Friday lunch comin’ atcha. Smoked beef sandwich - cucumber, peach kimchi, spicy tamarind aioli, herbs. So many layers of flavors. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
They said look at these beautiful pretzels and then we aren’t quite sure what happened next @lonescar @cmregan11 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
We still have tickets left for our 9.24.19 Autumn Soirée pairings dinner with @fairweathercider and @stelmobrewing || $90 per ticket (includes tax and gratuity) for 7 savory and 2 sweet shared plate courses, and 5 beer/cider pairings - including rare pou…
We couldn’t do it without the farmers. This is an older photo of a few of the fellas from Fruitful Hill Farm @localharvest.org_ || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Jeff representing lunch and New Mexico. Both are very magical. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Tuesday’s lunch soup of the day. What a treat from @pullthetab - pickled rice, mushroom, chicken stock, roasted sweet potato, sweet potato fries. We have one every day that we serve lunch! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
This is a chance to treat yourself to rare beverage selections from @stelmobrewing and @fairweathercider and paired with shared plates from yours truly. We have a total of 30 spots available and these usually go fast (link to tickets in bio) - with the p…
We were going to tell you about the upcoming beer/cider dinner we are hosting but that will have to wait until tomorrow because this Watermelon Sorbet is amazing - and watermelon season is winding down. The herbaceous basil, mint, and tarragon help roun…
Plum And Take It. That’s the name of the drink, not a challenge. Old Grand-Dad bonded bourbon, Aperol, plum purée, orange, on nitro. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Tomorrow is the last lunch before Sunday brunch. Speaking of brunch - French Toast - reports say that it existed as early as the 5th century AD in Rome. The Romans called it Pan Dulcis. And guess what? Modern day French Toast isn’t French. It is credit…
Makes a Mango Crazy. Mango infused Flor de Caña rum, Kinsman apricot rakia, hatch chili simple, lime. Yes, yes it does. @flordecanausa @lonescar || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Pretzels are on for lunch, happy hour, and dinner now - with the aerated squash queso for dipping - pairs well with draft watermelon frescas, beer, wine, rose, nachos - pretty much anything. Also, Monday is the last day of @austinrestaurantweeks - the me…
Last week’s brunch - Smoked Beef Hash with XO fried potatoes, soft poached egg, chili mayo, wheat berries. Chef if you see this my message in the bottle floating in the ocean of brunches reads “PLEASE run it again 🙂” || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
For those who eat lunch...Smoked Chicken Taco Salad with black bean cavier, tomato, pepitas, peach-cumin vin. @austinrestaurantweeks still going strong - stop by for lunch and help support @ctxfoodbank || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Some of the brunch crew - french toasts, fried quails, pancakes, nachos, melon salads, coffees, palomas, sandwiches... 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Draft Watermelon Fresca. You know it Austin 😉. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
This is the last week for Austin Restaurant Weeks - any lunch entrée plus a cup of gazpacho for $20 with $3 going towards @ctxfoodbank || @austinrestaurantweeks @TitosVodka || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Want to buzz with the bees? For every Summertime Blues you buy @aberfeldy will donate some bees! We also use @twohives spring harvest honey! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
This is some cool can art annnnnd @bellsbrewery will donate $1 per beer purchase to @ctxfoodbank towards fighting hunger during Austin Restaurant Weeks @austinrestaurantweeks - last lunch of the week tomorrow! We hope to see you 🙂
Austin Restaurant Weeks continues! Any lunch entrée and a cup of gazpacho for $20 and we donate $3 to the Central Texas Food Bank. This is the Tasso Spiced Burger with beer cheese, heirloom tomato, fried onion, toum. And those nails? Fresh from Great N…
This is Kat. She can do cool things like saber champagne bottles. We will never do this for you. Never 😂. But we want to show you our amazingly talented staff that are also experts at guiding you through your dining experience. And happy Saturday y’a…
Austin Restaurant Weeks benefitting @ctxfoodbank started today. We are offering ANY LUNCH ENTREE plus a cup of GAZPACHO for $20 with $3 from every meal donated to @ctxfoodbank || A side note - the perks of being a food photographer - this might have bee…
Smoked pork belly, crispy fig leaf rice, tamarind glaze, mango slaw, fried leeks. Savory, crispy, tangy. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Have a cow - literally we have a great lunch burger - have a drink, this is the Trini-Dad Jokes with @drippingspringsvodka , Damiana, cantaloupe, trinidad pepper honey. Also have a great weekend because we love you. Annnnd we are accepting dad jokes in t…
Charlie @pullthetab finishing off those lunch pretzels with some aerated squash queso. We also have them for dinner - the pretzels not Charlie. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
One of the versions of the brunch cantaloupe salad - with trinidad vin, sweet chiles, mint/basil, thai chili salt. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
