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LifeWorks helps youth and families experiencing homelessness on their pathway to self-sufficiency. We can end youth homelessness in Austin in 2020.
Join us tomorrow at 1:10 p.m. for a chat w/ @CapMetroCEO Randy Clarke and @LifeWorksAustin Exec. Director Susan McDowell. They'll be discussing #COVID19 response and its effect on our community. Tune in to the #CapMetro FB page & feel free to ask questions!
We are still on track to end youth homelessness in Austin by the end of 2020. Look at what we’ve accomplished and the current state of youth homelessness in Austin, Texas. #EndingYouthHomelessness
Thank you for attending our inaugural Facebook Live event: Ending Youth Homeless in Austin – Demystifying the Data. In case you missed the stream, visit our latest blog post to watch the full event and read our key findings:…
We're answering your questions live regarding youth homelessness in Austin. Tune in here:… #atx
We're officially live on Facebook! Tune in now:… #EndingYouthHomelessness
RT @HireUTexas: Tomorrow at 2pm - Hear from representatives from @DellTech, @Luminex and @LifeWorksAustin about the importance of adaptabil…
Tune into LifeWorks Facebook Live at Noon today for a conversation on the importance of data in ending youth homelessness:… #endingyouthhomelessness
Read our blog post here > #EndYouthHomelesssnessATX2020 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #MentalHealthMatters
According to the @ndvh, 3,829 calls to the hotline were made between March 16 and April 20 from people citing COVID-19 as a condition of their domestic violence experience. If your family is dealing with increased conflict, you can call our counseling program at 512-735-2400.
You may have spotted LifeWorks on @KVUE this week as we raised awareness surrounding our clients' needs in this global pandemic. At LifeWorks, we’re on a mission to show youth experiencing homelessness that they matter.
Existing mental health conditions are exacerbated by the pandemic, increasing instances of child abuse and domestic violence among families. LifeWorks is here to help. To get started with our telehealth services, call 512-735-2400. #MentalHealthMonth #notalone
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. LifeWorks joins organizations across the country in raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. For more information on our counseling programs, visit #MentalHealthMonth #notalone
Everyone deserves a chance to heal. Donate today: Families dealing with increased stress and conflict right now can call LifeWorks Youth and Adult Counseling program, which can be reached at (512) 735-2153. (3 of 3)
At LifeWorks, we provide counseling support for individuals and families who are struggling with issues such as family conflict, trauma, anxiety, depression, and most recently, stress from our global health crisis. (2 of 3)
As we adjust to our new normal, it’s clear that another invisible threat is emerging: the pandemic’s considerable impact on our mental health. Nearly half of Americans report the coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health according to a @KFF poll. (1 of 3)
Meet Todo, one of our inspiring clients who found a place to call home at the end of March. For Todo, having a home during quarantine wasn’t just a dream, it was a necessity. Watch the video here > and donate today by texting GIFT to 41444.
Read our latest blog post and discover why LifeWorks is taking a housing-first approach to keep youth experiencing homelessness safe and healthy during these challenging times. #EndYouthHomelessnessATX2020…
Thank to our amazing LifeWorks Youth Care Workers. Everyday you have a tremendous, positive impact on our youth and young families. Today we show our appreciation for all that you do! #youthcareworkerday2020
In honor of Thank a Youth Worker Day, we’d like to recognize our amazing team of Youth Care Workers dedicated to providing a pathway to self-sufficiency for more than 4,000 youth and families. Read our blog and donate here > #youthcareworkerday2020
Thank you, @AustinLighthous, for your donation of nearly 200 masks for our clients experiencing homelessness! Your donation will help ensure our clients have the items they need to stay as healthy as possible during this time.
One hundred clients in LifeWorks housing programs have lost their jobs due to #COVID19. They need financial support for rent, food and utilities. Your donation today will help ensure we’ve got the resources to keep clients in their homes. Donate today >
Support LifeWorks during #GivingTuesdayNow to help us on our mission to end youth homelessness in Austin ➡️…
#GivingTuesdayNow is an opportunity for people around the world to stand together in unity— lets rally to help LifeWorks reach our goal of ending youth homelessness in Austin by making it rare, brief and nonrecurring. Donate today at
#COVID19 has affected every person on the planet, but it presents an opportunity to come together in support of our goal to end youth homelessness as youth experiencing homelessness cannot shelter in place. Join this Tuesday for #GivingTuesdayNow
Giving back isn’t cancelled. In fact, your support of LifeWorks during #GivingTuesdayNow will help ensure that we can continue to provide services to youth experiencing homelessness. Join us this coming Tuesday to give back.
