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Of the 686 nationwide businesses who scored perfect marks in a recent @HRC survey on inclusive practices for LGBTQ employees, 28 are Texas-based companies. From @KUT:
Austin ranks 40th among the 50 largest U.S. cities in Hispanic executive representation. Hispanics constitute 29% of the overall workforce and hold 7% of all executive positions. | via @ConversationEDU
A Texas A&M student traveled to Wuhan, China where the coronavirus originated. After returning, the student developed mild symptoms and is being tested for the virus. Officials say the health risk on campus is low. | via @HoustonPubMedia
Several hundred scooters have been found in drainage or water in Austin since 2018. @AustinWatershed believes there could be hundreds more yet to be discovered.
“First and foremost, marijuana was not decriminalized,” Austin Police @Chief_Manley said at a news conference this afternoon. | @jerryquijano
Live music this weekend includes South African choral music, a showcase featuring the next wave of Austin acts and several former @KUTX Artists of the Month. Hear music from those artists and more in @KUTnathan's chat with KUTX's Matt Reilly.
Explore the use of #elevatormusic as muse in this @KUT interview featuring curator of #BlantonSoundSpace @SparkerlyMusic and @NPRinvisibilia's @yowei_shaw. "SoundSpace: Not Bad Muzak" takes place this Sunday, January 26th, 2-4pm.
RT @jerryquijano: .@Chief_Manley is addressing several things today, including the gun surrender program and the actions taken by City Coun…
In a 9-0 vote Thursday, #atxcouncil members asked police officers to stop citing and arresting people for low-level marijuana cases when they believe the county won't be able to prosecute.
Watch Live: House Democrats are launching their third and final day of opening arguments that President Trump should be convicted and removed from office.
Two people have died following a large explosion at a manufacturing facility in Houston early this morning. @HoustonPubMedia's @jen_rice_ is at the scene.
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Hispanics are the largest minority group in the U.S. at 18.3%, and make up 17% of the labor force. However, they occupy only 4.3% of executive positions in the U.S. | via @ConversationEDU
RT @NPR: For 15 years John Contreras held onto his home, owned by his family since the '40s, as his neighbors were replaced by bars and con…
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Advocates and others say @GovAbbott could issue an executive order at any time that would create a commission for the census this spring. Time, however, has almost run out.
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The biggest change is a controversial move to roll back government limits on pollution in wetlands and smaller waterways that was introduced less than five years ago by President Obama.
A local nonprofit wants to start a school within @AustinISD that would help students older than 18 who have autism or other conditions learn important life and workplace skills.
Hays County is conducting the first count of its homeless community today. A nonprofit has already accounted for more than 400 students across Hays County school districts who are experiencing homelessness.
As law enforcement agencies in Texas figure out how to test for marijuana following the legalization of hemp, #atxcouncil responded with its fix: passing a measure that effectively decriminalizes small amounts of pot. | @AKMcGlinchy
A @TAMU student is being tested for possible infection with the coronavirus, officials at the Brazos County Health District said. via @HoustonPubMedia
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The State Department plans to deny tourist visas to pregnant women if officials believe they are traveling here to secure American citizenship for their child by giving birth on U.S. soil.
The EPA is dramatically reducing federal pollution protections for rivers, streams and wetlands – a move welcomed by many farmers, builders and mining companies, but opposed even by the agency's own science advisers.
#atxcouncil directed city staff to look into conducting a study on the effects of scooters polluting the city’s waterways. | @jerryquijano
@AustinWatershed says several hundred scooters have been found in drainage or water since 2018.
A local nonprofit wants to start a school in Austin that serves young adults with neurological conditions like autism. AISD's school board reviewed the application at a meeting last week, and many members were excited about the idea. | @ClaireMcInerny
Jim Lehrer, the longtime anchor of the PBS NewsHour who began his public television career at @keratx in Dallas, has died. He was 85. | via @keranews
Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape is among a small group of local leaders who have spent the past year doing everything they can to prepare for the census. Communities in rural counties are historically undercounted because they're harder to get to.
Watch Live: House Democrats are resuming their prosecution of President Trump in the Senate and are expected to outline how the law applies to what they see as the president's "corrupt scheme" with Ukraine to tilt the 2020 election in his favor.
