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This week on @klru: @OITNB actress Diane Guerrero talks about receiving her role and how her life has changed since. bit.ly/2ynfILU
We're excited to welcome Mayor @PeteButtigieg of South Bend, IN to Studio 6A on Sunday, 9/24! RSVP here to attend: bit.ly/2yegjyV
RT @klru: We have a great line up of @overheardpbs tapings! Make sure to RSVP at the link below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 twitter.com/overheardpbs/s…
We have a great line up of @overheardpbs tapings! Make sure to RSVP at the link below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 twitter.com/overheardpbs/s…
Musician Lyle Lovett on being a "cross-under" artist: https://t.co/9r9v4bP02i
We'll have @JasonKander, @SenFranken, @KatyTurNBC, @bdomenech, and @PeteButtigieg in the studio this weekend! RSVP: bit.ly/2wfFT8l
This afternoon on @klru: Singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin talks about collaborating with Steve Earle. Tune in at 12:30!
"I didn't want to do it in a way." -Shawn Colvin talks about overcoming tour burnout tomorrow on @klru at 12:30pm. bit.ly/2eZOarr
There's room in the live studio audience of our taping with @letamericavote president Jason Kander on 9/22! RSVP: bit.ly/2jhNcIe
Tonight on @klru: singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin sits down for a chat with Evan Smith. Tune in at 7!
Singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin talks about collaborating with Steve Earle, the music business, and more tonight at… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Shawn Colvin on collaborating with the eccentric Steve Earle. Watch the full ep. Thursday at 7pm on @klru! bit.ly/2gYW9BQ
Season 8 premieres 10/5! We'll kick off the new season with Lyle Lovett. Here, the country star talks about growing… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin talked with us about her work relationship with Steve Earle: bit.ly/2f01vQf
Our full interview with @LyleLovett is now available to watch online! bit.ly/2wRMepr
Up next on @klru: a conversation with chef and restaurateur @MarcusCooks!
Chef Marcus Samuelsson tells you how to make the perfect burger tonight on @klru. https://t.co/7gv1f0b29g
Marcus Samuelsson wanted to create a restaurant inspired by Harlem; Red Rooster was born. bit.ly/2gLr9so
Adding to our taping lineup during @TexasTribune Fest! @PeteButtigieg will join us on Sunday, 9/24 at 3pm. RSVP: klrusupport.org/site/Calendar?…
Season 8 premieres in October on @klru! The first episode features country star Lyle Lovett. Watch his audience Q&A: to.pbs.org/2xayVDe
RT @evanasmith: From the first ep of the new season of @overheardpbs: @lylelovett on maybe being a “cross-under” artist https://t.co/cATfp9…
Up next on @klru: a conversation with author T.C. Boyle. https://t.co/ujVtGe3Hgr
"Songs can lead a crusade... but songs can also be a place of comfort & a place for reflection." Q&A w/ @LyleLovett: pbs.org/video/lyle-lov…
Tonight on @klru: author @tcboyle talks about his novel The Terranauts, having his books adapted for the screen, an… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Author @tcboyle on the inspiration for his novel "The Terranauts". The full interview re-airs Thurs. at 7pm and Sun… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
We'll be taping interviews with Jason Kander, Al Franken, Ben Domenech, and Katy Tur during #TribFest17. Attend: bit.ly/2wfFT8l
Thanks to @LyleLovett and our audience members for joining us on Sunday for the first taping of Season 8! Full ep.… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
ICYMI: Watch our interview with venture capitalist Steve Case here: to.pbs.org/2x4usOu
"Songs can lead a crusade, can be a sample for a movement, but songs can also be a place of comfort and a place for reflection." -Lovett
Now we're taking questions from the audience! Tweet us your questions for @LyleLovett.
"Music is alive and makes you feel alive." -@LyleLovett
"I've never asked the guys to play solos note-for-note." Lovett encourages his musicians to have fun with every live performance.
"Does it seem unambitious to say I'm really happy doing what I'm doing? I just want to keep doing it."
Lovett says he has written new songs & intends to make a new record."My next record will sound like one of my records, for better or worse!"
"I feel great and I still love playing!" -@LyleLovett
@LyleLovett will celebrate his 60th birthday later this year. "I'm very immature, and that seems like a big number!"
We're just a few minutes away from our audience Q&A with Lyle Lovett! Tweet us your questions!
"There's not a bigger privilege in the world than being able to do something you love to do." -@LyleLovett
"I love taking pictures." Did you know? Lyle Lovett is an avid @instagram user and takes pictures of every venue he plays.
"I feel like my career has been sort of below the radar. I'm just so grateful to the audience who continue to come to the shows." -Lovett
"As long as people come to my shows I couldn't be happier."
"I've always made my living by going out on the road." -Lovett
"My biggest fear in the digital delivery is you don't get the full resolution."
"Delivery of music is different. The expectation of the public in terms of how the public wants to receive music is different."
Lovett says the music world is constantly evolving and changing.
"I think it's important to get your new work out... but it's really been more about wanting to make a good record that I want to make." -LL
"Staying (in Texas) is easy when you're gone all the time." -Lovett
Lovett was born in Houston, TX. He went to college at Texas A&M.
And we're welcoming @LyleLovett to the stage now! We'll be live tweeting the best bits so be sure to follow along!
We are still on track to open doors for the @LyleLovett taping at 2:45pm!
Coming up soon on @klru: AOL co-founder Steve Case talks business, technology, and the "Third Wave" of the internet.