This is Jim. He works hard making sure we have milk, pork, and duck eggs. We certainly couldn’t do it without @richardsonfarmdiary and all our other great farmers. You can visit his wife Kay at the @sfcfarmersmarket downtown or catch Jim at the Barton Cr…
Green chile crab pimento, peach gazpacho, everything bagel seeded crackers. Peaches and crab, who woulda thought??? 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The Dewb Abides with dewberry-mint infused @drippingspringsvodka , Mandarine Nepolean, bubbles. Sunday brunch only. @_blayblay_ with those nails from Great Nails on S. 1st. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Actually we have the cure and ironically enough IT IS the Summertime Blues - @aberfeldy 12 yr whisky, Amaro Abano, blueberry-dewberry agave, lemon. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
As Scott leaned in closer he said, “this, this right here - this will change the cocktail world forever”...we had a busy night that night and somehow the recipe was lost forever. But don’t worry, our creative band of bartenders are always searching for n…
Seared shrimp, okra-bacon stew, cornbread, corn relish, whipped shishito crema. Yes. Please. Thank you. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Dudes with tattoos and chocolate croissants from @sourduckmarket - sounds like a great Austin brunch. Thank you @pullthetab for the hold. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Well now that’s just peachy. And frozen for that summer heat. And a margarita because, well, MARGARITA. Frozen Peach Margarita - @lunazultequila with Cointreau, peaxh purée, lime, agave. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
LUNCH Smoked Chicken Taco Salad with black bean cavier, tomato, pepitas, peach-cumin vin. A touch of spice and a whole lot of fresh veggies and savory chicken and cheese. @dannyrodatx || Thank you @sourduckmarket for smoking the chicken! || 📷 @dandel…
TEAM = 🔑 None of this is possible without our team! Our team is everything honestly! Not pictured, but just as integral to keeping things moving are our amazing farmers, our hard-working + dedicated staff, our vendors, our incredible guests & the eve…
Today we say goodbye to our wonderful brunch leader @go.g.o.go - happy trails friend, it has been a tasty journey. To celebrate our time together we eat! This is the Eggplant Fritter with dill mint yogurt, hummus, merguez sausage, sun gold tomatoes…
Peach grilled quail, fried potato salad, XO, green chile mayo, wheat berries. Mouth. Water. Ing. || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Cast Iron Peach Cobbler - blue cheese pie crust, whey caramel, cinnamon ice cream. No need for witty banter about this one 😜 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Don’t sleep on our lunch now - @dannyrodatx is doing it right - Tasso spiced burger, beer cheese, pork belly, pickled turnip, fried onion, toum. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Sunday brunch comin’ at ya with @go.g.o.go - smoked tri tip, caramelized onion biscuit, mushroom gravy, oyster mushroom. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
We hope everyone is having a happy 4th! Hope to see your smiling faces at lunch tomorrow! The patio will be chilled and @munclesuperstar will make sure our tables are set with flowers from @petals_ink || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Tomorrow (7.1.19) we are taking the day off for the annual employee appreciation party. See y’all on Tuesday! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
This was the crab omelette from brunch last week - with taragon bechamel, ground cherry relish, puffed rice. We wonder what @go.g.o.go has for us this Sunday??? 📷 @dandeliongatherings
This little heartbreaker is back - draft Watermelon Fresca - @lunazultequila, Aperol, watermelon & lime juice, tarragon simple, rose bubbles, salt foam. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Negroni Week! We have 4 unique Negronis to choose from and $3 from every Negroni sold will be donated to @nokidhungry || || 📷 @dandeliongatherings ||
One of the happy hour beers this month - @bvbrewing Millions of Peaches. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Some good vibes at brunch today with this breakfast burger, fried egg, pimento, chorizo-pinto paste, chili mayo, chips. @seedofthestar giving a hand with those colors. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The panna cotta makes us feel so good. Taste and style. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
So many great things coming out of the kitchen these days! This is the goat merguez with eggplant, pickled peppers, cucumber, coffee, olive, toum. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Behold the dawn of a new draft cocktail - Papa Don’t Peach - @1876vodka , aperol, lemon, hoja santa. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Shishito Sorbet - mango crumble, coconut yogurt, mango purée. This dessert is on the chain, we mean off the chain errrr we mean on the hook, wait, no - it is off the hook! Thank you @go.g.o.go for making it. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
We are honored to be on @AustinChronicle #firstplates - We would love it if you visited to see what all the fuss is about 😉 #atx #atxlife #austinfood #award #toprestaurant #atxeats #yum #local #farmtotable #community #huffposttaste #foodie
This dish definitely treats tomato season with some love - marinated tomatoes, herbs, triple cream cheese from Texas Mozzarella Company @mozzco , onion, breadcrumbs. So fresh. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Party on Tuesday on the east side - @sourduckmarket is turning 1! Bluegrass, BBQ, drinks, and charity!
