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No Tweets from @FoxNews in five days but it feels like when Darth disappeared and then came back later with an even bigger, more disgusting Death Star.
ANNOUNCEMENT: I am splitting my second headquarters between two locations: the master bathroom and the kitchen. #omarHQ2
Austin is one of the top cities for winter travel, according to study
"Wait, who's pulling the sled?" "I thought you were pulling the sled." "I thought we ALL were pulling the sled." "OH NOOOOOO!" -- dog dialogue from my unproduced screenplay for "Snow Dogs 2: Husky Sized"
OK, several things. 1. I DO NOT LIKE this Facebook ad that was (apparently?) targeted at me. NO. 2. Leave the tie on, sir. 3. How does this ad have 515 shares? Even as a joke? No one you shared this with appreciates it, I promise you.
This is not OK. @KUT @TexasStandard please give us an update on what's going on with this. It's not a good look.…
RT @jslovegrove: In a new @nytimes op-ed, @MarkSanford says the #SC01 outcome "offers a chance for conservative soul-searching" and argues…
On the ocassion of @wsj reporting that NYC and Virginia are getting Amazon's HQ2 I was gonna share the Austin what might have been that @joegross and I did but the funny visuals are all gone and now the print version is better. Guess you had to be there.…
Not everyone in Central Texas will experience a freeze tonight, but if you miss out tonight, you will have a freeze Tuesday night as an area-wide freeze is expected. #ATXwx #TXwx
My reservation is for Wednesday night, hope there's not a long line.
Have been listening to this all day and I have to keep stopping what I'm doing to just admire how beautiful and fresh so much of it still feels.
It's really nice that Stan Lee got his due while he was still alive and could enjoy it. Farewell, Mr Lee.
Lotta curse words in today's The Daily podcast! Good on @mikiebarb and crew for not bleeping them out.
Oh wow, I totally missed that the @npralltech blog, which I used to write for, ended in June. I think I was distracted by all the other things that were ending this last summer and fall.
My dad's visiting my daughter's school for their Veteran's Day event today. Thanks, Dad, for this and everything else.
When you put down your umbrella but still have plenty of shade.…
Several men swaying in circles on the dance floor, cradling full pitchers of beer, was the most #Wurstfest thing I saw this year.
You know what's a great source for short blog posts? Your own past Tweets and Facebook posts.
Been a while since I made some of these babies. . . #sproutsfrombrussels #austin360cooks #veggies #lacreuset #brusselsprouts
ICYMI, I made a desperate plea to @zdarsky and @KaganMcLeod to bring back the deliriously fun comic book "Kaptara." The answer was... maybe it'll come back? #bringbackkaptara #kaptara @ImageComics
Always love sharing #wurstfest with friends and family.
New dog dating app for dog lovers hits Austin
I may be out of line here, but I feel like dating dogs crosses a line.
This week's Amazon Prime Video guide email doesn't even mention #Homecoming or #TheRomanoffs, which shows you how terrible Amazon Video is at promoting its own biggest originals.
Per intel from @matthewodam, you can get these at @antonesnightclub now even at lunchtime. So I did. . . . #austin360eats
"There is no creativity, no innovation without failure." - @BreneBrown. BRB, gonna go succeed at failing as much as possible rest of today. #TXconfwomen
I always feel like things are going to be better when @BreneBrown is on stage #TXconfwomen
Me and another guy standing outside a bathroom: "They changed all the bathrooms to women's." "That's awesome! But... I really have to go." "Me too." "What do we do?" "Well, don't go in THERE. I know that much." "Maybe there's one upstairs?" "I'll race you." #TXconfwomen
Watching @eramshaw lead a talk on how the #metoo movement is practically affecting workplaces.… Among the unintended side effects is some men resisting engaging with women or mentoring them.
Spending today at @TexasWomen Conference, which always has a huge turnout. #TXConfWomen
The little tiny Bortles jersey killed me. I am dead. Please avenge me due to aforementioned death. #TheGoodPlace
Why are real estate sites Zillow and Redfin now buying and selling homes themselves? We talked about it today on @TexasStandard…
Hey, buddy. #lizardsofinstagram #donotrecycle #newbraunfels
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a little while discussing some money moves made by Zillow and Redfin that could affect your next real-estate search. Relocate your ears to this segment!
I'm going to be participating in One Page Salon for the first time tonight with a reading after many years of chickening out. 7:30-9:30 p.m. tonight, @ndaustin #onepagesalon
I wrote a Tweet about Jeff Sessions once, it wasn't all that great.…
Shaking the dust off my old personal Wordpress site and adding some backdated entries.
RT @zdarsky: @omarg @BookPlusFilm @ImageComics I love the book and would love nothing more than to continue it. But it's hard.
RT @zdarsky: @omarg @BookPlusFilm @ImageComics This is very sweet. The truth is, issue six was written before issue five came out. Kagan go…
I wrote an open letter to comics star @zdarsky begging him to #BringBackKaptara. Is "Begging" a strong word for a persuasive essay? Probably! But I am not above begging at this point. You can find it at @BookPlusFilm. Heed this, @ImageComics.
