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Sunset. Somewhere near Alburnett, Iowa. @ThePhotoHour @spann @StormHour #sunset #iowa #Alburnett
Happy Birthday Today is new born calf day... Only in that I drove just in time to capture the sequence below: mom gives baby’s first bath, baby stands up for the first time, baby has its first meal. Life in Iowa.
JAIS (Just Another Iowa Sunset) I'm fortunate to be in rural #Iowa at the moment, where I can take a drive, take #photos and maintain #SocialDistancing, never interacting with a soul. @ThePhotoHour
Sometimes The Clouds Win The difference between a good sunset and a great sunset is a proper balance between sun and clouds. However, last night it was a fight between the sun and the clouds and the clouds won.
Starburst The setting sun shines through the storm damaged walls of an old #Iowa barn the other day. Feel free to share. @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour #storm #barn
Waves, Twists and Lines Waves and twists in the sky and lines on the ground.
Tonight’s first quarter moon. Because why not. #moon @spann @ThePhotoHour
Aliens Arrive in #iowa ** click for full photo ** Aliens arrived last night and created this strange glyph in the air above this bridge in Linn County. Any idea what it means? Okay, not true. This is aerial #lightpainting with a #drone. @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour
Rainbow! ** click to see the full photo ** After Saturday's storm near Independence, #Iowa passed, a rainbow appeared. I grabbed my 300mm lens and zoomed in to snap this shot of the end of the #rainbow. Feel free to share. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
Another shot of sunrise behind King Memorial Chapel @CornellCollege in Mt. Vernon, #Iowa. #sunrise #clearskies
This morning's sun rises behind King Memorial Chapel @CornellCollege in Mt. Vernon, #Iowa. #sunrise #clearskies @spann @KopelmanWX @StormHour @ThePhotoHour @Joe_Winters @KCRG @KWWL
Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, Austin, Texas. #ATX #AustinTexas #Texas #AustinTX
Big Dipper ** click to see the entire photo ** After the storm passed last night the stars came out. Can you spot the Big Dipper somewhere in Buchanan County, #Iowa. There's also some #lightning in those clouds. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
After the storm passed I sent the drone up to take a look. This is over Rowley, Iowa, just prior to sunset. ** click the image to see full photo ** @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #stormchasing #storm #iawx
#Storm chasing south of Independence #Iowa yesterday. It grew a bit and kinda got caught in this one, hail and all. ** Click for the full photo** @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #weather
Did you know all old barns have halos? You just have to have a special camera to be able to see it. Here's one in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Feel free to share. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #photography #iowa
Ripples, waves and corkscrew clouds last night west of Mount Vernon, #Iowa. @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour @KopelmanWX #iawx
Longhorn and Bluebonnets Since I was planning on being in Central Texas this week to shoot bluebonnets but had to cancel, please enjoy a shot from the past. #bluebonnets #longhorns #texas
It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn. Somewhere in rural #Iowa. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
End of the Line A drone selfie on the flooded boardwalk at Indian Creek @Nature_Center in #CedarRapids, #Iowa, yesterday. If you can’t tell, I’m sporting day 20-something of the #Coronabeard. Hang in there, everyone.
Flooding at the Indian Creek @Nature_Center in #CedarRapids, #Iowa. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour @weareiowa5news @Joe_Winters @KopelmanWX
You’ve Got Mail Last night's #sunset in rural #Iowa. @ThePhotoHour @StormHour @spann
A @Ford Sunset Somewhere in rural #Iowa @ThePhotoHour @SnowHour
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King at Sunset King Memorial Chapel @CornellCollege in Mt. Vernon, #Iowa. Feel free to share. #cornellcollege #college #church #chapel #twilight @ThePhotoHour @StormHour
King at Twilight I'm just fascinated with the amazing #architecture of King Memorial Chapel @CornellCollege in Mt. Vernon, #Iowa. Feel free to share. #cornellcollege #college #church #chapel #twilight
RT @viruswire: Coronavirus shelter-in-place order will be issued Tuesday for Austin and Travis County…
It's looking back at me.... The other day I was out shooting sunset and on the way home I got stopped as a train went by. I took a pic but the camera settings were all wrong (because I'd just been shooting sunset) and this is what I got. Strangely, I kind of like it.