RT @AshLopezRadio: Texas Republicans have been accused of playing politics when they decided not to plan for the Census. But members of the…
Hays County is conducting its first census of the county’s homeless community today. The count is required for cities and counties that want @HUDgov funding for programs to help reduce homelessness. | @nadzhamz
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Bastrop County is among a slew of fast-growing rural counties in Central Texas struggling to make sure their residents are counted accurately during this year’s census, set to begin this spring. | @AshLopezRadio
The @HRC Foundation gave 686 companies a 100% score in its survey of policies and practices inclusive of LGBTQ employees. Twenty-eight of those companies are based in Texas.
Explore the use of #elevatormusic as muse in this @KUT interview featuring curator of #BlantonSoundSpace @SparkerlyMusic and @NPRinvisibilia's @yowei_shaw. "SoundSpace: Not Bad Muzak" takes place this Sunday, January 26th, 2-4pm.
#ATXplained Live is finally here. We'll see you tonight on the @UTAustin campus where 8 brand-new stories about Austin people and events will be told on stage. Doors open at 6!
A new Hi, How Are You mural was unveiled at @AustinPublicLib's central library, where it will become part of the library's permanent collection on the fourth floor.
While John Contreras said he had come to terms with moving out of 71 Rainey St., leaving wasn’t easy. “I’m gonna miss this old place,” he said days before moving out. Contreras was the last owner of a single-family home on the street.
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For years, @austintexasgov often waited for complaints before ticketing drivers who parked in bike lanes. Now, that policy is changing. The city said it has also made it easier for people to report bike lane violations in the Austin 311 app.
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President Trump says he'll widen a controversial travel ban that prohibits nearly all people from seven countries from traveling or immigrating to the U.S.
Despite repeated efforts by lawmakers to fix Texas' child welfare system, more kids are sleeping in state offices and temporary shelters than last year, @JulieChang1 told @TexasStandard.
Explore the use of #elevatormusic as muse in this @KUT interview featuring curator of #BlantonSoundSpace @SparkerlyMusic and @NPRinvisibilia's @yowei_shaw. "SoundSpace: Not Bad Muzak" takes place this Sunday, January 26th, 2-4pm.
The Trump administration has agreed to give roughly $350 million over five years to Healthy Texas Women, a state family-planning program that excludes Planned Parenthood. | @AshLopezRadio
The number of companies in Texas – and the U.S. as a whole – adopting policies and practices inclusive of LGBTQ employees is growing, a new @HRC study finds. | @beckyfogel
Austin is marking the third annual Hi, How Are You Day with the unveiling of a new Daniel Johnston mural at the central library. The piece will be part of the library’s permanent collection on the fourth floor.
RT @AshLopezRadio: According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Trump Administration has approved the state's 1115 Medicaid Waiver funding…
Watch Live: Opening arguments are being made in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.
It is still possible but unclear whether the Senate will hear witnesses after the two sides have made their opening arguments. A number of GOP senators have expressed support for hearing from some witnesses.
After a long day and night of dueling between House managers and President Trump's attorneys, the Senate adopted a set of rules that will govern its impeachment trial. Opening arguments will get underway today at 1 p.m. ET.
RT @AKMcGlinchy: "'I thought I was living OK – but actually, I wasn’t, you know?...I was kind of miserable.'" John Contreras, the 'last man…
The last man on Rainey Street vowed to stay. Now he's glad he left. “I was living in my own little world – cocooned – you know what I’m saying?” John Contreras told @AKMcGlinchy.
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Over the years, Texas has tried to boost enrollment in college. But for some first-generation students, many of whom also come from families with low incomes, the transition from high school to college can be daunting. | via @TexasStandard
For years, the City of Austin often waited for complaints before ticketing drivers who parked in bike lanes. Now, that policy is changing. | @SamuelKingNews
According to a @KFF poll, seven in 10 Americans say they would prefer to die at home. And that's the direction the health care system is moving, too, hoping to avoid unnecessary and expensive treatment at the end of life.
Chuck Chadwick has been in the church security business for 18 years, encouraging worshippers to take their safety into their own hands. He’s seen a spike in interest in recent weeks, following the White Settlement church shooting. | via @TexasTribune
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Watch Live: The first full day of the Trump impeachment trial is expected to be dominated by partisan fighting over the rules of the proceedings.
Photos: Marchers walked through Austin yesterday to honor the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Sen. Mitch McConnell's resolution allows the House impeachment managers and president's lawyers to present their opening arguments beginning Wednesday at 1 p.m., and gives them 24 hours each over two days to make their case.
