a japanese kitchen and sushi bar that focuses on creating delicious, perfect bites in the style of sushi and pintxos. by @pqui.
Chawamushi is one of our favorite #perfectbites 📸: @lalikok @ Kuneho instagram.com/p/BXtSyHeFY0X/
A throwback to 1869 from Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks. At Kuneho tonight The G.M. Gurton's… instagram.com/p/BXgY-i-lvrB/
Jackfruit has arrived for our #kinilaw @ Kuneho instagram.com/p/BXa51swlb8i/
Cheeky Warbler - Suntory Toki, Tapatio Blanco, Yellow Chartreuse, Gardenia Mix, Lemon, Orange, a… instagram.com/p/BWp8U_8l1IU/
Come in from the hot sun for our cooling #kinilaw. Hamachi, coconut milk, coconut vinegar,… instagram.com/p/BWQ6HMAlIQc/
We will be closed today Tuesday 7.4.17. Have a safe Fourth everyone! @ Kuneho instagram.com/p/BWIJ8S9FpVz/
Wait for it #happyfathersday #familymealislit @ Kuneho instagram.com/p/BVc7iwXFc22/
in honor of #negroniweek we will be serving up our version of a white negroni with old highborn… instagram.com/p/BVF3k8BFaJA/
pre-shift! service starts at 5 today. @ Kuneho instagram.com/p/BVDTlbqlOni/
Due to the power outage we will have to remain closed for today's service 6.6.17. We apologize… instagram.com/p/BVAnl0Tle9p/
we will be closed for the rest of this evening (6.5.17) due to a power outage in the area. we… instagram.com/p/BU-brKLF8BB/
great conversations start with food. we had the pleasure of breaking roti with @hatchetteats… instagram.com/p/BU-NZTkljoF/
tilefish from heritageseafood in milk broth, soy tobiko, basil buds from @DorseyBarger… instagram.com/p/BU5jUKmFBQQ/
Our Kinilaw with hamachi, hearts of palm, red onion and cilantro. Coconut milk and coconut… instagram.com/p/BUR5hptFRr-/
Artic Char, miso, smoked trout roe starts tonight from our sushi master voodoo504 Service starts… instagram.com/p/BTrlFZJjD6P/
Our beverage director grenzy1 will be competing at #officialdrinkofaustin tomorrow night May… instagram.com/p/BTowoHjjJhg/
That's a wrap! What a great weekend @austinfoodwine #repost "That's right!" @pqui 📷:… instagram.com/p/BThdKWxj9Xj/
Chef @pqui will be at @austinfoodwine #lonestarnights from 7-9:30pm @fairmarketatx tonight… instagram.com/p/BTbqE0vldwF/
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when there's a hole in your plans... https://t.co/VB70swshiF
kuneho will be closed today (3.1.17) due to a gas leak + water line issue in the area. we will resume regular business hours tomorrow.
RT @giantnoise: "Paul Qui dispenses with pomp and pageantry at @kunehoatx, his ode to perfect bites and grateful smiles." https://t.co/CFTS…
kuneho will be closed today (2.27.17) due to a gas leak in the area. we will resume regular business hours tomorrow. https://t.co/kIP4DPJn2F
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madai carpaccio: japanese sea bream, garlic oil, smoked soy https://t.co/dqBoj6ELB4
roti canai with rabbit curry and parmesan https://t.co/uojFSD3nEm
valentine's day menu prep. white chocolate rose petals 🌹 https://t.co/poH8oLfUtY
atun poke: big eye tuna, avocado, green apple, sesame, tamari, avo oil. https://t.co/pMYyslyv71
handsome devil: gin, campari, damiana, ginger, ginseng, sweet vermouth. available on our featured valentine's day m… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
the @PhilipSpeer roll: smoked ora king salmon + smoked tamari cream cheese https://t.co/kIhnyikyUV
RT @theAustinot: @kunehoatx You're featured in our Austin Valentine's Day guide! austinot.com/valentines-day… https://t.co/ASsDLOhWLj
you could sit in traffic, or your could enjoy #happyhappytime weekdays from 5-7pm https://t.co/ipFsZDv3nm
RT @Kim_ATX: @kunehoatx @pqui Yes and it was amazing.
