We support the independent, local people in Austin, as you know. In Austin and nationwide, restaurants not only serve as important social and cultural centers within cities - they provide a large number of jobs - 1.3 million in TX; 10% of jobs in TX as w… ift.tt/2QFCo4U https://t.co/6IKN30Nuqw
Hello Austin. It was a tough decision but we have decided to close Odd Duck until further notice. We are refocusing our resources and efforts at Odd Duck to be able to provide a daily meal to the employees of all 3 of our restaurants. If you do crave som… ift.tt/396GXM8 https://t.co/vNjnANtgax
We are open tonight for take away orders only. Our updated menu can be found at oddduckaustin.com. 512.433.6521 ift.tt/33lMlcO https://t.co/UpBlNCru1P
👨‍🍳🧡👩‍🍳🧡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🧡 ift.tt/3d4LYYT https://t.co/WcUahtgk6e
Our afternoon cookies pair well with wine. Or espresso. It’s like being a kid all over again but with a little buzz 🌤😉. 👩‍🍳 @carmenitasita || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2wRVFc9 https://t.co/roiidjVAZU
Continuing with our theme of amazing dishes - Fried Oysters with pig head gravy, mustard hot sauce, slaw. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2TW8JFj https://t.co/q9LHacffNU
There’s toast. There’s toast with butter. There’s avocado toast. And there is what @dannyrodatx and the crew did with this LUNCH toast. Holy moly. Collard green rye toast, cheddar & oaxaca, sauerkraut slaw, red dressing. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/3cABO1E https://t.co/95DfvAkX3i
Why yes, yes that is a Fried Oyster brunch taco. 👨‍🍳 @callmelacrazy || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Tpl5a1 https://t.co/hjXmbQrYgk
Kaffir & Loathing is a refreshing tall one for this mild weather - with cilantro infused Ford’s gin, coconut milk washed Lillet, kaffir leaf, grapefruit, lime. 📷 @dandeliongatherings || @fordsgin ift.tt/2TDD7EC https://t.co/HNbIcesM3R
Strawberry Grapefruit Sorbet. Elderflower. Beet. Coconut Yogurt. Poppy Seed Crumble. This one is a refreshing treat indeed. 👩‍🍳 @carmenitasita || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Psy08Q https://t.co/Y2AAsYeoew
Just in time for Mardi Gras on Tuesday - the frozen Hurricane is back! 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/38XuBqi https://t.co/b3VC6uyMf7
In case you are feeling fancy on National Margarita Day - in addition to our wonderful frozen margarita - we have a special one with Clase Azul tequila, Grand Marnier cuvée 1880, agave nectar, lime, salt foam for $68. @claseazultequila @grandmarnierusa |… ift.tt/37OQ831 https://t.co/d5keijsZel
Chef Bryce @bryce_gilmore will be at Book People 2pm Saturday talking about and signing copies of the @oddduckalmanac with editor @wellfedlife - bring your copy or pick one up @BookPeople - we are super excited for this event. ift.tt/2vQ3bUs https://t.co/I0vwvcRNZh
Keith. Here’s a little story about Keith. We love Keith. Keith loves food. Keith loves guiding you through the menu. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2uQbTSD https://t.co/UV6R1rmoaY
Duck Egg Chocolate Pot de Crème orange cookie, cocoa nibs, whipped yogurt, olive oil. 👩‍🍳 @carmenitasita 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/37j8AAv https://t.co/fyXw3xQ1vQ
New dinner dish - Grilled carrots, salsa macha, preserved orange curd, celery. This one takes carrots to some pretty great places - and those bites of celery add a super unique freshness to the savory sauce. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/3boLuf9 https://t.co/RXMm4uDONW
Pourin’ them out at happy hour - half priced bottles of wine under $100, $3 Texas beers, $6 palomas start at 230pm and select half priced food starts at 5pm. @munclesuperstar @miller.high.on.life || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/375b4SW https://t.co/8sUz6a3RC4
The Domain de l’Espigoutte Vacqueyras. Kat (@odd.wines.atx) says, “black fruits dominate the profile - black cherry, plum, blackberry - balanced out with herbal and subtle oak notes. Also with notes of dried herbs, lavender, baking spices, and the famed … ift.tt/37WMTaI https://t.co/OMVg7YHzny
Sunday brunch and then we close at 230pm today for the Super Bowl. Sunny duck egg, carrot masa hot sauce, goat cheese, tortilla chips, pickles. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/36P7Kvf https://t.co/2AYjuPPWaT