Our taping with @LyleLovett today is still on schedule! Hope to see everyone there. Doors open at 2:45pm. @klru
Coming up soon on @klru: AOL co-founder Steve Case talks business, technology, and the "Third Wave" of the internet.
Our interview with entrepreneur and AOL co-founder Steve Case re-airs tonight on @klru. Tune in! https://t.co/osuEf38p5t
AOL co-founder Steve Case talks about the company's founding and its eventual merge with Time Warner. bit.ly/2v2plg5
RSVP to join us in #Studio6A for a taping with @LyleLovett! klrusupport.org/site/Calendar?…
RSVP to join us in #Studio6A for a taping with @LyleLovett! klrusupport.org/site/Calendar/…
Excited to kick off season 8 with @LyleLovett! Join us in #Studio6A this Sunday at 3:15pm. RSVP link to come.
Q&A Tuesday: How did AOL's three founders shape the company? Co-founder Steve Case answers. to.pbs.org/2fKEJf6
Co-founder of AOL and venture capitalist @SteveCase shares his thoughts on how to bridge the "digital divide". bit.ly/2vJmQ4C
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Although she's most famously known for her role on Fox's hit drama "24", Mary Lynn Rajskub's roots are in comedy: bit.ly/2uLGI5C
Tune in for the full interview Sunday at 12:30pm on @klru. twitter.com/overheardpbs/s…
Mary Lynn Rajskub on making her start in the Bay Area comedy scene and developing her comedic style: bit.ly/2w78dLw
Our interview with actress/comedian @MaryLynnRajskub re-airs soon on @klru. Tune in!
Our interview with actress/comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub re-airs tonight at 7pm on @klru. Tune in! https://t.co/iNCpI64V2g
Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub talks about how she received the role of Chloe on Fox's 24: bit.ly/2vYEowb
Q&A Tuesday: Will Mary Lynn Rajskub​ reprise her role on Fox's "24" in the future? Her answer: to.pbs.org/2uYNx2W
ICYMI on @klru - Download the podcast version of our interview with Ethan Hawke here: apple.co/2tuSReP
Actor Ethan Hawke talks collaborating with Richard Linklater, preparing for various roles, and writing his book at 12:30 on @klru.
Our interview with actor Ethan Hawke re-airs soon on @klru - tune in!
Tonight at 7 on @klru: Ethan Hawke talks about his experience filming The Magnificent Seven, collaborating with Ric… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
During our audience Q&A, Ethan Hawke talked about filming Dead Poets Society when he was 17. The full interview re-… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
The full interview re-airs this Thursday at 7pm on @klru.
Actor Ethan Hawke talks about his experience filming The Magnificent Seven with director Antoine Fuqua and fellow a… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
In 2015, @MargaretAtwood told us about her novel The Heart Goes Last, and the conversation took an interesting turn: bit.ly/2h58HFI
Our interview with @MargaretAtwood - author of The Handmaid's Tale, Hag-Seed, and many more - airs soon on @klru. Tune in!
In 2015, @MargaretAtwood released her novel The Heart Goes Last. She talked with us about the novel's genesis: bit.ly/2wi9MSA
Tune in Thursday at 7:30 for the full interview on @klru. twitter.com/overheardpbs/s…
RT @WLAETV: OVERHEARD WITH EVAN SMITH (@overheardpbs) - Tuesdays at 8:00pm
Q&A Tuesday: How did the early Pilgrim settlers influence @MargaretAtwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale? Find out: to.pbs.org/2wihYlZ
Our episode featuring @ChiefDavidBrown re-airs soon on @klru! Can't wait? Watch it here: to.pbs.org/2uPSyPk
Former Dallas PD @ChiefDavidBrown talks about civic engagement, leadership, and his new book tonight on @klru! Tune in at 7.
Are police officers compensated enough for the job they perform? @ChiefDavidBrown answers. https://t.co/rTQRC1or9Y
RT @WLAETV: OVERHEARD WITH EVAN SMITH (@overheardpbs) - Tuesdays at 8:00pm
What was @ChiefDavidBrown's experience writing a book like? Can we look forward to more in the future? His answer: to.pbs.org/2tDjdzo
The full interview re-airs Thursday at 7 on @klru! twitter.com/overheardpbs/s…
If you missed our episode featuring climate scientist @KHayhoe, be sure to watch it here: to.pbs.org/2tf1vgr
Our interview with climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe re-airs at 12:30 on @klru. Tune in!
Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe joins Evan Smith for a chat about climate change. Tune in to @klru now!
Here are some environmental conservation tips from our intern, Amber Johnson! Watch the full interview with… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
Climate scientist @KHayhoe discusses the risks associated with continued reliance on fossil fuels. https://t.co/54RNbZlA6u
Coming up soon on @klru: our interview with @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly!
What does the future of air travel look like? @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly answers. bit.ly/2uz9FSu
Our interview with @SouthwestAir CEO Gary Kelly airs soon on @klru! Tune in.
Why has there been so much controversy surrounding airlines lately? @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly weighs in. bit.ly/2uza5bL
CEO @gary_kelly on @SouthwestAir's philosophy on customer service. Tune in Thurs. for the full interview on @klru! bit.ly/2tV7x9S
Our interview with @SouthwestAir CEO @gary_kelly re-airs Thursday at 7 on @klru. https://t.co/KUVSLEcRLg
Did you miss our interview with director Jeff Nichols? Check it out here: to.pbs.org/2uSvXOG
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