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EVERYBODY got a lotta shit to discuss as soon as the credits roll on “#Us.”
RT @EvieN: God it must feel so good for Mueller to close all those browser tabs.
When you just finished that big report everyone was waiting for
Over on the @statesman, I wrote about "Refugee Is Not My Name," a really fascinating multimedia exhibit that will be on display at @TheTexasCapitol building next week Story should be in print on Sunday as well.
Hey @Viacom, putting a gigantic floating banner ad in the middle of shows like @BroadCity FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE EPISODE is not gonna get me to call DirecTV to ask them to put more money in your pocket, it's just gonna make me look for the show elsewhere. Settle your shit
Is @GoogleStadia the end of game consoles as we know it? Or just the beginning of the end? We donned our Power Gloves and talked about it on @TexasStandard today
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit talking about @GoogleStadia and the future of cloud videogames. Get into the game (discussion)!
How weird, it's almost like a country can respond to the worst thing that's ever happened by actually doing something instead of just offering useless thoughts and prayers until people move on to the next tragedy. Those strange, problem-solving Kiwis…
Between the final batch of @catastrophe_tv episodes (excellent, of course) and finally watching "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" this has been a very deep feels viewing week.
Daaaaamn. That's such a great movie to see with an audience.…
The culture editor position at @TexasMonthly is open and would make whoever gets it my editor. Tell somebody you think would like me about the opportunity?…
Ooh that might be fun.
In addition to aspirin, other small things you should stop eating once a day: Winning marble Roly-poly Tiny ball of spite Rusty wingnut Spy tooth Black pearl Shrunken Rick Moranis Expired frozen pea Tire cap Smurf fetus 1 x 1 Lego Fried eye booger Fantastic Voyage vessel
For @ModernConsensus I interviewed Dave Sikora from Austin's @altrsoftware about private blockchain security after his recent #SXSW2019 panel
Only 51 weeks until it all begins all over again! Dates for SXSW 2020 are March 13-22, but the application process for speakers, for bands, for filmmakers and for startups begins in the early summer of 2019.… #SXSW #SXSW2020 #creativity #Austin
The best part of #LEGO's new Steamboat Willie set is a photo they posted of a man, all, "I took time out of my very important architecture work to build this boat, my inner child is alive and well, YOU HEAR THAT, FATHER!? YOU DIDN'T SNUFF HIM OUT NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRIED!"
Gamerz. . . . #sxswgaming #sxsw #sxsw2019 #tankeez
This reads like a really bad parody of a work advice column.…
I get that this is going for an irreverent tone but it’s mostly bad, damaging overreactive advice. Do better.
I rated some of this year’s #SXSW activations for @BookPlusFilm including offerings from @GameOfThrones, @TheDailyShow, Netflix and Amazon’s @GoodOmensPrime.… #sxsw2019
It's here! #SXSWGaming begins today and runs through Sunday. Plan your weekend there (or plan to watch what's streaming on @Twitch with my preview to the event for @statesman #sxsw #sxsw2019
For the website Modern Consensus I wrote about today's #SXSW panel on public vs. private #blockchain, which included @jimmysong, @angela_walch and @christo4ferris #sxsw2019 #bitcoin…
For @TexasStandard we talked today about some of the tech highlights from #SXSW2019 #sxsw
Very happy with this T-shirt purchase. . . . . #nancy #sluggoislit
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit to talk about #sxsw2019 and what stood out this year. No badge required to listen! #sxsw
Look, it's easy to make fun of an Instagram influencer who found out about her mom's college entrance scandal arrest while on the yacht of a school official from that college. So what's stopping you? It's really easy.
RT @joegross: "full-time freelance" FUCK YOU IN THE EYE…
My one-word review of this year's #SXSW Virtual Cinema: "Waitlist."
With no new posts on Instagram and Facebook I will have to take on the task of influencing myself.
Very nice. #moocards #sxsw #instagramnoworky
My kids are getting into college the old-fashioned way -- by having their father maniacally copy edit their admissions essays into copy so heartbreaking and profound it makes the admissions officer quit and join @Oxfam. AFTER they're accepted.
