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RT @levelmag: What do you think of the word "Latinx?" @omarg finds that it's a complex and generational discussion.
One way to make extra money during the debate would be to sneeze and then look expectantly at Bloomberg until he hands you a handkerchief made of $1,000 bills. #DemDebates
One way to make extra money during the debate would be to sneeze and then look at expectantly at Bloomberg until he hands you a handkerchief made of $1,000 bills. #DemDebates
RT @mairalg: Going deep in the search for face masks and there is a style for everyone, including this Frank Ocean-themed one. I mean, Fra-…
why couldn't it be a pan-dulce-demic?
“Maybe If I Keep Watching It Will Get Better, The Avenue 5 Story” (It’s been six episodes)
Austin-made game headed to Switch this week…
With the success of the @sonic_hedgehog movie fresh in mind, I took a look at the spotty history of videogame film adaptations for @BookPlusFilm
RT @primetimercom: 'Gentefied' hit Netflix this weekend adding to its library of Latinx content. @omarg has everything you need to know ab…
About to ride a horse, do they now come factory installed with “Old Town Road” or do you have to play it off your own device?
“Nevada Caucus” sounds like something that happened in Vegas and should stay in Vegas.
RT @aneelee: Latino Families on TV from 'Lucy' to 'Gentified' - Book and Film Globe @omarg
I have leaned that cat urinary issues can be very very very expensive. Healthy cat pee begins to look like liquid gold, this probably doesn’t belong on Twitte-
RT @primetimercom: 'Gentefied,' from a creative team including America Ferrera, premieres on Netflix today. @omarg has everything you need…
As @gentefied debuts today on Netflix, I took a not-quite-exhaustive look at Latino families on TV over the last half century+ for @BookPlusFilm…
I got an email asking "You in for This Epic Parmigiano Reggiano Event?" and I screamed "YES!" before I even opened the email or saw where it was from. (Whole Foods, it turns out)
When you’re trying hard af to make your Baby Yoda merch purchases tax deductible…
On @TexasStandard today we talked about the "Infodemic" the #coronavirus has inspired and other ways social media and tech industries are being affected
About to go on @TexasStandard to talk about the coronavirus and the tech and social media impact of it.
Maybe Bloomberg can get some of his money back, did he keep all the campaign receipts? #DemDebate
RT @primetimercom: This Friday Netflix adds to its new wave of Latinx programming with America Ferrera-produced 'Gentefied.' @omarg has ev…
Did ALL of us get an email from Mike Bloomberg’s campaign today?
RT @levelmag: What do you think of the word "Latinx?" @omarg finds that it's a complex and generational discussion.
I get that tingle when I think I’m going to get a large order of Whataburger fries instead of the medium I ordered…
RT @HartYT_: Here’s the greatest tiktok I’ll ever make.
I also now offer one-day delivery, of myself to places I was planning to go to anyway within a 10-mile radius.
So @Spotify emailed me to let me know that an artist I “love,” Justin Bieber, has a new album out, but not that an artist I actually love, @tameimpala, has a new album out.
Go into the weekend with the confidence of a Pho restaurant with an egregious pun as its name made permanent by gigantic signage.
On @TexasStandard this week, we gave an update on the TV STREAMING WARZ™ and how our consumption habits are changing, according to @nielsen [The thing about the STREAMING WARZ was it wasn't really about the the streams]
Non-Texans like to give us crap about Luby's but come on, this meal looks romantic af
This is like #NailedIt but for flower delivery…
A really fun R-Rated DC movie, I never thought I’d live to see the day.
RT @GENmag: ‘Mythic Quest' iis about people who are actually brilliant at what they do. It’s more ‘Veep’ than ‘The Office.’…
You have to consume one of these every day for the rest of your life, which do you choose? (Death is not an option)
Mr. Bush is convinced homeless camps are to blame for the break-in, but I suspect @Austin_Police will conclude that it was the work of Chip Chunck, the flamboyant Austin auto thief who leaves a telltale chocolate-chip cookie at the scene of his crimes.…
Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but we hit 200 episodes of "Tech Minute with Omar Gallaga." Recent topics include sleep trackers, what police do with Ring doorbells, @TACC's Frontera supercomputer and online video talent agents. Find them all here:
Resident genius @joegross proposes the “HP Lovecraft line”:……
On the other hand, there will be lots of other shit (literally) going down at #SXSW:…
I would love to hear from @TheDailyHodl on how it justifies paying these fees for freelance writing and whether it feels the content on its site can be of a high quality given those rates.
You will end up paying taxes on that later, so let's round it down to $175. No benefits, no perks like a nice desk or office computer, you don't even get business cards, probably. You will never get quality content paying people like that. You'll get uncommitted, filler copy.
Let's say you work really hard and do 3 articles a day, Monday-Friday and get paid $15 an article. That's $45 a day ($60 if you turn in Pulitzer-prize winning material I guess). That's $225 total a week for working five days a week.
Unless these are articles that can be knocked out in 15-20 minutes, assembly-line style, I don't know any writers who can live on "$15-20 per article" even for a part time gig. Let's do some math, shall we?
RT @rachsyme: do u think the people in that room knew that parasite is about most of them tho
There should be a five-minute window after an #Oscar speech where the Academy reserves the right to take it back.
Y’all knew this was gonna happen if you gave Joaquin Phoenix an #Oscar. Don’t be shocked. #cowinsemination
You know, you could have just asked Maya Rudolf to do the Eminem song. #oscars
You could have just asked Maya Rudolf to host the #Oscars, ya know.
