What the world's best sports teams can teach you about being a better #entrepreneur — and growing a success #business. bit.ly/2TRhAu8
What business lessons can you learn from the @Patriots and @spurs? Here are my takeaways. bit.ly/2TRhAu8 https://t.co/v3QGWD75QM
If you can outlast, you win.
Is renting really a waste of money? I sold my house recently... and I'm sharing if it's better if I would have rented. bit.ly/2T5TAPA https://t.co/DuGpjeq5Cf
Is it better to buy a home, or rent? This is something my friend @ramit has talked about a lot — and today, I'm sharing data on which is better. bit.ly/2T5TAPA
A personal story: How a trip to #Mexico taught me valuable lessons about building and growing a business. bit.ly/2VQUTn3 https://t.co/8ytGRBksAz
RT @ramit: You buy a condo for $360,000. You sell it for $427,500. How much do you make? Below is @noahkagan's spreadsheet. The answers m…
Should you rent or buy? I share my personal numbers after selling a home recently... and how it compares to renting. bit.ly/2T5TAPA https://t.co/8MvctqVwk1
What waves taught me about business lately (seriously). bit.ly/2VQUTn3
What I learned about #business and #leadership recently. bit.ly/2VQUTn3 https://t.co/x5AjCwPmFO
What I learned after someone deleted my @Wikipedia page... and the lessons for you about your business + life. bit.ly/2NJ3mpD https://t.co/cfpN90u9kz
Fundraising was never fun for me. Should be called hardraising.
Upgrading Sumo.com!!! Groups, new automations, improved email editor, better pricing, oh my. https://t.co/wH2JUzuLKc
4 key things I learned after being deleted from the Internet. bit.ly/2NJ3mpD
Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better. -Jim Rohn
Why someone deleted my @Wikipedia page — and how I handled it. bit.ly/2NJ3mpD https://t.co/bEf6MVNgCQ
You can't fake showing up. -Max B
Anyone know why trash cans are so expensive?
Is #realestate a good investment? My conversation with @AffordAnything. bit.ly/2tJqlYu https://t.co/yEBl6B0CNi
100% Kindness, 0% Drama - @bobgoff
How to grow a 7-figure passive income stream. bit.ly/2tJqlYu
Should you rent or buy? If you buy, should you do @Airbnb or a long-term rental? Tons of #realestate tips from @AffordAnything. 🏠 bit.ly/2tJqlYu https://t.co/b3c2ay5jyX
The "Shock Doctrine" principle to grow your company better than ever. Includes tips if your business is struggling. bit.ly/2U95IR7 https://t.co/OpQguBTWwQ
Another fake marketing offer from @optinmonster. HATE companies that promote fake timing offers. https://t.co/nCYxR0tOxi
How to build your business stronger. bit.ly/2U95IR7
RT @AppSumo: Ever wondered what it's like to have $100M? Well, @noahkagan sat down with David Hauser, "The $100 Million Man," to find out.…
Help yourself. No one is coming to save you.
The Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of: An Optometrist Who Beat The Odds To Become A Billionaire getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
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How our @SumoMe development team increased their speed by 100x. bit.ly/2tuQtGt https://t.co/i2TLQrKe1E
Very proud of the new Sumo.com redesign. Login and check it out :) https://t.co/XeChSYV1bn
Productivity hacks to speed up your life and #business. bit.ly/2tuQtGt
2020 prediction. Apple buys Tesla.... and then @elonmusk takes over as CEO.
It's ALWAYS the product. How many AMAZING products didn't get great marketing?
#weekendvibes with an #entrepreneur who sold a business for $200 million — and what being REALLY rich is actually like... bit.ly/2X3Lc6n
I'll say it loud and proud: I LOVE STRAWS!
How @dh sold his #business for $200 million. bit.ly/2X3Lc6n https://t.co/8Wp5fsRmlj
What our stupid broken door at the @SumoMe offices taught me about business and #Entrepreneurship... bit.ly/2Srb1hY https://t.co/RuabS4jQnL
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I played fantasy #football this year... and got my butt kicked. It taught me some lessons on #business and the importance of having a coach. Here's what I learned: bit.ly/2Ty01fc https://t.co/g5c6baVZTc
What fantasy football taught me about success in business. bit.ly/2Ty01fc
How do you grow your #business idea? Here are marketing strategies we've used in the past... bit.ly/2CVxxVK https://t.co/i50gzCG3Te
22 marketing strategies we used to make $1 million 😃 bit.ly/2CVxxVK
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What’s the hard decision you’re not willing to make?
