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@EmmanuelAcho discusses the issue of racism at UT and shares his advice to Texas athletes asking for change and administrators making those decisions.
Tonight at 7P/CT on LHN AFTER THE STORM: @MarquiseGoodwin and @MorgannnGoodwin share their emotional journey to parenthood in a 30-minute special.
"We have to ask ourselves... Are the statues that we have on campus, are they who we want our students to emulate?" @EmmanuelAcho echoes why Texas athletes are calling for change. A preview of the upcoming full interview:
Thanks for following along as we rewatched the National Championship. Hook ‘Em! - Jody
and I think the players as well. Having Barbara Jordan speak to that group on our behalf was a really, really special treat. Those fans during that year were just so much a part of the journey and many of those still support our teams today. - Jody (2/2)
The culmination of this was getting on a plane and flying home that night. We were picked up in convertibles and limos. We actually drove into the Erwin Center with 3,000+ people waiting to celebrate with us. That moment was something that I know I’ll never forget... (1/2)
We did it. It was a great feeling but it was one of relief. Because the expectations were so high that you just felt like you could exhale. Obviously winning a national championship and the perfect season didn’t really hit your mind. The whole year was about vindication. - Jody
You’ll notice Kamie never came off the floor. She controlled what was happening on the floor and the play every minute with unparalleled intensity. What she did was the real key. - Jody
Clarissa Davis didn’t start the season, but she was quite the player. She waited for the brightest lights so she could really shine. - Jody
Everybody that paid attention and loved basketball really respected Cheryl. At that point in time to have individual stars was important for the sport because it gave us recognition. These two teams have contrasting styles; they had a bona fide star and we had a team. - Jody
There was so much hype of it being Cheryl Miller’s final college game. Cara Priddy said, “It’s my last game too.” - Jody
You’re always concerned when the opponent makes a run but there’s still a lot of time left here. I just never lost real faith in this team because there was such great leadership. I didn’t feel like these seniors would let us lose. - Jody
Cheryl Miller got her second wind from her break on the bench. It really motivated our team when she came back out there. - Jody
They started out calling this pretty tight. The judge of good officiating is knowing that they’re going to call it the same way all the way through and they pretty much did. The true challenge is trying to adjust to how the game is being called. - Jody…
That was a crucial run. Went from 12-point lead to 18-point lead. - Jody
You want to team that establishes their identity and the identity of this team was full court pressure, defense and a fast-paced offensive game. In order to play that way you have to really be in great physical condition and his team prided itself in that. - Jody
We held the advantage on the boards in the second half. I think it was a fatigue factor. That was one of the advantages of having as much depth as we had, we could put pressure on them defensively. - Jody
I would give up 16 points to Cheryl Miller to get 3 fouls on her. It was a trade off. - Jody
The locker room at half was pretty uneventful. Wanted them to stay where they were mentally, not think too much other than just play & have fun. I think that was the mindset when we reached the Final Four because it was so hard to move past the disappointing loss the year. - Jody
Andrea Lloyd was like Cheryl: 6’2” with guard skills, one of the most versatile players that I coached. Really good defensive player and versatile offensive skills. - Jody
We knew Cheryl was going to get her points but we wanted her to really work for what she got. You’ll notice that if we could give help then we did. We shared the responsibility to guard her. -Jody…
Kamie was special there’s no question about that. Her basketball IQ was her strongest attribute but she was also one of the most competitive players that I’ve ever coached. People recognize her for her ability to make everybody else on the floor better. - Jody…
There was a lot of tension in the locker room before the game. In an attempt to loosen up, I said to Cara Priddy, “Stop thinking about this game so hard.” Cara replied, “I’m not thinking about the game, I’m thinking about what I’m gonna wear to the White House.” - Jody
They did a good job slowing our fast break. We had to work for what we got. - Jody
I’ve never gotten a technical I didn’t want. It wasn’t profane but it wasn’t profound. It served the purpose of giving us momentum. Watching back, I don’t know what took so long for me to get that technical. - Jody
You’ll notice we play 11 different players. One of the things that set this team apart was how deep we were. Some of our toughest competitions were against each other. - Jody
These players could play with anyone today. Take Cheryl Miller, she could play with anyone today. There has never been a player more athletic than Clarissa Davis. She was just a freshman. The teams from that era were really outstanding. - Jody…
They called Fran Harris “Automatic,” anytime she shot the ball, it was automatic. -Jody
Our seniors had a chip on their shoulders — they were angry the entire 1985-86 season - fueled by the WKU loss the year before. - Jody
During practice, I wanted the team to recognize the opportunity we had to play & potentially celebrate in Rupp Arena on the 20-year anniversary of the first all-Black men’s NCAA title team, Texas Western. (1/2)
Their opponent, Kentucky, was coached by Adolph Rupp, who was widely known as a man who didn’t champion the power of differences and diversity. The irony of winning a championship on a court named after Rupp. - Jody (2/2
Hey everyone! It’s Coach Conradt taking over the LHN account. Be sure to tweet @LonghornNetwork with any questions you might have as we watch the 1986 National Championship game. - Jody
An education amendment. A lawsuit. The pressure to cultivate elite athleticism within a new department. Senior Assoc Athletics Director Chris Plonsky shares the history of Title IX at Texas and her role in implementing equal opportunities.