The DJ sets and fundraiser continues, visit @TwelveRivers12’s Facebook live NOW. #endingyouthhomelessness
Tune into @TwelveRivers12 Facebook page where Questlove is spinning for LifeWorks! #endingyouthhomelessness
We're grateful to @caritasofaustin for nominating LifeWorks for @SnarfHappens "See a Sandwich Send a Sandwich" program. Snarf's graciously donated an array of delicious sandwiches to our PORT program. Next, we would like to nominate @toofound. Let's keep the kindness going!
Donate today at to help us end youth homelessness this year by making it rare, brief, and nonrecurring.
This week, we’re highlighting the steps we’re taking to make youth homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring in our community. We are making youth homelessness brief by working to ensure that youth experiencing homelessness are transitioned to permanent housing within 30 days.
Donate today at to help us end youth homelessness this year by making it rare, brief, and nonrecurring.
This week, we’re highlighting the steps we’re taking to make youth homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring in our community. Our Diversion program aims to make youth homelessness rare by reducing the rate of youth becoming homeless and strengthening their support systems.
If you’re experiencing homelessness and trying to find food, check this out. The Eating Apart Together Program can get you stocked up with longer-lasting food so you can reduce contact with others during #COVID19. Find out where to get food: 🥫👉
In the past 3 weeks, @12RiversRealty has raised $15,000 totaling 10,000 masks for front line workers. Last week, they dropped off 1,000 masks for youth experiencing homelessness at our Youth Resource Center. Thank you! #TRRGivesBack #givetogethernow
Thank you, @TitosVodka, for donating bottles of hand sanitizer to our Youth Resource Center! These will be distributed to youth experiencing homelessness whose access to hand washing has been severely limited due to COVID-19 closures. #LoveTitos
Make a difference in a youth’s life today by donating through our Amazon Wish List. From warm comforters to essential hand soap, your donations will directly benefit youth experiencing homelessness in our community. #atx #AmazonWishList
In January 2020, LifeWorks opened The Works II, a 29-unit affordable housing community for youth and young families exiting from homelessness. Watch here > To support LifeWorks as we continue to serve our clients, donate here >
We need your support now more than ever. To donate, visit or text GIFT to 41444 today. (3 of 3)
They urgently need additional our financial support to pay their rent, purchase groceries and keep their electricity and other utilities on. We anticipate that this level of support will cost LifeWorks an additional $1,000 per client, per month. (2 of 3)
As we continue to provide access to programs and services for all LifeWorks clients, there are now 100 clients in our housing programs who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19’s effect on non-essential jobs. (1 of 3)
RT @Siena9899: Thursday is a great day to #PayItForward Your donation will provide food, housing and critical resources to over 4,000 yout…
Read @Austin_Monthly’s latest article about the impact #COVID19 has on homelessness response programs across Austin.…
As our community adapts to a new virtual environment, LifeWorks put together a list of mostly free online resources for our clients, students and educators to utilize while practicing social distancing at home. View our blog post here >
RT @saracanaday: @LifeWorksAustin is setting the bar on how best to help #homeless youth become self-sufficient and they need your help to…
RT @edmchorse: As we shelter in place in #Austin, we don’t see the heroic work being done to help those who lack shelter and resources. Th…
Over the last month, we served 25 clients through Rapid Rehousing, a case-managed independent living program that provides subsidized apartments to youth experiencing homelessness. (2 of 2) Text GIFT to 41444 to end youth homelessness today!
Amid a global health crisis, LifeWorks transformed its operations to swiftly service a community in need during this unorthodox time. (1 of 2)
Here’s a look at how this pandemic has impacted the lives of the LifeWorks family and renewed our commitment to making youth homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. (2 of 2)
During this unprecedented time, LifeWorks has transformed our services to meet the needs of our youth, who are experiencing medical, emotional and economic vulnerability as a result of COVID-19. (1 of 2)
How do we plan to end youth homelessness in Austin by 2020? By providing housing. LifeWorks offers one of the most comprehensive continuums of housing for youth experiencing homelessness in the country. Donate today by texting GIFT to 41444 and help end youth homelessness.
