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Annual Big 12 awards were announced today and Texas did prettay, prettay good. Kody Clemens 🏆 Player of the Year David Pierce 🏆 Coach of the Year
LOUD GOLF CLAPS. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Doug Ghim wins the 2018 Ben Hogan Award for recognition as the outstanding male amateur & collegiate golfer of the year.
Kody Clemens incorporates flipping things into his everyday life. Recommends flipping a dry erase board after voting for him for @USAGoldenSpikes->
What does @DougGhim do when he’s up for the collegiate golfer of the year? Get a round in before the banquet, of course. 🤘🏽
Ever the professional. Happy birthday, @Rickthelaureate.
This Monday ain’t so bad for some reason...
@TexasSoftball’s season comes to an end in the Seattle NCAA Regional.
Congratulations to the Class of 2018! The University of Texas' 135th Spring Commencement will air at 8P/CT on LHN and stream on the ESPN app here->
Texas Softball will play in an elimination game tonight at 9CT after the 2-1 loss against Washington.
@TexasBaseball earns the Big 12 regular season title outright with the series sweep of TCU.
🤘🏽Big 12 Champs🤘🏽 @TexasBaseball claims its first regular season conference title since 2011.
That was a 5 run inning for Texas. To the top of the 5th.
TEXAS BASEBALL IS HAPPENING Longhorns take the 4-2 lead in the bottom of the 4th.
Kody Clemens’ last two at-bats against TCU... homers. The young Clemens has 19 on the season 🤘🏽
Us to Kody Clemens’ walk-off bat flip last night. Big 12 Title on the line today. Texas & TCU on LHN at 2:30P/CT
RT @TexasBaseball: WALK IT OFF, @kodyclem! WALK. IT. OFF. #HookEm
Kingham started the season at the Disch with a complete game victory. Well, Nolan done did it again. @TexasBaseball takes Game 1 against TCU, 3-2.
It's Thursday so that means a new Longhorn Extra This Week. Tonight 8P/CT on LHN.
Zubi dooby doo, where are you? @TexasBaseball’s got some work to do now. TCU-Texas Game 1 at the Disch and on FS1 at 6:30P/CT.
64-66-66? Only if he’s 5’9” Doug Ghim shot 17-under in the Raleigh Regional to lead @TexasMGolf to its 12th-straight NCAA Championship. We like big putts and we cannot lie.
Yeah, so the game’s in a lightning delay.
David Hamilton’s last two at-bats against Texas State have been homers. Just two weeks apart.
@TexasBaseball returns to the diamond and it’s at the Disch. It’s also Kody Clemens’ birthday so it’s probably safe assume a HR or two from him. No pressure. Texas State-Texas at 6:30P/CT on LHN.
Guess who's heading west? @TexasSoftball will play in the Seattle regional of the NCAA Softball Championship. First opponent will be Minnesota Friday at 8P/CT on ESPN. Let's gooooooo. 🤘🏽
4th-straight Big 12 Championship for @TexasRowing. Oh, and they swept. Again.
There's only one thing to do when both @TexasWTN and @TexasMTN advance to the Sweet 16:
Happy 112th birthday to Richard Overton. He’s the oldest living man in the US and the oldest living war vet. The daily routine of this ATX native may surprise you.
We’ve got a special Mother’s Day edition of Longhorn Extra This Week featuring @SanyaRichiRoss, @brooke_bun and @tiffjack3. Catch it tonight at 8P/CT on LHN and no, @malikjefferson, this won’t count as a gift for your mom.
When your day is really busy but the bed is too nice. Good luck on finals today, @UTAustintx!
UPSET ALERT. No. 24 Texas takes the series from No. 8 Texas Tech with today’s 7-5 win. Longhorns deliver the Red Raiders first home series loss of the season.
Ball, meet Zach. A Zubia two-run homer puts No. 24 Texas up 6-4 over No. 9 Texas Tech in the 7th inning of the rubbermatch.
Tell that ball bye. No. 24 Texas beats No. 8 Texas Tech 12-6.
No. 11 had the swagger that started it all for @TexasMBB. "TJ" debuts tonight at 7CT on LHN.
In a galaxy far, far away (like really far, like as in Lubbock)... there is a disturbance in the Force as @TexasBaseball battles against the Dark Side in a weekend series. May the Horns be with you.
Tonight on Longhorn Extra This Week: An all access look at Connor Williams’ NFL Draft experience. Catch it tonight on LHN at 8P/CT.
Good news, bad news. Bad news: it’s the last home game of the season for @TexasSoftball Good news: it’s a doubleheader and it’s on now Better news: both games are on LHN and you can watch em here:
A lot of things happened last night.
AGAIN. HOLY BEJEEZUS. Horns put up 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win 11-10. 4 of those runs are courtesy of David Hamilton, so yeah, David ain’t sleeping tonight.
HOLY BEJEEZUS. David Hamilton. Walk off grand slam.
It's Texas Tuesday! Texas and Texas State face off tonight at 6:30P/CT on LHN. Spongebob is in to it, so you should be too.
