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Former National Security Advisor @AmbassadorRice talks about her memoir, “Tough Love,” on Overheard. Watch the full episode: to.pbs.org/2rU9Efq Photo credit: Sam Butler https://t.co/o7SI9NZcr9
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Happy Thanksgiving! Chef @AaronSanchez talks about his book, "Where I Come From: Life Lessons from a Latino Chef.” Watch the episode: to.pbs.org/35zKS2G Photo: Sam Butler Makeup: Alek Warwien https://t.co/vRgWqtSBQa
On this week's episode, Grammy Award-winning rocker @JeffTweedy talks about his career and @Wilco's latest album. #overheardpbs Photo credit: Sam Butler Makeup: Alek Warwien https://t.co/wvhHgtdwP0
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Does @AmbassadorRice think President Erdoğan of Turkey is persuadable? "Yes, [back] then. You could shave the rough edges. You could mitigate the worst outcomes." #overheardpbs
"I'm very saddened by what has evolved in South Sudan since independence." #overheardpbs
on Foreign Service Officers: "They don't get the praise and support and respect that our servicemen and women get." #overheardpbs
memoir is, "Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For." It's available now. #overheardpbs
On tennis: @AmbassadorRice: "We should play." @evanasmith: [laughs] "No. No." #overheardpbs
on why she didn't become a politician: "I didn't have the patience, the temperament, to beg people for money." #overheardpbs
says her father used to say, "If my being black is going to be a problem, it's going to be a problem for somebody else, not for me." #overheardpbs
"Bigotry comes from the insecurity of the bigot." #overheardpbs
says both President Obama and President Clinton are "remarkably intelligent" and have a "voracious appetite for information." #overheardpbs
describes President Obama as "even-keeled." She says, "The madder he got, the cooler he got." #overheardpbs
on her memoir: "One of the biggest lessons of this book is 'always listen to your mother.'" #overheardpbs
recounts the story of @POTUS coming up to her at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner. He said, "You've been very unfairly treated over Benghazi, and you're doing a great job for the country." #overheardpbs
Welcome to the studio, @AmbassadorRice! #overheardpbs https://t.co/TATfVMDd2V
@AmbassadorRice: "When you love somebody truly, you tell them the hard truth." #overheardpbs
on U.S. foreign policy: "The important thing is that we acknowledge [our mistakes] and we learn from them." #overheardpbs
talks about her mother's involvement with the establishment of the Federal Pell Grant Program. #overheardpbs
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Tim O’Brien, author of “The Things They Carried,” talks about his latest book, “Dad’s Maybe Book,” on Overheard. #overheardpbs Photo: Sam Butler Makeup: Anna King https://t.co/cKYvwKhBAG
Welcome, @IsaRossellini! #overheardpbs https://t.co/znnAVXdBkC
@IsaRossellini has just finished a master's degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation. #overheardpbs
one-woman show, Link Link Circus, is a piece that explores animal behavior and the relationship between humans and animals. #overheardpbs
on writing her one-woman show: "It was harder to make it funny... It took a lot of thinking, and it took me two years to write." #overheardpbs
says her mother, the famous Ingrid Bergman, warned her that when you're an actress, "between (ages) 45 and 65, nothing really happens." Rossellini found this to be true and decided to go to university during that point in her life. #overheardpbs
says her parents, Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergmans, never spoke about their careers: "My parents just did what was interesting to them." #overheardpbs
on becoming the face of Lancôme: "Half of me was completely happy, half of me thought it was a mistake." #overheardpbs
"If I make money, I have to own it. The feminist movement really helped me with that." #overheardpbs
says her modeling career changed when she was able to evolve from being an "anonymous" model to being a spokesperson. #overheardpbs
recounts the story of how Lancôme let her go when she was no longer deemed "young and beautiful." When Lancôme hired its first female CEO, she called Rossellini and asked if she would consider being a spokesperson again. #overheardpbs
Watch our full episode featuring businessman and @HoustonRockets owner @TilmanJFertitta: to.pbs.org/34xNKwf
@RobynHitchcock: "I think that thing of 'I'm touring my new album' is very twentieth century." #overheardpbs