RT @LonghornNetwork: Starting tonight, LHN is airing 24 hours of @TexasLonghorns women’s sports to celebrate the anniversary of Title IX. h…
RT @TexasWBB: Join Coach Conradt on the @LonghornNetwork Twitter account tonight at 7 p.m. CT during the re-air of the 1986 NCAA Championsh…
Celebrating the anniversary of Title IX and @TexasLonghorns women's athletics all day today on LHN.
"When they take that football helmet off and those pads off, they're going through the exact same thing that every other black man is going throughout in the US." @MikeGriff33 on players' identity beyond athletics.
Starting tonight, LHN is airing 24 hours of @TexasLonghorns women’s sports to celebrate the anniversary of Title IX.
"Everybody knows this song hurts a particular group of people. Will they be moral in the decision?" @fozzywhitt on the history of the 'Eyes of Texas' and why no longer using the song is the right decision. Full video:
After the storm, came their rainbow. @MarquiseGoodwin and @MorgannnGoodwin share their journey of hope, loss and parenthood in a special Father’s Day edition of E60, today at 11A/CT on ESPN.
“[Change] is long overdue. For these guys to have the courage to actually stand up and fight against it, I commend them.“ Why @FozzyWhitt & @MikeGriff33 support current Texas athletes’ activism & what the requested changes mean to them as Black alumni.
We talked to @MikeGriff33 and @FozzyWhitt as Texas Exes rally around current Longhorns and their push for change at UT. A preview of today’s full convo:
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RT @LonghornNetwork: Black lives matter. Black voices matter. A programming update:
Relive the 2005 @TexasBaseball College World Series run tomorrow on LHN.
Bryce Elder is headed to the ATL. #HookEm
When you get tired of the traffic in LA...well, you can come home to more bad traffic. Fox Sports got a good one.…
Black lives matter. Black voices matter. A programming update:
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RT @TexasFootball: #BlackLivesMatter
"People look to me as a guy who can inspire & motivate them... I kind of appreciate having [cancer] attached to my name" How @DrewdotCash adjusted to leukemia being part of his story & he thanks frontline workers who helped him become the Men's Big 12 Sportsperson of the Year.
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To the class of 2020: You got your bachelor's degree You got your Master's degree You got your Ph.D Now get your Horns up.
Join us in celebrating the Class of 2020 tonight with commencement speaker @BreneBrown. 9P/CT on LHN.
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It’s VY’s birthday and this is our gift: Some of his best games all day on LHN.
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On your marks, get set, BAKE. It's The Great Griffin Baking Show.
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"Enthusiasm and energy are not a problem at Texas." @TexasMGolf head coach John Fields on the motivation for Texas programs like his that missed a shot at a title this year.
First player you think of when you see this logo.
Bianca Turati announced that she will turn pro. During Turati's sophomore year, she was ranked No. 1 in ITA singles. We look back at her path to Texas and the role she and her twin sister, Anna, played in enhancing @TexasWTN.
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A grueling ride fueled by lost loved ones, the making of a legend, national championships and heart-breaking almosts. LHN original documentaries marathon this Wednesday.
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Happy Mother's Day, y'all. Enjoy this mom-tage.
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Longhorn Extra This Week returns to LHN tonight at 7CT with interviews from Brandon Jones, Devin Duvernay and Collin Johnson.
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He's 100% healthy, learning a new defense and ready to make plays on the field. @CSterns_7 joins us for today's LONGHORNS LUNCH BREAK.
RT @espn: Six years ago, Kevin Durant told his mom she's the real MVP 👏 🏆
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That’s a wrap for #MyTexas Tailgate on LHN. Thanks for watching and 🤘🏾
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Joseph Ossai unleashed is the Joseph Ossai we like to see
*extreme Chris Berman voice* WHOOP!
KEAONT-YAY! 11-yard TD catch from Ehlinger makes it 17-0.
You can count on @Call_In_Johnson. Huge help from D'Shawn Jamison on the punt return
Ask us if we're ready for the Valero Alamo Bowl and this is our response:
OFF THE GLASS AND GOOOOOOOOOOD Matt Coleman III wins it for the Horns in Norman.
In celebration of #MyTexas, we spotlight a Lifetime Longhorn making an impact when people- and pets- need it the most. @JordanHicks doing work on and off the field.
In celebration of #MyTexas, we spotlight a Lifetime Longhorn making an impact when people- and pets- need it the most. @Jordan Hicks doing work on and off the field.
Beautiful sound. No. 3 @TexasSoftball took game 2 of the doubleheader vs No. 9 Louisiana. Now we switch it to @TexasWBB taking on No. 1 Stanford.
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