Some notes from the big Spotify / Gimlet Media / Anchor podcast keynote panel at #SXSW "Second Golden Age of Audio"…
Found my happy place again #cheeselandia #sxsw⁠ ⁠
My writeup of @brillhart’s excellent convergence keynote about VR/AR/striking out into uncharted territory at #SXSW
Omar’s #SXSW Surprise Cookie Pro Tip: in the morning put a big gourmet cookie in your bag, the kind that come in their own packaging. Then forget all about it. 8 hours later when you’re tired and cranky and hungry, dig in your bag for something else and…
Spotify’s Dawn Ostroff calls CEO Daniel Ek "the most innovate person in the music industry.” Not Lil Yachty? #sxsw
Omar’s #SXSW Surprise Cookie Pro Tip: in the morning put a big gourmet cookie in your bag, the kind that come in their own bag. Then forget all about it. 8 hours later when you’re tired and cranky and hungry, dig in your bag for something else and WHAT’S THIS, SURPRISE COOKIE!!!
The important question is chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin?
Eh. I only eat oatmeal raisin if I'm desperate.
These #sxsw scooters are not clap activated, but you can clap all you want anyway, we don’t mind
police, i’d like to report a murder i just witnessed on Twitter…
Wow, Jessica Brillhart just blew some minds (and ears) with spatial audio demo of “Elvis in Memphis” / “Suspicious Minds” from Traverse and Bose App is available today.
Jessica Brillhart convergence #sxsw keynote is streaming live now FOR FREE! at
I know these #SXSW activations are supposed to surprise and delight and influence, but mostly they just make me think about how much money was spent by Amazon, Netflix, etc. as a measure of confidence in the product (or compensation for lack of confidence?)
RT @telkinsjr: @omarg Yeah ... I’m not riding anymore. I know I’ve taken at least 50+ trips. I think the more you ride the more likely you…
Watch out for those front scooter wheels, I saw a guy hit a small street hole and nearly go over onto his face and he wasn’t even going very fast.…
Seeing a lot of rando panels at #SXSW referred to as keynotes. Whoah, hold on there, Chester. Consult this chart I made, first!
Axe (yes the body spray people) is coming to #SXSWGaming: "We’re partnering with Gaming creators to help guys be their most attractive and confident selves while pursuing their passions." Inspiring.
How does a brain not break its back making all these contortions constantly? #TimApple
RT @karaswisher: This was truly fascinating interview with @kathygriffin and completely unexpected in its serious issues 👇…
For @poynter I wrote about a very good #SXSW journalism panel on covering border family separations; and also wrote another take on the @TheDailyShow / Trevor Noah's panel
At the after party for @booksmart at #SXSW, director @oliviawilde celebrated her birthday with cast, crew, @santigold (who did an incredible set) and @dantheautomator, who DJd at the party and worked on the movie's soundtrack at @speakeasyaustin.
Best way to end the day -- running into Natasha Lyonne at a #SXSW after party before a Santigold set.
Kacey Musgraves singing Kacey Musgraves songs at Kacey Musgraves show: A Kacey Musgraves fans singing full-blast off-key over Kacey Musgraves at Kacey Musgraves show: C-
My original ending: "Where there was hesitation and a lack of passion on stage, Winkler urged these actors to believe in their own abilities. For the most part, they rose to the occasion. "Henry Winkler came to #SXSW and gave these actors a great gift: a dose of courage."
My writeup of national treasure Henry Winkler's very good acting workshop panel at #SXSW…
National treasure Henry Winkler is so charming my fingers are tingling just typing this in his presence at #sxsw
The #SXSXpress idea is a noble one, but for popular stuff, it’s like trying to get tix on Ticketmaster. Passes run out instantly at 9 a.m., so you’re back to standing in line for stuff you’re not likely to get into. Am hearing more complaints this year about overfull panels
Welp... #SXSW told people turned away for the #Pixar panel to go to a huge overfill room for a video stream. After the panel started, they told the full room there'd be no stream after all and played "You Can't Always Get What You Want" on the audio system. Wish I were joking.
