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Castro says Democrats needs to go to the people who don't vote or are not registered to gain traction in 2018.
"People have to be bold in the way they approach policy." -Castro
"There are a lot of folks out there that have started paying attention that haven't paid attention in a long time." -@JulianCastro
@JulianCastro on @GregAbbott_TX: I think this governor has been one of the most divisive governors.
"I think that the state is becoming more Democratic." Castro on Texas
Is talk of impeachment a legitimate conversation? Castro says if evidence of wrongdoing is found, he hopes Congress would act accordingly.
"It's still an uphill battle." - Castro on Texas electing a Democratic governor in 2018
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RT @PatrickSvitek: .@JulianCastro on impeachment: If Trump obstructed justice, "of course that's a legitimate conversation."
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"My sense is this country is looking for a vision of the future, not a vision of the past." -Castro
"I've said very clearly that I'm not taking it off the table." .@JulianCastro on running for president in 2020
"There's a whole lot of need that's not apparent, but is there. Poor people are often in the shadows."
Advice for Ben Carson: work with mayors and listen to the needs of the local people.
On Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD: "His department is being decimated in terms of the budget."
"I don't believe receiving housing assistance necessarily makes you dependent on government... I also don't believe poor poeple are lazy."
@JulianCastro says he learned a lot by traveling and seeing the country during his time as Secretary of HUD.
Castro says there's a real opportunity in politics to make a difference in people's life. "We can do good when we do government right"
"You kind of had the wind at your back, a sense of community..." Castro on being Mayor.
What does the Democratic party message need to be in the future? Castro says to focus on how policies will help people.
"We need to lay out a positive vision for opportunity in the 21st century."
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Castro thinks the Democrats have a good chance to regaining control of the House, less sure about the Senate.
"Basically on social media they turned @HillaryClinton into something she's not." - on the Trump campaign
"The Republicans are going to lose their majority in Congress." -@JulianCastro's strong 2018 prediction
Castro says based on polls from the last couple of months, Trump has lost support from about 1/3 of the people who voted for him.
"He has turned into basically @VP (Mike Pence) -- a right wing ideologue." - @julian on Trump
"The problem is he hasn't lived up to his promises." -Castro on @POTUS
"Everybody wants the president to be successful and move the nation forward... Having said that, it has been a mess." - @JulianCastro
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"For us it helps to be very focused and not try to be all things to all people." -@gary_kelly
"What we're trying to do is cost effectively roll out more education with digital means and we have more and more computer based training."
@southwestair flys 737 planes exclusively. "I don't anticipate that changing any time soon." - @gary_kelly
"If you don't have a great product there won't be a bottom line. You'll have a bottom line but it will be upside down." -@gary_kelly
"We try to hire people that we believe will be nice, be hospitable, embrace customer service." -GK
Did you know @southwestair doesn't offer first class tickets? "What we try to say is we have no second class." - CEO Gary Kelly
"It was a mistake by all involved and I think there were multiple mistakes that were made." - On the @united passenger-dragging incident
Is there a magic day when tickets cost less? There's no way to know -- it's ever-changing.
Why do fares change so fast? It's very competitive and airlines can change the fares all day long.
"We think that the inefficiency of the air traffic control system costs the American consumer 25 billion a year in terms of waste." -Kelly
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Kelly says he hopes in the future to use tech to provide better info for their employees and customers.
"We want to be famous for hospitality... I would love for SW to have a competitive advantage because we treat our customers better."
"I think as Americans -- we're all more diligent today than we were before 9/11." -Kelly
One out of every five flights is not on time. Why? Kelly says the main issues are weather, mechanical and air traffic delays.
@gary_kelly says the air traffic control system has gotten slower in recent years.
Kelly says there's something that moves people along faster when they don't have assigned seats.
"We had a theory that if we could more orderly board the airplane by telling you exactly where to go that it could be done faster."
Kelly says @southwestair has the opportunity to serve customers more by taking them longer distances to more destinations.
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In the beginning, @southwestair had 3 airplanes and a couple hundred employees. Today? 730 planes and 55,000 employees.
"We make people feel more comfortable because they believe we take more interest in them, which is true." -@gary_kelly
"What we try to do is treat each one of our customers like a human being and not a transaction." -@gary_kelly on @SouthwestAir
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"My premise was that Conservatism had gotten dumbed down." -@mattklewis
"It's hard to get to policy debate if you have some Conservatives denying #climatechange exists & some liberals calling Conservatives evil."
"I think we should accept obviously science." -Lewis on #climatechange
Lewis says most Conservatives would concede that climate change does exist. "It becomes a question though of what can we do about it."
"It does seem like @IvankaTrump and #JaredKushner are good influences on Trump and keep him from doing crazy things."
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"I do not consider them a legitimate news organization, but @WhiteHouse does." -Lewis on @BreitbartNews
"I also think some of what's happening at @FoxNews is frankly good... I think @oreillyfactor was not a force for good for Conservatism." -ML
"I say no, [@realDonaldTrump] won't be impeached. He'll just leave us for a younger country." - Lewis
Lewis says Trump keeping his promises is overrated "Because his promises are bad"
"People like Rubio or Kasich aren't just ideologically conservative, they're temperamentally conservative." Lewis says Trump is not.
"At some point politics is a bloodless war." -@mattklewis
Lewis says Trump's strike in Syria was Reagan-esque.
"I thought there was a chance that Trump would take over and that conservative values would completely be pushed aside." -Lewis
"I don't like identity politics at all... I think politics should be about ideas." -@mattklewis
Lewis says he went through 12 stages of grief early, allowing him to focus on quality analysis after election.
"One of my fears about Donald Trump is he would rebrand the Republican Party." -Lewis
"I think that Democrats essentially abandoned that vote." - @mattklewis on Democrats losing the white working class vote
"Even without Trump I saw that there were problems in conservatism. There's an identity crisis." -@mattklewis
"No, [Trump] is not a conservative... but I would argue he has a chance to ironically become the most significant conservative." -Lewis
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"The diversity at the table is absolutely essential." -@NancyPelosi
Pelosi says what gives her hope is the fact people are so active with ideas, volunteering and making their voices heard.
Pelosi says there are enough races that can be won in the 2018 election to take back the House.
"We see 2018 as a real opportunity to win more seats in Texas, but that's short term." -NP
"I think we, the United States, play a dangerous game if we saber rattle with an unstable leader in North Korea." -@NancyPelosi
"I think we've relied too long on China to help solve the problem." - NP on North Korea
"We have to handle this situation with care because they have nuclear weapons." - NP on North Korea
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Pelosi says the American people have a right to see Trumps tax returns.
Pelosi says we must have an outside independent commision to look into the question of Russia and its role in the election.
Pelosi says that reps & dems could potentially agree on a tax rate, but the parties disagree on whether or not trickle-down economics works
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