If YOU had to pick 1 emoji to represent you which one??? Me = 🤠
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A husband gets a wife a gift, the wife uses it to be healthy and this is offensive, how? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏿🤦🏽‍♂️ twitter.com/Complex/status…
RT @louisadahl: I interviewed @noahkagan and did this quick-read wrap up of our conversation for you bit.ly/2Lhw3K7 #gold #podcas…
Awesome to see @backlinko launch this: producthunt.com/posts/explodin… -- Cool to have more products like Hustle Trends and MeetGlimpse https://t.co/D3ZyN4f9NZ
Check out our latest podcast episode - Noah's Ark #2: What Worked? Listen to the podcast episode: bit.ly/2DlcJHx #entrepreneur #business #marketing #collaborations #results bit.ly/2L7y5MX
What did you buy on Black Friday? Curious to see most popular items.
RT @AppSumo: The. Wait. Is. Over. Get access to ELEVEN of our best deals: appsumo.com/black-friday-2… But don't dilly-dally, this Black Frida…
I love talking to entrepreneurs about what’s happening in their business. Today’s episode (a Noah’s Ark special) I check back in with @MattMasada from Ras Kitchen. We dive into what he’s done since appearing on our podcast. Learn more here: bit.ly/2DjMjGe https://t.co/YWCA6eRDwf
Nine Things I Learned When I Became a Honeymoon Planner for Billionaires getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
EVERYONE is unique and YOU'RE the most unique person 🦋
When Harry Met Noah (How To Get Press!) Check it out: bit.ly/2OwqTuH bit.ly/34bNzXR
I love giving 1-star reviews to my favorite restaurants. Keeps the tourists out.
Sharing press and PR strategies in today’s podcast. @TheRideshareGuy came on my show, and we share how he uses PR to grow his brand… and how you can too. Listen here: bit.ly/2OtkRuZ https://t.co/2e4pikOVfH
Am I the ONLY one who loves going to the dentist? It's a mouth shower! 😄 🚿
Create the machine that runs the machine.
One person knows more about building habits than anyone. I interviewed him. Hear more: bit.ly/2NLoq0h https://t.co/xJNn5c8cUP
For the last 2 years, I’ve tracked all my daily habits in @StridesApp. I’m a HUGE fan of habit tracking and goal setting. I recently met with the founder, @MakeProgressLLC, to learn insights behind the top habit trackers. Listen here: bit.ly/2q1A529 https://t.co/UpwaxaMKbq
SendFox: Affordable and simple email marketing for content creators. producthunt.com/posts/sendfox-2 https://t.co/E0ab3Pfk7k
At one point Gatorade, Nike, Apple were just startups nobody expected to be around 30 years later....
You really are only as great as the people around you.
New podcast — @BentleyGTCSpeed is BACK + sharing his tips on growing a consultancy or business. bit.ly/2PX79D4 bit.ly/2CqBSAs
One of the ways to making more money in your business? Simplification. Hear from the million-dollar consultant Alan Weiss on his business tips. bit.ly/2PX79D4
A million-dollar consultant had a seminar recently... and I attended. Today, I'm sharing the business strategies and tips I learned — so you can make more money. 🤠bit.ly/33qQGuJ https://t.co/VGX65foePj
My homies at beardedbros.com gave me a 60% off code for first few people. Code: Tacos60 https://t.co/VFgDZEStbK
Today the Texas Dept. of Transportation began cleaning under bridges in Austin. It’s a slow process and won’t be completed in one day, but steady progress is being made. Our goal is to make Austin safer while also providing better alternatives for the homeless. #txlege https://t.co/m6hcYjnnBA
Thank you so much for keeping your word and taking care of Austinites! Abbott2020 for president.
7 #business ideas that I wish someone would start. Will you be the person to start one of these ideas? 🤔 bit.ly/2NGjB7t https://t.co/Tk53WiEF69
7 Businesses I Can't Believe No One Has Started (Yet!) okdork.com/businesses-to-…
Most people want validation, not advice.
Stop meeting other founders. Then you can't recruit from their companies🤷‍♂️
Today is a day of action. We began posting notices that TxDOT will clean up homeless camps under highways in Austin starting Monday. Safety will improve soon. The homeless will be offered options for shelter, food, clothing & healthcare. #txlege keranews.org/post/abbott-sa…
Abbott2020 for President. This is real leadership. Helping the homeless AND taking care of Austinites! Very impressed. Consider me a lifelong supporter!
