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RT @JohnBridges: Why the whole #MLStoAustin thing is stuck at nil-nil.…
Commentary: Hamilton and Madison never imagined assault weapons
Amid privacy concerns, ‘virtual’ wall brings powerful spy tech to Texas border
REVIEW: Complex flavors of Korean barbecue shine at Charm
The Dotted Line: 4-star cornerback and Texas target Marcus Banks postpones decision date, via @CravenMike #Hookem
Daylight saving time 2018: Seven things to know about ‘springing forward’
Stoneman Douglas town hall: 'We’re not a generation to stay silent'
Austin chefs and restaurants earn national and regional honors
Billy Graham forgave Nixon's sins, blaming them on the 'demon-power' of sleeping pills
This Uber feature means users will have to walk to their pick up and final destinations
Can't afford to go to Napa Valley? Here are wine tours closer to home, including a couple in Texas
Study: Women may be mistaking ovarian cancer symptoms for bloating
With high agave prices, tequila producers worry about a shortage
Who was Marjory Stoneman Douglas? 13 things to know about Parkland high school’s namesake
Austinite creates ridiculously charming macarons like Willie Nelson
Coldilocks, the oldest captive polar bear in the US, dies
Dallas official: NRA should move May convention elsewhere
The next Johnny Manziel? Baker Mayfield says not so fast
Scoffing at Texas tolls to carry less cost starting in March
First Reading: 'Homespun Hogan,' the 'Hayseed from Cleburne,' is (once again) the sleeper candidate for Ag Commissioner
Contentious 331st District race pits longtime judge against attorney
Enter the hypnotic, disturbing beauty of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’
Webb Report: The Onion’s version of Mayor Adler is pro-werewolf
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Florida school shooting suspect belonged to white nationalist group
Trump cites mental health in Florida school shooting, but makes no mention of guns
CDC: Flu vaccine only 36 percent effective during intense flu season
The James Beard award nominations are out, and four Austin chefs are in the running for Best Chef Southwest
RT @taygoldenstein: My full story on @CentralHealthTX performance review: Audit praises Central Health but leaves Dell question unresolved…
Zebra mussels are an invasive species and officials say Lake Austin is infested with them
McDonald's targets cheeseburgers, chocolate milk in attempt to make Happy Meals healthier
First Reading: 'My son, who is autistic, was robbed by three black thugs.' Lisa Luby Ryan on why she will oppose gun regulation 'to my last breath.'
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At long last, is motherhood approaching for UT falcon? @kherman takes a closer look
@kbohls: New Erwin Center will seat fewer, attract fewer music concerts
EXCLUSIVE: Whole Foods 365 planned for Plaza Saltillo
For 59 years, he brought her flowers. Now he honors her memory by bringing flowers to others.
Texas, Texas A&M chasing the same elite players in the 2019 class
Get to know some of Austin’s local chocolate makers
Remembering Ruby’s where barbecue was a family tradition and a link to Austin's past
First Reading: ‘My name is Samuel Temple. I am running as the last sane Republican in District 21.’
Under Trump's 2019 proposed budget, U.S. government funding for the space station would cease by 2025
Jen Taylor Friedman spent 18 months copying by hand the new Torah, the first in Texas to be completed by a woman
Minor 3.1 magnitude earthquake reported in South Texas
Webb Report: San Francisco creeps on Austin home listings, study finds
Herman: Who pays for presidential guests at State of the Union?
Father featured in @seasonforcaring campaign dies from ALS
Austin fills in blanks on $450 million bond plan for major streets
🛫 Wheels up: Discount airline adds nonstop flights from Austin to 14 cities
Ruby’s BBQ closing later this month after almost 30 years in Austin
Commentary: We had a great day at the boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake with our autistic son, until someone called the police
George P. Bush reaped $111,000 from contractors at the agency he leads
Bermuda legalized same-sex marriage a year ago. This week it abolished it. via @washingtonpost
This Austin mentor refuses to give up on at-risk youth
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Looking for a cozy date night on Sixth Street? Head to Austin’s ultimate speakeasy
EXCLUSIVE: Austin’s first female Fire Chief, Rhoda Mae Kerr, takes job in Florida
Here's how to actually wash your hands the right way
💕 10 Austin artists share which love songs we should be listening to right now
Commentary: Why U.S. needs immigrant labor to sustain economic growth
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RT @taygoldenstein: The Texas and national Republican platforms are clear about their anti-LGBT stances. Travis County Republicans, both LG…
✈️ 684,199 breakfast tacos ✈️ 61.5 tons of brisket ✈️ 18,300 bottles of Shiner Bock 5 fast facts about @AUStinAirport:
Richard Linklater tackles loss, friendship in latest film, now on VOD
Commentary: Texas has another chance to fix funding for public schools
Nick Foles is now a hometown hero after the Eagles' Super Bowl win
First Reading: Morning News, Chronicle, Houston GLBT Caucus snub Valdez for Andrew White
Webb Report: Longshots, barbecue gloves and a grab bag of Texas tales
Recent warm years could shift ‘normal’ temperatures in Austin higher
Activists tell city “Hands off Guerrero Park” for pro soccer stadium
Opera cites alleged ‘inappropriate behavior’ for immediate termination of artistic director Richard Buckley.
First-time candidate Andrew White is hoping to return to the Texas Governor’s Mansion, where he lived as a teen. Our in-depth profile:
AISD must send more money to the state for recapture program, pinching teacher wages
Rental bikes no longer have to be left or picked up at docking stations under pilot program
Letter from Latino civil rights leader supporting President Trump's immigration policy infuriates immigration rights organizations
UIL uses new technology for realignment, which majorly changes what football teams compete with each other
Former Austin City Council member notorious for combating the city partially wins lawsuit over campaign fundraising rule
Gubernatorial candidate Andrew White follows father's footsteps, vying for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's seat
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This virus looks and acts like the flu, but it isn't. So what is adenovirus?
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Galveston police release graphic photo of boy found dead on beach in hopes of identifying 'Little Jacob'
Asian grocer H-Mart sets opening date for its first Austin store
Did your water bill spike last year? Austin Energy to give customers refunds
Intermittent fasting might help you lose weight, but is it healthy?
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On the Straus censure: How an ideological fidget spinner became the engine of the Texas GOP
February is a good month for comedy events in Austin
Spike Lee, Lena Dunham, ‘Last Jedi’ director Rian Johnson all coming to SXSW
Texas building connected to Mexican-American Civil Rights movement designated National Treasure
7 ways to cut back on sugar (and cut your cravings)
California lawmaker targets plastic straws to help environment via @nytimes
Alleged package thief is head over heels during escape.
Some pharmacies are running out of flu medicines following a nationwide flu epidemic.
Many Puerto Ricans adrift in US hotels more than four months after Hurricane Maria
Hundreds of families still in Galveston hotels after Harvey
First Reading: Beto pulls an all-nighter: 'We are absolutely going to ace this'
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