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Former @statesman tech culture writer + podcaster. Now freelancing for @austin360, @bookplusfilm, @bnscifi, others. Member @TheLCP. Breaker of chain emails.
Inspired by the recent "Guns 'N' Rosé" lawsuit, here are some heavy metal drinks for the middle-aged (thanks for the help, @WendiAarons): terribly-happy.com/2019/05/heavy-…
OK, Game of Thrones is over, on to the next big, bloody epic with too many characters, convoluted storylines and a controversial finish: the 2020 election.
If you like gigantic portraits of old white guys and no one else, plan a visit to your nearest federal courthouse! #traveltips
ARYA STARK: I’ll just walk the Earth. VINCENT VEGA: What'cha mean walk the earth? ARYA STARK: You know, walk the earth, meet people... get into adventures. Like Kane in "Kung Fu." VINCENT VEGA: So you decided to be a bum? #gameofthrones
Bob Woodward's next book is about how the new ruler of Westeros just holes up in his room watching Raven TV all morning, sends out dozens of weird, misspelled scrolls in response, and becomes increasingly erratic as members of his council are forced to resign one by one.
Bran is like, “This is why you don’t ever listen to the early candidate polling.” #gameofthrones
Remember the coffee cup? Those were good times. #GameOfThrones
RT @katherine77: I got hype for the Westworld trailer until I saw it was a Westworld trailer
My #GameofThrones story is that I have to report for federal jury duty an hour away at 7:45 am tomorrow morning. #ValarDohaeris
Moving apps around on an iOS screen still feels like washing a litter of small, jittery dogs that are all trying to jump out of the tub at the same time.
RT @NewsForrest: “In the interest of helping you make your own plan of attack for TV watching, let's take a look at some claims you might r…
Hey, it's @MayorAdler and @notthatmoby at #outlierpodfest! https://t.co/p2nf4eFHtJ
Streaming TV be gettin' complicated. Here's a piece I wrote for the @statesman about the changing options of paying for programming: twitter.com/512tech/status…
I know it was a long wait, but I was still not prepared for "Fleabag" S2 E1.
I'm moderating a panel on AI called "What's the Worst That Could Happen?" at Outlier Podcast Festival! Tomorrow, 11:05 a.m. at @galvanize Austin, bit.ly/2WQ5dg6 Panelists: Sara Hall, @AmberJGunst and @Docuguy.
She was a good kitty. #grumpycat #rip https://t.co/DHGUS3MLrZ
So sad to hear about the passing of @RealGrumpyCat, internet star and former #SXSW draw. RIP. (With @tinaphan and @emmajanzen) https://t.co/1UUSkEO0aa
On @TexasStandard today: searching for specific streaming movies/TV doesn't have to be a stupid, ridiculous, thumb-exhausting, choices-you-made-in-life questioning struggle. bit.ly/2WLUHqh
I was trying to figure out which cereal to eat this morning and Alyssa Milano popped out of my pantry to weigh in on the issue.
I'll be on @TexasStandard in a little while talking about the challenge of searching for stuff to watch across so many streaming TV platforms. TV programming: guides: assemble! https://t.co/Tw9rKc3qvm
It was great when it was raining tacos, but hailing taquitos: apparently NO BUENO bit.ly/2WJPRJV
Alabama just got everyone to stop shitting on "Game of Thrones" for a few hours.
For ⁦@BookPlusFilm, I wrote about how ⁦@netflix's⁩ "I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson" works by NOT reinventing the sketch-comedy wheel. bookandfilmglobe.com/television/tv-…
Almost positive that the president's car insurance isn't Progressive. twitter.com/Breaking911/st…
If you have to close down, Monty Python helps. bit.ly/2WJH3Uk https://t.co/2dEmR0WXTR
Three words I never need to see together in a headline again: "Uber" "Naked" and "Short." bit.ly/2WIUHat
Saw the @ElArroyoATX sign being changed and feel like I walked in on Santa Claus leaving gifts.
There are now 130 segments of “TechMinute with Omar Gallaga” online with another 25 in the can and coming soon to the website and your radio dial. Thanks to @texasmutual and everyone who’s been so supportive on this project. techminutetexas.com
“Well, actually, if you look at the books...” — people explaining how to watch television in 2019.
