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CNN anchor @jaketapper answers audience questions about writing non-fiction, media coverage of climate change, and more. pbs.org/video/jake-tap…
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"There was not a lot to do, so we would drive around... We drank a lot of beer." - @leeannwomack on growing up in Jacksonville, Texas
"I Hope You Dance" was initially written by Mark D. Sanders to a divorcee, but @leeannwomack thought of her children when she recorded it.
@leeannwomack on passing on recording certain songs over the years: "There are many that I passed on that became hits for other people."
On what she'd like to accomplish in her career moving forward: "I would like to remind people what country music is." - @leeannwomack
"I make a great singer, but I don't make a good celebrity." - @leeannwomack
@leeannwomack's daughter, Aubrie Sellers, is also a successful musician.
For @leeannwomack and other female musicians, raising kids while touring can be challenging: "I always said, I need a wife."
When creating her latest album, @leeannwomack didn't care as much about landing top 40 stations: "I just wanted to make a record that I liked."
Who would @leeannwomack like to cover someday? "Willie Nelson."
“I was always cutting really traditional country music…and they just weren’t playing that anymore.” - @leeannwomack on her start in country music
@leeannwomack on her return to Texas: “I wanted to feel like a kid again.”
On today's music distribution: "It's kind of like the Wild West. It allows people to make music that were never on a major label." - @leeannwomack
According to Womack, the music industry has changed dramatically. "Nobody's making the money that we were when we first started in the '90s." - @leeannwomack
@leeannwomack says that although there are lots of great things happening in the music industry in Nashville, there's more of a focus on money there than in Texas: "It gets turned into numbers."
@leeannwomack says she recorded her latest album in Texas rather than Nashville because she wanted some time away from the industry there.
On her goals for her newest record, The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone: "I wanted it to reflect my East Texas roots." - @leeannwomack
“Country music - to me - is the greatest form of music. It’s beautiful when it’s done well and it’s done right." - @leeannwomack
@leeannwomack on the current “mass-market” nature of country music: “What they call country music now is obviously not country music."
“I think I was born wanting to do this." - @leeannwomack
"George Jones and Buck Owens... were my voice teachers." - @leeannwomack
"My mom made me take piano lessons... and I'm glad now. At the time it was painful." - @leeannwomack
@leeannwomack on her disk jockey father and growing up in East Texas: “I grew up around records, country music.”
"He liked it, and I enjoyed liking it with him." - @leeannwomack on growing up listening to music with her dad
@leeannwomack is a Grammy Award-winning country singer whose nine albums have sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.
Welcome to the studio, @leeannwomack!
On this week’s episode, journalist @anamariecox discusses her interview style and tactics and how her internet persona has changed over time. Catch the full interview tonight at 7 p.m. on @klru! https://t.co/VtfdkP28Fq
RT @anamariecox: This is probably the most explicit I’ve ever gotten about how finding my faith as a Christian has made me a better journal…
Journalist @anamariecox talks about how her Christian faith has positively changed her on this week’s @overheardpbs. Check your local listing to find out when the episode airs near you: pbs.org/tv_schedules/ https://t.co/T0ROy2rmE5
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On this week’s episode, journalist @anamariecox discusses how her internet persona has changed over time. Catch the full interview Thursday at 7 p.m. on @klru. https://t.co/M6PNX3yMvp
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RT @overheardpbs: Novelist Walter Mosley shares the difficulties of adapting a written work for the big screen: “Any art, whenever you’re t…
Novelist Walter Mosley shares the difficulties of adapting a written work for the big screen: “Any art, whenever you’re translating, is going to have to change.” Airing tonight at 7 p.m. on @klru. https://t.co/5zEYA7KwZ7
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Author Walter Mosley didn't begin his writing career until age 34. Since then, he has written more than 40 books and plays. Watch our audience Q&A with Mosley to learn more about the author: pbs.org/video/walter-m…
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Novelist Walter Mosley discusses his latest book, "Down the River Unto the Sea." Mosley contends that although this is one of his more politically charged novels, his focus remains on the characters themselves. Airing Thursday at 7 p.m. on @klru. https://t.co/hjD2ngNc48
ICYMI: Check out our interview with former Marine Corps officer and Congressman @SethMoulton! pbs.org/video/seth-mou…
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Thanks for joining us, @CecileRichards! Our interview with the author/outgoing President of @PPFA will air in late May/early June on PBS stations around the country.
On what she does to prevent burnout in her fight for women's rights: "I bake pies like a crazy person." - @CecileRichards
"I don't care where I live, I'll always be a Texan." - @CecileRichards
After she leaves @PPFA, @CecileRichards plans to travel the country to "turn on" every voter she can for the November elections.
@CecileRichards says she's not planning on running for public office any time soon.
