Entrepreneur Founder & CEO @CuveeCoffee☕️ US Navy Veteran ✈️🇺🇸 Board Chairman @WeAreOSD🇺🇸 Mentor @BunkerLabsATX 🇺🇸
When a bartender tells me Goose Island is “local” I shut down
I'm super offended because I'm the same age as Omar and pretty damn good at latte art: A Coffee Company Fooled the Internet With a 'Construction Guy' Fake Influencer vice.com/en_us/article/… via @vice
Happy Fathers Day 🇺🇸 #ProudFather https://t.co/TmVbgYZse9
"Proud to be the thing that keeps people up at night" ~ coffee
Not positive but I think this random text photo means Tim is applying for a roasting position. 📷:@TimKennedyMMA https://t.co/gdVHTMnAyY
Do it for the 'gram | Austin construction worker goes viral after making 'influencer' Instagram kvue.com/article/life/d… via @KVUE
I would sign up for whiskey yoga.
It’s an honor crafting the first thing nymphomaniacs put in their body every day. #coffee
If Winston Churchill couldn’t go a day without whiskey at breakfast, why should I even try?
Seriously, I don’t care how much cream and sugar you add to the coffee I spent the last 20 years perfecting. Seriously
That accent in our name is to make sure you say it all fancy and shit. https://t.co/zqggPpVRCS
RT @H2MRacing: Honoring the sacrifice and grit of our soldiers who changed the world 75 years ago today. #DDay75thAnniversary #DDay75 http…
The only thing that makes me angrier than bad coffee is no coffee, but let me tell you, those are a close first and second.
I’ve been making coffee since before I was an intern.
Coffee is our middle name, which is why we don’t use it. Cuvée Coffee Coffee??? Weird. https://t.co/X2ktZBXWDf
How many people named Joe out there think that people are constantly talking about drinking a cup of THEM? Tag someone named Joe. https://t.co/aNv1GezVnc
It’s this type of elitist bullshit that holds the specialty coffee industry back. I say you drink your favorite coffee however you like it and f*uck anyone who tells you different. gearpatrol.com/2019/06/01/col…
RT @AF_Academy: This is what it's all about. Today, Joseph Kloc was commissioned by his grandfather Walter Kloc. The 101-year-old #WWII v…
Please don’t mix tequila with our coffee, but if you do please let me know if it actually tastes okay ‘cause I really hope it does. #cuveecoffee
Daily routine: Coffee then beer then whiskey then sleep. Rinse and repeat.
RT @H2MRacing: Team owner @mhurleyofficial going live with @ClaireBLang now. Dial into @SiriusXMNASCAR to hear details of new @CircuitCity…
RT @ShaneLeeRacing: Who wants free round trip tickets to join me and the rest of the @H2MRacing team for throwback weekend @TooToughToTame…
If the news these days doesn’t wake you up, not sure coffee is gonna be much help.
“Instant Coffee” has two lies in its name alone.
But maybe it doesn’t have to...🤔
11% of Americans drink at least four cups of coffee every day, which means 89% of Americans need to really up their game.
Remembering and honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military #MemorialDay #NeverForget https://t.co/uNVNBn4MTK
Wishing all a kick-ass Memorial Day weekend #MemorialDayWeekend2019 https://t.co/0k1v9O73Gp
Corporal Harlon H. Block, is the Marine at the base of the flagpole of the Iwo Jima War Memorial. The original model sits at Marine Military Academy, in Harlingen, TX. 6 days after that flag raising, he was killed in action. He is enshrined next to that memorial. #MemorialDay https://t.co/yQrUWZS9H1
RT @ShaneLeeRacing: No better way to start the day than with an ice cold @CuveeCoffee https://t.co/HCu6cjTVES
RT @H2MRacing: View from today’s presser. Love having @CircuitCity and @CuveeCoffee on the podium with @ShaneLeeRacing @mhurleyofficial an…
“Instant Coffee” has two lies in its name alone. https://t.co/Vhn6IpcbRG
There’s a special place in hell for coworkers who try to talk to you as you’re still pouring your first cup of the day.