Interesting experiment. Review every hour of your workweek. Surprising (80%) how many of my hours are on low-value activities. Try it out!
Quotes are easy. Life is hard.
Austin @MayorAdler insists on “recent” evidence of dangers posed by his reckless homeless policy. Let’s help him. I’ll start with this showing used needles collected from homeless camps. @MayorAdler suggested there’s no public health problem. https://t.co/7mcS8BPgLE
Thanks governor. Keep going to make Austin safe again. Adler is a politician not willing to protect Austinites. #impeachadler
Governor, that video is almost two years old, well before any recent ordinance changes. This isn't the first time you’ve fallen victim to social media trolls trying to mislead and scare Austinites. Let’s focus on actually ending homelessness. #LetsEndHomelessness twitter.com/GregAbbott_TX/… https://t.co/De9iwH5Fy8
Pointing out old things doesn’t help the 99% of Austinites who aren’t safe from what you created. Take responsibility and clean up our city. If you care then come down from your high rise in the W and experience the city like all of us dealing with this situation.
Pickleball, oat Milk, and the next big products... how to identify future products that will succeed (with the founder of @meetglimpse): bit.ly/3667pVF bit.ly/2MMHHOE
New podcast — @nframschwartz of @meetglimpse talks about how to identify the biggest companies in 2020. Check out the episode: bit.ly/2BRDKlv https://t.co/xOKo6YO5Va
The more you can handle "boring" in your business the more successful you will be.
This is really interesting. Must reads. twitter.com/sriramk/status…
In January, I thought I was going to build something totally different. 10 months later, we launched @meetfam. It's been a wild ride... here's how it happened. bit.ly/2Bizc78 bit.ly/32oxhKl
FAM's #2 on @ProductHunt ❤️ Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! twitter.com/ProductHunt/st…
Behind-the-scenes of how we built our new #emailmarketing tool for @Shopify — @meetfam 👪bit.ly/33CcZ01 https://t.co/jIzGOF7PDP
RT @meetfam: Announcement 📣: @meetfam is finally here! FAM is your all-in-one app that writes, designs, and sends emails for your Shopify…
Launched today. Spent 6 months building. Check out 👇👇 twitter.com/MondayMetrics/…
RT @SumoMe: 🙆‍♂️ It’s finally coming: @meetfam will be out in less than 24 hours! #ecommerce #emailmarketing https://t.co/ZaounidvjJ
One of my new favorite coffees is doing a giveaway... kingsumo.com/g/ffzd1e/stron…
Check out our newest episode —The Undefeated Coach. Listen to the podcast episode here: bit.ly/2VFid8J
Bill Courtney is the inspirational coach behind Undefeated … which won a @TheAcademy Oscar for best documentary. Today, I’m talking to @IamCoachBill about how he structures his #business to keep winning... and more. bit.ly/35ebvuF https://t.co/ikmTEP2y0w
RT @meetfam: We’re giving a free-for-life FAM account away to ONE lucky winner on our Oct 16 launch! 🎉 How to win it: 1. Follow @meetfam…
I love when people cover their laptop cameras for "security" Shows me who likes to watch porn🤣
What Really Happens When You Become an Overnight Millionaire? getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
Thanks for this input. Everyone in the Austin area: Continue to post public safety threats and pictures showing unsafe conditions that demand action. Tag @MayorAdler. Include the date and location. I’m working on a plan to clean this up & need to know where to prioritize. twitter.com/julienowlin/st…
Thank you for standing up for the 99% who want a safe place to live. @MayorAdler lives in a high rise and thinks letting our city turn into a garbage is acceptable. This tent city was on my bike ride today. Congress and Ben White. https://t.co/GvUzhqZGz9
The POWER of unfollowing or unsubscribing is amazing. Go for it on things or people not serving you!
RT @SumoMe: Over the past 9 months, our team has been working hard on something BIG for @Shopify business owners! And there’s NOTHING like…
Our new podcast episode — The Founder of Groupon’s New Thing! bit.ly/30Hc5NV bit.ly/2OlhQyq
Growth doesn't happen when you're feeling comfortable.
Realized today I was wrong about this... It's more: CLARIFY what you want AND go the F*ck after it! twitter.com/noahkagan/stat…
Doing an AMA on ProductHunt if you have any questions for me: 🤠 producthunt.com/makers/1-maker…
ZAG when everyone is zigging :)
Keep reminding myself: YOU snooze, you Lose.
