I read a lot of food books, etc., talk about food constantly, and track what I cook and where the ideas originated on my blog. Slow Food Austin volunteer.
just posted Mustard Greens Pancakes with Sesame-Soy Dipping Sauce: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/07/mustar… from The Book of Greens by @jennlouis
a pina colada with "hippy-ass unsweetened coconut milk" sounds perfect! twitter.com/MotherJonesFoo…
I'm pretty excited about these: salsa roja & salsa ranchera with @boggycreekfarm romas,… instagram.com/p/BXBw8sWF2xq/
RT @FarmAid: A whopping 64% of farmers report a pre-existing condition & 72% are forced to get a 2nd job for healthcare purposes https://t.…
I'm delighted to add @texasfarmhouse sweet potato greens to my dinner plan tonight. instagram.com/p/BW-va1TFKy1/
RT @ModFarm: U.S. senators seek ban on pesticide chlorpyrifos reut.rs/2gZXGuJ https://t.co/lFrbXWYclz
RT @CKummer: That's @marionnestle on the senseless foot-dragging on something that works, even if pizza makers *hate* it.My take: https://t…
can't wait to bake some sourdough with these flours from @bartonspringsm! instagram.com/p/BW52xiKja0n/
learning about the great grains being used at @bartonspringsm. instagram.com/p/BW5pXCDDO0K/
cutting fettuccine strands of tomato leaf pasta. thank you to @springdalefarm & @hollypostler… instagram.com/p/BW3KV5HDsvY/
today's kitchen adventure: cucumber umeboshi salad with spicy black garlic-habanero cashew crunch. instagram.com/p/BW0rhjNDQ27/
Eggplant Crostini with tahini spread and black garlic dressing: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/07/eggpla… now with recipe!
RT @WIRED: Practically every meal kit ingredient is wrapped or encased in plastic. How good can that be for the environment? https://t.co/z…
sesame whole wheat noodles with sweet peppers, cucumber, chiles, arugula, green onion. instagram.com/p/BWtYa0WDWT8/
just posted Eggplant Crostini: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/07/eggpla… from Simple Fare: Spring and Summer
Tacos with Roasted Vegetables in Cascabel Chile Oil w/ Homemade Queso Fresco, Guajillo Tortillas, & Salsa de Arbol: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/07/tacos-…
I'm getting hungry for pizza this morning as I flip through Bianco. (review copy) instagram.com/p/BWprUc0Dz8M/
"reduce your taste for sweet altogether rather than choosing between sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened" n.pr/2uhTX0W
RT @NYTScience: “There is a very intense feeling that we’re losing biodiversity quicker than we can understand it.” nyti.ms/2vpAsR0
serving up an all-local salad of (yellow) watermelon, purslane, arugula, feta, basil, & grilled… instagram.com/p/BWlrQaGliQC/
luving the free sky water for all the plants! instagram.com/p/BWlZ2jmlD-K/
cold-press coffee ice cream, salted butter caramel sauce, chocolate-covered espresso beans. instagram.com/p/BWiiSQHFbvj/
RT @TMMcMillan: This is such an important concept. twitter.com/jbouie/status/…
RT @DavidLeftwich68: Bad immigration decision will harm Texas shrimpers: houstonchronicle.com/business/colum… https://t.co/jzBadfVs2N
RT @ModFarm: “We wouldn’t be able to run without immigrant labor. It’s that simple, and it’s a lot more than just agriculture.” https://t.c…
blackberries and peaches and lots of other good stuff from @texasfarmhouse today! instagram.com/p/BWa1mOHj7hU/
just posted Tacos w/ Roasted Veg. in Cascabel Oil w/ Queso Fresco, Guajillo Tortillas: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/07/tacos-… from @nopalitosf cookbook
RT @foodtank: If we want to reduce the impact of climate change, we need to focus on sustainable food: foodtank.com/news/2017/07/f… via @EviePer…
crispy "scallion" pancakes filled with super-fresh, baby mustard greens & a soy-sesame dipping… instagram.com/p/BWQkNqkDp1L/
the indigo rose tomatoes have arrived @boggycreekfarm! instagram.com/p/BWP_gW0DZ1R/
RT @CivilEats: Why more farms should grow mushrooms buff.ly/2txiBYN https://t.co/FX5uG1m57i
"we can bring fresh food, not only to our families, to the whole community" -A Farm Stand Story: Padron Elementary sustainablefoodcenter.org/latest/farms-m…
RT @SSF_BERF_DEFM: Factory Farm Meat: Why Vegetarians, Ranchers and Conscious Omnivores Need to Unite goo.gl/kDTJE1?9WYf
Everything Biscuit Sandwich with Smoked Whitefish Schmear: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/06/everyt…
celebrating america with fried mac n cheese. instagram.com/p/BWI68kejflJ/
lunch is caesar & farm tomato gazpacho @epicerie_austin. instagram.com/p/BWAtc10jjCP/
just posted Everything Biscuit Sandwich with Smoked Whitefish Schmear: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/06/everyt… from @EggShopNYC cookbook
roasted eggplant crostini with black garlic dressing & pickled red onion. instagram.com/p/BV-iEmvDctD/
A third of Americans are about to have their drinking water deregulated by the EPA motherjones.com/environment/20… via @MotherJones
spaghetti squash al pomodoro with arugula. instagram.com/p/BV3WlxhjhII/
lots of good stuff from m @texasfarmhouse today! including pretty, little plums. instagram.com/p/BV2xx8fD7_E/
the "desert me not dinner" is off to a great start @TxFrenchBread w/ produce from… instagram.com/p/BV0sR90jBcH/
