Singer/Songwriter/Artist Advocate. Leader of @BluesGrifters. Season 1 semifinalist @NBCTheVoice.
Here’s some of my favorite #StartToFinish albums from the 80s. Am I missing YOUR fave? Let me know! @AppleMusic…
Hey @FeatureFM I'd like to forge a personal relationship with you.…
Almost there! Fri 7/20 - @doseydoecoffee in the Big Barn with @BillCarterBlame Sat 7/21 - @ChickieWahWah in NOLA! Tickets and info at See y'all there!
Yessss! I am now a proud patron of @lexland on @Patreon, and you should be too:…
I wish y’all knew how hard it is for me to resist buying graphic tees - especially from sites like @MondoNews - like every single day.
Had to do a double take on this ad. Thought it was my boy ⁦@TjeAustinMusic⁩ modeling some earbuds for ⁦@CNN⁩
Waiting on 🌮🌮 earlier... Over the intercom a woman’s voice announces: “Wendy?” I immediately yell from across the room, without thinking: “Yes, Lisa?” 😆😆😆 👁 💜 U @wendyandlisa @therevolution
Super stoked about @Adobe #ProjectRush. Signed up for for early entry but no word. 🤞🤞🤞
Me to @Starbucks barista: are you sure this frapp is double blended? Barista: yes Me *looking at frapp cup* : Are you sure? Barista: yep, have a nice day. Me *attempting first slurp* :
SO frustrated with @hotelsdotcom right now. Called cust.serv regarding booking. Offered callback. Callback put me back in phone tree. 1st reg=no help, transferred. 2nd rep=no help, transferred. 25 mins later? STILL ON HOLD😡
Had so much fun at @mrkravin’s bday pool party that I forgot to post a pic and bday wishes! Love you bubba!
Laughter fills your ❤️ with joy. Take a moment today to be silly, be ridiculous. Laugh. 😆
RT @pecanstreetfest: @Nakia and the Blues Grifters officially added to Fall @pecanstreetfest lineup! Three words......Real. Live. Blues. Th…
Tomorrow night at @sixspringslive y’all! #RealLiveBlues
Call me old fashioned but I don’t need big reveals, stunning twists, or 82 death drops every lip sync. Just know the words, look sickening, & slay. Started finale wanting 1 queen to win & by the end I was rooting for another. She didn’t win, but she slayed. Great season @RuPaul!
Yas! Just saw my girl @lyndseyparker stunting pretty on the season finale of @RuPaulsDragRace (also a great opp to use this @mackenziebourg double-take gif)
Who’s coming out to see me at @sixspringslive this Saturday?
Once again, apparently not "Americana" enough for Americana Music Association. So don't look for me in Nashville this September.✌️
Let’s get this thang rockin’ Saturday night at Six Springs Tavern!
Let’s get this thang rockin’ Saturday night at @sixspringslive!
I am totally in love with the new @QueerEye on @netflix. @jvn @antoni @bobbyberk @KaramoBrown are all amazing but can we please just get a separate Instagram account for @tanfrance’s hair. It’s so perfect in every shot.
Yes!! Heading back to @sixspringslive this Saturday night!! Got your tickets?
Hey y'all! There are some "early bird tickets" available for Saturday's show at @sixspringslive for just $7! Get them while they last at
RT @sixspringslive: Still just a few early bird tickets left for Nakia and The Blues Grifters and Johnny Chops and The Razors on Saturday.…
This Saturday I’m bring the Blues Grifters back to @sixspringslive and it’s gonna be a blast. Grab a ticket and meet us there!
Excited to announce I’ve been selected for the @TXCommArts touring artist roster. This means it’s easier than ever for Texas based nonprofits, schools, and governments to present shows featuring yours truly! More soon at!
This Saturday I’m bring the Blues Grifters back to Six Springs Tavern and it’s gonna be a blast. Grab a ticket and meet us there!
Can’t wait to get back to @sixspringslive this weekend!