YOu NEVER hear people regret overpaying and taking care of their top teammates.
I just subscribed to FAM on ProductHunt. Check it out 👉 producthunt.com/upcoming/fam https://t.co/3JjEh7nvVv
Today, we’re doing a case study with @samszuo. Learn how Sam is going to increase his online course sales. We’ll talk about increasing signups, how to define goals you can achieve for your business — and lots more. bit.ly/2mXjIl9 https://t.co/kMZ59XARlQ
I'm tired of people hating on Tesla, Uber, Lyft, etc...blah blah blah...At least these people are CREATING. Stop whining from the sidelines.
Today, I’m sharing how to make your travels BETTER. Use these tips for your next business or personal trip. bit.ly/2ABD2YB https://t.co/3QHMtpuLLb
Empires aren’t built without risk.
What's the best book or course on web / product design?
Today, I’m sharing 12 travel tips for 2019. @googlefi, free walking tours, and tons more… these are REAL travel tips that I’ve tested. bit.ly/2ABD2YB
RT @JamesClear: Need a good book? Ultralearning by @ScottHYoung is out today. It shares a roadmap for accelerating your career and enhanci…
Ryan Hoover on Twitter: "Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, just published his next book, Indistractible 👏🏼 bit.ly/2UYBpOg (I’m grabbing the audiobook)" / Twitter bit.ly/2NsPvXp
RT @rrhoover: Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, just published his next book, Indistractible 👏🏼 producthunt.com/posts/indistra… (I’m grabbing the audio…
RT @noahkagan: @ryanckulp @mikekarnj @awilkinson people make this way too complicated. just don't reply to people = inbox 0.
People make this WAY too complicated. Just stop replying = INBOX 0!
I tried Prolon’s starvation diet so you wouldn’t have to getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
Dan Andrews is one of the creators of the @TropicalMBA and wants to scale his business. Today, we talk about prioritizing what MATTERS. bit.ly/2ZY9Bym
I LOVE surprises for birthdays, never in business.
One of the BIGGEST mistakes an #entrepreneur can make is not prioritizing properly. Today, we’re doing another business case study. Learn how I help @TropicalMBA better focus his business for success. Use these for your business, too. bit.ly/2I6ol45
Anyone here run a Shopify store?
Scaling and focusing = the two biggest wins in #business. If you’re looking to grow your business, check out the episode. I help @TropicalMBA with prioritization, taking action, and more. bit.ly/31kfhjQ
Real friends don’t send calendar meeting links!
Just realized I only have 2000 more lunches left in my life...
Improve your ecommerce marketing game. 5 ecommerce marketing insights for 2019 — including #emailmarketing, partner #giveaways, and lots more. bit.ly/32sLwNK https://t.co/Z0myVEw0SD
From influencer #marketing to partner giveaways (and more)... what ecommerce marketing strategies ACTUALLY work? My answer: bit.ly/2LkLHVw
RT @AppSumo: Are you a public school STEM teacher with an Amazon Wish List? Well, AppSumo wants to help #clearthelists to pave the way for…
Today, I’m sharing 5 #ecommerce marketing insights. From email marketing to partner giveaways... these are real tactics, tips, and advice that we’re actually using in our companies. No B.S. bit.ly/2PMUZ17 https://t.co/EvYiF538vI
Sales Throwdown Book Giveaway kingsumo.com/g/216j6v/sales… #giveaway #win
"Persistence beats resistance" -@britton
Make the tools that help people create income.
How do you turn a small #business into an EMPIRE? Randy Murphy is the brains behind @mamafus On today’s episode, you’ll learn how Randy used technology to scale FAST… and how you can grow your biz fast, too. 👉 Check out the episode: bit.ly/2L1wLKT
New #podcast episode — Today's Special: Fast Food. bit.ly/2TTZKEl https://t.co/KfWiFjjlxA
No one is ever SELF-MADE, there's ALWAYS a TEAM!
How do you scale your #business? Randy Murphy helped grow @mamafus from 3 to 26 restaurants. On today’s #podcast, Randy shares the secret sauce for growing... and more! bit.ly/2L5rf9N bit.ly/30swze6
The Inside Story of How McDonald’s Innovated the Quarter Pounder getpocket.com/@noahkagan/sha…
New podcast... 3x Super Bowl Champion — Michael Lombardi. Even if you don't like football, good learnings about building a winning culture in business. 😃bit.ly/2KCR42i
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