It's like people save their all-time worst Tweets for Election Night and Oscar Night.
I know there's a lot of hating on voting machines today but I'd prefer playing "Red Dead Redemption II" on a controller like this: #RDR2
I went back to vote again today because I didn't realize there was a a whole separate bond election ballot when I early voted. Then I was sent to a second polling location today because wrong precinct. But I did it and it felt good. Thank you, this has been my tale of tenacity.
Me on Election Day 2016 vs. me on Election Day 2018 #MidtermElections2018
On Christmas Eve we hang up festive stockings. On Election Eve we hang up Xanax dispensers.
RT @JolentaG: Me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018
You have one day left to turn literally ANY conversation into a conversation about the #Midterms2018 @WendiAarons @mcsweeneys
So Amazon is doing free shipping, no minimum for EVERYONE for the holidays. This might be rough for other retailers.…
Hey, well done @Spotify. #Midterms #Midterms2018 #MidtermElections #music #texas
I didn’t get one of these!
Weird, it popped up yesterday right before I went on a run. Here's the link:…
Hey, well done, spotify.. . . #midterms #midtermelections #texas #music #voting…
We've got movie sign! . . . . #mst3klive #austin #mst3k
The biopic's lead character will be played by Sufjan Stevens, who also composed the soundtrack.…
"No, YOUR podcast is self-indulgent and derivative! (PUNCH)"…
Awwwwww, shit, Facebook, you just got FRONTLINED! #frontline #facebook #whenfacebookgotfrontlined #ohshityoujustgotfrontlined @frontlinepbs
I sure hope this is the beginning of the end of Lightning cables:
According to #Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte does not count as a holiday drink, THIS IS HOW CRAZY 2018 HAS GOTTEN
OK, but why no button for frozen pizza?
On @TexasStandard today we talked about whether @IBM's big bet on @RedHat is going to pay off.
If you have a Spotify Premium family account you can claim a free Google Home Mini --
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit discussing whether IBM’s move to buy Red Hat makes sense. Get the aural stream into your brain!
And this was a nice and kind acknowledgement from the @AustinChronicle: I miss my @statesman fam.
And what's this? @yayayayamina won for Best of Austin Actress? I am lucky to know these talented peeps.
Well-deserved honor for @the_mical: @AustinChronicle Best of Austin Actor! Dude's been working his ass off all year.
For Halloween I am pandering to the millennials. #thisishalloween #avacados
Why I Won't Vote, an essay by Me Me Me Me Me Me, It's All About Me, I Mean, I Guess, I Don't Know, Who Cares, Now I Have Anxiety, Jr.
We are lagging way behind Japan on Kit Kat flavor technology.…
Agree on all except candy corn. You candy corn haters are enemies of America’s waxy, booming bumper crop.…
Writers: only one more day left for Halloween candy hot takes!
I know my health insurance agent is great at his job because there’s a Roku remote sitting on his desk.
OK, so @HEB Thin Special Recipe Chips ranked: 1. Korean BBQ 2. Smoked Gouda 3. Smoked Brisket 4. Italian Sausage & Peppers 5. Skillet Queso 6. Pot Roast I am available to freelance a 1,000-word article justifying this list.
What does a technology podcast sound like when it’s only one minute long? That’s what I’ve been working on for about a year. I just turned in 20 more segments for TechMinute With Omar Gallaga for a total of 100 episodes. You can hear the first 75 here:
Sent an email to a work contact to let them know I’m no longer at my last job, got an autoreply saying that person is no longer at that job.
Will be part of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud division which also happens to be my favorite kind of pillow.…
People who make exquisitely elaborate pumpkin carvings, I salute you. But couldn’t you have been a surgeon?
Adidas is officially doing "Beavis & Butt-Head" products in November --
Wow, that's a lot of photos on that white van. If it's the right one, can we add some copyright-infringement charges to the bombing ones?
Happy Don't Think About Distressing Labor Conditions While Playing "Red Dead Redemption 2" Day, everybody!
On @TexasStandard today we talked about the new wave of home voice assistants that are evolving to include smart screens. TOO smart for your privacy or a great holiday gift?
Today’s the start of @FantasticArcade! Read my @statesman / @512tech story on how the indie games fest is faring since stepping away from @fantasticfest and what’s new this year
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit discussing the current wave of smart screens (Amazon Show 2, Google Home Hub, Facebook BORTLES, er Portals). Tune in and watch with your ears!
When I try to sound smart in the afternoon (left) versus when I try to sound smart at 8 a.m.
In the #metoo era, is there a worse name for a ride-hailing company than “Grab?"…
Worst job in the world: translator/transcriber for this phone line.…
Late-breaking new Austin mayoral candidate
If you win the $1.6 billion #MegaMillions jackpot and you live in Austin, you now have the option to get it paid out as bottled water.
Your annual reminder that Elastica’s first album, full of super-short, punchy af songs, still slaps. #slapsfordays #slaptober #slaptoberfest
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