Brunch has been mighty tasty lately! @go.g.o.go || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The cow mug is right - good enough to eat - always listen to the cow mug. Seeded pretzel sticks with aerated squash queso. Lunch and dinner!! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Chèvre tater tots, braised goat, green garlic bisque, mushroom, escabeche. Typical brunch with @go.g.o.go - amazing never gets boring though ;) || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Mr. Darbalina is the first drink made by @lonescar and that chamomile honey is oh so good - also with @altostequila , Daron calvados, coconut, lemon, orange zest. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Cheers to a great weekend and amazing holiday on the patio with @balkizmasali and @jwestexas ! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The brunch Chamomile Panna Cotta looking all spring like with fried pistachios, peach, scone, basil, mint. @go.g.o.go making it rain dessert. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
No Rest For The Wicked - a new frozen cocktail with summertime flavors - yaupon tea, lemon, mint and boozy in all the right places with @plantation.rum and Velvet Falernum. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The lunch menu is looking mighty fine these days - including this new one from chef @dannyrodatx - Elote cakes with lime mayo, nutritional yeast, cilantro, paprika. And guess what? It is VEGAN - the mayo is made with coconut milk! || 📷 @dandeliongat…
Yeah, you know, just some beet sorbet. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The chicken fried fish head in all of its beet bbq sauce glory with pickles and herbs. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Yesterday’s brunch was pretty special; so many smiling mothers - hats off to the women and all of the amazing work you do! And then there was this - sweet potato crepe, pork belly, peaches, ricotta, sweet potato chips from @go.g.o.go || 📷 @dandelion…
With all these rainy days we are about the only place in town to get some Sunshine Reggae - with Raynal VSOP, Cointeau, Aperol, vanilla gomme, orange, grapefruit. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
New dish from the brain of @carrieyoing - Pinto bean falafel, cashew carrot hummus, Za’Atar mayo, pickled beets, spicy honey, tomato, feta, herb salad - @licensetojilll told me afterwards that she is a hand model - it all made sense after that. 📷 @da…
New lunch sandwich! Smoked tri-tip sandwich, spicy tamarind mayo, kimchi, basil, cilantro, mint, spicy pickled carrots. And that plate 🎉 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Word on the street is that May 2019 is the last month for this juicy one - long live the draft paloma! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
We are so excited to be a part of the 12th Annual Farm to Plate, benefitting Sustainable Food Center @sfclocal || Taste fresh, seasonal food from more than 30 of Austin’s best chefs, sip on artisan cocktails, local wine, and craft beer, and enjoy live mu…
Now this is a lunch salad! Smoked chicken chopped salad, strawberry, spring tomato, wheatberries, feta, hazelnuts. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The refreshing Electric Jellyfish on tap to help with these humid days @pinthousebeer || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Brunch is about to happen - Fried French toast with croissant bread, peanut whipped cream, buttermilk caramel, orange zest, cinnamon sugar. . . . . . . #atxbrunch #brunch #sundaybrunch #croissant #cinnamon #caramel #peanuts #sweets #atxlife #atxlifestyle…
It was a beautiful morning at the downtown farmers market @sfcfarmersmarket @sfclocal - a lot of greens and smiles - thank you @tecolotefarm for all your hard work and wonderful produce! . . . . . . . 📷 @dandeliongatherings #farm #farmersmarket #sust…
How @_blayblay_ shares - burger for rosè. Annnnnd it’s a NEW LUNCH BURGER. So we ordered two rosès and another burger 😋 - tasso spiced burger, blue beer cheese, romaine, pickled turnip, fried onion, toum. Nails by Great Nails on S 1st. 📷 @dandelionga…