Honey, It’s Gold Outside. @mezcalelsilencio , Yellow Chartreuse, turmeric-lemongrass honey, ginger, milk oolong, served warm. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2RG2jdN https://t.co/ad4o9enuQX
Tune in. Channel Orange - Old Grandad Bonded, Dry Curacao, Creme de Cacao, oat milk, cold brew, orange. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2RV24u8 https://t.co/rDNpJ0kAwU
The pork chop. It’s big. Fennel rubbed pork chop, braised cabbage, pine nut, raisin, cauliflower || 👨‍🍳 @callmelacrazy || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/38xGORU https://t.co/WKA40wkujS
For lunch and afternoon snack - Pork and quail corndog, doña hot sauce, apple slaw, cucumber, cilantro. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2RG0L21 https://t.co/CwENK5M2FP
Carrot Cake. Buttermilk ice cream, carrot ganache, pecan crumble, raisin. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2TIFtDu https://t.co/muSotCGbhv
To taco or not to taco? That is the brunch question. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2to9qhL https://t.co/BPM4TWBPYQ
Charred green onion dip, fresh winter radish, fried sourdough crumbs. A little treat this one is - happy hour and dinner. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/38h0utj https://t.co/yzCQOD92BV
For your goat chili pasta craving. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2FP7Dop https://t.co/WYdWRLHRCl
We don’t talk a lot about our wine selection on here - but - we are going to start because we love to share our knowledge of food with wine pairings. For instance Kat @odd.wines.atx says that this peachy, umami, stone fruity, saffron, ginger spice riesl… ift.tt/2R1PNDV https://t.co/O48MdWOEDz
Will you be our sweet potato? Oven roasted sweet potato, whipped goat cajeta, almond dukkah, pickles. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Qp2iu2 https://t.co/sw0HzJQnnL
pan·na cot·ta. /ˌpanə ˈkōdə,ˌpanə ˈkädə/. | noun | a cold Italian custard, often served with fruit sauce or caramel syrup. You oughta with this panna cotta. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2FhyNUG https://t.co/sizcwRw6Fz
Johnny Cakes with breakfast sausage, goat cheese, apple butter, maple. See y’all at Sunday brunch! 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/3687uI7 https://t.co/oJi7ktEzbp
New lunch - Lamb barbacoa huarache, smoked bean purée, pickled cauliflower, salsa chela, feta, cilantro. This one is a stunner @dannyrodatx || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/3620JYv https://t.co/F2E4V7CpIh
Today we rest and celebrate. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! @munclesuperstar @zeazia @_blayblay_ ... ... ... #atxholiday #merrychristmas #happyholidays #austintx #atxchef ift.tt/34WfAly https://t.co/mO9dS7AVPX
This installment of ‘What’s Up At Brunch’ is brought to you by French Toast. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Seyp0R https://t.co/wlTMTYDhq6
Nog-nog Who’s there? Egg Egg who? Egg nog gonna drink itself! . Barrel-aged Egg Nog is here. It’s an old @ccneel family recipe. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/34K09wQ https://t.co/dSDhm7x15h
This is Charlie. He makes a mighty fine lunch burger. @pullthetab || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/35Haxqp https://t.co/73Ysqz9IxQ
Sippin’ On Some ‘Simmon - @balconesdistilling Pot Still Bourbon, persimmon maple cinnamon syrup, lemon, oj, orange bitters. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2EznjLH https://t.co/AuPbgFByJs
T-minus 30 minutes until Croissant French Toast at Sunday Brunch. ift.tt/35si1xm https://t.co/dTdsANSdsS
Texas apples still going strong. We found @bryce_gilmore with these Cameos at the @bartoncreekfarmersmarket || Beautiful and crisp morning. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2PlxPfX https://t.co/mtGlMLCTSi
These are a must eat. Green chile crab pimento, everything bagel seeded crackers, apple, mustard seed. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2YGKIUK https://t.co/0eHQ0ltVuc
Tonight we celebrate 6 years with proceeds benefitting @sfclocal and @jabosgarden - $35 at the door for all sorts of trailer throwback eats and drinks - beer by @vistabrewing @arguscidery @zilkerbeer @hopsandgrain @jesterkingbrewery || We celebrate the h… ift.tt/343Ubqj https://t.co/OPNsaC667o
Green chili pork jam on a burger with beer cheese, turnip relish and a tostada. This is art @dannyrodatx . . . . . . . . . #atxburgers #austinburgers #cheeseburger #burgercity #atxlunch ift.tt/2qpfrci https://t.co/FgrkR6Y4gT
