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Work doesn’t feel like a J-O-B when you get to do it with fun people. I’m so happy to be in Charleston with my events partner-in-crime! #havenconf #charlestonsc #lifewelllived #worktravellife #authenticlife #bloggerconference
Heading back to Charleston next week for a conference! Where should I be hitting up for dinner this time?
Me: *puts on a jumpsuit because yay cozy!* Five minutes later… Me: *has to pee* Dammit.
Summer days are made of salads like these. At least they should be. #littlethings #eatseasonally #summersalad #foodblogeats #freshingredients
{new post} Cucumber Tomato Salad with Pesto, a quick and easy side for tomorrow’s cookouts…
This roasted corn salad with goat cheese is my absolute favorite summer side dish.…
I maybe accidentally forgot about the peaches in my fruit drawer. Good thing slightly overripe peaches are perfect for this peach coffee cake! New recipe up on the blog: . . #foodbloggereats #texaspeaches #eatseasonal #summerfrui…
{new post} Peach coffee cake, to turn sad peaches into comforting bites…
*opens Twitter after a few days away* *looks at timeline*
Super excited that my new @away bag arrived today! Taking it for a test run to Vegas next week - this baby is going to get a lot of use over the fall!
Wonderful night on the farm for @springdalefarm’s last tomato dinner. Going to miss this piece of the community so much!
[new] Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore from @crumbykitchen’s new book - win a copy!…
RT @nsilverberg: I understand the impulse to say “if you’re struggling, ask for help” but that can feel impossible & put even more pressure…
Please please please remember that depression is a real, mostly invisible thing. Even if we look happy, even if we ARE happy, it can be there. It simmers and waits. Reach out if you know someone; reach out if you are someone. Love and be kind.
PSA for Prince fans, @TheCurrent is streaming 60 essential songs right now:
Tomato canning season is upon us! Watch my video for the simple way to get all those ‘maters peeled:…
Looking forward to spending a lot of time outside this weekend, if my allergies don’t kill me first.
Heading to Vegas next month and need to choose a place for our anniversary dinner. Ideas?
Just ordered 70 pounds of tomatoes. Hi, summer canning season!
This roasted corn salad with goat cheese is my absolute favorite summer side dish.…
Today’s book haul. Yes, I read business books for fun. What are you reading this summer? #booksofinstagram #summerreading
This roasted corn salad with goat cheese is my absolute favorite summer side dish.…
This strawberry lemonade cake is tart, sweet, and so easy to make. Love!…
I just ordered the same dress in four different colors so that’s my life status now.
Can’t wait for May 26 so we can stop talking about GDPR, right guys? Right? Hahaha. Ugh.
Rolled ice cream has hit Pflugerville! We’re pretending today is my birthday and hitting some local spots. With our weather, the more ice cream options, the better! . . . . . #pflugervillepfoodies #rolledicecream #howisummer
You cancel Brooklyn 99 and keep Last Man Standing?
You know you haven’t seen many movies lately when you want to see nearly everything the airplane has featured.
These bluebonnets grew from seeds I saved from the patch at our old house. We’ll let those seed pods in the background do their thing so this bed can grow each year. . . . . . . . #texasforever #wildflowers #bluebonnets #gardening #backyardgarden
THE TOMATOES ARE COMING. Make caprese chicken flatbread.…
4yo: "When you see me, you’re supposed to say, “Hello, my love,” and then I’ll say, “Hello, my love” back because I love you really really much."
Baked Strawberry Doughnuts, now with new photos and my giant child!…
Roasted Garlic Guacamole, because you waited five seconds too long with those avocados:…
Only going to see Han because Donald Glover is in it, I’ll be honest.
Grilled chicken caesar salad made entirely on the grill (ok, not the dressing…) | AD |…
Y’all. Where to eat BBQ in Kansas City?
Unintentionally wore the best socks for #blogpaws
Unintentionally wore the best socks for #blogpaws.