With the incredible generosity of our community, we have raised $1.8 million in our End Youth Homelessness ATX 2020 Campaign. We still have $3.1 million to go. To learn more about our work, visit or donate to our campaign today by texting GIFT to 41444.
Listen to LifeWorks CEO Susan McDowell on the latest episode of the Gospel Con Carne podcast. Susan shares her journey that led to LifeWorks and the grace of being seen. The full podcast can be streamed here:…
#TBT LifeWorks Career Fairs, held by our Workforce and Education Division, provide job opportunities for our youth experiencing homelessness. If you're interested in helping programs like these, text GIFT to 41444! #ThrowbackThursday #EndYouthHomelessness
Help our classrooms go virtual by supporting our LifeWorks programs! Donate today: #EndYouthHomelessness (2 of 2)
Watch LifeWorks staff Nick and Jackie talk more about the challenges facing our youth and young families working towards achieving their GED or high school equivalency here -> #EndYouthHomelessness (1 of 2)
If you are in need of any LifeWorks services or know of any individuals between the ages of 18-26 experiencing homelessness, please share this resource with them. #ATX #endyouthhomelessness #COVID19
Here is a list of *open* restrooms and showers as well as information on other community resources available to individuals experiencing homelessness during the many #COVID19 closures:…
Read the full letter from LifeWorks Chief Executive Officer, Susan McDowell here: Photo by: Amber Vickery Photography
With your help, we can implement additional practices to protect our staff and youth living in our shelters and transitional living programs from COVID-19. Your donation is needed today: (2 of 2)
Our work cannot stop. Austin Youth experiencing homelessness depend on LifeWorks for housing, workforce and emotional support. (1 of 2) Donate here:
LifeWorks is taking action to address the immediate needs of our clients w/ grocery store gift cards in any amount from @HEB, @Walmart or @Target These can be mailed to or dropped off at 3700 S. 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704 c/o Development. #Covid_19
Public health crises like #Covid_19 immensely impact youth experiencing homelessness as they don't have equitable access to adequate sanitation practices. Your donation will help LifeWorks provide comfort and assistance to clients in need. Donate here:
Help us continue our Workforce and Education programs as we work to end youth homelessness in Austin this year by donating here ---> or texting GIFT to 41444.
LifeWorks believes in the transformational power of acceptance. We are fiercely committed to having a positive, sustaining impact on our community and empowering our clients to find their path to self-sufficiency. For some, that starts with a GED.
Thank you Austin! Together we raised $104,366.45 that will go toward our goal of ending youth homelessness. Our youth, our community, our future. #amplifyatx
Less than an hour left for Amplify Austin! Donate today and help us end youth homelessness in the city by the end of this year. #AmplifyATX…
We can end youth homelessness in Austin! Your donation today during #AmplifyATX will help us address the immediate needs of more than 450 youth experiencing homelessness. Donate here:… #endyouthhomelessness #eyh2020
A special #AmplifyATX message from Judy and Teresa, some of our amazing Admin staff here at LifeWorks! Donate here:… #endyouthhomelessness #eyh2020
Standing in line on your lunch break? Take 90 seconds to donate for #AmplifyATX before you get your food! Your support of LifeWorks today will help make youth homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring in Austin. Donate today:… #endyouthhomelessness
We just crossed the $50K line for #AmplifyATX! Help us reach our fundraising goal by maximizing your donation during the Popp Hutcheson Power Hour from 9-10AM! They’ve given us a $20K donation to help match yours! Couldn’t get any sweeter! Donate here:…
It's the #AmplifyATX Power Hour with Popp Hutcheson. Popp Hutcheson has given us a $20,000 matching gift this year. Maximize your donation to LifeWorks between 9-10 a.m., to help us win the hourly prize for most donations during this time slot! Donate:…
The 24 hours of @ILH_IGH 's #AmplifyATX begins today at 6 p.m. You don't have to wait until tonight to donate! Make your gift now and check it off your to-do list: #endyouthhomelessness #eyh2020
The 24 hours of @ILH_IGH's #AmplifyATX begins today at 6 p.m. You can donate in advance now at… ! #endyouthhomelessness #eyh2020
We’re happy to host today’s @TXWorkforce press conference as their agency kicks off their Foster Youth Transition Center tours! At LifeWorks, our Workforce program aims to help youth who have aged out of the foster care system find career placements in our community.