Yesterday in rural Iowa it looked like spring was right around the corner. Today? Not so much. #snow #iowa #iawx @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour @SnowHour
Yesterday’s #sunset in rural #Iowa. I think the grass is finally trying to turn green. @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour
Best Buy to temporarily close all stores aside from curbside pickup starting Sunday…
RT @StormHour: Sundog and Ice Covered Trees Eastern Iowa - by Christopher V. Sherman Photography @cvsherman ~ Weather Photography Favourite…
The Milky Way and the Windmill. Maquoketa, Iowa. Feel free to share. @ThePhotoHour #milkyway #farm #farmcountry #iowa #Maquoketa
Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars #moon #crescentmoon @ThePhotoHour #plane #airplane
Trump backs allowing government to take equity stakes in firms that receive #coronavirus bailout…
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Heart Beat. #AustinTexas #ATX #AustinTX #Texas
RT @viruswire: #Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a public health emergency for Texas due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That means all school…
Looking down into the crown of the Frost Bank Building. #Austin, #Texas #ATX
Like many, I'm following the rapidly changing economy due to #coronavirus. I've set up a twitter account to track stories of interest to me. Feel free to follow @viruswire
The new #coronavirus normal in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and other states #restaurants closed except for #takeout and delivery. In #CedarRapids #Iowa today: @BurgerKing @Applebees @olivegarden @PandaExpress @Arbys @redlobster @ChickfilA @kfc @McDonalds and more @ThePhotoHour
Rusted Metal Moon Moon rises behind a windmill in rural Iowa. @ThePhotoHour #moon #moonrise #iowa
The mother ship arrives to earth. Part of the the Iowa collection at #iowa #storm #weather @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
King Memorial Chapel Flyby King Memorial Chapel, completed in 1882, is a magnificent piece of #architecture on @CornellCollege in Mt. Vernon, #Iowa. @ThePhotoHour @SnowHour @StormHour
Big Wheel The world is going crazy. Meanwhile in Iowa.... @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour #iowa #farm
Cornell College in #Winter Panorama It snowed again yesterday in #Iowa so I drove out to Mt. Vernon and shot @CornellCollege in the #winter. This is a 21-image #panorama stitched together and cropped slightly. @StormHour @ThePhotoHour @spann #snow
Looking through the branches to see beyond. Austin, Texas. #AustinTX #ATX #Texas #austintexas @ThePhotoHour @StormHour
Never Give Up #AustinTX #Texas #ATX #NeverGiveUp @ThePhotoHour @StormHour
RT @StormHour: Milky Way at Mitchell Mesa Monument Valley, Arizona by Christopher Sherman @cvsherman ~ Weather Photography Favourites Novem…
Looking down into Hamilton Pool. Travis County. Just outside of #AustinTX #Texas. Part of the Over Austin collection
Cupola Moon Almost full moon (99.1%) rises beside a barn cupola in eastern Iowa. Cupolas were designed to add natural light and ventilation to the area under a roof, according to This Old House. They can be found in many shapes, including square, round, and octagonal.
Full Pastel Moon Since eastern #Iowa was covered in clouds yesterday evening, depriving me of shooting #moonrise, I give you a shot from a day earlier as the nearly full #wormmoon rose though sunlit pastel colored clouds. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #moon #fullmoon
Breakthrough Last night's setting sun breaks through the broken walls of an abandon barn. Mt. Vernon, #Iowa. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #farm #barn
Daylight's Savings Moonset Good morning, it's daylight's savings time. Did you move your clock forward an hour? Here's a shot of this morning's Iowa daylight savings #moon setting. It was windy (surprise!) so things jump a bit. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
Daylight's Savings Moonset Good morning, it's daylight's savings time. Did you move your clock forward an hour? Here's a shot of this morning's daylight savings moon setting. It was windy so things jump a bit.
Radial Moon Playing around with tonight's moon rise. #windmill #moon #moonrise #iowa #iawx @spann @ThePhotoHour
Eiffel Tower Lights ** click image to see all the photos ** A series of four shots with the Eiffel and it’s reflection in a rain puddle along the Seine, with a little post production magic added. I’m already missing #Paris. #France #eiffeltower @ThePhotoHour
Tonight's moon over #IowaCity, #Iowa. I attended an art gallery reception there this evening and had to point the camera up before I walked in. @ThePhotoHour @spann @StormHour #moon #iowawx
With sxsw cancelled just now I guess I can consider getting back to Austin area this month to shoot the #bluebonnets
I'm hoping to get back to Austin, Texas in March or April to shoot Bluebonnets.