have you tried the roti canai with rabbit curry and parmesan yet? https://t.co/wuAMmK4E22
RT @LocalSugarTX: We can't get enough of @kunehoatx, an East Asian inspired small plates restaurant. See our menu favorites: https://t.co/2…
RT @dubster42: Great happy hour at @kunehoatx. Tried most of the menu & loved it all. Best part? Friendliest staff I've ever met. https://t…
we will be closed this saturday and sunday (2.4 + 2.5) for private events. be sure to stop in today for your kuneho… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
madai carpaccio: japanese sea bream, garlic oil, smoked soy https://t.co/tmSGsDzc5N
RT @thaikunatx: Craving pork wonton soup in this cold weather? We've got you covered @whislersatx- our #thaikun truck opens at 4pm 🍲 https:…
mr. vu le's sake washed akura + sekigahara tamari marinade https://t.co/1zydgZkuFi
sneaking a peak at the patio and counting down the hours till #happyhappytime, weekdays 5-7pm🍴💥 https://t.co/ZlRJhL7x7t
RT @liquidaustin: Paul Qui's new @kunehoatx has now launched weekday happy hour with food and drink specials: atxne.ws/2jQxulI
RT @KeepAustinEatin: @kunehoatx proves Food is Art 💗 They start up their happy hour today from 5-7pm. If you haven't checked them out... ht…
It's #happyhappytime at kuneho. Enjoy food and drink specials weekdays from 5-7pm 🍴 https://t.co/14hbA9KJ2C
#kinilaw: cobia, coconut vinegar, coconut milk, red onion, cilantro, black pepper https://t.co/EyYwS7cd2o
rockin' bird: fruity pebbles pisco, curacao, pistachio orange syrup, lemon, orange, aperol float. https://t.co/tYsA1HCeZ6
knife skills brought to you by mr. vu le https://t.co/lGMXaio5pY
celebrate valentine's day at #kunehoatx with our 7-course aphrodisiac menu! view the menu and details here: kunehoatx.com/valentines-day… @pqui
RT @giantnoise: .@TastingTable includes @KemuriTatsu_ya and @kunehoatx on their list of 14 new restaurants to try: tastingtable.com/dine/national/…
fish just in 🐟 lookin good @OraKingUSA 👌🏼 https://t.co/zLTaNHmcYr
Rainy Sundays? We'll take them sunny side up #sisig #doorsopenat5 https://t.co/ANA4YkGUSU
mr. vu le torching some wild caught spanish mackerel skin for today's service https://t.co/ygdrzu5L2r
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quail egg + caviar + crispy onion + soy #perfectbites #eggcelent https://t.co/Gp5tXYCwag
28 day aged beef tongue, yuzukosho #perfectbites https://t.co/FP30x7c2Oo
#Hiring: sushi chefs, cooks, reservationist, servers, dishwashers! Apply now: kunehoatx.com/join-our-crew
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open 7 days a week! sunday-thursday: 5-10pm, friday-saturday: 5-11pm https://t.co/4o1lkDlOUw
RT @go_SpaceCraft: Have a delicious start to 2017 by visiting @kunehoatx. View the menu on their new SpaceCraft website! https://t.co/BKFP…
friendship bridge no. 6: genever, calvados, 🍒 brandy, rosemary syrup, peychaud's #theboroughatx https://t.co/PhHwDfPlTa
👋🏼 our doors are officially open! come on in 🎉 https://t.co/4OemK3gkrf
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now accepting reservations: kunehoatx.com/reservations, we also encourage guests to walk in at their convenience. #doorsopenwednesday @pqui
doors open this wednesday! #happynewyear https://t.co/rRery7uQWT
doors officially open this wednesday! #happynewyear https://t.co/igM0uUWqx5
RT @bmineo: Hey @kunehoatx you guys are great! Uni Toast is the best thing I ate in 2016. https://t.co/DY4ULMlpQX
RT @BendiniLambert: Really stoked for @pqui's new place @kunehoatx to open this Wednesday. Menu looks epcot. Walking distance from me as we…
kuneho blue crab, rice, tamari, green onions, garlic panko https://t.co/pwM7AIv0nu
RT @daveiam: Hey @kunehoatx great time tonight! Thanks for having @urbanbetty @ojas @us_x11 #Lego https://t.co/Adl3gTTMZr
RT @TVsJordanSteele: Hey @kunehoatx, you're my new favorite restaurant. What an awesome menu!! I went to heaven last night eating your food…
RT @TVsJordanSteele: That's the rabbit curry stew dish from @kunehoatx,I'd order it for dessert it was so good! https://t.co/RFTakHHO9C
salmon butter 3.0: @OraKingUSA poached in olive oil, trout roe, crème fraîche, pickled radish https://t.co/47YuGvSkGi
happy holidays from buckingham and the kuneho crew hard at work getting ready to open 🐶🎄 https://t.co/iRPFq7uBCp
in search of the perfect bite. doors open 1.2.17 https://t.co/3hq6JwoqEQ
Join the Kuneho team! Apply now: kunehoatx.com/join-our-crew #hiring
RT @pqui: care love hard work need cooks at kuneho please email mia@kunehoatx.com
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