This is my “oops I stayed up all night editing photos and designing the artwork for the new album and forgot to sleep” face. 😴
Remember 7 years ago I was asking... Whataya want from me? Shoutout to @adamlambert @Pink @TheVoiceBand
Tyson is anxious to get healed up and outside because we just got news that his biopsy was benign! Thanks for all the ❤️🙏! #bouvier #bouvierdesflandres #dog #puppy #dogsofinstagram
RT @QueenDelighted: Just a little cameo part with @Nakia and Ginger Minj Official Fan Page at Tidal Wave Bears Party!…
RT @TheGingerMinj: Not bad for no rehearsal! Check out this little ditty with myself and my brother from another mother @Nakia from @NBCTh…
Some of the most fun I’ve had singing in a very long time. Thank you @TheGingerMinj - I love you a ton! See ya at @TidalWaveParty1 next year. 🤞
Tyson is 🏠 and doing well. He went right to his favorite spot on the couch. Thanks again for all the ❤️&🙏! Next we wait for biopsy results.🤞
Tyson had a 🍋sized mass & his spleen removed. He’s in good spirits, talking & eating. He’s expected to make a full recovery but still need to wait for the biopsy results before we are in the clear so thank🙏you again for all the love and support through this. It means a lot❤️
LAX✈️AUS Going home to be with my puppy and my Robot❤️
Hey @AmericanAir! You’ve been sooo helpful this week trying to get me back home to my dog before his surgery. I sent you a couple of DMs earlier. Hope to hear from you soon.
Please send some good vibes to our Bouvier, Tyson. Vet says he has a tumor on his spleen with some internal bleeding. The Robot is with him in Austin and I’m doing my best not to freak out in LA.
Butterbeer with the boys to start our day at @unistudios
Can I just lay in bed all day? Someone will bring me food, right? 😴
I had the honor of singing on a song with @tomgossmusic today and I just cannot wait for y’all to hear it! His new album is 🔥!
Thank you @morganmcmichaels for an amazing show and the non-alcoholic shot last night! 💋
Thank you @morganmcmichael for an amazing show and the non-alcoholic shot last night! 💋
Reunited with my elementary school girlfriend, @tracybarkley, who’s living the dream as a standup comic! Check her out! She’s hilarious! #CollinsvilleGaysGoneWild
Hey, I love 🍔 too. Please begin addressing me as NAKIb. Thank you.
It’s a bit early and I skipped caffeine so I can 💤 on the ✈️ . See you soon LA!
Gosh it sure would be nice if @Airbnb would add a "piano filter" to make it easier for me to find homes to stay in where I could write and rehearse. Seems like a simple piece of code.
Just announced my first show in Portland happening July 27th at @artichokemusic! Get your tickets now!
Just announced a brand new show in Portland at Artichoke Music. Are you tracking me on Bandsintown yet??
Beginning the process of remodeling our home in Austin. We need more space, including a studio for me. So much work!🤪 Isn't there an @hgtv show shooting nearby that wants to jump in and help make it awesome?😊 @HighNoonEnt @RTRMedia
Brand new ink by Ben at @AtomicTattooATX showing some love to my favorite pizza, “The Detroiter” by @Via313Pizza and a nod to @Huey_Lewis_News! #PizzaTattoo #MusicAndFood
Brand new ink by @armyofpuppies showing some love to my favorite pizza, “The Detroiter” by @via313 Pizza and a nod to @official.hueylewis! #PizzaTattoo #MusicAndFood
Singing the house down with my girl @gingerminj at @tidalwaveparty in Orlando last weekend. Reverse Tuxedo Pants by @jcrtny #300lbsOfJoy #moulanrouge 📷 John Chambrone
In our @lyft on the way home to reunite with our Tyson 🐶. Thank you @lyft for helping make #TidalWaveParty12 a big success!!
OH as we are deplaning... Kid returning from Disney vacation: Mom what are we having for dinner tonight? Mom: I was thinking of getting @Via313Pizza on the way home if you stay calm the rest of the way home. Kid: Oh god yes, mom. I love Via 313. I’ll be quiet. #GoodParenting
Orange you happy to see @theonlycocomontrese at #GayDays today? We sure were!