on how bands have evolved since the '60s, '70s and '80s: "A lot of them are not the same. Technologies have changed." #overheardpbs
on how he and his contemporaries have evolved musically - or haven't: "Some people move with time, some people freeze it." #overheardpbs
"I'm unmarketable." #overheardpbs
"What I do varies enormously depending on how you look at it." #overheardpbs
"Pop music had a dangerous element [in the sixties] that's gone now." #overheardpbs
"I'm living out what the fifteen-year-old me wanted." #overheardpbs
"My stuff either hits people right in the third eye, or they don't get it at all." #overheardpbs
"Music and business are two words that don't really belong together... much like the words president and Trump." #overheardpbs
says he likes taking song requests from people online and "polishing them" for his live shows. #overheardpbs
says his favorite @bbcdoctorwho is Tom Baker. #overheardpbs
"The paint never dries on [Bob Dylan's] compositions." #overheardpbs
Welcome to the studio, @RobynHitchcock! https://t.co/US2OpTvc7f
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Tonight on @austinpbs: Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta discusses his book "Shut Up and Listen!" Photo credit: Sam Butler #overheardpbs https://t.co/BEF7HfNtwa
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How many ideas for songs does @JeffTweedy have stored on his computer? "I think it would be reasonable to say hundreds." #overheardpbs
says @Wilco took about two years off from playing with each other. When the band came back together, they played better than before because of the work each person had done on his own during that break. #overheardpbs
on making music under @Wilco's label: "It is really satisfying to not have any considerations of an outside label." #overheardpbs
says he doesn't necessarily get tired of playing certain songs every night because he continues to see people "who wanted to experience that moment" having a good time at his shows. #overheardpbs
says he has an insatiable appetite for reading, but he often doesn't finish the books he starts. #overheardpbs
@Wilco's latest album is called "Ode to Joy." Evan: "Where's the joy?" @JeffTweedy: "It's toward the end." #overheardpbs
"You don't always write odes to things that are plentiful." #overheardpbs
says when he creates a new album, he knows he doesn't want it to sound like albums he has made previously. #overheardpbs
says the concept of the latest @Wilco record is based around the question, "If you'd only ever been told about rock music, what would you think that it sounded like?" #overheardpbs
says he doesn't write music with an audience's consciousness in mind: "I can only think about one consciousness at a time." #overheardpbs
said it took a little bit more than 4 weeks to record the latest @Wilco record, "Ode to Joy." There are songs on the record that have been in the works for years though. #overheardpbs
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Welcome, @AaronSanchez! #overheardpbs https://t.co/AzMAM5InKJ
@AaronSanchez's memoir is called "Where I Come From: Life Lessons from a Latino Chef." He says he "wanted to catalog this journey [he's] on." #overheardpbs
says he doesn't want to exploit the platform he has been given by creating something lackluster: "I try not to expand too quickly." #overheardpbs
"Young second- and third-generation latinos are on this mission to recover their roots." #overheardpbs
"Food is the most honest reflection of our culture because it's passed down." #overheardpbs
mother, Zarela Martinez, was given the opportunity to cook at the famous restaurant Tavern on the Green, which took his family to NYC. #overheardpbs
was a rebellious kid. His mother said of him, "This boy has some talent, but we need to break him." #overheardpbs
on the prevalence of great restaurants all over the country: "Food television has created an awareness for these [secondary and tertiary] markets." #overheardpbs
on the term "farm-to-table": "Dude, that's not a novelty. That's been happening since the beginning of time." #overheardpbs
says he initially used his television platform as a marketing tool, but now he focuses more on using it to facilitate cultural exchange. #overheardpbs
on critiquing other chefs on TV: "I'm always honest. I tell people the way it is. I talk to people the way I want to be talked to." #overheardpbs
cooking tip: "You should always rest your steak for the same amount of time you're going to cook it." #overheardpbs
says Austin is the best food city in Texas and reveals that Uchi is one of his favorite restaurants in the city. #overheardpbs
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