FACTish: Without coffee, we’d all still be clawing our way out of the Dark Ages. https://t.co/rGDQX9JFso
If coffee didn’t exist, we’d have banned Mondays years ago.
Facebook: Move fast and break things. Me: Move faster and break more things. All the things. So many things. Ok maybe I’ve had too much coffee.
I’m the kind of person who tastes coffee and thinks “Hmmm this could really use some nitrogen.” https://t.co/J97xFWjCea
Americans drink 102 billion cups of coffee each year, which is a number I like to call “an okay start.”
Coffee is a fruit? Looks like I just got all five of my daily servings before 11AM. https://t.co/A23aLEPslD
DUMB ALERT: CBD Arrests Flying High at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport nbcdfw.com/investigations… via @nbcdfw
I’m constantly searching for the best coffees from around the world. Except right now. Now I’m just wasting time on Twitter. https://t.co/07RrQFs4YO
RT @CuveeCoffee: ❄️☕️ GIVEAWAY ☕️❄️ Wanna win this @YETI Tundra Haul filled with Cuvée Cold Brew? Of course you do! Here’s how to enter:…
RT @SeanParnellUSA: Riley Howell was an ROTC cadet & would have served his country upon graduation. But he died saving his classmates. Rile…
Bran’s mood in Game of Thrones is basically me without coffee.
RT @CuveeCoffee: SUMMER PARTY ALERT: We're kicking off the season w/ a party on May 4th. Free samples of Pitmaster Pilsner. Free food. Plus…
RT @TimKennedyMMA: In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. -Friedrich Nietzsche https://t.co/FQE4GfjN7M
RT @Dakota_Meyer: Question: “How can I train my mind to keep focused and not give in to quitting?” If you can’t keep your own promises to y…
RT @slayerespresso: An espresso a day, keeps the doctors away. That's what studies by researchers at Stanford University say. I'm serious,…
I love my woobiesshoes and love wearing them out 💪 instagram.com/p/Bv-FIaBFlE0/…
Saturday smiles thanks to seeing my friends enjoy the fruit of my labor. 📸: @TimKennedyMMA https://t.co/AIJByaHtwz
So ready for the weekend! #getoutdoors #jjeep #builtforthewild #coldbrew https://t.co/sGaolqbjGA
Medical cannabis expansion has high support in the Texas Legislature. But Dan Patrick might stand in the way. texastribune.org/2019/03/19/tex… via @TexasTribune
Life is like a box of Glocklates ♥️ #ValentinesDay2019 https://t.co/c8HVie4wfq
Pepsi Introduces First-Ever Nitrogen-Infused Cola #nitro foodandwine.com/news/nitro-pep…
After 21 years in business, I’ve seen people come and go. Most on good terms and some on bad terms. The bad terms are challenging because their main agenda is to make themselves look good and you look bad. @jockowillink has sage advice: youtu.be/GyXig_bvr0g
RT @hopsandjosh: Since the new @TexasABC administration took over they’ve consistently taken a rational, common sense approach to interpret…
Austin breweries lobby for beer-to-go sales this legislative session #FixTexasBeerLaws fox7austin.com/news/local-new…
There are just some people who know how to make you smile. Thx @TimKennedyMMA for the FaceTime from some far away place where snow is falling on the range. See you in 2 months.