My 3-minute lesson on how to be a better leader — whether you're a CEO or an entry-level employee: bit.ly/2MDCcjw
*My buddy @asalamunovic launched this book on Free PR. Check it out. $.99 on Kindle. amazon.com/Free-PR-Chased… https://t.co/novpn0uK21
5 key things I learned about #leadership... while snowshoeing (sounds weird, I know). ☃ bit.ly/2MDCcjw https://t.co/oJcDGsui5Y
Everyone’s favorite story is themselves
"You are 100% responsible for your experience in life" -@MyBodyTutor
What do you do if you hate your job? My advice: bit.ly/2MmyuKO https://t.co/H5PNhOhP1y
Intellectual Dishonesty: Why So Many Debates Hurt Progress When They Could Help So Much Instead -- sumo.ly/11VIZ via @shanesnow
Lessons on #business, #leadershiip, and how to be happier. bit.ly/2MmyuKO
I had a conversation in an @Uber recently that surprised me. I took away some lessons on business and loving your job. Here's what I learned: bit.ly/2MmyuKO https://t.co/2B0lSyWCv0
This is ridiculous. If you are a federal worker. I will cover your paycheck interest free. Can do 10 hard working Americans. Message me.
#weekendvibes with @nevmed — how to be happier, growing your #business, being an #entpreneur, and more. 😃 bit.ly/2QQpdvj https://t.co/QS3WGsBG06
Unconventional #business strategies to make $100,000+, tips to be #happy, and more. 💰 bit.ly/2QQpdvj https://t.co/s8aOs2zcVD
Meet Neville — the Jerry Seinfeld of Entrepreneurs youtu.be/cnwlhFOz-xg https://t.co/yHL7zqZd3f
How to be happy and successful — lessons from @nevmed. bit.ly/2QQpdvj
For the next 48 hours, get 30% off my FAVORITE pair of shoes in the world. Only available on the new @SumoMe Market. Check it out: bit.ly/2QQ73dd https://t.co/mN4PM8wLbg
Am I the only one who doesn't get Stoic?
RT @vonwilpert: I'm gonna be releasing a book dissecting the marketing strategies of these million dollar companies: @AppSumo @TonyRobbins…
What Elon Musk Taught Me About Growing A Business – ThinkGrowth.org bit.ly/2BnLKbI
RT @sendfox: Ouch, we see @getdrip increased their prices today. If you want more affordable #emailmarketing — at 50% to 70% less than @ge…
Every competitor has some achilles heel...
I love @MikePosner. He's walking across America!! Check out his new song: youtube.com/watch?v=A2CwZ1… (one of my favorites!)
What are you goals for #2019? Here are mine... 🤠 bit.ly/2TsFwAe https://t.co/dIPNzVUG29
The Genius Pixel: How To Train Ad Networks To Give You A LOT More ROI by @justinbrooke link.medium.com/X0VXawW5bT
How to make the plan your business and personal goals in #2019: bit.ly/2TsFwAe
There's always a solution.
Pain is a signal you are going in the right direction.
Chaos is order yet undeciphered.
I will see you on the way down @deeparora. No one fucks with Sumolings! Let me know when you want to do a charity boxing match.
How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
Before you know it. It’s over
Proud of @BrandonBlurts for making this album. Impressive he did it ALL by himself. Check it out. open.spotify.com/album/0UHrNJw8…
What were your favorite things this year? Here are mine: bit.ly/2QG5PGf
My favorite books, documentaries, gifts under $50 and more this year: okdork.com/favorites-of-2…
My favorite books, documentaries, gifts under $50, and more this year: bit.ly/2QG5PGf https://t.co/lc4tG8Kwzc
My favorite things of 2018. What are yours? bit.ly/2QG5PGf
My Dad's Friendship With Charles Barkley14:24 getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
Meet the world's most interesting man you've never heard of — @tynan. bit.ly/2EtiTbi 😃 #podcast #business #entrepreneur
The world's best technology, clothing, experiences, and @ChipotleTweets locations — with @tynan. bit.ly/2EtiTbi https://t.co/LFYqNVh9v0
Finished the book. Taking 5 orders today. Send $25 to paypal@okdork.com. If you don't find at least 1 valuable idea. I'll instant refund you.
I've been keeping notes from meetings with wealthy friends. Considering putting out short ebook, "Things the rich don't want you to know." Anyone interested?
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