A sweet way to end the weekend thanks to @chef_hugo65 of @xochihou #shrimpandgrit18 #chocolatelove #houstoneats
RT @faithdurand: Women are encouraged to feed others but not themselves. @Nigella_Lawson #CBjubilee
RT @faithdurand: Why women cooks are quick to say they’re not chefs @Nigella_Lawson: “Cooking is a less confrontational pursuit than cheffi…
RT @foodwaysTX: After a moving talk from Pastor Joel Garcia, we wanted to share Joy Ministries' crowdfunding page, which supports ongoing e…
Disaster relief brings another meaning to the concept of “comfort food,” which so many of us take for granted in our everyday lives. During disasters/aftermath, a cup of coffee is comfort. #shrimpandgrit18
So many moving stories about how people came together in aftermath of Harvey. Common thread? *We can take care of each other.* We need to make more of an effort to take care of each other without a disaster prompting it. #shrimpandgrit18
Cultural layers: Boudin kolache with cheese, made at a Cambodian donut shop #shrimpandgrit18
This morning, learning about boudin sausage, the creolized food of Houston, with @robbwalsh. (Creolization - the process of assimilation in which neighboring cultures share certain features to form a new distinct culture.) #shrimpandgrit18
@confituras taking a shot of @jess_timmons’s plate of oysters as @steffchilds takes a photo of me doing this at @armadillopalace #meta #instaception
RT @mmpackeatwrite: "The hospitality that really counts is at 4 in the morning." --David Buehrer of Morningstar Donuts on panel abt Cambodi…
I can’t believe there are no donuts to eat during this donut panel. #shrimpandgrit18 #alldonutsallthetime
Your local Texas donut shop? Probably owned by a Cambodian family, as it is estimated that 95% of them are. #shrimpandgrit18
RT @thecapitalv: Follower count is really BS. For one of my client's IG campaigns, Influencer A with 40K followers returned us essentially…
“If they didn’t have any homemade links, they didn’t have any business.” - Ray Busch #shrimpandgrit18
Now learning about Southeast Texas-style BBQ, which is different from the more known style from Central Texas style. SE has influences from Cajun/Louisiana flavors, including juicy garlic-bomb links, which I need to eat immediately. #shrimpandgrit18
“We were always a ragged bunch of pirates …. we’re all family.” - Richard Knight #shrimpandgrit18
Thanks for breakfast today @fluffbakebar ! #shrimpandgrit18 #cinnamonrolls #pastries #sweeteats
“You see a lot of the beautiful side of people that you don’t know exists” while providing relief. #shrimpandgrit18
“We’re still providing the community with basic needs” in Rockport, nearly 8 months later. #shrimpandgrit18
As a result of experience, the chefs documented the process for feeding people to share with the industry. Facebook, spreadsheets, Slack, etc all help for distribution/asks. “We gave them back a little bit of normality.” #shrimpandgrit18
First up: talking about what it takes to feed in a disaster, from chefs who worked to help during/after Hurricane Harvey #shrimpandgrit18
Hey y’all! I’m in Houston for the next few days at @foodwaysTX symposium, probably tweeting some nuggets. #shrimpandgrit18
My 10yo is more jealous of his 4yo brother now than when the little guy was born. So that’s fun.
RT @copymama: Marriage is just your spouse perpetually standing in front of the kitchen drawer or cabinet you need to open.
I am SO excited for this book. I’ve listened to the @beingbossclub podcast for a while now and had @andkathleen speak at the 2017 @mediavine conference in Charleston. I love what they are doing to lift up other boss babes. Congrats on your book, ladies!…
Me: Why is Twitter over capacity? Also me, after checking AP wire: OH.
Happy pilot drop anniversary, @parksandrecnbc ! Thanks for giving us Leslie.
Morning after Easter in Texas: finding more confetti on your pillow.
*whispers* I bought wide-legged pants and I like them.
I stay on Twitter for comment threads like these.…
Just a couple of weeks until @foodwaysTX symposium! This is one of my favorite weekends and I can’t wait to spend a few days in HTX. Tickets:…
Whenever anyone says cats are smart, I look at my cat, who ate some rose petals, puked, and then went back to eat some more rose petals.
RT @lt_winslow: yeah it was definitely millennials, & not the private equity trio that overpaid to buy the co. w/ borrowed $ then loaded th…
The rest of the family is off camping, and they’ve only been gone 2.5 hours but I feel like I’ve rediscovered what living is.
The only problem with living in the suburbs is craving a specific food and having to drive into ATX to get it, and being too lazy to do so.
{new post} Raspberry Bran Muffins —>… (yeah, BRAN. get over it.)
In which national news media quickly learns how to pronounce the town I live in 😐
RT @TexasMonthly: Nearly three weeks after a package bomb detonated at an East Austin residence—the first in a series of explosions that ha…
Just the incessant hum of helicopters tonight, I suppose.
RT @MayorAdler: Austin, we’re going to get through this together. There’s a small law enforcement army here. We’ll find who is doing this a…
Stay safe, my friends.
I’ve been watching a lot of Scandal so pardon me if I seem skeptical of, oh, everything.
Winter is still holding on, and this Instant Pot Irish Lamb Stew will help warm you up after a long day. #instantpotrecipes #irishfood #stpaddysday
RT @WritersLeague: Looking for some post-SXSW fun? Come to @BookPeople next Thursday 3/15 at 7! @_JordanEliza_ will moderate a discussion o…
Not gonna lie. Getting back on track after nearly two weeks is HARD. I cancelled all of my earlier classes this week because I was simply exhausted from California. But excuses come pretty quickly once you start making them, and it’s hard to stop them. W…
Every time I fly home on a Sunday night I wonder why ABIA seems to employ only one shuttle driver on Sunday nights.
Someone needs to get some WD-40 for this luggage carousel.
#FlowerReport from the Presidio in San Francisco
It’s my last day in California, so I’m taking a moment for this Santiago - espresso, milk, cocoa, ginger, cayenne, and cinnamon. Perfect way to end a crazy week. #stettedtravel #mvcon18 #coffeeshots
RT @SheerJenius: “I love your outfit!” Thanks! It has pockets! 😊
It’s not hard to see why people love California.
RT @lolacoaster: Adam Rippon is a lone spring of joy so far in the sea of hot brown garbage that was this week
I’m eating nacho fries with carne asada but the place didn’t have iced tea, so I don’t know about you, California.
This Viking narrative NBC has going on with the Olympics is weird.
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