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Thanks for joining us today, @joanwalsh! Our full interview with Walsh airs in March on PBS stations across the country.
"I'm never optimistic with this [Supreme] Court." - @joanwalsh
"In many states, Democrats are competing on an unfair playing field." - @joanwalsh
Walsh says she doesn't have a favorite presidential candidate for 2020 yet, but she's excited to see the Democratic bench.
"I went so far for @HillaryClinton too early. I don't regret it." - @joanwalsh
@joanwalsh argues that the press has "overcorrected" for missing the story on Trump voters during the 2016 campaign by writing too many features on the voters now.
"I think the more likely scenario would be that he resigns." - @joanwalsh on whether she believes @POTUS will be impeached
If Democrats reclaim the House, should they consider impeachment? @joanwalsh: "It's gotta be on the table."
"State Houses are the road to redistricting." - @joanwalsh
"Even the ones who lost hung a flag for the Democratic Party." - @joanwalsh on women running for public office in Virginia
"Democrats are realizing that they really screwed up when they stopped paying attention to the state legislature [elections]." - Joan Walsh
"I think that white, working class men who voted for Trump are going to be very disappointed." - @joanwalsh
@joanwalsh says that the activism of the students impacted by the Parkland shooting has been "encouraging".
Next up, we'll talk to journalist @joanwalsh. Walsh is the National Affairs Correspondent for @thenation and a political analyst at @CNN.
Thanks for joining us, @sethmoulton!
"I have an obligation to represent the people who didn't even come out to vote." - Congressman @sethmoulton
"Never before have we ever had a president who have bankrupted five companies. That's not a marker of success, it's a marker of chaos." -Moulton
"If we can't win in 2018 we're toast for 2020." -Moulton
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"I'm not running for president." - Congressman @sethmoulton
@sethmoulton on veterans running for public office: "Veterans bring this sense of service, this sense of doing the right thing for the country."
Congressman @sethmoulton says one thing veterans bring to public office is the willingness to put the country first.
"You can't trust the President at all." - Congressman @sethmoulton on @POTUS
"He tapped into that anger. He tapped into that feeling of being left out." - @sethmoulton on @POTUS's 2016 campaign
"The role of our government as enshrined in our constitution is to create equal opportunity." - Congressman @sethmoulton
"We've got to make the middle class matter again." - Congressman @sethmoulton
@sethmoulton says Democrats are having a "healthy debate" on whether there should be a change in leadership within the party.
"We spend way too much time fundraising. I'm a big advocate of campaign finance reform." - Congressman @sethmoulton
"It is unbelievably frustrating when you can't do things like have a simple vote on guns." - @sethmoulton on being a member of Congress in 2018
Are members of Congress reluctant to change guns laws because of contributions to their campaigns made by the NRA, or because they're representing voters? According to @sethmoulton: "The bottom line is it's the NRA."
We're excited to welcome Congressman @SethMoulton to the studio this morning! Moulton represents the 6th District of Massachusetts.
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“Music is alive, and it makes you feel alive.” - @LyleLovett Our interview with the country star re-airs this week on @klru! https://t.co/irpX2wIMzw
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Reporter @Yamiche Alcindor discusses covering the Trump administration as @NewsHour's White House correspondent, bias in journalism, and more on this episode of Overheard: pbs.org/video/yamiche-…
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Reporter @Yamiche Alcindor talks journalism in the 21st century, race, and her new job as @newshour’s White House correspondent tonight at 7 on @klru! Photo credit: @SamMarotti https://t.co/jGwFEd2cyC
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"I think what any writer has to do is write their own story." - Giovanni
"I used to not cry, and now any damn thing that happens it's [feigns crying]!" - Giovanni
"I like the kids, and I really love Black Lives Matter." - Giovanni
Giovanni says her favorite piece that she's written at the moment is her poem "And Yeah... This is a Love Poem".
On whether Giovanni has a favorite piece of work she's produced: "I tend to let things go."
"Maya [Angelou] thought she could cook, and that's what I always laugh about." - Nikki Giovanni
"The reason I got along with Maya [Angelou] was because she was always kind to my mother." - Nikki Giovanni
Giovanni says that the impetus for her latest book, "A Good Cry: What We Learn from Tears and Laughter", was her mother's death.
"You have to have faith in what you have to say." - Nikki Giovanni
Giovanni says she'd like to assemble an anthology of poetry to send to space.