RT @tferriss: After much thought, I've cancelled my attendance at SXSW. I love SXSW, but I don't believe the novel coronavirus can be conta…
All those in favor, say eye... Eye only have eyes for you... ...tweet yours below. Shot at #59Rivoli, #Paris, #France *** click image to see the entire photo *** #streetart #graffiti @ThePhotoHour
Barebones Winter trees along the River Seine. Paris, France. @ThePhotoHour #paris #france #winter
Holey Light Tonight's #sunset. I was able to get the drone in just the right position to capture the sun setting through the roof of this abandon barn. I'm back in #Iowa after a lovely visit to Paris last month. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
Woman in Mourning #2 Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France. *** click on the image to see the entire photo ***
Under the Pont Alexandre A couple of days ago I shared some photos of the beautiful Pont Alexandre III Bridge in Paris. Here's a shot from under the bridge. #paris #france
Fiery Parisian Sunset #eiffeltower #paris #france #longexposure #eiffel #sunset #cityscape #parisian #fierysunset @StormHour @ThePhotoHour @spann
Pont Alexandre III Bridge in the rain. Paris, France. #paris #france #longexposure @ThePhotoHour @StormHour
I found Voldemort at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France.
Work in Progress Notre Dame Cathedral, #Paris, #France
Paris Night Lights *** Click photo to see the full image *** One of the ornate lights on the Pont Alexandre III Bridge and the Eiffel in the distance. #Paris, #France. #photography #blackandwhitephotography #ThePhotoHour
Notre Dame Cathedral This is what it looks like currently and what it looked like Christmas Eve 2016. In April 2019, a fire broke out and destroyed the building's spire and most of its roof. @ThePhotoHour @spann #france #paris
Protestors and Paris police descend upon the @MuseeLouvre last week, February 17, 2020. It made for interesting entertainment. #protest #paris #france
The Seine Running through the heart of #Paris is the Seine, the river that runs though its center. It makes for a wonderful walk, no matter what time of year. That’s the Pont Alexandre III bridge in this shot with the Eiffel in the distance.
Beacon *** Click on the image to see the full photo *** The Eiffel Tower's beacon caught sweeping by in a 1 second exposure. The building lit up in the foreground is École Militaire. The modern #Paris skyline is lit in the distance. #ThePhotoHour #France
City of Light. Paris, France. @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #photography #paris #france @paris
Père Lachaise Cemetery. Paris. France.
Riders on the Storm *** click the image to see the full photo *** Jim Morrison says hello. Père Lachaise Cemetery. Paris. France.
Paris in Pink Tonight's Paris Sunset. Wow! @spann @ThePhotoHour @StormHour @paris #paris #france #weather #sunset #photography
It rained the other night in #Paris but later in the evening the storm blew out and I got this. Eiffel Tower in the distance to the left with Sacré-Cœur Basilica in the foreground. 3 more days and then it will be back to the U.S. @spann @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #France
Old and New #Paris The cupola of Église Saint-Augustin de Paris (Church of St. Augustine) dominates this photo with the modern Paris #skyline lit up in the distance. The #Catholic church was built between 1860 and 1871. @paris #france @ThePhotoHour #photography
Last night’s Eiffel in the distance.
Sacré-Cœur * click the image to see the full photo * The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of #Paris. It's is a Roman Catholic church in #Paris, #France. I had a fantastic view of the Basilica last night and was delighted at how this shot turned out. @ThePhotoHour
The Printemps View 9th floor of @Printemps Department Store in downtown #Paris. L'église de la Madeleine, a Roman Catholic church, can be seen at the end of the street and the Eiffel Tower in the distance to the right. Thanks Mado for the suggestion. @ThePhotoHour #France
Private Event I stopped by the #Louvre tonight to take pics, only to find that a private event was going on - and I wasn’t invited! They had cool lights leading up to the pyramid. A top secret society? Let your imaginations run wild. @ThePhotoHour
Parisian Rushhour Rainbow 🌈 During rush hour this evening, a #rainbow lit up the sky over the #French capitol city. Almost too small to likely be seen to the left is the obelisk at Place de la Concorde (zoom in and you can see it). @StormHour @spann @ThePhotoHour #paris
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