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Here is our audience Q&A with legendary playwright Terrence McNally, who passed away yesterday: youtu.be/MITnkoMkny8
It is with deep sadness that we share playwright Terrence McNally has passed away from complications of COVID-19. McNally was a Tony Award-winning playwright whose career spanned six decades. He talked with Evan about his illustrious career last year: pbs.org/video/terrence…
RT @PhilipRucker: If you're stuck at home (who isn't?), check out my & @CarolLeonnig's chat with the great @evanasmith in Austin a few week…
RT @PhilipRucker: If you're stuck at home (who isn't?), check out my & @CarolLeonnig's chat with the great @evanasmith in Austin a few week…
Pulitzer Prize journalists @CarolLeonnig and @PhilipRucker discuss their book, "A Very Stable Genius." Watch: to.pbs.org/2QltcCM Photo: Sam Butler Makeup: Scarlet Lloyd https://t.co/yBIRZi0HaS
RT @CarolLeonnig: Trust us. The media not hyping the risks here
Recorded March 4th - Journalists @CarolLeonnig and @PhilipRucker discuss the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the Trump administration's handling of the situation: President Trump, V.P. Pence and COVID-19 youtu.be/-fj3LHQv_30 via @YouTube
Due to the cancellation of SXSW, we are sorry to announce our tapings with guests Noam Chomsky and Steve Ballmer on March 17th and 18th have been canceled.
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Welcome to the studio, @CarolLeonnig and @PhilipRucker! #overheardpbs https://t.co/bmDRKwF2Bb
and @PhilipRucker's book, "Very Stable Genius" details @realDonaldTrump's first three years as POTUS. #overheardpbs
"In the more than 200 people we interviewed, most people did not consider [@realDonaldTrump] stable or a genius." #overheardpbs
says @realDonaldTrump's presidency is a test of our institutions, the justice department, freedom of the press, our democracy, and the morality of Americans. #overheardpbs
"[@realDonaldTrump] also called us stone-cold losers, but here we are in Austin with all of you." #overheardpbs
"[@realDonaldTrump] disputes the book as a work of fiction." The book, "Very Stable Genius," has been on the best-seller lists for weeks and is selling well in both red and blue states. #overheardpbs
on #VeryStableGenius's credibility: “If we weren’t absolutely certain… we left it out.” #overheardpbs
says that while we can all laugh about the President's public gaffes, we have to realize the consequences of those remarks and actions have a true impact on our foreign relations and diplomacy. #overheardpbs
recounts the time the President toured Pearl Harbor. Trump asked, “What’s this a tour of?", unaware of the site’s historical implications. #overheardpbs
on why some of her sources haven't come forward publicly: "If you have seen a genius in this president, you have seen a genius in coming after someone effectively." #overheardpbs
says some sources won't come forward publicly because they wanted a successful Trump presidency and figured they might be able to help manage or "guardrail" the presidency. #overheardpbs
on #coronavirus and @realDonaldTrump: "He hasn't had a real crisis [before COVID-19] yet. We are so lucky." #overheardpbs
says Trump wants to handle #coronavirus like a PR crisis when it's clearly not a PR crisis. Leonnig says, "the [public health] experts here have been muzzled." #overheardpbs
on Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to President Trump: "It's extraordinary the amount of influence he has in the White House." #overheardpbs
on a potential #Biden nomination and #Burisma: "The President will use that to full effect." #overheardpbs
says the majority of Trump's supporters aren't people on the "fringes" of society. Rucker says, "They feel like he's their champion. They feel like they've been ignored for many years by the governing class in Washington [D.C.]." #overheardpbs
on Trump's supporters: "They’re not fringe people… they support him for legitimate, passionate reasons. …They’re convinced he’s fighting for their interests.” #overheardpbs
says when a community lacks local reporting, it becomes easier to follow fake news. #overheardpbs
We'll be live-tweeting our interview with @CarolLeonnig and @PhilipRucker at 2:15 PM CST. Follow along!
@TheRickWilson: "In 35 states, this election is already over" youtu.be/760iWPuaMWk via @YouTube
RT @LanaMcGilvray: On March 18, former @Microsoft CEO and the founder of not-for-profit, @USAFacts will sit down for an interview with @Tex…
Happy birthday, @RobynHitchcock! #overheardpbs to.pbs.org/36BqCgY
RT @CrownPublishing: Political strategist @TheRickWilson discusses his book Running Against the Devil on @overheardpbs! https://t.co/eEPi4j…
RT @thassafackjack: @TheRickWilson @overheardpbs @evanasmith Looking forward to this. Evan is an astute interviewer.
