right to abortion in recent years. This year state lawmakers are going even further now that there's a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, @NPR reports.
RT @AshLopezRadio: A Change To Texas' Voting Bill Could Limit Voting Centers In Minority Areas, Opponents Say
Texas lawmakers have approved a repeal of the state’s Driver Responsibility Program, which suspends the licenses of drivers who haven't paid surcharges associated with traffic tickets. #TxLege | @England_Weber
Program opponents say the surcharges make it difficult for low-income Texans to get their licenses reinstated, because they recur annually for 3 years and can create hurdles for drivers looking to reinstate their licenses because they can’t afford them.
The bill now heads to the governor's desk, and the repeal will take effect on Sept. 1 if it’s signed into law.
A bill dedicating part of Airport Boulevard to longtime Austinite and World War II veteran Richard Overton is on the governor's desk. #TxLege
RT @AshLopezRadio: Here's the letter from County judges in Bexar, Dallas, El Paso, Harris, and Travis counties -- which represents nearly 4…
Today's the deadline for Austin property owners to protest their tax appraisal. Growing tax bills have long been a complaint in Travis County, but now those higher assessments are making their way to surrounding counties. | @maasdinero
RT @TexasStandard: Do you have a connection to the Apollo 11 spaceflight and moon landing? Maybe saw it on TV, or blast off in Florida? May…
RT @AshLopezRadio: A large group of voting groups, youth organizations and disability rights groups are gathering at the Texas Capitol righ…
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This comes after @ActingSecDef Patrick Shanahan presented a plan last week that envisioned sending up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East in case of a move by Iran, the @nytimes reported.
The State Department ordered all "non-emergency" U.S. government employees to leave Iraq right away.
As DJ Southpaw, Steven Galindo — who died last week at the age of 47 — helped bring hip-hop to the forefront in Austin and build ties between the scene's underground-minded era and its present-day. | @DaLyahJ
Southbound SH 130 is closed just north of Parmer Lane. @TravisCoSheriff says the closure will last for another 2 hours due to an 18-wheeler fuel spill. #ATXTraffic
The Alabama Senate passed a bill Tuesday evening to ban nearly all abortions, with no exceptions in the bill for cases of rape or incest. @GovernorKayIvey has not said whether she will sign it.
Three minor earthquakes have hit the same part of South Texas in the past week. An interactive @USGS map shows around 50 earthquakes of similar magnitude in the same area since 1982. | @nadzhamz
"Two Florida counties experienced intrusion into the supervisor of election networks. There was no manipulation," @GovRonDeSantis said.
DJ Southpaw, is being remembered tonight at a memorial service. @DaLyahJ has a look back at how the longtime Austin DJ bridged a gap in the city's hip-hop scene:
After LGBTQ lawmakers in the Texas House killed a religious liberty bill they feared could be dangerous to their community, the Texas Senate brought it back — and looks to be fast-tracking it. From The @TexasTribune:
A third minor earthquake hit the same area of South Texas in the past week. A 3.1-magnitude quake can range from being felt by only a few people to being noticeably felt, especially by people on the upper floors of buildings, the @USGS said.
Russian hackers used email addresses designed to look like a voting system vendor to trick Florida election officials into giving them access to their networks.
RT @npr_ed: NPR is doing a series of stories about young people and screen time. We specifically want to hear from families dealing with te…
Russian hackers successfully penetrated the election systems of two Florida counties in 2016, @GovRonDeSantis announced today.…
“It did not affect any voting or anything like that," Gov. DeSantis said, according to @nprpolitics.
The @LCRA says flood operations continue at each dam along the Highland Lakes. It plans to close the two open floodgates at Mansfield and Tom Miller dams (which form Lake Travis and Lake Austin) later this week.
RT @AshLopezRadio: The Texas Attorney General's office sent a five page letter yesterday to the U.S. House Oversight Committee. Among other…
In a highly unusual release of statements, the U.S. Supreme Court's conservatives defended their handling of two death penalty cases, including one involving a Texas man, @NPR's @NinaTotenberg reports.
A 3.1-magnitude earthquake struck about 45 miles east of San Antonio this morning, marking the third time a quake was recorded in the region in the past week. | @nadzhamz
Critics contend that even if Austin wanted to answer congestion woes by building more roads, it would not have the space to build new lanes. | @MoseBuchele
President Trump has repeatedly framed the new tariffs as primarily hurting China. But actually it's American businesses that will pay the tariffs, and in many cases, pass the expense on to their American customers, @NPR reports.
The Austin City Council voted last week to back the #GreenNewDeal. But, critics say, that gesture was undercut by a vote some local leaders took earlier that week – one that would drastically expand I-35. | @MoseBuchele
The Texas Senate unexpectedly revived a bill today that was killed last week by the House's #LGBTQ Caucus. @emmaplatoff reports: #txlege
RT @jenstayton: "Integration of the University of Texas at Austin is a story that transcends the Forty Acres, Austin, and Texas education."…
Tonight at 7 at @BookPeople: Join us for a conversation about this month's KUT Book Club pick, "As We Saw It: The Story of Integration at the University of Texas at Austin." All are welcome.
RT @nprpolitics: NEW: Former President Jimmy Carter fell at his home this morning and broke his hip, according to a statement from the Cart…
How you (and your dog) can avoid snake bites — and what to do if you get bitten.
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