Greetings from the Magic Kingdom y’all! 🌈#GayDays #Pride #Love 🏳️‍🌈
Greetings from Tidal Wave! @gingerminj and I will see y’all at the show tonight! #300lbsOfJoy
Don’t be jealous of my Harambe boogie! #1stVisit #300lbsOfJoy #BigBoysCanDanceToo
Brand new shirts designed by Billy Perkins & printed by @ohboyprintshop. Limited run available exclusively at Tidal Wave Party! #300lbsOfJoy
Who says the weekend has to end? #300lbsOfJoy
DJing the #SilentDisco at The Highball now until 2am. I’m spinning all 80s. Come thru!
RT @highballaustin: Don't let these blues get you down! @Nakia & The Blues Grifters FREE tonight at 8PM! Real. Live. Blues!…
Loving my body and my haircut today. Bring on the pool parties! #300lbsOfJoy #BodyPositivity
Stopped by my favorite pizza joint for lunch today. Who wants some @via313? #HipToBeSquare
Can we get a @ShakeyGraves / @JamesBayMusic co-bill tour please because their new records have both got me so fucked up with the creativity and love seeping out of the speakers imma need to see them together live.
Started my day with some sweet tea and breakfast tacos at Torchy’s. What’s your go-to breakfast?
Spotted the homie @IamGabrielLuna at @EmpireATX watching my boy @ZEALE blow it the fuck up with @BlastfamousUSA just before we hit the stage.
This new @JamesBayMusic album is dope af. 🔥 #ElectricLight
If I’ve only got 2 days to spend at Disney World and I’m for spending one of those at Magic Kingdom, which other Park should I see on the other day?
Goodness gracious I love sweet tea so much. What’s your favorite summertime sip?
🚌🎤🥤🧢💤 There’s no CPAP emoji. #tourvanlife
Happy Mother’s Day y’all! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of mine. Miss her. ❤️💐
This is my hurry up and feed me BBQ face. Oh and I’m singing a bunch this month. Come see me!
I’m live on Twitch playing #GodOfWar4 - Watch me at
They say all good things must come to an end. Thank you to The Skylark Lounge for 5 months of Mondays! We'll be back on Thursday, May 24th to let it all hang out! #RealLiveBlues Photo: KTYarbrough Photography
Happy about this rain washing the pollen away but remembering how people drive in the rain.
#tbt to when I was recording my first demos. #shirtsnotrequired #kendallmarstonspider
Come here me sing soon. May 5 @ Keys Lounge / Ft. Worth May 10 @ Antone’s / Austin May 12 @ Wang Dang Doodle / Midland May 19 @ Food For Life / Marble Falls May 24 @ Skylark Lounge / Austin May 26 @ The Highball / Austin Also every Monday at Skylark Lou…
Giving you some Maddow realness from the fall of 1993 for #oldheadshotday
Here's a video of my song "The Meaning (El Sentido)" translated by @carriemusictx for #Laboratorio last night at @cactuscafeatx. Thanks to @jojolemon for the video.
RT @512Radio: Check out last nights 512 Radio with @ThePossumPosse on demand now w/ tracks from @roxyroca @thebluebonnets @dirtywormz @eric…
RT @jojolemon: @Nakia has joined the gang. :-) ¡Otra vez! @carriemusictx david_pulkingham roscoe.beck…
RT @txmusicoffice: Save the date of May 20th to honor the 1st Austin bombing victim, Anthony Stephan House (& to help raise funds for his d…
RT @carriemusictx: Join us in our musical #laboratorio MAÑANA 4/25 @cactuscafeatx w/ sp guest @Nakia ! #roscoebeck #davidpulkingham #alexma…
RT @jojolemon: @Nakia got twisted up in Mercury! @BugleBoyTX #videoclip #voicesintheround @ The Bugle Boy
RT @BDOEROCKS: Hello, @TheEllenShow! #KISSguy is the HERO our world needs/deserves right now! It’d be amazing to see Dave Grohl and @yayosa…
Mmmmm... melted cheese on breakfast taco foil. Amirite, Austin?
🏁See y’all at the finish line! 🏁 #MOTOGP #COTAKarting
RT @rebeccaloebe: Wanna hang out tonight? I'll be webcasting live from 8-10 pm from @BugleBoyTX (one of the prettiest venues in the univers…
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