So many tasty treats and so little time to post. Bread Pudding, brown butter ice cream, poached pear, spiced pecan. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2r3NRln https://t.co/f8Gz9QjaNi
Next Monday 530-10pm! Come party with us - $35 at the door (proceeds to the @sfclocal) or $50 at the door for entry + our new Odd Duck Almanac. Entry includes trailer throwback food as well as a yet to be named draft cocktail and beer from @hopsandgrainift.tt/2R9jnZP https://t.co/QW0bkVSlp5
Turkey alternatives. Fresh juice and champagne. Sunday brunch. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/34xmtum https://t.co/1rR9ooF2Ys
We hope y’all have warm hearts and full bellies today. We are closed today so we can spend some time with our family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving - we will be open Friday! 📷 @dandeliongatherings #happythanksgiving #atxrestaurants #woodfired #chef… ift.tt/2OurL49 https://t.co/z4sdkNMmwi
Lunch. Fried quail, morita hot sauce, watermelon rind slaw, green chili mayo, cucumber. This is a sandwich @dannyrodatx || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2QUPY5e https://t.co/ifqhV37OgL
Some people crunch the chips up and some people dip the chips. Redfish ceviche, tiger's milk, olive, squash curry, chips. And it is in the cookbook 😉 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings with @lotus_babies lending a hand before she ate it all. ift.tt/2rrJ3pt https://t.co/qMQNHFH8Ta
Chicken fried fish head, fish-bone caramel sauce, chilis, herbs. One of our all time favorites. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2XH9fZj https://t.co/9PKCa4lX3s
We have been keeping a secret and it feels so good to finally share it - we are looking forward to the release of the Odd Duck Almanac! Chef @bryce_gilmore and the crew teamed with @wellfedlife @cattywampuspress @brockcaronart and @dandeliongatherings to… ift.tt/2D3Osph https://t.co/Cs9Ge0ryI6
Scott tellin’ it like it is - a true gentleman behind the bar. @miller.high.on.life || 📷 @dandeliongatherings #austinfoodie #atxbartender #gooddude #austinpeople #myedibleaustin #eateraustin #southaustin #atxhappyhour #austin360eats ift.tt/2s1EnXL https://t.co/8pwbr6A1uk
Feel Good, Inc. with @absolutelyx , hibiscus infused Dolin blanc vermouth, yellow chartreuse, orange bitters - think hibiscus martini - created by @kholmstr and @lotus_babies with the kind hold. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/32WjLgf https://t.co/f3dexGmRjz
Keith says, “it’s like eating frozen sweet potato pie”. @quinnbosser Sweet Potato Sorbet with spiced rum, candied ginger, turmeric granola, hibiscus. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Qt6qK4 https://t.co/OHGYmLz2YM
This little fall veggie treat - BBQ spiced butternut squash, spicy pickle, cocoa, olive, hazelnut. @zeazia and the sweater weather manicures playin’ this tasty song. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2O7sdUw https://t.co/D8jxYQBv7l
Changed up the nachos! Smoked chicken nachos, beans, salsa roja, cilantro, radish. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2PYXmfu https://t.co/epqI3VnBnj
As if regular biscuits weren’t already amazing enough. They went and did this fried biscuit goodness. Fried cheddar biscuits with apple butter and mesquite anglaise. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/34DPkwz https://t.co/TkFL6YdLMS
JB handling the newest creation from @kholmstr - Pulp Figtion - Old Grand-dad Bonded bourbon, fig syrup, allspice dram, ginger liquor, orange. @justinmburton || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2NhVT2a https://t.co/NHVZi155C5
Switched up the happy hour menu options. Cornstarch fried quail, Szechuan pepper glaze, TEXAS apple, peanuts, herbs - this one went down with a half priced bottle of wine 😋. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2JH9A8L https://t.co/bSkhVvhHQx
Brunch punch and smiles @balkizmasali || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/32eXUk9 https://t.co/JIN1K1i8M2
We love this guy. Not only does he construct many mighty fine cocktails - he has arguably the best collection of Hawaiian shirts in south Austin. Our one of a kind, out of this world GM @ccneel || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/34g4Q1s https://t.co/bRJVbYCFFJ
The super refreshing Cucumber Moscow Mule is back on draft! 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/36cULo2 https://t.co/e4uiPf9raq