Can't say we weren't warned. #trogdor #gameofthrones https://t.co/o7JBBc1cOn
Even Cormac McCarthy's like, "This is a bit much." #GameOfThrones
Get ready for some Rob Lowe sightings, Austin. twitter.com/primetimercom/…
Disappointed to discover that "Sex Strike" is not a new Netflix series about a diverse squad of naked intimacy-coaching commandos. They carry dildos, not guns.
For @primetimercom, I made a list of all the terrible things Selina Meyer did this campaign season leading to the @VeepHBO series finale on Sunday. #veep primetimer.com/features/veep-… https://t.co/2sqwJMVEtC
You name your kid Bronn or Danaerys, you deserve whatever teen rebellion phase you get. twitter.com/joemurph/statu…
My brother @Pabably told me I can't watch "Glass" (Blu-ray borrowed from the library!) until I've seen "Split," and now I have TWO M. Night Shyamalan movies to watch and I have never been more furious.
"Do they explain what happened w/ red skull and how he ended up on Vermouth or whatever the fuck it’s called?" -- me asking @Pabably the hard #MCU questions
I went back and watched "The Incredible Hulk" movie out of curiosity and it has not aged well, primarily because it is bad. #mcu
On Texas Standard today: are "budget" flagship phones from Apple, Samsung and Google a better option than $1000+ smart phones? bit.ly/2JeTIvw
I'll be on @TexasStandard soon! Bring your calculator. twitter.com/texasstandard/…
RT @MissABalderas: @omarg Hi Omar! 👋🏼 Could you help RT our project? It’s #TeachersAppreciationWeek and we have a DOUBLE✌🏼MATCH thanks to @…
Know any families in Austin weighing their streaming TV options over the rest of the year? Would love to talk to one of them for a story. (And yes I know we're ALL weighing this.)
My tax returns from 1985-1994 reveal heavy financial losses tied to U2 posters and Arby's Triple Melts.
The most forward-looking feature of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove” is that “Tonight” can be any night, not just the night you’re hearing it. But it COULD be tonight. It works for pretty much any date on which you care to slice it right. bit.ly/2vLL7ri
For @austin360 and the @statesman I wrote about @tiktok_us and the challenge of deciding when to allow your kids to use social networks. My younger daughter and I have been experimenting with a solution; here’s a column about that process: austin360.com/entertainmentl…
Via JCPenney, what was missing from Avengers: Endgame https://t.co/Khz2QuvCve
I saw Avengers: Endgame again and everything that happened the first time happened the exact same way the second time, so I think we’re safe.
Yes but only if the royal baby had just hatched out of an egg behind him. twitter.com/thecut/status/…
Just had a really big lunch and feeling some turbidity myself, URP... twitter.com/statesman/stat…
I always thought I’d never make it in the harsh, backstabby world of Westeros, but if they have @Starbucks, I can probably survive. #GamefThrones
Alternate #GameofThrones episode title: Everyone Disappoints Everybody.
So proud of the talented @latinocomedyproject cast and writer/director @adrian.d.villegas for bringing #EstarGuars to life! Such a fun show and the audience was super into it. #maythe4thbewithyou bit.ly/2H4GW0t https://t.co/AbQnVbZqoj
Quadruple overtime is also me at Cici’s Pizza buffet table.
RT @EstarGuarsFest: Tonight’s the night! Show Opener! We have more shows running May4-11th. Get your tix & #Maythe4BeWithYou @TheLCP #ESTAR…
My chat with @TexasStandard about virtual / AR pets and @furiends. twitter.com/texasstandard/…
What are the 10 best sketches from @netflix's excellent new series "I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson?" I ranked them for the new site @primetimercom #IThinkYouShouldLeave bit.ly/2Wo9s2b https://t.co/im0vxgdLHp
Maybe the biggest issue for the 2020 election and only getting worse twitter.com/eyalpress/stat…
RT @latinoculture: Will you be in #Austin in May? Check out these top cultural events! @cinelasamericas @TheLCP @ratexas @TheSuperfonicos h…
I'll be on @TexasStandard in a bit talking about AI and virtual pets! Feed your digital pets and then tune in! twitter.com/WellsDunbar/st…
For Barnes & Noble, I used my beefy Dad powers to try to solve one of the mysteries of the great graphic novel "Mister Miracle" by @TomKingTK and @MitchGerads #mistermiracle @DCComics bit.ly/2DI12eB
Roseanne no longer the most problematic Barr.