If you want to help youth like Markus and LifeWorks Workforce and Education programs, text GIFT to 41444. Help us end youth homelessness in 2020! #EYH2020 #EndYouthHomelessnessATX2020
Stephanie Snyder, LifeWorks Employment Specialist, shares the inspiring story of Marcus. Marcus went from experiencing homelessness to landing a full-time position at @Dell where he continues to thrive. Watch here --->
Let’s #flashback to LifeWorks 2017 Career Day! We work with a tremendous group of employee partners and career training providers who support our youth’s goals and dreams. Help us continue our Workforce and Education programs by texting GIFT to 41444. #FlashbackFriday
In 2019, our Workforce program established more than 459 unique connections to employment for clients. The opportunity to learn and to work is what every client deserves. Help us end youth homelessness by texting GIFT to 41444 or donating here --->
"Youth homelessness’ days are numbered: How LifeWorks uses data to achieve 2020 goal" Read our story in the @statesman: #EndYouthHomelessness #atx
Learn how we're ending youth homelessness with the power of data on page A5 in today's @statesman. Click the link to read our story! #endyouthhomelessness #atx
RT @RobertPulster: From #NAEH2020, awesome job @LifeWorksAustin @atxecho for your leadership and commitment to #endyouthhomelessness https:…
RT @HomelessnessOC: Lyric Wardlow: “We want to make sure that youth have the best possibility of entering stability as possible... we hope…
RT @mclellieOCUW: Thank you to Lyric Wardlow for centering the conversation on the folx who have lived expertise! If these experiences and…
RT @courtneyamcross: People with lived experience know best how to prevent and divert people, and how to improve existing programs to ensur…
RT @KappySays: "These movements do not have to be perfect - but they do need to be agile." - Susan McDowell of @LifeWorksAustin #NAEH2020
RT @HomelessnessOC: “Data needs to be our guide, system data, data from young adults who are helping guide our work.” @LifeWorksAustin spea…
RT @naehomelessness: "These movements do not have to be perfect - but they do need to be agile." - Susan McDowell of @LifeWorksAustin #NAEH…
RT @naehomelessness: Creating opportunities for getting youth involved, getting feedback, and giving opinions on youth experiences is the b…
RT @naehomelessness: Lyric Wardlow: "Youth voice happened within RRH ,so youth had the ability to leave and get out of toxic relationships…
RT @gisellemarie: Photo doesn’t do this young woman justice. Hearing about how #Austin will end youth homelessness by 2020. That’s right, t…
RT @sheila_babb: Go Austin! Loving the confidence @awayhomeamerica Founding 8 board member Lyric and @LifeWorksAustin to #endyouthhomeless…
RT @BecksHeyhoeOCUW: “Our partnerships have sustained us and helped us face every single obstacle so we could move forward with both humili…
LIVE NOW: Watch LifeWorks Executive Director Susan McDowell and Youth Advocate Lyric Wardlow present LifeWorks journey to ending youth homelessness at #NAEH2020! @naehomelessness…
Our Workforce and Education programs are one of the ways we are working towards ending youth homelessness in 2020. You can help us achieve our goal by texting GIFT to 41444 or donating here --->
Every year, we celebrate the graduates of LifeWorks High School Equivalency Program. These steadfast graduates entered the program to pass either the GED or the HiSET and to obtain a high school equivalency certificate. #EYH2020
If you are a youth (26 and under) in need of shelter from cold weather, LifeWorks youth cold weather shelter is activated tonight!
Who do you lean on for support when you need it most? At LifeWorks, we offer a support system for our clients that removes the barriers preventing their success, helping to set them on a path to self-sufficiency that they define. #EndYouthHomelessness #ATX2020
Home is where the heart is. Donate today: #endyouthhomelessness #atx
RT @TXAllianceCFS: Congrats @LifeWorksAustin on the opening of your new affordable housing unit in East Austin last week! Tune into this @K…
RT @awayhomeamerica: Austin could be first city to end youth homelessness - Lets go Austin! We're rooting for you! @LifeWorksAustin - https…
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