@CecileRichards praises young women today for not waiting for permission to participate politically.
The title of @CecileRichards' recently published book comes from something a schoolteacher said to her as a kid: "Oh, little lady, you're just trying to make trouble."
"We serve everybody. Care no matter what." - @CecileRichards
"I have no problem with anyone having their own personal feelings about abortion." - @CecileRichards
On why she met with @IvankaTrump and Jared Kushner to talk about @PPFA: "I'll go anywhere and talk about the work we do." - @CecileRichards
"All of the money that you're talking about defunding - none of it goes toward abortion." - @CecileRichards
On today's women voters and politicians: "I think women are really shaking the foundation of this country." - @CecileRichards
"Women see this administration as taking aim with both barrels at Planned Parenthood." - @CecileRichards
@CecileRichards says she knows Republicans who would like to vote in favor of the policies supported by @PPFA; however, they're afraid of being voted out of office during the primaries.
@CecileRichards cites Fox News' latest poll showing that @PPFA is the most popular organization in America.
@CecileRichards on the fight for women's rights: "The time is never over."
@CecileRichards will step down shortly as the president of @PPFA. Her memoir, "Make Trouble," has just been published.
Welcome to the studio, @CecileRichards! https://t.co/OSgBsu3Ana
We’ve got a great crowd here for @CecileRichards! https://t.co/aawkGSYNeF
Congressman @SethMoulton is on the long list of names speculated to run for President in 2020. Does he intend to do so? Find out. Check your local listing to find out when our interview with Moulton airs near you: pbs.org/tv_schedules/ https://t.co/da2Xk79orq
On this week’s episode, Massachusetts Congressman @SethMoulton talks running for president, the NRA, and his hopes for the Democratic Party. Airing at 7 p.m. on @klru! https://t.co/Ct29EzFDaf
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RT @Stefani_Zellmer: @junotdiaz on writing adolescent characters, and an unfortunate truth about adolescence: "You make one mistake in adol…
RT @Stefani_Zellmer: And another profound-ism by @junotdiaz. "I write the lie that tells the truth." That kinda blows my mind. Thanks for a…
RT @Stefani_Zellmer: So much wisdom shared by @junotdiaz in today's @overheardpbs at @klru. On "personal" vs "autobiographical": "Just beca…
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On receiving artistic critiques: "Extract what you can... leave the rest." - Junot Díaz
"I don't take it personally when people don't read my work the way I want them to." - Junot Díaz
Junot Díaz says he doesn't allow any technology in his college classrooms.
"I was an activist long before I was a writer." - Junot Díaz
On whether he worries about readers misinterpreting his work: "I cannot control how badly someone reads my book. I can't. So why bother?" - Junot Díaz
"As long as I've transformed one person, I've done what I've set out to do." - Junot Díaz
"A society is defined by what it doesn't want to look at." - Junot Díaz
"I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for women readers." - Junot Díaz
On misogyny in his books: "Before I won the Pulitzer, I wouldn't get these kinds of critiques." - Junot Díaz
Junot Díaz says the best book he has read recently is "The Rise" by Sarah Lewis.
Junot Díaz believes today's young Americans are taught that "competition, accumulation, and [assembling] hierarchies" are all that matter.
On the university students he teaches: "They have done their utmost best to not let this country poison their outlook." - Junot Díaz
Junot Díaz says although he worries about literary culture because of corporate-funded distractions, "people are still reading, and that's heroic."
Watch our interview with Junot Díaz here: facebook.com/OverheardwithE…
"I write the lie that tells the truth." - Junot Díaz
"Most of the time we're just asked to buy into the fantasy romance." - Junot Díaz
"No one should ever turn to literature for self-help." - Junot Díaz
On racial bias toward immigrants, Junot Díaz says, "You don't need white people for white supremacy to be alive and well."
Junot Díaz says the U.S. has "a problematic and troubled history" regarding immigration. This was part of the inspiration for his writing "Islandborn," a children's book.
"The concept of immigration has been so weaponized." - Junot Díaz
On childhood and the discovery of identity: "We all are curious about where we come from." - Junot Díaz
"The one thing that all of us remember about being young is that we... have to confront our origins." - Junot Díaz
Junot Díaz on writing a book for children: "They will let you know what's whack."
Junot Díaz says he has yet to include some of the most influential people in his life - his sisters - in his novels. "The day you meet my sisters in literature, you'll know."
On his novels: "They're not autobiographical, but they're very personal." - Junot Díaz
"A book has to become my family, in a way, before I get to it." - Junot Díaz
Junot Díaz says it takes him a longer time to make his way through the creative process than many other authors.
Join us for a conversation with author Junot Díaz LIVE at 1:15 p.m. on Facebook: facebook.com/OverheardwithE…
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