How Sephora “sucks” all my money through great UX and psychology…
My friend @shanesnow wrote a MASSIVE post on open-mindedness + innovation. Check it out:
First, he worked in finance... then, he quit everything to move overseas + become an Ayahuasca shaman. Here's our conversation: iTunes: Overcast: Spotify:
Part 2 of my Ayahuasca journey — an interview with the shaman... iTunes: Overcast: Spotify:
Paul Singer, Doomsday Investor…
Want to hear what it's like to take Ayahuasca and absolutely lose your damn mind? That's what happened to me...
I did a retreat recently to learn more about myself and be happier. It didn't go as planned. Here's the story:
From our lovely family at @AppSumo, win a $2,000+ digital nomad giveaway. Enter FREE below. 👇…
I did Ayahuasca. It was the worst night of my life. Here's the crazy story:
Segway was supposed to change the world. Two decades later, it just might…
Segway was supposed to change the world. Two decades later, it just might… -- cool service I found to mail letters from online
It's amazing how we all KNOW what Warren Buffet does but somehow no one can replicate him. A few notes from Snowball I was discussing with @BillyMurph
Wild! The founders of @Mailchimp are on the Forbes 100 List. Worth $2.1 Billion. Nice work @benchestnut
How to build a blog with 1+ million readers:
I have a new podcast episode with @JamesClear. 😃 We talk about habits, the biggest #marketing trends of 2018, and how to make money online.
How to build better habits, make money online, and build a successful blog. My conversation with James Clear.
How to build better habits — my conversation with @JamesClear.
Apple is the NEW Microsoft.
"The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life." - Steve Jobs
ps. you should start a mailing list to let people know more about your books. happy to help for free.
For everyone rushing to automation, fails happen.
The amount of things on Amazon that are: 1- Direct from China 2- Have MULTIPLE knock-offs Is insane...
Ten Things I Never Knew About Las Vegas Until I Ran a High-Roller Suite…
Fun interview I did about my favorite places in Austin
If you love sales and want to learn how to be 🔥. See below…
I've been keeping notes from meetings with wealthy friends. Considering putting out short ebook, "Things the rich don't want you to know." Anyone interested?
I've been keeping notes from meetings with wealthy friends. Considering putting out short ebook, "Things my rich friends don't want you to know." Anyone interested?
Bezos Unbound: Exclusive Interview With The Amazon Founder On What He Plans To Conquer Next…
Been buying all of my domains on No upsells, cross-sells or whatever else GoDaddy does.
The next internet businesses will be SERVICE as a Software.
Don't believe all the twitter gurus.
Don’t compromise with yourself.
The Strange, Beefy Evolution of the Slim Jim…
What I Learned from Sweet Spot Training…
Digging my buddy @MikePosner new single… 🔥🔥🔥
If you are looking to start a business, check out @rich20something FREE class next week,…
If you run an eCommerce business, check this out: (ends in 4 days)
My observations on living in Los Angeles. How it compares to San Francisco, Austin, and more.
Fun Friday reading. 😃 Check out how a small business used @RealKingSumo successfully to grow their email list + get more customers.…
RT @Hamza135Hamza16: Ecommerce pros @SEMRush @BigCommerce @Yotpo @OberloApp + more speaking @ #SumoEcomWeek w/@SumoMe. Register now https:/…
My 2018 motto guide. How to pick your motto. This keeps you more focused in your business, relationships, and more.
How to pick your motto for 2018. I share 3 mottos I have this year.
How to set your motto this year. Includes 3 mottos I’m using as well.…
My good homies @CaffeineKilos are doing an awesome giveaway here:…
Really impressed with for tracking stocks since Google Finance stopped working.
We're hosting a magic show in Santa Monica. 😃 Grab your ticket: 11 tickets left. Join me + a small group of other cool people to watch a world-class magician. Held at a beachfront mansion. Drinks included.
People will default to the level you accept.
RT @AndrewWarner: I'm going to do a 50-mile bike ride with @noahkagan in Austin. Join us here: (tacos are involved)
For my #LosAngeles Dorks... join our special magic show at a Santa Monica beach mansion. 🧙‍🏝 Only 15 tickets left!
$TSLA is the new crypto.
Shower thought: Ever write someones email with a .CON and instantly feel guilty?
1 LEFT: if you donate $50 to The Sumo #Charity Ride. 😃Who's gonna get it? You get limited-edition Ninja Taco playing cards and t-shirt.