I hope nobody in Austin gave @aoc some bullshit vegan taco recommendation and got her sick. We have a rep to protect! 🌮
I was getting my haptics on. Felt a virtual spider crawl around my hand and squeezed some clouds until they rained. . . . . . #haptx #sxsw #readyplayeromar #accenture #fjordaustin
The thing that gets me through #SXSW #cheesedreams :…
For @austin360 I wrote up @neilhimself’s talk at #sxsw, which offered an exclusive peek at @GoodOmensPrime and excellent advice for writers.…
New writeup from me of the @kathygriffin / @karaswisher panel at #SXSW for @austin360. This one was VERY entertaining
Three minutes later. @AOC broke #SXSW! #AOCintercept
When the Chattering Order nuns show up to serenade your Neil Gaiman panel at #SXSW
My writeup of today’s very crowded @Trevornoah / @TheDailyShow panel at #SXSW, which gave hints of where the @ComedyCentral show is headed for 2020
On being at #SXSW, @KathyGriffin: "I can't believe I'm here. This is the only 'Yes' I've gotten in a year."
Wow, @KathyGriffin role playing with @KaraSwisher, takes on the role of Twitter’s @Jack after a discussion of Twitter’s algorithm: “Hey, I just came from a Nazi rally, how are ya? What's your question, you f***ing d*** b****?” Kara Swisher cracking up. #SXSW
I think @karaswisher is one of the most unflappable interviewers in a live setting, so it's kind of delightful watching her take on @kathygriffin, who is talking a mile a minute and continually cracking her up. #SXSW It's streaming at right now.
I was insane thinking I’d be able to transcribe quotes from a panel with Kathy Griffin talking. OMG, my fingers can’t go that fast. #SXSW
Another take I wrote on yesterday’s #ruraljournalism panel at #SXSW.…
lol the condescension dripping from this AP headline……
“...the original cable news network is grasping at empty nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake begins to create a Cold War in your heart for which there will be no Perestroika.” My writeup about CNN’s #SXSW clubhouse, which is SO TOTALLY ‘80s YOU GUYS!
A friend asked me last night, “Why do people pay $1,500 for a #SXSW platinum badge and still have to stand in line and maybe not get in to see the stuff they really want to see?” I stared into space for a few seconds and then I was like... “March Magic?”
RT @WendiAarons: I’ve been here 20 minutes and two guys from Europe have already videoed me buying coffee from a robot. #SXSW…
I just don’t know about this prom theme, @cnn. #sxsw
Hey guess what, I’m also writing about #sxsw for @Poynter! Here’s my first piece, about the #ruraljournalism panel and news in the age of “Trump country”…
The Everclear song “Santa Monica” is in my head and won’t leave, anybody know a good exorcist?
I went to a panel today about rural journalism thinking it was a screening of “The Rural Juror,” WORST #SXSW EVER!!!!!
Jan-Michael Vincent dead at 7-3 years.
First question they should ask at the Jeffrey Katzenberg #SXSW keynote should be “Shrek”-related.
And I neglected to post out this @TexasStandard segment from yesterday: podcasting + payments, are you in or are you out?
My first #SXSW writeup for @austin360 / @512tech: @ChanZuckerberg’s Priscilla Chan talks about what the org is working on, touts empathy, rules out 2020 run and agrees the rich should pay more taxes
It gives me no pleasure to admit that my super-fast, super-beefy, super-capable giant SSD-carrying 2012 MacBook Pro’s battery is not lasting long enough. Has anybody had good luck just getting the battery swapped out? Should I be looking for a new laptop?
Priscilla Chan of the @chanzuckerberginitiative speaks at #SXSW.
Priscilla Chan on NIH funding and the current tax structure: "I think for people who can afford it, paying higher taxes is not a bad thing. We should be doing it.” #SXSW
First half of Priscilla Chan’s talk (it hasn’t moved to interview/Q&A yet) has been about three programs the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative supports: Summit Learning in education, Meta (a “Spotify for science”) in medical research and Last Mile in criminal justice. #SXSW
Philanthropist, pediatrician and first lady of Facebook Priscilla Chan starts her #SXSW talk by taco-emoji’ing her first trip to Austin and describing herself as “A total millennial.”
David Fincher directing from a script by Aaron Sorkin: "The Panic Chute." Coming soon to a screen that's not Facebook Watch.…
Instagrammers be like, “Hey, it’s National (Whatever) Day, here is me celebrating it for three seconds with (Whatever) in my hand!”
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