Rosanne no longer the most problematic Barr.
The newest full-length show from @TheLCP arrives this weekend and seats are selling out. Can't wait to see it for myself twitter.com/AustinChronicl…
What I'm gonna do is just sit out the first 21 movies and then binge them all right before the opening of "Sonic the Hedgehog: Endgame"
Great decision: @cap10k will be sending a link to 2019 race registrants on June 3 with free registration code for April 5 (my birthday!), 2020. Watch your email.
Dancing on IKEA rugs shouldn't look this cool bit.ly/2DEl1uQ
Sad to hear that @anki is shutting down, they made fun, cool products. I wrote about them last year, here's the first chunk of that story before the CMS cuts off -- atxne.ws/2PK5Tze
As a card-carrying, bad joke-making, yelling-to-knock-off-that-racket-in-the-next-room Dad, I was able to write my parenting-based theory on what happens in #MisterMiracle, one of the best comics series of the last year for the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog, @BNSciFi twitter.com/BNSciFi/status…
RT @BNSciFi: Last weekend @TomKingTK & @MitchGerads' MISTER MIRACLE picked up 4 #EisnerAward nominations—and if you've been puzzling over t…
Here's some nitpicky shit: doesn't "To podcast" mean making a podcast, not listening to them? This email made it sound like @hearluminary will let you publish podcasts. https://t.co/jDbnrXRQQQ
Night King was NOT gonna stop until he saw the store manager. #GameOfThrones
Also, let's hear it for "Just got laid" mojo #GameOfThrones
#GamefThrones took some lessons from #TheWalkingDead on how to darken up everything so you think maybe you know who's fighting what but not really.
Summer got here early. #bahnlife #waterpark #summer #schlitterbahn #aprilheatwave bit.ly/2WeaFZS https://t.co/tIu0bKZVe0
They're all full of ash except the one that says Groot and also has some twigs in it. 😭 #latergram #avengersendgame bit.ly/2vos1Hw https://t.co/ZwuTEFZI0c
Thanos --> Theranos --> There Is A Nose
Five minutes before “Avengers #Endgame” is pee like you’ve never peed before time.
He was just Biden his time, oh yes I did take a number for that joke, it was 7,877 and I waited patiently in line for three years.
Here's today's @TexasStandard segment about giant tech companies that just can't seem to stop fightin' and fussin' with each other. bit.ly/2DyHQ30 #feuds
Yes, I signed up for @hearluminary and yes, the first two episodes of John Cameron Mitchell's "Anthem: Homunculus" already broke my heart like three times. Go check it out, use my code if you sign up. bit.ly/2W2c6dM bit.ly/2W2c9X0
Catching up with @jessicamf1976 and @alienmatters last night. bit.ly/2L02j73 https://t.co/RiZHu6uZ4c
Spent like half a day updating Wordpress and fixing a bunch of plug-ins to tell you what I've been up to the last two months terribly-happy.com/2019/04/whats-…
Spend like half a day updating Wordpress and fixing a bunch of plug-ins to tell you what I've been up to the last two months terribly-happy.com/2019/04/whats-…
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit to talk about big feuds between big tech companies. Put aside all grudges and tune in!
I bought Easter candy at CVS but when they rang it up there was no discount. I bought it anyway out of embarrassment, NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO SELL EASTER CANDY AT FULL PRICE AFTER EASTER! Thank you for coming to my TED talk, wait this isn't TED, UNHAND ME, BUNNY ASSASSINS, NOOOO!
I will take my pretend candy and health and beauty needs elsewhere in a show of solidarity Who's sorry now, CVS? Who's sorry now?
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