Egg noodles, goat chili, goat feta, cilantro, radish, tortilla chips || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
New nachos - still on happy hour - might be the best version yet! 📷 @dandeliongatherings. . . . . . #nachos #atxhappyhour #buzzfeast #austinfoodphotographer #austin360eats #austinfoodstagram #instafood #atxeats #austintx #southatx #atxrestaurants #au…
‘Passing the bavette on nail day with Keith’. Brunch 2019. @_blayblay_ @quinnbosser
It’s almost impossible to put into words how perfect the NEW LUNCH veggie taco tastes; right down to the perfectly prepared tortilla - mushrooms, mushroom conserva, flour tortilla, cabbage slaw, radish, cilantro, carrot-masa hot sauce. 📷 @dandelionga…
Changed up the #pretzels - seeded pretzel sticks with broccoli queso || @balkizmasali and @jwestexas sharing and caring || 📷 @dandeliongatherings . . . . . . #atxeats #atxrestaurants #austinite #edibleaustin #queso #dinner #huffposttaste #buzzfeast …
The Sunday brunch spread from @go.g.o.go and co. || 📷 @dandeliongatherings . . . . . #edibleaustin #atxrestaurants #eggs #frenchtoast #austinite #bavette #scone #farmhousestyle #brunch #atxbrunch #sundayfunday #weekendvibes #tasteofaustin
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Orgeat - @elsilenciococktails @mezcalelsilencio , mezcal, Damiana, pecan orgeat, orange, lemon - also a fun game to play with the new pretzel dish hiding in the corner over there (more on that next post 😉). 🍸 invented by @k…
New spring drink! Little Ketchup with spring tomato infused Austin Reserve Gin, @pimmsgb, Barrow’s ginger, dill vermouth. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Apparently it’s National Beer Day - which is a bit confusing to us because we celebrate beer Every. Damn. Day 😜. Happy hour is happening now! $3 select Texas beers until 630pm. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
We love you. And each other - excited for the weekend! We just felt like saying thank you for the wonderful community that supports us and the local farmers. @ccneel @justinmburton @cmregan11
Wednesday friends staring you down 😉 Munsinger & The Mark with @drippingspringsvodka, @stgermaindrinks, Barrow’s ginger, basil, carrot, lemon. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Blue cheese and beets. Huh, who knew it would be such a good pairing 🤷‍♂️👩‍🍳 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Grilled quail with green garlic bisque, puffed rice, ras el hanout, mandarin || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Violets, roses, baked cherries, black raspberries, plums, spice...just a few tasting notes. You come see us and we will help steer the food and drink ship to paradise 😉👨‍🍳😊 || @jwestexas with the wine grip || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Last day to vote for our sweet sister @sourduckmarket - link in bio!
The fried bologna from a few brunches ago...I wonder what surprises @go.g.o.go has in store for this Sunday? 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The new pork chop - polenta, carrot-chili glaze, toum, celery, fennel || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Want to work where the food is amazing and your co-workers are too? Oh and then there is the paid time off, full health, dental, vision coverage. Please bring resume to us in person between 2-4pm M-F. We look forward to meeting you!
You will probably miss this one but it is the happy hour toast today - bavette wagyu, broccoli pesto, aioli, pea shoots, chili oil. The good news is we have something special most days! 📷 @dandeliongatherings
The Good, The Bad, & The Lovely. @fordsgin @italicus @desertdoor with meyer lemon and lavender honey. Everything about this one is beautiful. 📷 @dandeliongatherings
We usually have an off the menu daily special - this was last week - merguez sausage, tater tots, cauliflower puree || 📷 @dandeliongatherings
Now hiring COOKS - paid time off, full health, dental, vision coverage. Email inquiries and resume to
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