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Are police officers compensated enough for the job they perform? @ChiefDavidBrown answers. https://t.co/rTQRC1or9Y
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What was @ChiefDavidBrown's experience writing a book like? Can we look forward to more in the future? His answer: to.pbs.org/2tDjdzo
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Climate scientist @KHayhoe discusses the risks associated with continued reliance on fossil fuels. https://t.co/54RNbZlA6u
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What does the future of air travel look like? @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly answers. bit.ly/2uz9FSu
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Why has there been so much controversy surrounding airlines lately? @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly weighs in. bit.ly/2uza5bL
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"We are relying on the wisdom of the American people to instruct the president as to the path we want our country t… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Our interview with House Minority Leader @NancyPelosi re-airs this Thursday at 7pm on @klru. https://t.co/Mx0756mvj7
If you missed our interview with former Dallas PD @ChiefDavidBrown, be sure to check it out here: pbs.org/video/30018413…
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Our interview with @ChiefDavidBrown airs TONIGHT at 7pm on @klru! https://t.co/3ttlJ3ln7o
Our interview with @ChiefDavidBrown airs tonight at 7 on @klru - tune in! https://t.co/ON6TFj3F3I
@ChiefDavidBrown talks about the lead-up to the tragic 7/7/16 shooting in Dallas. Full interview premieres Thurs.… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
@ChiefDavidBrown on the relationship between police officers and the communities they serve. Full interview airs T… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Former Dallas Police @ChiefDavidBrown on the relationship btwn police and the community. Tune in to PBS Thurs. for… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Former HUD Sec. @JulianCastro makes a bold prediction about the 2018 midterm election. Tune in for the full intervi… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Will @JulianCastro run for president in 2020? Watch the full interview tomorrow night (6/15) at 7pm on @klru (or yo… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Q&A Tuesday: Would former HUD Sec./Mayor of San Antonio @JulianCastro ever consider running for Governor of Texas? to.pbs.org/2qLw3oR
@JulianCastro's thoughts on the 2016 election. Tune in for our full interview w/ the former HUD secretary this Thu… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Former HUD Secretary @JulianCastro's thoughts on the 2018 and 2020 elections: https://t.co/ZdviUChhsK
Our full interview with Castro airs this Thursday at 7pm CST on @klru!
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And that's a wrap on Season 7! A big thanks to @ChiefDavidBrown for taking the time to chat with us today.
"The union relationship was frayed because of strict policies... It was because I did hold officers accountable." -Brown
"I didn't want to no apply and complain about the world being unfair." -on applying to the force
"I love writing stories to help kids understand what's going on with adults."
Could we see another book from @ChiefDavidBrown? He says he's "caught the bug."
Have questions for @ChiefDavidBrown? Tweet us!
@ChiefDavidBrown says his faith kept him grounded through the personal tragedies of his life.
@ChiefDavidBrown says his nature causes him to be more reflective and deliberate about his decisions.
Brown says he's an old soul. "I loved being around older people... my whole life I've never liked the same kind of music my peers liked."
Brown's first beat as a police officer was in his childhood neighborhood in Dallas.
Brown says we expect police to be perfect and risk their lives, but we do not compensate them acordingly.
"We need to pay our cops, pay our firefighters, pay our teachers much more than we do." -@ChiefDavidBrown
Chief Brown says that firing cops can cast police leadership as not being supportive of their force.
Brown says a small percentage of cops are bad. "The risks are this small percentage can hijack the entire organization."
@ChiefDavidBrown says that local governments have the power to change laws and provide better police training.
"What it's gonna take is putting some skin in the game at the local level." -@ChiefDavidBrown
@ChiefDavidBrown says part of the solution is getting involved in local government in addition to protesting.
"There are some cops that don't deserve to wear the uniform, w/o question." However, they aren't representative of the entire police force.
RT @libz: .@ChiefDavidBrown on '16 Dallas shootout: "This was more than violence. [The shooter] wanted to divide our country even more." @o…
@ChiefDavidBrown says he became a police officer to help save the world.
"We're not going to let a coward change our democracy." - @ChiefDavidBrown
"He wanted to spark something that would divide our city, our country, even more." -Brown's thoughts on the 7/7 gunman's motives
David Brown wanted to display the work the police force and community had put into bettering their relationship during the peaceful protest.
On 7/7/16 five cops were killed during a protest in Dallas, TX. Protesters were demonstrating against the killings of black men by police.
"This protest was really important to manage well." - Chief Brown on the July 7th Dallas protest
"This book reveals my thoughts, my life." - @ChiefDavidBrown on his latest book, #CalledtoRise.
We are LIVE with @ChiefDavidBrown! Watch with us: youtube.com/watch?v=avyCM4…
@evanasmith interviews former @DallasPD chief @ChiefDavidBrown this morning - tune in: bit.ly/2rLXna6
RT @dodrummond: Psyched to attend this morning's @overheardpbs taping with @evanasmith & Texan hero @ChiefDavidBrown in the old @acltv stud…
We're excited to welcome @ChiefDavidBrown to @klru this morning! If you can't make the live show, tune in here: bit.ly/2rLXna6
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Is there a better or worse day to book your flight? Watch our Q&A with @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly to find out. to.pbs.org/2qHrko6
#MondayMotivation CEO @gary_kelly on the ideals @SouthwestAir upholds. Watch our full interview with Kelly Thursday… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
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Editor @deanbaquet on why he thinks Trump attacks the @nytimes. The full interview airs 6/4 at 12:30pm on @klru. bit.ly/2qBWK05
What does it take to run one of the world's top airlines? @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly gives some insight. #klru to.pbs.org/2qHfF8D
This #NationalDoughnutDay, chef @MarcusCooks explains how sweet potato doughnuts could change the world. #FBF #klru bit.ly/2snYQ3R
Our chat with @deanbaquet, Executive Editor of the @nytimes, re-airs tonight at 7pm CST on @klru. #tbt #klru https://t.co/Ebv1FPD5ih
"You don't need to be a paper for everybody."- @deanbaquet, Editor, @nytimes. Full ep. airs 6/1at 7:30pm on @klru. bit.ly/2rpS3tk
Does @nytimes editor @deanbaquet think the market for "Trump news" will become less saturated over time? Find out: to.pbs.org/2rg4Ooo
RT @evanasmith: From yesterday's @overheardpbs taping: @JulianCastro and I talked #Trump, #HUD, 2018 and 2020. Show airs soon, online soone…
Thanks to @JulianCastro for joining us in the studio today! The full episode will air on @klru 6/15.
Castro says Democrats needs to go to the people who don't vote or are not registered to gain traction in 2018.
"People have to be bold in the way they approach policy." -Castro
"There are a lot of folks out there that have started paying attention that haven't paid attention in a long time." -@JulianCastro
@JulianCastro on @GregAbbott_TX: I think this governor has been one of the most divisive governors.
"I think that the state is becoming more Democratic." Castro on Texas
Is talk of impeachment a legitimate conversation? Castro says if evidence of wrongdoing is found, he hopes Congress would act accordingly.
"It's still an uphill battle." - Castro on Texas electing a Democratic governor in 2018
RT @2beekind2all: @JulianCastro at @overheardpbs taping gives real hope for the future. Impressive.
RT @PatrickSvitek: .@JulianCastro on impeachment: If Trump obstructed justice, "of course that's a legitimate conversation."
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"My sense is this country is looking for a vision of the future, not a vision of the past." -Castro
"I've said very clearly that I'm not taking it off the table." .@JulianCastro on running for president in 2020
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