RT @CoachKarenA: Welcome back @tiffjack3 Thrilled to have you on the 40 acres again! #LetsGOOOOOOO #HornsUp…
And make that TWO Big 12 Tennis Tournament Champions. Congrats to @TexasMTN and @TexasWTN. 🤘🏽
Big 12 Tournament Champs, y’all. 🤘🏽
DeShon Elliott selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the 6th round with the 190th overall pick. 🤗
The Punter is off the board. The Seattle Seahawks select Michael Dickson in the 5th round of the #NFLDraft. #PuntersArePeopleToo
Malik Jefferson selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 3rd round. Jefferson was the 78th overall pick in the #NFLDraft. #HookEm
RT @SpanningTheLoeb: LHN cameras were right there with Connor Williams to capture this moment and the entire draft process. Much more on th…
With the 50th pick overall, the Cowboys select Connor Williams in the 2nd round of the 2018 NFL Draft. #HookEm
Night number 2 underway. 2018 NFL Draft on ESPN.
Trends come and go. Fashion is forever. Catch an all new Longhorn Extra This Week followed by the 2018 UT Fashion Show tonight at 7CT on LHN and streaming on the ESPN app here->
It’s only a matter of time for @cwill. 5-ish hours until the 2018 NFL Draft starts.
ALL OF THE AWARDS. @TexasWGolf sweeps the @Big12Conference yearly awards. Kaitlyn Papp becomes the first player to win both the Big 12 Women’s Golf Player of the Year AND Freshman of the Year awards. Ryan Murphy named Coach of the Year. Golf clap. Hair flip.
G'Day! It's #HugAnAustralianDay and this photo, which is totally unaltered and super duper real, has us pumped up for the NFL Draft starting tonight. 11 Texas guys (and one koala) are waiting to hear their names be called over the next couple of days.
It’s not gonna rain! @TexasSoftball will play Texas Southern at 8P/CT on LHN.
Low am at the Masters and Big 12 Co-Champion. Life ain’t bad for Doug Ghim. 🤘🏾…
Today’s the last day to apply for the LHN production and marketing internships. Go on, get to it->
You may know him as a Clemens kid or you may know him as a bat flipper. Regardless, you know Kody Clemens is ready for Houston and Texas GameDay will get you ready. Tonight at 6CT on LHN.
Our internship positions are still open, but not for long. Apply here before Wednesday, April 25th->
We have to ask this again: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? Kaitlyn Washington with the heads up play. #SCtop10
Where the flag? The floss dance got interfered with. White wins the Spring Game 23-13. Texas GameDay Final on LHN now.
Josh Rowland nails a 50 yard FG and almost hit Big Bertha. Don't worry, girl, @LonghornBand's got you covered. White leads Orange 16-7 at the half.
Who gave Breckyn Hager the ball? We like it, but who?
Lil'Jordan made a Lil'Yard Gain for a Lil'Touchdown. White leads Orange 13-7
This awarded the White team 3 points, which is why the score is 7-6 and not 7-3.…
WHAT A CATCH Collin Johnson catches the first touchdown of the day for the Orange team.
When you take the QB battle into your own hands 💪🏻
Texas is on the board. White 3 Orange 0
We’re totally OK with this weather. 🌤
MACK AT IT! @ESPN_CoachMack is on Texas GameDay now. Get to LHN also on the ESPN app.
Ready to be on your TVs and ready to takeover your hearts. Texas GameDay starts your Orange-White coverage in 10 minutes on LHN.
ZUB SUIT RIOT. Texas took game 1 against New Orleans. Game 2 is on LHN now.
Orange and White under the lights. Coverage of Texas Football spring game starts at 5:30P/CT with Texas GameDay on LHN.
This isn’t just another day. All Access Spring Camp premieres at 10P/CT (or after Texas Baseball)
Don’t be upset, Oklahoma State, you get a free taco courtesy of Bekah Alcozer.
Secure the remote and keep it on LHN. • @TexasSoftball plays No. 19 Oklahoma State at 4:30P/CT •No. 23 @TexasBaseball plays UNO (the New Orleans team not the card game) at 7P/CT •@TexasFootball All Access Spring Camp airs at 10P/CT.
Anthony Cook’s freestyling is just a sneak peek of what’s in store for All Access Spring Camp. Tonight at 10P/CT on LHN.
Celebrating #NationalHighFiveDay because Longhorn Extra This Week airs tonight at 8P/CT ✋🏽AND🤚🏽 @TexasFootball All Access Spring Camp debuts tomorrow night.
Celebrating #NationalHighFiveDay because @TexasFootball All Access Spring Game debuts on LHN tomorrow at 10P/CT.
Texas wins and that will end our day of haiku all the live long day
Jake McKenzie in as pitcher, playing all nine positions. Hook 'Em
Four positions through four innings. Jake McKenzie is up to something...
Grand slam for Kody That’s a seven to nothing lead for the Longhorns
Horns up to the plate 🤘 Two ball games and Texas Fight? 🐂 That sounds like a date 🔥 Number 23 Baylor and @TexasSoftball 4:30 PM UTRGV 23 @TexasBaseball 7 LHN
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We are filling five production positions and one marketing spot. Interns must have sports knowledge with emphasis in Longhorn history. Candidates must be sophomores, juniors, seniors. All majors welcome. Ability to write in haiku preferred but not a requirement.
We will only tweet in haiku for National Haiku Day, ya dig? But do links count as syllables? ‘Cause we have a post for internships.
@TexasSoftball takes the 3-2 lead over Texas Tech. Heads up, might have some overlap between softball on LHN and @TexasBaseball on ESPN2 at 1P/CT. Good thing you can catch both streaming on the ESPN app as well.
On LHN now: tie game between @TexasSoftball and Texas Tech.
NOOOOOO ^ Probs what OU is saying after losing 5-3 to @TexasBaseball YAAAASSSS ^ For sure what we’re saying as Texas secures the series win over No. 17 Oklahoma
BAT FLIP ALERT Texas and OU tied at 3.
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