A large gathering of Elsas is known as a Wintry Mix of Elsas. #Oscars
Happy to see such a diverse set of #oscars presenters and performers, but it also seems like an apology for lock of representation in the nominees themselves. It’s either a cynical appeasement to critics or a sincere self rebuke.
Tabletop gaming nerds: the videogame version of “Ticket to Ride” is currently free on the Epic Games store. It’s quite good, cross platform and faithful to the board game. (All the DLC expansion are not free, though, but they’re pretty cheap.)
I’m about halfway through the season now and I’m even more in the bag for it than I was from just the pilot.…
Today on AppleTV+, the new sitcom @mythic_quest’s first season has debuted. I wrote a piece on what it gets right about the videogame industry for @GENmag #MythicQuest
Looking to re-up with HBO's premiere of "High Maintenance" Season 4 tonight or starting a new viewing habit? I've got your beginner's guide to @HMonHBO on @primetimercom. #Highmaintenance
You can’t just set up Twitter for easy dunks like this, Lindsey…
Today on @TexasStandard we geeked out about board games as an alternative to tech diversions #tabletopgaming…
I wrote about @RMcElhenney's new AppleTV+ show #MythicQuest, debuting tomorrow, and its screening last month at #PAXSouth2020. Finally, a TV show that gets videogame culture correct. For @Medium's @GENMag.…
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit discussing the boom in tabletop gaming. Tune in and roll 1d20 for +2 Intelligence bonus and resistance to basilisk attacks.
Snow / ice pellets in New Braunfels!
RT @primetimercom: Will Arnett on #LEGOMastersFOX... We're happy to see him in front of the camera and we want more!…
Lego Batman is fun and voiceover king Will Arnett was brilliant in the just-concluded @BoJackHorseman, but here's a wish that the comic actor will do more live-action comedy going forward. (For @primetimercom)
Wasn’t Troy Price the blonde jock from “Revenge of the Nerds?”
This is as much a shock to me as it will be to you but I think I somehow won the Iowa caucuses. #omar2020
RT @hunteryharris: parasite voters to the three people in the academy threatening to vote for ford v ferrari
Approach Monday morning with the blind confidence of Best Buy trying to sell big-screen HDTVs the morning after the Super Bowl
Seeing some real trash takes about the halftime show this morning on Facebook and very disappointed in coded racial shit from people who should know better.
I wonder how much all the FOX Nation hosts are digging this halftime show
Hulu ad on the YouTube TV Super Bowl airing on FOX
Rakuten, your commercial was straight trash but I’ll keep taking that cash back on my purchases, thanx
Netflix email: hey, we have some sugges- Me: NOT NOW, Netflix
My rule-following 12-year-old did not approve of a great deal of the plot points in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” She did like the parade scene, though.
RT @levelmag: After awkward conversations with his Abuela, @omarg learned how to speak Spanish as an adult.
The thing I have found about programmers is that they cannot WAIT to tell other people how wrong they are. Take it away, "Mike Frank": #americandirt #books
On @TexasStandard we talked about whether Facebook's newly available "Off-Facebook" feature really does a damn thing, and whether you should use it to see how you're being tracked online.
All my life, I have struggled with being unable to determine what is camp and what is not camp. Last night, I saw Celine Dion (She was brilliant!) She did a cover of a Bowie song in a glitter suit while "Let's Dance!" flashed in neon all over the stage. That's camp, right?
Lately, I have been thinking about getting a Peloton. Damn, autocorrect, I meant pelican. I'm thinking about getting a pelican.
People who put pots and pans in the dishwasher — where did you get so much confidence to take risks like that?
Just another day on Twitter -- the @AP called out as a fake news outlet by a site called "Indy News Media (tm)," that on the same day published a special report about #NationalCroissantDay by a reporter whose credit line is both #independent and #MAGA2020
"HOW TO OBSERVE #NATIONALCROISSANTDAY Stop by the bakery for a fresh, warm croissant. Be sure to give your baker a shout out, too! Of course, you can always try baking your own. " I don't know how this information is supposed to subvert the election, but I WOULD AVOID CROISSANTS
RT @MYIL1: ‘American Dirt’ Needs to Be Buried by @omarg…
I’ll be on @TexasStandard in a bit discussing Facebook’s latest move@ to make you feel like it’s not controlling every aspect of your life. Tune in, we probably won’t share your personal data with FB!
RT @Medium: The fierce backlash over the immigration-themed novel #AmericanDirt could spark change in the publishing industry. Or it may ju…
I wrote about why the publisher and its publicity machine are just as culpable in the mess over the contentious immigration thriller #AmericanDirt for @levelmag #mylatinonovel…
Republicans in the impeachment trial, basically
PetSmart email subject line: "NOW is the perfect time to add a reptile to your family"
For @AuntBertha's Stories site @kay_dubs and I put together this piece about @atxecho's annual Point in Time count of individuals experiencing homelessness in Austin. It was early Saturday morning and Kelly was there. Read up on why the #PITCount matters…
RT @Vitolae: Must-read article for parents of TikTok-age children => "TikTok Is Gen Z’s MTV — but Better" by @omarg in @OZM cc @Nicolas_Col…
Even Billie Eilish is like “this is too many Grammys for Billie Eilish.”
I thought The Edge showed up on the Grammys but it’s just some wrestling thing, get your shit together, Twitter!
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