RT @CivilEats: Advocacy groups are fighting for transparency on factory farms buff.ly/2tMmkRT @xtinacooke
RT @CivilEats: A new book looks at how government policies encouraged fast food to spread buff.ly/2sxC76W https://t.co/uYK4Xk3Z7z
playing with one of my favorite kitchen tools to make guajillo tortillas. instagram.com/p/BVxaxT0DOtK/
greek salad w/ main characters from @boggycreekfarm & @springdalefarm + @txbeetree feta. instagram.com/p/BVvmbuGjF1k/
oat streusel-topped, whole wheat, tx blueberry muffins, just for kurt. instagram.com/p/BVsnIySjP3O/
turning curds into queso fresco and pondering how to use the whey. suggestions? instagram.com/p/BVsNCL8jhIq/
just posted Cookie Dough Bars: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/06/cookie… a #nobutternosugarnoflour kind of treat
RT @MotherJonesFood: More and more doctors are warning patients to eat less and less meat bit.ly/2sR32wr https://t.co/s9Nm1gSC42
Squash Ribbons with Tomatoes, Peanuts, Basil, Mint, and Spicy Fish-Sauce Sauce: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/06/squash…
RT @CivilEats: How to get more plant-based food on American plates buff.ly/2tEFnMW @LelaNargi
"everything" biscuit, smoked whitefish spread, tomatoes, fried egg. instagram.com/p/BVfK4PDl_-9/
I want to eat this every day right now. instagram.com/p/BVdk2Dbl2au/
why have I never had avocado mashed potatoes? twitter.com/SAVEURMAG/stat…
getting this hot weekend started with frozen mango daiquiris. instagram.com/p/BVa7lS_lIFD/
tomatoes, corn, & peppers from @texasfarmhouse are about to become Ina's fiesta corn & avocado… instagram.com/p/BVajhE7l_G3/
RT @bittman: Amazon is buying Whole Foods: buff.ly/2sj46XK
just posted Squash Ribbons w/ Tomatoes Peanuts Basil Mint & Spicy Fish-Sauce Sauce lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/06/squash… from Six Seasons @joshua_mcfadden
I just planted two "summer cilantros," papalo and culantro. anybody else growing these? instagram.com/p/BVSlmO9jPwx/
I just wanted panted two "summer cilantros." papalo and culantro. anybody else growing these? instagram.com/p/BVSfsizDnvR/
RT @kimseverson: News about that complex, multi-state battle to save red snapper. (H/t from Southern newshound @alanblinder.) https://t.co…
This Art Group Installs Pick-Your-Own-Fruit Parks Around Los Angeles n.pr/2sZg1sL
RT @CivilEats: How do we change food and farming to help prevent catastrophic climate change? buff.ly/2t1T08O
date- and maple syrup-sweetened cookie dough bars. #nobutternosugarnoflour instagram.com/p/BVIs6XyFVeG/
RT @TMMcMillan: Less commonly appreciated is how @ciw effectively fought corporate power in an era of govt-as-bystander...and still f'g WON…
'Carbon Farming & Cutting Food Waste: Climate Solutions That Don’t Require Trump’s Buy-in' civileats.com/2017/06/05/car…
just posted Seafood Salad with Lemon-Garlic-Herb Dressing: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/06/seafoo…
RT @CivilEats: As consumer demand for healthy, locally sourced food grows, so does distrust of major manufacturers. buff.ly/2qNQmlF
tortilla with local potatoes, sweet peppers, onion, eggs + manchego. instagram.com/p/BU7MkIRFiED/
pulling this latest from michaelruhlman off the to-read stack. (review copy) instagram.com/p/BU0XAo7l3u4/
RT @4fishgreenberg: Sign the petition to save Bristol Bay docs.google.com/forms/d/1TEDcz…
The creativity of Southern cooking, by @Gastropodcast theatlantic.com/health/archive…
just posted Corn, Green Beans, and Parmesan: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/05/corn-g… from Tartine All Day by @LizPrueitt
I've lost count of how many @springdalefarm tomatoes I've eaten this weekend. #notcomplaining instagram.com/p/BUroNJulnoJ/
roasted eggplant, fresh tomato, sweet pepper, mozzarella, & ricotta salata giant pizza. instagram.com/p/BUqE1TilgYt/
bloody mary mixed tomato salad with black rice. instagram.com/p/BUneuDqFdN4/
brined and roasted brazil nuts inspired by Six Seasons book. instagram.com/p/BUm0oivFQiQ/
spherical caprese with sungolds from @boggycreekfarm. instagram.com/p/BUk-ZqSFEQA/
RT @NewRepublic: In "The Potlikker Papers," @johntedge sets out to find the soul of the South. And he finds it through its stomach. https:/…
starting our 4-day-staycation-weekend with pancakes. instagram.com/p/BUkAYAGDYcM/
RT @SAVEURMAG: The 6 best food films to watch in 2017 saveur.cc/uv1q78 https://t.co/bnH8ODdjx4
Why Recycling is So Important | CaelusGreenRoom caelusgreenroom.com/2017/05/25/rec… via @tealdit
Strawberry Ice Cream Shortcakes with Cornmeal Drop Biscuits: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/05/strawb…
RT @CKummer: Most food stamp recipients are white; overwhelming majority are US-born citizens; over half are under 18 or over 60. https://t…
Health Leaders Must Focus on the Threats From Factory Farms nyti.ms/2rHaSVS
just posted Strawberry Ice Cream Shortcakes with Cornmeal Drop Biscuits: lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2017/05/strawb… with @RichardsonFarm milk and cream.
RT @ModFarm: “The people growing, harvesting, preparing, and serving our food need to be better recognized for what they do.” https://t.co/…
dinner's gonna be: seafood salad inspired by Tartine All Day, made with local potatoes, fennel,… instagram.com/p/BUSl66Bjuek/
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