The U.S. Navy says it will name an aircraft carrier after Doris "Dorie" Miller, the African American mess attendant who heroically leapt into combat during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has revealed his long-awaited resolution setting the initial parameters for how President Trump's impeachment trial will play out. Democrats have several concerns.
Nearly 100,000 people were approved for citizenship in Texas last year — a 50% increase from 2018. Despite the increase, it may soon become more costly to file naturalization paperwork because of a new Trump administration rule. | via @HoustonPubMedia
It marks the first time that an aircraft carrier has been named for an African American, and the first time a sailor has been so honored for actions taken as an enlisted man.
The Navy says it will name an aircraft carrier after "Dorie" Miller, the African American mess attendant from Waco who heroically leapt into combat during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
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Here are some of the #ATXplained stories we brought you last year. (Take a look at our ATXplained map for stories about people and things near you.)
brought us the story of John Contreras, the last man living in a house on Rainey Street. “This is my house,” he said last January. “After a while, I guess, with age you just want to live out your life in a place you call home.”
got the real origin story behind Dan’s and Fran’s Hamburgers. Daughter Mary Bialaszewski says there wasn’t one specific reason why the couple split.
found out what happened to one of Austin’s odder and more popular festivals: Spamarama. (Jimmy is also bringing back another crowd favorite to this year’s live show.)
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The city of Richmond, Va., is under a state of emergency this morning as thousands of gun ownership enthusiasts and armed militia members gather at the Virginia State Capitol for a large rally aimed at quashing new gun laws.
The #MLKDay community march is now making its way to the Capitol before its final stop at @HustonTillotson.
Austin’s annual community march is about to start at the MLK statue on the @UTAustin campus. Here’s how you can celebrate #MLKDay in Central Texas.
The pricetag for President Trump's border wall has topped $11 billion — or nearly $20 million a mile — to become the most expensive wall of its kind anywhere in the world.
In Austin yesterday, President Trump announced he is directing the Army Corps of Engineers to immediately withdraw a new water supply rule and allow states to manage water resources based on their own needs and what the agricultural community wants.
Austin’s annual community march will kickoff with a short program at the MLK statue on the UT Austin campus this morning at 9.
We deleted this previous tweet. Trump did not announce an official repeal of the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. rule. In his address, he discussed how his administration is moving toward rolling back these federal protections.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: we're the greatest country in the world and we're taking care of you. His speech is over, the crows is standin…
Environmental groups warn it would sideline the climate impacts of highways, pipelines and other projects
Trump talks about his administration's move to overhaul the National Environmental Policy Act to help speed approval of infrastructure projects, including oil and gas pipelines.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: we got rid of the "ridiculous" Water of the US rule, that basically took away your land. **Crowd stands to cla…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: the far left wants to crush your business with regulations. These socialists (he calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahont…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: I want people to come into our country legally, to help farmers like you.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: The wall is being built at a rapid. we think we'll be at 400 miles at the end of next year **cheers from crowd…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: since my election the US has gained 7 million jobs. the unemployment rate is 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years. The u…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: He's now touting getting rid of the estate/death tax for farmers. "if you love your children you don't have to pay tax…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: I got the trade deal done and what do I get? impeached by the radical left. But the farmers stay with me. **far…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: the final installment of billions of dollars is coming to farmers. Together we prevailed. You (farmers) were a…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: having a good relationship with China and Russia is a good thing. But we don't want to be taken advantage of.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Under the previous admin net farm income dropped 20%. Under my admin there has been an increase of 50%.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: if we want to stand up for America we need to stand up for American farmers. you feed our people, sustain our la…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump: I wish we could wear big cowboy hats in DC and New York. I would be the biggest buyer of cowboy hats.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: He calls out support he's received from Texas leaders Dan Patrick, Sid Miller and Ken Paxton.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: He's talking about the recent trade deal with China, saying the US will triple the amount of exports to China. He sto…
RT @ClaireMcInerny: Trump is reading from a Wall Street Journal Article that says 83% of farmer support President Trump. He asks "who the h…
Watch President Trump's address to the @FarmBureau's annual convention:
RT @ClaireMcInerny: President Trump has come out on stage.
The conference hall where Trump is set to speak soon is packed with farmers and ranchers from across the U.S. | 📷 @JuliaReihs
During his talk, President Trump officially ended the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. rules. Farmers had been opposed to these regulations. The old rules allowed federal oversight for any body of water on a farmer's property. Trump said these "took away property rights" of farmers.
Protestors and supporters gathered outside the Convention Center this afternoon ahead of President Trump speaking inside.
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