Episode 52 - Mike Mckim - CEO & Founder of Cuvee Coffee audioboom.com/posts/7141272-… via @Audioboom
RT @OpSupplyDrop: "OSD ‘Supply Drop’ Provides Airmen in the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing With Some Much Needed R&R" bit.ly/2RQ85qd
As POTUS was signing the US Farm Bill, I was visiting farmers...not coffee farmers...hemp farmers. My pledge is that @CuveeCoffee will continue to lead the charge and push the boundaries of coffee/cold brew and CBD. Just watch what we do in 2019 ☕️🌱 #hemp #CBD #coffee #coldbrew https://t.co/6bolHwdBCB
I have some naked fire arms in need of optics. To date I have always run @AimpointUSA Point and @LeupoldOptics. Anyone have personal experience with @VortexOptics ? I am reading a lot about them lately. Not asking for a friend. #pewpew
I shared personal insights and stories on this in depth @InspireInsider interview, with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, and would love for you to check it out. Look forward to your comments. inspiredinsider.com/mike-mckim-one…
RT @BuzzFeed: Remember when Ice-T said he's never had coffee? Well... https://t.co/ihhGg98wwP
RT @kristenwnichols: BREAKING: Senate approves 2018 Farm Bill compromise 87-13, sending measure to House for one more vote. Then to Preside…
This is exactly why I testified before the Senate Affairs Commitee in support of @SenBryanHughes SB-813 giving individuals and businesses the ability to sue regulatory agencies for unreasonable regulatory action. Good luck @Specs1962 texastribune.org/2018/12/05/tex… via @TexasTribune
When the bar owner starts handing out bourbon to celebrate the Alabama win, you become an Alabama fan ;) https://t.co/Yjod0UlUel
Another war hero, entrepreneur and eventually president of the United States gone. #desserstorm
Correct logo placement is critical. Front or back? White or blue? https://t.co/urNegDB233
Happy Thanksgiving. Anyone hunt the dinner they ate today? https://t.co/DRFZp1SXse
“Together we can #MAGA” - Bill Clinton https://t.co/zhyd4X5GsT
Seems like a pretty solid after party #MJBizCon #mjbizcon2018 https://t.co/vdXBQ7dFZy
This might be a hate crime as it’s possible the only reason he did this is because the kid was white...just sayin: Brutal cheap shot ends in player's dismissal from basketball team and school twitter.com/i/events/10628…
Thinking this might be a hate crime as he might have done this just because the kid was white...just sayin
Looking for the right CBD partner to support our national launch #MJBizCon #MJBizCon2018 #CBD #HempOil https://t.co/mznN0fwn28
That feeling when @TimKennedyMMA says, “try out my new rifle” and then stands behind you watching...judging...oh the anxiety and the stress ;) https://t.co/KVz3JbReOe
RT @CuveeCoffee: To show our appreciation to veterans and active service members this #VeteransDay, @CuveeCoffeebar will be offering FREE D…
Free brewed coffee & cold brew for all those who are serving or have served. Head over to Cuvee Coffee Bar in East Austin so my team and I can say thank you on Veterans Day ☕️🇺🇸#VeteransDay https://t.co/OJOeEQeuM5
Today marks 100 years since the end of World War I. Thank you to all those serving and all those who have served. #veteransday https://t.co/oNzhQ1tYsU
Happy 243rd Birthday USMC 🎂🇺🇸 #marines #DevilDogs #SemperFi https://t.co/yNIhAMoiU5
RT @JohnLHAtDell: Great Veterans Day Ceremony at @DellTech @roundrock to honor our veterans on the 100th anniversary of World War I's end -…
Hanging with the boys @LonePint and it’s pretty f’ing awesome! 😎🍻 #craftbeer https://t.co/171vp7fAwZ
Incredibly honored to be part of Dell’s Veterans Day event. Listening to Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (RET) was outstanding. Speaking after him was terrifying. It was exciting and humbling talking to Dell’s Veterans & Supporters. Thank you @Dell and @BunkerLabsATX for having me. https://t.co/02AMM2H9cn
With all the TV, online and social promotions telling people to vote, how could one avoid their civic duty? #vote https://t.co/5lhSt1lClg
RT @LaunchCodePC: Ep97: Hosts @EvanHafer & @BakerBLeavitt are joined by author, Navy SEAL sniper & outdoorsman, @JackCarrUSA Jack shares…
I always travel with my coffee essentials: * Whole bean coffee * Hand grinder * Pour over & filters Just add water 💧☕️ https://t.co/X8Lz603Dte
RT @SeanDeLaney23: Tim Kennedy let's it all hangout on this episode of #whatgotyouthere itun.es/i67t6Zh @TimKennedyMMA #UFC #podcas…
Photographer: “Show me blue steel.” Me: “huh?” https://t.co/9OTAUPEvNV
RT @LaunchCodePC: EP95 Evan Hafer & Cuvee Coffee CEO, Mike Mckim, have a discussion about growing a coffee company, developing roast profil…
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