Brunchin’ tomorrow? You know it! Fried quail 👀 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2MPWDeT https://t.co/AC6UMcDCjF
We are honored to be on this list of amazing Austin restaurants! Click the link in our bio to check out other places including #7 @barleyswine and #20 @sourduckmarket. Thank you @matthewodam and @austin360 ift.tt/2qKWmBn https://t.co/rC2MgbEJEb
Veggie lunch taco - so many flavors - not all of them but a lot...just keeping it real 😉. Mushrooms, peppers, green chile mayo, and that savory tortilla. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2N6y0t3 https://t.co/PJ0cEZT1eS
Zinnia loves to pour y’all wine - especially for happy hour - 1/2 off bottles under $100 until 630pm. @zeazia || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/33QGF9Z https://t.co/ARtYp6wKo2
A tall glass of The Pear Gallacher - @drippingspringsvodka with pear agave, allspice dram, cardamom tincture, lemon. Named after one of our favorite drink namers @_blayblay_ || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2J09317 https://t.co/7S1ZFNg20z
We have afternoon snacks 230 - 5pm - pork & quail corndog, doña hot sauce, charred pepper relish, cucumber, cilantro - also on the lunch menu. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/33wgnJV https://t.co/bYyNqhfRU0
Captain Bryce @bryce_gilmore steering the ship. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2q9UlOA https://t.co/HcP1UqIGqh
Sunday brunch Bologna Sandwich - definitely will change your mind about bologna. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/35sPY1l https://t.co/cM6CQAKU5I
New lunch sandwich! Fried quail, morita hot sauce, watermelon rind slaw, green chili mayo, cucumber. It’s ACL Friday - are you really going to work allllllllllllllll day??? @kholmstr || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2M4e0rE https://t.co/bGCPDx2ush
Rosè Thursdayaay. Yeah. Now it’s a thing. Honoring that sweet child o’ours - @axlrose - hey Axl if you’re around town the first glass is on us, and if you bring Slash - we got you on the pretzels. And you fellas gotta behave but you know, still keep it w… ift.tt/2nwSW3I https://t.co/BPf2mfch8b
Yeah that’s right - we even make our own soda. Sorry @cocacola but we do it local 🤓 || @lonescar toppin’ er off. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Ixbecj https://t.co/K6TtXQ2F9Q
Lunch! The tortillas are good enough to eat alone - here’s the kicker - grilled redfish, sweet pepper rajas, cucumber, green chili mayo. We are close enough to ACL to get here quick and far enough away to be out of the crowds. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2o1PCxF https://t.co/sr5uREHsfc
This ceviche has a habit of creating ceviche lovers...amirite? || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2okmyRY https://t.co/yinjO6ALtX
Pre-game, post-game, no game - we accept you all for Sunday Brunch 😊 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2nvMTvU https://t.co/Syxl1oQEyr
This is the medium sized Chicken Fried Fish Head - with fish-bone caramel sauce, melon, chiles, herbs. Thank you @lifemadebliss.yoga for the matching belt and the pause in your step || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2luW0MR https://t.co/fSFflJNvp7
Melon and cucumber salad, peach-chile marinade, pepita butter, feta, mint. Available for lunch and dinner! 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2ldcWaj https://t.co/YZllOM7NpV
Friday lunch comin’ atcha. Smoked beef sandwich - cucumber, peach kimchi, spicy tamarind aioli, herbs. So many layers of flavors. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2OclF8U https://t.co/1lVOnmNDnv
They said look at these beautiful pretzels and then we aren’t quite sure what happened next @lonescar @cmregan11 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2V1GwNC https://t.co/OS3SJOtloy
We still have tickets left for our 9.24.19 Autumn Soirée pairings dinner with @fairweathercider and @stelmobrewing || $90 per ticket (includes tax and gratuity) for 7 savory and 2 sweet shared plate courses, and 5 beer/cider pairings - including rare pou… ift.tt/32LCbAG https://t.co/6ACBihIrba
We couldn’t do it without the farmers. This is an older photo of a few of the fellas from Fruitful Hill Farm @localharvest.org_ || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2UY2lNZ https://t.co/MZntoNQpGr
Jeff representing lunch and New Mexico. Both are very magical. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/31uS12k https://t.co/TjuYNgjQfS
