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"Knowing what's going on in your brain is hard. That's why we have spouses, that's why we have therapists, that's why we have journals." -JH
"Many people have asked me, 'Why did you grow this beard?' Mostly it's my wife." -@hodgman
"There are moments of clarity in our lives where the ideas and the stories that we tell about ourselves fall away..… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
@hodgman on making up fake facts: "Reality doesn't need my help to do that anymore."
John Hodgman's new book "Vacationland" borrows its title from the state of Maine's nickname.
"There's nothing I can do to compete with the improv Trump is doing." -@hodgman
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"@PRI came to me at the end of the last century to think about an hour long magazine show about culture." Andersen on starting @Studio360
"He walks around the streets of New York and he says more people come up to him full of thanks for this than anythi… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
"I have another idea that is a companion to Fantasyland that I might do next." -@KBAndersen
"I feel like our DNA was propagated out through our media universe in a way that makes me feel very gratified." KA on Spy magazine.
Andersen has had a long history writing about @realDonaldTrump back in the 80s for Spy magazine. "I spent a lot of… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
"[The boo] goes to a pretty dark place at the end." -KA
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"People don't like hearing challenges to religious faith... but it's in the book and it has to be."
Andersen says religion is "taking empirically unknowable things on faith."
"The bad consequences of Fantasy Land that I talk about politically are disproportionately conservative."
Andersen says social media has "enabled people to have their own facts and treat their own opinions as if they are facts."
@KBAndersen is the co-founder of @spymag, the host of @Studio360show and author of #Fantasyland and #YouCantSpellAmericaWithoutMe
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Linklater on having to shoot some of his films outside of Texas: "That's on the government."
"I was just happy to move to Austin." - Richard Linklater
Linklater says a need to express himself inspired his early career and continues to inspire him to this day.
Linklater says he's open to working on TV projects in the future, but for now he enjoys making long-form narratives.
Linklater, a huge @astros fan, on whether he'd save Altuve or Springer from a burning building: "Can I sacrifice myself for both of them?"
"I'm really proud of what we've got going on." - Linklater on the work he does with @austinfilm
Linklater says he's often "not the right person" to make certain screenplays that float his way.
On whether Linklater still enjoys making films: "Yeah, are you kidding? I haven't figured out anything else to do."
Richard Linklater on long-term relationships with his crew: "I have incredible trust with them."
Linklater on financing his films: "You just do what you have to do to get it made."
"I think no one complains more about the military than the military itself." -RL
Can you be anti-war and still love your country and your flag? Linklater's conclusion: "Yes."
Linklater on working with @SteveCarell, @BryanCranston, and Laurence Fishburne: "They really respected and loved one another."
Linklater says that the veterans and military families who have seen "Last Flag Flying" have seemed to really appreciate the story.
Linklater had military advisors helping make sure the military processes and events depicted in "Last Flag Flying" are accurate.
"There's a lot of misinformation out there." - Linklater on the Vietnam and Iraq Wars
Linklater on the Iraq War: "That was a very avoidable war."
Linklater says he has been trying to get "Last Flag Flying" made for more than ten years.
"I haven't done a movie where I thought there was some fundamental flaw that made the movie not work." -Linklater
Linklater is an Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter. His latest film is "Last Flag Flying".
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On why The Jim Gaffigan Show ended: "It was just too much to do with five kids involved." - JG
Gaffigan on David Letterman: "He was someone who could make fun of somebody but also include them in the joke."
"There was this possibility where I was going to become a single father, and I wasn't going to outsource that job."-JG on his wife's illness
"I had incredible stage fright for the first ten years I did stand-up." - @JimGaffigan
"I think comedians have to develop a set of principles about how they write comedy." - @JimGaffigan
Gaffigan on cursing in his stand-up: "If I'm on stage in front of a bunch of strangers talking about muffins, it's not really necessary."
"If Chappaquiddick happened today, Ted Kennedy would be in jail." - Gaffigan
Gaffigan's film Chappaquiddick follows Ted Kennedy during the aftermath of the car accident that claimed the life of Mary Jo Kopechne.
Gaffigan is a Grammy Award-nominated comedian, writer and actor whose latest film is the the political thriller Chappaquiddick.
Welcome to the studio, @JimGaffigan!
RT @williamsjed: Such a treat to sit in on the @overheardpbs taping with @AspenInstitute's @WalterIsaacson. Can't wait to read the latest m…
RT @HelenLThorpe: @overheardpbs Long form narrative nonfiction is the answer to too much tweeting!
A big thanks to @WalterIsaacson for joining us this afternoon! https://t.co/0b3dD97md8
"You find time to do the things you love. I love writing narratives." - @WalterIsaacson
"I love the research. I don't use researchers." - @WalterIsaacson on his writing process
"Compromise is not only hard, it's also complicated to know when you should do it." - Isaacson
"He could be unkind, to put it nicely." - WI on Steve Jobs
"Let's work in a creative place that has some challenges." - Isaacson on why he and his wife chose to move back to New Orleans
He argues that we as a society need to take steps toward preserving such information.
"Shows like this do it. PBS does it." - Walter Isaacson on preserving common ground media
Isaacson says that we often take for granted that we'll have access to electronic records in the future.
"Our discourse has been poisoned by social media." - @WalterIsaacson on sharing ideas in the modern age
"It's a spiritual, scientific, and artistic masterpiece." - WI on Leonardo's Vitruvian Man
Isaacson says Da Vinci took too long painting The Last Supper, and that's the reason the fresco flaked.
Isaacson recommends changing physical position when one sees the Mona Lisa as the painting looks different from various angles.
Isaacson says Da Vinci is one of the people throughout history who truly tried to learn about every topic he possibly could.
"Being smart isn't enough. You have to be creative and innovative." - @WalterIsaacson
Isaacson is an acclaimed biographer. His latest book, "Leonardo DaVinci", has been #1 on the NY Times best-seller list the last two weeks.
Isaacson is also an acclaimed biographer. His latest book, "Leonardo DaVinci", is already a number one best-seller.
Isaacson is the CEO of the Aspen Institute, the former editor of TIME, and the former CEO of CNN.
We're excited to welcome @WalterIsaacson to the studio this afternoon!
Excited to welcome @peterbakernyt to #Studio6A on 12/6! RSVP link to come.
Thanks for joining us, @HelenLThorpe! https://t.co/3koQ5iV3j2
In order to share this timely story, @HelenLThorpe agreed to turn in "The Newcomers" early. It hits bookshelves November 14th!
Thorpe says that being the First Lady of Colorado was often uncomfortable, but the experience helped her develop as a person and writer.
"We're conflating them with people who want to do us harm." - HT on the current feelings toward refugees in the U.S.
Thorpe says she's really good at getting to know a few people extremely well, which allows her to then tell intricate, layered stories.
"To have the chance to spend this kind of time with people is extraordinary." - @HelenLThorpe on writing novels
Thorpe says she responds to the demonization of the "others" by telling their stories.
"I believe this book has a moral agenda." - @HelenLThorpe on her latest novel
Up next, we'll welcome @HelenLThorpe to the studio!
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