RT @TheRickWilson: Have a look at this @overheardpbs interview I did with ⁦@evanasmith⁩! Great conversation! overheardwithevansmith.org/episode/rick-w…
In case you missed it, check out our interview with former senator and NBA champion Bill Bradley: pbs.org/video/bill-bra…
Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley talks about his career and Washington politics. Photo credit: Sam Butler to.pbs.org/2wusuMj https://t.co/TlhsC6Vasp
RT @evanasmith: NEW: My @overheardpbs interview with former U.S. Senator and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley is now onl…
An audience member asks @TheRickWilson if the Democrats will reconsider Bernie as a serious contender for their nominee: "What Democrats? There's no party. There's no national party." #overheardpbs
"Bernie could win the primary, and that would be the apocalypse of the Democratic party." #overheardpbs
Of the Democratic candidates, @TheRickWilson says that Joe Biden is a "weak candidate," Amy Klobuchar is "great," and Pete Buttigieg has potential but will struggle to appeal to communities of color. #overheardpbs
says Amy Klobuchar is set up as the perfect Democratic running mate. #overheardpbs
on whether Trump will actually leave office if he is not reelected in November: "I believe that he will question [the election]. I believe he will try to stay." #overheardpbs
RT @judygressel: Listening to Rick Wilson explain how this race is the Democrats to lose if they don’t run the fight properly. https://t.co…
Welcome, @TheRickWilson! #overheardpbs https://t.co/54FVskAN77
@TheRickWilson on his latest book, 'Running Against the Devil:' "This book is for the Democrats." #overheardpbs
says Trump ate the Republican Party from the inside out like a "parasite." #overheardpbs
on Republicans and #impeachment: "It was a real shock to see how far they've sunk." #overheardpbs
"All [Republicans] care about is surviving in their jobs, and if placating Donald Trump will help, that's what they will do." #overheardpbs
argues that Democrats need to focus their energy on states that matter: "In 35 states, this race is already over." #overheardpbs
campaign advice: "Spend every damn dime." #overheardpbs
on helping Doug Jones defeat Roy Moore: "Man, I slept so well after that." #overheardpbs
on Republicans siding with Trump during the 2016 presidential election: "They were actually weak, and they weren't confident enough in their ideas." #overheardpbs
has a theory that Democrats need "political superstars" to win. #overheardpbs
says the Clinton campaign "foolishly" spent big money on a "top-heavy" staff when it should have spent money on more outreach and digital ads. #overheardpbs
calls @realDonaldTrump's associations with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un an "astounding betrayal." #overheardpbs
on whether the American public cares about Trump's perceived shortcomings: "Sadly, I think the spectacle has become a feature." #overheardpbs
"Bernie will lose Florida... [Floridians] are not 'woke'... Bernie is poison." #overheardpbs
"Socialism is the turd in the punchbowl of the Democratic party." #overheardpbs
RT @AlbertsonB2: Attending @overheardpbs so i can hear from @TheRickWilson in person!
In case you missed it, check out our episode featuring Tony Award-winning John Cameron Mitchell: to.pbs.org/2vhceOg
Evan: "Did you ever think about running [for POTUS] again?" Bradley: "No." #overheardpbs
Bradley on his radio program, American Voices: "What I wanna [do is] reveal our common humanity." #overheardpbs
Bill Bradley: "There's also the question of [which candidate] is forward-looking. @realDonaldTrump's looking back." #overheardpbs
Bill Bradley: "I think [Kobe Bryant] represented aspiration." #overheardpbs
Bill Bradley: "We cannot live as individuals... We have to live as a community that understands that we all advance together or we are all diminished." #overheardpbs
Bill Bradley: "A progressive president has to get things done. Why was Lyndon Johnson a progressive president? Because he was able to get things done. I think Joe Biden would be the most progressive president since Johnson." #overheardpbs
Bradley on Super Tuesday: "That is the day when I think [@JoeBiden] will emerge." #overheardpbs
Bill Bradley: "If you have health, education, and pensions, you can deal with the uncertainty caused by technological change." #overheardpbs
Bradley: "I believe [@JoeBiden] is the only Democrat running who could beat @realDonaldTrump." #overheardpbs
Bradley on running for POTUS: "It's a unique opportunity and one that I recall as being one of the most intense experiences of my life." #overheardpbs
Evan Smith: "You were the Pete Buttigieg of your day." Bill Bradley: "Little taller." #overheardpbs
Bill Bradley on the #IowaCaucuses: "It's much better to have primaries and secret ballots." #overheardpbs
Evan: "If I remember correctly, twenty years ago it didn't go so well for you in Iowa." Bill Bradley: "It didn't go well for me anywhere." #overheardpbs
Welcome to 6A, Senator Bill Bradley! https://t.co/iPS7BbLNOj
Tony Award-winning actor John Cameron Mitchell discusses his groundbreaking career. Watch: bit.ly/385xAwu Photo: Sam Butler https://t.co/0qXR57m3dD
Happy birthday, @joseiswriting! to.pbs.org/2YdZaC8
Watch our episode featuring @RobynHitchcock of The Soft Boys: to.pbs.org/36BqCgY
RT @dlppgh: @RobynHitchcock Enjoyed your appearance on @overheardpbs, which aired last night on @wqed.
English singer-songwriter @RobynHitchcock of The Soft Boys talks about his long-standing career with Evan. Watch: to.pbs.org/36BqCgY Photo: Sam Butler https://t.co/YSg7qY2qzt
In case you missed it, check out our episode featuring iconic model and actress Isabella Rossellini: to.pbs.org/2NMzZUC
Co-founder of PBS @NewsHour Jim Lehrer died Thursday at the age of 85. We were lucky to capture a conversation with the newsman in 2011: pbs.org/video/overhear… #JimLehrer
Renowned actress and model @IsaRossellini discusses her legendary career. Watch the interview: to.pbs.org/2NMzZUC Photo: Sam Butler Makeup: Raychill James #overheardpbs https://t.co/UwCvMFirfq
RT @HeavyPlates: Another great @overheardpbs with @evanasmith & John Cameron Mitchell. The Q&A was 💯. Wish @nivekevil had been with me b/c…
Mitchell on being told not to come out as gay during his early career: "If you're a director, you can tell me what to do in a scene, but don't tell me how to live my life." #overheardpbs
On whether Hedwig will appear on Broadway: "I expect it to be like Cabaret and come back every few years." #overheardpbs
Does John Cameron Mitchell like acting, directing or writing best? "I really like it all. I need it all." #overheardpbs
John Cameron Mitchell: "If you've got a piece you're proud of, it should be interpreted different ways." #overheardpbs
Does having other people interpret the role of Hedwig cause Mitchell to feel like he has lost ownership? "It doesn't need to be mine." #overheardpbs
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