Tuesday’s lunch soup of the day. What a treat from @pullthetab - pickled rice, mushroom, chicken stock, roasted sweet potato, sweet potato fries. We have one every day that we serve lunch! 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2NasAzA https://t.co/ReHgO5KkOn
This is a chance to treat yourself to rare beverage selections from @stelmobrewing and @fairweathercider and paired with shared plates from yours truly. We have a total of 30 spots available and these usually go fast (link to tickets in bio) - with the p… ift.tt/2ZVMvsa https://t.co/DdiVkUnCb2
We were going to tell you about the upcoming beer/cider dinner we are hosting but that will have to wait until tomorrow because this Watermelon Sorbet is amazing - and watermelon season is winding down. The herbaceous basil, mint, and tarragon help roun… ift.tt/31b4DvF https://t.co/bLI1zM53dU
Plum And Take It. That’s the name of the drink, not a challenge. Old Grand-Dad bonded bourbon, Aperol, plum purée, orange, on nitro. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2N4iaBJ https://t.co/dzyR7yKT28
Tomorrow is the last lunch before Sunday brunch. Speaking of brunch - French Toast - reports say that it existed as early as the 5th century AD in Rome. The Romans called it Pan Dulcis. And guess what? Modern day French Toast isn’t French. It is credit… ift.tt/2NUYL5F https://t.co/5zgIAdo4Dj
Makes a Mango Crazy. Mango infused Flor de Caña rum, Kinsman apricot rakia, hatch chili simple, lime. Yes, yes it does. @flordecanausa @lonescar || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2ZPoByI https://t.co/iqeRG6Q0hs
Pretzels are on for lunch, happy hour, and dinner now - with the aerated squash queso for dipping - pairs well with draft watermelon frescas, beer, wine, rose, nachos - pretty much anything. Also, Monday is the last day of @austinrestaurantweeks - the me… ift.tt/2Leftvk https://t.co/xs0NWFi9A3
Last week’s brunch - Smoked Beef Hash with XO fried potatoes, soft poached egg, chili mayo, wheat berries. Chef if you see this my message in the bottle floating in the ocean of brunches reads “PLEASE run it again 🙂” || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2ZByWtO https://t.co/KUHzyiaFr6
For those who eat lunch...Smoked Chicken Taco Salad with black bean cavier, tomato, pepitas, peach-cumin vin. @austinrestaurantweeks still going strong - stop by for lunch and help support @ctxfoodbank || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2Zr83NR https://t.co/BAkZm2X0E5
Some of the brunch crew - french toasts, fried quails, pancakes, nachos, melon salads, coffees, palomas, sandwiches... 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/3478cEZ https://t.co/fAO8JAINVx
Draft Watermelon Fresca. You know it Austin 😉. 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2LgHpgT https://t.co/HNPZnPf5Js
This is the last week for Austin Restaurant Weeks - any lunch entrée plus a cup of gazpacho for $20 with $3 going towards @ctxfoodbank || @austinrestaurantweeks @TitosVodka || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2MDezdN https://t.co/5EjJ5uBC7B
Want to buzz with the bees? For every Summertime Blues you buy @aberfeldy will donate some bees! We also use @twohives spring harvest honey! 📷 @dandeliongatherings ift.tt/2L81Dcm https://t.co/IzfQRSREVf
This is some cool can art annnnnd @bellsbrewery will donate $1 per beer purchase to @ctxfoodbank towards fighting hunger during Austin Restaurant Weeks @austinrestaurantweeks - last lunch of the week tomorrow! We hope to see you 🙂 ift.tt/2zgabZp https://t.co/obxsPIQ3Ot
Austin Restaurant Weeks continues! Any lunch entrée and a cup of gazpacho for $20 and we donate $3 to the Central Texas Food Bank. This is the Tasso Spiced Burger with beer cheese, heirloom tomato, fried onion, toum. And those nails? Fresh from Great N… ift.tt/31NDSx3 https://t.co/NAawWnpe1X
This is Kat. She can do cool things like saber champagne bottles. We will never do this for you. Never 😂. But we want to show you our amazingly talented staff that are also experts at guiding you through your dining experience. And happy Saturday y’a… ift.tt/30fjgh0 https://t.co/4UKSczreST
Austin Restaurant Weeks benefitting @ctxfoodbank started today. We are offering ANY LUNCH ENTREE plus a cup of GAZPACHO for $20 with $3 from every meal donated to @ctxfoodbank || A side note - the perks of being a food photographer - this might have bee… ift.tt/31GkaDu https://t.co/watndyVxCP
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