Moving to Venice, Ca starting Aug 12. Holler if you live there. ALSO I'm hosting a private magic experience Aug 18 and 19th in Santa Monica. Have around 10 seats left. PM me if interested.
Interesting LinkedIn made way more difficult to export contacts,… More things have to spread via word of mouth (whatsapp, messenger, email, public) vs over networks (email address books, ebay, facebook, linkedin, craigslist)
RT @webwright: My wife died suddenly 2 weeks ago. I have 3 favors to ask: 1. Read this:… 2. Retweet if you don't t…
Here are the 5 books I've been #reading and enjoying a lot this summer. 🤓 If you need book recommendations, think you'll like this.
Interesting -- Gmail open rates going down. Google pushing people to spend ads to reach their audiences.
How to win the Tour de France, in one image…
Behind-the-scenes of the business that’s grown 30% every year… for five years in a row.
Here are the 5 best #books I've read this summer. What are you #reading? 😃
Shower thought: Isn't it better to rate your favorite restaurant 1-star so it becomes less crowded?
RT @singlegrain: Leveling Up Episode 1 Part 1! Watch as @ericosiu and @noahkagan discuss the best practices to employ while building your d…
NEW gift levels if you donate to my fundraiser. If you saw my Sumo 50 before, we re-did all the gift levels. Check out the new gifts.
My 5 favorite books from summer 2018. 📚…
Help buy laptops for underprivileged children. We've bought 33 so far. If you donate, I'm giving away a TON of prizes — special taco t-shirts, playing cards, consulting call with me, bike ride, and more. 🎉
My 5 favorite #books for summer of 2018. ☀️ 📚
How a company went from almost bankrupt to a massive success. Behind-the-scenes with Yeti Cycles.
I love real #business stories. Hear how my favorite #cycling brand grew — my conversation with @YetiCycles co-founder Chris Conry.
We GOT IT, Dorks. 🌮 🤠 Managed to finally get the /OkDork URL for my YouTube channel. Check out the channel and watch some fun videos about business, life, and tacos.
The people who make the most talk the least about it.
RT @andrewchen: BOOM. 6M scooter rides from @limebike, just like that! This is actually two curves stacked on top of each other - increasin…
Favorite new Gmail Shortcut: Shift : + ; It expands an entire conversation. Try it.
Join my charity event in November. Each person who joins will buy 1 laptop for a child in need.
Make back all the money you're spending at bars this weekend. 😉 How we saved 47% on our email #marketing bill — and you can do the same:
How Wish grew to over $1 billion in revenue by inverting Amazon’s strategy…
Want to hang out in November? I'm doing a #cycling event. 🚴‍ Get exclusive gifts — and help children without technology. Hope to see you there. #charity #fundraising
How to increase your email open and click rates... and save 47% on your email bill. Works on @MailChimp, @ConvertKit, @ActiveCampaign, and every other ESP.
How to save increase your email open rates — and save 47% on your email bill. Works for MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and more.…
How to save 47% on your @MailChimp or #emailmarketing bill. We recently did this and ❤️ it:
RT @beardbrand: The definition of masculinity doesn't matter. You just need to work to become a better version of yourself. #EvolveTheDefin…
I'm doing a #charity event in November. Each person who joins will buy 1 laptop for a child who can't afford it. Will you join me?
How an Offer to Sell Wistia Inspired Them to Take On $17m in Debt
Reflections on psychology and health — with a bestselling author.
How to live a healthier life… and find a diet that ACTUALLY works. My discussion with @BrianWansink.
Here it is... the podcast with the author of my FAVORITE diet book ever... @BrianWansink. We talk about why most diets don't work, @bulletproofexec's "butter coffee", and more.
Tease time... 😛 I'm releasing new #podcast episode tonight at 3 am CT with the author of my FAVORITE #diet book ever. Can you guess who it is?!
Really interesting company I got to chat with in Barcelona, they do 3D Food Printing:
What if Apple started charging a monthly subscription for Siri?
Working from Barcelona, Spain for the month. Who's here?
Uber fights off scammers every day. Here's how it learned the tricks…
Fuck I love you Andrew @AndrewWarner <3
7 life thoughts to live a better life. Which one is your favorite?
I went on a retreat recently. Here are the ideas I came back with...
I ❤️ @shanesnow... and I ❤️ that he's giving away a $20,500 #Mexico trip for his new book launch. It's the last day to enter 100% free.
7 life thoughts to live a better life.
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