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Former Mayor of Austin, Texas. Commander USN (Retired), Mechanical Engineering graduate University of Texas at Austin.
RT @RepMarkMeadows: Please share if you agree: it is completely unacceptable to withhold the salary of our military men and women because y…
You can explain it to them, but you can't make them understand! twitter.com/_youhadonejob1…
"Not found in sports arenas..." Certainly not in the NFL! twitter.com/MilitaryCourag…
My alma mater. Good on them. How about profit-sharing for retirees? twitter.com/SenatorIsakson…
A #TexasTech sophomore doing the "Guns Up" gesture in the TSA line got flak from the agent: bit.ly/2CVdrcU https://t.co/B7elsOFBmX
A dunce hat would be appropriate too.
I'd like to welcome Oregon to the 20th century...and the 21st. twitter.com/Kristytipsy/st…
RT @_youhadonejob1: Good effort. #youhadonejob https://t.co/jSrnTqdCXW
Winding up my term! #mayormemories during my Little League pitch. https://t.co/bgf2fwfxL8
when I took a helicopter ride. My terms have flown by... #mayormemories https://t.co/0fXekHglvf
During my term I met former U.S. President Carter and President Obama. #mayormemories https://t.co/KhSHt5sORD
#tbt to the opening of Austin's first In-N-Out Burger. I always love a good hamburger! https://t.co/eo024vVKRX
Presided over my last #ATXcouncil meeting & celebrated the expansion of @AUStinAirport. Read about it in this week's newsletter.
Remembering when we re-named part of 2nd Street to Willie Nelson Blvd. #mayormemories https://t.co/iiHZb9wDzV
#tbt to my first City Council. I'm honored to have served #ATX since 2009. #mayormemories... https://t.co/f70Hgbo5bd
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