"You're always getting something new out of it." - Giovanni on re-reading poems
Nikki Giovanni's favorite book? Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.
Giovanni on why she chose poetry as form of expression: "It works for me because I get to say what I want to say."
Giovanni is a poet and activist whose latest book is entitled, "A Good Cry: What We Learn from Tears and Laughter."
Welcome to the studio, Nikki Giovanni!
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If @NewsHour's @Yamiche Alcindor had the opportunity to interview President Trump, what would she ask? Watch our full interview with Alcindor this week on @klru. https://t.co/DmjrWNXX0A
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Comedian @JimGaffigan talks about his latest film “Chappaquiddick”, clean comedy, and more on tonight’s Overheard. Tune in to @klru at 7! Photo credit: @SamMarotti https://t.co/XRp2g9NyQw
We're excited to welcome CNN's @joanwalsh to the studio on 2/21! Join our studio audience: klrusupport.org/site/Calendar?… https://t.co/yRLPzmnXl0
We're excited to welcome CNN's @joanwalsh to the studio on 2/21! Be a part of our studio audience: klrusupport.org/site/Calendar?… https://t.co/BvgDN6U4qr
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Comedian @JimGaffigan answered questions from our live studio audience back in October. Check it out! pbs.org/video/jim-gaff…
Our interview with comedian @JimGaffigan re-airs this week on @klru! In this clip, Gaffigan talks about including his family in his career. https://t.co/WFsMSXA3l3
We're recording several interviews in the next few months! Be a part of our studio audience: klru.org/overheard/tapi… Nikki Giovanni (2/14) @JoanWalsh (2/21) @AmyBloomBooks (2/28) @SallyKohn (3/11) Junot Díaz (4/4) @LeeAnnWomack (4/20)
@peterbakernyt is the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times. Watch our full interview with Baker: pbs.org/video/peter-ba…
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Journalist Peter Baker’s latest book, "Obama: The Call of History," examines Barack Obama’s presidency from beginning to end. Tune in to @klru this week to watch our full interview with @peterbakernyt. https://t.co/KNHOCrejxB
The @nytimes' Peter Baker answers questions from our studio audience. Check it out: pbs.org/video/peter-ba…
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Thank you for joining us, @Yamiche Alcindor! https://t.co/fwTpLgyGZK
Does @PressSec Sanders tell the truth? @Yamiche Alcindor: "Sometimes."
"I think she's doing the best with what she has." - @Yamiche Alcindor on @PressSec Sanders
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"I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was probably 3." - @Yamiche Alcindor
"The idea that I could be a correspondent on my mentor's show was an amazing opportunity." - @Yamiche Alcindor on Gwen Ifill being one source of inspiration for her move to PBS @NewsHour
"My presence, I think, means something to people in that room." - @Yamiche Alcindor on being one of the few White House correspondents who is a person of color
If @Yamiche had the opportunity to ask @POTUS one question, she'd ask, "Why do you think white supremacists are excited about your presidency?"
"Haitians did not like Hillary Clinton. They had real issues with her." - @Alcindor
Hearing the story of Emmett Till inspired @Yamiche Alcindor to become a Civil Rights journalist.
"Haitians did not like Hillary Clinton. They had real issues with her." - Alcindor
"They have a lot in common." - @Yamiche Alcindor on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters
Alcindor says she being a journalist in this day in age is much different than it was for most of her mentors.
"Now I really have to check Twitter because the person I'm covering is tweeting starting at 6am." - Alcindor
Yamiche Alcindor is the new White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour.
We’re excited to welcome reporter @Yamiche Alcindor to the studio this morning! https://t.co/oKuvR3uRne
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"They shut down the press. The press is no good." Gold Star father Khizr Khan talks about living under martial law in Pakistan on this week's episode. https://t.co/eqA8zeAxkj
Gold Star father Khizr Khan and his family received national attention after his rousing speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Khan joined Overheard for an insightful conversation and answered questions from our studio audience. Watch here: pbs.org/video/khizr-kh…
There's still room in the live studio audience to attend our taping with reporter @Yamiche Alcindor on Sunday, 1/28! RSVP: bit.ly/2Dnp7cB
RT @overheardpbs: During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Gold Star father Khizr Khan made a speech that resulted in national atten…
During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Gold Star father Khizr Khan made a speech that resulted in national attention. Watch our full interview with Khan this week on @klru. https://t.co/h885lGN0dU
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